The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1947
Page 5
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THURSDAY, Al'HIL 17, 1047 UN's Palestine Policy Debated Special Commission To Face Many Tough, Tense Situations LAKH SUCCESS. N. f., Airil VI. IIJlli f . T,..:. ... ' Grout Britain will pass up the |ji\>i»scd I'ntartine i; commission of lhe Uniuul Nations if tl\e other big iwvvers :ui ( i Ilia Arab states do liKu- wisc, offukil sources said today. This wuuld leave Britain, the caretaker ot tioublul Palestine mv- (Ici' a lectfiu BLYTJIEVILLE (AUK,) (JOUIUIOR NEWS Pan-American Day Observed At High School •In observance of Pan-Atncneti;i Day. niytfierlllc High School American History class, under dirc:tion of Mrs. O. E. Qucllmalz. presented a Pan-American program Monday during asseir.'bly period. PAGE PIVK Tlie program opened with a su- lule to the American Mug in Spanish by tlic Spanish class and Uoyd Koontz inlrodiiced the program with a tiilk on Simon Bolivu, liie Liberator. i Discussing thc 21 South Aineri- of •unions innnditi. ' e '"' Rc P' Ii)llcs «' cl 'e Bi "}' Bob Klon the sldclics rturiiig an ilup'oi-i M °'' HarS " lva M°' la S h "». Leta Rose ck."[ci l1 . ;1 '&'imure 0 c,( t/ U 1 c HotvTimL °'' N 'f • Evelyn Cunningham. Wijjo- Amerrim oflri-i's hmi,.H iim Bcne Daws . B "H 1^>»8, Carroll Ev- ll,r ' ...S also «,nX, ror h 'a "'"v S*"""" ^^ *"" ^'"^ ramplcteiy "iii-mml" UN coiiinus-1 j!1:k HOV1U *- ilcle » Seymorc. Mary MOD -A-ln-,1 (Iw ewicral assembly i* 10 -" 1 ' 1 '' «• A - «;'c»d. Thclma lip the Palatine fai-t-llndinai Hlcc ' K^cmnry Johnston, Peggy ° 'Baikei, C. G. Redman. Mae Belli l/lun. Russia, like the United States, salute to tiie were (Marilyn Dee», Ruin , Scuy, Alary Lou Joyner, Wanda Julia live Arab states were Barham Mac BctU Rogcvs lo protest iH-ariiJy at any| A ' ln '^°°^on, Dick Williams. : PiWSIiii; UN 1 likely to j:rotest Iiranilv at anyi ","". ellort to le-.ive them olf'lhe -oai-1 Charles aiciulerson, Peggy Van mittce, Tiic Arabs have opposed i Winkle, Dorothy 1,11m, Peggy Free eal!m r .S ;\ ^iicci-Al assembly meeting l.'i'csuinablv because liicy . , eng.! "'•»". Nancy Partlow, Hillie Louise leurcd' Games ' Joanne Campbell. Mary Jo the VL-i-v "thing now prcpascd by X« b "ri, .Martha -Aim Lintzenicli. the British ....... an 'Arab-less lact- ' Mal 'J' Morgan and, Barbara Mona- 'Arab-less lindiiiK commission. Th c Biitish jjlun was envisaged Charles MulUn. O;:ai Sylvester. a K r.eiluipj the only answer to one Ann Qrr, Jane Hatcher and Billle ol the bifjgt.-it questions facing the Sam Bcrryman made up the coin- ;«.'.sc[]:bly — w ill lise JL;WS, unre;:re- mitlec on arrangements. rented by any government, go In discussing Fan-American Day, ip'jcless in th c Palestine lact- it was pointed out that at the "''• I! project while the Arabs end o[ 1947, the Ninth Interna- iu i c^-ei>i-c.'seiUeci? [ tiona! Coi^Iercnee of American 'J lie American JexvUti conference states will QO lield in the capit: 1 .! served r.oilce yt'ste.'day that it ex- of Columbia. At that meeting, the peels Britain either to disavow a structure of Intei-JAmerican S\s- ]jiac:e on the coinmi.'i.sion or make tern will be consolidated and the arrangements lor a .seat for the foundation laid for its functions Jf.visii as-eiisy lor Palestine, the with .the hemisphere but also tor nearest Ihin^ to ;i Jewish govern- a firmer relationship with the men!. United Nations. Large Submarine to Visit Memphis During Carnival . MEMPHIS, Tcnn.. April n. (UP) —'I ho USS Conger, one of the nation's Irirges: and newest subniu- rlnes. will ue stationed at Memphis during (he annual Cotton Carnival i\niy i2-lo, Uie N:v\ r y disclosed today. 'I'tif 300-ftX)t, So.noO.OOO Conger is now on duly «ith the Atlantic Fleet at Key \vesi, F!a. Putaski County Has Large Surplus LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. April 17. l^jj.pulnski Civmly had a surplus 1 of 420,471 on Uec. :i!, SIMS, the state umipiroller's olficc re- portetl. The report revealed that the figure was the largest in the comity's history' and the highest I of any other county in the state. The report said that all county accounts were in "excellent condition." RITZ THEATRE Ark. Thursday "MOM and DAD" Hygienic Production ivith All-Slur Cast Admission 50c; Women ;>l 2 anil 7 O'clock; Men al 3 p.m. Oprn St;\its 7:15 p.m. Last Time Today ^ The Marx ISros. in "A NAgjil- in Casablanca" ^* with Friday and Saturday "Unexpected Guest" with Ilopalnnar G'assidy C-.irloon and 1th Chapter "Kcileral Operator 99" )>rukc, I.ois Collier ^lovintoiie News Also Shorls 1'riiUi.v and Saturday "Singing on the Trail" with tlie Ilnusier tint Siiills of tin- N;»tion^i SV.xrn l>;i!icp rro£rnr .Scrjul: "l>;iu^lHcr nf Dun Q.' 1 Also Shorts New Theater Manifa's Finest Shows EVERT MIGHT Matinee Saturday & Sunday Box Opens W«k D»jrs 7:*« p.m. Bat- Ban. 1 fja. Coat. Shawlnt Liist Time Today "BOOMERANG" • with Dana Andrews Also Shorts Friday "Stanley and Livingston" with Spent'cr Tnicy Also Short Subjects Coming to Ritz, Manila, Ark. Thursday, April 17th ; X _ \ YOUTH deserves aHention .. , Boyi and Girls ore •nlitlcd lo know The TmJ.h Before Their Bodies ar« Wrecked andThcif Lives Ruined! Thai's wfiy ihii is- A TREMENDOUSLY IMPORTANT EVENT! M o Moral! and oHsten! eVefjVitil! »u SIAB MOiitwoop CAST ELLIOT FORBES IN POSON Hi-School Ago and Older! Segregated Audiences Only! WO FV3 Eft ONLY it MEN ONLY a\ 2. and 7 P. M || Shows ol 9 P. M.< tr."(*el tof* qTf.i 7:30] PRICES MUST BE LOWERED Prices Must Be Lowered! History Repeats Itself! puWh^'oVS »n,rr iln ±s,^ ix"^,;"^: 11 ^,,' 1 ;, 11 ; l in iv",,^ ;^r KM i^^^T^r.t'r'o" r c!lcia i )y n r m ^ •• ^ Mt ™ IM ™« " sivc. rcgurdlcss of advance i,, miUrrh,: :,,K| |,,|,or ,,, it s. Goods ( i-c not n lc« , e Vnull "«lvin s VOIIK » ., II snl, , I I i I i" "f""-' "" Vl thC >!1CiU JOUN WANAMAKER Of NEW . at cost of pvoiluclloii plus s , fair pmllt: «iv prlml 01, a l» ls | s of , I c ramc c si u<l wS ^taVlC .7 v?,u Lioi- '»• . ,- M ^V " ,1 " 1ov<!l ;> >w " crc " 1>cl » '•'-'I"''" '» fir trade'- Have i-cnisecl to huy innuy of out iru.iliu- !i ; i^ fm- Unit r,.,,.«>» '' NU !'!.'", s ! ..!."">. 2 ,' \" ' , , ' " "Hem|Hlu;i .mother Mich sulo, raluel, U i prices on (ill the tl. »L \VVJ\Ull lit* lllMlOSSlnll 1 111 mifitlt iil-lr'nt: nil ni'm-u ll/inv l,..i .. c _ . _ .1 . _ r o ey niv prce on a a have refused to buy many of our iruuliir Iliu's for Unit rcnson. A large pcrccntaue of our eooils has been buutjht b?fure the advances of the past few months we have decided to CUT OUR PHICEB 1JKLOW THE COST Ol'" OUR 1M1KBKNT VVUOI.tSdLF. PIZICE LISTS,' . dise In mir su low for ciiuip e uiul who IMC , Impossible lo quoit) prices on every Hem . . . but a few are quoted' be ije your coopt'ruDoii-biiy only from merchants who are followluu Presiticnt rertclna prices. Only by such cooperation win prices come down to proper 200 LADIES DRESSES REGULAR $3.95-Only . PRINCESS SLIPS - - - $1 LARIES SPRING COATS and SUITS 20% OFF! LADIES SHOES .... _ .. $16.40 OPA PRICE HARACHIS - - - afonly49c 1MOOPA PRICE BOYS' ALL WOOL SUITS ONE LOT MEN'S DRESS PANTS SSs NOV. $ 4.98 WOMEN'S WASH DRESSES Sizes 12 to 52 25% OFF At 0 ""**""°" °" io.95 •HUNDREDS OF NEW, BEAUTIFUL i BLOUSES 2.98 up 200 Pairs DRESS SHOES 79c|SOCKS V Regular 25c Men's Dress White and Solid Colors WORK CLOTHING Reg. $3.50 Large Assortment • m MEN'S WORK PANTS —$1.98 Reg. $3.50 MEN'S SHIRTS - - - - $1. TOO Pairs $4.00 and $5.00 j Regular 35c Quality Fancy ;. - | Men's Blue Chambray HDFCC ar»*l C DA DT CUACC Ci AA-'SOCKS '-' - - at only 21c iCUlDTC DAM C1 0^ Cl 1C uKtw and irUKl jnUb>l.uU;3^v;- $ Y2Y'varu"e"s"n - 7 -——-sinlKlXKeg. >l.yj - - M./l $2 95 Quality I RAYON PANTIES - - only 69c I R °9 * 6 9s **'«• Q^y WHITE SANDALS - - - $1.19! f^^^.-te.JL^IMEM'S WORK SUITS - $5.00 .._....._.__..._.._. ...._.„ ...._.._. i Boys' & Girls' Long & Short Sleeve ; ...........—.... .................__^« $495 and up. Women s I POLO SHIRTS - - Only 59c 1 * 2 *<> Grade SPORTS SANDALS - - $2.98 |^ = -i^---™-~-iBOJ«'WORK PAHTS - $1.75 LARGE VARIETY—NOT ALL SIZES ! TFMIJK ^HflF^ QRf UV^'Quafity ^•;;;';;v;;,;v;;:; 5 - i .__™__.IJLI.:_: J.2: i BOYS' WORK SHIRTS - - - $1.29 BROWN OXFORDS ----- $2.951 LADIES GOWNS I sj^^-Ji--^ i?sr 0 ,Sr $2 98! MEN'S OVERALLS - - $2.79 • and All Sjzes <t5-*V , J_ J rt • Wome'n'Vo'nd" ChHdren^s ''' RegM ' ar $2 " 49 :.:.:. ™ i PANTIES £# Ladies' New Spring j .............. ...... Cl/m^TI? **P"<f\/ *±VSF> ; $1.98 to $2.25 Quality SKIRTS 25% OFF i GIRLS' DRESSES 6s"TYL~ES~~ALL~s7zis 1 Hundredsof Pairs of Rca. $1.98 to $2 95 Broken Sizes ' t 'i Regular $2.49 25tf! BOYS' OVERALLS^- - $1.79 ....... j ........_......._.__._..„.»„......._......„__. • $2.54 Boys' Highest Grade IDUNGAREES - - - - SI. $3 75 to $4 50 • $1.98 Quality ARCH TYPE OXFORDS i 4JJ?J£ REDUCTION!.. | BOYS'BLUE DUNGAREES fo « 4 50 ! Made for the Navy — Reg. $1.00 ; values only $2,98 j MEN'S SHORTS - - - - 39c | only $1.48 $5.95 Values In Men's WORK SHOES at $3.98 226 West Main St. EHytheville, Arkansas ; Extra Quality • • •, • . • MEN'S POLO SHIRTS 1 • | Only79c

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