The Tribune from Seymour, Indiana on September 1, 1920 · Page 5
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The Tribune from Seymour, Indiana · Page 5

Seymour, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 1, 1920
Page 5
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r-1 "i MStlhil.llEla i i II RET MR AT MAXON'8 kiiMJLLMJLL KJ , JONIGUT-Beginning at 7; 00 Oclocl 'I -because so many mothers arc getting ; Ml RIDOFDVSPEPS A such great satisfaction from our J VI 1 Novel Western Drama B. S. tVebh. (pent today" in Norlh Vernon, .' " ; , v J ' . ' Mrs. WJL CJoyd spent today iu Louisville, t ' ,--..., - Mrs.; J.' II. 'Demaree spent today in . Cine innoti, ' r , ( " i " v ' -3fc. Urban -iCysi vJaaings 'tsar.-ty, was here- today, , CANDY SPECIAL j., '.Pure Cream CARMELS Wrapped 1 "THE GIRL: WHO DARED Capt. Shuey ' Now Eats . Anything " Set Bcfori ItLn-tlves - . " jimlac Crtdlt Featuring: . James Barkmaa," county line, was I r 3 A I ' . . oy. . - - 4 i - I I ' , , 1 ' ',,- ' , I !; : i , , O v ' ' ' - I Jj 'V1 f V ;n.Armor: Plate" School Hose for Boys here -today on business, 'Mrs. C W, Griffiths. Holton, visit- u. iu ini cuj iuooua.y. "Considerina- tne lac mat .1 -am EDYTHE STERLING The Old West in the days of its outlawry, the uew woman in the days of her growing triumph lovo and courage and hate and hatting. The wl who leste.d the roughest desperadoes of the Western Had Lands. Full of pep, punch and hair-breadth escapes-. Don't miss this thrilling photoplay. ADDITION: TOPICAL TIPS. PRICES : Lower Floor 15c Halconv 10c. Children 6c. (All Prices Plus Wur Tas) ;Jlisa Kathleen Schooley, Vallonia,,8CVenty ycara 0id and (lie awful tfas in the city today. !shat I was in. I think mv recoverv 69cSixty-nine Cents69c A Pound THESE CARMELS ARE HARD TO BEAT Five Pound Box. . . .$3.00 ASK tOR SAMPLE Mrs, Will Moses has gone to Au We arc particularly anxious to get every boy in rora f or an extended vimt. ' by taking Tanluc is nothing ltts than remarkable," declared ' Capt. V. A. Shuey, 215 Lincoln ''Highway, East, Mf. and Mrs. Curtis liaise and son Seymour to try a pair sjfent today in Cincinnati. South Bend, Ind., and also conimuml. ' IP COM'INO ToMoKKow-HARRY T MOREY "THE DARKEST HOUR" VAri)i: ii;i.K: TWO BIO ACTS. Ve Relieve they are the greatest boys' b tacking on the If you ore not fully satisfied we wilf gladly refund your money. Biatmbn Wa 01 Away ri Pollara ta Oold Xvary rrlrtar Iflrbt. market. . A Fast. Color ilarmess ! Dye. HII IIMH.J iaj ! lull Mill. I I Wins Maude Van Kier Ilayden. (ed tne iast gteamer on the St. Joseph spent Tuesday in this city. Hlver. .'' Profi T. A. Mott transacted busi- ! 'For fen years or more," outinucd ness' in Indianapolis today. ! Capt. ,huey. "I 'suffered, from Miss Irene Ward, Holton, spent !stomah troiiWe, I - had uo uppetitc, Tuesday shopping in this city. !and what I ate lay like a i k irf my Miss Grace Taskey left" today for !8l0irinfh, turned sour and I would a week's visit in Martinsville. ;i,ioai n vfo Kas UDtU 1 i H.r. Mrs. .George Specht, North Ver- ifect miseryt suffered atony non, spent. Tuesd ay in his city. noinu n mv Ktomach. I had suffered MAXON PHARMACY Next to Princes Theatre NIGHT CALLS PHONE 47 y Miss Jlelen Hoeferkamp, Cluin- I i,.,, Hnii ,tua sd miuiv dit tcrehT- Call 17 o bos,' spent Tuesday evening in this ! medifines without getting any lienc- Star! your boy in school with half a dozen pair I - , I- You ca' forget his hose troubles - , for many jnonths to come. TRlfLE KNEE HEEL TOE FAST COLOR A.STEINWEDEL r The Men and Boys' Store of ! For Quality Groceries PEOPLE'S GROCERY Puuline (lerdom, a In ide-elect. The beautiful color scheme pink mid white was cnric! cut the decorations and refreshment in ol' C1y- . , fit I had just about given up all hope Mrs. D. J: .Cummings. Browns- 0f ret.overv town, was here this inorninir shop- i ..j ha,i s0 muen )t,ut . Pin- !lae 1 decided to try it and I had JoP Anfderheide returned today taken ony-tt few doses before I be-from a four weeks' visit in Cinein- : wn to in,proVe. As I kept takm- il natl- i kept getting better until todav I a a. Mrs. II. A. Cuss and daughter, of j a e man mA feel at wt.nU Holton, were shopping visitor hereveurs youngel. My stoma. I, is in todav. ! finp xhimp I ran eat anvtliiii'j I unlit OPAL IT Y ice cream and cake, which were SERVICE L9J -r- LOS ANGELES VOTES ON WAR MEMORIAL Mrs. Joe Moritz and daughter, i and never have a parti, ulr of trou- jsited in North Vernon 1 a Virginia, , todav. ahle and ble from it. It is area t to be to enjoy life as I do at my ane. H PEACH BULLETIN Would Elect $4,100,000 Building for Conventions, and Huge Hall for . Staging Big Games. mm Tanlnc deserves all the credit." Tnnlac is sold in Seymour by Maxon's Pharmacy, and in Crotlicr--ville by C. W. Taulman. mid in Brownstown by Chas. Brock. AiiYartlRtniam Call on yourCroccr and sec sample of ! John Himmler hasareturned from' a three days' business visit in Indianapolis. ! Rolxcrt and Cecil Ball, Browns- ! ! town, came today for a visit with : Joe Ooss. i Al Smitn. Cliicazo. was the eiiest of Mr. and Mrs. Chri Westmeyer 1 Tuesday. 1 Mrs. Thos. Miles and daughter, ! Marilyn, left this morning for a i By UnlUd Treat. Los Angeles, September 1. Financing of two creut civic projects, a war memorial auditorium and a i coliseum,'' was bfiug considered by l.os Aiigcle citizens today, voting n a i mposed .f,"),000,000 bond in 11 SOCIAL EVENTS servtd. The gifts were presented to the bride-elect by little Miss Mary Margaret Shade, who entered a.i i lipid drawing H decorated wagi.u coniaiu-ing the gifts. The evening was .-pent with musk' anil' games. The gucst included Mis. Harmon Geidoni. Mrs. Walter Shade. Mrs. Lillian Otis, Mrs. Laura Harlow, Mrs. Klnora Montz, Mis. Ed Shade, Mrs. Oscar Mellencainp, Mrs Marion Mclntyre, Mrs. Arthur Knsting, Mis- F rieda onl lielingen, Miss Mayine 5hrenk, Miss Adelia Easting, Miss Agnes Scliuerick, Miss Ruby Garis, MisS Kdna Meyers. Mi Edna Hotert, Misses Bernice and Lucille Pickerall, Mi Margaret Bet-tenbrock. Miss Mabel Vornholl, MisSes Edna and Beatrice Geidoni Tuid Miss Mary Margaret Shade. PICNIC. The employes of the Baltimore and Ohio Kailroail otlices entertained with a picnic Tuesday evening in honor of E. B. Brown who will leave soon to enter Columbia I 'diversity. New York. The parlv motored to the Steiiikamp Cabin about (i o'clock and spent the evejiing. I visit in Chicago. i ne urst oi llie iwo issues on tae i Make the Darning Basket a Relic of the Past Stop working and worrying over the holes that wont stay darned. Buy Armor Plate Hose for the whole family. It takes a long time to wear a hole in Armor Plate James lfonan i visiting his Br D n primary Imllot rail a lor the erection of a memorial auditorium to cost sf4,- irrandparents. Mr. and Mrs. W. II i Bonnnn. Cincinnati. fcr Canninn first of next wccV Leave your orders al: MODEL GROCERY. J. M. SCHMITT. L. C. BACON. Gus Aufderheide. Cincinnati.-came FOR MISS BARNKS. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Sttope, 513 North Walnut street, was the scene of a beautiful party this afternoon when Mrs. Swope entertained with a shower in honor of Miss Helen Barnes, whose engagement td Mr. John A. Stout, of Vin-cennes, has been announced. The rooms were prettily decorated D n todav to visit his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Aufderheide. Mrs. C. A. W'alters will go to Cincinnati Thursdrtv morninz for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Walters. market quotations This will mean a The local price will be based on city less cost nf pa id. age and transportation, baviiig for people here. 1(111,0(1(1 mid to contain 13,151 seats, o4c for -every 1os Angeles- toh-b4 enli'-iinc the. arm v. navy' or marine! ' orp., during the World War. the' secoi'd project proposes erccttion -oi j a Coliseum in Ksposilion Park to; cost 'ijiSKIO.onO and, to sant 75,fO0 V.eis'His. to bp used for entertain-' incuts and athletic contests. , j Tbf .. cjtizon's committee, . ''back of both project-, declared 'both veil) (e ased hv birg majorities. i "Tli,. war memorial auditorium , will bp the nation's urea test wai ' iK.'iiioiial," Sylvester L. Weaver, of the committee declared, j "It will liAuse Ireadipiarter for wai , ! j Hosiery even with children's romping play. ' Made of the strongest and i b'M yaru obtainable It will bo impossible to fill any more orders at the orchard. Leave your orders at the ahovJ named iroccrs. We. desire to thank the public for the i-pleitdid patronage that has been viwn us. Mrs. II. O Nouse. of Chicaso. will with large baskets of tlowers and iirrive here Saturday for a visit th - greenery was hung from the cliande-I.Mra. Allen Swope. North Walnut liers. Yellow flowers were used In street. , ' the hall, pink and white in the pink A V. Orny and daughter. Jennie, parlor and varicolored "hrden llow-o?" Warren, O.. are here visitim; the ers in the dining room, former's sister. Mrs. Melissa There were six tables of bridge. Sprickerhoff The gifts uwurded to the guests aa D knit to shape and size exact ly-rand dyed with Q 3 D m BOR.CHERD1NG & KIEFER arms-Not Dye (it absolutely will not V nnnuiuannannai Mrs. l-rank l.ii knu and daughter. : receiving the Inglicsl coies were Agatha, returned to Xorth Vernon I miniature corsage bouquets ot roses i today after h .-hort visit here. Thevar.d other flowers and greenery, and rot, burn or weaken the yarn). Armor Plate It ockings fit in vcleransr organizations, civic com 0 I attended .the Epworth and convention inanity centers League meet- ' were made entirely of candy. The church Tues- bride-elect also received a large bou-iuet of the same materiul. i ing at the Methodist wai idhJ AN DIIDUJ hcadua rters. "The coliseum wil largest amphitheater B CHICK lie th world'-and will pro- rcto day evening. , Rev. and Mrs 1. l Overman and j daughter and two sons, were guest." of George Shank and family, Red- D-iVio-Lene H Refreshments of ices, cake and punch were served. The ices were in moulds of ro-es and lilies, rrink und white, and the nut baskets were PURINA place for staging the i." Weaver siiid. vid,. ti perfect in t ( ) mpiai with the policy of our store because they're the very best for the money. All sizes all prices. We recommend them the makers guarantee thcin. Sec them today. ARMOUR PLATE SCHOOL HOSE 'ding township. Tuesday- evening en- Muls Feed. The 90 grain Horse and Those who attended included Miss Josephine Fettig, Miss Edna Humes, Miss Luella Brand, Mi.-s Lillian . Ostermaii. Miss Maude Ta.-kev, Mis-Ruth Kaufman, MY-s Stella Laupus, Miss Nettie Feagan, Miss (irace Me Ginl.Vj Mi- Man- Byrne, Mrs. Stella Allen, Lloyd Ackerinan, Bert I'lin. Leo l-eiiogle, Ed Brown Louis Daw son, (iarri-on Haines, George lluir-''nnn. Earlc Harrington and Herbert 1 1 iiiuiili I . S. S. ENTERTAINED. The Sunilav Si-hool of the Rock-foi'd Metliodisl church was entertain ed Tuesday afternoon fl the linine of Bruce Horning in Uockfonl. The en-tcrlainiiient was (he result of a con-'est which has been conducted between two group.- known a- the Reds and the Blues. The Blues lost the contest ami entertained for the winning team. A delightful afternoon was eiijoVed. The contest was marked by friendly rivalry and resulted in much benefit for t he school. Plan- are alyady under way bring the Olympic games (hi-; cit v, be said. to route to their home in Greensburg ""mature pniK rose nasKets to wuicii ifter u vacation tri. j Were attached small i lipids. PS PURINA SCRATCH FEED AND CHOWDER to the basket Mrs. Kd Kreinhagln 'and son fhe 'ri,u vvn "-fented Vlr l.f' nmi,,, f,.r vitt STust of honor 111 a large PURINA COW-CHOW PALM0 MI0DS-HOMINY Seasonable Field Seeds They have Triple Toe and Heel and Triple Knee. Fast colors and wear like iron. Prices 45c. 50c, 75c. Black and Tan. SEK OI WI.VDOW I l SPLAY. HOADLEY'S DRY GOODS DEPT. $18.23 for Hospital. Tile girls living in the Reud-Jur-dan addition who reccntlv gave twft entertauiineiils for the benefit of the Selineck Memorial Hospital, have turned over lS.2:t to ('. II. Wietb off, treasurer of the hospital. The money will be used to purchase I'Cccrsary supplies for the A. R. EN OS Phone 353. North Chestnut St. decorated- to represent a pink rose over which was .-u.-pciided a large eupid. The.uniipie prizes were fuiuish by a Siiint Loui- caterer. The out-of-town guests were Mrs. T. J. Buin and gianddaughter. Miss Van Ness Bain, of St. Lou;.-, Mo., -Mrs. Blanche MeOsker and daughter, Virginia McOsker. oi Brownstown. WE DDI NO A N N I X ERSAR Y with her sister, Mrs. Justus Bun-(sold, Marysville. ). Thev were uc-j eompanied by Mrs. Flora Bunsold. i who has been spending severa I week-, here. Mrs. Ralph Downing and children, ;Miss Florence and Harry, left todav ! i for a visit with Mrs. Downing' j brother, Ira Thompson, Sioux City, j la. On the return they will visit an- : ; other brother. If. B. Thompson, and J Schick a fl na 'A HfiSVSH ing in the upper was was held Tuesday evel Shi dds park. A i iik- d who rtaincil ithel cute Cha-. Bceiu and daughter,- Martha Charlotte, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Beem, licdilingloii, Mr. and Mrs. Claude I'eeiu and familv. ENTERTAIN. 'Mr. and Mrs. Alex lire live north o the city, Tuesday evening. Their gue-ts included Mrs. Walter Easting. Mr Walter Ovt-iadt and son s-ert ed. Those prc-enl were Mis ItK-itticld. Violet and Grimes, Mary Judd, Ruth e- Helen Florence Christie, Mr and and Mrs. . Kenneth , taniuv. uecatur. ill. ; Mr und Mr-. Andrew Robertson. Mrs. J. K. Schoenfeld and niece I of Honeytown. celebrated their for and nephew, Naomi and Kdward'tieth wedding anniversary Satur ! Stout, of Aurora, 'III., who. have j day. August "J8, b inviting a num : been visiting Mr. und Mrs. George j ber of relatives ami friends to be j Hreit field and family, went to Indi- (heir guests at n dinner served at innanolU vesterdav to visit Carl I their home. Anion- the guests pres Breitricld and familv. eat was W. M. Isaacs, better konwn Mrs. B.' T. Perkins and daughteh, ias the "Honeytown Hummer." The ' Bertoii, of Houston. Tex., who have celebration recall .hi incident which EVENTS. COM,LVG ( i rnes-le d Moore, Lewi-, Louis e, Messrs. ingcr, Don; L.i.: -e I Tom Boll Eckstein, dm Dav, Mrs. Delzie .loan. Mr. Mis, Laura (oens and ( 'lieno wet h. two honor : and Milton, Mr. and Bozxell an I daughter, and M's. Everett Anil. Peter-. Mi (leitnnlc Christie Breitlield. Maurice and llir 'been the guests of Mrs. U. C. John- 'took place forty year-, ago in the : son and Mrs. W. W. Tubb, went to Cincinnati this morning where Miss j Perkins will enter the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. 'little village of Clear.-pring when ! Mr. Isaac- w as justice of peace of Hamilton township and iu the bra j tiful home of Daniel Sanders and j wife married Andrew Robertson and i Amanda Sanders. Immediately tfll ti&lCTTixaw H i- ' 9 Advertised List. in the same The following is a list of letters j lowing the ccrciuonv remaining in the- post office at Seymour. Ind.. and if not called for home and same room Mr. l-aacs mar ned Samuel Robertson and Susanna M nd Mrs. An- McCullough. To drew Robertson ! born, eleven of j three daughtei s 12 children were whom are living, mil eight sons, four In the World war. In the World Till RSDAY St. Piiul Ladies' Aid Society with Mrs. Ed Wolter, West Fourth street. St. Paul's Ladies' Aid Society in School Rooms. Trinity Methodist. Ladies Aid Society iu City Park. Hostesses Mrs. Emma Wiethoff and Mks Katie llodapp. Ladies' Aid Society of St. Ambrose Catholic church wi!f Mr-. J. F. Sbiel. East Second St Agenda Class of Trinity Methodist Sunday School with Miss Elma NufTc, Cortland. FRIDAY A inetie Club with Mrs. Clyde McGownn. Cloverleaf CliJi with Mrs. II. W. Grecian nn. West Fourth St.' Christian Aid Society in ' church parlors. Methodist Aid Society "iu church parlors. : ', Alpha Beta Club with "Miss Leona Oillman. ' , ,.: i French Circle with Misa Hilda ' Steinwedel, Brown street. j Baptist Sewing- Society in chureh'parlors. - ' ., , , - . s DINNER ti PESTS. Mrs. M. Fox, Sr., East Second street, entertained with a Iwelve o'cloi It dinner todav In honor of ber ;r.irwbon. Thoma- Vott. of Indianapolis, and Mrs. Innii lloeferkamp. who expects to leave the city soon. SKWINti SOCIETY. The weekly meetings of the Bap ti-t Sewing Society. which were suspended during the summer months, will be resumed again, beginning next Friday afternoon. LADIES' AID. The Ladies' Aid Society of the St. Paul church will meet tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ed Wolleis. We.-t Fourth street, instead of at the church fJOLD MINE ASSOCIATION. The members of the Gold Mine Association will hold a picnic this A Bank Account, like everything else, Must Have a Beginning. If you are thinking of opening an account don't delay the step until you have accumulated a large sum. Make the Start Now, with what yo'u have, and the accumulations will come the quicker. EPWOTII LEA' it E. Fitly members of the North Vernon Epworth League motored to til s city Tuesday evening in trucks ami were guests of the members of the League of The First Methodist church at a meeting held in the church parlors. The program lor the evening was, fiimi-hed hv the North er:.f.n gue-t-. Miss Bess Hallow-ell was the leader, and a prayer aw- given hv Mi.-- Mav Riinvon. Miss 'Agatha Licking gave a piano solo, followed In a pageant. "The Map Makers," in which ! went v took part. A cifcpria luncheon was served. 'I'he rooms were decorated with streamer- of crepe paper of red and ' white, the league colors, and with flower-. About one hundred nnd twenly-fiye ! attended. TWELVE O'CLOCK DINNER, Mr. und Mrs. Claude Beem, Red- j duigton, entertained with a twelve , o'clock dinner todav irt honor of Mr.' I of whom served within 14 days will be sent to the dead letter office. LADIES. Mrs. Eliya Bee. Miss Lenom Burton. Miss Elors Heath. Miss Jean MeCardle. Hrs.''Chaiincey Mynders. Mrs J. T. Smith. MEN. Mr. William II. Waggoner. ALLEN SWOPE. P. M. August 30. 1020. j Six of the children reside in Iowa j and four of them drove here in an I automo1ile ''to help celebrate their j parents' -wedding anniversary. Thev I will remain for a ten days' "visit, j In celebrating the event , they a!-o I celebrated the sixty -third birthday anniversary of Andrew Robertson , jjr (in(j Mtrt Robertson received a ' wfritl Witttfttl presents.- mm Anna E. Carter NOTARY PUBLIC Office at The Daily Tribune Office,1 and Mr-. Chas. Beem, of Indiannp- L SHOWER. evening in ,lv cjtpi.rk. Mrs. -Lima Melleneatup. South ' PICNIC. Poplar street, entertained with a In honor of Miss Geneviev,. Sulli-ntiseelln neons shower Tuesday eve-'van nnd Thomas Yott. of rndianap-ning in honor of her sister,-Miss ; olis, who are visiting here a picnic j .. ' ..V- 108 West Second St. One. hundred pacing (ardsr uingle I line, for Twbuna ,Ofllce. r t Covers were laid for Mr. , and; Mrs. " 1 ' .. JB3f ...?,",. '.,: : !: :'; - .-', .'..i.-i ;,,..'.;vv.i;p,.;;;f.'.y!;ff',:-;i ;::. j..M ,..., t iJ.''i''''.r!,,'.r.' '.'..'.-.:,'".:.:i' '".',;. ':.'.'C' .f ''',;':-(-',v-.'';v:,'.'.'. ' '; t, ,- t,. -!;' ;.'"::';;. ' -". ... v.',vtif::,;i,;. ::'''..' " ''." r-i. .,:' f.'v,- -;;: ' -: ;' '; . '" ;r ' ''v ' 'l

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