The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on April 7, 1948 · Page 2
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The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 7, 1948
Page 2
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k»AGE TWO INDIANA EVENING GAZETTE. INDIANA. PENNSYLVANIA. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 1, IMS. O $7,175,000 4ffowed For Conemaif gfc Flood Control open channel one WASHINGTON. April The Sepat* subcommittee mended yesterday a record expenditure of --S4l,ft67,Q00 for water-; ways IB the year starting next July '91.295,000 ($1595,000:. 1 with flf JH.COO of it earmarked for flood control in Pennsylvania. The total amount is S1C2.090.000 Mare than toe House voted six weeks ago. In Pennsylvania the committee u-oulo. spend $972^500 more than tne House provided. The subcommittee also aoded a number of projects not included Hair Skirl Plan Mad« in China TOKYO--UP--Tha Japanese are going to try to make clothes out Report OiapJain Claim 600,000 Tons ofSteel Shot. NotSfabbed H - $ 6o||e Oow|| Dfl( j|. Because of Coaf Strike TOKYO April 7--UP--Army in- reported today Capt OuBoii, wert recent vfciiarm, m the] sou, Frank Jr. were business visitors L. M. Brtholomw home. I la Connrilsville, Saturday. Mrs Lucille Wineberg, who is em- 1 - ployed in Dubois, spent tfce weak! StitijtirissM attiaaJe there i* one end in her home, here. nui, * nilcoad for every 4£0f per- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Knout and sons ja the world. Public offic-als at Japan s wes* coast. Xugata. on have asked lie Chaplain of Sugamo prison, shot to death Monday night--not NEW YOBK. April T» of steel Release New Steam Heat Rates have gone the coal a horse oegins saeddjB3 fired at close rang* entered the-**"**" °7 the end of this * e ««tj b « aoout two and a half oounds of hair chaplains left lung There have Iron Age, metalworiuug ^ade week- 'ate in the winter Thirteen pounds been no indications as to his assail- fc'-_said tod *?of hair will raake a suit. a 1 " or a motiie MarchandMcws Cuba Producing Product That Packs a Kick-Frogs HARH1SEURG. April 7-- £*--The P-nngvKar. a Po\k*r and L-ght Co_ of, Lied HCA- steam heat- 'ing rates with the Puolic Utility the House bJI One is $1 0-1,000 for Comm_ss-os, ts charges for navigation work on the Delaware service in Harrisbarg and Wilaes- Biver from Philadelphia to the sea- Barre. ~ For rivers and aaroors the Sea- The new rates efiec' %e June 1, ~ ,. B , j» _^ ate group aprcved S1J235,000 for the are fOUflO H CfO 5fff· SchuylkiU Ri\er: S-9S300 for Ohio Harr^borg--General ser\,ce, $1 10 . ^ . _. ** River open channel work in \e a 1000 poanos lor tne i-rst 25000 Jjj$t ff| f ffl)£ states and $1.400,000 for Lock No 2 pounds of steam, $1 05 a 1.000 on the Monongaheiia B^ver pounds for tne ne-st 75 000 pounds, CHARLES CITY, la.. April 7--u5*J prices are too high. Mr. Robert Homan, daughter Patty, Mrs. John Sabol, and son. of Pittsburgh, spent Friday nd Sat- The publication said this was urdy in the home of their parents, "almost enough to support a thud'Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Homan. " * of the direct steel requirements for' Mr. and Mrs. Boy *»«*«. and Mr ! tne first jear of the Marshall Plan," April 7-- Mrs. C. L- Cramer; of New Ken- and added, .slngton, visited Sunday, with Mr. The EBP will gets its steel--M i George Hides, who has bean ill in the current steel loss will coma out s his home here, of the hide of the steel consumer in j y^ ^4 jgn John I eanmnn, «f tms country." | Richmond, were recent visitors in -- The industry's operating rat* WASHINGTON. , Cuba, famous as the home of ram week was placed tentatively at M| a-d rumba, now wants to build up per cent of capacity, with predic- exporrs cf another product with a t_on it would sag below 70 if the miae shutdown continues into next But there's one difficulty. Tobacco week. Steel of Mrs. Jddo Ltwia. Mrs. 6. S. Edwards, at- Sdver Anniversary, of ·. and Mrs. Walter Work, in Rich- Saturday evening, and Mrs. George Btchie. of firms made a "rugged j Marion Center, R. D. spent several After Senate* action conferees 95 cents a 1-000 pounds ror the nex; --They pinned the Silver Star on Cuba shipped out 302,400 pounds gamble" with precious coal stocks J days, in the L. M. Bartholomew from the two houses uill have to 100.000 pounds; 90 cents a 1 000 for 41osn T. Gerritten, 30, but onl of frogs legs in 1945 to keep their openhaarths busy in ! home. *~ the the next 1000,000 pounds after a srofth's search for the for- Now, however, the U S. Fish and th e past few weeks, the Iron Agej John Richardson, moved his fam- Uy. to Juneau, Monday, may be *Mr and Mrs. Sharnetts Chambers, blast fur-. of Beaver. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Beck. 3 35 ce»"» a 1000 Army Dav ceremonies last night at wil'ing 10 go chasing frogs. reconcile differences between the tne next i uuu.uuu pounos after a north's search for the for- . . . .. two bibs. Tfcen each house ^^.al Wilkes-Barre -- general service mer sergeant Wildlife Service reports Cubans are 5^ It commented: have to vote afflun before the m«as- $110 a I 000 for tne ' rst M.OOO Just three hours before German making such good wages in the to- -fc, the final stages A aoes -o ^President oouads. Si 00 a 1,000 tor tne next-was to be presented the meaal at bacco industry that few. of them are costly to coke ovens, ure goes ·. ine .^ nnnn ,. o* _ i fmn A^T,-- r»=v /.a r cm n n.» iae* noht a? ,.,.n. ,,,, ,,, «« »v.or, n , «mc.e nace liniags. »crap supplies and i and daughter, of Tirade Ctty Mr. and Following sre the amounts recommended oy the subcommittee amounts al- parentneses. lowed by the House Flood control-- PennsyUai^a -- Siinburj, S1.390,- 600 451,390 600- W-lhamsport. $2.244.400 1*1,900,000), York $203,100 ($303,100), Lojal-Hanaa reser^-asr, $276^00 $276^00 Yougmogneny j or pounds for 'ae next 900 000 pounds nearby Mason City, he was dis- According to a pamphlet written general maintenance. When the min and 65 cen's a 1,000 pounds for all covered living quietly on his father- by Josepn L Martinez of Havana.,ers return te work steal mills can "" '""·'~ * ' * ' col. Charles Hernandez brought put equipment back into operation aadr.oia! s'eam The company at tne ^soie i me withdrew its rate scneaules for res.dcnce and commerc ai and .1- aastrial services for Wilkes-Barre. l«-la - A'*S fartP north of here Mrs. Dale Sprankle. of Five Points, visited in the H. P. Knauf. home, _ ^_ Sunday. The medal was for an attack led ^"eral pairs"of'YankeV croakers to s^iftly-In someT cases, to other Mr. John Colbert, and sons, of b Gerritser. against a superior Ger- . hfi ^i^^ m 19x5. xheir descendants cases blast furnaces will have to Nemacolin, visited with his sister Santa Maria Ohveto. x _.,._ f ^ h ^ nm ^ nn ^ n . n Cuba as c-ome back slowly, or may even!and husband. Mr. and Mrs. Frank nan force Italy, on 4, 1943 $402,000 (5402.000;. Cone- inaugb River reservoir, $7.875,000 i$7,875,OOOK Punxsuiawnej. $1,428,100 ($1,100,0001- East branch Clarion River reservoir, $2.000,000 ($1,700.000!: Latrobe. $146000 ($146.- COOp ob- Tia;« oe taken and transmitted a neA- apparatus recently patented. sea Zirconium, a rare metal no A' con- mouung to more efficient electron- e headed for added jewelry or as tableware--because it never loses its po- isn Charles Frogs" and (b) Jumped in- have to be relined because of the'K nout to the bsg money cla^s The 1M5 leagt.n of time they were out of; Mrs. Harry Miller, and sons, exports were worth 5100,000 blast. AU this spells trouble in mam, returned to their home. »*« L *« e f But Martinez observes that Cub- gaining steel output later." , spending several weeks, ans aren't too hopped up over eating After two and a half years of hop"Charles Frog" legs themselves- . ing supplies would be easier, the "In the large ot Cuba." he ] trade paper said, the steel consumer mother several Mrs: Fy with her Richardson, who In Troutman's April Shower Of Values Ri\ers and haroors Projects in nore than one state New York and New Jersey--New York and New Jersey channels, S2,- 200.000 ($2.200.000 West Virginia-Lock No. 2. Virginia Seek Slayer of Attractive Nurse At Military School says, -frog meat is eaten principally i "now runs into a situation that has by foreigners. Domestic consump-j the earmarks of the procurement- j jtion is negligible." : plagued past. This will be brought j ! Except among the frogs 'When forcibly home when steel firms cut. -food is scarce," comments Martinez, back on third quarter quotas -S "they resort to cannibalism " has been ill in her home in Josephine. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kinter, of Pencsj 1\ ·which they plan to do soon" ! The steel shortage because of the British administration of thei coal strike j^ hit the sou th, the JACKSONVILLE, Fla, April 7-- was found oeaten to death yester- island of Cyprus began in 1878 when, soutnw est and the west en-st much sought toaay to day in her fire-charred quarters at'.England leased the island from the, harder than the east, sair the Iron the ir}*:ery Jamg at Bol- the schools infirmary. A deep Turkish empire. \ Ase adding that "those areas are les MiV.ary School of a trim 37- three-inch gash was over her right, -- ^,if ..T A .i fi (the ones which could least stand the j ear-old nurse, member of an old eye ana county meaical examiner, " eaa ^»z e " e i-i«ssmeii «as ' drop in steel supplies," Maryland Eastern Shore fa-niK R Y Thoiras said she had died of . .. . _ M-s Fred W Lewis, a blow on the head by a blunt m- " UUIP MR MUSCULAR MUSTEROlb The vie 1 PLAN THE COMING WEEK-END 4T Tuc CEVTBR or THE Cmc CENTEX or PrrrsBUBGH Motel J4JI 4415 FIFTH AVENUE of *U 4cootnABations - Beautiful Scb«nler P*rk MvsnnM--CATHEDRAL or -Aval ».1U J*. m McucHilJ. -- Apr 9OHUEKI.E) ruWE» SBC»W Throat* *!*» " ntlNTCXC EXHIBIT! Thcavfit Aptil 2J B\SEB*LI.- fORBES FIELD ApoJ 17, 18-- Denat BASEBALL-- STADIUM *VC1 19 -- Pitt »m. JtmuU TK \CK-- STADIUM tpri! 20 -- Pitt n. Oi«o C OPEK A-- ^lOSQUm 4pca 30-- n Ttormtorv 4QCA PARADE-- GARDENS Mar 1 1-19 Or ERA-- STADIUM Jmvc 5-12-- Show Bo.t RATES FROM »2 75 Cmv Bout and S^dk Codtt».i Loans* te Dining Rocm* PLENT1 OF PlRKtNG SPACE! For J. F. Din LAI. Resident Manager - prrrw WE WILL BE CLAD TO HELP TOO OBTAES YOUR TICKETS siruirent Firemen who answered an alarm from the school fouid her body under a mattress and bed clothing after flames in the room had been extinguished. She dressed in a 'blouse, brassiere, shoes and ship Officers last nignt said they had not been able to find her husband." a tra\ehng salesman for a beaut j 'shop supply companv m Atlanta Iaj Mark Bradley scnool registrar said Mrs Lewis, the lormer 'Anna E- Radcliffe of St Michaels Md \\as a niece of former United i States Senator George Hadcaffe ! On'v a short time before her bod \vas found, Mrs Le«is had been talking with facultj members in the school canteen. Gene Grufia. chief of criminal investigation for Sherifr Hex S'.veat. said tests will be made to determine whether Mrs Lewis was raoed. Fresh Fruits Vegetables-Groceries RIECK'S SEALT16T ICE CREAM AT OUR FOUNTAIN QUALITY BAKERY PRODUCTS FRESH DAILY IT CHANGES PKESCNT-OAY MAKE-UP IDEAS/ IT GIVES YOU A- EEAttY NEW PERSONAUW UGH! 6HRBJ6E LISTEN TO Nobody really likes to hanfdle garbage. It's a disgusting ttik. But today, there's no excuse for continuing to do it. DISPOSAL!.* wast* b*for* It b*cem*s » G-E Difporal! umt installed n your sink, garbage collecting i* z thing of tin pan Peel *pple» in the stnl. -- iet potato peelings fall there. Put bones, fat, gristle, wastage from lettuce -- ic tact, food wajce of practically all sorts -- into dw drain outlet of die sink. Than grvc the Safen Tctistcp Control M twist to the left. Let the coid waiez rua * few seconds The Disposal unit aotomsticaJK goes into action, and whisk I -- food waste is shredded into tiny parades and flushed down the drain! Safe, simple, sanaar\. Dram lines are scoured -- won't dog The Dispoall « ·eif-cicansing -- it and ;our sink remain glistening bright, sweet and clean. U**bl« with tfobut scwvr or septic · Gcntnd Bectrtc'i rtfufrrttl trfirmmtt fUl 3tt loeJ i.viu aufoul *fplume*. A MMONSTftATtOM TOOATI INDIANA APPLIANC CENTER 620 REVLOiNS NEW COLO It "SWEETWl" BILLOWY RUFFLED CURTAINS IN FINE CUSHION DOT MARQUISETTE 1.99 Regular 2.49 Budget saver cushion dot marquisette curtains that conform to a high standard of quality. Manufactured with custom care and smartly styled to brighten up your home for Spring. Wonderful Values! Come, or phone Troutmaii's 800 for yours, at once. 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Replaceable lot teas than cost of dry cleaning. Curtains Second Floor jk

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