The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1938
Page 5
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WKDNUSDAY, APRIL 27, 1038 BILLIulHDlUlfl Honoring Circuit Ride IE rsraiT IHiYTHEVlLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS General Conference fo Vole On Methodists' PL-ill In Birmingham lij- NKA Sernua miiMIiNCilMM. Ala.. April 25. In busy MirntiiiKliiim. deep in Ihc •fount! -iron Irrjllory of religions rrvcrem's and ni'.'ii, (lie (;ciicr;il ConU'K'iii-e ol' the Melhodial Churi'li (-.oiKi-iios AI>IJ] '.\'i to vote I'll :'. I'iiin of iiniliKilion which would. h:lfill Hie dream ol John Wculoy. ]«lh century lather of u'orM .Wrtlitortisiii. /Ulhr.ugi in hh Isirewcll mrs:;;t|;c 1" Aini't-h'iUi Methodists. Wesley inaclp :i Hint Unit His; clmi'di might always rrmain a single, undivided i;rou|), Ihc cvc of the 1938 General Omifi'iTiicii finds American Methodism divided into I!) branches lluotnh .':ohisni:; prmlmriMi by nu;ir- ly HI; many causes. The record tit I hh; l.iilli in the United Stales rends sometimes like Ihrillhii; fic- licn. sometimes like ramnla'atcd j:oli(i'.-Hl llistotvy. Cn Christmas Eve in I'llM, CO Methodist, iireuehers met in Lovelv Jjanc Chape) al «;i!timorc. Aid., to rroanix.c the sciU'lercd American Icllowri's of Wesley into a milled , rhuirh. Tilt 1 clia|>cl }ia:| no store! UU-.1 the ministers were forced lo til on backless, roiiRlihcwn hcnsiies. Yet- thf.y remained in session for 10 (iiiys in llin biltcr cold, organtad (he Methodist Episcopal churi'li, mi:i elected Fransis AEUIIIT and Tliotnas Cokn as their first, bishops. 'flic clippely-i'.lop of hoofs on I dirt roads tacit ci rfsiii", cres'jcndo ff Methodism throughout the At- liintlc cc-jKl slates us early-day circuit, riders spread (lie gospel un lic:scbni'i. On the li'onlicr, Hie circuit | riders had to face rnnians who db- li?,!iied in whipping pre.ichci.s air.l breaking up religious galhenn'js. Accordingly, the ministers developed a "sanctified im»ii:idly," and many a sinner was converted by Die strong right, arm of a circuit rider. 'Ilie rigor:; of (ho work, however, were so exhuuslin; Itnil two-thirds nf (lie ministers died before tlttr; could rcirter more than 13 years ol service. Democratic Appeal Pioneer Methodism made a rapid nrc-.vlh IjccansR it never lost contact wilJi the masses. II made a special arpeal lo poor and disinherited 'classes and to Negroes. Hy I860 one third of all American Vrotestants \vtre Methodists. It was the slavery issue which caused Ihc first great dissension. After tlic 1844 General Conference) cideictl Uishcp J. O. Andrews to CKISO episcopal functions until lie had freed himself of the institution ol slavery, southern church leaders met. at. Louisville. Ky., in May, 18'!5: and lormecl tlie Mclhorlisl .lipiKopal Church, Soulli. Tlie Civil War widened (lie l:vca"li, and jicace brought, no remedy, for Secretary of War atanton turned nver lo the iiortlicrners Ilia | licuse's of worship in .southern "MelhOilist territory captured by the Federal army. in 187G. .however, a joint, 'jom- mis.-ion was set up to adjust: prop- I'i'l-,- ownership dilliaillies. Later miotnoi committee abated home and foreign mission competition; !n 15ft'j a comtncn liyntnai and order of worship were selected, finally, in 1023, :i plan of miilication v.,-15 approved by the northern branch—but Ihe southern branch rcftiGcd adoption. Tivd-'niirds Vofc Needed 'I hi; present plan, drawn up in J930. bus been approved by the northern church. Hie annual con- Icrrnce of the southern church, and Ihc Methodist Protestant <'imrch uhieli has alwuys remained indrpentlcnl. Keccnlly! however. Tennessee conllngeiils have ;:one on record against, (lie plan principally on Ihc ronlcntion dial it (ie- slroy,-, autonomy, results in property k :::.-;. ami inakcn Negroes clijibic for mciiiljrrslii]). A two-tliirds vote of I he Ciwieral Conft^encc will tc necrssar;- for adoption. A united iMclhodist church would liju! a membsrshi]) of 8.000.WK). makiii? il (he largest J'rotcslant body in America. Us assets would lolal more than a billion doll.irs. Adiiiiiiistration of HID church would lie. under geographical jurisdictions. A uniting conference next year v, mild harmonize regulations and «:mbmc various agencies. Will Compete In Golf, Tennis District Meets Tlie district, high school i>oll and t'Unir, lournametils, which will be played i" Tarngoukl tomorrow, arc in conjunction with. but. not a /.:!!•;. rf Ihf district athletic lia-.\: nicct o he held herr at the same lime. .(Al^if The pity liigli .school u-lll 'be iT.p.nscnted in golf by Ted Klutz and John oung. and in tennis i>y •/ohn Harp, fjol) llerriek and Hodgson Modingcr. John Harp will ccmuctc in the singles' tournament, while Bolj Herrick nnd Tlodgson Modinger will team for the doubles' till;. y i SEVERE IESTS Blytheville School News Early-cay Mclhodisi circuit riders. ,vho braved untold a» nnm .,,,,j hiii'dshiiw to cany Ihc B o:i]i<-l lo w,ldc>im«; rrgioih, mv honure.l by (he .Maine above, a B ill lo the Male ot Oix'uon hv H. A IMolli ve-illhv ' " ' ' ' £1111 standing -an-J net'tcetly preserved, with its spirs.. tcAvcrln» proudly toward the sky, is the Lovely lane Chapel in Baltimore, plcuireri stove, where CO ministers formed the original Methodist lipis- copal C'.iurch more than a century and a half ago. action ol the Urmllinn conl wuuM-lip ih,- /i,n,j ..,i,,,, in . || 1( . Hcalitm cninpai'in. If (In 1 Sonlhcrn delegate.'; u|i- r.rovc llu> pltm over bitier oppi^i- lini which |,., K yrfan amon- laymen's srcnp.s. n nrw church, to I:? known in ih c Methodist Clim-li c.l Aiucrlcii— coir.maiKliiiji a m( .m- brrshi)) of more Uinn H.OOoaS." 1 — will lie fnniicd. It will divide Duration inio nve swmphical and r.uc racial divirir.n.-; for Hie iiur- i:osc o| ndminislrnlive •i:ov.'iiiineul. A uuitin? conference, compsse:! cf .ICO (H'lcL-alPs from the Northern ann Routhern tranches and 1O firm (he ProleManl. unit, will be held within Vf, moDlhn if |hr Koulhtni vote is favorable. fa:.l .SrpzriiOnn in ig;j( The r.rollem of a divided -Imn-ii dales tick lo Una. wlicn n' sma'l crriip. f.-iiilin iisi-lf the Protestant tl»sco])iil Chmcli. broke away from the mother organization in a djs|)ijl { . over tltc proportion of rcprcscnlrttirn to lie accorded lay- mnn. This Ri-nnp |,,,iov represents a ccnipiatively small iniil; cl world Mctbcdlsm. The Pniilheni Irrjincli imtetl «i'5ii Mitli til.' Northern church m 1W4 after a Georgia liishou had been suspended bccasivc liis A'nc cwncd slaves. Einw then, repeated attempts huvc l;?pn made te bring (.)„. ||,i-->c troups tOKCthcr again, and (lie Pi'o.'Tiil plan fm unification was evolved in IBJ,J. Representatives of almost ^000100 Southern ?.fpthndis(^ -ire' ex- tcclcd to sitteiul the coiifetencc, finch will last from to davs lo two weeks. Conference leaders" have cslmmUcI dm S0,oro persons will hC '' C ly "" ; WPA 'J'cnclic:; Aclulk OKLAHOMA CITY (Up) T||e VVPA has ar.nounced that il Ins law?h|, mere than IT.CO;, ndidh in Okliilioma to read and writ- m j( 3 adidl education -lasses since IDS I One of its pnu. elates, oflichls said, is al Oulhrie, where ;i,e re ;jyc six students who arc Gs, CB, (J7 '1. 73. and Yd' years oil Mock Battlefield Zones Will Exloncl Over Entire Nation i Hy (iHATTAN McGHOAllTY liniled Press SlniT Correspondent 1 WASHINGTON, April ;>7 lUI 1 ) - '1'ho nimy's newly .•.trriimlllird llBlUlna forces will " ( ;o to wur" next moiilli against, :ui Iniaclnury lor in Hip iimUi'sl .srilflj of military mmu'iivers in the country's lillsory. Willi official Wurtim'jtoii con- i-:n-er| over (he rapid .spread ol .did aim-ship.! and Ihc darhm ":,w- Ici.'.M'.'i" (if lolatilcii'lcm- iiovermn-nls. ndcr;i have iiren iism-il In "lift, lilt; wrapi;" frnni the army's war ir:ii-liiiic and dun It, ICOKC- at full 'Ihe "battlefield" area will ex- Itud 11 oin coast to etui;.! and Iroiii lhi- t-iiiiiidbii border lo'tlie f.'iilf n' Mi.vira. with jill bi-u.ches ol llu- rcrvlcc ivcclvini; i!u> ntoiil .'cvirc toM,s »nssllil<! except undfr, !;.<:U!;'.I uar condition* suriBKKV h-CHOOI. ,l,lly, uiy uosa"; Cluy Browning Mrs. (jiii-llmnl/'s Ihtril emrte and jamtn Martin, "Ths Pastry ream at Siiduthy culniinnted Its Enters": JOHD Sheuhord, "Miss AH Unit. April 7. The namo of Ilic Uowlcs"; Jerry Whito and Virginia jmil was Our Ait Cnillcry. Bill Wll- McBclmm. "The filoregc Hoont": Mums, the president. «uve the wel- Mary MurKarel Roush ami PeaRv ndclrcss la (ho parcm.s niul other diesis, . 'I In- lollov.'lni> c.hiilrmen Introduced f:;' numbiMs for their lablos: Ton) Knnfor.1, Ndiiu lliuta, James Miirtln, mil Wllllnnvj nnd Uurtdy Jo 1.nylon. K!i"li child ciivo hi:, parent » t>ro- fli'inti, in cobr, wliich he had made. niudetils wliu po;;ed lit ciltictlvt,- - ».':tniiuv: aiKt Urn nlrttiiTs (hey ixv-il were: Maillyu Dtnii, "lu- Innii' Mcirlii Theresa"; Joan i'liinilii;. (lie "AKO of Innocence"; l'ci.,;y JF;MI .Uralclicr, "Tlic Hlniw- f''n'.v (;irl"; Mary Ann Parks, llii' "Cii-l With Cherries"; Htidcly .In l.'.iylou, '"I'liL- lilui' Hoy"; Ni«mu I.inks. "MnrKitrlUi 'I'licrrsn Kinla Mcachiinv and I'aisy Ann I risted by 'I'raH.s. "Midaini- !.e liiiin nnd | Dialclier, 'in- DiiuislikT": Mnry Mae Uiinlel:, rd of and Fiance;, HinUh, "C'antnllou Mary Mai'Knrel, Rousli nnd Peggy rrccimm. "Tlie Ciilmud'y Children"; Bill WHIttun.s, "Hoy Willi KaObll"; Nuncy I'arllow, "IMnklc"; J. B, Mnyo, "'rho Torn Hut"; rtclli Covliiglon. DorlB Radcllff nnd Joim McGregor, "WHIi Oniiidmn initl Ntirso and Child," Francos Bruiu'cgnrd, J. D. Mencli- imi, ICenuelh 1'rulll, Betty Silo Hiillc, J. IJ. Harvey. Dolly Thorn))son. Kuili Wuldlmt, Ncm'ii Burks, Nniiey Parllow, lifji OofI, Bllllo' Vim WrlBiil, Helen Oiit?K, Oncla Kpciire inul C.erald Haricoek, -roin Rimfoi'd, Krnrllyn Deen nml Bill' Wllllains lold storlf.s. j 'I'licsc iicoiilo posed In a Inrgci plrliiri' Irauie wliich Ihcy had iilini- ned lr.':ti!p.l conditions, I Mcsl sprcliiciiliu 1 pail, 0 [ Ihcex- |ln<"lw inniti>uvcr.s will (akc pliico !"rnm May 12 to 17 when Uic nil' fcrt:!: altcmiili; to defend Ihc norlli- r:, S ln,, ,;,,(,,,„„ r>f Ul(; Un(|( , (| auaiiiEl a ihcorotlciil eiiciny H to destroy Ilic imllon'ti liiduslrlnt area. C'liuiiiiuc 'llnoiijj;i .Summi'i' ol UK- : I'niv air corps, wonll.v 1111- r.f.iiii'.-:'d Unit "while nut capable "I due r.Uiilor.pliiii'li: Illulil, il, 11 rliiiiiiril lo rniuliicl i'.v|x-rliiifiits ill hli;li altitiules and U> culled cx- lvi"ivt' iluta mi the reaction.', of | I'cr.Miniifl and innlcrl:il under j vaiyiin; i",iiidil.ioii!i." ma " ^" .« ^ini.ii .lll]JOI'l r-iiring tlic maneuvers the air corps will ecndhct tests willi Drcsriirc cabin" planes, now in Ilic experimental stage, which may radically clinitfjc fuliirc design and iierjjil tactics. Mnj-Gcn. Oscar Wcstover, chief Delegeiles To Conference, Opening A])vil 28, Hold Key To Union iiy THOMAS; ,\. Duitcil 1'icss Hlaff I'orresiiundnil BIRMINGHAM. Ala:, April 'Jo. <UI'J — Unification cf Hie three brandies of Methodism. ;in i-.siic affecting Ihc religious affiliations of more than B.COG.'XW' pcreoiis, will to at stake \vhrn Ihe fiiiadrcn- nial confFrencc ot the Methodist Episcopal Church. Kculli. mceis here Thursday. If delegate.-, lo I IIP cnnfnrcirje. Ihe 23rd since (he organisation of the Eoulhcrn church in 181-1. approve Iho uniflcalicn plan, the tlirec mills of iMeUradism will (12 joined for the first time rincr man, when (he Methodist Protr tanl Church seceded. fl is belicv-d lonirnrotv'r. conference may sre a climax |.j an ,ilmo!,t. ttin-ycoi -rid fisjhl for Methodist unity. :l Ushl which be. gnu noon after tlic Norlhrrn :-i-'l Etulhcrn blanche-:; r.plil cvrr HIP rlavcry ir.suc in I8V1. l.'p to .Sriut!l Nun- The Kr.rlhorn and Pr^t-:,|nnlJ churches Imve npprnvcd the OIK- I denomination plnii, and favorable i I Slop, look, Hiii^Hin.s —• These c.'ii-y ' ! itrc c;ircfnlly t-licrltcd- & ' priced. . spr- rial thivnjlrl <- ( )-i 0 |,. Ksl $137.50 in;;:: i-nni v-s TH- d-t or dor. rtial hiiy .... J I9S-I Cfimolcl < t'ou pc. Only ...... ! l!i:;i; r.mi V-fi rirk- J up Tinch .......... j JIIS1 Wirvrolrl l.'il rf. j rjn iiwli \V. t!, Track .. ipl/ t) !•>.;• (;. M. C. fayinvnl |'l;;n \\V TKADK Chevrolet Co, I'lmnc tale:; iinii chief 'l luc iruiiKii .Sinnuicr Firailur milihiry protlnus will worked il be worked on! it: 115 iinlii nil other scc- "f the ccmilry, cniiiiiiiiing late smnmei' or oarly fall. Celnils of Ibe program' 'tn mas; Ihi; air Jlrel have , lo t Ijcen aii- nciir.cul, lail ImndiTd'; of Hie ivcrld's lineal. ll B hllntt planes— raiigiiis from HIIKO fcur-inotoi-etl Bcmtors lo sute:tralosphrrc rnr- ':uit. ship:--will particip,,!,.. In ntl- ililion, ihoiwjMtds of liifanlrymi'ii units of liu: mechanized" rav- nnd nrld artillery will 1< C sscfP lo cimrd airporlo;. Iliiiliril t liani;:;i in l'nis|ii'ct "lM»h hope- a-.'c held for llu> resrll.s ot thw.e cxKi'i-lnieiils." iic i-nid. "and It is Itcllcvi'd thai ilic attained may rriii! 1 , i.i radl- liiune-: in UK- drsiitii rf lii- If.ns-i'Jiniii!-. lush allltiidc and IWMibly inirsnll types ol alr]ilmu'K," 'Ihe ellicicnry of Ihr- P.Xnl-1 (•hip. .-.I'ill l-e tcMcd' llioroii|;lily. 'I'iii' fact tljjit the j'ii{;lnc« arc moiinktl lichliui |i,n u'liutr, penults iv much prrnlcr fronlni unRle cf j lire Hum iv«nld ollifnvir.c b« \ m — ^ii.i^ , .... .. ' id £il:lo iinii 1" |h ( . Ihc pro|>cllcr hlnsl, IJiiM'cty iiicrrasing (lie ncciiracy of tiro. The plane !•: n Imv-wlnn. all- niclal iiioti(i|iliitic nnd nirrle.-; a err.'.' of live, inc'liuliiiu lhiccj;un- iic-rs. Soiiiff iiitinutivnr.'; aln'iuly luivc teen held in Kniilhcrn scclnn. 1 ; of Ihc ccmnlry. Rcnills worn not made pufclir, hut it, was reported innc'li ol UK- new uiolorlxpd rqiiiiinicnl.. pitrllciilnrly Innks, met thr test lictler Ulan v.-as cx|icc'.cd. Depositors I'orgei S148.Z60 PHILADRLPHIA (UP)—The f,tntc banking dcpcirlmcnt lioldsl more than S«8,260 in dividends! thai have been unclaimed by depositors in 43 closed banks in Philadelphia and four stirromidlh? counties. AS MUCH AS ON10GAL.OFHMEST NO NOX GASOLINE Pennsylvania Oil, Sealed Containers 25c Miles No. of State Line H. W. 61 HOLLAND, MO. In which Ihcy were as- M'r. Sclnico and Mr. Tlio l«ick);roiiiul conslst- un niiUlnor scene. The cin 1 - tulns \ver« ol dark brown cambric. Unry nyiinii mid Jnme.s Clitrncr wi'ro the properly boys. Tin cm-lulu boys were Junior Hllimetl nnd William Cli'ech. 'Die lioslc.sses were Mnrllyn Dreii, Mury Ann Pmks , Mu | fjorls lliitlcllir. Neiiw Burks, Nuncy PiuUcnv nml llfleii Cale.s rctul Ihc churls which' they had 1 prinlrd, Al Ihc concliisloii of Ihc pro- Briim, vcfreshmeiil.s or mil cakes were served tlic tnrRc mimliev of vlsllorii. Tlio visitors enjoyed Iho miiny hilcreslliiK tliinus (he, clilldvcit had uiiitlf. Miss 'ruvucr iircscnlcd these pupils with n laiRc- umitlicr of plc- tilics as they had such' splendid al- tendnnec. Tlt|» |t ra ii|) would like lo lliank (he nfolliLM-s, Mi-u. V\y, M| s s Turner, Ml'. Sclmee, tmd Mr. lli-alchcr fnr their kindly asslKtuncc In Ilictr iintf. Mrs. Murlon Williams will inkr ktitliik: pluliirc.s of this uvoiip; Ono of ihc orchids from (he lilant considered ns a wholo Is raid lo produce 74,000.000 seeds. WASH & (JREASE $1.0« Wash, Oi'caso, Polish anil <>-axcil 55 ;U o H. H. SCHMU€K "Ksso" Million nfaln ,1111! DIvl-lloii Urge Sharp Lookout To Detect Ardiy Worms The nppenrmco of army worrim Hi Afansns' cottttty <5»t rields on April l;t makes It iwccsshry for MlsslfiStppi county fnvwers to keep n sharp look-out for these worms in lliclr noWs on<l report their nrst nppeiinlncc to the county tigenl's ofllce. according to D. S. Lnulrip aiitl E. If, Hunts, county agrlctil t'lirnl' ngeuls, Last, yeni' army worms caused widespread dunin'ijc in ctwlera nml norl)nlc;;t<>rii Arkimsiis cotlnlles, the duwnRo In Arkansas county ulono having bco» clitlniiitecl nl more (him otic dilliioii dolluis. T)ie worms rotlnd tn Arkansas county wore still small nncl hnd most of ihelr Browlh yet lo muke. Tills Indlcalcil Hist the worms had not Mien rcnclicd tholr period of lirciitcsl dcstruclh'eiioss, iiccordlnt; lo Uwjghl J(, iBoly, entoniolOBlst. University of Arhnnsae C'ollcuu of Agriculture. The abundiince of army worms l;ns been favored by an cnrly sprliiK, Mr. iscly said, wlilclt liati been warm ciiotiRh for their development, but cool Piiongn to check Hie. develnpinelit or their nalurnl enemies. H |s mute possible, he WiiVned. Unit ih| s otiKiifnk Is more widespread o\w the state than Hie hifoinmtlbii from Arktinsiis county indiciiles. The control of nrmy woiins l>y the use of iiolson bail, was effective last ycur, Mr. Isely Riild. The ball rormnln Is as roljon's: Bruit, 05 |iouii'(l«, white arsenic, or I'lirlsi Bi'cen. oiie pound; molnssi's, one.- llalf Knlloii; ivnloi' lo .wet. Usually t to 3 g»!ld!« 6/ Th«' 6rirtvaW. wlJCod dry, ,TJle nvOlasSes oB cllsSolvleil' in' a shiali aftfount' of , water and idded to'th* WftSri iWS- t\ife. Mdrrf water carf rJe'addM M iiecdet). The bait mixture ehotikl be a crumbly niass, Hut shdulil ftbt l)o sloppy. . : '., Usually halt should-be scatWd wherever wornis aro observed lato In the artcmbon, Isncc' Iho tforttt? ftfcti by preference rA night. During cloudy wciitlier thoy , may /ecd IhtouBhoul Ihe day. About 10 pounds of ball to the a'cfc uro re<iulied, Kilucalor Nears Si-Year l\tirk I BERKELEY, Cal. (UP)—Dr. Ax'- tnln o, Lousclmcr, Internationally Kiiowji aBlronomlst, nnd haad of Iho iistronomy dcpartmont or the University of Callrornla, will soori coini>Ictc his 48UV yea]' of teachltlfl This Is die longest record ot 5e>- vfcc of any member of the Berkeley faculty. Maclil)i«- iit College NEW VORK (UP)-Humer COl- KL- Hirls are soon to got Eomd flrst-hnnd experience in Die ii(,e of voting uiBclilncs. This (.cmesler members of tlio lower Junior and senior classes \vlll elect-oinccrs by machine. FARM LOANS ISM tnt Arbiuu tad txmut r»trt—lowMt erpense AUo city projterdet Dt)N H. KASSEftMAN Tliomu Uind Co. Ofllce P. O. Box 470, Pbone SZT. A Spring Tune-up INSUHKS Better Spring Driving JL-Our {.'((tilpniciil is moclei'M , . . Ottr nicehanics ^ urc cx))crts . . . Our prices iiro very' roasonablc ... Our work is Kiinranlccil . . . All of which means . . . your .complete' sutist'tictioiV . . . ! YOUR UAU IN NOW! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY ih & Walnut Phone S10 Beautyrest Comfort IN FINE LIVING ROOM FURNITURE BEftUTYBEST Twin Studio S59J5 BEflOTYREST IMPERIAL ., $59,75 Smart, inotteni tlcsign. Ileaul.irnl new fabrics with c-on- ivastintj trim. Heaiityresl. «iiislnidi(in in butli maltrcsses —your assurance of niaxiniinii comfort whether HilliiiK or .slucping. 'Opens ID double or (.win bods. Finely liiilured. 'Jhc recouiiincd leader in style and comfort. New vanishing back .supports pillows when used as a sofa --folds; down out of lite way when used a.s a bed. Beauly- ix-Mt 1 iUatlrcss and coii spring btiv.e. Opens lo full size or twin- beds. Snuirt new covers in popular colors. Famous BEfllTOES! Mattress In New Woven Covers $69,50 A slight pull on Inick rail opens it to a bed. Carved up- liolstered amis. 2 Beatityrcst Mattresses with famous "Floating Action." Opens lo full size or twin beds, Handsome—Luxurious—Convenient. Brand uu\v covers — durable 8-on. woven 1 stripes— IJlue, G'recn, or Kosev.'oott. New Velv-0-Grip- handles. Famous "KloutiiiE vVotion" with 837 pocketed coils.. Sag-proof Edges. Scientifk'ally built to LET 1 V'Ou SLEEP. Recommended by Health and Beauty Experts the world over. 3,000,000 American families are Beauty rest'users. FURNITURE CO,

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