The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1944
Page 3
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If' •'E' Bond Price Of Admission lo Lux Theater'. The theater party planned by Lux • >,m nl M at Lux <"' i >. 1» connection ««n the Sixth war Done! Drive liromlscs to he an Interesting event' Any one presenting an "E" bond ''"sting S18.15, purchased this week "I") 1 attend the show tonight as :uest of the theater with bonds to '*! Hie only "admission tickets" used for tonight's performance. "HII The Ice" slarrlne Abbott and Coslello. will be the feature along with two special shorts Shows will begin at 7 nnd 9 pin if nas been announced by the theater owner and Most tonight, Moses Temperatures Atlanta . ., Augusta . ... UlrinhiBhiuii Charleston . Clxirlottc . . Clmttnnooya Chicago . ... Cincinnati . . Denver HI Low 3(i 2U . 43 30 10 . ... Jacksonville . Tftllahnsspc . Kansas City MiKon . .... Meinpnls . .: Miami Montgomery Now Orleans , New Yovk , . San Antonio •10 ?8 .. 33 ..10 .. 2tl • .. 53 .. 37 ..53 ., 55 .. 31 .. 40 .. :)5 .. 68 .. 46 .. 55 .. 40 .. 03 BLYTJ1EVI1.LK COUU113K NKWS Do's and Dont's for Santa iUSH : Food JNTERNATIONAL Egg Masli and noto <h 9 difference m Egg producfion.'Tno more Mash your hon: consume, tho more Eggs produced. Always Feed a K\ m- Wically balanced ration. INTERNATIONAL Egg Mash i; scientifically teiisd in our own laboratories. The hen consumes such a small quantity of Feed per year (100 Ibs.) that a small additional cost per bag make's only a slight difference in Ihs cost of her Food bill, yet the increased egg producljo'ri pays an extra profit per hen per year. INTERNATIONAL Poultry Feeds are worth ell they cost, producing additional profit in exira eggs. Go to your dealer today. fiSK FOR ECEsaasEJizsa ; " •-•'.'•- vv-v - 1 liaTE'R'NATBOHAL •MGMASti - : .-••<" Adult Education Neglect Is Injurious To Children i!y itimt ,MIU.KTT John Collk'i-, Unlti'd Kluli-s lu- • llnil CoUlml.SSloni'l', ll.'I.S .1 UlCOIT Hii 1 imjinollnjj tin- wi-Hiiro of Itidlaii liimllle.s Hull sounds us though il 'light IIP [;oo(| tor othi'i 1 Aini'ricnn Ccllli'r Jiialiiiiiins ili.ii it icouM l» 1-i-tlrr 10 |>ny u tilth' H..SS utli'ii- li> Junior nnd n lllllo more lo Imiliuv tlml in urder ti> give jun- Inr iidvanliiges, you nnisl stun with Ills parents tind work the problem Til'ik. Illrlhiliy ; Short and Sniiiiiy MAQUOKWA, IB, «JP) ~ a'nr- fleld Hnrker. had plnnned to hunt nil <»y receiitly, mil luck, or Ms iimrksmiinshlp, sailed i,ls day. tic shot twice Into n flock of approxl- PAOB THREE jl"s old nmn. Only hi' mils It some- ''«>' boi „„„„,„ l!ili>'! like Ibis: Tin- \vhoH' Indliin c " 1; < s < Nov. 20, Mrs, Stui'kert crl- (UI'>-Ilrr family e:in now eelebrnte three birthdays Nov. 20, lUTcrdlng to the Wrth- book of Mm. Mallldn Btuckerl malcly 200 ducks nnd bagged 15 •"""—'- - day's limit, • - . . -- >.vslc'in is wi'iiiiij, ns t!)» much Is provided for InMilM. llcnnl Iclons siioli ns srhools mill os[:ttnls nnd not rnoiu'li Is pro "' ' for ndult, I'diirnllon. Aivu't we innkln; the same mis-1 "''' Onyle ike In nttucklni;' Die problem of' Juvenile delinquent'.*' wliett ivt 1j ililnlt we rim solve It simply by | ...Ini; decent nlfleos for our kid's i to Imve fun away fnim home, nnd i'H;ln;< them lo slny In seliool In••>ii'»<l nl (tiklny joljs? We nrc Bi'ttlnii ul the proljlem Ihrcuyh Junior—nnd npiflei'lliix ilir ('"rents' role. /\s u imitlor of lure wo should build up the part iliat imivnt.t piny in (iH'lr rlillilrou's lives iliroush mtuH nonunion Hint ''eiild iilin nl .shmvlnu innvnl.s Jusl wluil lluilr ies|)uusll)ll|tlcs uro nnd wluu vespcrt they (hiitild I'oiiuiiund I'roin Iheli- kids. , , ( jiie Her «;>,i,| blvlhtlny, while l:er iiianddnuLjhler, Mrs, Everett l".nl«hl,. Union drove, observed lier iMitli bliUuliiy in n Undue, hospital | where she nave Llrlh to a .,„„ A N T I Q U E S POST AN TIQUE SHOP I'lione Some folks may Hunk thai Sanui can do no wronit. bnt'hv iluc'S -•lip up nreasionally. accoiding to the Notional S;ife.iy Cininuil. ' which posed the niiovc pictures in Chicago lo (lemonslrtite ivhnl > mys should or ihouldn''! be given to children. In top'pliolo, little i Gen-ic Ann Sweeney lias a metal ti-uek, with wy'sluirp corners' which mighi cause her injury Jimmy Murray explains Unit the dni-l game is much loo dangerous foi her. bui It's dangerous foi liim, too Darts is o game for adults only M lefl, below, Gcri'le examines some liny celluloid toys— an unwise gift choice because :.' child as young as she might swallow them and spend Clu-islmns >veeh in the hospital Just ihe tlimg for 3-year-old Gcrnc is Ihc -.ofi toddy beai she holds in pliolo m right And (01 8- year-old Jiinmy^ifinii-pliino conslniction sei is perfect Kir many yours now Junior luis l-ei'ii BeuliiB tno mueh iilteiHlonl :uiil Ills liincnts loo little. Yav e^n't niiicctitrnic on I'ditcntlnu ihu yoin)!! nnd ulvliijs them ndviintuiie.s,' nos- lei'llnn the part lliclr |>nrciu.s shmild In' jiliiylin; In Ihelr iidneatlon niul iniliiltiB, mid expect Hie rainlly as u unit lo lunctbn lo tho Ijest 6r Us "Witty. j K'ol until we decide Unit Junior isn't t!iiln B to be renlly well off unless Ills parciils provide llio rln'H klu ( | of hoinu unil the rl^lu kind of home tralnln s , n re \ve b'Olng to <!o very much lor Junior. H'.s ns irnu of every oilier kind, cf Amerlciin ns of the American FEIN BERG 7 Planters Hdw. Co., Inc. home of • ' N ' '' SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT DE LAVAL MILKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS U. S. BELTING and PACKING CANDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE COMPLETE LINES OF HARDWARE I'hone SIS, Blytheville, Ark. New Cream Deodorant Stop Perspiration t. Docs hot iujiaie ilin. Do« '.* Mill tot.lK-iic! Or mm'iihiui. 2, Prcvcius unilcr-inn odor. I Iclpj itop licrtpliiiion jjfcty. l«s vinlfliina criyih; '• 4, Ho wsiiioji.iD'cliy. Cm He 5. XwardcJ Aiyrovnl Sejl of Araciicunliiitituicofbiiniltc. inn —- liirmlcs! to filmic, tlic. AcnO [tgnhifU,, Savannah .jg Tampa '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 57 .Washington .... 41 • Dallas " 52 >.Houston CO ' Jackson . 50 .Little Rock M • SchcvL'port 52 24 21 34 ' cordini! to the DopnrtinciU of Ln- Lor's 33ril annual report. Tolnl Cana-.Uiin union inembersl'ilp now stands n.t ca-i,s'3;i. Onndian Unions Uj\ ; CTTAWA-(UP)4T'.•Membership it labor unions in Canada has in. crcnscd by more than 115 per ecu :,ince the beginning of the war, ac- Both Our Blytheville And Our Osceola Stores Will Be OPEN VENIN UNTIL CHRISTMA ... Buy All Your Gifts On Our CREDIT TERMS It Takes Only Three Minutes to Open A Charge Account. %*. 1 '&. & W. & IM §& $ 85 m s< I' a? i is ^ ^ n m IM NEVER PECT CAUSE This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief urc'a c]icf wny nl Ink- ivMlo.ratoi llieblnnl. >ai»abniii:]j[iliiliin.l«j-. ,l,,ey tumifdn ,,„,„!, imii in your I.W.1 It iniy c» 11!0 naKini; | >M k, f |, o r |, TOln »'i; 0 rains, In IMIIU, loss ct [icp niul ciicrnv ttt- Ililie un n kl,l.,. BivdliUB, ,!,,lll [lcs , ,,XTh 0 . of ki,l,,ey tumifdn ,,„,„!, poisonous nintlci lo mimii in your I.W.1 It ' , ,,nij tii,ili,c. v ,. q ; |KLM3imi willi smnrlinn ninl I inili"! (if kHney IIIIJCH (lii«>, isle Cr«jni your btooO. CtL I] . ill MJ, Ho n'a"i"£ M MARGARET'S RKAUTY SHOP 101 s. FinsT Phone 2532 Bring Us Your Beauty Problems MODERN EQUIPMENT EXPERT DGiVUTICIANS GIFTS of —It's Smart to Shop At— j The Gift Shop j Moilnrn * Antique Gifts MOSS BRYAN iSt 1 JEWELRY STORES BI y thoville Osceolp Thursday — Friday — And Saturday Nightt 9:30 to 1 O'Clock In the Beautiful of the HOTEL NOBLE Admission GOc Incl. Tax. A-hvinttlc v/ith glitter drosses to make you sparkle cit holiday parties! Fashion-hit peplum dresses, tunics, side draped dresses, little suit drosses! Budget-priced—come for yours today! i ' 'f •> S~/ Let's Put A WAR BON! In Every Stocking! Lovely Gift ROBES * Rayon Gropes * Chenilles * Quilteds * Warm Flannels Here's u (rift that'll say "Merry Christmas"''all year round. Luxurious comfort and smart appearance combine to mnkc this most appreciated of all ffifls. •;••'• r ' BLYTHEVILLE . . . CAPE GIRARDEAU"

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