The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR TUB BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' TUB COUUIEK NEWS CO., PDEUSHER3 C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W, HAINES, AOvertislng Manager Sole 'National Advertising Representative!: The Thomas F. Olark Co. Inc., New York, PMJsdelphla, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, Ban Tranclsco, Chlcaso, St. Louis. PublUhed Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post office at Blythertllc, Arkansas, under act of Congress October 9, 1017. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In Ihe city o/ BLvthevllle, Jio per week ur $0.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius of 6C inUes, 13.00 per year, H.50 for six months, gsc for three months; oy mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, S5.50 per year, ID tones seven md eight, HO.00 per year, payable iu «l7»nc«. Protecting the Morals of Statesmen Apparently tlio bright lights of Oklahoma City have boon pullinc too much of temptation in the way ot" Itio rural statesmen who Rather at I ho cnpil-jl every two years to protect the welfare and advance the progress of tlie -stale. But Alfalfa Hill Murray has a remedy. "To protect, the morals of legislators by nmovhiff influence of the vicious lobby in hotels" he proposes a ?500,000 appropriation for an apartment building in which the orderly serenity of an old Indies' homo will take the place of the gayety which we ar; led to believe is characteristic of life in the city's hostelrios. Unmarried lawmakers, wo are told, will be segregated even from such feminine companionship as might be afforded by the wive-; of their fellow legislators. Each will have an apartment consisting of bedroom and kitchenette, Hie latter to obviate the necessity even of brief visits to hotels for meals, while employes of the institution will be persons GO years of age or older, recommended by the ministerial alliance. Whila the press gives no information on thiii detail, it,is to be assumed that to protect the state's ?f>00,000, as well as to in-.-ure the desired moral benefits, legislators will be • required to hvc in the proposed building. It would also seem desirable that the rules of the institution be such as to coinpsl inmates to be in their rooms at n P. M., with lights out at 10, except perhaps on Saturday nights when permission to remain uut until 11 might bu granted upon registration with the doorkeeper of the purpose and destination of such nocturnal excursion. An Example. Last night the ConriL>r NL-WS luid something to say on the waste nntl delay involv/cl in tho iivactiec of holding to the grand jury defendants who enter pleas of guilty in .jiHlice comt. Here is a case in point: Nelson Crow was hroiiRhl before Justice R. t.. JIcKnight this morning on a charge of t'org;ry and uttering n OUT OUR WAY forged check. He submitted a written confession and entered n plea of i;.:iliy. But before he can be sentence! he must await action by the next grand jury, which meets in April. In the meantime, unless he should be nbl= to make bond, lie must remain in jail at an exju'iue of $1 per day to the county, Ill-sides tho additional unnecessary cxprnsi- of the grand jury proceedings. Here is a concrete example o)' a kind of waste that costs this county and all the coimliY' of Arkansas gr:al win:.-) each year. .Muiioy for the m;i - i-.v-:ay expense of government is hard omiu;;h to obtain. Let's get rid of unmcessary expenses such i!s are involved in cases like tin: above. Politics Gds Liodu Again *-r «J Trying In kf.p abreast of all nf tile charges and counler-charges that lill the air at \V'as!iington is too niudi of a job lor most of us. \Vi; read Mr. Smith's blast at Mr, Lucas, Mr. List-as' reply, Mr. Kaskob's f^suult on Air. Kent, Mr. Kent's reply, Mr. Fes:?' wallop at Mr. Shuiise—and the thing gel:; •beyond us. It's v.ry interesting, but keeping informed on all of it is a fruitless job. No one mortal can comprehend it all. However, t:-^ an indication of an awakened interest in politics by the general public, it is all rather encouraging. Public apathy in regard to politics has been the curse of American life for more than a decade. If we can get back to the old condition in which men took their politics seriously, we may get that long-awailt-il realignment of the two major parties— and, as a consequence, a better and mure responsive government. Now that the Soviets are shipping electric lib'ht bulbs expect some writers to make light of the fact. In a football match in England recently nine players were named Jones. It is said, spectators Imd u hard time kcepln;; up witii them. There would bs fewer day dreamers, :;,>y,s lliu office saac. If lucre were n way of taxing a man's yearnings. A great change has come over women's voices in the past 20 years, snys a scientist. Yes, they've become more nuthoriliilive. A New York bootlegger is rejxii'ted lo sample his booze on guinea pigs". This scorns like n case for (he 13. P. C. A. Cuban riolcrs. snys n news licm, an: selling fire lo sugar plantations, Razing cane, as it were, Mollo of ihc conservative investor: "Gentlemen prefer bonds.' 1 Women, says a beauty export, will become Laid If they continue lo bub their hnir. Is Ihc permanent wave temporary, after nil? Now lliat Clara Bow h:is been dismissal from the movies is It ivro:u; lo refer lo her now as a canned peach? gjjj.g_GLM T CKS By Gcofgc Clark play some I heredity . cincer, heredity seems 13 offer bin j little since human beings have not ', lent thvnisjlvei readily to practical Italians cf eugenics. i Cancer statisllcs have bci?n cr ; Uic greatest value In attempting to I understand the disease, although j unfoitunalcly the wrong mierprc- i tallon of statistics by persons com- j milled to imestabllshed notions lias fveri'.ienly <>;rvod to divert atlcn- . tl'.n to unfavorable channels. U has seeiv-xl to Doctor Llltle : that, one o' tlie n:ost Importan! step:, to IK taken In the study o!] cancer |« Hi? establishment of nun-' able facilities lor diagnosis and for. IrLMlirant by all of the well cstab- 1 llshed methods in great centers so . Him ln:mrm material may be sti:d- I icd in an attempt to learn more about the cause and control of ihis disorder. ^TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, SURE YOU'RE RIGHT- "I guess we can hardly Ijhuue (lie ladies, eh Meadows?" WASHINGTON LETTER EC3 I'rogrcs&lvi; All CIHI Krpi:l>U( an S- 1 : :,.-A n.; rrmn the \\;-.: i!.I cause IVuiilc in ' Sccfii.n IV- ltl:\'0 111 Klcclin:; Itt-pri'svi.'. i'.i.: i Wlsii Vote ilicir Own i a:\x- flong, Says \crri^: nv U01>NEV Dl'TCUi::! MiA Service Write/ WASHINOTOX—T!ie i;r, ;. !;f 13 Repnbllciin senators w::< pl::ed the l):mce:\!:s in defyisi I'r-'s- Idcnt Hoove: 1 v.lien liiey v; ;c! tv rcccnsldcr ccjiflrinalion n ;!: • Iv.ho had fir;:! .Sollcilo: F.u.- . i: ;::>', i Chief Accountant King, i- ::..-.•: j conspicuously cli.iractei:;.ed !-, ^'-' j fact thin Us in.'mbci's vctr ; | plciirf. \vithcnt' r(-!:;>rd i vvisi'.cs of Ihe ndminfc'.raliii.i. All :ir,u? \; ol tlic-nx come from ihe we.: nv^.-hjii Wliat craises provrcr^ive :'...,^:; i;j.\n-r and v.hy do they ul! come lri-.!:i the \vcjl and why dresn'l ll:e (.^. • p:\'- ^1! •;'.-,.• |ducc any and why am Ihci ail . ::-.i!:'i: jintorfrtrrt in the jiir.v; v i-,!••>:•• \.h •-.1 i v.-^!:, >. ! most of the cledrii'lty i~ r.-n.-.ii: I.-IIT'.' r.i I in Ihe larger ens'.mi :,'.••lo;? -i\r I Your ccrre£uondcnl nic ll'.Ls to Uiiclo Georjc .\oi ccvcrcd gold in an excavation marte' "Cl1&- j'{ \OOHliQ)(I TOY for the t3ilr:'.se In a water-power' i| >nVi afffr? tVlo . mill near Coksna. I l w - L dJ1< -' : -^ >-"S , Thin dibL-o'.-.-iy ei'.'jsi'd IntcnsD ex-! cil'.'mcnt liVciv'M'hi-i'e. M,?n from nil. ; nails of the ivorid rushed by boats' .'.ind wag;r.s across the prairies loj i tl'.e new ccltl region. The great : ' b:dy of gold-seekers, "the Argo- • . ^ limits," arivfd in 1849 and by ihe : DdSlS \O\ lend ci the yc.i:- mure than 100,003:r 'l^r;o;:'; !.?itkd in the district. [' The r:chnrs:- of the discovery j helped stimulate exploralicn and' j development, of U:e far west. ' before Batv Key The latter is in 1 Tills day also marks the anni-] full i>oss;is:on of blankets, crib. vorsary in his tor.- of tho purchase j silver spcon and all "ihe rest.. of Pettiiquamsco;, R. I., from the I though direclprs of Ihe club have Indians In 1057 and the opentmj in announce:! that Baby Roy will rc- Kobel ,1810 cf Ihe firsl telegraph Ilne = be- I uvcen Philadelphia and New York. Baton Rouge Boosts Baby-a-Monlh Club tain the title—and the gifts! bayonets and made the p:opl» fan back, "President-elect Lincoln walked around on the station platform until the train left, but no vrknce was done lo him." Old Guardsman Recalls j Plot to Egg Lincohi CHRISTOPHER, 111. IUPI—Oeo. "All o-jlE-antllni; man who uouici ] light for ;i yrar or tv;o. promibin;;! BATON ROUGE. La. (UP)—A3- j lo vote !••> wav he thought vss! passive Baton Houge mcrclinnis Washington Doctorman. 05, who Is one of the last of ihe national light, could win in any slate. 1 be- have organised a Baby-of-the- iieve v.eVo ;:oinj to have some pro- Me nth Club here, carrying on Ihe U«-fives l!<vr from eastern stales !-T-al American custom of-lhe- b:c:a'3j 1 Ihe world movis month clubs. fcnvsrc'. Tiie Inuli about the poi-.- The club, as it is now operatin" cr iru-.t u-:ll dawn on the vot;r:- presents Hie nrst baty bcrn iu through Louisville, r.nd ll:cy will rebel. 1 don't know Baton Dense each montli gift = wh?n that \vill be. but it's bound .ranging from thermometers for Us '.' lo cor.:e. "'; "Tho picsrcFsivos cf both parties ':; i'tc nc-iYui tnist from getting cen- '-- 'trol c£ ail :be streams in the coun- •'•' I try and cli;.rgin; cxcrhliant rates baih lo flowers for its mother. Tile January (:> club records, and h? h3s since the N't-tiaska utnaLor whs li.y. bec:i pi.^m-Flve and sn In;;!jri.."il ;': rar.e o! Ihe rognim- Kcpna.i..: 'cadcrs iiavc spent lime ;i:ul ruc.v-'. Irving to get him ou; of piiblu- • life. Vole Own t'onviriimis "In Ihe \vest." ss'.s h;, ••;!;-.• people ai" i)rou!i'.y.ive •..•:\ i:-.d.- pci'.dcn'.. These,.'13 Hi:v.:i:;.cp.i! iv;:- iTH'iil iln: of \:<" p'e •, ha I:.- l!ev.- they oii{:h'. lo uy.i- :'-vir o'. 1 .- ccnvk'llnns. Most of vs r-'.ve r«.'C-:: t ur o;>[:o^i:a:s i':^L'.;\:i^:i -i : i.l h>-e (j:i Hie contention I!M' ••'--• i n--hi i • Cbrn Bow, wisecracks the uftice sage, seems lo have lied herself Inlo n kr.ol. -p ^%J KIO'M-T. IT PLUM X'LU BE.T \ NO_THATs A 1-llGl-' FWE OOU-Aiii 1"T>|PE OF GO o yE q TH- MCO^N \MCoucT H ' I^^-^I? 5 ^ (^00^ ^ ^" & ^iri O!^RM Aure ^_ OBBLe o^ 3 ^r \ MMEBA^MO ^ ^ MOOCllA "*> ' ^° OOR ^ BuT \Ht-if\T (WILL Po^er? AM' KiMO OF A HORSE. 1MTEUJGEMCS : us in \-otr. .. : . i ".MUF! cf i!;e :v,:v,ev i:f :'.:.• fO'.h:- -. ;•. l:-y N in t!:.i n;?-. and H. iMiblicon 1 : j is I'ominnif.; l>y bis: ir.i: :••.[ •-, v,-lilc',i : I fire with tlir ,-it-livii;;'.- ui :!.e po\vt--- .;••• igslhcr ail'.! !hr ;.i.\\\<-: ;;-i; : i> r.:" ;, i ];o'.vcrfu! ih.iii ,>n-: ;:";: (if it.,; 1 : "I'm intUnnd tn t;\,i-.e :':r»t tl'.e ••;-. irank and lil? u: i-n-;'._::i r.. i t *\c ar.- i !: !pircrr:siv;\ l:ni cuiiii.v ;,f ili; He- ..' I'.abliCiir. i::irty :!;:•:.- -. in :l:e i I hands of t!; l;i:-:r.rt:. : •:..: •'-:• po-.. 1 - . v.i er tri:s'.. 1 !vi:r'.c :-:.•; •: re^;v.v, ;: '' C2n !>" i'::';-t."(i in K' : " c,- • bui >- ? v.: .haven't ha:i rirst-i.;e, > .: : an;i'.i r . j n:cn vvhu uo::lci eo~.' n :i | to lick tho nvu-1 i". :. ! b? dr::ii'7 v/e'.l. ! :'.r; ': in Nobraski :ouici i..' • !io:;rs!.y and justice, but :.\< :'.;• iv:;iiiir F:.-publlcans sub:::-.i!:'c: •'.< Ihc theory lhal tl:c| •\:'f\:, -- (.: :h- president, a power; -'!!••'•-' r.!.-::. !;•::-[ tr- cbeycd. ; "i'ur .ovtral years two men in ; j tla> public sen-ic:—Russell and ; ;"'.i:'-r—I'.ac; been trying to prevent! U'.c j.coplc fi\);n pad:lins I'.iei v. .'••: .• o.' :h<-:. dams and plants on f: ::!y l ! .:-:e:l b.cui'o ur.ciir :hs •iv!-.-,:r ,ic>, i'lc powtr co;i;jun:e.s are ::!:•'.(! a icasonub.e return on I '..::-..i rht'ir 50-y-ar lease expire . o',ir:'.:::f>-i: c:;n take over :;;< a' lust. 'i':.i- ccinp.'.nic 1 -- ind trs max: an j -•, ^ti 1 .:;: to Ihr ;:ovn-ivir. r j:it ar.ti | inri Hu.' fell i: iiaily found i ; ^:i;ii us v;:!'ie than rejl • • in l!iL>ir chin:?. All soris of; -'.:-..'. :'cn:s-s-.i. v p r>.s i: ickties j -v :'.-viy al l:.'.i!(|ii.-is and tlu-j • ;•> ii.-,' SI:I:L ::".. ;-'.iu;vally. Ru>-j . :'i:l Kins i;:n:rrol Ihe cnmilyj .hi- -,..'0r tup: .ind li» p;',vcr| • ; :'s !!•;•: their superiors.! 1 "ho :•: : l!i:iv : -bis now oiili'.l j r co:i::i:: ion did was tn I :-• t-..o rn tho prctexl v.; re "rQiiljlc-'iiakcis.' .- r.aturaiiy v.r.s incensed -.-harue d' lliu only Iwoj "blic :o:-,i-.nis connected j i:i::i::-.-!: i vA took a;:-1 •i '•; ]::v-::di:ii:r.l ivjr.'.i- ] guardsmen who prevented a mob from rctten-eggins President-elect Abraham Lincoln as r.e passjd K.}'., en roiits to Washington to be inaugurated,he said. "A lAg crowd was waiting at '•" j the Louisville station for Linccln's 15 I train." Dactorman said, "an:I all . --^ -._ — ^..'njof the people were ar'Tv ^oni-^ ^ l ^^. l *..™™™:^\™**™ - «l>elr ha.H^buf'he majority had rotten e^js. W.-.BII the train came to a. slop the crowd was ready » 1st Lincoln 'have if when my company of national tiinl she was born some minutsE guardsmen HOULD THE ii: ; :a..i:<;cr ; i ihc ]:-./,'.oi iriist. ' N'o r.-• ;i.r (!:r.v;d li-.r/c fac'.s.: is L-f: -i i'ly i • •;n.::-i/.«l hy rcju- j •'..-. iii'ni |-,ro--.r;-:vcr, ,;\'.'i-.e O'.Tt '"ir ;.i:'. Kii •*'> v.erc holiest.! , ;ihful :.:\! tir,:r.:v correct in :o:r co'.::se of iic'.i_n." jExacl Canst- of Cancer J?l!il Puzzle Lo Doctors •'.> Hi:. MDiif;!.-: :l :rnnx I-"-!' •:;..:;-.-.• ;h:.:-,-:,. r.n the Mm:. '"•' .'•.::,,.-! i, !!:• l-,.-r,;,n Ti: V -..- .-;• .-.-. ...;-,,, . ,„ „-„ l!S . 1U .J ..I.i:-'l v-v-t-i..!; ,-. ,.;-. ,. f nj. j;u.-',v,--i n:-..' .-... .-.,' : r.- (.1 (he na-l -'-... i':- li':!;' ^^.. •!;:- . f.ire c! Ih.i: 11 :..,'. ; \ii ^;r!hod-i ••" '• - -.. ; : .-: . --. of 01- i'! t'.-i .i;r,-.r:i'. ::i'i-- .iibiccted toi '• ' ' ' :•• 'ir.i".r,^ c'.r> • ;! ui;i . ^-.-. Vi ^ i r ,--j "•" :: - • -•' ' ; : i.."-? c'.cil- 1'n; 1 .r.-:i-iii-.i rf : •.-.-.. •;•!-. ciV.:c.ilu"!. - .•': .;...'-!-; .-.- .-: r.mrcr. ;i:op!,i r.:: n •;-.- v. •;». ,, t !:lv |v • .? : ., .. :•. ;;•;..:•: .:, early i; ii-.v = -. -^, v -..-r.-.'.i-.ifi-.i an;l ' '•• :..::c\.':. h..-.c i.'i:cc! !0 j\iyi:<:'!r,-iy !'•.( .-.v: ;;;-|..-r c! r.ii:--' • ; '• •] i " '•' !."''• <•-' <•; :-.- i'/-. :, : .r;tcd Irritali • r.-- -.: ;:.'i>:. v.. !>:. (".-.oiwe C 1!:c f:::.i! ai- ; ; ;.-. v-':i' ;•,-... ^.-a 1 • -" ; "'"'' : ' . .'.e P'-'o.'- ::: ::\;-•:.:-. r: •:: .. i. d/ie'Ji.'in-' ".' •-. ' - .-h'-.'i.r, ,:-.'• ::-i-t r .•.-.-• ; - :-. ; - r . : . n j, „-. - ' '•' ; ' '- '•' '"'<.• :i [\ • .•• .Parents, particularly mothers, are paying.a lot of attention to children's dietthese days. For it is far more economical and pleasant to keep a child well by feeding him correctly than by nursing and doctoring him back to health. Of course the doctor should be consulted regarding what a child should eat and what he should not sat. Hut do you realize that the leading manufacturers of food now seek the advice and approval of the leading nutritional authorities in the country, relative to he claims they make for their products, in their advertising? In other words, food advertisements are reliable sources of information regarding diet, They are based upon the results of the latest approved scientific discoveries about vitamins, minerals and roughage, in relation to vigorous bodies, clear complexions, sound teeth and properly regulated systems. So read these advertisements carefully. Consult your doctor about them. Very often the advertiser invites you to do tliis because he has asked authorities, whom your doctor respects, about those advertisements first. .\i ?•'•'•'- . '• .-. •:..--('.ci's ; . -.;.-.. i •; , ; •• '•-•"-> •••'••• &££iigi&l8@%M83^®&i£@gl

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