Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on June 16, 1969 · Page 6
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 6

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, June 16, 1969
Page 6
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A.6 ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL Monday, June 16. 1969 Nixon Considers Strong Address on Safeguard ABM Program Weekend Views WASHINGTON on - President Nixon, flexing the muscles of an activist presidency, again is considering a forceful address aimed beyond Congress to shape the public will toward the policies he favors. For Nixon, it would represent another use of a recently unsheathed presidential weapon: instant command of a national stage to influence public opinion. The issue this time: Approval of the Safeguard antiballistic missile program, now closely contested in the Senate. An administration official said Nixon is expected to speak strongly in a speech to the nation on the matter before it comes to a vote in the Senate, now expected sometime next month. 'Blood of Jesus' Essence NEW YORK (UPI) - Evangelist Billy Graham told an audience of nearly 20,000 persons Sunday night that the essence of Christianity was "the blood of Jesus" shed to save men from their sins. "God didn't save you by silver," Graham said. "God didn't save you by good works," Graham told the silent audience. "God saved you by blood. Salvation is free. God gives it. But it cost God the blood of his Son on the cross." System Research Stop Asked CHICAGO (UPI) - Sen. Thomas Eagleton, D-Mo., Sunday called on President Nixon to stop all research on the Multiple Independently Targetable Re-Entry Vehicle (MIRV) missile system in the United States and suggested the president appeal to Russia to do the same. If MIRV is instituted, Eagleton told a news conference it will become impossible for the two countries to have any sort of a check and balance system. Muskie Sees No Progress BOSTON (UPI) - Sen. Edmund S. Muskie, D-Maine, said Sunday he doesn't believe there is "any real progress underway at the moment" in the Paris peace talks. "I don't think the story of Midway Island is revealed by the decision on the number of men to be withdrawn immediately" Muskie told a news conference prior to delivering the commencement address at Northeastern University. "In my judgment, the real story of the Midway meeting between Presidents Nixon and Thieu must have had something to do with the political arrangements that are poverty and budget problems if he were elected mayor. r v r ' AM aWVv Pi r At h mi,. i I Sen. Everett Dirksen Joseph Aliolo necessary, that must be made, before we can hope for a negotiated settlement of the war," Muskie said. Ballots, Dollars Bring Gains JACKSON, Miss. (UPI) - Civil rights leader Charles Evers said Sunday Negroes had used ballots and dollars instead of guns and bullets to make significant gains since the assassination of his brother six years ago. Evers, Mississippi's only Negro mayor, spoke at memorial services for his brother, Medgar, shot to death June 12, 1963 in front of his home here during a voter registration campaign. Solutions Offered NEW YORK (UPI) Seven men, ranging from an old-time politician to novelist Norman Mailer, told New York voters Sunday how each would solve the city's school, War Could Hurt Republicans WASHINGTON (UPI) - Republican National Chairman Rogers C. B. Morton said Sunday that if the Vietnam war continues beyond early 1970, the GOP would suffer in the congressional elections that year. "I think this nation is growing very restless under the situation that exists," Morton said, "And if I were to take one issue as overriding all the others, I think the progress toward peace is the No. 1 issue of the day." Vance Favors Cease-Fire NEW YORK (UPI) - Cyrus R. Vance, a former U.S. negotiator at the Paris peace talks, said Sunday the United States should propose a "standstill" cease-fire by all sides in Vietnam to speed up a settlement of the war. Vance, who was secretary of the Army from 1962 to 64 and deputy secretary of defense 1964 to '67, said the proposal of a cease-fire would work to the advantage of the United States even if it is rejected by the Communists. Dirksen Mum on Earnings WASHINGTON (UPl) Senate Republican Leader Everett M. Dirksen 6aid Sunday he saw nothing wrong in receiving fees from a Peoria, 111. law firm in which he used to be a partner. Dirksen also refused to divulge how much he earned from the firm. Hope: TV Censorship 'Great' DALLAS (UPI) Bob Hope said in an interview broadcast Sunday night that he thought government censorship of television programs would be "great." Hope, the comedian and television and film actor, also said he thought students dissent was prompted by influences outside the country and that the, State Dept. and,, military "have fumbled the ball" in Vietnam. Surcharge Compromise Rejected WASHINGTON (UPI) - Treasury Secretary David M. Kennedy rejected any compromise Sunday in the Nixon administration's battle for extension of the 10 per cent income tax surcharge, which expires in 15 days. At the same time Kennedy questioned whether a new increase in bank interest rates would be effective in curtailing inflation and called on the nation' bankers to "ration" credit to borrowers in an attempt to stem business expansion. Disarmament Talks Asked BOSTON (UPI) Sen. Edward W. Brooke, R-Mass., Sunday urged the United States initiate disarmament talks with the Soviet Union "at the earliest possible moment" in an effort to control the arms race. Mayor Says Move Quickly PITTSBURGH W) - City officials cannot wait until they're asked by a university before sending in police to quell campus violence, San Francisco Mayor Joseph A. Alioto said Sunday. "We don't intend to do a lot of work in the ghettos and let some uncontrolled violence on campus spill over and ruin all that work," Alioto said. "We're going to move in quickly in that kind of situation." Pope Praises Youth VATICAN CITY (UPI) - Pope Paul VI paid tribute to youth in his regular noontime blessing to the crowd in St. Peter's Square Sunday. Sen. Kennedy May Not Run WASHINGTON un Sen. Everett M. Dirksen, the Senate Republican leader from Illinois, suggested Sunday that Sen. Edward M. Kennedy may not choose to challenge President Nixon in the 1972 presidential election. Study Says City Life to Get Worse WASHINGTON W) The quality of life in the nation's metropolitan centers will continue to decline unless there is an immediate effort to improve their design and livability, a new study says. The study is based on a manuscript by John Hirten, former executive director of the San Francisco Planning and Urban Renewal Association. It was issued by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Institute of Architects. New Anti-Red Government Hopes to End Vietnam War PARIS upi A clandestine non-Communist government has been formed in South Vietnam with the aim of replacing the present Saigon administration and ending the war, a Buddhist leader said here Sunday. He said the secret organization hopes to arrange a peace with all parties fighting in South Vietnam and to find a Vietnamese solution to the country's problems without interference from abroad and without imposing any religion, ideology or regime on the people. VO VAN AI, secretary-general of the Overseas Vietnamese Buddhists Assn., said he had received word of the formation of the government but could not reveal any names of its members, for security Astronaut Tests Lander In Wind-Whipped Flight SPACE CENTER, Houston (UPI) Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong completed his fifth practice session Sunday in the lunar landing training vehicle (LLTV), soaring to 350 feet, the highest he has gone in this series of tests. Armstrong piloted the delicate craft successfully, in spite of fears by space center officials that rising winds would threaten the flight. The astronaut completed the flight in 4:08 minutes. A Space Center spokesman said all mission objectives were ac complished. Armstrong flew two sessions Saturday, involving three liftoffs and touchdowns, in near-perfect weather. He had to "use a little more altitude control" to complete the two liftoffs and landings Sunday. , The Space Center said Armstrong would continue to 'practice and get in "as many as 'he has time for" before the July 16 Apollo 11 blastoff, j If all goes well, he will put his : practice to use and touch down, along with astronaut Edwin E. "Buz" Aldrin, four days later amid the craters of the moon. Since Armstrong will pilot the ! craft to the lunar surface, he is (receiving training aboard the ;LLTV. The Space Center says no flights in the trainer have I been scheduled for Aldrin and the LLTV is only large enough :for one man. I The LLTV, nicknamed "the Flying Bedstead," with maneuverable rocket thrusters, allows a pilot to practice lunar (landings while still earthbound. The craft duplicates the effect ,of the moon's one-sixth I gravitational force. reasons. He said the clandestine government or "shadow cabinet" is composed of Buddhists, Roman Catholics, representatives of other religions and university professors. He emphasized that the government does not include any Communists or members of the Viet Cong's National Liberation Front. He said the government of President Nguyen Van Thieu has not been able to resolve the Vietnamese problem "because it has no popular support." The new clandestine government, he added, represents a national consensus. ! THE UNITED STATES cannot achieve peace, he said, "if it supports generals like Thieu or Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky, whose regime represses nationalist forces. Vo Van Ai said he did not have any details about the program of the "shadow cabinet" other than its main aim of bringing peace to South Vietnam. Nor did he know how it planned to replace the present Saigon regime. The Overseas Vietnam Buddhists Assn. was formed in 1963, mainly to provide a means for Vietnamese Buddhists to keep in touch with each other, Vo Van Ai said. Since 1965, he added, its efforts have been devoted to obtaining peace in South Vietnam and it has kept in contact with peace movements in the country. Nicaraguan Reds Ask China Slap Private Mail to Begin Here A privately-owned mail ser-'here at a formal opening June lamentations from businessmen. I own men and its own trucks, vice the Independent Postal 24. TOM DILLS of Belen willjand its own manner - hanging Svstem of America (IPSA) -j The IPSA system, under con-manage the private service I the matter from the doorknob in will begin deliveries of bulk, 'tract to businesses, will handle here for the New Mexico Postal:a plastic bag, since the private third-class mail in Albuaueraue; third-class advertising matter Service, Inc., which holds an .service can't use mail boxes. MOSCOW (UPI) Nicaragua's small and illegal Communist Party, in a document published Sunday, formally asked the World Communist summit conference to. condemn Red China fori betraying international iociausm. AV--J U,J..,, P J 4-l'jBldg. at 730 Haines NW and willlthe postal authorities here have A similar proposal was made LIIOV S lllCLOW S uOOCtS nUClWlltU m with "10 to 15 mail car-ibeen "more than cooperative." t XToo , mum" inifiollu nillo 1 next week The private system , inaugurated in Oklahoma City two years ago, will be initiated primarily. The third-class ad-! IPSA franchise. The New Mex-j Dills said the experience in vertising material has oftenico corporation is owned byjothor cities with an jpSA glutted post offices, and tardy Texas investors. system has been "mutually deliveries have drawn loud The operation here will be beneficial to both the merchants housed m the National Transfer and the post office" and that rj w vwmuuuutiKi.j W ELGIN, 111. (UPI) - House-Pakistan, but it was believed:hod furnishings of Mrs. unlikely that conferenc e Ellen Borden Stevenson, divorc-delegates would denounce Pek-jed wife of the late United ing. Many moderate Communist Nations Ambassador A d 1 a i leaders are opposed to such a Stevenson, were taken DIOVe. st.nracA flnrl aiipfinnprJ Rain Hampers Efforts To Find Child, 7, in Park governor of Illinois. On March 10, 1966, a circuit court jury found Mrs. Stevenson "incapable of managing her estate because of the imperfec- out ofition of her mentality" and the Sunday jcourt appointed a conservator by court order to raise money j for the estate. The suit had for unpaid warehouse bills. (been filed by Mrs. Stevenson's ners ' initially, Dills saw. "We are starting off strictly with unaddressed, third-class mail," Dills said, "we have routes and we will cover the city. "THIS IS COMPLETELY in dependent postal system, basically with the idea ... of H. E. Dunnine. owner of sons Adlai III, who now is .providing the merchants with Dunning's Auction House where Illinois state treasurer, Borden j cheaper, faster service for their seven-year-oia Doy lost overnight in the rugged area. Chief Ranger Lee Sneddon said Dennis Martin of Knoxville became lost while hiking with his father, brother, and grand father in the Spences Field section of the park. i ARE YOU INTERESTED IN QUALITY EDUCATION AND GOOD GOVERNMENT? We encourage you to vote for the following constitutional candidates: District Candidate District Candidate 1 Adolph College & 10 Dorothy I. Cline H. Dike .. 2 Pat Boca . . .. A 12 Charles R. Beeson 3 Benito Anzuret 4 Solomon W. Brown 13 Dee' 5 William W. Atkinson H Cloir T. Fenolio 6 Anthony A. Lucero 15 Vincent E. Meruit 7 Samuel Rosenberg 16 Luella H. Devlin t Daniel Lyon 17 Herbert H. Hughes 9 No Endorsement 18 Lyle D. Raker Jr. The New Mexico Council for the Improvement of Education mokes these recommendations based on interviews of all candidates who accepted the NMCIE invitation to express their views on education. Ut for by NMCIE; Vol VabrOa, chairman GATLINBURG, Tenn. (UPI) the sale was held, said he had ana Jonn Heavy rains in the Great heard nothing from M r s .imother. Smoky Mountains National Park Sievenson but "her attorney hampered efforts of search came around here snorting" parties Sunday trying to find a after the auction was ordered. Fell and her A spokesman for Mrs. Stevenson said she was living in Indiana. She obtained a divorce from Stevenson, who twice ran 11 1.1 t mt .a unsuccessiuny as me rains late Sunday Hooded sec-Democratic candidate for the tions of major highways and presidency, in 1949 after her secondary roads in northern husband had been electediNew Jersey. New Jersey Rains Flood Highways HACKENSACK, N. J. (UPI) Three hours of torrential third-class mailing, which is basically advertising. Dills said IPSA will deliver the mails under contract to businesses and firms with its c SERvfsOFT SOFT WATER WASMll HAIR CLEANER PHONE 255-53U Servinq Albuqutrqut II Ytari SOI Leuiiiona SE mi mm pse Sxfely CUXLS, WAVES HAI3 WHkovi Prmnnt Waving Mo matter how liTiifht and herd to curl your hair ia, juat atir two etpfula naw dicnviry RINSA RAMA PRO TEIN RINSE in a flau of water. Comb through hair, put up on rrfular eurlan or pina. Overnight hair takca on anft luatroua casual wavra and curia aa lovaljr aa natural wavy hair, a(e (or all typca hair, aven dyad hair. And no matter how damp or rainy tha weather, vour hair atays aa neat and wavy tha 7th day aa the nnrt. Conditiona dry hair, riehta dandruff. It's amazinc. Guarante satisfaction or money hark. Only 12 60 lor enough RINSA RAMA Concentrate to make a gallon. 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