The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 27, 1930
Page 5
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SEPTEMBER 27, 1930 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS 'oro etnti a word tor first in' KtUea and «M cent • word lor web MtMequul ln»er- tlon. No kdv«rtlM(MQt taken lor leu Uum Me. Count U* word* tod tend UM ecxr t LOU BR0OKM AN AUTHOPQP"BA6H ROMANCE* FOR SALE l-'OE SALE—Casli or Trade—my equity in properly at 109 West Ash St., priced at a great deal below value. Dr. O. A. Caldwell, Late, Ark. 23P-10-18 FOR BALE—1928 Hudson Coacli. Cheap. A-l condition. W. B. Daugherty, Manila, Ark. 26P-K30 TOR SALE—1 tan and rose, 9x12 rug, 1 fire screen, 1 fireside set. Mrs C G. Redmon, Phone 1016. 21C-K30 FOR SALE—Neighborhood grocery, doing a good business, with reasonable rent. • Living r;oms In rear. Must sell because o( ill health. Plione 159. 27-K1 FOK RENT FOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street. Telephone 197 and 571. 15U. FOR RENT— Housekeeping rooms cheap. 914 Hearn. 15pk29. FOR RENT—6 room house, 232 Dougan. Phone 334. _ 16cktf FOR RENT—Front Bedroom, ad. joining bath, private home. Phone 479W. 29C-K29 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white voman. Mrs. Brown. 704 & Lake St. 17ck-tf UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY lor aggressive salesman between ages of 25 and 45. Postoilice Box 98. CK-29 LOST AND FOUND TAKEN UP—On September 20th, two black horse-mules, weight about 900 pounds, age 8 or 9 years. J. S. Trimue at Puxico Bridge. 25P-K9 LOST, STRAYED OR STOLEN—2 black horse-mules, weight about 900 pcunds. John Toland, Wilson. Ark. 2CP-K30 BIG OHIO CORPORATION seeks manager for open territory. Opportunity to earn $3,500, $5,000 and more yearly. We furnish everything. Experience unnecessary. Fyr-Fyter Co., 1992 J>r-Fyter BIdg., Dayton, O. PERSONAL . YO.UR £ROPEIJTY, farm, :ines "or residence 'quickly 'fo'r' cash. No matter where Iccaterl. Small commission when deal is closed. Write today for tree description Wank and particulars. J. D. Baker, National Bank Bldg., Dallas, Tex. IT'S AM, THE SAME CUSTOMER (to head waiter): I can't understand It. Yesterday you had on the nv>nu vegetable soup I ordered it. Today it says Queen's soup. Good, I order it. And what do I get? Exactly the same vegetable soup as yesterday! WAITER: Well, why not, sir? Can't a queen eat vegetable soup? --Fliegende Blaetter, Munich. ni;<;i.\ jictiE TODAY MITCIIKU., 17, tne» • »swr lilt «k»« >ke l»av«» Ike kiHMC In HalrlM*re, wt*r« «kc l»> lltr< will krr MaiMlrriM iiiorkrr. MAKUARin 1 HO(ii:ilS. ID Ji>l» krr <mhrr.JOH> Mil CIllXli, "» »w York ii>flllus. Tlit girl bniJ nol t-rrn known Kci cnlkrr wn» Ilitnc. I'nlll l«f tiny he cnMir <o <k« H«luw»re npnrluenl Ctlla ••< »u|i|>g»>d 11UI1 HO<;KHB, krr Hinlkrr'N *ft- oiLd kHvbantl, to Iw krr tnlkrr, Mltckrll olTrrrd Crlla « lit* ot irrultk aiiJ Imnrdlntrly every- tkltx c.nDg.d. Skr Irfl krr Mutbrr, unnnnrr Ihnt Slrirfiiirel Hogvr* «n» nerlaiuljr 111 nnj nhe led HAUMOV SIIIKI.IIS, tl<« yoiinc nunKlinprr |i(to<O)rrHLikrr uko mere lhat now* it*j k« und Skr It lonrlr •»* HI ai *»•» "" •r»l Jny In krr lei* kumi.. l.titr li Ibr mnrnloE MHS. THOMAS .1UTCIIi:i.l., lirr nrlklut-raclc vranc]jiiulkrr. arMd! for krr. SOW GO <)\ WITH THE STOnt CHAPTER XIV M RS. TIIOJIAS WOnTHINGTOJ MITCIIEU., bent over a desX willing. Slio heard tlie light ou tlie slile of the open door looked up and beckoned to Celia lo enter. Then Eho coiitlnucil ti write. Mrs. Mitebell'a Elttlns room wa nt tho front of the Louse ou Hi second floor. It was much lar^e than Cella's room. Tlie rug o tlio floor was from a Persian loon and the furnllure was elaborate I a style much admired in tlie Ins decades of tlio 10th century. , fireplace with marble mantle an a large mirror above centered on wall. At the left was a door whin Cclia decided led Into Mrs. Mild ell's licdroom. With a swccato flourish th woman laid aside her pen. "Mow, ttieu." fche bald, in her sharp voice, "good morning, Ce- Ha. Come nearer and sit down." Though the white-haired woman scorned glasses. It was evident her eyesight was impaired, for she had a way of leaniug forward and nar- 'rowing her eyes whea speaking. "Good morning, grandmother," tlie girl answered primly. She arose, moving to a chair beside the large oak cltsk at which Mrs. Mitchell sat. "Sleep well?" the woman asked. "Oh, yes! I really didn't mean to stay in bed BO late. I felt dreadfully to have missed breakfast!" "Humph—it's no matter! Always have breakfast servad in my room, aud your father doesn't take any thing except coffee. Aline has orders to bring you breakfast at 9:30 each morning. That's a eooi! sensible hour. Makes servants restless to be having meal times changed around. She said it so sternly that Celia hastened to agree, that a tray al 9:30. each morning would bo en tlrely satisfactory. Mrs. Mitchell sat back In chair. "Xow that you're here," Bald to the girl, "what are going to do?" "Why, I—that Is—I—" Tlio eldar woman nodded cad with nu "Mold-you-so" ex- resslou. 'You don't know!" Bho uld, mphaslclng cadi word. "It's • real' responsibility to linv« • oung girl like you In tho house. )o you reallte Hut? 1 don't mind elllug you I hesitated when your athar first talked about bringing ou here. But you'ro a Mitchell, ud I hope 1 know my duty when ico It! Now, then, the. question s—wlitt arc you going to dot" Celta's eyes widened. "Why, you aeo 1 haven't made .ny plans—" "No? Well, never mind. I'll do he planning. In fact, I've, already ione It. Tell me somcthtiis about 'ourself. What did you do In lial- Iraore?" There-was something vigorous ngeil "Kscuso me." • • • •VOlin father probably lias to!4 •*• you I've given up going to :io country tbii summer on your ccount. I ECO now It was a wise Ian. We hav« inonlhs of work head before you can possibly :iako a debut." "Grandmother! You mean—me —a debutante?" Why. certainly! illtcliell, aren't you? You'ro ft You'll have hci she you and wholesome ubout tlio woman's brusqucness, hut this quality was lost on Celta. "Well, I've never done much anything except go to school. I studied stenography." "A u p h —stenography!" Mrs Mitchell'* hands raised in horror "This \vns. 1 suppose, In a nublli school?" sh« asked. The girl nodded. "As bad as I thought," the olde woman sighed. "As bad as thought!" Mrs: Mitchell rested one arm o her desk and tapped her pern disconsolately. Then sho rase and paced back and forth across the room. After a moment site halted. In front of Cella and looked at the girl Intently.., "I really dob't know if it can b« done." sho aaid solemnly. "I'Von- i!er—" Her expression and manner seemed to say clearly that Cella was a disgrace. Under this frown- Ing displeasure tlio girl could al- t most feet herself shrinking smaller and' smaller. Sho would hate liked very much to know what as so dreadful. "16—anything Trong?" she asked. Instead of answering, Mrs Mitchell sat down at her desk. ".My opinion is that the thing's impossible," sho said flrialy. "Still I hope I know my duty." There was a pause and then she contln ued. "Your looks won't help you any. Oh! you're a pretty child Too pretty! People are likely to guess from the start that you're troin the wrong side of. the family.' Now It was Cclia's back which straightened. "I don't know what all thi means," she said, "but It you'r talking about my mother—!" The girl's cheeks were white. "Hoity-toity, child! None that! Who said anything aho« vour mother? I didn't, .Just tel" Ing you it's common to have liretty face. Aud it Is. None o tho hcst families have pretty faces None of them!" Celia wanted to laugh. Sho con trolled the impulse as she Eai demurely: o tnko your place In society. On- 1 can ceo now it's going lo bo a great task!" lioth of them were, silent; for n Imo. Then Cella ualit quetly. 'Father didn't say anything, about —society. What do you want uie to do?" 'I. Tho light ot gencraUhlp returned to the elderly womiii\'i eyes. "You muet do as I tell y&p." she said Imperiously. "In September we'll go abroad. Six months In tho south of Franco will do more for you than years la boarding Echool. After that tho futuro de pcnds upon how promptly you can learn. I can do much, but^I can not work miracles. Tho real re- Eponslblllly rests with you!" Mrs. Mitchell talked on about details of the household. Lunch- con WHS at one o'clock each day Elalrij untl wait until it was time to dress for dinner. Tlio cr«nlag ine«l wai qulti formal. John Mitchell aud hli mother appeared In evening atllre, but thero wii8 nothing for Cclta to do but come dovruiUln IB liir IOUK- Elccvcd brown nllk traveling frock. It was her "but" dress. "Going to take this young lady Shopping, aren't you. mother!" Mitchell asked, apparent!/ trying to lessen Ula daugbttr'a dlicona- ture. "I've nindo mi appointment «llh' Chnrlotlo for Monday," Mr§. Milchell f.ilil. "Charlotte," «h« ndiM, wlili a nod toward C«Ila, "makea all my KOWIU »nd I conildir her Eli op much "trie rnftst eatUTactory lii (own," • "Snilsfaoti'ry" wai not the worl Cclia wo.qKKlin'e used to describe her Bltolyy grandmollier's blsclt m:d whtt^l&ce coatnmo, but »ho lowered .'h«r «yes and, following tlio nilrt-rtar letson, did her beat not to appear to enjoy herwlf. They withdrew to the drawing room and Edward brougtt tho coffee. Iilltchell was Boon renOlnc a nowspnper and hla mother begna her nightly gamo of solltnlro. Cella found a volume which Interested her and began .'reading. OUR BOARDING HOUSE and dinner nt seven. She men- oned the servants and named. bem—Edward, tho butler, r;ho had een employed for IB years; Mariia, who'bad served Mrs. Mitchell ren longer; Aline, the parlor mid; Hannah, the cook; and Jane, Jtchsn}; helper. Thero was also 'houipson, T'ho drove the cars. Luncheon'wan announced before 'ri'.'MUchel'l had finished. Lnticbeon was appetizing and Cclla,"navlng breakfasted hurried- y, ate- heartily. Once Mrs. Mitchell embarrnaaed her by pausing to remark: • "I'm glad to seo you know bow o eat. Your manners are rery nice, but it would be better to begin to Icaru at onco not to enioy your food EO much." "But, grandmother, I didn't mean—I mean everything is ieally ; delicious!" " . , "Certainly, but It i3 better forth, my dear, never to enjoy anything." •' • * W7HE>J they had finished, Celia ™ v,aite«l to bear plans for the afternoon. Apparently there were none. Mrs. Mitchell 6T>oko vaguely of an engagement and disappeared to dress. Ccl(a went to her own room and wrote a long letter to her mother. Sho thought- Bhe was adroit In bringing In a casual reference to Harney Shields, hut a child could havo seen through tile device. Then Celia put.on her hal, took the letter and weut out of the house to tho corner of tho block, where she found a mail box. Returning, Celia met Edward In the hallway. Ilo told her Mrs. Mitchell had gone out. Thero wns nothing moro to ilo but return up- filio forgot her surroundings until Mrs. Mitchell announced' It wai Umo to retire. Tho day on tho whole hnd bera dreary, but Cella was optlmlttlo about tho future. She wa« awed, but thrilled by the shadowy rlslon of her grandmother's plsni. Imagining herself in beautiful gowns —Roing to p»rtl««—surrounded by admirers! Nothing In the least glamorous happened during tho next two days. The weather was very hot, and Mrs. Mitchell, In splto of her boasted good health, was InrtU- r.osed. Cella wandered through th* big houec, watched the children pla)1ng In tlio park—and thought about home, Thursday evening Juat before- dinner was announced John Milchell found his daughter alona In the library. Undoubtedly there were tears on her eyelashes. "What's tho matter!" he demanded. "Nothing. Nothing at all!" Mitchell had to accept this answer. How could lie guesa Cclla was miserable becauso no letter had come from Dnrncy Slilelcla? To cover her confusion, Colla _ tried her utmost to bo cheerful at t£a£3 HOUP A GOOP-BYB. PARTV in S/eMERABLE CLUB "BUlUDIMGi, To VMU. PARTV Because CLUB )S-fo BE ABOUT see q>UArvreRS' » -SOkii ./WP t5fcS-T' AT MlPMiaHY EAT A PuTcH LUfVic'M J PREPAREP SPEECH TQRM .OF FAREWELL. « BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES y'K :. : ., '* I'j-LjJi.- t THE HOMECOMING By Martin Ilia dinner table. Her father seemed unimpressed. As soon ns possible he excused hlmsolt and disappeared luto tho room known as his study. • For sorno time John Mitchell eat' at his desk with brow's furrowed. Then he took up the telephone aud gave a number. "Evelyn?" Jolm Milchell said presently. "Evelyn, I want to *e» you tonight." (To U* Ontlnucd) Gcod cheer and a smiling service has won more patrons for us than any other one factor. We serve attractive, seasonable, palatable dishes, priced on .1 range popular with the average patron. An artistic dUh is half digested. BLACK CAT COFFEE SIIOPPE AT THE GOFF HOTEL. WERT He Makes 'Em See NOTICE With our recent partnership with Sir. Ceo*. Carney, we now have the best equipped independent shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Bnlldlng "We know we know how" IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE; CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY,. ARKANSAS. Mississippi County Building & Loan AsEocfation of Blythevllle, Arkansas, Plaintiff, No. 4799. vs. Tress McBricIe, Mary Ann McBride, a non-resident minor, Marjory McBride, a' miner, and Teresa (Tress) McBride, as guardian of Marjory McBride. WARNING ORDER. The iion-rerfelcnt minor defendant, Mary Ann McBride, is hereby warned to appear In this action within thirty days and answer the complaint of Mississippi County Building & Loan Association of Blythevillc, Arkansas, seeking to i foreclose a mortgage on Lot 9, J Block A of the Richards Addi- I tlon lr the town, now city, of Blytiieville, Arkansas.. Witness my hand, as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, on this the 27th day of September 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER. Clerk, By Harvey Morris, Deputy. 27-4-11-18 New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 27. (UP) — Ootcon closed barely steady. Open High Low Close Oct.. o!d I02C 1026 1020 1025 Oct. new 1025 10ZG 1021 1021 Dec. old 1055 1055 1045 1047 Dec. new 1050 1050 1040 1041 Jan. old 1063 1065 1051 1051 Jan. new 1055 1057 1018 1040 Mar 1077 1077 1MB 10C9 May 1100 1100 1030 1039 July .... 1115 1115 1103 1103 SpoU quiet at 1130, off 5. Read Courier News Want New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 27. (UP) —Cotton closed barely steady. Open High Low Close Oct 1024 1024 1012 1014 , t Jan 1059 1059 1048 -1048 . Mar 1080 1080 10(35 1060 May 1097 1098 1085 10&5 July .... 1113 1111 1101 1101 Spots steady at 1000, off 6. FISH FAR FROM HOME NEWPORT, Ore. (UP)—Fishermen rescued n Japanese sun fish from menacing sharks and porpoises. They wondered at the finny creature's extensive travels. Cotton Seed Market MEMPHIS, Sept. 27 (UP)—Cotton seed closed easier today. Oct. 26 to 27.50; Nov. 20 to '27.50; Dec. 26 to 28; Jan 26.50 to 28.25; Feb. 27 to 28.15; Mar. 2750b; April 27/75b; May 28b. No sales'. Cotton seed meal closed easy today Oct. 27 to 28; Nov. 27.15 flat Dec. 28 flat; Jan 28 Hat; Feb 2825 to 23; Mar. 29 to 30.25; April 29.50 flat; May 30b. Sales": 1,200 tons. The recently opened motor and railway bridge at Vicksburg. Miss Is the first to span the MlEslssipii river between Rfcraphis and th Gulf of Mexico. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THINK FAST, FRECKLES! —Auto Parts-— Why Pay More? IACKSON AUTO PARTS Vlain at 21st Call M Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tar, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52 Ingram BIdg. Blythevllle, Ark Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 205',i' Aviation 47-8 Chrysler 21 Cities Service • 26'.i Coca Cola 1791,', Fox .17 General Electric General Motors Grlgsby Gnmow 6!-S I. T. and T 35 Montgomery Ward SO'.i Packard lO'.i Radio 28Vi Simmons 21 Stewart Warner 211i United Gas 33 1-8 U. S. Steel 158 V. R. WASHAM-Transfer Daily trips to Memphis, Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. • Special rates on carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-931' ROUND TRIP IN WEALTH SCHENECTADY, N. Y. (UP) — Froin penury to wealth and back 1 again within 14 years is the record of Charks T. Heritage. Starting i mil- as a barber in Ballston Spa I with a capital of S7.30, Heritage jsoon owned his "shop and then launched out on a career in real ! estate. He amassed a fortune which I two years ago leached the quarter j million figure. Now he is bankrupt j and faced with a charge ot having [converted assets from an estate of .which he was executor. A rcfcrie In bankruptcy is attempting ti j trace the maze of transactions that i brought about his downfall. »»ops!! 1 001 if ALL 1 HOPE IS THM" TW6 WO \S SAF£ up IH THAT COOMTPV ^ * Bscar and Elmer are waiting has* cm.tVifi'O.K.r»uo!v sisrKt of Uad« Cletn'S plitus which, will mean all is •well SHOULD SHOOT OR NOT..., IF' I 00 THRtfe SHOTS EFT..- MlO DOUT...A ncla Clem, ia on.Hs way iack to where left Freckle* and the airplane from, which. tb.e igruticnKey was stolen..,..,„ attar, aafl. Binkley are out f o gist Freckles , £or with, him out oC the way Farbar cap. Tesum.ft ccruixterfeiting"'... .... IN THE SAME BOAT Vrl TAKING THCSC TOXS BUT, CfsN'T HfSVC UTTCfttO MJITH BONC5 NO if HE. MESS 1 . THE VtOGWEORHOOT) MUST

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