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Wednesday, January 6, 1993
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; TVENTERTAINMENT -, Page 4, Section B Albuquerque Journal Wednesday, January 6, 1993 Formpletey listings " - OOver-the-ar channels! O Cable channe.s bug wijjm II r m II ffno II mo I lml fT iMPHItMI ifl'll "AN f wi n y i qpii (ii I525 lc ; 1 ne Whitney 74070 I Mont el Williams (R) 64032 Days of Our Live. 84696 Another World 9808 jsanta B.rbam42506 llrt the HMt (Part 1 of 2) SeTSo" iSTFrrf tS!?. Jfa!Z MChop SesarneStree.11964 ntSSST-im sewing in ' ' li ElT mrr l, RegKathieLe.92490 Joan 93772 All My Children 26896 betoUveW General Hospital 25506 loen.ldo ffll- ISh, I! ? 3 ST? 6 983 """T 81322 tothtW0rtdTufn36896 FamiryFeudChaHeno. 1 255l BKIi Bag Tjigj OilJWMWB. Yo2rZJw2B ST 2 12 12 6 12 CD Goof Troop Beetle OarKwing Tate Spin ChipDate Chipmunk, Kenneth Copeland 34438 iTli, Court Jenny Jones 53902 FamFeud Divorce Jn Z! ItI.KI :3:"gVM,Da. The700Club693051 pjcjecy CHcj P-1 ZH!, lfiL:iiim-g: J0"!, J" Clrit29148 &Pe48Bl2 y0NoCreZL llrisDuaSecrrtaH. IcJZ. Anirgur. S 1 37 E) BuenasDiasNuevo Mexico 323780 Private Eye Bogus Santeiro 708322 MOVIE: Maten a Leon 16099 Club Telemundo 19186 MOVIE- Coronaeian laui u.!.7l itilfi 386070 iri- fas nnnmSSmSSn Wm,l2 iKMftUfc Begins 8:30 267419 llsYourUt, lllOVtE: The Big CocK (1948) 791380 iMOVIErTheSnaKeWlS 6525 J:36!? 32 8, ! I . 'H""' iCNNC- N"H"9T NY. Uve 902032 iNewsday 745916 international Hour 440524 SSI? "L Po.ttfe lEarlyPrlm. Ishowbb IwStSt ir Zm TV. r LT T ground Stand-Up Women Python Almost Live SCTV 65254 urday Night 88254 Stand-Up IcomtosOnry iSentJspan 1,65439 ZL ILgggS Fraggte Poot1Conw umbre"a I S : f !! J ? Fitne Pro, Motion BoerShaping College Basketball: Ohio St at Penn St (R) 378186 JivZmmiUsm Mcilr borvDav, uTT" MTWtnZ iKr-aJ. ImreeSons L.U- IsupTLrio Lye llnsaGadoet R,nTinnn . nIlI 2l.Mln &;'n",0WnW0fd8 lBabar115419 iPinocchio Wrid Entertainment New, I MOVIE: WarGames (1983) (PG) 370544 Iwr.Bean ImoVIE: The Raros Edge (1984) (PG-13) NotlClfOECO 4052693 71! M 18 fPG 846902 I" ICh.naBch(Pa-7ii jjr689544 1:1(1987)294490 jklT II Tig g!"T!;T M0VE:PTtQ9 1963)779099 MOVIE: Captain Blood (1935) 839612 " ' MOVE: December (1991) (PG) 581 17 15 26 16 19 NJCj Mr. Wfrard DanqerMse Lassie 772728 Yogi Bear Looney Tune Heathclitf Muppets TGnome iLittleKoala FredPenner Eureeka's CasttelijiT Elephant Roosted, ... Noozle, luttl'Bits Muonet, ImII'1 ' "ZZ7?1 T- R0dP3ratey " llU Uction Wlrp- Uvtew lln the Soirtt HeadHnes PrlmemePtoLse Prae ftith... SulC ZSL,. - " r - gr ::SL. El !!E:Mf ,1(PG 3l2952j ii0VE:0o.JAwaBs(Pan2,lJ IjaH, MIE Tne JeS .yr?. .T ! y.T( ' 200,86 Perry Mason 919322 m0VIE: The Desperado, (1969) 604254 Tom t Jerry Inintstone, Jetson, ' Brady Bunch Saved IhZTT 3" Z ZmTTZ Misfit, (1961) 91201051 ZZZZgSgfgiL MOVC:Win,erPeopte(1989)(PG-13)46145y7 MOVIE: Beetleiulce (1988) (PG) 4852709 Mi ' 1 35 9 fi I?o r L IZTn 1 1 C'tryKitchen ICookin'USA ICrook and Chase 524964 BeeStar TopCard Icookin-USA lorTitl Club Dance 808438 -Be a Star VldeoPM 697544 V S 11 9p L CH,P,301235 Charlte',An9el,423896 MOVIE: 111 See You hi My Dream, (1951) 15689322 MOVIE: Paula (12:15) (1952) 72292419 CHIPs (Part 2 of 2) BugsBunny -kr'TZ I. , Ma'cGyveraa. -Qivorce The V The Judge IsupeHorCt iioT.ywlcJ I Icentury Press Luck flbble FytnF Le . fjsjoozoio.ju; jaewncneo jrerry Mason 9S2383 Joan Rivers 962916 IGeraldo(R) 171896 New, 151032 Andv Griffith Honevmoon. rv-inninn h o Off the Air Off the Air 4 5 4-1 4 Q Star Trek 6 5 8 7 5 5 O 7 7 O Reading Oprah Curr. Affair Square 1 News 2902 NBC News C, Sandiego ABC News News 709 Business News 8051 Golden Girls Unsolved Mysteries 3709 MacNeilLehrer NewsHour Entertain. Wonder Year Wild D. Howser Seinfeld 4728 Colores! Home Imp. Mad About Law i Order 2693 Earthship Week End (Part 3 of 10) Coach Civil Wars 88099 New, Served? News Tonight Show (10:35) LoveConn. Late Night (12:05) Married ... Americas 2864273 rA'S'H Nightli LaterCostas Hard Copy Off the Air (1:05) tD Gospel Bill The 700 Club 8269 Homenet HeartHeart Prophecy Your Day God Answers Prayer 38885 Life Lessons Another Life Jerry Barnard 23186 Light Music Christian Your Day God Answers Prayer 22026 700 Club 13 9 13 2 12 12 13 13 Donahue (4) CBS News News 1970 Jeopardy! Wheel Space Rangers 62099 In the Heat of the Night 48 Hours 51983 News Cheers Designing Inside Edit'n Paid Prog. 6 12 Batman Wonder Year Full House Roseanne 11 - - m Murphy Praise the Lord (3) 445490 Beverly Hills, 90210 Melrose Place 39761 MOVIE (3) Homenet Celeb. Life TBN Today John Hagee Footsteps M. Murlllo Believers Missionary Catwalk (R) 59525 Studs J. Van Impe Praise the Lord 28235 Arsenio Hall (10:35) Dr. H. Ross Together Lifecare Daugnerty J. Duplantis DaveRoever W.Goldberg Paid Prog. MOVIE: Sun Also Rises (12:35) 86683007 Goldbergs Sir Lancelot Benny Hlnn Pastor Heart Off the Air The Tripps Praise the Lord 639533 34 CD NoticiasMas Noticiero Noticiero 37 18 27 27 Princes, (4) Magica Juventud 82070 Maria Mercedes 34083 OcurrioAsi 31273 AmoSenor Telemundo Cara Sucia 88693 Portada 34047 Marletena 13341 Kassandra 99761 Noticiero Noticiero MOVIE: Juan CharrasqueadoGabino Barrera 20308 Dr. Perez Telemundo YVero America Va! 136341 World Vision MOVIE: Clnco Naco, Asaltan Las Vegas (1987) 710167 Off the Air 27 29 A, Rockford In Search Of... 999273 31 20 10 29' - AMC 33 23 3 31 17 CNB MOVIE (3) Our Century 489506 Am. Justice MOVIE: Seven Sinners (1940) 492047 Business Portfolio 9 36 1 2 35 - 37 32 8 i CNN World Today Moneyline Money Talk Crossfire Money On the Silver Screen Steals Primenews 840380 Real Story Spies 606051 First Flights TravelQuest MOVIE: The Out-of-Towners (1970) (G) 551438 An Evening at the Improv Our Century 519186 Dick Cavett Larry King Live 125761 McLaughlin j Personal World News 141709 Steals Sports Am. Justice MOVIE: The Snake Pit (1948) 892803 Real Story Dick Cavett . McLaughlin Spies 656341 First Flights TravelQuest Moneyline Newsnight Crossfire (R) MOVIE: Seven Sinners (1 940) 413099 Personal Money Larry King (R) 923525 Portfolio Worldwide An Evening at the Improv MOVIE: Out-of-Towners Paid Programming 377378 Sports Late - -m Whose Line i6 17 35 14 33 6 18' 20 pi$ Alan King SCTV 97780 Wonderland Jump, Rattle Saturday Night 84438 Quack Att. Kids, Inc. Mouse Club Stand-Up I Almost Live Short Attention Span Women MOVIE: Black Beauty (Color) 110070 iRamona Comics Only TheA-List Kids in Hall MOVIE: Snoopy, Come Home 192254 Saturday Night 54273 Stand-Up Whose Line Aladdin Frank Sinatra: ManMusic Underground ComicsOnly MOVIE: The Bible (1966) 213674 28 28 DSC, Wildlife Galapagos Adventure Making of a Continent Wings 592419 Beyond 2000 501167 Making of a Continent Wing, 584490 Beyond 2000 389167 Galapagos Adventure Off the Air 8 18 8 33 6 ff SPj 15 14 15 13 24IFAM. Sport sCenter Life Goes College Basketball: Miami at Pittsburgh 107490 The Waltons(R) 605457 The Young Riders 663506 College Basketball: Florida State at Virginia 741983 Father Dowling Mysteries SportsCenter978815 Billiards (R) 971 902 American Muscle 747167 USGAGolf !The 700 Club 219709 Scarecrow and Mrs. King Bonanza: Emily (R) 292032 Bordertown Paid Prog SportsCenter Up Close Basketball The 700 Club 983804 Paid Programming 628649 36-30 21 24 33 rGAij 3 3 (HBO, Andale!(4) Qulnceanera 6876780 Do, Vida, 8289070 Tal Como Somos 2665029 MOVIE: Escuadron 201 6065885 MOVIE: La Ley del Mas Rapido 4051964 Papa Soltero Mujer 24 Hora, 6640754 MOVIE: There Must Be a Pony (4) MOVIE: Wicked Stepmother (5 45) IMOVIE: All Dogs Go to Heaven 535490 MOVIE: WarGame, (1983) (PG) 960896 From Crypt Dream On L Sander, MOVIE: Into the Sun (1992) (R) 5563736 25 41 28 3 19 34 35 27fLlFj 21 22 MAX ShopDrop Un,olved Mysteries 601631 LA. Law 669780 MOVIE: Snake Treaty (1988) 567983 thirtysomething 20241 9 Unsolved Mysteries 205506 Mysteries Paid Programming 558167 Crazy About the Movies MOVIE: Heaven With a Gun (1969) 180099 MOVIE: Support Your Local Sheriff! MOVIE: Switch (1991) (R) 227728 MOVIE: Almost Pregnant (1992) 506273 MOVIE: Blind Vision (1992) 100484 17 15 26 16 19 NIC 34 Looney Tune -'BED Catholics Underdog Yogi Bear Mass 201341 Arcade Hey Dude Mother Angelica 285438 You Do? Music Praise Seminar Crazy Kids Looney Tune Bullwinkle Get Smart Superman Praise the Lord 833099 MT. Moore Dr. H. Ross J. Duplantis Van Dyke Dragnet Dave Roever A. Hitchcock Lucy Show F Troop Benny Hinn Dr. Whitaker The Tripp, Mr. Ed Dobie Gillis Praise the Lord 137200 24 26 38 22 34 22 - 18 $H0 17 23 TBS MOVIE: The Great Escape (3) 807438 Munsch iHeroLegend MOVIE: Fools of Fortune (1990) (PG-13) 936099 MOVIE: Mr. Destiny (1990) (PG-13) 146254 MOVIE: Ultraviolet (1992) (R) 940693 MOVIE: Bikini Island (1991) (R) 652532 AndyGritlfth I Hillbillies SanlordSon Master of the Game (Part 3 of 3) 292525 MOVIE: Two Mules for Sister Sara (1 970) (PG) 91 78709 MOVIE: Something Big (11:20) (1972) (PG) 1136070 MOVIE 19 28 TMC MOVIE: Dr. Ehrlich', (3:35) 28 42 31 12 15 TNN VideoPM MOVIE: Father of the Bride (1991) (PG) 990780 VideoPrime 669341 IMOVIE: Suburban Commando 648815 Crook and Chase 627490 Nashville Now 613998 OnStage MOVIE: The Hot Spot (1990) (R) 133728 Club Dance (R) 745235 Miller I Company 748322 IMOVIE: Beetlejuice (1988) (PG) 7724032 Nashville Now (R) 922877 On Stage MOVIE: Breakfast ..(1:05) Off the Air 11 35 9 6 29 11 26 25 TNT 19 9 USA Capt. Planet Jetsons Bugs Bunny Elvis: The Early Years (Part 1 of 2) 40541 1 MOVIE: Jailhouse Rock (1957) 751896 Elvis: The Early Years (Part 1 of 2) 786544 Pyramid Ten of Us Two Dads Cartoon Express 533768 American Gladiators 150457 23 22 16 15 37 M Star Search Designing NBA Basketball: Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers 853070 Quantum Leap 136877 Murder, She Wrote 149341 News 824341 Night Court Kojak 711235 MOVIE: Hider in the House (1989) (R) 429099 MOVIE: The Return of Frank Cannon (1980) 292148 MacGyver 365484 Paid Prog. Hitchhiker BobNewhart BobNewhart . Bradbury C 1992 GEMSTAR Development Corp. Colorado Site of First Gay-Lesbian Radio Station From the heart of Colorado, the state that gays and lesbians now love to hate, comes K-GAY radio, a 24-hour, satellite radio station that is owned, operated and targeted toward gays, lesbians and bisexu-als. K-GAY, the only gay-lesbian radio station in the country, is distributed on the Galaxy 5 and Galaxy 6 satellites. It can be received by people who have a C-band home satellite dish and that's a fair number of people covering a fair amount of real estate. According to Jay Hylsky, satellite information editor for Orbit magazine, K-GAY is available to nearly 4 million home satellite dish owners across the U.S. mainland, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Orbit is the monthly programming and entertainment guide for satellite dish owners. People who pick up the K-GAY broadcast on their dishes can hear it over their television speakers or patch it through their home stereo systems. K-GAY is currently syndicating its programming to cable television systems and AM radio stations. "There is no way to estimate actual listenership," said Dan Radcliff, program director of K-GAY. "But the response has been nothing short of phenomenal. Since we began broadcasting on Nov. 28, we've had overwhelmingly positive press coverage from CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, VH-1, MTV, People, The Associated Press and radio networks in Australia, Germany and Japan. "I'd guess that we did more than 200 interviews during our first two weeks on the air, and received about 1,200 phone calls from people in our first 10 days." Why all the attention? K-GAY, with studios in Denver, began broadcasting shortly after Colorado voters approved a state constitutional amendment prohibiting municipalities from passing anti-discrimination laws based on sexual orientation. Gays and lesbians say the legislation denies them basic civil rights protections. It's no secret that that was the intention of Colorado for Family Values, the organization that spearheaded the amendment drive. Spokesman Will Perkins has repeatedly said "we don't want homosexuals to be a protected class." In response, many individuals, organizations and businesses have Rick Nathanson JOURNAL MEDIA WRITER vowed to boycott Colorado until the amendment is repealed. Colorado officials estimate the state has already lost more than $10 million in convention and tourism business because of the boycott. K-GAY went on the air in spite of the vote, not because of it, Radcliff said. Clay Henderson, the president and general manager of the station, dreamed up the idea for K-GAY about two years ago, when he was house-sitting on a remote island in Washington state. The only entertainment available came from a satellite dish. "That's where he discovered satellite radio," Radcliff said. "He'd never heard of it before. He had previously been involved in for-profit and non-profit gay and lesbian broadcasting, and he put the two concepts together and came up with the idea for the satellite distributed network." In July, Henderson relocated to Colorado, which is generally considered the business hub of the international cable television industry. The move put K-GAY closer to the center of signal distribution. "No one that I am aware of is objecting to what we're doing on moral grounds," Radcliff said. "All people have' to do is listen to us. They'll be real bored if they're expecting to be titillated." Still, Radcliff noted, TV evangelist and conservative politician Pat Robertson has been praying for the station on his "700 Club" program. "I never turn down a prayer. My Irish grandmother taught me that," Radcliff said. "I'll pray for them, too." Of the 1,200 phone calls received at the station, a small percentage was negative, he acknowledged. "It was pretty juvenile stuff, like people asking, 'Hey! is this K-fag?' None of the calls was life-threatening, but some were meaner than others." K-GAY, which programs alternative rock and cutting-edge dance music, is located in an unassuming building in downtown Denver. "Our studios are not painted bright purple and people aren't running around in sequined gowns," Radcliff said. "We're not doing anything different than what other non-gay radio stations are doing. Management is management. It's a business. In terms of programming, our on-air people are openly gay, they talk about being gay, and the focus of our news is issues of interest to gays and lesbians. We feature, though not exclusively, commercial music released by gay and lesbian artists, and we hope to soon have Sunday morning programming by gay and lesbian religious groups." The future for K-GAY is bright, Radcliff said. The network is two years ahead of schedule in terms of signing on cable and AM affiliates. One note of irony: Within days after it began broadcasting, K-GAY signed its first affiliate, KXRE-AM. The affiliate station is located in Colorado Springs home of Colorado for Family Values. FCC Approves Fox Changes Local Fox affiliate KGSW-TV, Channel 14, has received approval from the Federal Communications Commission to move to the Channel 2 dial position and to change the station call letters to KASA-TV. Station general manager Erick Steffens said he is targeting the last week of January to make the changes. Jones Intercable already has KGSW on Channel 2, but Post-. Newsweek Cable in Rio Rancho will continue to provide the station on Channel 12. Post-Newsweek Cable has also moved the Home Shopping Network from Channel 13 to previously vacant Channel 47. mwm mm FOR BIG BEAUTIFUL, WOMEN AFTER CHRISTMAS Pec. 26th through Jan. 1Qth Sale (feme FrrJudtxi Just in Time For New Year's Eve! Mon-Sat10am.6pm, Sizes 36 to 84 &umz-5pm Lay-a-way Available 1307 Juan TaboNE 293-4389 Curbside Parking Large Comfortable Dressing Rooms AtTVA n - KNMETVfm (rywiBidai!) Makers of Hand Made Indian Jewelry OLD TOWN Wfl7 VVCi 5 Hi at mi END KNMBTVj ivsmuni ai onvi r " ".

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