The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1938
Page 4
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t AGE THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TOT COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher 3. GRAHAM SUDBUBY, Editor SAMUEL P. NORRIS,. Advertising Manager Sole Nalioual Advertising Hoprtseutattvos: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memi))iii>. published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class nmllcr nt the post office at BlyllievlHe, Arkansas, under anl of Congress; October 9, 1917. Served' by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By, carrier in the City of Btythevlllc. 15c per weak, or G5c per month. By mail; within R ratiliia of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 75e for three months; by mall-, in postal zones two to six, inclusive, (8,50 per year; in -tones seven and eight, $10.00 per. yeai', payable 1" advance. Suddenly Today Looks Belter \ When- we talk about the grunt 'triumphs of. modern civili/iilion—;is we do, pretty frequently—we usually refer to spectacular things like airplanes, 'radio, networks, mass production line;; ov streamlined' trains. These an: Hie sign, and symbol ol* Progress, and we arc awfully proud of them. But real progress is often- a K^UI! deal' simpler. Some of ils by-pvotliids are actually more important than tins Headline attractions. The net total of human happiness- in this world is increased by things that do not often get listed, in the tabulation of scientific triumphs. Some enterprising iintu| ; iiarian; recently dug back into old English taa- ords and came out with an account of the sort of doctoring Unit a man. got when he was sick, buck in the old : days. The patient involved was no less a person that King Glmrlus II, so you can- be sure lie got the best there was. King Charles, it seems, fell- ill, and the most learned medicos of the'land' were called to the royal bedside. After. much conferring and. wise head-wag-' ging, they gave, his ma j^ sty the works. As a start, they bled; him,, twice. Then they gave him a tlusc of antimony, followed by sacred: bitters, rock salt,, camomile flowers, linseed, cinnamon, t'eimel seed, powdered hellebore, root, some white Wine (which prob- i! ably was a relief), poWdered cowslip flowers, some absinthe, ami a weird extract of thistle leaves, mint, rue and angelica. Somehow the king didn't seem to feel- much better after talcing oil this. load. .So the doctors fixed up. something new. He got black, chewy waters, melon seeds, dissolved pearls, geiir tian root, nutmeg, i|tiiniiie and cloves; and this was followed by 41) drops of extract of powdered''• human skulls,. topped oft' by. a. concoction of something called' Raleigh's antidote; pearl julep- anil, ammonia. Apparently the merry monarch lived through it, hut he must have, been perceptibly less merry thereafter. And when you read of that horrendous dosing;' you can't help reflecting that modern progress has done most for us in the simple little matter of making a in.'Hi comfortable. l r or obviously, nobody ever gave a thought to a man's comfort in a day OUT OUR WAY -when doctors cooked up messes like tlwit for their patients. A man just wasn't expected' to be very comfortable (hen; the ills of the flesh were something lie was supposed to take and like. . We hour a good, deal of talk about the simplicity of life in the old days, the implication being that people really were happier then. That must IJL- largely eye-wash. The simple life may have been very well; but suppose you bad a toothache, with no dentist in all the world? When the doctor's handbag contained things such as were indicted on King Charles, a mild cold or a sprained wrist must have been a-major calamity. .Some Work for Women A Ui'ilish educator visiting in (his country <>xpresKcs (he \ W \K( that in time to conic- the neglect, of a person's %m'« will be a social crime. It's a social cn'me- now, Imt it just hasn't been put on |.h« statute books yet. The liiiglishinaii recommends a nationwide physical culture movement. The national movements of (his kind in Germany and |(;ily H >tite to mind, together with Iheir incidental regimentation. The American imagination finds tbi.'i not (|tiite wholly attractive, but a certain gonUo "pressure" movement directed against the American male might not be amiss. The women arc tlie ones to dy j(.. Jn recent yours their cllVirts to become as beautiful as possible have IIMII directed especially toward tlut mailer of good cai'i'iajjc, and you rarely see the "debutant,, slouch" anymore.' Hut too. many American males walking- down the street .still look either as if they had: u scrioiw case of tlic "bends" in the legs or were the dwcemtonts of a duck. Women, who. ,, rc ;1 ] u , ayK ,-. (i|(illg about the vanity of IJ, U m«lo, might do some worthwhile work by appealing (.„ tliat vanity j n , the right way, [list as tlieir own has been appealed to. The results might be comparable. You never can tell. The clli/en who c\'ndra jnr.y duly deserves u IKidec. of dishonor-District Attorney Deucy of New York. * » « No power is 50 , precious lo us. ,, 0 iie «.iild replace Ihis po«cr of truth, of open and plain siiraklnj;. It i s th c fjimrantec ajainsl tyranny. —Governor Lehman of New York. * » » You enu'l piny oasclmil. by ymutcll; you eanll; BH mnn-loili Ijy yourself; or S ci an eduenlion. or go plates nnd do things by yourself. Yoti cnn'l have nuy of t| 10 bi« Uiintjs of life ,ilomi. •-Ur. Arthur K. Hull of Cliicugo Tlicologicnr b'cmhmry. * * » If biisliic.* men will reconcile Ihcinselve.-i lo fact IhiU soveinmenl. Is going u, hi- in (he pic- Uirc and will offer lo co-ojicrale. vmi will tie astounded lo what extent- we will begin to prns- per.-llenry A. Wallace. Secretary „! Auricnlluie. We have won Ihe war.-Ucncrul l-'ranco. Willi ams WILL POWER'IS FAR. MORE IMPORTAWT THAM BP2A1MS- IT COM'T TAklE BRAIMS TO PUT MOIMEy IM TH' BAWk BUT \-00\i AT TH' WILL POWER. IT / TAKES TO PUT IT THERE AMD ' LEAVE rr.' DO you THINK rt? ' BE IM DEBT AMD SIAV1W LIKE THIS IF I HAD I'M STILL Hore-m' BBAIMS- IF I HAD 1H' BRAIM5, I'D WRITE A GOOD STORY TH' • FIRST TIME AM' NOT /'//. HAVE TO SEMD IM A THOUSAM 1 BERDRB ONE WAS ACCEPTED.' IT TAKES WILL. POWER TO WRITE ATHOUSAN'.AM' WILL POWER. IS ALL I HAVE f YOU <3C)T IT AMD HE AIM'T - AKlO GOLDl&'S GOT BOTH--AM' WONE OF t VOOCE HAPPY V AMD I AIM'T \ .GOT EITHER. L , AM' I'M MOT HAPPV - S(^ / WHAT 2 / Bf,miKVlLLK (ARK.)' COU1UKK NEWS WEDNESDAY, APR11- 27, J<I38 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "1 liupe ho vccovfi-s sunn, Doctor. I'm im hail' the niirhl— I foinul three Ki'ay hiiirs in my heiuf, and louk ill the firt'les uniln- my eves." THIS CURIOUS WORLD ^ iam Ferguson BUFFALO BGRRV WAS NAMEO ;DURING THE DAYS WHEN IT WAS USED AS A FOR. y ' •3&SSeSl>, ' ' ' ' U-J1 ««*.».,««ttH«KCiis: ^L ELDOK:ADO> ILL ' N OIS, ' #'/ • WHO WAS tOOy&4KSOLD> OM MAGCH 1C), 1938, . WX«5 KEJECTE£> WHEN HE SOUGHT ENLISTAAEJsrr ivuce -v -fv- THe " IN <-Ac-nx/,-rvy It ,11,., _ . AM AraAAY SURGEON MONJTHS W ,TH NO FOOD AND THEY APPARENTLY DISCOMFORT/ SUFFERED NO MANY of- our desert, imiimils obtain;,iy ikniids by IIIK of a clicmicnl ni-Mon in their digestive trnct.s, which manses MI.DC of tlic Btarehy iiorlons of their food lo water. Small redcnl.s arr lo l:o fouml in desert areas where rain dues tml lull over irci-iod'i'ot vend years. NIJXT: IJmv many i i;gs |,as a cafcrpilliu'.' The Family Doctor O*. Stroke Sufferers (Jare of Skin, Musclei HV I> Uclilm-. .liniriKil or the Ainrrirnn .M c d i r a 1 iVs.sorialioii, ami nt "J-frcia, (he ItMlllt Stafa/ino 'Vlie orcun'cncc of a eevcbnil lu-morrhagd or stroke is now mm-li IIIIMI' frequent tluni it used to tie, Jlmjily liecanse people are living lons^r limn fonncrly. In ISilCl. less (lian ttircn \w\ rent of ll\e pcopln in the Uuilcd .iiut™ \vcre over 65 years of aw; l<slay ;ilninst ci::h( per cetU of prnpir in ll:e Untie;! States arc over 05 yznra cl a;e. Tho creun'Cl»'.c of a strnke in an fl[|cr por.son Is always a .serious uiiil- lir. II lias liccn cnslomary wltcn Hiis o~cnrs to the head of the jialif-nt, put on an ice-hajf, Imvcr Hie feel and keep-them waim/l'licro ir. no telling wlwthur I his wldin irnHy .snvrri nny nun's life by .stup- plns the hemorrhage. l>nt it is ili[- iicult. to .stand by and do nnlhiii; y,hen an accident of thi.s type occurs, One tiling thai must not be done is to give, nny kind of dru^, treatment, or movement that \vlll raise Hie Wood pressure nnd IncrrnMi I lie likelihood of fatal hcmonliage. In a case of hemorrhage ini<> ihc brain tliore is paralysis. After the hcmon-hago has slopped, it is possible to determine the extent ol the paralysis. Then comes the question of taking care of the patient who Is no longer nble to take care ol himself. The future ol such patients is not always hopeless, because In many CAST 01-' I II.Mt.U 'THUS .IDVl-i: l|ll..\HI[. lii-ruim-i »!,!• '"'Ik mi lltisli-r rrilE*i>. "K K HAIHI.IIl.V. l.rro, J,,' T;i.n.|lr,l I,,,,. | Mr lu'|-,,ln,.. ISOIIIvl, l'0l|-|'i:n, irun-lc »lu, H i -I,in < Is „ M'| l,r,- .;,•",::' Inslanrr; a KIT Hit- licninivli;i,;i- iihsRi-hrd. Ihrrp is gmiliiul ITIOHM'. of pnilinns (U (lie bndy thiil inn have l)trn para[y/r;|. In the daily i-iiro i>r the |>.ilH'ti who lias boon pnrali/r I :iflev brai hcitinrrlugc, it, is parlicnlnvly im povlant to jjivi- proper addition I the skin. A daily luth \villi MV.I. and \vater is nccr-'->::ny Fnr.clcanU Jiess and lor |.lio avuidancc of SOL ondavy iiUcrtion. It i:; tUTcssary, as I huve iKunlrtl cut in previous jirlirlr.-:. to move the palienl. at fairly fmineiil inlrr- vnls. at least evrrv two or thn•<• hours, MI Hint there \vill not he CilAI'TEU XV1I1 r pHK aic-i.-il dimax of the cruise was the Fancy Drc.v.s l!;ill the fiillowing cvejiinit. No p;isscni>cr, nu niiider how eonuerviilivc, wns imiiuiiie lo Ilic o.vcilfinenl of U. Few of (linn liuwcvcr, were pru- D:ircd (o tliu exlc:il uT hiiviny brought llicii- iwn umlimics. "Hut I haven't :i Ilii!!,; (u wc;ir!" Joyce i)i-ute.stccl to Or. (Jriiy, ";nid J hiite rcnled i-lodies." "Novrr mind. Mis. Hates will lix you up with sonmlhing. \Vlna young girl lilic you -i-ni't stay out of a K-.ncy Drew.- li:i)l!" "I'm nut i(oii]« lo dress »|)!" Oii-li decliived emphatically. "Of course vim ai-c," Hie doi-loi- m-dfiwl. "I've got just tin- .:nit fur you, clown in my cabin. You conic siliiiiK with inc." Their iirolcsls were of no avail. They would RO lo (he Ij.-ill, ,-iucl they would lie dressed iij>. Mis. Biites was wailing outside of Joycc';; c-abin. "The duelcu- s;iid you Minted .-i "Dstuine, miss," she offered ehccr- fully. "The duelur said 1 liacl (u have ;i costume," Joyce corroded with .1 .smile. Mrs. Bales nodded brightly. 'I'll fix you up rijjht smait The loclor has a Pilgrim costume for Iho yoiins man—a John Aklen Jiillll. 3'(iu Americans Kill i|. How would you like to «o along iis Priscilla?" "Well, sijice I must dj-ess ui>, I .•an't think of anything ihnt would iiteise me better. ,lulm Aldcn nnd Priscillii v.'ere ^radically next- door ncighboj's of tniue." So the stewardess was olY to some hidden recess- in (he linen closet, from whence shi: vetnrnecl irumplly with ;\ cjuaint gray eos- .uine, freslily liiiinclered, volumi- ions with ]ietlicoiils, and a slifr. starelied while shawl and Innniet. Within half ;m houi-, Joyce cn-.eigcd as a demure I'ilRrhn naid, lacking only her |ii;iyer- hook and spinninj; wheel. ''Mind the pcUh-nal.s," J]r.:. Hales cautioned. "They're on!;: on n draw-string. ..." Up in front () f Ui ( . inirj.-cr's- ire. she mo! a young man whose FUimc, even (o Hie high-crowned hat and ihc uin.-klc-ljools, proclaimed him -i litlinit companion Eo bright blue eye:i danced a happy abandon which would have disbarred him instantly from (he stately ranks of Mill llijnks I'm out tu gaidema-sceulcd hoptoad ol a five minutes later, securely 'tied and adjusted, olio rejoined Dick. "How about a little intermission?" he suggested. "1 asked Dr. Ci'ray and the chief officer to join i deck tor ;i bottle John!" Ihe old Pui'ihui elders. "So, my lovely Priseilla!" lie beamed. "Think not Iliat I come- to speak of our Captain Miles Standish this merry evening!" She liiuijtii-ii. "You look a : ; ifjuson llu you could speak fur yourself, let champ.,,,.,^. t t t I They found the; two men wail,,„,,,,.,.,,...,, . , i:>S for llii'iii, and Mr. Jones' face 'j'UGI'.IIII-.H (hey went up to the[ u ,., s ,,,,, umull . ;l , ( , in ., n ,, lounge, all cleared now of fur- I lanjjliler I /• iiilui-e and rugs, willi tile liard-i ..„..' ,• , „ , \ m wood lloor waxed and polished L,,,'" ,""'""' J '' JVC amls '' I .'or Hie dancing Rl " Wd-oalurally, -m s , s t,,, i; „,..,, I Hi»l we dress up and make fools Look, ((iiidcly, I dare you!"i<,f ourselves jiisl Ui ,-ivc- von n ' IJick whispered as .they came iiij fil ,oil | H ,j K h. I wouldn't l,,-'al.-dl for Hie cliineinc. "Over there, 1 surprised if il was y.-.u. Mr J 0 ne< acro.w the room." WM<J m; , (lo ., || IIW aiian princess i Joyce looked. Sin- .saw Ihc im- mil of Mr*. O'Hai-;i." i pcrimis Mrs. (J'llura coyly he-| II,, beut ovci a.uain, holding his decked m the grassy trimmings (side:;, and shriekc-d. if a Hula maiden .short straw' l llt-:v -:al al a l;il)]c far a j skirl, (lowered lei, ciecp sun-tan "She looks like a round fat shredded wheat biscuit, with strawberries on top," Dick grinned. ! ,','liler'Kmiev Dl "And look .-,1 (he old man. . . .(counterpart l..ord is he a picture f,,,- |» U ek!" | Kelioes of Ihc Indeed, it was dillleull to dc-j drifted i i- ' astern, cii.ioyiui! the cool ...„..- ccx.e. mid listrited to Hu: chicl iflllTI-'.s i-xaHKi-raled .M-toiinl.i 1 of L-SS Halls and other if Mir. O'llara. iiiusie ,-ind yaycty lint Joyce IT Mr. U'Hara's eharuelcrizu-jdid not miss the clanciiiK. llu-y assumed that he was nir. ,, ()I1CS wils , c . lu £ .,., « Boy of Ihe Islands. UllmK part- amusing incident thai had Inner to his Sweet Lalame wife, lie fallen om- uf the passengers al a wore Ihe flowery Jel. But Mr. j masquerade some four or live Ollara, lor all his ventures from j cruises previous. "Yon remember, he slrmsjhl and narrow path of:,(oc, we had (His fellow wound emperamv, u-a>; a modest man. (round with some sort uf feath-is He did not expose Ins manly bos-!,,,, adhesive tape, and it |,»,k om, Hawaiian slvle. In tin- s1:,r,-s ,,n .„• i i ... .,:.. ...."., a sort of Roman lofia, perhaps the , foundation garment of the inieieiil Ihc- Soulli I'aeifl,-, illu | j A su(1(ici , s , TC ; ml . couiiiig ap- I kinfis of across It wore, not Ihe worthy laurel, but a handsome; wrealli of fresh »ar- tlcnijis, wafting their heavy perfume all over the room. He looked miserable and timid. They had gone around tin- Hour twice when Joyce was COMSCUHIS of a gradual loosening around her waistline, a looseiiiiif; which slowly translated itself inUi a Uulki- ness around the knees and a lei);;t!ic)iii)f/ of skirts. .She looked down in sudden alarm. llurryiny down Ihc empty all of Iwo days lo dig him out "i' Ills costume. I tell you, 'twas •' • l< Ihe m.-iii had been tarred and fcafherctl- onlimafiis pressure e-u any p.i;-liou 1 Ihe tody wliriv (lie ll-jiics are ext lo Ihe surface, result in?, in tlw: ossitle tii:vel( of a ljc-.| . or c. ridw. she collided with a "heavy j demanded figure hacking out uf one uf the staterooms. She recognized the" adipose Hawaiian prmj:css. and automatically muvmiueir-, a 'Van-less apology. B,,l H |., r .-Q'llTua's eyes were still imfricnHiy. nnrf ;ic,. (using; -:he stalked hack l o ' llu- lounge as if indignant Unit she must walk (he same corridors with jollier mortals, lj-zc:l on one side ef the hudv is apt to ne:;]c.-.'t- (lie side that "will not- move and t-j overuse, (lie .side, that I-; still ca',::il:lc. Such a initienl paienll.v fn;ni the lounge, ciil liii.. short, and tin; music stop])ed on a half note. There w:is a hahhliny of voice j raised in tioniny confusion, then absolute slillness. 'Wow what Ilic devil has happened'. 1 " the doctor -.vonderc'd. Presently a long-faced steward came down and slood lie-fore them. "Captain's oi'dei-.s.' 1 he said briefly. "All i«i«cngei-s will please go into the main lounge immediately." •What's up?" Ihc. chief ollicci- "Om; of UK- pati-engers lias liacl some valuable jewels stolen Irom her room, sir." -.".li-v.'clsv" they, echoed jji slar- tli'-l-surprise. ; Only one name' 1 Hashed Ibrmig.i Joyce';.- mfiid, ;oid she said it aloud now, willi clisiuul prcienUmcnt: "Mrs. O'llara!" (To Be Continued)' ; fc'omeliitKv, it i:; diftirulf In mnv.- heavy m.iu cr womiin \vho ha.-i act a catastrophe of this ..-harac- er. r;uch patli'iil;; should nut, how- vcr. he pulled or jerked, bill should >'_• Idled or inllr.rl i;rac!uallv into a lew p"3il!on. II tin; piitrcnl has ;h:; isc of hi:; arm-:, il. i-; soiii'.-lijw;; lo'jsiKc Id Ii:-: a bolt in the criihr/, u:-l to siispemi from Ihis a rope or ape by winch tlie palieiil may rjise limsell and lliu;; aid in movement. The c,;casioual use of an alcohol ru!:. with the applii-illcn ol t.:il- cum |::i\vder aflerward. al;;'i helps n inainluiiiins; the cmitiiti'in of the ikln. II is Ihc lemlciu-y of -he tr-:.Ui-s. \h--n they ;irr uiihoiit umvemenl 'cr IIIIIK prriwl', ol hme. lo hrmur weak and even 10 d>;;rnr-nilc. I>n- iiis reason, \v---l cnnlrollrd in.iM.-i'j" 1 s especially u;.rliil Inr |i''f>pl(; who lave been isiraly/(-<l. The person who h:i:; lu-cn pura- JUU liOAIIDIiNG THESE ARE. THE STAR CUCKOOS IN THIS CLOCK—~ 11= Tl-l&V PUT OW A CLEAKl SI-HRT AMD TOOK YOU TO A MOVIE^ THEY'D THINJK IT WAS A BIG EVENING — TVIEY'LL. I-IOLU THE YARM AMD LET VOL) DO THE KMIT- T1NJQ AM V PAY/JUST A TIP-OFF' . ncouraged to develop tlic use of the paralyzed purlieu as i-ocii as Ihe physiciiin if; satisfied that ;;i;ch use is warranted. [Device Keys Up Earth ' Tremors 15,000 Times PA«AOJiN;V Cal. iUI')—- Dr. Huso BrnioPf of the California ln:;titule ol 'Icclniology. and Aincricii's foremost wi.siiiic iiislniuipiil dcsijjticr. ha;, completed a seismoKrii|ih capable of mnimilyiiii; Ihe earth':; "iliiiirr.s" 150.0IHJ limcK. and also i'.n inslrniiiftiil. lor rcgislci-inj; Iliem on lihn;; in. i ,tciu! of on aeusitive papi-r a .sheretciloj-e. Wilii I hi.s new. p;jwrrlul ;.'.-i, r .tuo- nraph it is mnv |)fi:i-,iblc to reeisli-r :mci ulcnlify t.lrinm:i thai liuve pa-'.c-l t)iro!i;:h Hie r'nlire cere til Illi- i-artli. ll-ret'ilore. it, was only 110.,1'ihle with Ike aid type :,>-IMHO- i;rapli lo magnify tii c caitlVj" Irembling:; MOl) Hme!;. Wliile Ilictc at some limes were able to register trembliiigs thai ha'.i passed through the entire earth, they were too weak (or iilentilica- tiou. The new instrument will give an earthquake record 10 limes more j precise than lormerly, In recording; nnakcs with Ihe n".",v instruments, both vertical and lu;i-izontnl !*i«mogrn|)hs are used. These have made it, possitle lo identify waves that have passed two and tbiec limes Inroiigli core of the earlli. The latest experiments cl Uvo .scien-'; are beiiii; i»:nl/- (:,. a-:ccrlain whclher :my irlidiou exists between movemcnls in (lie air and Ihe CDDlimjou.s movement tin the i;roiiiul. 'I'his is accomplished by rcnislcriiiK incssure variivtmi-j in I'oe atinc,s)3herc. The insli-iiincnt.s have rcet wave;; erralrrt by battleship ICO imlt-.s iliilaiit. Head ier News Wa.U A'J willi Major llouple 'Announcements Hit: Courier News i.ns necn nu- thorlzcd to make, founal nntiouncc- mcnt of tlin fnllowiii!! candidates for public office, subject to the Democratic primary August 9. Tor County Treasurer U. L. (BII..LY) GAINES Vor Sheriff anil Collector KALE JACKSON 'l-'or Ue-e!eclion) Connly Court Clrrk '!'. W. I'OTJ'Kfl 1'nr (Enmity Ta\ j\s^r.vstir w. w (Bu'niiYi \vAT3O^f BEYANT STEWART l-'or County and i'roobalc Judge DOYLE HENDERSON S. L. GLADISH (For Re-election) For Circuit Court Clerk • HARVEY MORRIS For County Rcprcscntatlvca W, W. FOWLER TMASJKS MY OUARD I'LL 3).I?L 1 BET IP 1 POOL, ALL THE TIPS t'O < )M A YEAR AROLJMD X COULPM'T QO OM A "FIVE- A'ltMUTE SPREE ARCADE/

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