The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1931
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 1931 Bl.YTHEVILLE.. (ARK.) CQUrtlER NEWS PAGE THREfi, |Amos V Amdy at Rehearsal! How Most Noted Radio Characters Plan Programs John Mullaphy Bought at Four Cents, Sold at riiirly Cents. ST. : LOUIS. MO. (UPI — The first ii'Mlioi'.aire In M'swnri rM'Je Itis fortune in colton and .1 lucky i.:ak In getting word Unit Hie uar o( 1812 was ever, p.rcordin; • c i'loyd C. Shoemaker, secrdav.,' of i!io flat: historical soric-ly. The first millionaire was Jolin Mullanphv of St. Louis, according to Shoemaier. Mtillanphy w'ar, borr, In Ireland, went to France and foinht under Napoleon, and then cam? to Ei. U-nh i;i ISO*. fn 1812 he was In New Or]??ns buying cotton and like all oilier cotton owners he saw Ills pvopfil; taken by Andrew 1 Jackson, i'/.-!:ira of Ihe American forces, in preparation for a British a! lack. Mullanphy went lo General Jackson's headquarters to protest. r j[e snl<l the colton was hfs and he iranled It. Hut Jackson thoujh', that if the cotton belonged to .Mullanphy, Mui:unpliy should help; to dffend it, und Mullanphy found] himself behind the cotton. fiBWi'S | UJ-KEA Service troops, when; CHICAGO.-!!! agents; Incvenso In l!ie personnel ] of (lie cihiimir, bureau und In (lie ! c<|iilpjium nf nil enforcement or- 'Continued Irom par.e one) i for cnloriuueii'. of the eighteenth' j amendment should be siibstimltaily i Increased and that the vigorous ! und belter organized elforls which have tone on since (lie bureau of prohibition act. 1927, should be fiirth'.rrd by certain improvements In Ihe statutes and In the organization, personnel, and equipment of enforcement, so as to ulve toi slon No. 0 for Hie Iinprovsmenl of the enforcement ngcnrlcf. "11. Ail (he coniinl.sslon narvu Hull if the nmemlmi'iil Is revised,„ It should bi> miuli' to rend "•! Enactment of a statute an- tlfiNy as follows: I (horlrliir, iCMiilallons permitting "beelum I. 'ilir cont'rcw shutl IHT.V-S ID (he premises find rec- li.ivi 1 j;o'.uv in uvutali' yr to pui- oid> «[ v.imlrsuk' and relsll hlblt the m.'.niiiaiuiiv, IviifTic In 01% fa u>- lo make it possible or liaiis|:ui-i.n|r m ui jntoxlc.illi:i;! to tract 1 , products of Fpeclnlty de- llrinor.s witini. thr' liii|H'v(iulon! natiiird alcohol lo the iilllmale thereof lino mid the fxporliiilnn ' thereof im:n llu' United Hi.iles und all !.-vr:!<n-y rubji-ct lo ihu Jiirlsdlclio;i tlieu-of lur pmiMxes. Would l.ifl I'lYsnljillon l.linll "12. Tlie rivcmiiiemliitlous re- fern-d to in ninriiislun number U arc: "1. Rrii'.uvul of the causfs of liTilnlioii, mid resentment on (he part of the modlral prolwlon by: "<At Di-.lii!! uivny «l(h the stntutcry fixing of I lie iiiuoiint which miiy be preseilbed and the IHimlKj- of preset lotions; "(13) Abolition of tlie requirement of sprelfylii',' the ailment for which UHUIH- U pirecillM'd upon rt blank In !;o Into the public files; "(C) I-0::vhv( as in.iicli us possible (o iMuUMirais lather fl.\lnc retails by Kmu-liiinit of li'alslutlon to ijlt ; independent denaturing 0. (o l tude ure.s. "1. '!!:>' i-c!inml.uloii IB opposed j'UhiUun ii]lowiii|T more lati- tin' inleral winches und relz- from this report. The report Is signed sublet to Individual reservation of the, right to express these Individual views In separate or supplemental reports to be annexed hereto," All members of the commission signed this report except Mon'.e M. 1.em arm of 1/oulsiarm. CLEVELAND, iUP>—Five thO"- i'and "Joints" comprise Cleveland's IIM of liquor, vice and gambling e.s- tnbllsments, according to the 1930 report of Detective Captain tmniti J. Potts. Tlse number was said 'n be a decline over thai ol six months ago. llu i Anius dors the heavy work in the operations of that famous radio team, Amos 'n' Andy, as photo at fl shows. But Ihe tables are lur ncil In real life, as shown at rijht. For it's Andy, or Clurlrs i. Coi-- rell, who types the scripts cf ihelr acts- while Amos, or Frerimn F. Co'.dtn, ilUlales. enfoici-iunil tho urcaiest prai'lic- nblc eltlciency. "10. Some of the rouunls.slon are not convinced that prohibition under (he eighteenth aniendmenl Is uncnforcaWe nnrt believe that a further trial should be made with the help of the recommended Ini- provc!ii»nt,-i, ami thut It .liter such trial ctlecllve enfovcemi'iit Is not secured ilivrc should be a re-1 "a. linnuviil of Uic nuomalous' cveused vision of the amendmeiil. Other I provisions in Srvlluii i». imtlonul • forlh In the of the comml.sslon nre convinced; piohlblilon net. .is (o rldcv and that U lias been unenforcab'.e and fi nil Juki's by miiklns! .some unl- that the iiini'iulinent should be form prnvl- io'n for a llxed aleo- Immcdintely revised, but recugn!/.- j hollc content, ing that the amendment will re- [ ":i. luuiease of Uic inimbvr of quire some time, they united Injugeiils, sloivkieiiers-giiuBeDi. pn>- rrcommriulatlons of conclu-| hlbitlon Im-esltciilors. und i;peel:il wtlli the American Ihe British storme:! the worke. After Cie Enqlish had lest 2.600 men to the small body of untrained mllilia, who had seven dead and injured, and the Americans ;so good." he contiiitied. "The man-• watches them work. Tlie office tele- tall skyscraper auement of the station said It \ phone number Is a jealously gimrd- ur--3Si- office In this city. Freeman P. Go;-1 wouldn't do, so we almcst forgo', I'd secret known ojily to their fam- d;n and Charles J. Ccrrcll. crca-jabout II. About two months later! Hies and a fc\v privileged persons. tors of Ames 'n' Andy, meet daily |\ve were hurriedly sent for and told | This Is not because Correll and .,,-.<.„ .„.,.,,. ' V"?wo .,.,,„.. ...,,,.. .... . ctaracte s in tte to prepare and rehears:: a 15-minute act in the drama that has brought smiles and -tears ID the were left in charge of the city. ; in, gcs t continued audience that eve: Mullanphv again negotiated for (he !ii s tei-ed to any one pair ol iJerfcim- return of his cotton. l cl!li This time he was successful. Later he was in Natchez when available, at 3 or 4 cents n pound. I When news of peace arrived he was j,. ready to act, and shipped his col- ton to England, where it brought 30 cents a j;om;d and gave Mullan- pliy his fortune. Receipts Continue Light at • Only 4.835 bales of cotton were received at Arkansas compresses last week, compared to 6.030 bales Uic wr,?k previous and 11,030 the fame week a year ago. The total for the season reached 715.724 last, Friday, accoul 1 . 1 ! to the Arkansas Cotton Trade association, compar- 'ed lo 1,275,229 on the same date a ivear ago. Receipts at Blytheville last week v,ci-r. 3CC bales, bringing the total fcr the season to 75.411. This is usually clone iwo or iiiroj days before the program goss o;i the air. Correll and Gosden, who live in the same Chicago apartment building, arrive at their olll:c together between 11 and noon every I \\cek-day morning. During the n I iliree or four hours the work 01 i'mrmTPMPc i VlTitfng thc script'lo te broadcast! v,UHHKtbits | two or three days later is accam- j plished. t These nieeliogs have bern poirio on continuously for exactly si;: years. After t'\?s are loosened, coats and vests removed, cigars lijhtjd, the meeting begins. But it, is nol poor, overworked j Ames wlio^ sits down at the type| writer lo' transcribe the dictated | script. It 15 lordly, ovsrbeariro An- -dy! And as Ames, in tlie person of Freeman Gcsden. paces b?.ck anj | forth through the room, trylnj that" the series would go on the air the next night." Gosden took up the story. "Boy, yhat a night, that was! it was Jai£ 11. 1925. H was an all night session. Then, on the night of Jan. 12, we broadcast 'Sam 'n 1 Henry' for the first time." Feared Act Would Flop "Boy, were we 'scared! For Jour months only a very few people knew that Correll and Gosden were the creators of 'Sam 'n' Henry.' We were afraid it would flop and we didn't want our names associated with anything that wasn't a success, because v:e had already built lip some reputation as a harmony duo. "And our first bit of mail didn'L reassure us any." "It came alter we had born on the air three nights," Correll chuckled, "and it was written on r. postcard In pencil. • It ran sonu- llilng like this: " -I've been listening to you three nights and I don't like you.' " It's all changed, however., for of the thousands of letters received by Amos 'n' Andy every month, an almost negligible percentage aro of a critical nature. That night of Jan. 11, 1925, w:-.i 'mportant not only becau-e it he Thr commission renews Ihe nnieiuliit!oii i-ontulncd In Its rius ic-iiuils for coilllk'.Ulon ot| n.i'lunal prohibition act and IK-IS siipiileiiu'iita] lo and in nmeniiini'iu thereof. "K. Tli 1 .' i-n;nmisslon renews 1(5 immiinnidnlUim ol lenblallon (or miikhi'; pvoi-i-ilui-o In the so-culled p.idlcx'k injunction cnscs more ef- Hcllve. ' "U. 'It, 1 commission recommends k(;tilallon provldlnc a mode of iluui I piDfi'cillin; petty oitenses In Ihe I fcdenil unul.s and m^llfylng the In- leii net of 1320. us set chairman's Idler lo I In 1 nllorney neutral, dalcd M«y 23, 1U30. 11. I), liep. 160n. "'i'herc are dllfcreiK-es of view lunoni; Mu 1 members of Ihe commission a.s lo ciTtuln of the conclusions Muted and us lo some imilteis Included In or mnlUcd West Memphis Texnrkana Batesviile Newport Helena Arkadelphia 1,156 636 306 272 240 225 211 180 174 Follcwinj am icceipls for the lines, dictating, Charles J. Corrol!. week anrt^for the season at the'Andy himselt, siU at the typewritten Arkansas points "having the | er and WTltes Ihe lines dawn heaviest receipts last wee.:: Itlicy are spoken. last the | Both Share Work Equally w,-!ek season This does not mean that Amos Little Keck 1,156 91.427 writes the entire script. In fact the Pine Bluff 636 19.270 ! work is evenly divided between the Blylhevillc 306 15,4111 two. and both Amos 'n' Andy are SB' 0 " i largely resiwnsible for the lines 31.W.1 they speak on the air. J,?'™ A tcw minutes conversation,-n M'' c ' |little gossip, a few minutes of oral 1 j outlining of the situation and tiw ilot. and the work b3eins. Sometimes it takes only a half j hour to ccmpldo ths four slngb- Ocsden arc conceited, lor they two of the ir.oat democratic persons in the world. U is because they hnve a serious job, and they Insist that they be given the lime and the opportunity to do It right. Occasionally, however, intervlcw- er.i manage to get Into the sanctum sanctorum without appointment. InlroJuclion of the Klnstlsh Once a salesman gave Amas 'n Andy cjiilie an Impassioned sales talk on the m:rits cf 11:1 Issue of bank bonds which he was selling No bonds were bought, but In a few- weeks, (lie Klngllsh and his now famous bank were flrst Introduced Into (he Amos 'n' Andy series. Hut interruptions must not be frequent, or Amos 'n- Andy might, be, forced to disappear from the" air. Ei'.ch episode contains from 1500 to 2000 words, and six are turned out every week, which means more than 500.0CO words of copy yearly. Since they bjgan their careers, Correll and Gosden have turned out some 1800 episodes. Another striking thing in/this day of carefully censored scripts and sponsored programs is that neither the National Broadcasting Company na- the sponsor that pays for the Amos 'n 1 Andy broadcasts bas ever asked to read an Arrios 'n' SUNSHINE tl-.s birthday of this series, but be- Andy script before It Is put ori the C.356i' Lone Oak items Bnfurd Jarratt spsnt SaUirdaj night with Wess Carl Richardson. Miss Alma Ncedham and Haz;l Walker spent Friday nleht with Helen Hodge. Mr. and ,Mre. Charles Needlm'.n | spaced lypewrlten pages necessary jfor their 10 or 12 minutes on trr air. Sometimes, when especially important episode Is to bs written. it, takes them until almost time to go on the air. And sometimes several hours of thought and discus- spent Sunday with Mr. a:id Mrs. J. N. Koblnson. Mr. and Mrs. Kinnarfl Waiters B spent Saturday night with Mr. and coN Mrs. Raymond Hodge. Miss Alma Needham was th: guest of Hazel Walker Sntardiy night. Mrs. Bud Walker and da:ight.-r. Alberta, spent Sunday aflemocn with Mrs. J. N. Robinson. Mr. ard Mrs. Bud Walker went sion precede the writing of a singb cause en that night Correll an:] Gcsden decided the sravest qnos- asjtion which has ever faced them. That was: "Shall we give the public, legitimate, genuine Negro diale:t anj! situation, or shall we stick to th: i stage-minstrel type of story and i dialogue?" Decide on Real Stuff And before the sun rose on the morning of Jan. 12, Amos 'n' Andy had decided that, regardless of wluu the public wonted, or had bceri 'used to, their efforts would always b? I toward genuineness nnd realism in the portrayal of human nature aim" air. Correll and Gosden have built ap P. reputation for cleanliness and strict avoidance oT any comment or situation which might .In any : w»y offend the most sensltlvo of lls- (encrs actions. line. Beth Amos 'n' Andy, however, are they can write their episodes much marc rapidly than when I they first began their radio work ! as "Sam 'n' Henry" with static-) i WGN. Chicago. - i : How [dea Bs£an j i "It all started," Correll recalls, j "when some, one en the WGN staff' .>ir. mm ,Mr.s. tsun wu.Ktr »L-: <•• \ a£ket j us '° or g»nize a cast of ac- the guests of Mr. ar.d Mrs. Krby j tofrs fcr lho P^sentation each nljnt Hodge Sunday. of . a c , 011 ", c 5tn " «' "« =n-. Th4 Mr. and ^rs. Raymond Hoar.e. I °"8 mal ^ wns to hav " '"^ <>Mr. and Mrs. Kinnard Wallers were i "* c aeio.s. guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hem": I ' Butl ° 03 ar ' d : lalkeU u ovcr and I decided such a cast would be 1111- I wi^ldy for a ni^hlly feature. Tnerj i would be too little time for rehcar- and we did not think things They have never wavered in that decision. Even today, after writing the dialogues has become almost second nature to them, every uript is subjected to the most searching self-criticism before It Is permitted to go on the air. , In working on (heir scripts. Amos 'n' Andy take every precaution to assure absolute privacy. No per-1 son, not even their wives, ev,:r! Read Courier News Want Arts. Kkron News Notes Cliester Norton and family o! Roseland are visiting Tom Norton this week. Mrs. b. Franks had as her. guest Friday, it'cr nephew, William Curler of "Number Nine. Miss Ollle Ryan had as her guest last week, Miss Elite Mae Ryan of Dell. Bute Norton spent the wetlc end visiting friends in Lost Cane. Mr. Tom Norton hus as his guest for ths weekend. Mr. Jack Norton of Hayti, Mo. Church services will be held at Ekron School Sunday and eleven o'clock. Everyone is invited. Sun- clay school at nine thirty. HUNTERS SF.T IttCORD MEMPHIS, (UP) — A 15-point Hodge ol Half Mccn las', week Dedal Tcmlinson and Miss P?r- lin.i Jones of Half Moon wcro married Saturday nighl. ___ __ would move smocthly enough. S: we suggested a two-character cast, j capable of 'doubling' and presented deer, the largest ev:r received by|""> original 'Sam 'n' Henry' idea Alfred Schmidt. Memphis taxider- j which later became 'Amos 'n' Andy' mist, was shipped from Harris- i when we 'eft WGN." burg. Ark., by Gene Carter, hunter. "Yes, and do you remember how Schmidt reported having received ! they received our first suggestion?" 50 deer heads during the past sea- ! GCcden interposed. Correll chuck- son. a record for the past several I led. I "I our outline didn't sound Try This For iLGIA MEMPHIS. lUPl^Harrysteam- boat" Jchnson. former first sacker who became larr.ons when he banished Ty Cobb from an exhibition came In Atlanta. Ga.. will begin his 2Clh campaign in th? bii:c 111!-; >ear as a Southern League official. 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