The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1949
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, 'ATOIL 27, I'M!) m.TTHKVTT.T.E (ARK.)' COUHTFR KTCWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PACE 1JIIK1BCN THIS LOO^S -^•f PRETTY MUCH LIKE A AKA'IL. MO. IT PON'T/ IT STILL LOOKS I.IKE A. PIC-CF: OF RAIL- LIKE A AUVIL. / r ,-i- ' V A HlC-CK OF RAIL- I — 7~^\ DON'T tt? A Nil'! ,.!;•,' \ ROAP RAIL wrvil P"™" T•> HULL LOT, POM'T ) •'. ,|'' 7 WICVCS JM IT.' WL> I HULL II ? MllAR ."VS, EMOIJ6H. DON'T WICKS isj n / VOL> I WORK. ON IT-MOT DM ME --•^C^. -^v < -i.";-i>' <»-.-•- ,^- vJHY.VcX) BIS TOAt>? AS PHOJV AS AlO ATTACK OF OPhtTriM-EBOSIS A •ftWtJDCR.'-'-- V<XTVE 8fe»J . EVfiS, LlVie A. ROOLBTte BALL? OOTTHgf?& AKJ HOUR. PAltWWG CUWRS A 8RIGIH K)OV>i SOU TRUMP , UP SOME ReO LWD6R- W6AR FIFW FEET A\K)AV AMD so itfro Voufi V-:d^,ACT.' X ^TS'Mi 30ST9AMO BITER'S Rto 0»J WE UcSE -— I'M, NfiT.'—ESAD/t 7H\S.' FKICCKI.KS & IIIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSE* From (,'o\v lo Crooner Private Koo/ns j runm n.cijoining bath, rs. If dcslied. I'lunio room- Ph 2920. 4.25-uk-S]! Houin iH Wnst Walnut Men put-u I'auuu ^yiy -j 2j-c Uetjrooin, Kkichcn prmtcfits 'leni 10 l>i\ili No child ten I'll Coailor table heclrnnm Phone ;i675. < l5-pk-29 mmrnom, conircnient to bath 611 W Main, Phone ^2S H,Ul-plt-4;'JU ued-room private bath Ph ROGER THE LODGER ~~^A Ru F1i?nKAth R RnK*»rk cofviKHT »v GHiMiEiC: KJILISHU ^^J Dy LllZOOetfi iv. ^OOCn^ DUTHIIUTCD »v KCA stuvKE. INC T* \\\cn rhrj- nltrmpt Iti ^ vrtirtlNir knn*>NjC in l.rrni KnlU. MII.K. h»*ile* unftproirrf RUC or no* anmihrB ike K ' Ihrr hrfnit IIH kj •ltl*r O Uedronm 1109 ChlckiLsawba Ph 2B75 4;te-pk.-f>ll6 "SPECIALTRATES tiv the- week Fi>r Pennar-cnt Guests NEW GLENCOE HOTEL Air Condluoned for Summer Phone 4464 4 20-tk-5 20 Light hoiiRckeeplriB room. Ill E;nst AfiJl. I'hone 4605. - 4 2G-pk-29 rooms. Ph Dcarooms Blytlievllle Hotel Ph. 952 4 26-ph-5,2fi ComfortAblp. cool bedrooms. Close in Men only. 330 W. Walnut. H27-plt-527 Hedroom. 622 W. Main. Help Wonted Mini to iRke cliarK* of dragline on ei'ceiUase basis - Kew ntucJ tines. Cull L12d. 4,25-ck-5|2 Thp coaxial cable brUveen New Yotk City and Albany, N. Y,, \vlncti i.s no tincker than a's \vrLst, can ImntUe 1800 telephone eonver- salion.'; at the .same time. XXII OB and I were spending a quiet evening in the cool of the garden room reading. We were until he went to the powder room. Mrs. Joplin, the Morgana latest baby sitter, pufTed up the stairs, pecked coyly in at m« through the door he had througlulessly left open, and suid, "You alone, too, dearie?" "i\o, Mr. Roberls «'i]J be right back," I lold her unsociably. "I'll just keep yon company for a spell, 1 ' she said and sat dawn. "Sa.v now, dearie, do you tat?" she asked. "No." "Well now. you know, you're missing something. This here's going to be an edge lor a handkerchief. Ain't it pretty?" She brought over her work for me lo see and (eel. 1 flinched lor some unfor- lunabc when those hard kernels of tatting would scratch across her tender nose. "Yes, it's very pretty/ 1 I lied, and picked up my book again, "1 could teach you in no time," ehc said, "to la I good as me. Here.' the held out her shuttle and thread '"_;3ke this in your hand and I'l show you how it goes." "No, thank you." I said wUh some asperity. "I'm reading. 11 "What's the name of jroui book?" ] mumbled the title. "Never heard of it, But, sa? [low, did you ever read Sin Wase*?" "No." "It's good. All about a feller tha falls in love with a girl who's i love with somebody else and , . . Rob interrupted by returning to the room. He took a look at Mrs. Joplin, n questioning look at me, picket! up his book mid sat down to read it. That's what lie thought. Mrs. Joptin asked him what he was reading. Uob pretended he was deiif. She asked again, louder. Rob jumped up as thoufth he were in a hurry and hustled back lo the bathroom. Mrs. Joplin again took up the thread of her story. *'. . . And you know, that girl kept them I wo fel- lers dangling until first thinfi she knew, they was in such sympathy with each other that went on page and chapter. She Sav U . With Flowers THE FLOWER SHOP GEcnciic tluikling IMionc 4W1 or 2747 A smt tO« Witt HOMl . .. A OlilON »OR WtRT OPENING DEAL'S PAINT STORE IUU bust Alain Phone -HSU One female praying mantis has bpeti known to devour as many HS eight enamored males. n in: i n ', MiHrt Brnifw . . . Wtar »!»•••<• THE Raccoon ., » IN «.L OUTWARt) APPtARAMCES A HflCCOON.'BUT ITS FEtt ARE DIGIT! GRADE, NOT PlAMTlGRAPE, <«MD IT IS A HWJl DOG. To all outward appearances DEALS PAINT STORE Is just like any other store . . . but it's really much more. It"« the company with the friendliest service, finest merchandise arid lowest prices. We maintain « VnKh reputation at all times and are centrally located for your convenience. The "R. U. Aware" Contest ends today. For details on submitting your serapbook, see our ad in this paper, or call at the store. Oil tc'urncd U> his chair, casting Hi* look that kill.? ;il Mrs. plin as he passed her. "1 v, r ns jusl lellinfl your wife," he said, "about . . ." Uob jumped up nnd ducked buck o where he'd been. Mrs. Joplin said, "Is your lius- and all vijilit?" "All right?" "Sick or anything? I nolkre he runs lo the bathroom mighty often. t was the same with my m;in." "Mr, Roberts is not sick," "Thai's what we thought nUoul Henry. But you know, dearie, lie was dead anci buried Iwo months ifler he was first look with havin; ;o run all the lime. Has Mr. Roberts seen a doctor?" "There's nothing the matter with 1 Mr. Roberts." Rob returned once moro, but this time he didn't -sit down. He looked at his watch, a( Mrs. Joplin, and then at lii.s watch again, Taking the hint. I said, "Mrs. Jopiin, isn't it time for you to get the bottle ready tor the baby?' 1 "Nope." she said, "I £Ol hor door open and if she cries I'll hear her. I ain't to feed her 'lc:.s sh<* wakes up. Mrs. Morgan's trying to break her of the 10 o'clock feeding." • • • T>OB bolted from the room again and banged the powder room cioor loud enough to waken bnby �� niul Henry. "Thai man's sick," Mrs. Joplin sLiid JirmLy. "Just like my Ik-my, in such a hurry every lime. Now, <toano, tic's got lo see a clot-lov. Though/ 1 she added sadly, "1 dim't kiiDw's il docs any good. Tlipre ain'l nothing they can dn (or n man when he's as bud olT us poor Mister Roberts liere." Slie ga/j'd nl the door as unhappily «is Hob had exiteil from life itself. u l*oor feller/ 1 she said, "and he ain't such an old man, either." ) struggled lo Ihjnk up some- poliif way to get rid of her. I (iitin't want lo hurl her reelings, poor old soul, but I didn't want tier company, cither. She had me treed. H was cool and restful in the garden room with all aevtin bin windows open; 1 could stay (here vilh the mixture of cool air from jut-of-doors and liol air from Mrs. loplin, or 1 could go upstairs In bedroom where the air would l be hot. While J was weighing Ihe advantages of moving against the disadvantages, Rob returned oiu:e again. He stood in the doorway and made signs that he wanted mi: to ooU Mrs, Joplin out of the room. He had nothing on mo; I wanted liin to ootz her. The biiby, that dear darling, dc- ightful, de-lovely little character did for us what we two big gillie.s hadn't been able lo do for ourselves. Mrs. Joplin jumped up at the first cry. "I'll be right back," she s;\it ; consolingly, "soon's I got her COTTON FARMERS Chemically delinlRii cotton seed germinate quicker, phittl and plow the same week. Reduce clmpiihic r\pcn?.c and produce'more cotton per acre. STATE VAKIKTIES AV,UI..Ui[.h 1). & P. JL. No. II, per 51! Lb. U*s J10.UU I), i P. U No. 15, I'er 50 Lb. Has JU.OU Stoneville 2 B, Per MJ Lb. Big 10.0U Sloneville 'i C. Per JO Lb. Bag ID.UU Kowden «l-B. Per 5» Lb. Bag 10.00 Hull & Halt illibjfd). Per SO Lti. Ha; 10.0U Cokrr's tdfl Wilt ReMstant. Per SO Lb. Bne 10.011 Paula, frr 50 Lb. Bac 10.00 Empire, Tef SO r,h Has lO.On Com* in and place Your nrdrr or ant Tom siipplT torlaj. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. XriS Blytlieviltp, Ark, IMione 857 Branches: Lpachville, Ark., llornrrsvillr. .Mo. and Senath, Mo. 6* rhoneSS8 >09 fASr MAIN STMIT v/> H C O m m .STUDEBAKER Choose A Number 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1946 Cars and Trucks .. . whatever model you wanl, you'll find it her* at Chamhlin Sales Co.—a I a new low price! Plan lo come in tomorrow. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 888 •STUDEBAKER 1 AMD THAT w«s MCBMAM HIGGLE,ThfE ONE-MAN ZOOf HOW, |:OK KIND OP MOOINO -- lARO — -AMD HIS MANANA MAMA. / I LOST MY HEART , M HAVAMfl V \^^f IT TO A BlKK-EYEO RUWflA, D * M fJ^W r SHE SWO SHE'D tOVE ME •• "S\l "EITHER ,' thing to koop in mind. Jones. is that n mnn »tart thinking lie can get rich too quickly in this business!" "The bi muttn't HISCILLA'S POP iMolhml In HIT Sadness AL VBRMEER THERE GOES RICHARD 1 NOW HE PRETUND5 HE DOESN'T VOU OUGl-ll TO FORGET ABOUT HIM. PRISCIl-LA? HE ISN'T SO MUCH.' BOY.' WILL TELL M WE'RE PEAKING TI=RM5 AGAIN. lly MICHAKL O'IMAI.LKY and RALPH LANE JJa have liked an answer to ttiat question myself.Mcdttwfiile... IW GOING DOWN TO \VERV GOOD. SIR. I WISH POUCE HEADQUARTERS, \i KNEW WHAT PHBUS. CAII/V1E WHtHJ ABOUT. WHAI'S WHERE THE PONDS ^~^l.X THAT GWNNEl WANTS YOU IHVITCD US TO YOUR FARM \SS5SS AND FAII.ED TO pur IN AN APPEAR- ANCf. I DIMHD Mi ATOIOGV. SIR.' SAY.CHANNU STEP OVER HERE ' DETAINED ON BUSINESS I PONDJ TALK AND T MOVE BUGS- \VASH TIIUKS »y LRSMB TURNER ..-SO A GOOD J05 FOR. VOU, GIG1 YOU SEE, WECE A.LL COMFIDEMt QUIT LIQUOR. FOR GOOD THIS TIME! (VGOOD JOR ACM WIIV. ICOU1.D <36T HOUSE SOOM. AMD CMHV WITH MCi MftDB ^ GOOD START, Glfl... BUT SOOMBR OK LATER AU ftlCOHOl-ICfe CRWIUQ FOE ONE MORE DCIHK UPSErs HIS POW£K 10 REIWOW. OR TO Flour IT OFF M.ONE... MJD HE W«KEO UP...BACt WHRCt; HE srACTED'. THIS TIME SOMEONE WHO'S LEARNED THE AH5WEK TO jjM, IIIRU OOIWG TO HELP PULL VOU THRU BUT BEN KUEW HE COULD CO WO GOOD TILL YOU ASKED FOE. HELP HELlO THERE PLEASB? //FT, WOE1II. HE'LL 6E BACK OW FRIDftY HUGS IUJNNY By FRED HARMAN SO... LOAFING ) A9A1N »v V. 1'. HAML1N THERE.'.' DON'T THAT YOUE ^ PAIN? I TELL YOU. OOP, 5TA6SERING LIFE. BURDENED UNCEE- TH" CKUSHINS \VEK3HT CEOWN, 15 A. /• YEH. Pf2ETTy A.VFUL "IT MUST BE.' ITS ABOUT TIM£ iOMEBOOY PUT 1947 1948 1949 HOOTS AND HKR KDUDIKS By KDGAR MARTIN quicl." Thai's what she thought. Kob slammed nnil door behind l\cr so almost cjuij-'hl her tail Nexl Belty found Till IP. quiol girl wlio seemed beyond rcprtniirh —-until I round her Ptirtchcd out on my long i:bair in the garden loom reading rny hook. She said Jl was awfully Botid. 'Lei me see it." 1 held o\il my hand. Til lie passed the book over, thanked her as though she wanted me to have it, and carried stairs, feeling ^o mean 1 might as well have let her keep it. J couldn't enjoy it anyway. <To He Continued)

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