Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 5, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1896
Page 5
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1 * Dunlap's . . Celebrated Silk, Stiff and Soft. •Spring- Styles.= DEW-ENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. ThOucker & Sharpe Co = Tailors - » Will Dissolve Partnership July First That neans a Reduction of Stock. THE RETIRING PARTNER MUST HAVE CASH To make a long story short: we will make suits to order in the latest style, and best workmanship, and guarantee them to fit, for the lollowing spot cash prices. ; ^ i. Choice of Our Stock of Spring and Summer Suitings $25.00 A full assortment of suitings bought $20.00 to sell at $30 and $36 for .... v A limited stock of the greatest bargains on earth for • We reserve the right to stop this sale wjth- in a week-as soon as the required amount of cash is realized. If you wait till tomorrow it May be too late. The Tucker & Sharpe Co. 315 Pearl Street. , TO BE BEAUTIFUL And Remain So is Something, Quite an Art. How to preserve, restore and improve beauty 1* something very near.and dear to" a woman's heart. With woman : beauty Is next to Godliness, not taking second place to cleanliness.: for beauty 'cannot be obtained without cleanliness, the one evidences the other, especially as regards woman. This can be obtained by using Madam Strlngham's'Imported Face Bleach and Massage Cream. Those suffering- with cutaneous disorders can be positively cured with' these preparations, also 'birthmark*, superfluous . hair • treated' successfully. Catherine StriDgham, DERMATOLOGIST. .Agents wanted to sell, tho above pro-' .paratlons. ' • . DAILY 1 JOURNAL FRIDAY. JUNE r,, 1S90. mm^mf^^SSHS^HS^^f^^ Subscribe for The Journal. All siioes shlned free at Otto's. Gea Harrison has th« finest line of hammock* In the city. George Harrison handles Laodreth'» flwt class garden, flower and BeW *eed0. ' . .'••. Dr. J. H, Forrest, well known In this elty and.county, having lived at-Gal- Veston, has been, made n member of the school board at Marlon nodjcska Playing in Measure For Tleusure. Wasn't playing such.an Important part in life as the tailor whose reputation depends upon taking your measure perfectly and fitting your clothing perfectly to that measure. That's what HER55 docs in such an easy manner that your clothing (Its like a new skin, with only variations to make it accord with tho very latest style. To keep In the swim you must keep In with HER2. One of his suits Is a passport Into swell society. 409 HARKET STREET. Evil McHale entovt^ueA a few flends-m in* home on yoit^ street last Kindergarten entertainment in the First- Presbyterian church at half after 3, Friday afternoon. Natural gas bills for the moutb of June are now due and payable at the company's office on Pearl street. . The board of missions for the Indiana diocese of tho Episcopal . church . has voted $4,000 to home mission work In the State next year. \V~antcjd.— Furnished rooms suitable for light housekeeping, family of two. Or small house in Eastend. Address O. 0. G.. care The Journal. Lost.— A long dark tan pocket book containing notes 'and personal papers. Finder return to R. E. Overran^ corner (•; Third and Broadway and receive reward. . Kcv. C. B. WoJHiorn will address the men's meeting 1 at the R. R. Y. M. C. A, rooms Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, His subject will he , "Morals and Mo,ney." The ladies of the Christian church will hold an ice cream and dake social; at tlio residence of Mr. J. B.' Skinner, hi; Maple Grove this evening. Refreshments' 10 cents.. ' . .. .' '• . Any person or persons caught: carry-. ing off flags from graves of soldiers from njiy of the cemeteries will be prosecuted, as it is an unlawful net. By order of Committee G. A. R. PROMISED TO BRACE UP.. Isaac Baker, who ' was -arrested Wednesday night upon the charge of intoxication, was arraigned in Justice Waltcrs's court yesterday morning and pleaded guilty, to the charge ami was fined one cent and costs, part of ; which was 'settled, and he was released upon; a piomlse to lefoim He icturned to his home-at Adamsboro. BACK AT THE Cleveland Won the, First From the Orioles; QAflE THIS AFTERNOON Anderson Ball Club to Meet the Otto's—Ball Talk. .'. ) The Spiders'iii-e The lenders ll)U'ml->nK ing. By winning from Baltimore'yes-' tL'rday they set tin- Orioles. back'to st?c! : nnil place and secured a-- j sliort .lcad,od!. six points. The two dubs, ai'e. evenly nmtclied, and the' sorMPof Ihree games between thon'1 will lie* fought to a iliiisli: Cincinnati slml MIC Bridugrooms 1 - mir rtiul fat-toned her per cent, teu /polii't:-'. Boston has five points the lieft of riiila- dclplila for fourth place, while Pitts- Imrs nnd Brooklyn iin; a 1u> for sixth. Following; are. Tlio scores of yesterday..'.? game-;, • •• At Baltimore—Cleveland 7, -Balii- inori! 1. At Philadelphia—Pittsbnr;: <i, Philadelphia 7. At. Bos f« u—Chicago '•'•, Boston S. At Bniolilyii—Clnc-innall C', Brn-jk- lyn fl, • ' At New York—St. _Louis •:?,•• New York 1.::, . At Washington—Louisville 0. Washington 10. • .."".'. STANDING Ot THE Clubs Won Cleveland .22 Baltimore -i"> Cincinnati 2n . Boston ..23 Philadelphia 21 Pittsburg IS Brooklyn 10 Washington IS Chicago 10 New York ..17 St. Louis ' 11 Louisville '... 9' CLUBS.,. Lost Per Ct. 32 .GIT 1-t Ml 15 ' '.HKTr 15 .005' '.obo .500. .500 .480 •1C IS 10 19 .401 '23; "'•; .282' 30' ' ''".231 PLAY THE ANDERSONS TODAY,'.,' Ottos Will Meet a. New Club at the Park This- Afternoon. '" "•'•'-• • - • n'.'V Tlie Ottos will face a new ball team-'at 1 . t!ic park thls.at'ternoon, and one which.- if all accounts they have been. giving 1 of themselves in the .Ramos they have' been.playing are true, should give Hie home boys a good game. They playejj two gauies at Eockvlllc. and though tlio giants from the country .village of P.arke. county drubbed them both times, they Pilayed- good ball. The Andersons will also play tomorrow afternoon."' That aggregation of farmer's from Rockvllle will bo hero Sunday sifter-^ rioon and .Monday for two games. 'lhe Rockvilleitcs believe they hare the best club in the state, and. It:remains,tp.j liaseon wlietl'.er they can hold the chain, pious up or not. • . : - : Manager Keller Is in receipt of a letter, from Cou Hal-low, who Svent'to Hm^ n'fillsvlllc. New York, to ;< catch fort'lie 1 club of the Eastern ..Inter-State league,' of that place. Harlnw would come back to Logansport, and says he has a.-cruo-k-;, crjack of a pitcher to bring with lilm.v The best club, In the Western: league, so considered by many at ienst,;-wHl-'lw in Lognnsport Wednesday for -a. game with the Ottos. The St. Paul club stand's third In the per eentage . column;';, but •they have been running., up ngain^t,. some tough luck within the past ;i few days. It will be a game worth; seeing.. in any event, for the' home team will do Its best to make a good showing. •' ;••>• INDIANA'S SHARE: ; ^ Proportion of Appropriations in River and Harbor Bill..(, A special from Washington says: Th-j Elver and Harbor bill,; "'.as', .iln-illy passed by Congress over, ft.hc Pro,si- dcnt's veto, has the. following appropij;. •atlons for Indiana: f •• .••.'a.; l 'J : Michigan City, .outer harbor .$70,000, inner harbor iflO.OOO. Wolf Jake/'new project; $8.000. (This appropri'atlbnJw-aSi; knocked out In' the. Senate '.'at. the' Jii- sitance of Senator Turpi.e, It is,said, but was restored in conference. at ..the. .rat quest of Congressman H«menwayv)'Wa- basli'river above Vincchnes $0,0.00,.below VJneenncs $15,000, . Whlte^riyer $2,HOO. ' ' " ..•;:•',:.• '•' A CRAZY WOMAN AT^ARG'E, ,'.". Peru Chronicle: A strange woman Is roaming about.the fields and 'woods.a, few miles east of Bennett's Switch. Ph;.'. wns first seen yesterday moi-nlhft by the mail,carrier and. her singular ao- 1 t!oiis'<.attractod his especial -attention.' Later along in the day she inet.'iCcouple of .young -girls 'on .the highway.. ; 'nnd drawing a knife threatened.them,,wltl>. : violence. Towards evening she was seen in a field •anil, a-posse -ofioitlzohs; was made .up to go after her,;"1wt : she escaped to -the woods' and'^hvis eluded, them. She Is supposed tfr-ha'ye'.escaped from some asylum.' 1 , .•...'' SPRJNQ NECKWEAR,, SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. G. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COHPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my '---line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing. Daniel W 'Bnshni.ll Charles'S : Dennl ^ ion ind I Walker Sharp of^Indlana havp been appointed composltois In the Go-* mnment printing office t Subscribe for The Journal i PERSONAL ! "c. D'. Billmau was dt Tern yesterday >0 '•',<•... ...'/-' i •• qn.businesi?. - • ''--- • ,JIarry J.owe of Mqu-ticello was'in tlie city yesterday. ' . .-. 'Hon. W: D. Pratt-was-at'Marion yesterday on 'business.'' Miss Marie Welch'has. returned from a pleasant Visit at South Bend. The Misses'Maud and'Dessa Durand of Peru were la 'the city yesterday. " Mrs. 1 Lew TJeMutb and son arc here 'fr'bm Huutiiigtou'visftfiig relatives. Miss.Alui'a pelden is the guest of her 'sister, •Mr.i .touiK.K,e;in of. Chicago. Mrs.'F.."S, Wirts .of-Chicago is visit- lug Mrs. -R:-W. Robinson of this city.- 1 ;:Gee Xuce. has returned from a visit with Warden Hunt of-Je'ffersobville. -.Mrs. Ai"P. Jenks t .'and : ' Miss Lillian 'Harris are visiting ••friends at .Torre Haute, ' " • "'•; ".'.'.i-- . - - ; R! .W. ATHlCTsbn was'.here, from Converse, early in the week.^or. a visit with friends. • , ^'(t) • 'Mrs. G/ C. Stewart of Kofcoino is vlslt- Ihg' her parents; 'Mr. •aiid-'Mrs". E. M. Howard. "' ' Ja'me O'Bear, Surveyor' '.of Carroll .cQiiaty.-was i.n ,rhe, dty,_yesterday on business.. • . •• .. ..-:..,. -!.'M-rs.'A...B. Coleman •aJid-daughtor of Remington were in the city yesterday ••hopping.'.' •'••• •'•' ' :: Mrs..Baker, nee Miss Fannie Knowl- Ion'of'Chicago is visltlng'iier uiother on Eel River avenue. ' "' "' . _ .. Mr; and Ml. Will G.ra'flJs'... of East Broadway are eutt-rtaiuLn'g.Miss Adams of Toledo. Ohio. -;. ' i' :!• •Mi ; . nnd Mrs. Cmikshahk- ."have re-, turned from Terre, Hautcfafter -a vi«lt there with relatives. "•>'•''-'• . ••; : Judge 13. /. Wiley' of''B'entoii. county is'jiete'to preside over tHeCass Circuit court for a day or two: rC ;''.-•' .lssColia Klloy. Is. he'nrfrpin Marion, the. gneS"of Mlss.!M.ac,,'HurIey. -.'She .will'remain .over .Sunday;-:. : • Ed Smith, formorly'.of.nhis city, was here yesterday.for'several hours on iiis way frohi "Delphi "to"M'arljnV Harry Tnttle has'fl'iiifch'cci. a courso'at Hall's .ImsincsscolieKe; and lias gone-to Anderson to. take a position.;; • ''George- Wagner"oi; Pjeini-,.was in the city "yesterday-auendlug.:.the marriage of 'al'r.'Klh'ie. and : iIlss'.WIle. Mjss' A'lice ?,rali]n''iJf^?t)Koiiio. who has.-been"the ^ucst.'of.^h'c^nspes Just ice of'tills, oi ; fy.lii'.^returnRd';hbnie. :'.. - •'. Mrs.xA'."J'.' Brake ip'f'Chicago .is-, tan gnest •o'r'lJer mothers"'.Sarah' A. .Scott, • and herjsistcnv Mrs.'Lewi? Sheets a.t'.Xo. 302. North '.street:.;.';.;; ; :-V' ' ' • •. : Supt.'l'v'T.-H.'itch.of.;t'fip;-.yondalla-re- .tuni'ed' ; .vestPrdayffonrSt:-TJou!s. .where ho hasHie'cn s'lnce''''f5fe : o-clpue, looking' af'terVruulaMa affair?.,..',,'. : ;";.''." - •• Wabasii Trliinne: . ; Mrs:iGeorge Kline' •went to ^Logansport , yesterday,;, .to be. present at the wedding,of : licr-son, Ha^ ry.'Avhifhoccurs-tbday.'••"'•'' •' "" '•• Mlss,'Hattle>;inn : we'n;' : ro--Tcrre,IIaiite yesterday for a v.i.sft/w.i.tl'f'ti : iehds. 'and. fljll attend commencement exercise* lit De Pauw univei<-tn nefore icturnlng Ddplii Tournal Mi Fred D Lnn dis of Loginspoit dcliveiPd the Me moilal address ntShnron 'The meeting was in every way a success and the address is spoken of highly. " Columbus .City Post: "Mrs. R. G. Rutter arrived in.thc city from Warsaw tins morning, and was the guest of Mrs. Grace Sliafer (luring her stop in tlie city while on her way to Logausport. Monticello Journal: Mrs. Wm. Shafer and children of Logansport are visiting in the city.:.. ..Miss.HatUe. Bergman, who has been visiting Miss. Henrietta Fox, returned to-iier home In Logansport this afternoon. Peru Journal: Misses Rosa and Emma Clay went to Logausport this afternoon to attend the wedding of Miss Lot- ticWild io Mr. Harry Kline, of Wabash, tills evening Rufus Magee of Logansport was in the city today. .Tauics .Evllslzer ajid Ethel Sherick roOe to Royal Center on their wheels. Wednesday evening. On their return home they were.caugbt in the rain when four miles from this city, and were compelled to walk and push their wheels home. ENGLAND'S PREMIER. Lorrt Snllxlrary'ls Well Cp. In Science at Well »• Statecraft. Personally Lord Salisbury is a. deeply read and cultured man. He spends a good deal of time in his laboratory, is very fond of chemistry, possesses much practical knowledge of electricity, and has delivered more than one able address before such bodies as the British Assoication for the Advancement of Science. He is not physical! j' :i£ strong 1 as he looks, ajjd the immense volume of work he accomplishes, . coupled with 'very little exercise, makes him in reality a somewhat delicate mnn. In appearance lie is impressive without being- handsome, and his- ordinary demeanor is one of apparent indifference nnd aristocratic hauteur. . Like him- 'solf in character, his oratory- is imperious. forcible nnd. effective. At his fa- r.ions sent in Hertfordshire— HatfieM house-— Queen Victoria has been more than once - entertained by Lord Salisbury, as in n past century h.is ancestry entertained Queen Elizabeth, and there he thoroughly enjoys, whether in or out of .power, the generous country life 'nnd opcu hospitality of the historical nnd typical "{'UK: old English gentleman." Taken altogether, • ;t ho present Eng 1 - "lish premier. is an cxtraordinury and interesting figure in. the politics of this ['period. 1! is; patriotism 'is ^strong .and sincere. -but it rests upoii_ tae forms of ihe 'constitution and- upon- loyally to the crown ratlu-r than upon the mod- "t'm principle of loyalty to the inimc- tliate and 'changeable 'will of a popular democracy., And Lord Salisbury in tills 'case imclouht'edly em.'xii'liesrhcnnt- imjl htfVt-dita'ry iin<3 i'nhfrc.r.t conservatism of tlii- Kiifflish-'pi'opli 1 .— J. Castcll lsiiis. -in C'hautaueiuan. ; AGAINST A BAND. While Mr. Nicholson, author of the temperance bill bearing his name,, was speaking iii the conn: house at Deeatur, i): is cliamt'd that Uie saloon element hired-a brass baud to play in front 6£ tlie bniding so as to draw the people away. Afterward the band was. removed one block away. but. not until after considerable feeling had ;been aroused. ' '•••;"' - ••• THE GRADUATES. -;• .Following are the graduates' ot'. ; the Holy Angels' academy: Misses Marguerite McCaffrey, Ajina Stafford. May> Mahoncy. Margnerite Invin and Mamie Knull. The exercises will be held Thursday evening. June 21>th. A "PEEPER"'DETECTED. • A "Jack tho Peeper" made his appearance again Wednesday night. The fellow was seen peeping inlo the residence of Mrs. Shade on High street, Mrs. Shade was badly frightened aud did not give any alarm and was unable -to give a doscrip-tion of ihe man's face. KLINE-WILE. Last evening at the German Lutheran church occurred the' marriage of Mr. Harry Kline of Wabash and Miss Lottie Wjle of this city. Afler the ceremony had been performed a reception was' tendered the young couple by the 'bride's parents. OX TRIAL FOR MURDER. .Tolin Graham, tho ex-saloon keeper of BurJingtou is now on trial at Alexandria, charged with the murder of Jack Wortiiiugton. It will be remembered that. Worthington was resisting arrest and Graham, who was acting as policeman, killed him in what ho called self- defense. Don't smile, brethren, because a Ken- tiK-klan h«s patented an .invention.for emptying bottles. Perhaps he has .'ills- covered a way v by which, to breathe without ungluiug 'the lips.-Chlcago Dispatch. (Ind).. A Belgian, patent, lasts twenty years, provided that it Is worked in Belgium. Subscribe for The Journal. Edith-— I'm in a qiianilary. • Isabel — How is that? , _ ; "Toir'i promises to stfp tlrinl;ing if I isarry him arid-Jack Ihreatcns to begin If '.I- don't:"— Tit-Bite.'. ' ' ' It is English to e"nt salt.oiVyour.straw- berrles. and'hundreds of people 1 In the cist ire making themselves bVf -ick in the'effort to make other people, con- ci them chumps—Kan«is CiU TOJI mil Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fait, •DR; J 4

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