The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1949
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 1940 BLYTHEVHXE (AEK.JT COURIER HEWS Britain's Dollar Shortage Places European Recovery Program In Jeopardy, Observers Report By Harve)' Hudson PARIS, July 27. (d'j—Britain's critical dollar shortage lias exploded liUo an economic crisis tor all th c Marshall plan countries. The unexpected British request lor SU24.000.000 more American aid than had been tentatively allotted to her, broke like a bombshell among the other countries. This was especially true since [lie others hart become resigned to a slash in available funds. I.ftadcrs of thc Democratic Parly if • i r • n i In &• United States Congress ag- ! «'" JWVJVes Plunge reed yesterday to an appropriation j from Brooklyn Bridge of about 16 per cent below what * Ihe European countries had hoped to receive. . One F'rcnth official said yesterday the British request "could break the Marshall plan wide open." The British request was transmitted in a secret note to the Organization for European Economic Co- NKW YORK, Julv 27— W)_A 20- ycar-uld Kirl plunged from the Brooklyn Bridge, landed ill the East River about, 100 feel below and was alive today— one of a few to survive the leap. The girl, arace Cakcnras, of the Bronx, \va.s listed in fair condition "" "" c"""i«.»" c.i.^™ii.«. v^u- monx. was stcd in fair rondilior operation *OEEC) Tins "the or- at Cumberland Hospital! B™n shaU plan fi"nds S; U '" I Shc Was pllllcd fl '° m thc Cntitonls of the note leaked out to thc press yesterday. inm , inc O|)se| The British said revised calcu- vue Hospital la lions showed the sterling are.i ; , _' would ha ve a dollai 1 deficit of \ $1.547,000.000 for the year suutiiig i Small Girl Drowns July 1. It implied that Britain would j i c f . need that much dollar nid or would ln farm MOCK Pond said she was discharged last week from the observation ward at Belie- have 10 cut its imports fltiri undergo drop in living standards. AU lloriuests St-.Ucd Down For 1948-10-13. Britain By The Associated 1'rcss A little girl drowned and a mru received • ua - s shot to death in Arkatisa: SJ.1'39.000.000, Who:) (Jjc requests Tuesday to boast the state's fat„..:_:„„,. were .submitted for 1949- 'Hty toll for the week to nine. Nine-year-old Linda, u>u Slirum. -Ray w . - Dritiiii estimated she would need N'i . i.114 000.000. She pointed out that j daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. is was n 10 per cent, cut trom> f J 0 >' Shrum of near Ever Ion (Bonne le previous year. I County*, was found dead in a stocl Thc American Economic Cooper- ! P^'id near her home. Officers said (ion Administration, in a general j 'here was no indication of foul r PACE rrvE .ivestock Jourler News Photo NEW SUPER MARKET—Above is the new Ben T. Mays' Super Market at 21st Street and Kenwood Drive In the David Acres Subdivision. The 48 by 80-/oot building is of buff brick and has plaster interloi walls of pastel pink. Operated on a self-service basis, Ihe store has two check-out stands and space for third. Shelves throughout are of steel. Floating air re/rigeratlon wilts are used In (lie market and cold storage department. Off-street parking is available for customers on both sides and at thc front and rear ol the building. The building was designed by Adolph F. Hemicke, Blytheville architect, C. M. Baxter of Blythevillc was the contractor. Gay Old Scribe Hotel Ain't What It Used to Be When Klaxon Made War Correspondents Hop Congress has trimmed the a- | , - stil! further rtnd prospects j c£ i with first degree murder. Mc• 1'ro s •* iie shot Morgan, was charg- K sini nirtnpr suici prospects j vu v\nh first degree murder. Mc- •ior an approprialioti of less • ^'°y was quoted us saving the than S4,COO.OOO,000. j shooting was the outgrowth of a If Britain's newly proposed re- j year-old argument, mieM, were granted it would mean- Another"drowning, three suicides, then that she would he ecttiug Uo traffic accidents, and an in- abmit 40 per cent of American 1 du.stnn! accident have caused other aid. i deaths this week. It also would mean other Euiop- > u" d ™o hCei'tain. l ° *" i U- 5 - -Ambassador Doug/as The crisis arises because all dor.-1 Undergoes Eye Operation Isions of the OEEC must be un- | ".llimous. If Britain should hold out ! LONDON. Julv '27—(/Pi—The U.S. or a bigger sharp ill the face of ' embassy said today Ihe condition :ie greatly reduced number of riol- I of Ambassador Lewis Douglas, who irs. SJie might wreck all hope of | uiiciern-eiit an eye operation Monday real cooperation. i is satisfactory. ! The operalion was to remove a The age of Iron began about 1000 j . sn3 ,'uc,' c d die eve Uh^ I * k° r f B.C.. with the date varying in ' st ^ e A|)rll i a 10 w, c different countries. By Hoyd Lewis NEA Staff Correspondent PARIS —iNEA)— What lias happened to the Scribe Hotel, legendary press headquarters for SHAEP in World War n. shouklir't happen to a shrine. Businessmen wearing black horn- burg hats, parents with children, ladies whose rallies are proiwrly entered In (lie register-, traverse the lobby u-here Ernest llctnining- way once Jropped his bed roll. They sip their aperitifs in the Oar tiiat William Saroyan was bounced out of and eat dinner In the room vhere Jimmy Kilgallen, Marsh Yar- •ow. Austin Bealmer and this cnr- •espondent started a nightly foot ace. Gone are the platerboard titions that marked off the "war ounis, in which the interminable briefings were held on the progress of battle. The war at SHAEt* was fought on ceiling high maps, covered with •ed and black lines, arrows, army insignia and confusion. Staff officers who presumably had earned this purgatory by some offense against military discipline were assigned to daily jousts with ems. for the g "The Bronze Horseman" Is New Puskin Ballet MOSCOW — Of! — The Soviet Union's newest ballet — The Bronze Horseman — h a s been successfully staged by theatres in Moscow and Leningrad. It is based on Pushkin's poem of the statvte in Leningrad of Feter the Great. It is a new production of (he Bolshoi Theatre. par- for ld crowd into the war room Ike's briefing, tke didn't use the corre.spond- Tlie hriefins officer read the communique issued on the day's events. Then, armed only with > pointer, he attempted to defend himself against the efforts ol 30 to 50 correspondents to trip him into a newsworthy interpretation of the communique. Exception to tills routine was when General ]ke Eisenhower appeared after a big operation to give the press of the world the whv and the how of it. a pointer and he didn't have use double talk He'd answer questions straight, off. one, two, llnee, and his replies were the next morning's headlines. That loot race mentioned In the third paragraph waf a form of journalistic competition unrivaled since publishers raced their news from ships a| sea by fast yacht. Almost nightly during the closing weeks of the war. news deemed too important to wait for the regular briefings came back to SHAEP. The Army installed klaxons on all floors OJ the Scribe, and when these Hash announcements came in Col. Ernest R. Dupuy. formerly of the artillery, would press a button. The klaxon would sound thiough- degrees of undress uniform from out the hotel. Coi respondents in all degrees of undress uniform from bath towels to pajamas would tear down to the first floor newsroom. Dupuy would bar the doorway and read a flash. Representatives of UP. INS, AP and Reuters would type an urgent cable as lie read. As he called "finish" they would bolt lor the door and race up two flights ol stairs to the censor and cablelieacl. First filed was first sent. Scores o f correspondents without press deadlines made book on the contestants and cheered favorites on their way up the stall's to momentary fame and coronary thrombosis. Stimulants were administered to the athletes in the bar in the Scribe's basement. Although Hie Scribe was the home of the correspondents, it was Upwards of 100 correspondents administered by the Army brass. As "officers' quarters" it was off limits to enlisted men, and so when distinguished author Saroyan accompanied a correspondent to the Scribe Irar he was given the hcnve- ho. Saroyan was n sergeant. On his way out Saroyan bumped into moon-faced novelist [k'minn- way, who could buy drinks In tin Scribe because he was a correspondent and all cortes[joiulent; were simulated captains. Coltie Small said: "You lellow know each other? Ernie Hemingway, Bill Saroyan." Afterwards Collie asked Saroyan "Dirin'nt you ever meet Ilcmingwa: before?" "Yeah," responded Sgt Saroyan "but he had a beard then so h didn't recognize me. Nut all (he denizens of thc Scribe were celebrities, but many aspire to Hie role. There was the stou I correspondent, who strode about In j lobby when the war was 200 mile away, wearing field jacket and stee helmet. There was the exotic lad correspondent will) four husbam and three divorces. There was th pontifical radio commentator wit genuine beaver collar on his Arm overcoat. There was a correspomlen who lonked like a satyr and one wl looked like Apollo. There was hot water once a wee and champagne twice a mouth, lady correspondent had 17 bed rol stored In her room. Nobody wnnte bed rolls, but the Army issued thci to all correspondents. Some correspondents lived blithe disregard of Army or civ I law, but only one was arreste : General "Coin-house John" Lee MP's caught him bare-headed the street. Hail and farewell, oh Scribe! Commissioner Selected WEST MEMPHIS, Ark., July 27. fAP)—Jack Pettus Forrest City atlornr-y. is the new U.S. Commissioner tor the Eastern Division of the Eastern District of Arkansas. U'e.sf uiJI make his headquarters in Forrest Cily. He was appointee! to the fou;-year term by Federal Judge Harry J. Lemley of Texar- ka:ia. Engineers to Complete Survey for Reservoir WASHINGTON, July 27. i.F> — Rep. Trimble (D-Arki said today that Army Engineers have decided they have sufficient authority to complete a survey of the proposed Aichey Fork reservoir near Clinton Ark. Tins means, Trimble said, that the project can be included in the White River report which will be completed next fall and submitted to Congress. There had been some question, he said, as to whether the House Public Works Committee might not have to adopt another resolution authorizing further survey work. If this had been necessary, Trimble said, the project might, have been delayed another year. South Arkansas Cotton Damaged by Boll Weevil To Address Farm Group LITTLE ROCK. Jlllv Cotton made varied ANSWERS CHARGES — Charges of Francis Cardinal Spellman that Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt- (above) has a "record of anti-catholicism" were answered this week by Mrs. Roosevelt in her ropyrir,hleri column "My Day", published in the New York World Telegram. Cardinal .Sjiellman in a letter to Mrs. Roosevelt Thursday criticized her lor her opposition to federal funds for parochial and private schools and said "your record of anti-catholic stands for all to see." Mrs. Roosevelt wrote "I want freedom of religion to pre- vmJ in this country" nnci .s/iid she had supported Alfred E. Smith, a Catholir". in every campaign he ;JS1e. lAP Wirrphotoi. SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM J'ou cai. enjoy Ihe »rnndcrfa! camrniencf and economy oj having soft water on your larrn 11 you cct l modern Water Sntl- cncr from BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. S*. Htthwa; «1 Phone 2131 27— iiTi— progress in Arkansas during Ihe past week, the crop reporting service said in a release today. "The crop (cotton) is coming alone: satisfactorily in most east centra! and northeast counties, but frequent showers have been unfavorable for cotton over much of the southeast fourth of the state." the report said. ''The boll weevil problem remains serious in central and southern Arkansas although growers were able to dust effectively during the week." Rice still is making statlsfaclory progress, the report said. I G LON'OKE, Ark.. July n. rAp> Governor McMatJi Is scheduled address the Lonoke County Far Bureaus barbecue meeting here t< morrow. Alsn on program are President j Jo^ llnrdir and Executive Secre.- taiv Waldo Frasiev of thc Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation. NATIONAL STOCK YARDS, HI., illy 27. M'j—(USI)A>—Hogs 750(1; ilrly active; weights 250 Ibs down toady to 25 higher than Tuesday's UKC: heavier weights 25 to 'so Ighcr av,d uneven; bulk guod mid liolce 180-250 Ibs '22.50-50; top .75 for lew loads; 260-280 His 1.00-22.00; few 300-320 Ibs 20.000; no-no Ibs 20,00-2^.00; mostly 0.25-21.75; 100-KiO II) pigs 18.1100.00; good sows 400 Ibs down ms- 9.00; heavier weights 12.7S-no(|- tuns 11.00-13.50. Cattle MOO: calves 1200; steer upiily moderate in atimlt 35 loads ilcludillB seven loads southwest rassers; early trade somewhat low hut steady with one load Kanas grass steers In medium llesh t 21.25; odd lots light weight ciiin- fion and medium replacement steers 1.50-21.00; heifers and mixed yeiir- inss about steady hut action'nm- Ineil largely to medium and good ilncl at 23.00-1.'(i.oO; Ijecf cows stow; Ittle done; some canucrs nnd enters steady m 1500; liiiUliiif; unevenly lower on bulls: vcalcis leady: good nnd i.-iioice 23.00-2700' ommon and medium 18.00-2200 •FtOI'OSKI) WJDOKT OF 1)X 1'KN'I) IT UK I-IS TOfl FT 111-' n WITH TAX i.KVV FOB FISCAL VKAR IIKC.INMNO JULV 1 l?50 AND INCI.UDLNt; .lUNK 30. liiil Hie Hoard ol Directors of Gos- icll Schonl District No. e of Mi.s- =issippi County. Arkansas, in coin- )lianre with the rpquiremcnl.s at Amendment No. 40 to the Constltn- !"Il of thc State of Arkansas tdopted November 2, 1918. luvc prepared, approved, and hereby m.ike public the proposed budget of I'XIienclllures together will) the tax rale as I o] lows: General Control. S2000.00, In • triicllo.i. M«..|17.00: Oimatinn o School Building. $-1500.00; M-ilnte nance of school plant and equip men!. $2,000.00; Auxiliary Asenrle. (incltidini; 1 ransjiortiUi'in) : S5.S50. 00; Ciui'tal Outlay, 52.77300- Fixc>< Chnrses $1,050.00;'Debt Service S-l 533.00. To provide lor the foregoing pro |xv;cd budget of expenditures tin Hoard of Directors projxised a tt-: lew of 30 mills. This lax levy in eludes the present continuing lev. for tile retirement ol present hi dcbterine.s. 1 .. of 9 mills and tn pro vide for an adequate school pro gram for the year 1050 and 1Q5 school term. If the alKjve proposals fail, til whole school program xvill be great ly curtailed and will mean a down nrd gradlnpt of your Mhool. Your hool Js wJi.-n you make it. We in all give it our support. Given this 27 day of July, 10-19, Hoard of Directors, Cio.suell School District No. 0 of Mississippi County, Arkansas By IKwi CHldivrll. PrpsMenl and G. R. Lecllieltcr, Secretary •noi'Osi:n iiiHiKKT or KXI'I-VDITUHKS TOCIOTHFH WITH TAX l.l-IVV 1'OK FISCAL VK.lll !!];<;INNING Ull.y 1. IMO TO AN'I» l.Vt l.llDINli JUNK SO, 1051 Tin- Hoard of Diuvlors of Armo- c-l Si-I|M>1 District No. 9 of Mis.sis- ip|ti County, Arkansas. In oompli- itU'l- with the rnjuii eitlenl,--, of Unenclmenl No, 40 l<> the Cousin 11- lon ..f the Kt;iti- of Arkansas. idoplc-cl November 2. 11HH, have »rtp,mnl. approved, and hi'reby 1'ike public Ihe propi>.snd ImilRnl of xpcndititre-- lOKcthn will) the tax ale as follows: i 1 a! Ciiillivil, SSUKHIll; Irwlrui'- . 537.'KB,fl(l; Op.-niU.iii nf .v-luml tllil'j. 47001); Malntenaiur of cluml plant and etiuipmi'nt. SUi'lO: \uxili;iry Agi'iic-ics (incliullnn rans|Kirtalion). S-10.CXKI; fixed Chargc-.s iln.snraneei, S21WI; Drbt Service,. S-IOOO.Oa: Capital oiillay. MO ,000. To provide for the foregoing proposed budget of expenditures th« Board of Directors proposes a, taj levy of 20 milk. ThU tax levy Includes thc pro-sent continuing levy for the retirement of the present Indebtedness. 14 mills of the above promised tax lei-y of 2fl mills is for a projiosctl bond issue ol $63.000, estimated to run 20 years, for the purpose of erecting and equipping new school buildings and making and additions to present school buildings and refunding outstanding bonds, ivhich will constitute, a continuing annual levy until the principal of and Interest on Ihe bonds are paid In full. Given this 27 day of July, 1349. Board of Directors, Armorc! School District No. 9 o! Mississippi County, !iv R. H. Hale. President and Arthur Vance. Secretary ASK FOR 666 WITH QUININE "Benny Strong at Claridge in Memphis" MAI 1M\-10NC »r tin UGHT or mr S7*«« HUM IX IHl Ct tUlS ITOf f f fHf CtObtJ&f, Fina food . . . famous music and cooling breezes from ffie Mississippi River «r« in» perfect ingredients for glorious evening! rhii summer — in Memphhj at Hotel CUndrje. You'll dine «nd danc« with Ihe imartett crowds, in an ttmot- phere designed for romance on tn» beautiful M*gnoli« Roof. Oeliciout Table o"Hot« Dinners tta reasonably priced and you can remain to dance at no extra cost, any night except Saturday night. Plan your parties «nd com* to Memphis — and Hotel Clar!dg« for memorabl* aveningi under fh« tt«r»l AUGUST Ilii—JigCDST II* HOTEL CLARIDGE Arkansas Vote Split WASHINGTON. July 27—(>T>i— When the Senate refused, 41-27, yesterday to cut 57-5.CK10.OOO out of European recovery spending In the final quarter of thc fiscal year ending July 1, Senator Fulbright of Arkansas voted with the majority, but hts colleague, Senator Me- Clellan. voted against It. Calendar Bank A coin a day keeps it up to dote— saves money for you amazingly fast! Turn your small change into big money—Got Ibis clever perpetual Calendar Bank. It tells you the date and monlli—as long as you put coins in it. A coin a day is Ihe easy way tn save — Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters change the dale on this unique calendar bank. Quarters change the month. 2.ic each limo tfivcs you $!M.25 a year—in coins you'll never miss. Insert coin and wafch dale change—This smart-looking, coin-calendar bank is made of steel with gleaming ivory plastic. It has a lock and key. Here's Ihe easy way to practice regular saving. Teach your youngsters to save every day— Kvery member of your family will want this novel bank for his room or office. There is even a "Conscience Riot" in the back for extra coins, half-dollars and bills. SnW at aclual cost as long as they last— Here is another service to Society Savers. As long as the supply last.*, these attractive banks will he sold at actual cost. Come in and see this new bank. only 25 THE FARMERS BANK GT TRUST CO. The only State Bank in Mississippi County that is o member of the Federal Reserve System. Refresh... Add Zest To The Hour Drive Refreshed Lunch Refreshed iOIHED UNDEI AUtHOIITV Of IHE COCA-COLA CORfANV IV COCA-COI.A norruNG co. of BLYTHKVILUS ft UH, Tk. Ccto-Colo Co*t«rv

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