The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1939
Page 7
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MONDAY, AUGUST'21, 3939: CLASSIFIED \OVERTISrNG INFORMATION Wanted collsccu . Oally ''«• insertions: t'ne time 1)er n nc ........ ...... !0c TWO times per line per dny... .080 i irce times per line per ilay...cCo. MX t.-iies iwr |j ne p er clay....05e Monti, rate v>cr line ......... 60ci Cards of Thanks ..... . ..50a & 75cj Minimum clmrge 50c Ads ordered for three or six ilmcs anil slopped before cxpira- \on will be charged for the num- 1 tor of times the add nppcared and adjustment ol bill made. All Classified Advertising copy lutoiitted by persons residing out- >ide of the city i>A;sl be nccom- pamed by cnsh. Hates may be easily computed Irom above table. Advertlsiny ordered for Irregular insertions takes (.he one time rate, No responsibility will be taken lor more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Experienced lady bookkeeper and stenographer. Answer in own handwriting. Write Box "XX". c/o Courier News. Zl-pk-28 Welflinp EXPERT RLKCTRIC AND ACETYLENE For Rent Comfortable front bedroom Oul- _sJrte entrance. 515 Walnut. Prrne 3sl - 21-ck-28 Cool, south bedroom. Garage Hi- sonablc. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Wai." ut ; 21-ck-tf 2 lovely furnished rooms adjoining bath. Garage. Men only. 613 Walnut. Phone 859-W. 21-ck-28 4 room unfurnished apartment Bath. Phone 81G. c. Abraham. ' 21-ck-28 3 room tarnished apartment. 209 W. Kentucky. Mrs. Sisk. IDckll WELDING ne and heavy we specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Draff line welding s I'hnne 19 or Ros. 1019 Notice 3 room furnished apartment. COS No. 5th. Mrs. Ehra Crowder.. Ificktf Comfortable bedroom. Phone 277-J 025. W. Main. ; 18ck-tf One and two apartments. 70i room furnished \y. Ash. 18pk23 3 , room furnishcri apartment Downstairs. 108 w. Kentucky. plmne C83. If!plc23 Large front room, 2 beds. Convenient to bath. Phone 280. 8-ck-t! Nice large bedroom opening or sleeping porch. Mrs. Emma Nolen. .310 W. Walnut. 22-cS-ll For Sale *Wm« License frOH VmiK CONVENIENCE. \VF. \ K E I'REPARKD TO ISSUE YOm FISHING f.rOENSE AT f)I!(! STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Vhone 35 For Sale or Rent Four room house. George M Lee PI'OJic 329. 18-'pk-23 Playboy Thaw., Back in News 'ntofMtory finality and service In Dairy products. Cattle free ol 'ang's Disease, In best of physical onditlon. Call Mrs Grace Lowerv <a-J. tor Halsell's Grwlc A Ra» T»K. Cream. Country Butter But- ertntlk, extra or holiday orders nspection. encouraged nnytime UalSfilTs Dairy Promised "'.and. Route a ^Washing, Ironing Expert washing and Ironing, cheap , """S' 1 dry ami finfah. 6 quills > One day service. Willie Hell jrecn, behind City ice Plnnr. 8-cic-O-a Notice FOR SALE -1937 Ford pick-up truck, Friglrtaire drink cooliiijj box,.two Dayton computing scales,I HoMrt; sliccr, Allen adding nm- ehinefsjwo glnxs show case.?, meat blcctjjljHc. Tliis property forccte- ccl arid can be sold at bargain pricte*.' Call Reid & Evrard, Blylhs- ville. .phone 882. 21-ck-28 We accept applications for" loans. Build a home now. Easy repayments on monthly plan H1AI.KS LAND COMPANY No Charge for a Consultation 18pk22 Complete Beauty Shop equipment for sale. Almost new. Sec W. M. Taylor, Keiser. Arkansas. 17-ck-22 SAFE. 38x48. Weight 3500 poiinjs. TERMS. City, box 434. 5-ck-9-5 Cypress Gum Oax, ASH timber en 400 acres of woodland, 8 miles southeast Blylheville. D. R. Garner. Armorel. 3-pk-9-3 Money loaned on Farm Lands 40 acici and up. RIAI.ES LAND CO. Olcncoe Hotel I5Iil s . 18pk22 ir.uaf Sluggish Liver, work off hr bile, to rid yourself of constl- ntion. gas pains and that sour •ink Icellnc. ^ake one box o. Ice «CE-iCE Phone 10? JOHN mmm TCE COT.D WATERMELONS Minnow? For Sale GOLDFISH FINNOW3 Damcn. Cor. Railroad DOF..S YOUR CAR Shimmi/, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? It's rtangcrnin anrl cxprTisirc In drive with steering t!c.\r .im( f-ront U'hwls out of adjustment. Keppinfr them in nrdcr is so si'mtilc nnd Incxpcn- -c you should never trusl lo ncci-. ADJUST STEERING GEAR HJMI'I.KTK STEEKIXG GKAK ADJl'STMENT. us- ff^f «r clnrtins—ad,ji!stmc)U SI 95 of all Ball" Sochcl I joints — tightening A front Spring clips a ,. d shackles. (Paris Extra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The above includes a cnmplcte 1NSFECTIOX .ind'RtPOHT on condition of \Micel Alijnnveiit and factors alTcclinj tire'wcar) PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, ACTIVE LIVER PIIAS qt. all Klrbv Stores One flat-iop OCSK; one typewriter desk; one used typewriter nne four-drawer filing cabinet; Small adding machine and large safe. Tom Little Chevrolet Co. 17ck24 Harry K. Thaw, 68, whose play, boy caporings made sensational copy for newspapers of a generation ago. is back in the headlines. The wealthy Califorainh testified In a $2000 suil brought "gainst |,i m by a Los Angoies Physician trying to collect for treating a guest hurl in a fall in Thaw's home-. K^iirt Conner News want 'ans WARNING ORJHiK. Orion M. nigley Is warned to appear 111 the Municipal Court cf the city of lilvthcvillc, Arkansas, wllliin Ihlrly days after (he dale hereof, nnd unsiver n comiilalnt filed against him by Russell Uar- hani. Dalcd tills 19th day cf Aus»;t. FHANK WHITWOfmi. ol»i"> field fi TSvnu-d 8:21-28-0-4-11 Allorneys for Plarntiff. Nature Kills Mosquitoes Far Better Than Man BOSTON (UP)-A strange .shortage of mosquitoes this summer caused many to wonder—but. none to complain.-) EnUmcloglsIs explained that New England's worst droviln of record disastrous though It hns been to ertps. dried out the Uadlli;nal breeding places, leaving mosquito eggs Witliout Ihe water so necessary to their hatching. Since 1930 Massachusetts had spent $1,200.000 In digging ditches to drain marshes and snrcndlni,' breeding places with thick oil' to kill the eggs—but these methods were never fully effective. Colored Peps Supplant Tree Blazing Markers . AMHEUST, Mllss . (UP)-M«5sa. chiisclls state College Is using u S»Y" Ct ! 10< ! of mnrMll « trc « rmd Maaliil? Imlkj on Mjinil Toby cx- perlniemal fcrest men o! the col- Developed by James D. Curtis, forestry Instructor, tho neiv method bniivu:o pegs. mmiUorcd or cokrcd. for idciitlttaliii of trees iiml tru'iis. Curlis suys the new mcUiod pr:- vWcs creator pcnnimonco tnmi USED CARS WE'RE MOVING THEM OUT! OUR LOSS is YOUR Gain The MB: Fnnt Dculcr's Annual Ustd Car Clearance Sale Is mi arrt He arc out to reduce ciiir stacks iray dnv.ii. Prices are slashed (o move 'cm out! doing Fast— 1938 Cliev. Coach, lieautifuUy finished, Motor in A-l Concil- yoiirs tor only $495 1039 I'G Trg: Tudor, " looks & runs like new. Own djCQC this car for only <pD">> 1937 Ford Be Luxe Tudor, city driven, radio, C'OflC heater, only IpoU.! 1D36 Ford Tudor, newly painted, motor in excellent i>OOC shape <>JJ ' Come By or Call Us For a Demonstration. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ith & Walnut Phone 81 LARGE SEA MAMMAL HORIZONTAL 1 Hugo marine mammal. 7 It lives in the • Ocean. 12 Narrow inlet. "i3 Book of maps. 16 Man. 17 Adversary. 19 Biblical priest 20 Succulent. 21 Panel fish. 22 Nothing-. 23 Generally prevailing-. 26 Coffee beans. 2fl Yielded. :0 Large antelope. 31 Because. •32 Modern. 3'i Ozone. 35 Being. 3"i Porgy. 117 Playing card, 40 Meager. !3 Outdoor singer. 4B Obslructs. 51 Conscious. 52 Employed. 55 Fish eggs. 55 Flower leaf. 5V To cut grass. 58 His hide is used for 5911s f,il is called . VERTICAL 2 Wild buffalo. 3 Legal claim. •1 East fibers. 5 South Africa. G It is to the seal. 7 E.ike. 8 Te,i. n Peak. 10 Little devil. H Bashful. 1-1 Offers. 15 Indisposition Hit has ' upper teeth. 18 To;bars: 20 Membrane bag. 24 Portrait. 25 Conception. 2"i Cetacean. 28 Trilled pronunciation 31 Outdoor entertainment 33 Sage. 38 People ol Caucasus, 3D Fly. 41 Bit of bread. 42 Thick shrub. •HPomace ol Grapes'. 45 Pitcher. •16 Arabian. •17 Valley. 49 100 square rftclers. 50 Halite bird. 53 To weep aloud. 5'1 Correlative of ram. Wimlert to Trade A noon MUM.; Kor STOVE \V001) or anytliinjr O f vahit Sec A. F. Dietrich Blythevllle Theme 37« or 100 IVert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'BM 8KB" Joe Isaacs' Stnt» I'hone 540 J. L. GUARD Optometrist <>»!)• Gradujte Oplonio- Irlsl In Myttuville. Gl.isses I'K^ed Corrtttly painted Wnzcs, i[ c ni so \, ett< ^ Hint Ilicrc Is less clwiicc ot mnrk- ers being dni)nised by rodents VHil-slini>cd l),imi>: 0 mnrkers arc used, sonic employing « ranul shnJt with l>uddlc-.shnniHl end which.bear*'(Ho tree's Identification number, others circ colored to wani _'.'."''' ^'ili_I_--— "i>'"<™ « 1' ; serve us mnrkers for dm thrciighsul, the forest uren trails I'HONK 205 I-'OUVOUU POULTRY Nice, fill liens niul fryers ft other' poultry nt nil times. iVK DKKSS AND HiiuVKit Fitdm STICkl,KU-(J001)WIN CO. «w K. main A v HEMORRHOIDS Cum! Without Surgery, and Gwmmlccd very sate nnd harmless method; without confinement to i, loss of Mine from work nml with very little dtscomtoil DBS. NIES & WES BljtligvUli, Atk. -Now Located al 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU "ON enwAKDS, Proprietor All Mak« of Ucbullt Typewrit*™, Ailrtln* Mwltlnr, , t'alcuUtors-Kcpairlnjf-J'arts—Kibhon, RED RYDER Texas Grain Fields Swept by Bif Fire . ,(UP)_Dayt of tho yrc'nl prairie llros were re° ' crc vv ' hc " " slliil "'Wn was flame? In vailous ways Severa ranchers browJit out trucks they maintain nlilch carry hand pumps attaphcd to water tanh ' , Following ihe first threat, ranchers be^an plowing Drips' 10 to 12 fed, »(do IhrciiEh thcli fields as l posslble , ........ „ a,| llu , yjjvie \VE15 «lil|))H.'d t>>' Hliids ami burned 700 norcs ol drlcd-oiil oats. nmi wheat Melds nine miles west of tlic city ww«r ft iyt ar«?7«'- *- EkrailNG - By Clyde LcwU ^i($// '-^f 4= "Why s 6ENOS ALL HIS ONE HUMORED SOLDIERS •& PROTECT A GOLD SHIPMENT, UNAWARE Of *VAQUI ocH'5 TRAP To TtJEM AFTER RED RMJEfJ AMD LITTLE fMg THE FlRlNS S«UA,T>. •' ' -^ ,^X?ti7^ BUTEcF^ ^3=5, „-_. VLLBY OOP~ f _ -TOVV.A DSS W ON r ST Aois *•! •• -»-^ —• " *-••«— *>f 11 nuiu i 7M \ - // ( y ~V BllMDF '?t£iW ®ar^Wfe"T™ »Y FRED HAKMAN ^UKi"MOST r> PILING SQLIADS, BJERY GUN HA&' BULUTS-TKERe EESrVO BLANKS.' T rw >^S" ^^^ M V. T. HAJULU Mb & WaJnut S10 SO KINS ' KlftM 15 fM I • *-"> r%>-nii-L,cj ,., ^)j ji_ / ^^oc. i^-UTi^ vCONFEREMCE,/ GUESS YOU'LL HAFTA BE [ THE DUMP .\ISHET-jjASATI5FIED WITH SGEIN& ANVWW-- PARI9 IS OUT &LJMUIM FOR ACHILLES ... SO X 7 SHE RUtlS Aiuy OOP AND BRONSON, THROUGH SW/1E ACCIDENT TO THE TIME-MACHINE. ARfi PROJECTED FROM THE 7O^CENTL)Ry RIGHT IMTO THE MIDDLE OF THE TROJAN WAR' THATOOOR THERE! &c\ 10 THt MWM- WASH TURBS -SHHHt COULD I SEE YOU A MOMEMT<> THIS IS A MATTER OF TH£ UTWOST IUMRTAUCE, MB. TUBBS ACE VOU tljpc tirtBrtT\h.iy . .__7l-. " . JT.*^ ^- "-"J Wash Needs a Ouar'dian FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY'ROY CKAINK Big Prclzei LOOK, WV 80V! THE AWST VALUABLE "" , . BUT BECAUSE w DEAR BROTHER WHAT KINO OF; A r PLACE .DOES YOUR. PAD RUM DOWN) MEAR. SHAOVSIOE ? SORT OP K A W^YSIDS ^M ,' H6 DOES IT AS A HOBBV---HE LIKES KlkSHT UF6 I IT SETS HIS MIMD OFF US BusiNess fJpoaLcMs -DADDY owns THE PPETZEU FACTORY IN 'NEWTDsl I BY -MERRILL BU)SSKK PoRT , P , _ >'JY -SURg —-VOU KNOVV-'-r KRSTZELS S I THOSE TWISTED THrMos THAT LOOK LIKE DOLiGH- . NUTS THAT DIED DOIN'6 ^Vle BfS APPLE / • ? ? ? ••*4. K & k£ BVlC^TTf^Vl fej

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