The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1934
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Served by tfu United Pren IITHEVI VOL. XXXI—NO. 28 BlytheviUe Dally News Blythevllle Courier Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald AHKANSAB ANI> SOUTHEAST MISSOURI J^YT11KVIL1.K, AUKANSAsT TIlUUsiwyTAPRlL 1!), J93-1 NEWS HOME EDITION • v-r.y : • — ' ' '"-"ioi</\ j , ni'lill/ jy, Ji»y.J _,., V • ' — SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS CANM TELS STORY OF FIGHT ON SMITH DILL W EPS To Wed? Ruth Won't Toll nyRPIIID CIIW Gi,.^.., r,,,»F li^^^ Sleuths Have Record of His Bold Movements But That Is All CHICAGO, Apr. 19 (UP)—Man hunters of the department of justice today studied one or the .warmest trails ever presented to i trackers, while John DUUnger, a mocking outlaw, remained at large. There were few gaps in the diary-like files for Ditllnger's activities since-he pounded a washboard into .a wooden gun and walked out. of the Crown Point, Ind.. jail, except for today. The newest reports placed Dil- Hntfer somewhere in the South, in flixht from a bonk robbery at the bank of Montgomery, La., yesterday. The desperado was reported to have obtained an undetermined amount of loot In a bank where his picture hung on the wall. To fill in other gaps agents learned that the gunman drove home to a .family reunion in Mooresville. Ind.. during the April 7 week end. John W. Dillinger, the outlaw's father, and neighbors said he came home to sec his sister and a half brother. The outlaw had dyed his hair red, they laid. On the following day. according to Evelyn Frechette, of Menomonie Wis., girl -friend of the outlaw, was in a Chicago tavern as federal agents took her into custody. Ohio Gomnor Threatened COLUMBUS, O.. Apr. 19 (UP1- Gov.- George.. White lias been threatened with death unless he pardons^ Harry Pierpoht ana Charles Makley, Dillinger gan"- sters, awaiting electrocution in Ohio penitentiary here, it was revealed today. The letter, signed, "Two Friends of Charles and Harry." was written on the stationery of a St. Louts hotel and was Chicago. posted in The governor dismissed it as the work of a cranlt. "If you don't pardon Pierpont and Makley you won't live your term out." the letter read. The Iwo men were convicted of killing Sheriff Jesse Barber at Lima. In liberating Dillinier from till. Pana Bank Bobbed PA If A, 111., Apr. 19 (UP)—Four bandits today held up and robbed the First National bank and es- 3h-h-hl It's supposed to be a deep secret, but marriage is just around the corner for Ruth Channing, lovely movie actress, her friends say. They expect her to marry Hamilton McFadden, director, us soon as McFadden can get a divorce from his first wife. But Ruth, ns you see, isn't telling her secret—yet. an estimated $30.000 raped with in cash. One : of them, according to Ernest Butterfield, a jeweler, whose slore Is next to the bank, strongly resembled John Dillinger. Kansas Bank Robbed by Two Men and a Woman EDWARDSviLLE? Kans., Apr. f rTPi__TV,n ipj_ ,^_.., _. . i 19 , »».ai*o,, fljJl.J • .» .^r/_The Edwardsville Slate *'"• nn(! Sam bank was robbed of S1.4B7 today i* 5 defendant, by two men and a woman who Manila Land Owner Would Force Tenant' to Endorse $1,433 Paymenl. One of the first legal actions here and possibly In this section involving a "plow-up" check issued by the federal government in its 1933 cotton acreage reduction program has teen Instiiuled in chancerv court with Max Flce- man, Manila landowner, as plain shirecroppei man wo kidnaped the vice-president of tile bank nnd a youth and escaped K. H. Beach, the banker, and Rrthur Knight, the youth, later were released n™ Montlccllo. south of here. Neither wns harmed. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. April 19 <up) _ Stocks moved irregularly todav with dealings light. Grains, espec' mlly wheat, fluctuated widely, cot- The Agricultural Adjustment Administration is not nnmed a party to the suit. The action, based on a claim that all proceeds should go to the a decree requiring the defendant to. endorse the check without recourse or divesting him of property rights In the cneck as an alternative. The complaint recites an a?ree- xer. and cu u " a claim i kidnaped from lh e check s sed near plaintiff, asks a me. n t between the partirs nnd the AAA lo plow up 7o acres ol 100 acres owned by pleeman and sharecropper! by Key last year. Flct-mai!. according |o iiis coin- plniiit. released a mortga.e of $S'JO against property of Ktv viith the esrecmeiii thai all proceeds from the government rentnl should go to the plaintiff with the defendant authorizing issuance of the "plow-up- checks to the plnintiff. One check came and wns i;£ed bj the plaintiff but the srcoml wa t received by Key. made to Flce- man and Key jointly, it Is stated. The second was taken from Key by Fred Fleeman, son of the plain- lifT. and delivered to the latter. Key refused to endorse the check and I-leeninn seeks a court order (o compel him to do so Key claims to have an Interest in the check, mad; out for $1,433.00. The complaint charges thai Key- fraudulently corresponded wiln AAA officials and hnd tlic second check made out jointly nnd tha: the AAA hnd refused to take any action to coiTect the matter. Fleemnn and Key have been in disagreement for some time. Early this yenr Fleemnn had a wr- rant issued, charging Key with Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Apr. 19 (UP) — Ion at one time wns O fl $i n bnle"l CcUon fulur «. after recovering Bonds advanced. ' ' rom morning losses of nearly SI A. T. nnd T 1127-8 a bate ' closccl witl1 5 to B point * n . a , c , onda c °PPfr 16 3-8 )OS5CS cn tne !oca! exchange today. Bethlehem steel .'.'.'.'."" 42 Chrysler .. ' 11 Cities Service ''''' Coca Cola ....IX) ^'-2 ^ General American Tank 41 1-21 D '" c General Electric 23 >l!ln General Motors 39 i j' March International •Han-ester": 41 l-2\ Middlewest Utilities Montgomery Ward . ' 31 1.4! N'cw York Central M i i Packard '.".!'.! 5 li! 20 l-< open high low close May lisa nes 1142 1162 July 1170 1172 1149 1168 1182 1184 1160 1180 1195 1195 1172 1193 1198 1108 1198 1197D 1199 1203 1194 1204 Spots closed steady at 1177, off 6 New York Cotton Simmons Beds .....,..'.'. 20 7^ SI. Louis-San Francisco 4 I.R Standard of N. J ....... 45 3 . 4 Texas Co ............. 27 YORK ' "• , Steel 51 3 . 4 .............. . S. Smelting .......... m l-« Jan — - • - March Chicago Wheat open lav Ju i y oct Dec < UP) open high low close 1157 1160 1141 1159 1189 1171 1150 1170 1183 1185 1163 1183 1194 119fi 1175 1194 1200 1200 1180 1199 1207 1203 11M 1207 Spots clo<ed steady at 1175, of! 5. Chicago Corn vjn,n j 1151.1 IOH' CICJSe nrwn Kl ti -..«KIV» *-, tmu n. M., ftO JiH May 763-8 771-8 727-8 74 7-81 May 4? ig 43 ^ ..,"', .^l *'"' lmve a special commimica ,»uly 76 ,-= 77 1-8 73 1-4 ,5 ' J(ll * 45 ^ S £ Jl jlj % i'-l !he" ^^.T^e. '^ ^^ f ° crimiri,! trespass Maurice Maxwell, Insur- . ancc Emijloye, 'Shot Dead i:i His Sleep MEMPHIS, Apr. 19 IUI')—Mau- rice C. Maxwell, -10, cashier of n life insurance company, died toduy ol a bullet wound Inflicted apparently by n bill-Blur ns he lay .sleeping night in his npnrtmenl. Maxwell was' shot with his own euri which he placed in a bureau drawer before he retired lost iiitjlu. His. wife told iwllcc ulic caught fleelliif yllmpse of a burglar as llic shot wns fired. The killer dropped the revolver ind Mnxwcll'.s troiiscr.s in ilie driveway. Vlachinc Guns Set Up When Armed March by Strikers Is Rumored BIRMINGHAM. April 13. (UP) — National guardsmen maintained order In the Jefferson county coal mine .stride area today ns threats ol an armed murcli on a mine at Porter failed 1 0 mntorlsll?.;. A detachment of.75 troops moved! •- ••--•• H IIIUVLU WASHINGTON. Ap:. 19 (UP) — Roosevelt's "show down ol tragrdy hidden [or five months Auiiri'a Mndeltr nnd Doris Sparks, uiu'tornln cosmetic agents were found ty raiifers tx-nraili liif- wreck of their auio. wlilch had plunged 160 feet from [lie road lo the bottom of Sim Creek canyon lust November. ''Show Down" Confab On Silver Measure Delayed into the Porter area late yesterday' silver confcrciK-" with Republican nnrl Demot-mllc. senators wns posl- today frcm :i 1". M. to noon nt reported I'nrcnts that "12.000 men" woirfd march on the mine :oday am)-made nn armed carno at the scene. Two machine guns were 1 ; , sei up nnd sentries armed with ri- &alui ' dni ' ftK-lfept wstth atop a 200-foot sia" p!Ie. . - - .. .. 7 Union leaders stationed themselves ;il paints near Porter'and ocr.simded disgruntled strikers not t-J gather at the mine as threat- MEXICO C1TV. April IS (OPJ- encn. More trosps were held in Almcc Semple McPlierson ns an readiness here for action should evangelist is persona non grata In.encmlp* :l'ere be another flaretio. One ml"- "—'-•• -...••'--- ..... | enemies, ?r was killed and two others wouiyl- 'd yesterday. Evangelist Airiiee Is Not Wanted In Mexico Zion, Overseer Is a Danger\ oi\s Man. by His Own Account ZION. Ill./Aprl! 19. (UP)—Over- ' . The situation i vos regarded as norr- tense in tSIs county than in any other part of the state. Approximately 21.000 miners nr« on strike throughout the state In irotest at an attempt of opjrato's o wcrk them under a federal court njunrtion temporarily restrainl'i" cnforcemenl of an NBA w:)-o i'n- cri'ase order. Admits Illicit Whisky Makers Are Still Active WASHINGTON. Apr. 1!) (UP) — Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenlhau jr., snld today that and her application to nttr the coutilry us im evangelist hns bren refused by Immigration niilhorltfcs, Interior Secretary Git- berto Vasconcebs said tod:>y. Manufacture Of Arms Subject Of Senate Probe WASHINGTON, Apr. 10 (UP) Ihwrong , man to the presidency of t^ic school board, und promised to back up the Almighty with his own "two guns nnd countless gunmen." Voliva thundefed out hLs Ire' at one of the best attended prayer meetings In Christian Catholic Apostolic church m the several years since his followers begun to llesert. Many of the Eiudlencc were mem- Vice-pier lilt in John N. Giiincr to-' l)crs °f ll 'c InilciKiiclcnl faction day named n i-oiiiinlitei! of seven ' wll ose illssallsfnctlon with tr.e man . -tuators. hearted by Senator James or llal earth fame led to the elcc.- IPojic (Dem.. Irtaho) to conduct nn lto11 of Onlns W. Farley to head [Investigation ol the manufacture I tn c school board Instead of Voliva's .snd tnitlic in arms and muni-' candidate, Sylvester Dcpew. Others li °ns. j were ctirlcsity seekers of the north The committee was named In, sh ° re , 5ul)turns conformity with ;i senate r-.Tolu-' ° lhc "'rent of tar nnd feathers (Ion p;issed bst week. The com- "\lf."• rl6c f rom ztoi > on n rail 111 I*. t, J L««H, I1U11 1 Ulclt liquor manufacturing "51111 mittec which wns advanced by Mrs. Kir- Omaha and Chicago ROCK ' • IUPI- Iwo seconds, and I'll do It, if necessary." Voliva said "I was brought up as a gunman. When I wns n boy I used to enrry livo guns, I'm heavily armeri now and I'll kill a tor ivmaining on his land, but the case dismissed, the municipal court here holdlnj that no criminal action was involved. Flceman then filed an unlawful detainer suit against Key in circuit court, made proper bond, and had Key cjecu-d Key. it is understood, will claim a new contract os (he basis lor holding over, when the case comers up for trial. Cecil Shane Is attorney for Flee- nian and Claude P. Cooper for Key. months. -Manufacturing of Illicit liquor." he said, "however, seems to he veiy dusky business. I hope thcv lit it and hit it hard." -ccretary snid thnt npprox- , ^— -.«^.-. .,^..1 ..,. lkJ i .— ..viimy m-mcn now and I'll kill n mately 730 employes are runninr ) V ' R ', °* fss ' sl ' 1tc "Kef director man at the drop of n hat In self- down bootleggers and bootleg li- f ° r Arkansas, will lenve tonigr.t for ; defense. Countless guards armed """-traffic and that U,| s force O" 1 " 1 ". N'<*.. where nt the request j to the teeth, surround me. They u-hP bc ,, exp ? ndcd 'o about lJWO : ° r , Ha ro; L- Hopkins, national re-; have orders from me U> shoot nt when the depnrtmcnt of justice iler administrator, he win address n second's warnin"" r™,^ 1 ' 011 unit ls consolidated -directors from a group of eight j Voliva Indicated")* had cnoujh stnlcs °" the rural ; guards to kill a hundred men In a Work on Community House Is Resumed OSCEOLA. Ark—Work begun under the CWA on the Osceola Community House was resumed Monday under the auspices ol local agencies. The building will be pushed to completion at the earliest possible date. Lewis N - a nn ns 0{ Oscco i 3 ^ the contractor In charge. i.i il LuiisoiLunica nun. the treasury force on May 10. Tr otzky~WiirReturn to Turkey I{ Permitted ' 1 '" """" c »'ra|E«ars to kill a hundred men In a ifittcn program In Arkansas. fc;v seconds. Lest any of his hear- PARIS. Apr. 19 (UP) _ Leon' 0 ?, ! ° s|M>nd 11S TroUky. exiled Russia,, war lo™d , ? ^ '" tllc n " has nsked permission to return to ' s ' ° Turkey and is walling a vis" !° r " tors ot clil " r stau ' s ' comply w iih [i lc French govo.n- t's expulsion order ng.iins: ^~-.. his entourage announced to- Trotzky, it was added, was readv t0 a sinri as soon as „ visa wns On Friday. April 27. Dyess will address n similar meeting with nn- other group ot states participating .M.IJUI- mu woria will end nex it CMcago. Hopkins 1ms nsked Dy- i September. But Voliva y\\\ alway "" '" J •" "">th time ns i»s-, be on top. I've seen everythin ers doubt his other powers Volivi pointed out: 'Mnybc the world will end nexl ^fcs cxiihln-'. antl I know more about human nn- isas program to dl- tllrc ll »an President Roosevelt." Oil Lamp Causes Frie In Dougan Flats Shack An o'.l ln»;| T^iX'r in a Doupn Texas Hermit Moves To New Cave Home knnsns Stnte Medical society In Its 'nth convention at Little ock this week. Other officers named were' pres- PALO PINTO. Tex. (UP) — Ident, Dr. M. E. McCaslcIl) of Little up flume lenltctl wnll George the Hermit, famous Palo Rock: nrst vice president. Dr. A. Dougnn flats negro P" 110 County recluse, who lives M- E| ton of Newport: second vice :ii<?iit can.slntr rlaiTir»t»f. cljlcflv on sfinlrrels and berrlev i.^ president. Dr. R. r. rninm* «f B ~: r-?per in a Dougnn flats negro P" 110 County recluse, who U incre seemed to be some fear In 'hack last nl?iit causing damage chiefly on sq;ilrrels and berries, h ,. ds ° r Trolzky's aides fsl!mat:d nt S25 before city nre- n °t dead—he has moved to a n wnether Turkey would cnn.ccnr m mea renrhcrl thp tn,n* cave. .„ _ president. Dr. S. C. Fulmer w - - -. v.t*r*j & uHica • "«••" "n/-u HI tft^i iji.-iiji t; ciiy n rc*- *'"*> "vt*\«—in; *juo mu>cu lu u usw LI III c Hock) trc(Lsurcr f Dr W R !r Turkey would consent to .men. reached the tceno. cave. Brookshcr of Fort Smith; secre- prinirVn^'I'i U , was from 11ttlc Tho flre WBS f'Pnrtfd about nine' Wlte 's known of George the l»ry. Dr. H. J, Calcotc of Little ™> . ii ofr (lle Turkish! o'clock. The property is o'.vned ""mil's p^st. For 20 years he had Rock, coast mat Trotzky went to France, j by Ike Millrr. occupied a cave several miles from I .. _ . needed medical attention. 'Oil Derricks Tevekd hy Wind Near Galveston Masons Meet Tonight $50 Liquor Fine i cor severni wcess tms winter he Morgan Slsk was fined $50 by : was not seen. It was believed he Municipal Ji:dsc C. A. Cunning- hnd fnl'.on Into a canyon, or had |, am yesterday on a charge of tl- met dcalh In some other manner. OALVESTON-. Tex Am 19 (UP) o^irn- p:s5 ' e '" 1= " of lntox '"t'-nj 11- Ho rtnslly wns seen, however, by a -Houses «»r» ,„":: '} p J- 1! 'yH'. qu " r - ' fishing party, several miles from Plan at Meeting Tonight Will Explain Script IXitnllcd explnnatlou ol the (•O0|x>rnllon Unit is to lie naked ol nil citi/cns of lilythi'vllte to Insiiri; ti-e suci-ess of Hie script' Ice |il:iii ol llnanc-lni; relief ne- tlvlllcs, shortly 10 bn IIWIIBII- rmcd here, will be given'nt a IIIILSS nicotine called lor 7:30 lo- lalil Hi tlic t-lty iiiidltnrhiin. C. A. Cunuliigliaiu, clmlrmim of the committee entrusted wltli I lie task of introducing t-c plan to the uiulne.% men of lllyihi'- villc und the clllMiwhlp ucniTiiI- ly, Is prc]«i-liii! Uiu projrnm. .vliloh will be Iniaely nil I'.xphm- ation of how Ire plan will work nml how each individual can cunlrlljiiti! to its success. Tile coo|K>rutlon of nil who buy or sell ucods or services In lily- thevlll L . is sought, mid all are Invited to nllonil tonight's meet-' lux. Olfl FOB JUDGE Authorizes Announcement of Candidacy. Giles Former Record Judge O«orge W. Bnrlinm today authorized the Courier News to announce him ns a candidate for the office.of county and probate Jud?r of Mississippi county, subject to the Democratic primary to be held li August Judge' Barhnm authorized the statement thnt,.!f elected, lie will ilcvotc-hls entire' time to county at- l.-dns, and U«t with Hie cooperation of all officers of QK county he will BO handle the public biulne.v Ss to assure-' » wunjl. bon<JlMon''to county •'finances. 'H^pfonilSS^XOo to spend .ill 1 road.ti*« In tne district and; towiublp from wblrh MI w«« paid,' thereby' aaiurljig nn equit- nble distribution of county 'road funds. He pledged wholehearted co- opcrntlon with the schools r>l Mississippi county in meeting the difficult problems with which they arc faced. Judge Barham served Blythevllle »s police judge for four years and points with pride to hLs record, particularly with wayward bovs anil girls. He and Ills friends felt Urn! his .record ns police Judge warranted a promotion and In 1928 he wns elected county und probnle '.judw. ft position which he held In ID25 mid 1910. Amon? his achievements while county judge he cites: reduction in the county's general indebtedness, accomplished with the cooperation of other county nnd township officers;' his road and bridge building record; cnre of the poor and needy nnd attention given the orphaned and dclinqnen' boys nnd girls who come under his jurisdiction. He hns letters from of boys nnd girls he helped to a better hold noon themselves and n new start in life. H was during Judge Barham's administration nnd in inrge PAH through his efforts that tire Mis- clntlcn wns reorgnnlwd In 192fl. It has helped many of the |von!e of the county afflicted with tuberculosis. Judge Bnr'ram fins practiced law i Mississippi county for many 3-ears. both here and at .Miniln. nnd is widely known also for his activity in church and civic work. In t Dr F fi ' r * U by State Medical Society 'Bishop Tells of Borrowing Money Personally |o. Finance Baltic ' .-:j '"'" WASHINGTON. Apr. ID (UP)— The slo.-y of how he rnlseil a private war ilelit to combat the pix-s-f Identiiil i-unillducy pf Alfred T ,K."J ^inltli \vn.s told lo u jury.'ibday by^' 3lslinp Jumr.s Cnnnon Jr.,-on trial.'' in charges of conspiring : to violate* :he corrupt practices' Ojct; 1 ; -ii',;"":;* Car.rmii, grey haired ajjd walking-' '.vith halting steps, -went; to".!the witness chair and began.''a'lengthy rrcltul of Ills prohibition work for the last 40 years. Brushing nslrto questions of his lawyer, C.innoi! testified in his own fashion ind freciueiilly wns warned by the court, (o confine himself to pertinent facls. Cnnnon said lie attended every invention of the two major parties from IfUO to 1932. "I fonylit the candidacy of Oov-' crnor Smith in 1924." Caiinon Biild 'After he fn|)cd to got Hie nom- nutlon Hint year I realized'that he ptobnbly would get It in 1928. I mode a speech in Washington In which I predicted the nomination of Governor Smith In 1928 "1 also realized that the churches would hnvc to lead this fight nnd as a churchman I realized that much of the personal'leader- ship would devolve upon me. The tiling we would need, $ realized was money. Accordingly I went'to' the Bank of Crew, Vi., and borrowed S5.000. Tlien on n house whicli I owned here li, „„.„„„... ion I borrowed «4.000 more. Bishop cnnnon wos pictured in district supreme; eourt-eirJlerVto--.' day-ns a-nian wrib'p-eferreiT'to =0 " to Jail rather than divulge- the'' names of persons who -received money In the l!)2J anti-Smith campaign. Cannon »nd . his -secretary, Miss Ada L. Burroughs, are on trial charged with violating the corrupt practices net in connection ivltli funds collected by th e null-Smith Democrats. . . Oil .Workers threaten Strike Uuhss Wages Raised WASHINGTON. Apr. ID <UP>_ Oil workers President.. -. t -,.j vll t ilolULIIh. Roosevelt icday that it wages were not ctjultnbly s;t in that Industry we will witness national economic warfare, perhaps never before' equalled." The warning wns In the form of a Utter from Hnrvey Fremin? president of the International oil workers union, and carried a threat of a strike of 100000 employes 1=s -~ who nrst made the . e ns eers from '".-IIIIHB, wiio nrst made the seme of Uc lathers and mothers s[li ke threat lau week prot-stcd o """'" '"" ----- '•' -•' • • "• • wage differential schedules 'and •nld labor had no representr.'lves within the enforcement Or arimiii- ttratlv? unit set ii(> under th3 petroleum code. iu^ t'liui'.-j ui;u ire ,\l'S- . _ county Tuberculosis asso- 14 More Births Than n Deaths During March Births in the Blytlievll.'e area exceeded. deaths by 14 during the month of March; accordin-i to the records of Dr. A. M. Wfis.-burn unit director and local rcgis- A total of 49 births were recorded here during the month and 32 deaths. Five babies were stillborn. Myocarditis was listed as t:.e cause or tnree deaths while tuberculosis Dr. F. D. Smith wns elected ranc « and malaria each claimed third vice president of the Ar- ' wo llv «- Burns also caused two deaths. Other causes of death were listed as follows; measles, pneumonia, malnutrition, auto accident meningitis, apoplexy, ciic.iphalitls endocarditis, Influenza, intestinal obstruction, septiccmh nnd acute nephritis. here. Oti rarest occasions he came _ . . lo town and lie never welcomed | Examiner Reject J Plea For several weeks this winter he i—Houses were fmm ,hr from their .« mm was nned sio for public his cnvc. Members of the local Masonic chapter F. and A. M., No. will have a spceinl commiinica- i-~u over by a cyclonic w'nd which' rajed In trc High Island dlslrhl' north of here for « minutes today. On y three of the « derricks remained standing. No one wns injured. Civilization encroached too fast — ——— Ion his old habltnt, George told Irisror-rriv prepared and nd-jthem. He saw someone every week dr?s-«l mnil causes n loss to the Post Office Department and users ff the -.nails of S4.000.000 lo S5 - .ir.mially. and people were "always curious and callers becoming too "frequent." So he movrd to a new cave. to Abandon Newport Lin* WASHINGTON, Apr. 19 (UP)_ Examiner M. S. Jameson recommended today that the Interstate commerce commission refuse permission to the Chicago, Rock Island nnd Pacific railway to abandon operation of $S miles of the White nnd Blnck river valley tracks In Arkansas. . Th« tracks run from Brtnkley to Newport, with n six-mlla line 'from Wayvllle to Gregory. S»v«d From Train SHELBY, o. (UP) - Trapped vyhcn his feet became wedged In the rails after a fall. George Arnold, an aged resident, was rescued from a railroad track hero Just Ihree minutes before a fast train passed. WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair, colder, probably frost In northwest portion tonight Friday fair. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight and Friday, cooler tonight. The maximum temperature here yestcrdny was 81, minimum 54, partly cloudy with .W of an Inch rnlnfal!, according to Samuel F. Norris, official vreallwr observer.

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