The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO JLHUgyjsdjUJAjLKjLg' "^^tinrrrp COURIER NKWR v/ Society Calendar Wediiesuay Mrs. W. M- McCoinb of Little Rflck, state president, will be I lie honored guest at.. S Delphian iuncliton meeting' at the Hotel Osceola Society—Personal 'Dogwood Ridf/e News i • i I Mr. Sam Whatlcy has returned I from Si. Louis where he has been . for same lime. Mr. D. Garret and family at' tended the funeral of Mr. Oarrctt's TUKSDAY, JANUARY 2Q,_193l. BRIDGED/ uv EDWARD ... ... :;Mrs. Harvey W. SUvarl Is h irje the.. Mating Contract cliib. ; •'• Tfte' -Pareht-Teacher nssoc 1stio:( qf the ,C^»tial Ward grammar school IV meeting at 3 o'clock. ' .^! : '^-', .'-••TJinrsday i. .,;Mrs. J.'Nsa! Geselr Is having the Young Matrons Bridge club. ' :'The Mid-Week Bridge club is being entertained, by Mrs. Cecil Shane. .: ;'lhc Jewish^-ladles aid society IS meeting in'Csceola at the home Ot Mi's. E. M-' Jalfe. . ' f Friday ' ' . .-The Woman's c!ub Is meeting at die club-house at 2:3D o'clock. -•. Saturday . • '.Th.cre \vl!l te a story hum- at the Blyjhevillc -library. '" Ground* Equipmcnl.' '•' " | Ihe ordering of pluygrotiiid equip- j men!, for thj school of t^ie church ; of tjje- Immaculate Conception was | the "feature btidiiicss of>'.Uie isltar | society' meeting^ at the. Heclcry ] Mdniiay aflefiiooiy; *. '> •, 5 r Sttfsr oPsym'pathy vV. v.ritteul Father J. J. Thompson, ii> bo sent I with flowers. He is seriously ill I at the St. Bernard hospital of Jonesboro. Besides the 12 members In attendance Mrs. N, Matthews of Jit. ! Louis, the guest ol her daughter,! Mrs. J. "J. Daly, WHS u visitor. Lal-.e Street Women Meet. Tile 2C members of In? Lake Street Methcdist church,mUslonary society who attended 'tne meeting Monday alterncon at the horns ct A. .N, Church; ijVaid an In- tereirt^iisV mission;?, lessjii on "The Kih|'do'rri's Extension".' - ' • Mrs. C. M. Hughes was enrolled ] as a new _mcmber. .... •;. . | This group 'Vi-1 nu"st'.'wllli. Miss i Ellen Brown nest Mqrtlay: ' | Jjrs;. W.?M.' McFarla'i.d w'.t's- leader 'of' ihe program, at- the "Second Baptist church missionary union vesterday aftcrncon which met with Mrs. W. M. Bisylock. There wcie 15 members nnd four vlsl- ' tors present. Mcsdames E. Z. Newsom, Clyde Ellis, Ben Harrison, Leslie Moore took part on th; pro- sram and prayers were offered by | Mrs. Beji Harrison and llio ;P.ev, E. Z. Ntwsnm. In the serving of delicious refreshments Mrs. Bias-lock was assisted by Mis. E. Z. Newsam and Mrs. Clyde Ellis.' • • • II ve Mission Program. f HE CHARM or Tut ElGiriEr IS REFLECTED IW TUS KOan! AlF*CAS. ("BlNTS AMO*C»I.Gii:S«AHS S TOR HIE COMING SWIG .M IT S NEV/ YEtJ.ON. *jm$-4 tfetefeJ ? Bits of News Mostly Persona! ,ccn:ldei-his three small trumps ' Bradbury Mrs. C. 5.'. Wilson Is spending' a -Howe discussed "Stewardship ami ': Mr. and Mrs. Homer r.'cck in Cleveland. Miss., with' her Missions," A pledge Ktvive follow- Saturday night , cd the program '.v'.icn members I Miss Clara Whatlcy was the week sister. ive SUIT AT ITH A i; BIDE AUO'WHltt WFETA Kay Worlhhveton attended tojmudc pledges for the coming year.' end guest of Miss V. C. Spradbury. bushier..- in M:mphls yesterday, Tivcnty-fvo mcmtcis were in at- Miss Ruth Wrlcht of Bur,detle Mrs. .1. H. Stewart is- vUHlnj. tcudnnce. ;'. • vwi il 1 .? week end guests of;M:<s ic'lullvc!) In Memphis for .ten duyii.i ' • v • . . ' ; L-O'J!SJ Gunter. She was ucccmpanled there by-Mr.: Rev. C. E. Burt of Mavlanna,i. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Spradbury nnd Mrs. E. L. Hlghsrhlth and ton,'pastor of the Episcopal church of nnd MIES Cora Whallcy shoppe'd In j Raymond, .who motored over di.r- ; Wc-.'cla, met with the Ladles' Guild' B!ytheyll!e Saturday afternoon; ji:is ihe weekend. ; | u nit church uiidilorluiu" yr-'tcrij :Miss'.Circle Perkins of Dos.wcoc! l Hii. Ma.i'in Chflppeile and Mrs, day afternoon and'conducted a Ie4 °W"' 'ho week end with hei-Vsis- I Harvey. W. Stewart spent Sau.v-.un taken from t'lc prayer 'book'! : ter; Mrs.- Kylg iU-cee of Blyiheville. . clav In Memphis. . ' ;-...-• ' I Miss'Lucille''Scraps of Dogwood Mrs. N. Mntlhewo, of Si. l.u:ii:;.' Tllo p, vs bytsrla!i Ladies' Auxll-hhoppeii In' Blythevtlte Saturday. . •'./!!. •-'••; S--9-8-7 ' i trates tho principle i partner's dcclara'.ion when holdin-; j llirce small cardi of his suit, ma declaration _. _, later assisting partner's < "_j 0 _ i If the oportunity arises. S--MO- K-X'.» i HUXT1XG PROVES I'.XPEXSIVK 9-81 BIRMINGHAM, Ala., tUPt — TO;3' : '. - ''.'• D-i-S . Hunting and fishing in A-ibaina '•-, •• KQUTH DEALER C ~f'^ B C05tl >' P as <>™. c-bpc-cialiy i! :<ci> - ; \> *^I« 7n'a 2 ™' 2 ! dccEn 't "bey the game lav.r.. Darni -. •'=••'. •H-*s*'i I (l!0 quadrc-nnium jmt niird, th- State Doixivtment of GUM;- a:vl Fisheries show; $453,111 v::r; spent by Alabama sportsmen for licenses. Game violation Hues totalled 531,' . , '0-9-4-2 I We::t V C Spradbury was the , I!ust l ms ' Cla'.a What- '-..' The Iliitdinff Firsl .round: South one North spade, A '.C. Il!uyio:b of Uttlc Ruck, i who UUiuWlly.iii on business, SJJL-IU I Monday with his parents, Mr! am. : Mrs. W. M. Blayleck. Second round:'South two spades, I West pass, North three spades, East pars. 1 Third round: South pass, West | pans. • . Jscrth two diamonds, Thompson, who ' sc.-lcu.nly 1!| al St. ll-.-rnard's has- ^^T^Yvoi"^^-^ and ' rtinncr Bucst cf Mi ' s ^tftfsz;* *«**> M . Ei« ; ^Sif1£S ilcy sm - uadbyMw. Magqie Hale.and Mrs: L()tlC Ollk HCIUS .,..,, , H. J. HuL 1 . i.. :,.(.- . i • , - .l-iCith does nol have suff.c'on Mrs. H. J. Fiale rcJd' nipapjr on '' Mr and Mrs Finlfv Niaper ann j strength In spaties to raise the b'.«- Chlna Want Chrlsthnity." iMrs/Poniock were «i Sunday at- | ***£ ^ ^^ beca^^U in that event, only seven Ij'.unns between the two hands would not assure the har.d playins '.veil at spades. . Four-card suits are bid so frequently today, that it is far tetter 937 and fish violations S'i.656. Read Courier News Wan! Aiis ljaiy will take up at the n?xt:ne:t- '. M. Williams of th3 United Navy, who has been stationed c:: the U. S. Saratoga, San Pedra. C.,: Mrs. B. A. Bugi; wpnt- to Minila today for Mr. lilies parent^ who returned to be with their ss:.. Lon BUBB, who is critically ill. N. Johns attended to business ::i Luxora yesterday. Walter Orcena left tcday for i •Islt In Sharon. Te.m. He w?.s c.- :cmpanled by his iieph^iv. Jlnin Oot'nren.,'. Mesdarijes J. J. D.ivi.s, J. :: Ponnds.'Tred Boyd. J. H. Pis!-, r and Mrs-'y.George Bohnnniivj Loulsvillo.'i'ky., motored to Can.tii- cr&ville SiiiKlay. 'Mrs. JJ'vA. .Leech rclnrnid y:-- lerdoy from '.the Memphis Bapt;,. hospital where she wns ill. lor ,i week!' . '. . . . jek. Mr. Bass accompanied them Delicious rejreshments wer;,as far as Cauro, 111. wired following ihe !e£icn. j Mr. ,and Mrs. Earl Shansyfelt ' * . • ! spent Sunday night with Mr. and Fifteen members'attcmbd the (Mrs. T. J. Bass. n.i.'j!»r Rcyal Service iiK^lins; of ! Mr. and Mrs. Wcss Tomlinson liii! Bap'.lsi Woman's Missionary were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Union at the home of .Mrs. Ida i Jon" Sunday afierncon. Tucker yesterday afternoon. Mrs.! Mr - a »d Mrs. Jack Duncan were John Do;:;;hs led Ji.e lesson. At the , "nests of Mr. and Mrs. N. J. business si-rskn Mrs. M. L. Sum- J °" es Sunday. ne:Y. repute:! coDccliun of S2'^ en ^' r - al;( ' Mrl! - ** L ' Hawkins vis- land bi'i:i3 raised to vortssowils ' - trd lllcir son - Hawkins who j -! , to deny (if possible) with three small .trumps than to assist. Therefore, with at least one and a half quick tricks North denies with a bid of two diamonds. " S-uth, however, having five spades headed by the ace and king, has the necessary strength to rcbid Any less strength should preclude South from rebiddlng a suit which his partner lias apparently denied. North having been advised he tnlcric:- of (he First Baptist. llns bcm m at tllc Blyiheville hcs- - Soutll . s vebi(1 ' lnat his , )ar[ncr nas hurch auditorium, ' P ltl! - hlst *'r«lay. i- a t ] C ast five spades, may rightly • •' : • ' ' ' • George Williams spent Saturday : , . _ East Biirdetie Neiv orgc Williams spent ouuuuayj. .Mrs. / C. Rohnrlock entertained^;?' n ' l(l1 Salnuel ° I:e '" Ol near |? il.t cl:ij=ii:iii Workers at her home c " yeslerday afternoon. Ten members were present. Mrs.'W. T. Ranissy ] led lh'.i devotlcnal service, and a missionary lesson on India InclufI- < cd papers by Mrs. Frank Conway,! is ;l , inctor , s P , Kcr ip| lml f[ir .-.I:ss FamiiL- Nichols, Mrs. Ed Al-j/-< ] l l T» J l der iu-.:i Mrs. H. o. iiensen. tolas and rieadachcs :1T IS Till: MOST SPIiEDl' KEMEOY KNOWN. Mr. and Mrs. Mclvin Burns : ,ai!.l i ,, I .,,^ l , 1 „. ,vy,,,, children spent Sunday with 'Mis.' A mosquito's stinger is in front .,,.,. ir'no TXT 'T>\IIIT?TG P,?arlie Orr. ' - •: ; and a wasp's is in the back. ' l ' t)l) Alj! 3U liN lAULLlij. .Mr!, and Mrs.-F. M. Davjj-ai! (laughter spent: Suiiday with' 1 M O. S. Webb and family. "- -,-i Miss IdeilQ Webb spent,.Sjt: dai; nijjhty.wUh Myi :cis MJjv 39 cSEl E39 ^K IE£S 7S& um. 'fffl S5Z OWN YOUR HOME If yon are paying 550.00 per month rcnl for the home TO-.I live in, al the end of ten years, you -will liavu paid oul SM90.M, and will have nothing bul a large butch of rent receipts to show for your money, but if you deal with me, at flic end of that time, you «*ll be the owner of the home in which you live. That's the difference. I have more than houses in Blythevillr from which you can make a selection. If interested, see me. C. J. Evvavd RST KB KB Q3 ESS KB Effl 'JES'tf chairman. Mrs. C. S. ''SteVer..-, was'Crane ns a prelude for (he 'facts 'iju^day with the;'Ut'ters parents, ~ ' " ' " "' '"' ' " ' Mr. and Mrs- \yajlace Davis.. | EdRir Davis visited in Prciiiife i Lanu Saturday night nnd-.Sunday. assiitawi; Mrs. Frank C. bt'i'.ig confrtnted by the souther. secretary: Mrs. B. !•'. Presbyterian church. Brcgdcn, . treaM.rer. Mrs. P. K. S^ngs, prayers and talks by Mrs Croley led a brief devotional.- It Hos> Stevens. B. R. Allen, W. A. RT.S nunounr>:d that this group will Dobyns and Ihe leader disclosed ut the Coolcy Home next the 43 percent cut on the mission .a'.was.iii charge of the! Tuesday to sew to:-'the Red Cross, field and other facts of activities program given by tile" missionary 1 Dainty refrosl.ments were served., there. union of.the'First Baptist church! Mrs. J. D. Barksdalc was named Light refresbsmems were served Monday'afu'rnoon at the church ' chairman 'of circle S which met at. by the hcsless;s. Mesdamcs Wor- whcn Mrs. Ivy. Crawford was lead-1 her home with 12 members in at- thliigton. H. A- Moore. Margaret H. i er with the subject "Tli'e Ci.allensc ol nnf.nislied Tasks". For, the devotional .Mrs. T. H. ... Haynes read and comb-.cniert upon I treasurer; Mrs. T. J. Grrrtvdcr,. sup- j Council Has Luncheon. Romans 3:1-6 and Mrs E. E. Alex-1 crinlendant of social service; Mrs. 1 The benefit .U.ncr.eon of the V/o- p.nder bftered'iitayer. Following Hie I Co; ' il! Mick - i"- nsur er of llowi-r man's council of the Kirs: Chris- introducibry • talk : by' the leader, fund: Mrs. W. M. Taylor, superin- tion church Mond-.iy at the hnm: Mrj.' H' L. r Rcerlcr spb'tc'on "Th ' , lendanl of study: Mrs. C. N. Hen!, of Mrs. E. M. Terry was altend- Greatest of All Tasks"'- "Take I "s-sislant supirlinendain of :,t'.:dy. cd by 15 members. l'rc:e::ls of tlu That Challenge" Mrs Alvin Hiifl-1 7!lc members quilted for Mis. delightful affair were piaced hi-the j man; prayer. Mrs. Walter. Bishop; Bark'dalc who paid tlw mm:?y Into treasury. the tr.-asury. This alsn voted to- pi., ns VVPro mil ,| 0 f cr n meet'..-.-; give one dollar each month to the nexl Monday at the home of Mrv trcusurj- instead of serving refresh- L L _ Wai . d vvl , C]1 , hc wom;n v ;\\ ir.:nts. Mrs. A. M Butt will en- j ew i 01 . Ulc Rc d cross, letain the group in February. ( ... -.. The 25 who attended circle 4 liad| Gl , n ,, KMs onkers. ..._.,.„.. .. .,.. O i ll|rch wlltn Q s o[ t(;c si ^ Greene, Ira 1 Mrs. Sam Cv: spent Sunday with Mr iams and .family. Misses frls Aklns and Ideile ' visited Mrs. Bob Williams Sunday. . Clj-t'u Davis was Ihe dinner f.iest ol civde Webb Sunday. | Mrs. 11. T- Wilder and d:.ii-::'.=r,; ivaig' of Mo.]!^'- Louis l.r.tiy Killer To Tell! r. B=b Will-' KxiK'Heni'c Vviiii Famous I •I'lidnncc. Otl::r officers are: Mrs. Minor, James B. Clark and W. D. j M f S Ag-r-s Williams called A. M. Butt, assistant' chnrman; : ChainbHn jr. Mr-j. Bs'.Ie Wood?, secrcla.-y and; Cliii.i! St-:ivarS Saturday alu-rmion.. C. K. Webb and family verc vis- i . Hers of Mr. Lowe and family Saturday night. j Miss Irene Estes spent- K'-mday • . ni'olu nlth Lrrilne and Mcr!; Slew- j rtri Mi.i'.es Leiiin^ 1 . Mnrle ant: > Q US^D ! on Miss Tdclle Webb j "Facts and Figures", by H members: "Slories of Closed Doors", Mrs. Theodore Lojan; prayer. Mrs. T. E. King; prayer, Mrs. 11. A. Mahan. :. -. ; - ; Mrs. E. E. Alc^andof" conducted the business sessfqii. SlCWATl Saiurc.iy Mrs. Wallace Davis ?pent Kitur- j Day aflrnc:n with Mrs. F. M. i Dr.vis ' | Mr. or:i MIT. nrji.^ld Aycock j spent Sur.dAy with Mr. a'.ul >" R. T- Wilder. g-pwommg 7 lulics (3 Screen CriVf) Ccmtine built- in r'leftro-Dynamic Speaker, Walnut and Quillrtl Mafilc Ctil>int:l, Id indies. uide. 17V: im-lin ln s h. S •T»te : -'-.W E . t ! n 5' 1 v.*»l. be. followed; '^A. cciinncfcC. a'brief dcvollon-ili^" «P » il!l l=''-^!ive plans maji= { M ,;.' R;li h ' E V e.harl" \mr!- : wifh, a. luncheon ; at one o'clock En[i u^ p;rck- lev torol:-i anu!'or fnl'.iri- activity's. .. ( t ... ,., ..' ... when/Mrs. \y^'M.'McComb of Little j j, cm , ,,^10:1" worl; (hccusscii: TI - C ! '^ ; «s scr-.ccl rieiiclous r--| ^ " : n ; ,.. r . ,. .., ,. net.*-state ptibident of Ihe =Del-1 - OT Mrs. J. E. Criiz. frcbhmcnif. ; ,..,,,,., .,,,,:. 0 ,' ,,„,.. ,, M ''...,.',, .phians. and .aljo.state presidciil of. . • « « ! ' ' ' i MI-U v.iliri EM <'rl liur.-i ••'"vi?- the/Artansa5;t > ehwb:nan i s Ass.30ii'I li.ive 5'arty I Son Burn. !;:.'' •;• 5 n.i' 1 thv ' Vr--i', • last tion. 1 will be.the guest of honor. | • -f.r r '.-, \v. T. Ob:-7f, ami M.S. liol)' M: '. and Mr?. C. CV. Ri-dinan ar.- \v, .!'.•, <u v , n .;iit ' Frc'm here slic goes to Para'sould', Barri?:;'Cnto.laincil It mtmlicrs of iiDimce ih- birlii of a 1.0:1. Th.- b. for- R. tea given .in her honor! [he liusmrss r.nd rvo!?^;i:i'.al Wo-'by. who has bc;u name;! C. G. '. Thursday'by the ParL^culd Del--men's club with a social nifctinjj v.eighi Icn pounds. ' phfah ;chapter.'-( • "-, - ; a t the O'cjrst homo Monday eve-1 nly- fret pruned me Gas vind blca'.m.: follo'Ard meais- aiu! the pvissiiii. 1 aHcctcd my heart. .'Htlou. I Iw, utljl.l constantly., Finally rluiimatlsm attacked my! ;n;ns and Ihe pain.i \vere severe nnd r.i?.<!e m^ VLTV nervous. : "I liL?r;ui to ;.". rr.sults :.ftrr I lit-I Vl.Vmi; Sa'i'iindv Bfl,'-'.-.-.-on".' flfih l '" ulc "' K :1 i- !: -'- My .entire; M:^-- U'h'i','- '-.-i i \ •••,••• system sccme:! to have undergone. ii'.iJ all of her sons snd oi-j-jhibrs c's-i tar cept'one'daughl.r. Mrs. S. E. Glais, ol Cleveland, Ohio. . --. | ol Mrs. Clillord Gair.r.; S.v.nrc. cttrrnr.on. K'.iiv.-:i-! - Ml '- an;1 Mr; - Uol - ir i il!r.\3!d hn' 'v' moved to IMs vici:;i-y. Mnilio Rv.'.n i ."• I'.-:. Th>rr)"-..-\yerc-: -64 ->elailvpj and! I'mjiram Given I rands present- for-' the - : rA) .fltiSN On Kob.-it F. I.c-c gathsfin^'This numtn- u-clutfc;!; £iadi-:ii.-- c( jJt'; i tary sc'ito'.l c^slrr' 1 Lees bir'.liufly • M hvilh r,;i a::propf:.;li p;c;rL:ui. li.c-c : »' Ml '« Myrtle Kaish! Saturday : :! ,,. ,,i- u .., sin v'.iv'-ilicrr.-^."" I r.umi;;T.< •A.r.'c'M'.'aVi:: ••; afternoon. '. 1 j -rhe Lilt- c; i.-.t". M.ivv Eimir:' Charles Sprinsrr l-.i:l as his- , i(i1li Ca ,.; t n,, N( ,., vs .. Vil1 , r .,., I Lnybon: "A Tiibute TD |.e:' .'• sucsts -Saturday n:-;hl. Charles | . ... ....'. .- Eoi>.-r; K.- day rJlcrnojn Mrs. Merllin Brock -.»,.- i;-..- 1:110^. of Mrs. Myrtle !<n:i:h! Sr.'.urc Frank May nr.ri H.: or Krw l!b:;;v Methcdlst Circles Elect Offlrcrs Circles of the Woman's ir.itAiiii--Ado!-: Cra crt: "L:e A.. A CI:I!CTJ ory tociety of the Fira Melhcdis 1 ,! Prcsidcn 1 ." Bcss:c . Sue Arwacd: church elected olliccrs for thr. \ S'I-.B "Tl:; 6ldTollH At Iio:nc." b% groups in mcotiiigE lieid Monday 5 ; X girl:,, altemoon | ... In circle 1 Mr;. O. C. Gan:lie! Auxiliary H^s u-as named chp.lrrnan r.nri M". '•'.! MiMicn 'I'rojum O. Usr:y, secretary and tio^.;, 1 ..-., 7i:n "o -cr.iloi.-, ci The ten members pre.'ijnt :nct-i;Hh' a-oxi'iar, i,i ll.o r'r.M cl:an»c. My kidneys became' stronger and the barkaciies loft m=. | •.--I- 1 nox have a socd appetite and i I-..T,-C gained fcur pcmicls. My i • ;( ,rt :tcmach no loiigcr bothers, mo and| ; i.d-s. [ '.lie rheai«ntl-m ;:. :.-,>- limbs has, ' yon?. I am in t,'k; than; rl I lia\e been lor c. lo::-; tin-.c." ,:djy Kcnjola is free !;-.::r. ulcohoi or: • harmful (Iius*. T'- i^ .t.'i niire pow-, Uc eiiiil nicdlclne ni:?! ev>-ry drop: i.iv. works. Try KO:IJO:,I ;..<iny. itch-• Konjo'.a i~ selil in nijt'.-.evllle-. : :s r.i Arkansas a! Kirby Dru? Sicrcj. t : and by nil the bo: driugiMs In all' ,tD\sr.s thrcutliout Oiii enu.e sc^-! : lion. 'on tuts if jvrnts nt . Now is your chance lo own a P-hilro }{;ulio—a l)ij:-|)(;rf(inu- ini; sol \\\\\\ woii(li:rful, true, i:1ear, UNdislorlal 'J'ONI 1 :—a ;cL tliiit \vill oiil-jitTforiu radios selling al miniy 1 inius the money — on o»v easy paynioiit plan. Philco B;iby Ci'itnd i.s..llic radio tlint lias broken, .all records for salc^. It gives'such wonderful performance in such compact ppncc thai "it'lias become the most popular sel in the world. ='. !'• Just Look al What You Get A Philco 7-tubc Screen Grid Circuit, iniidc by ibc leaders of the industry—the makers of the. largest selling radio line in America. ALSO, a built-in Electro-Dynamic Speaker —an Illuminated Station Itarording Dial — a heaiiliful cabinet of genuine American walnut and quilted mnplc — and standard 1'hilco Balanced-Unit construction cliniinnting distortion, giving ihe big. true, elcar Pbiko lone always. Mrs. H .M. Adkrn.v.n. chi served'rhnic-i shu atlcmlnl i!ir Biqham and T-HHIUS i;>. There will be B. V. l'. r. •,•:,-,•;>•:' at the Driver Grove K-'.OO! liousjjfS ,aunnay afternoon. Kv;:yur.r i : , ln- I vltrd to Join. , I Mis. Dock Birliar,. a::il Mr t . 5vob • \ Gaine-s were sue>h o[ Mr> Clif- h- Wo:v..«i's; ford Gaines Sunday. ! Pre.-byleridn- Mrs^F.lla Colan.'y v... ;hc pucs:' iii'l of Mrs. Maude Gpvi.;,-..r. Mr. and Mrf. A. J. Wu-:-:cr lir.v . sandwiches. u;>L bread and lea i:! 1 ut. IMC K'..-!ie r.J Mrr. (he sociil hour. Mrs. V,'. M Burns-Monday aCcrnr-oii i'Mvci ouli-innd-^ inaved to this Mrim'.y. will entertain the grcup nexli i-v,' fact; alrui U-.c loreisn mission- Charles Sprinter »j- l snciilh. roi-k a= to-d in a pro-jram r.rrar.iird'per f.irfit ol Hcnvy ai:d . Mrs, E."A. Gcodric'.i cntcrlaineaj l-.y Mrs Rrbrrt E. L-:- Kir." j Gainer Sunday niaht circle 2 attended by K mcmbtr.-. ,\ m:s-li::iaiy di-v.i;i.-,r.:,! iroai 1 vibevt anj T-d B-,v>:-i •-•-. Mn. E. A. Cocdrich was rc:lccl.\-i Raman.-,, was uiu-.i by Mr.<. c. J.'m'day in Blvihcvllle. •.<$$$&§ UE-.rauiF Dentist STEELE,.MO. - Phone 85 H.U.AXCKH-tJXlT HADIO Philco Agents

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