The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1949
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 19<i!l BLYTUKVn.I.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS U. of A. Answers Cash Funds Suit University Says If Is Authorized To Use Such Money UTTLE ROCK. April 27 (.-T'j—Thn Unh?r.-Jty of ArkaasiK; says it Is authorized to itsc cash funds. It 50 contended in ;m answer filed to a suit of Rep. James A. Gil^on of Benton, who seeks what iisfi of cash fimdR by ,-uate agencies and institutions. Othfir defcndnnt.s merely filed ernt'val denials to Gipoou's alleya- UOILI. bui in .1 separate reply uni- ver.sity trustees said a corporate rhai'tpi issued to tho institution by the 1887 legislature permits it to use funds. funds consist of income other Lha; 1 taxes not deposited in (he -state tr )-y and spent without specific lej'Jslaiivc appropriation. Be.ikles the universily, other do- f en dan Us include Hie stale Hospital, 'he Arkansas Boy.s Industrial School and the Negro Boys Industrial School. The university's reply cited Aet 95 uf 1S87 which ii ,«airi nnuie the sch'iol a corporate txxty Cash funds are IK-V dejvxsited in the stale .si;ry bi-cr.u.=e there Is no law so rc- f f]Uii ;nc but all pxpendhtirc.s arc awlitr/l ie:uitarly by the .state com- ptrrlk'r'r, office, the university ans- wvver ,s?irj. ff Attorney amoral Ike Murry. re- pre, rnt'ns the defendants said hoped the cave had been .set foi neuritis he tore Pulaski ChanecUoi Frank Ooc!ge Prirtuy. Readers' Views PAGE ELEVEN HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Plea of Innocent* Entered to Mail Fraud Indictment ST. JOSEPH. Mo., April 27 (>r>— Harry J Murphy, bankrupt Tarkio Mo., business man, yt\sti?rday plead ed innocent to charges of fraud use o! iniiils to defraud and viola Lions oi the National Stolen Pro pcrly Act Mm [jhy ].« alleged to have de Fraudcd farmers and dealer throughout Kansas, Nebraska, Co! orauo, Oklahoma and Texas in th sale of farm machinery. Sam Wea U. S. district attorney, said th lotiO would run into several hunt red thousand dollars. Murphy appeared at his arraigr mcnt here before Federal DLstrn Judge Richard M. Duncan. He \va fcacci'.sed in grand pi try indiclnici "of 83 counts returned in Ka City last Friday. A second and secret indie tin ei dated March 13 was opened yesle: dny. Thn three additional conn charged Murphy with using tl mails to del rand Morris Jessen, Lodtfepols, Nebr., farmer. After a conference of attorneys, the trfp.J was set tentatively /or late September That time was chosen because most of the government witnesses are fanners and will he busy with crops until then. Murphy's bond of $10,000 was signed by R. H. Rees, Burlington Junction, Mo,, W. J. Copeland. Tarkio, Mo., lumberman, and J. N. M. Youel. Fail fax, Mo.j Murphy's father-in- law. Editor Courier News: During recent months I have been greatly pleased to note the increasing concern and plans of action being developed by school boards and community leaders throughout Eastern Arkansas lor expanding (he public, .school services for Ihe Negro boys and girls under their care. This basic economic and democratic concern of white public officials and private citizens is the! most excellent ingredient in nny educiitional advanremoiH and to fine! U on (lie increase with respect lo Neifro public schools is indeed moil heatleniug to those of us who been personally and pvofps- onally lo lln's tlilfictili area our public .schools for a number years. While 1 was superintendent ol hool.s at Wilson I .saw ihi.s con- rti in Us early stages. liuL 1 have itnessed Us rapid expansion in the cent post war years. When 1 see .eh splendid public e.xpro.s.sion re- >gi)lxJMg the importance of this rot; ram as was indicated on the •onl pane of your Courier News !" April 15th a nil again pictured » a double column picture of your Jition of April 18th. t realize the S R| progress chat is being made in lythcville and other sections «J astern Arkansas. One of the best things about this hole program of better schools for !<>nrues is found in the fact that ehuol officials and local citizens rom the grass roots are rcor IB the need for action and the wls oni of local control of such action V) me the Courier News has certain v made a wonderful conrtibution t< he general we fa re of BlylhclvHe anc tie surroundinR territory by the fin innncr in which you have cncour god both racial groups to wor! ogethcr on a solution to this par tf the school problems. More luck to you. to Supeiinten ienl Nicholson. President Reid c he school board and other riti/er n your efforts to serve'the genera velfare of your community. Yours truly, Ed McCuistkin. Director. Division of Negro Education, State Department of Education Martian Chief Finds Out What Eventually Makes Earth Noisy Aspirin Price in China Jumps 200,000 'Gold Yuan 1 in Ten Minutes By Fred Hampscm SHANGHAI, April 27. </PI—Here's an example of inflation, run wild in with Communists approaching shanghai, I sent a boy out lo buy a tin of a.spiriiLi—which a newspaperman needs around, here tliese days. The boy called the drug store first. They .said the prlc was 300,000 "goln* yuan." I gave him a bale of notes. Ten minutes later the boy was back—empty-handed. Before he got to the store the price had gone up to 500,000 "gold yuan," which IB about 70 cents. I didn't have that much paper money handy. I linally got three tins of aspirin by parting with my last Chinese silver dollar. By llnl Boyle NEW YORK, (/!')—In n vast mansion on Mars, the president of Unit pinna .su( listening to the musk' of I lie spheres—the melody made y the .stars In their Bourses. It was his fnvorlte pastime. Rut into the universal symphony aine a jarring sound. The Miuiiun 'resident frowned and l\vi*U'd the ials of his electronic radio. "Apaln that disco rdimt note!" lie xclEitmcct. "This lime I'm going o do something about H. It's bren uming my concerts for the last 0,000 years." So he en 1 ted his wise men lo- s,eihcr. Gravely, one by one. they hocked with tuning forks the .sound hat came [rom ouch of Ihe niul- fuiduinus bodies In the wUlc lieii- •otis. Thru they reported: "Sire, the jarring noise comrs torn an obscure planet known as the Earth, our neighbor in this t'onstclliUlon," "That murtbitllf" said the |i detii. He had. his leading stellar explorer, Rnrto. brought to hln "Riido," said the vexed chleftuhi. 'Trot (town to Earth and see why (hat [lyspeck in the shy is out ot tune." Radn sprayed himself with invisibility lotion, climbed into his two-seaU'i' n tit I-gravity ship mul tuuk off. Exactly a year and K dny Inter he reiurned to Mnrs. A scent of Martians were there to grert him. "Well, what is the Earth like? asked (he president. "It is n beautiful ' ibe. washed by soft sens," said Ratio. "H Is ringed at both ends by mountains and wirle f iritis covered with a cool white substance known as snow. Ami between the caps arc ieen fields »nd towering cities »]11 o! living things. "Oh, it i.s an enchanting place. -• fjurer than our Mara." "Why is it out of tune then?" vaid the president crossly. "I think it is the people." "What, in tlie name of the Milky Way. are people?" "There are two forms of life that move about." said the explorer. "One kind is people. The other kind Is animals. The people have enslaved some anSniFils tuid driven the rest Into the wilderness." How .savage-" crletl the president. "That explains Die discordant note." "No sire," said ratio. "There U more lo it than that. After enslaving the anhrmls, the different peoples began enslaving each other. And they destroy t lie in selves in great disastrous wars. The wails they send up ruin the music of the stars." "Life take life-" murmured the president. "Is it iwssible?" "On the Kurth. death Is often a WAV »f life." said Undo. "Wlml d l> these repulsive ru-u- iure.x that call themselves people took like?" Undo reach.rd Into his space ship ami pulled out a steeping human buliy. : "1 brought one* uliuip tn show ! voii. sire," he Mild "I found it j In a wur-wrecked vIlluKC. I tod \ it slLir foam on the way to keep it | iic(." i The president looked nt the do/K child, "on small mul a t \\\ 14: this disturbs the harmony of . ttic heavens?" ho isked doubUully. j ''It srows up," sukt Undo, i Missouri Girl Dies From Tractor injuries HFIMMA, MO.. April '21 i.l'i MIN.S UriM Murle Snnpp, 19, died ai a llolnw.'ll Ho.s)>U»l hen 1 yi'sU-rdav 11 Diu injuries suMorcd Suun ikiy when >bo loll from a tiactcir. Miss Snupp. duunhtor ot Mr. and Mi.s. Tl'.oma.s Sniipp. llouti 1 I, Hra- ))l;in. \\"J.i driving I he Irjiclni 1 (o the mm! box about llnvr tout ihs mile Irojn the Snapji lumie, 20 mile.s of Scdalia. Wh"n within (30 [«'d ol the box. thr tc.ictoc npji/ueiiUy hii n sduup and Ihiew tlie utrl beneath it, Robert McLean Rcclcctcd Associated Press Head NISW VO11K, April 27 (iV)- -Itobt^U iMcLoiui. pn'.stdcdl of the Phlludi'l- pluti KvihliiK Uulleiln, was roeleclrd pLV.iklent ol ihe A-ssoi-inted Piv&s ye.slvi'd.\y. The l«i:ird ol dirtvtor.s n)so elected Jtiuu'.s M. Cox, Jr., ol the U.iyion, Ohl< , Dally Nc'W.s, vice dent und UohiTi U. choatt* <>! Ihtf iiivstnn lleiikld aL\d Siindny lU'inld, second \ ire pii'.sldcut. K»nu Cooper i'uiuiiun\s a/' rxi 1 - ciitive director ns rior.s Frank J. SL.UZ.C) us general imuiuiier. Lloyd Straiten and Howil llooili wtic ipelcdcd secretary and liea- suroi, rc.specllvely. Rein' Courior News Want Ads. Racing Commissioners To Attend Meeting I'l'lTU-; HOOK. April '21 M'l-Two tncitibi-is nt tilt 1 ArkuiiMi.s Uiu'ln,; (.'ommi^iuii plan to nElonti u iin-iM- niK nl the Nullnnn] A.viocUitlon .if i5ia(tj Km itiK Cotumisstoneis In Future Troc/esmen Visit Funeral Home The Future Ti^ile.^innn of rien veMeiday louriMl the Puneral Home* jw a part ol practical tralnituz In the cooperative educa- Col>-> Tin- SKCUKT »t Rothrock's EXPERT Knll)ri)flj I'llONl; DM Fresh Dressed Hens & Fryers Fresh Country Eggs For Sale at All Times York Cltv May 1C-18. Doiin Morli'y, ravrnuci commissions and smvlary of Die Sl;ite 'lni'. Commission, ,s:iM ramrnls- Monm J, Fri'd Llvlnuslon, nnlrx- ville. n ml .). n. Ku-ii'll. PuniiiUiilU, will utlpiid the st'.vlon. Tiic National Awocfatlon !* to .•-Hidy connnlttoc reports oa proposals to HcciLie bookmakers. It »!«> »'ill consider iKtrl-muliiel laxatton, sUinulntlon aim drugging o! hor*ej> and inillorm rules for all racing .states. THE GRAMS COMPAYi r\E,VLT()l\> Real Estate - MorKiauc loan-- Ir^ur.m We Also I'liy TOP MARKET PRICES IMU- Live Poultry Commercial Dressing Solicited Johns Produce Pho.4107 W. H'way 18 Phone 521 Phont 30751 RADIO REPAIR 1 alll) 2-l)ny Si.Main: in In' oil Ally Reliable Workmanship Phone 2642 We {'nil 1'V and Deliver Fred Calphan Kloi'trk'iil Appliance Co. Anl hni i/c'd 10(i So. Si'rvirc 1st. SI. I Have At Ail Times For Sal* ^cvi' iriictori and cuulpnMnt, Ijolli iiuw nnd used I hftva J»hB Ili'ori:. l'';inn:ill Kord »nd ottaw iiuilics. I MOW luive new Ford Ir.u iors and niulillncul read; far ili-llvrry nt ilo;ilrr»' price. I wlD [r;iilr for mini anjlhlnj ;«• liiivu. Terms cnn he arranged. Sec F. C. CROWE I milr Miiuh oi Bmijadoclo, Me. Approximately 20 student* anci their in^lructo:. K, O. Lewis. \vi*r!> shown thi chapel, wardrobe room. prtrdion room and the inntjnl- nnce division nl the? r.stablLshiuenl by W. H. siovnll, manager. Mr Stovall explained ihe pro- ccs:if*.s of ciiriiiR for Ihe dead, the imjiOrtniK. 1 *? oi futetnwte a Ifinco service 1 . Tlie i'.ronp svill tour I lie Noble Friday. 'Loaded' Cigar CAMDEN, Ark.. April 21. If,— A bolt of lightning knocked a cigar from Jack Hcndricks' mouth here yesterday. Iicndrics wasn't Injured. Urnl » Cainciu fur Color Pictures The- III.-,il way ti> rriiii'inli|.| t>pi'<>iul iH-('iisl(in,\. Alsn ulh(.|- l>ln^ tif riiiu- rins fur mil. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2()0(i \\'. Main Iliiinu ;tlII7 STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY • THIS WHISKlY IS A YEARS OLD 86 PROOf • BELMONT OISTIUING CO., I AW R ENCf BU RG, tHD. State Representative Heads U. of A. Students FAYETTEVIbLE. Ark.. April 27. f/Pj—State Represents live Aubrey Turner of Rison, Ark., is the new president of the University of Arkansas Associated students. Turner, candidate of the Independent Party, defeated athlete Ross Pntchard of Patterson, N. J. r and William M. Waller of Claremore. Okln. Pritcharrl campaigned without paTty backing, but shortly before yesterday's election. Waller, candidate of ihe New Deal Party, asked his supporters to vote for the star half back and track man. Sf Others elected, ail members of the independent Party, include: Bod Dougherty. Little Rock, vice president; Donna Swank, Marked Tree, secretary, and John Thompson, Batesville, treasurer. Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasowbo WIFT'S PREMIUM BRANDED BEEP We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Pienly of Parkins Space "Our 145-Horsepower Ford BIG JOBS have been working in the oil fields EVERY DAY since we got them!" BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIM OFFICE——NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 That's just one IhrillinR you M.iv Isl nl Ihe Bljtlir- ville Air Base. Plan In .tUelul. Ad- mlsslnn . . . SI.OO. chilciren under 12 adtnitleri frrp ivith parents. Watch for ileliiils in Friday's paper. FURNITURE REBUILDING I'ho llnusc rc;ill> ni;ilir! niture like ("t-r trul.v >]Hli, 11 \vi:;illli nl uphofstrrv fuln ![• prlrtr Irvrl anil 10 Cull fur a fn:u [-st nl Charm r^n V'Hir nri'M-nt tur- ncu an;tin! \Vr of- iipcrlor unrkiMiin- ii'lri'limi In :it every [lay stirvU'c. House 01 Charm ! '\Y7" E ARE operating two ForcJ 1 : -R iruekx <lom^ consinKiion \\f and pipe lining in ihe oil ftclti.s here in Magnolia, Arkansiis," reports K. G. Fair. "Oyr 1 \ ^-horsepower Ford IMG JOBS have been working constantly in (lie oJE [iclils every Hay since w* J5 ot lri em. \Ve are operating four other Ford units ami find that we can depend on them for x«»d service under all conditions. They keep our maintenance costs at a minimum," Mr. Fair is but one of many Ford IUG JON* who has taken the time to write about the rcni.'trknhlc performance of the Ford F-7 and F-8. 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