The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1934
Page 6
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"*OE SIX IS tlGHI 'an Mil BITS High Scores.Chalked Up in . Two Games at Haley Field Tuesday Night. A high scoring mark was set in soft ball circles tit Haley Field lust night when Hie Ark-Mo Power-Farmers Bank tenm defeated Literly Cash Grocery. 45-14. The Bailie wns called :it (lie end cf the fifth hniliw. in the other half of the twin bill u.iynes 1 Mens shop Leal H. D. Hut'hi-s Co 34-19. As several changes have been made in the lonem- neuter B an will count In ihc Mandlng 'IT Ica 8 ue officially will B a i m( k way Thursday evening, aramlm to in, announcement by league ol field Is. Gelling to Palmer emly, Ih Electricians lost no time In sew t"S up the fume. They score eleven runs in the first innin,, am eighteen in ihc second nnd couslci lo tin easy victory. FouHe™ mei toed the -platter in the inilui frame and twenty-two pnrndiid li ihe second. Tu-cnty-six hits gang from the bnls of the Power lenin which Included home rims l» Sinotlierman, Thomas, Base Taylor nnd Terry. They ndiicd nine more In third, sis in fourth and one m the fifth. Smollitrinnn Bagc and Terry wit), five hit; each were the big guns in the wjuiicr attack. Taylor scored seven runs. For (he losers Crook, cnlclier, had a perfect era,ln u m tnl ra;>pi»(? out four hits In ns many trips to Ihe plate. Mutermlniling |-.-ii| s Desplie ."-oiiii' clever maslcr-iiilnd- i"B thai would hnve done Justice to Connie Mack, am! a home run ty Manager "Dob" Grimes iiiii.|ies team failed to ollscl the timely I'lllmg of the Iliiynes crew I'-ic- «J by Curler, polkr, Andi-rsun and Lonnie Smith tl, e winners took up where Ark-Mo left olf • uj pounding the olfwings of Oscar llardaway for twenty-seven lilts. Hughes fi.-usl.ed some hlitlng' strength against Davis but w-is throltled by Dick Palter nnd Marsh Callowny. Hnync.s' bl" round was the seventh w-licn (hey counted sixteen times. Whittle Temperamental Tenuiscer attack -.vlth a homer and a dou- be HlWckrnr.d was tin winning l.ltc-her. Haleholder was the laser. The Yankee f.mct a f.iiri:risc at- Wi-k In l>hllad(l|ihla and sue- ci.rnbed to the nlluck. of the Mucks 15 to D. The Ynnks tt . crc ful . cco ' to use four i.ltchers and the A's - . for .vi WEDNESDAY,APKIL 18, 8 .,...... .„.,. jmcncrg ona Ule A wo. MeNalr of Ihe A's lilt fc '•i-r taH-N. Until Went ],:iU 5 >.rur. d one run. '' ll! '" trolt vldi-cl J''i>ibo-KI]lnu. The HrnoklyH Dodeers 8<!l'.s liopes. Miiru-d with on 'win over i),,. liosio,, ,j Ihe rtrooklyjg club hud ILs lead "(1,1-1 In ,.,.. I'-mencd", (he- ninth when th" Uv imlmrtli IM «eal Hie Chl- . --. ..*... Oltt lilt ill lilt- liUiiljer of fcjow.1 bin jminaged (j mmi-h thi-lis for runs. Marl* rry Pitched until the eolith when i-j- lu-vul by Aukir. JOIK.-S h-xs the lohi-! uilchc-r. Al Simmons dl pi-l a lilt. . . I I U!- IJCLJUJl. I [y| American Champs Forced. Thi" nw :sK "* r * Into Ex Ira Innings; Warneke Hurls Well, The world's champion New y or k Oinnls and tllc Alnf , rjcim League till.holders, the Wishfimion SHJ- Tlcrs, started their search of 1931 honors In fashion ve- imay, rao, , c , mi B . (lm | ll( , Ihc OliniUi u-umiml Ihe i'hl'a- i!«-l|)lila ..Phillies win, C i,n jiiiij- l:ell of world tr-rh-i fame on tl," nioiiiKl. Hiilmoll held the Phi]'-; I" four lilts. .Wilson's homer Jim- w:is the lusiiiK |)lt- iilloiial flvldin-' o:ii-Jy In Ui'i- Butt'ii. Chicks Arc Victims at Memphis; Pelicans Turn Back Barons. T t ,. n , ' llt NiJl.ll Ullr Bines scored three runs but nmn- o.ciit oil (he Bostonlans "i-'cd wlllioiit the i v |, l!f „„,. the entire route M] for th - - - - - -.-.I-. HJL mi: Bi-nndt v,-ns tl,e losing and Taylor pitcher, homers. This St. I.OMI.S Ciirdliiiil.s- Ijrcfzed wiiirni^i 1 '^ """""K" Htaios With »l//y D,.,,,, 01] t , lc J>f'«ii held tin- BIIC.S- lo six l,it<, while the Curds fiavncrcd' i:i oil to fine. ]>ltclu-rs. Mcilwick slap- Ihc ch:,mp|iin I'c-licans of tho homhmi Lca^ni: «ot oil to a yonl IM-1 pi-imnni chase Bliiiiingham yci-ttr- |.ay. Ollior winners V ;erc l.iltle Hock. Knoxvill" nnd Nashville. Ihc- IVIiL'iins d<.frrilo(l il, t . Bar"'s, 0 o .1 *•»!, Messenger's slow ,,. ,i arons ,„ c|lcck S]AND!NGS SOUTHKKN I.KACUK and Marshall each yallicred three Little Hock hits for Hiujhc-s. . The box scores: First Game W. I,. Carter, cf „ L. Smith, ss . 7 . Blackwell, lb 7 , Boone, c' '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' " o a Edwards. 3b 7 •» Isaac, ss .. -- '- Featherslone Anderson, ai Davis, p Potter, p .. iway New Orlc'iins Knoxvllle ' ' | Nashville ....'..'"" i AB R H MciupliLs .' o Blrinlnghani ........ o _ Cliattanoogn o 3 Altantn " Q If 0 () 2 2 Detroit Philadelphia . Wellington 1 Cleveland ... Total H»thfs A( , R Hardaway, p .. . . Poster, lb " "'. 1 Humphries, cf ....'.':;."" 3 ., Ooodman, 3u c '. Whittle, ss ...'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'."" 5 3 Xmninghiim. ss Boston '.'." o .. S8 a4 a? at. Louis .'.''] o Holder. 2b '.. c Marshall, c = Crimes, rf-ss .' « r, Breadon, If , " xGanske .. , J 3 2 5 2 a 2 1 1 Tota1 &K Score by Hayncs ° r , Brcacio " Innings: R H E "0 16--3J -ft 14 1510 - - 610 106 5--ig 17 14 Umpires: Smith, Kramer, Puckett. . Liberty Saliba. cf Schcrrill. rt Palmer, p Crook, c. AH R .33 4 0 2 2 •i 3 Aitken, ss". , I C. Scruggs, ss -! Cox, If * McFarland. 2b Peters, lb .. nn Total Aril-Mo-Bank Micro, c Wetenkamp, p . . England, lb Taylor, 2b '. McDowell, rf Logan, rf Srnotherman, ss Thomas, 3b J. W. Adams. It' f» Adams, cf-p Hancock, ss .... Terry, ss Total ... -. Umpire: John Smith. 300 AR R I! 743 754 555 0 3 2 ....... 755 744 .034 .542 .100 .535 65 45 39 Poet Seeks Aid Chamber of Ctmm. One Turkish rhymster has Jus s" sent I bill. He has received cuh neither the "Or his poems back, „ «i,d h* want* the Cham- Commerce to do something I Pel. 1.000 1.000 1.000 1.000 .000 .000 .(HW .000 W. I.. Vet. l.OOU 1.000 1.000 .000 .000 .111)0 ] .ODD wore was 3 [o 2. Ntilher [earn scored until the seventh Inning when »oih sides coimtcd n niii. racli leu,,, added another rim 1,, Uic ninth and Kelscr scored the winning tally nfler the till luid been forced into extra Innlny. Kelser will piny Manna at Ma- nlln In u return game Friday Luxorn will play Manila Tuesday fmr llillrss Unlii Ninth Inn Wnrneke. Cuh nee, was In • ema lonal form and the Bruins Cc-fenlqd Ihe Heds, (i to o A fcralcli single by Comorosky In ninth limi,,,. wns tllc Jr(ll)lv lc (ll)v aim- oir the Arkansas hurler The "riilir, ntillicri'd 11 hit, wj (h sj Johnson the losint; pitcher 'I 1 '-.' Boston Red Ko.x gave the HMators plenty of 1,-o.iUc before llii! Nuts came through In . J - " "^ '-.""ll.-l UI CIII'CK hit until the ninth n -hen they fcorec "«•" of their three runs Daniel <f tin- linrons hit for the circiill, tt-as the losing } M c i m . The Litlle Hock Travelers .te- taiti'd t)i,- Memphis chicks ol Mi-mpnjs Tii,. si-ore was 4 lo 'I li-x Miireiil, TravelL-r hiirlcr, kejit l.i-.- Clucks well under control I'*" krjlllnni ralcho;; werR mriiL-d in hy Pi-bble oiHIinldcvs. Chiiijinun "'f tin- Clili-k.s :ilso tin-netl in' a fine play. Haymj was the losinv I'itU-.rr. -n,,., chicks oiilhll the lravek-i-s. II \,luwx to scvi-n Tin.- Knoxvllie club I lonkc's Charges Await Pemiscot Counlv Track Moot a! Stcclc Friilay. CARU'rllERSVn.LE. Mo _ Jack It.ipkP iingioiinceJ ay liftrrfioon ihal his trat-k was 111 yrtttv fair s!i:ip- f ol . imtial IVnii:t(jt inck fli:il fl:-l(i inett. 10 IJP |, ( .ld ;,c Ste"k- I-' 'day iiiul Saturilay, A|grll 20 :ni-.l Held CIlllMllls a.-: lu? a EJ to I iii'ci^[o:i , the Cliatlii for the ulnmis nt Knoxville Tli" Kallicnd iu hlls lo eight Lookouts. Wutlierell was ,„„) l)n-lly i-ix-,,1 iv!" Ihi' h;iL-k fVftus, in. filler trackmen - vault. Kfiineth AMier Hex Olvnby; ion y;, r< i ( | ;1 . rll _ N , ' , '"'V: mile run. .inmra Wicl-.ens. Kcnigeth'.-r. K W iiiicii!i. nol ikT-idi-d as V ea- r , t "" >.ii« -.lasn, liiivch. u. o-.vnby; javelin llalfonl. j. Moore: hroart jmi, J- Cannon, N . Creet-h. II Halfo,J- yard low hurdles, N Creech' Powell; 880 yard ,.„„. K Wa ,' '- J. Nickens; -^0 yard diish Uin-eli. E. |'ow,.n : , nc ,||,. y „; . . ay. N .Crcer-i, ^ V . Caiimm Track Meet at Cooler Won By Cooler" Team 1 oa^H'^s^l^ '. 4 n , Oak HUiie; broad Jump 15 fl., O:ik Jiidiio; shot put ->i "ft Inchi-s. Tyler: 75 yard 'dash. ' it) "01*,.. s;li ,. uir onirant in -i. I ,,a,n,U r, rst would |)rol i Ihe Mariini; choice for 11 ' 1 "-' 1 ":"- event. NATIONAL I.KAC1UK Chlcuyo Brooklyn . >w York Cincinnati Boston n Philadelphia Pel. 1.000 i.oui 1.000 I.HOC .001) .000 .060 .OOJ Manila School Loses to Reiser, Score 3-2' Mia Cnnie ni KpL'iT high school defeated Ma-! school in an ll-imiliiB e.stcrday. XOTIC'K OF rOMMISSIO.VKR'S SAW- ' I Notice is hereby give,,. tlmt ,„ ! JHirsinncc of the authority an ' (ilreclio,vs ronlolneil in the decre- I orrler of tlu; Chnucerv c ' Mississippi County, for the Bly- n n " 1C 2 , 7t ,'' " ay of ™>mary. 10^ n n cerlnin cmix <NO. 5X4} then ending therein between The re, I Lnnrt Bank of St. Louis, n corpora ,0,1. complainant, and H«r- ?,,.?' et "'• Defendants, the imrtcrslgned. ns Cominlsslonci- of n?,'ll " rt ^ "''" offer for sale at S I""', ^J!?"!..?? '> '"«h«l bid. r at , olith ..r .. '- ™nu or entrance or the County courthouse. in ,, 1C ^f M?' B iylhcvlllc. in the County Ji .Mississippi, for UK- Blylhevllle plstrict. within Ihe hours pre- m Saturday, the 1211, clay^f Tinv * u.. 1934. the following cle.^rlb- 1 • $ real estate; to-wit: The North thirty-two (32) acres of the Northwest Quarter .mv.i) of Ihe Northwest Qmuier , NW ,-, of ^ „ T^nty-threo (23) Township Ranee - --•«..^m i>it;j n '"TEfSl? 1 !? 1 C °"" ty ' A '"^'™s. I of S ° P S1ALE: On n ««"L| I ^,,,™°, mis ' llle P»r«hnwrl bearin B h, cre 10 he day of April, 1934. R. 1*. Galnes fc» „ Con ""' ! 3l<»>fr m chancery. ^ ail 18-25-3 COOTER, Mo.—The- Cooler -chool won sn-cciKtukcs honors In a track jncet hero Saturtlay. The Coou-r team scural H5 |»iius. (Jcik RUfee 158 [Mints. Minnfcer Ei»ht 2'' point;. Tyirr is ,,-oiius, while Unkc FIIIIII Hiiltcl to Min a pinc-e. The i-i.siiiis were: lioy.s—(A) hi-h iuuip. 4 n. 5 inches. Cooler; broad jirinp. 17 fl. 7 1-a inches. Cooler- liul. 3'J ft. 3 inches, cooler- fccoiHls. Oak Rirt S e; 22U yard wish, 325 sccnnds. Oak Ridge. Gn-l!:—'A) 50 yard dash. 7.3 F e,c- olids. Coiitr-r: iMtalo race :! sec- i onds. Ccotcr; sack rate. 13 j sc c-i oiiilK. Cixiicr. Girls OU lns-jl;;ill i ihio'.i-. iw n.. c - iiuu-r: 7fi vnni ilasli. 13 fn-ona-!, Tyler; shol "put. i •!!>••> fl.. Cooler; MO yard veiav, I Cooler. • i Caudilfs flgency General Insurance I'lione 7U7 7 Showings of "Wonder Bar" Including a SPECIAL MIDNIGHT SHOW TONIGHT (III/) Midnight Show Tonight 11 p.m. 35c to All Matinee .2: 30 Thurs.-Fri. 10-2Gc Night, 6:45-8:45 Thurs.-Fri. 10-35 C ]niiu>iii pus- sions in di-jiniii tluit e v a c li s like :i a m i i SOMK.S . . jjirls . and WONnun SHOW OF THK WONDKU Tonight 11 P. M. Thurs. - Fri.l They me«l the world's acclaim in the mightiest amusement enterprise under the sun! In one thundering pageant of drama, snng>-. RiHs, nn.J jirenic swc- laclc. Warner Bros. briny you tlie world's 1'ivatcst stars in thu Show of 10.000 Wonders! Piliiiy thsill ||| MI , tll ''>H . . . sensation np- on sensation ... in the er.iiui climax of all their producing acliiovemenU! DOLORES DEL RIO "J'J*JMjumJli,,slJi, lr i RIGARDOCORnZ '• •filetif Jra»io a,J i/4,,Y« AL JOLSON "f i.i;ir./jr fl^Jr/Bf,,, ,„,;. HAL lEROY 10 Great Dramatic Slant KIBEEE •jj t">\, ,.,ji, HUGH JJERBERT RUTH DONNELLY '• '*ntj, ,,J J, a ,, a , * »n,l S.OOO others in ,| 1C hw tfflfl Glorious 5000 Entertainers Spectacular Numbers * Laughter! Song! Drama! Spectacle! 'TTHIS enthusiastic StuJe- wonderfully easy car to fun- A baker owner is K. S. die. And iis Qnailripoisc Sus- Waldron, whose insurance pension nukvs it lilt-rally ilo.-ir business requires 100 to 125 over any kind of roail. I don't city stops a day. . sec how any car for twice the "I never knew such a car for money could possibly satisfy gasoline economy as my new me more." 1934 Dictator," Mr. Wnldron writes. "I'm actually averaging 18 miles lo the gallon- Why not got Stnck-baker prestige, peri'ormanco and •j . ,. ,,",.. economy—Stiulehakcr speed- »nd in my kind of driving way sumina and skyway sly | c that s far better than I ever be- _ j n ynllr ncw C1r , ' P[lc '^ .J l.eved any car would give. $ 15 5 lo $620 lt ,,der last 5 ear's. "My Dictator has the kind Arrange for a tlirilling trial of style I'm proud of. It's a drive today. J. G. APPLEBY Klf»r»rl \Tiiri C4<-- ...... .ith and .Main Sis. Hlyfheville. Ark. FINEST OF ALL STUDEBAKERS Afarvclousl}- stream!incil skyway style bodies of steel reinforce*! hysteel... <|u.ul- ripoise suspensi'Dii ihai cra- illcsilieailinnofnll wheels, ni>t jusi the fniiu wheels... '"{tli-l'iwcrctl, iumlly ecimomifjl enjiines . . . i-.n- canny " brains" ih.if leaie you link-10 ^.o but MCIT . . . st.imin.i dvrivL-il from years of (riutoplis in Mork or anil inilurupolis -S|>ccJ\vay racing . . . | )et . ter cars the Snulc- lukcrs wliich s^lci for $ 1 55 to $620 more bsi j- cjr . 185 'HatP.ATTHEFUCTCSY SSTUDE BIKER

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