The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1949
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, I'M!) BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NTWB PAQB Curbs on Labor May Be Needed Former Trust Buster For New Deal Goes Before Senators. WASHINGTON, July 27—(/!>j— Former trust-busier Thurman Arnold declare^ yesterday it is a "very dangerous tiling" to permit lal>or unions to monopolize! the labor 5Urt»" without "curbs whatsoever. Ire urged that Congress lake steps to bring unions under the anti-trust statutes and let the courts decide the issties of each case. Arnold, head of Use Justice Department's anti-trust division during the "New Deal" days and now in private practice in Washington, outlined h's views to the Senate Banking committee. The committee, at the request of Senator Robert-son (D-Va) is looking primarily at the operations of the coal industry and the activities of John L- Lewis' United Mine Workers. The miner chieftain last June 30 declared a three-day work week for the coal fields which Robertson has called a "bold and over act" lo fix prices and restrict production. Arnold said the three-day week was called to create a situation o: coal scarcity to place the union in n more favorable position "in the next strike." Arnold con tended that if thc anli-trusl laws are lef( unchanged it would be an easy mailer for unions and management to Ktt together and "do the very things which the anti-trust laws forbid." He argued there Is (1) general acceptance of the riifht of unions to "monopolize" the labor supply and (2) that the Supreme Court in several cases for practical pur- POKOS except ed unions from thc ai'^ferusfc laws. ^lereEore, he said, all that would be necessary to fix prices and restrict production without violation of the present laws would be to Rcl the union to "initiate" the move, and the employers to "give in." Leading coal operators testified they wanted no part of the three- day week, and that it had been "imposed" upon them. Arnold cautioned that wage$ and hours could be used as a "guise" of legitimate purpose when a union is actually after something else. He urged that courts be allowed discretion to determine the true Issues in each case. In the "illegitimate" field of union activity Arnold would have the bill seek to prevent (A) strikes to prevent "outside goods" from NKGKO COTTAGE tillllNS IN I-'U>KII>A—Hume of Henry Shepherd burns at Sluckey, near Groveland F)a., as mob of armed men rode shooting through Negro community. Shepherd is the lather of one ot three Negroes being held since four Ncyrues raped a 17-year-old woman nftcr robbing her husband and beating him. Mob later dispersed alter talking with Sheriff W. V. McCuJl. who previously had used icar gas. (AP Wirephoio) Voters to Test Missouri Gas Tax Hike Plan McMath to Try Again To Repeal Poll Tax Law LITTLE ROCK, July 27—t/P>— Governor Mc.Mnth yesterday ie- pi'iued his campaign promise to seek repeal of Arkansas' poll tax j YOU-KNOW-WHAT SUE- Sue EIoiTman is a natural for the title she won in Dnytona Reach, Fla. With her name and that big sunbonnet, she was crowned "Miss Sunbonnet Sue of 1949." ^ A modern girl might mate a good cool," !4ys Hannah, "jf her j\ kitchen was fun by a steering : wheel!" Tnu're sltcrin; in Ihe Hjhl direction If .von're on your way tn oar store for home appliance*. Come In anil Me . . . ynu'll agree. gasoline tux increase took thc first itep yesterday to test it at the polls in the 1950 general election. The board of directors of the Mis.sour Petroleum Association , agreed to join other opposing groups in circulating petitions to it the tax increase before the ' itor.s. j If referendum petitions referring j ie question to the voters are filed ! eforc Oct. 16. the whole rural road t rograirj spoiisored by Gov. For- j •st Smith will be held up at least i util after ihe 1950 election. Opjionents of the increase ex- rested confidence the people will irn it down, as they did Die Curry Ian to raise the present two cent ax to'three and a half cents iast 'ovember Jining into any community; <B> j KChKsion of "efficient" production I Lcthocls; (C) refusal by unions to \ FOR fjfff FSTFAUTfS BLYTHEVIILE SALES Co. o 118 E MAIM SI BLTTMCV1UI i«. petition a.skiii" thai the qu- nion of repealing the law be placet) on the lilol) gcMR-rul election IxiJlot. Of course, he said, "this is providing the federal government hasn't banned poll taxes by then." The governor a.skeri the 1IM9 legislature to repeal the poll tax law, but the question never reached a vote. McMath also told reporters there wore a number of changes in Arkansas luws and its constitution he thought should be made. He- that as soon as the leg- ishitivc council bi'tu'ns lo function it \\ill Mart an e>-tt'i!sive program ; of researcn on possible repeal of i .some laws. He did not identity the ' statutes lie wants changed. U.S. Colleges Hand Out Record Number otDcgrccs WASHINGTON, July 25, W.i The nation's colleges ha tided out a recoi'd number of degrees—4')0.[iou of them— -during (he past school pear. The Office of Education reporta! this yesterday on the basis of returns from J.OOO of the 1,200 degree-grant ing ins titut ions. Ttie agency estimated that 375,OQu bachelor's or first professional <le- g"eej! were granted—a 38 per cent i increase over the previous year— and 55.000 advanced degrees, a 20 •ier cent gat 1 - .n master's degrees Tiid 29 per cent in doctor's degrees, Differing Peace Proposals to be Sent to Senate WASHINGTON, July 27—</P)— Two differing proposals lo underwrite world pence with force were drafted for submission to the Senale yesterday. Chance* arc slight for consideration of either until after this session of Congress. Each has the backing of a substantial bloc of Senators. Senator Totoey (R-NH) with pledges of support from 13 others, led support for a resolution which would declare It American policy to transform the united Nations into a limited world federation with power to enforce iK'.ice. Sixteen Seuiilors, headed by Senator Kcfuuver (D-Tiinn) backed a proposal to combine the signers of the New North Atlantic I'acl Into an alliance of free .states. The Kefiuivcr resolution asks Ih. president '.o call a convention of the treaty nations. Kefanvcr sale Uie idea Is to "establish real cooperation among the Atlantic Pact nations not only in mlllinry mailers but in foreign policy, trade, cunfticy and other (natters." A third proposal already is pcnd inc. Sponsored by Senator Snark. man (D-A!a). It would seek to I by-pass the veto power wielded so ' frequently by Soviet Russia, and set ui> an Atomic Arms Securih Force to make the u.N. suprem Although they conflict in details the rival plans all set up the same objective of world jwacc. Sparkman has pledged support for all three, and other senators back two. Ten-Engine^ Flying Boot Unveiled in England COWEZ. Isle of Wight, July 27. M'I—A ten-enelned. 140-lon flying boat which ll.s makers claim U the larccst In Ihe world was unveiled iK'rc yesterday. The craft l« designed to carry 105 passengers nonstop from London to New York. It lias a celling of seven miles, a range of 5,500 miles, and a cruising speed of 380 inlle.s an hour. The huge boat Is expected to fly In about 18 months. It Was All Greek! ~- --" •• —...«• u,. iii.Liji.o -.-j , DORTMUKD. Germany —I'.ifi— How "independent firms to remain i Anti-communist construction work- i existence;" iD> activities of a ' er.s \vr're asked to make a Grcok nion in "imposing and maitHfiin- i in.H'riptton on a new building here. ig artifica! prices or restriction i But they refused, f Production, and 'E> the "make- j They mistook the Greek lelers 'ork" or "fcatlier-beddJng" .system, i for Radian. Some Enchanted Evetttnp G * H H ' iva Her fron.DREIFUS No extra charge for credit. \\t.r.\ UrniFus . . . \\ n,ir lliiiniiini' Sifceston Woman Fatally Burned in Flaming Ham* S1KESTON, MO,, July 21—«•)— Mrs. l>ii!ra Richmond, 42, was burned to death early yesterday when she ran back Into her burning home to get a purse containing a lew dollars. Mrs. Richmond, her husband and another faintly occupied the two ajxirtnmils In thc house. They were nrouscft by the rlre and [led from Die building. Seott County coroner Clyde Poe Is of the opinion Mrs. Richmond wns overcome by smoke while trying to recover her money. Navy's Oriental Force To be Streamlined TOKYO, July 27—MV—U.S. Vice Adm. Russell S. lierkey snid yes- trrday the navy is streamlining ILs relatively .small force in the Orlcnl ami tvUerhifj UIL urea In which It will operate. 'Hie admiral satd the slreiun- lininR likely will mean sonic reduction In Hie number of vessels the Navy now has In waters. The planned opcratins area will cover roughly the area Iwderetl by Guam, Australia, India and Japanese waters. Weti Mtmphit to Build School* for Negroes WEST MEMPHIS, Ark., Julj- «;•• w>—Construction on the flrrt unit of «vert I proposed new Nejr» school buildings may (et undtrw»j here .toon. ' Bids »re being tollclted »nd eon- tracts (or a 120 by loo foot irm- naslum will be let Aug. I by th« Hnlberl-Wcst Memphlt dUtrlct tf satisfactory estlmites «re rec*ftV«. Plans call for temporary us* of the gym for classrooms. Partition* would cut the floor space Into U rooms. •STUDEBAKIR 1 Phone 888 phone 888 Here's A Fine Selection Of Low Priced Cars Half of Mormans Live in Ualh SALT LAKE CITY —</vj— The Latter-day Saints fM or MI on) Chinch lists a membership of more than 1.040.000. .Slightly less than 1 one-half the total lives' in Utah. GO.' New Treatment Gets Real Results Don'l Ipl your rliil.l slider t>m lornuTt of I'in- \Vomi*! (i.-t Joyn«-» P-W V*im[fog*. P-Wi vital ii.Krixiinnl la .1 m*Hli.-ally-ji]i|»rov. «1 tiiut; Oial flfii.milically i!<-3troy* I'm-Wuniu imcl mnovta 1)14-111 Icon] lliu hoily. So M-atr)i (or (ho warning st^na in your family, rfl[H*-iiilly Ihfli-iiihurrii-'ttinK rr>clal itcli. 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