The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII—NO. 262 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPRR OP NOHTHKA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION Blythevllle Courier, niythcvlllc Herald, Biythevlllo Dally News, Mississippi Valley leader. IJLYTIIKVIU.K, ARKANSAS, TUKHDAV, .JANUAHY 20, I Dill SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS erate Schools Full Term Submits Dry Law Report STB J300 Jobless Storm L and Loot Gr SEP ocery \Will Require ; Use This Year of /• Next at Oklahoma City! SEE CRITIC! BILL [ ! OFFERED; VOTE HEBE; MITO FEE HELM! i Normal Credit Sources Will Desha County Member Has Of About $15,000 of! OKLAHOMA CITY. Jan. 20, out the fire department and iloori M , P mv ;,UM on p V for Pvono-n] ' tn Rf»oiilatp I (UP)-A riot broke out here at, the streets withhold water, but! l>01 ' ™VlCie IVIOney EOT; IlOpOSdl 10 KegUiaiC j noon t'.day when 300 unemployed j this action was not taken when ° r, i .• it r. i i • . i . Year's Money. nen stormed grocery store andj tear bombs succeeded in dispersing) _ „. > ' the mob. - j Blytheville Special School Districti Tile mob overpowered clerks and Almost 100 officers were detailed' By a divided vote the board of | wrecked it. Number 5 decided this afternoon to continue the local schools for the full nine months term despite the owner of the store, tor.? down to patrol the urea, food shelves and smashed display windows. About 15 police and Ihe fact that funds Jor the 1930- • county officers answered the riot. 31 school year will' be exhausted 1 call and started making arrests, about April 1. Tlie r.utbreak occurred at a store Ot the estimated deficit of $19.- I two blocks from the nihin business COO (o 520.000 which will result: square. Approximately 700 men the teachers have agreed to contribute 55.000. through readjustment looked on as the imb attacked and looted the store. The mob was of the salaries provided for in I dispersed by tli,3 use of tear bombs- their contracts, while the balance ', Tllc Standard Grocery was the will have to be carried over unless : I )! ace looted. some way of raising the money can '• Onc e the mob was broken olfi- bs devised. I cer s chased members down streets Will Use Next Year's Mnney hurling tear bombs nnd shortly It is not anticipated that it will be necessary to borrow any hurling tear bombs nnd after the riot GO were arrested The outbreak follmved a d^mon- money to keep the- schools operat-! Cation at the city hall where ing. inasmuch as it is expected i Francis Owen, chairman of the that sufficient moncv from 1031 "-""""•" "' "»°"".'™»<i" •>•"•' lex collections, ordinarily reserved for the school term beginning the "council of unemployed" manded money from City Manager Ed Bry. Bry rcfua?d. saying city funds following September, will ba avail- ™' w >>- distributed only through able to meet expenses. the regular agencies. Crop Production Here. Financing of crop production (tilt '-year Involves Hie most serious prob- j lem lacing Blytheville and Mlssls- .slppi county, directors of the Bly! U:eville chamber o[ commerce were I tolrl last night at their first.- meeting of the year. C. W. Alflick. who 1 has given considerable slmly lo the Bank Liquidations. LITTLE ftOCK, Jtin. 20. (UP) — An important bill, designed lo make more orderly an:l cconcmlcal (he liquidation of state banks, wns Introduced In the lower house ot the general assembly today. The proposed measure was olfer- etl by Representative Gcorye D. .situation, declared tint there was [Hester. Desha county, and provides a real danger many farmers would for radical changes In Ihe present ! be unable to cultivate their land this year, and apiwalcd for supixiii of proposals to provide new sources of credit. The meeting. Ihe first of the new' ly elected bo.ird. was devoted chief"T Wniilrl TV, If A oa ; n "'ly 10 reports ofhisl year's activities 1 Would UO It ttfrain ; alld to election of onicers for 1931. SaVS Principal in Court- C. n. Babcock was named presl- ,, . ,dent, with J. A. Leech and John room 'Murder. Plans for the 1631-32 school j ,. Br J' went lo the scene of the | •• •« - . .... Hl<;l nr-hoiim -it-ill tVi rnn t plva rl tn rail . l - u lttL year are not complete, but the distiubance and threatened to call. MTTLE ROCK. Jan. 20. (UP)— Brooks as secretary. Helen Spence, 17, who yesterday, Standing committees for Uie year threw the circuit, court at Dewitt.! wil1 be announced at the regular Ark., into an uproar when she s>?ot : "lecllng next Thursday night. Two .ally wounded Jack Worls, : special committees, one on mem- banklng laws regulating liquidation, procedure. Under Uic. present'banking laws the, state bank commissioner 1ms the authority lo name llqtilduliitg agents, but there. Is no provision for time allowed for liquidating a closed institution. Hester's bill proposes thai authority be given Judges - - -.. _.- of chancery courts upon application Waternuin as vice-presidents, J. J. iof a commissioner or dcpDoltor of a Daly as treasurer, and J. Mell closed, bank, to name n suitable re- board hop.s to worK out a budget leduction. Whether or not it will be possible to operate for the full term next year, a majority of the board fell that it would be undesirable to end this year's school ' work in the middle of a term. The vote on a motion to continue the schools lo the end of the tcrnvde- spite the deficit,- .was two to two,. with one member absent- and Pre's-1 ,\ ideut Cecil Shane casting the dc- ' friuins vote In favor of finishing out the year. A. M. Butt and J. A. Leech voted to continue the; schools, while C. M. Buck and C.! R. Babcock opposed operation at-1 ._ : 22, defendant tn a murder tvlil to-^ bersll 'P aml ° Kf on budget, were :day was housed in the state pjnl- nnmctl la " night. Jo=n Waterman tenliary for safe keepin» Iie2<ls ' lie membership committee. The youthful slayer who siirren- with A - B - ^imcld and E. B. No- clered following Ihe shoe ting b!e J. A. Leech Is chairman of-the 11 l l . r\ l l her n<:;lol >- lerVlCCS Held at Usceolai "I was afnid that the .lurv 1 brought here last night after a ncir butl set commltlee, ana E. D. Fer> panic occurred In the courtroom. S" 5 ?".? 1 " 1 C. p. Smilh will serve She refused to comment on the i snooting last, night while enrout" to Little Rock, and today explained l\,_.. it . _ M-- , '.'. , -, ; with him. Will Help Red Cross shooting last, night while enroni" i 11 Tile board voted unanlmously\to for Widow of Late Jus- m '^ e tice Danehower. lo °" dL\3v'help-o local Red Cross 'office, nnd Max B: were named ' hl5 ' lewv- : i Rcld nn ? 4E ' B ' - OSCEOLA. Ark., Jan. 20.— Fu- such a strong plea." she said. n comm ittee to make the necessary Worls, a riverman 'livin? arrangements. T. J. Malian and A. here., was charged with tlie'shvl-i" B ' Palr(lcld volunteered for serv- of Cicero Spence, 50. the girl's' ti- icc nt tilc Rcd Cros ^ offl:e todnv - ler revenues for the year are ex-1 neral services were conducted this hnusted. ! rooming at 10:30 o'clock irom the T«chere Give 55,000 j residence of Mr. and Mrs. Claude, , Announcement that the teachers P errin 'or Mrs. Johnanna Llddoni' 1 " had agreed to contribute S5.000 to- "" ward making possible operation of the se: ther. Juror the " Danehower, wife of the late Jus-1™ 1 "*' Danehower of Osceola, who\ Back - were filing from co " rt ™>™ ^hen the vouiw girl.: di ™«'5' behind the dVnrt- ' -hipped out a small re- The board also voted to mvlu ?°S eni to vlslt Blytheville he C0m " to give " Te " et shots into Wor.s' confines his appearances S"1o?T'fuU^m Vas *-=*y" '- =s ^ .,]S* « "«-. "*>. «» ~ 1"!^! "MSiTI *£.?. made by Crawford Green, super- 1 l>"i»! following a long illness. iniendent, who submitted the fol- T "e service was conducted by lowing letter to the board: *i lc Rev - • E. Welch, pasf.r of the attorney's table lhe stntc ' but nn c ' (Iort is administered lum Fie die-l n fc- undcr »'»y t° 1)av e him come tD minutes later '•• before physician- '"'""' ""'" " "'"' '" '" '"' mind the financial! nra Bsfctist Church of Osceola, j could be summoned. -- - ' ""'' •"•"••""•"i followed in Eniien, "I am not SOITV and T wouM rh a Jonesboro and if thai it Is hoped he can bs brought here condition 1 ' of the Blytheville Spec- i ^" d interment ia, School Dis.rld. the present ec-1 ^™; ! ™^ ^^ Hr ^.^ onc-mic depression, and n." the girl toid penltentiarv : ^ nis report of the year's activi: ties Mr. Brooks placed ttis estab- . ; -""Lt liinl, Ulllc individual in tins croup (hat in-. Q'ccola until the past few years •c'.ir.cls oprrate the full term. EIV- | w , )e|1 ,, ]D hn5 mBdc her hom( , wRh intr every boy and girl of Blythe- fv?r daughter Mrs. Prcwltt Sem- viile an opportunity to attend , nn - jn netroil. Mich. Fchcc.1 nine months. II is also the; T,; rs nnneho-.ver was prominent celver to proceed with liquidation It :he same has not been completed n six months after passage of the ct. If Uie judge deems It advisable and for the .bsst interest of depositors. Would Put Off Auto Pajmrnts The bill would further provide hat If a liquidating agent has not been appointed by the banking department in 30 days nftcr closing of a bank, any depositor can make application for appointment ol an agent by the court. The house adopted lhe senate joint memorial Introduced in the upper house by Senator ualdwell i memorializing the governor to ex-1 tend until March 2, 1931, time for paying automobile license fees. It Is expected the chief executive will act In accord with the memorial. Representative Ward of Lee county offered a bill to reduce the rate of legal notices, which was referred to the judiciary committee after debate. Representative Rauey, Woodruff county, moved lo refer.the bill to Ihe committee on public printing, but the motion was rejected. 50 Cents a Day for Stamps A bill lo permit county boards of education to consolidate school dls- ng Awaited Recom- nienclaLions. Indicate Disagreement of Members. WASII1NOTON, Jan. 20. (UP)— ] Pri-sldciH Ilnover expressed accord I wllh Uie opinions of the Wlckcr- ; sham rciioil, against repeal of the j eighteenth amendment In p. mes- 'fiuiB lie dispatched today with th» - icpnrt lo congress. •' -' - "TJic commission by a larue majority do:s not favor repeal of the 1 eighteenth amendment as n mctiit od of cure for the Inherent abuses of the liquor trdlllc." Mr. Hoover • stated, "I am in accord .with thin, view." BY RAYMOND CI-AI'PF.n '.'.' Unllcil I'rcss Stair Corre.«iMiident WASHINGTON, Jan, 20. (UP)— i'I'l:p' Wickerbham cumiplsslon's pro- I hlblllon repari was sent lo con- svcss telay by President Hooven. with ten of the eleven members filgni 1 : '. with reservations, a General i, utement of fads and con- • cliishiis opposing repeal of the E|"' enth Amendment. Ho\vcver,-a ' majority uppcndcd separate opln- •-: Ions favoring citlier repeal or is- vlslons which would permit congress to "regulate or-prohibit" the I liquor trnnic nt its discretion, '-. : .After laboring months for au .< agreement upon n solution or.'tluY prohibition problem the commission •• [ipunarcd to have ended Us dellb- , editions In an Irrcconclllnble djad- "' I lock. Favnr Regulated Sale i Four of the eleven members en- • i Ocorgc W. Wlckersham, chairman of President Hoover's Law Enforce- dorscd a plan put forward s^ Hjn- •' mcnl Commission, Is shown here In a striking new sketch by NBA | ry W. Anderson, Virginia, a dry Re- SlafT Arlisl Qcorge Scarbo. Mr. Wlcltersham's commission's long awaited report on prohibition was submitted to congress today by President Hoover, PROBE 0[flTH Two Little Rock Policemen Suspended Pending Results of Inquiry. LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 20. (UPI- A negro ras 'dead today and two T publican, for adoption of a moOlfisd " form of the Swedish plan'for con- ;{| trolled sale of liquor by private cor- ''J poratlons under strict regulations • iri states wishing to adept "it. ;/""Two oilier' mcm1j?fs*"fiiVS*Wi•"•'" 111 nhiT'rnn miri ™ And0 ' N5UTFDR!i5 s — III UUI I I Ull WTU; permit rcguli ;plau conditionally in even fhe'pres- ent regime otter further trial prov- ' ed unsuccessful. Tlie Anderson plan could be cni congress only If the elght- dment were revised to jl«rmlt regulatlo:i of the liquor trnf- ! flc. The commission agreed If trie amendment Is to be revised it ingress latitude either r \r n ' i^ ' T L I amendment l Jury Views Painters Job,! ahom(i glvo roiu ___ Decides He Has $30' to rc B«lnte or prohibit manufacture ~ . ' land trnflic in liquor. : Loming to Him, I The purpose of this.change would ibe lo remove the compulsion on A lawsuit In which the plainllfT congress to prohibit all bjvorage sought judgment for approximately llqur.r nnd to permit p. more flej:i- Iricts on approval of the majority 1 Little Rock patrolmen were under. $45 an d was eventually j 1 " 0 system under \vhloh jtntas de"' suspension following the negroV. Judgment for $30 occupied most of | 6lr ' n S some fcrm of liquor sale of voters of Ihe district was introduced by Bullock. Benton county, and referred to the committee on education. death last night. today's session ot civil court. i collld bc Permitted to have it. The dead nej;ro is Will Moore, [ jii n Lyllc, local palnlcr. was giv- j Conclusions nnd recommendations . and the suspended officers are Pa-ien a judgment, for $30 In Cic ver- | of " ID Wlckcrslitim commission's Another educational bill lo re-j trotolcn Patc ^ Huston. The. of-1 diet of n jury this nfternoDn. Th3 |"porl on prohibition, 'signed by peal act 157, of the acts of 1927 peers will remain under suspen-; Jurors viewed a house painted by | J cn of ll ! c clcven rn^mbcrs subject; changing boundary lines of scliooi slon pending investigation of Lytle for Will Tucker, the defcn- |° ln<1 'vldiml reservations embodied. districts, was offered by Represcn- charges tlmt they mistreated the Moore and Charles Prothro, tmoth- Droll 111 IIU Feed Progrram -. T "n Kx'Tld' Other important activities of the i . i- ,. '"_ i chamber Included the Importation AUtO License file Date of » ear load of pure bred Hampshire gilts for distribution ainonz tatlvc Perry and placed In the ne 8 ro l' rlor ^ hls dcath hands of the Judiciary committee. !, r ?,"- ston . ,^ a , pat ^, ''.^ nrrcs ^ ;1 After some deliberation the houst i adopted a resolution providing each i member the privilege of drawing 5pc per day for stamps until the tlon where (he negroes were em- session Is up. ployed. Both were taken to police clant, during recess of the court, before returning their verdict. in separate reports, follow; "1. The commission Is opposed Clnude !•'. Cooper was attorney '> rc l ;cal of tno eighteenth " for' the plaintiff mul Nelll Rccd, the defendant. • Lute this afternoon the case of , Merchants Grocer company against I oC .., lhcTl1 ?* a ™^ " . 2 - The commission is opposed lc r «t™«on 1" any manner Myrllc Sevier, et al. was heing tried j ' trcit: C. C. Danehower, Osceola; : L. C Dnnehower, St. Joseph, La.; ! Beer Machiiie Cost Clara $600 Daisy Testifies LOS ANGELES. Jan. 20. (UP) — Daisy Devoe, former secretary t: Clar Bow. today completed testi- j Eastmorelcmd Ave-, Memphis. Slai until today. proclamation I M. Danehower, Morrow, La. and j" 0 "" 1 nnci depression had brourlit R R. Dar^hower, Grand Rapids,; ™ mt ™'"lit 1 .on" which made It In- Mich. Mrs. Danehower was a sis-] c ' nv enfent or imucssible for manv ...^ .,,„„- j^^unuui, umin, «uu ».v- ter of the late J. F. Liddc-n of 15H; Jl " Mns '" ' >2V lh e motor vehicle operation with Senator R. A. Nel- of the county, the annual county said the fair, completion of the armory building, obtaining of a census recount which put Blyihevllle over the 10,000 population mark, and co- mony In her defense against gra'.Kl I or^i Kot in license nromotly. Mayor Nr-ill Reed staled this: apportionment bill. ; mo-nln? that thr time limit for : nurrhase of 193! city motor vehicle Ison In behalf of the pending re- E. D. Ferguson, Uie reliring pres- , iju., ,.,,j— k n u.,1 ,;uy TILUHIV VI HlrlP l^nn^ n. 1 J t f , ^..censes without Anally, which ex- ^, ~l'~!<° r ."•*»machine for making beer. | While Resisting AfTCStrU'T?-day wm rTrt'te'cSir"."^" 011 The remark was instantly stricH- '• j The Urn? had been emended from tne record by Superior! KOT SPRINGS. Ark., Jan. 20.1 from January loth until today by j ._.,..I ' • f\\J L o* *V"^v««j, >'>ix. 1 wuii. tv. -•—•-. -• .....--. Judge William Doran who warned ] <up)-Charles Johnscn. 44. was | Meyor Reed. Miss Devoe she could not offer tes- ; shot and jnstanlly killed here las'.! rZ's' attest her"" 1 *""*'* th= i "W by Police CapUln Arch Coop-j Rogers WiU Fl" We«f counts against ner. | er wl)|]e res]st i n g arrest. ' ~ i It Is charged t-.e dead man drev/ Youth Bound Over On !» EUH and threatened_Cooper be- him during the year an active program for ing that- the need for ; constructive effort, particularly In j behalf ot agriculture, was n;ver -greater than at t'nls time. Tile discussion of thc agrlcultur- '3. The commission is opposed r _ D u , T.II. headquarters for questioning and as .before a Jury. The suit Involved n ',•'• lo l , ho fcd " Dl ' or stttlc Bovcrn- n ... Tr™, ^ u , thcy wcre about to lock thcm "P ! promissory note ossl 3 n«l to the j !" cnts ', ns , S1!ch ' « 0>n S Into 'the Dr. W. H. Toland, Howard coun- another policeman. Williams, told | Merchants Grocer company by a.' ilquor blls l ness 1 ' ' • uountine to abDul " 4 ' The commission !s opposed nounting to about tQ thc fropQs ^ ,„ ^^j^ th(J n ^_ Keck sustained a lionnl I )roh ' uR l on so as' to and sale of service in tie cis pcrmlt V, ' "B ht wln " . " 5l Th= commlsslo » is " ot opin- stock to enable them to obtain loans | a hospiufwhere-an" "oi««to «','' Krm^tertoy'li^S^ H* '?", '"f ^ c °-°^ [m ° f thc the Federal Intermediate; performed on him for an injurod i Ihevllle concern filed suit against j ff'" ,„ "" S 50 ""fl.'^Tf"* I? bank at St. Louis. (bladder. He died several hours'the Memphis auditing firm allcg-' I'' fl 1 ,° r "' Mn r l f '"« fighUenth Following a two-hour session lasti^t". Pale and Huston denied they ing damages of S50.000 due to a de- . < " n "' <l "- em -I'W.tnc national pro- night, the Senate Banking commit-' had mistreated the negro. tte announced thaf an open hearing will be held at thc Hotel Ma-1 rion tonight on two resolutions authorizing appointment of joint legislative Investigating committees lo Inquire into Ihe banking and Insurance situation. Fiirlim Snr.n.«« Judge DpOHSOrS i fective audit. 1 Whether U-.C suit will IK relnstit- : lory of the States; that the ; support of public opinion In the ' been definitely dc- :scverM Stat5s , 5 nece5sar y , n or . . der to Insure such co-operation. to Help Relief Funds "1 crcdl t situation, Inaugurated by Mr. Affllck, led to a number of es- , _ forj the officer fired: Bennle Bar- NEW YORK. Jan. 20 (UP)— will: prcsslons ln favor of Senata Bill tharge or rorgeryitay. 20. who was with Johnson at| Rogers. humorW. and Capt. Frank M41 ' "Produced by Senator Joe T. | thc time, said he had previously! Hawk?s. noied fiver, will leav,? to- Rob| nson, t» provide government Nelson Croiv. yo-Jtb, was bound unloaded his companion's gun j morrow on a barnstorming tour: Ioans to '"rnlsh the capital for ag- over to await lhe action of the'without his knowledge. Brand jury by justice R L. Me- j "— kulcht this morning on a charge' T . n cf f rgory nnd uttering. ; IbreC DUenOS Crow indicated his desire lo the i n •] Ci.i:~— D._L.J rcurt to plead guilty to the charge I Kai1 Stations DOmDCtt nd a co:i(cssion "K admitted mak- '' through Arkansas, Oklahoma. Tes- 1 rlcu 'tural credit corporations. . ns and Louisiana to give perform- Banking institutions hcrc and else] anccs in the interest of the Red where in eastern Arkansas and ' Cro=s relief fund. It was announced; southeast Missouri are not In po: today. isitlon to, supply all of lhe money ' t-tmt will be needed, it was pointed RUTH MAKES RESERVATIONS ST. PETERSBURG, Fia., <UP)— nor can farmers lake advan were advised of the general YFATt'S FIRST MAPLF, SYRUP ; tage of government fesd and seed Inn to officers was attached to the • BUENOS AIRES, Jan. 20. ITJP) ;Idely sepa- maples and g.itlured enough sap! canning, mik for growing ; CLEVELAND (UP)—Judge A. J. j Pearson, who awarded nearly 5,000 .divorce decrees In Cuyhahoga coun- :'!" last year, t Uie sponsor of a bill n »l 1 r TI_* v ! '° ^ '"Iroduced In the slate legls- UUUOOK tor IhlS Year lalure, proposing a chance in the marriage laws. The cotton situation for 1931 andi Tn e bill provides (1). that mar- has __ ! termlned'. New Marriage Law ^ W11 ^ D ^° ! MemphL, appcnrcrl , c . ^5 commission Is of opin- ITOmcr K - Jniics Ion that prior to the enactment of Harmon, SmiJi t he bureau of prohibition act, 1927, . , hcrc ln V» —., negroes Uucuss Farm tin. fillo represented the plain-: tne ngc 'n c i c5 for enforcement were i badly organized and Inadequate; ; :hat subsequent to that enactment Chicago Policeman tllcrc hns bsen continued improve- n i n n i" tnmt in "fiO'i^ation end effort rcu-id beaten to ueath for cnfoncmpnt. "7. Thc commission Is of opinion a diversification program was tak- riage licenses be Issued not less! CHICAGO-'Jan 20 (UP)—A Chi- that the Present organization for en up In a meeting of 250 negro than flvc days after applications [rago policeman, Hugh Kennedy 35 : enforcement Is still Inadequate. farmers nnd their wives at Armorel are made; (2), that a dally wage' was found beaten to death today in j c "-->•-- " «\r J i « Tho , ra P 5 °». local ag- of $3 be paid families when hus- i Chicago. His body was found on a ,, " 9 ,. ... , . , ent, and Mary j. McCain, home band or father is sentenced (o Jail railway right of way He was no" lon that tllc fedcral Some members Dissent The commission Is of opln- !? e , n '' Spo "? or 2 1 thc m <*ttal! ln for non-support; and (3). that one j In uniform but was wearing his star wnicn u vv. Haraway, teacher of year's residence In county and Neither a gun nor hotter was mo-el npir na wh«t"» e iJ n t^i ^7 i. h ^* e y01lrs ln staw ^ required found on lhe body. Kennedy had mo.ol negro school, also took part : before divorce petitions can be been struck squarely on top of the The men anff women met separ- filed. ately. In the men's group talks were glvon in which the farmers squarely on top i head 'with a heavy Instrument. tContinr.e.-i on Pasc 3) WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fan- and not much change in temperature '.onight or was handled bv the office of Ccn-lraled, t t..b!c Harry Taylor, !<je«d. «nit. - | syrup. [York city's history occurred In 1888. the wlnler. SILENT POLICE AUTOS NOW i Wednesday. BUFFALO. N. Y.. (UP)-Buffalo! • According 1 to Charles Phillips, :her observer, the mini- ^mpcrature here ytsUrday degrees and the maximum, clear. On the same of the squad due on March ijwindiws. Silent machines will pcrature was 17 degrees and the k.i». j - - , t . . acne w n e believed i,, make several gallons of maple I The greatest blizzard in New children and lhe care of poultry In for Spring training. They will re- cruise continually, keeping In touch maximum. 42 degrees; cloudv with ' main until March 25. with Iv:adquarter3 by radio- on inch ol snow.

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