The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1947
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BOTTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' 15 DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NORTHXA3T ARKA ^"^ VOL. XMV—NO. 22 Biythevllle Dallj BljrthevUlc Corner Blythovtlle Herald Mississippi Valley _DOMINftNT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHS*3T ARKANSAB AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HLYT11KVIU,10, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY. Al'lUI. 17, 11)47 »Jf f« SINGLE COPIES FlV* <?ENTS ^^^^^^» ^^— r — _-—__ .__ „. , _' -.-»-«»-. W* M+J*f *•*•«« VKJ.M *Q 714 DEAD COUNTED IN TEXAS EXPLOSION Missco Exceeds r 47 Farm Bureau MembershipGoal Final Report to Show Total of More Than 4,500, Leaders Say Unofficial tabulation in tho Mississippi county Farm Bureau membership drive again places Mississippi county as the No. i county in thc state, drive officials announced today. A total of approximately 4500 memberships have been turned In to drive leaders with several drive teams yet to be heard from. This fissure exceeds the 1946 membership total of 4150 that gave Mississippi County the No. 1 spot In the slate last year. Blytheville. however, is slit) lagging in Its drive with only one-half of its quoin met. Inclement weather the past week has handicapped drive teams in Ihis section considerably. Three teams in the Blytheville area have not been heard from, officials reported, but it is expected that a report from all teams ill BIythcvile and North Mississippi County wilt be made this weekend. South Mississippi County has reported a lotal of more than 2400 members, which exceeds thc quota by some 200 members. Tlic unofficial figure for the North half ol ihe r.onnty has been released as approximately 2000. The quota for Mississippi County is 4150- Thc over-a quota for Arkansas, this year l s 41,500, which, if reached, will break the high mark set in IMS. Ten counties have announcer: exceeding of their quotas in the tlriva with over 30,000 members being reported by the state drive headquarters. Reports from thc stale office indicate lhat a large majority or counties will have their drives ended and quotas reached by thc last of this week. Light Frost is Reported For Blytheville Area as Temperature Drops to 35 Spring weather' look another backslide.^ist night as the mercury dropped to n low of 35 degrees alter a high of 09 WHS recorded for yesterday. A light frost blanketed Dlyilievillp early this morning ijul crop damage, resulting from the un!;c;i;>uii- able weather, is .expected to lie light, the county extension service reported this morning. # Russians Accused Of New Veto Idea Marshall Suggests Soviet Move Aimed At- Austrian Treaty MOSCOW, April 17. (UP)—Sec rotary of state George C. Marshal suggested today that Russia wa trying to introduce a new type o veto inlo the Big Pour negotiation on the Austrian peace trcaty. Yugoslnvia formally dcmaruTcJ Ihc Austrian province of Cnrintliii an ( t $150.000.000 in reparations fron Austria in a hearing- before the Bi Pour foreign ministers. American officials said private!, lhat. if Russia supports the Yugo Slav demands, "there will be n Austrian treaty.'' The demands were placed before Ihc council al a special morning session. -' Motorist Sought A^ter Child on Bicycle is Hurt 'It was disclosed yesterday Hi Harold K. Jones, young son -Mr. and Mrs. Harold K. Jones. 61 East Kentucky Street, suiter, painful but not, serious facial I juries Monday night when he w. hit by an automobile at the inter section of Cliickasawba and Sixt streets. At the lime of the accidcn the lad was on his way to Hal Field to participate in a granun school football game. According . eye witness accounts of the ace dent, the bQy. who was on his 0 cycle, had stopped at the cor to wait for a friend. The lad saw the approach... car. which \va s reported driving o thc wrong side of the street, an tried lo get out ol its path bu Strike Controls Bill is Debated Passage in House Expected by Tuesday; Veto is Predicted WASHINGTON, April 17. (XJP) — 'he House today drove toward assage of its drastic strike-contro il! in the face of a warning thai 'resident Truman will veto it. The warning was given by Rc:> :manuel Cellcr. D., N. Y.. on tlii. Souse floor two hours after lie onferred with Mr. Truman. He aid the bill ''will earn a veto, am istiliably so" despite the expccia- ion that the Senate will lone i iOwn. But Republican House leader iredicted the measure on fina passage later today would wu norc than the two-thirds margii lecessary to override a presidents , r eto. Amendment Rejected Celler made his statement afle -he House rejected a new attcmp to include in the bill a rigid ba against any form of union shoj rhe bill would outlaw tile close shop (but not the union shop), il dustry-wide bargaining, seconda. boycotts and jurisdictional strike: Other congressional develop ments: Mine safety—President John Lewis of the United Mine Worke (AFL.) appealed to senators fi improved safety in coal mines. Foreign policy—Senate opponents of President Truman's $400,030,000 Greek-Turkish aid program plelten up.another reciuit when Sen. Albert W. Hawkes announced he would vote against the bill. The Senate is scheduled to vote on the measure Tuesday. Sens. Owen Brewster,- R., Me,, Homer Ferguson, B., Mich., and Carl Hatch. D., N. M.. who have Just, returned from an inspection trip to the Near East, said thc bill must be passed without delay if Russia is to foe. stopped shorl of war. Texas Disaster—Sen. w. I-ce O'Daniel. IX, Tex., a.skerf for a Senate investigation of the Texas C'ity disaster on the possibility that It might have been caused by sabotage, He said a senate inqury should be made lit the light of "the high tension on international affairs.' He.said that even though the tragedy "could have been accidental, it followed a pattern of numerous disasters preceding this country's entry into the war. •Atomic—Chairman Bonrkc B Hickenlnoper, R., la., of the Senate Atomic Committee disclosed that Congress plans to set up its own system ot inspection oi atomic energy developments. 'Budget cuts—Chairman Paul ... Herzog of the National Labor Re- Queen Elizabeth Runs Aground Jaycees Arrive Early for 1947 Stale Convention Directors to Meet This Afternoon; Two Governors to Attend Tug boats worked for hours before they wen: able to move the liner Queen Elizabeth which ;«is i-.-omirt- cd on the edge of the treacherous Brambles Sl'oal near Southtimplbti, England. The ship «».-> en r-imc lo New York with 2,44(1 passengers. (NBA Tclcpliolo.) Presbyterians Elect Officers Woman's Auxiliary Concludes State Convention Sessions New officers of the Woman's Auxiliary Arkansas Presbytery were installed yesterday afternoon :U First Presbyterian Church, where the 41st. annual, state meeting of the oryani- zation. was held yesterday nnd Tuesday. Tlie pincers," wno niso were elcrt-1 me mimic was not allowed m- cd yesterday, were Mrs. Guy Amsler side the Riiragp to interfere with Of.Little Rock, vice president;. Mrs.) the cmbalmers doing Hicir niqciiHre w. _1. Hunt, of :Lon6ke. recording . chores almost automatically Tricy secretary; Mrs. Layton Hcott of West Memphis, secretary of religion;; education; Mrs. D. C. Umg of Too Stunned to Weep, Relatives Of Blast Victims Beg for News isy «. is. i.i.ovi). .in. United Tress Slafr Correspondent TKXAS CITY, April 17.— Onard.s with fixed Iniyonels kept the i-rowds back today from the Windowless McCiar GimiBC. uislde, Iftu finbnluicr.s. sliuulinjj on pieces 'of board nnd tar-paper to ketp li'oni sllppine on the hlundy floor, prepared the ilcntl for btirlnl. Too tired, tco .stunned lo weep, tho survivors searching lc : r loved ones carried iheir (jrlef silently tin unsteudy ICKS today buck mid form between three phiccs-McGnr;sljnni-n B across the street where the bodies we o lor burial, ami the City Hall'; four blocks <xwiiy where the HciiMi llsl is ixjsted. Hie IIlRh Scliool liiken when Ihcy wero ivndy around them. ijublle was not allowed (n- no longer seem lo see the bodies wagons and ., . _,.ng the dciic! roll up in an endless stream Irom Ihe blast area along thc waler- Iront. An ambulance door opens and the bodies are wheeled out on little carts common to nmbnlnnrcs - -but the wheels on these, carts drip blood. ; Attendants strip the bodies of Officers elected a year agu for -.11 clothes mostly rags, ripped by two-year term and who served c!ur-| Ihc blast. They search for some nig the convention were: Mr.-. Boil- mark of Identification—a ring, drigc McCulloch of Marianm. presi- wallet, n card or a company badge, dent: Mrs. O. W. Clintock of Mari- Most ot the dead so far were trom anna, corresponding secret " ' ' ' " " Marjjarel Carter of Hot . — —- --o —• .-n!j.,..v.., it'LjuiiitinL;!:..,, ijiir\(.-j y \\JltJUtlS tllltl secretary of foreign missions; Mrs. laundry trucks carrying the' tlc,«! W. C. McCain, chairman of Group " One; Mrs. Thomas Wilson of Wynn. Group Two; Mrs. I. M. Hsi«nn of Wcsl Memphis; Group Three, Mrs. Howard Stuck of Joncsboro, Group Four. They were Installed by Ife n c v Harvey T. Kidd With CUiv. Jiunes E. Hil.umi of Alabama scheduled lo arrive Uy plane lomorrow, and Governor l.,i- ney ot Aikunsas u.y milo Hutur- duy, tin' suite convwilioji of thc Arkansas Junior Cliiimbc'r of Commerce was lo act imdiT WHY ol- Ilriully nl 8 a.m. lomorrow. Some of tho dclrKttlr.s arrived today for two pa-convi>uUon com- iiilllec sessions and H stittc Hoard af IDircclors mt'PUng. The lliroe-duy .stutc (.'onclnva. rriisc.lcd to tUaw record crowds ot viiilliui- Jnycecs and specially m- vltocl convention dlctnlUirle.3. will i:rl underway with ri-ulslnitloii cic cli'lcnatcs al 9 o'clock tomorrow mm'iilnjf, nnd u ln A»'iii'dr, nnd NomlnalliiK Commltlces will licitin work at :i o'clock this afternoon with meetings »t lliu Hotel Noblu convention liendqimrlers. The Awards Comiulltce will liu- uln consideration of scnipuooKs "net cllRosls submitted by sum* clubs covering projects curried out liy the groups dunlin tho past year. Awards for winning activity re- covcls win l>c presented at the convention dliinur aiilurday nlit_... Si'lr-clion ol citndidales for st'.iU Junlur Chamljcr olflecs will beyln today :il thc Nomlnalhit! Conunlt- leo's cpsnlng moetlUK. This ccmi- inlttco will report at tha (hull business mrc'Ilnu session Sunday tnorn- hiK «nd tho new B t'ite o(fleers wll be installed Hint ndcrnouii. To uiiike fliiiii arriiiiKcincnUs oi convenllcm procedures, the Uonrd nt Olri'ctors will hold ,- dlnnin-ineelliiK al 5:oo p.m. today al Ihe Delia Club cafe. Ofliclally liuinclilHd thu coiwen lion, tin; reglstiallon <if delegate, nnd ''Janes"—the Jaycec auxiliary —:il I>:00 a.m. tqinorrow will b hold In the Hotel Noble lobby. Continued- dlsciissloiis. lit. . the A,wiirds p.ud Noiiiiiiutini; Commit. Iro.-i ore 1 .s^hfultiled for 10 o'clock Air Tours :Arranir,cil Vislllni! Jnycces will get a bird's- eye view of North Mlsslsslpp County during nlr lours from thc Municipal Airpui-L beginning al '. o'clock tomorrow afternoon, also tho starting time tor the Jayce IB-hole, medal-play golf lournamei at Ihe Country Club to detcrmh 3000or More Injured, Red Cross Estimates; Eight Oil Fires Raging liy ICOI'iKItT K. BKO\V\ DnlU-il 1'rrss Stall Correspondent' . TICXAH CITY, Tex., April 17. <IU'.)—Fireman fought 1 il Uiisl ei K )it niKiiiK oil fires Unlay Jn this, shattered Texas (oast industrial lowii wliicli WUH rocked by new <, one of wliicli ilmiiitegriitccl another freighter.' at the NewNazarene Pastor Selected Texan ro Succeed Rev. F. W. Nosh in Blytheville Church The Rev. Duntel Stafford of Cia-| " — ~ ~' j •" Icna Park, Tex., has acce,)levl I In: tho slntc's best golfer from mnont - vj. w. OJIIIIUUK uc Riuri- iviusi (n cue ueau so ii\f were irom •esponding secretary; Miss Die Monsanlo plain, the refineries Carter of Hot Suiiims.-l or the city Terminal and hleuUtl- Ireasurci". Mrs. W. S. NcWoOin of cation unrlges were frequent. Wynne, historian. Naked, Ihe bodies were laid Convention speakers incliidoc; tlic lines nn .strips of black tar Rev. A. F. P'ogartis. D. D.. of Liitle Rock, Mrs. H. D. Habcry.ii) of Shrevcnurt. La., and Mrs. Waller N Truclock Jr.. of Pine Bluff. men and women lying side by side indiscriminately. . Bradley K. Parker. Texas City cflilinlmcr, is in charge of idenlifi- , o Dr, Fogartic spoke on "Now Mis- cation. He puts 11 tag on the left sionary Opportunities Today." | leg of the corpse on which is stressing the need for niissionnrU's [ scrawled nil known Information, nnd Ihe fields in which they might i The cmbnlmers go to work. U'rirlf _. ' .. NLRB's House. , budget cut request by the Press freedom— Former Assistant Attorney General Thurman Arnold told a Senate Small Business Subcommittee that labor union abuses threaten freedom of the press. Rents— House Republican leaders were reported to be inclined against a general increase in rent ceilings at this time. Prices — Chairman Robert, A. Tart of th c Senate Republican Policy committee saij) he "fully endorses" President Truman's campaign follower prices. Work. _Hc pointcrl out that there was nn eia of development nheaii and atirl- sionnry work were greater than ever before. "We face a challenge in foreign missions." he said. Or. Fo- lailcd. a witness said. passerby rushed ttic lad Wails Hospital where first aid was administered. The driver of the automobile was said lo have stopped after the accident but left the scene as soon as the boy was taken to the hos- nital. Police arc investigating the Telephone Strike Could End Soon Union Boss Says WASHINGTON, April n. (UP) — Joseph A. Beinie, president of the striking National Federation of Telephone Workers (Ind.), salci today he "hoped" for a setlement of the ll-day-old country-wide walkout "before Ihe wool; is over." Mrs. Charles Hyde Dies al Gosnell; Funeral Friday Funeral services' will be held tomorrow afternoon, 2 o'clock, nt Cobb Funeral Home Chapel for Mrs. Myrtle Hyde, 51, who died last night at her home near Gosnell. she was the wife of Charles Hyde. Burial will be in Elmwoori Cemetery. The Rev. H. . Robison, paslor of Gosnell Methodist Church, will officiate. Her husband is Mrs. Hyde's only survivor. Pallbearers will be will Caudle. Lee Hill. Rube Dcvlll. Harvey Lynch, Mark Crawford and Elmer Van Clcvc. Slcrn Measures Necessary Inside it, is breathlessly quiet. Outside it is bedlam. "1 just heard you identified my husband's body." pleaded :» girl about 20 with the guard nt thc dcor. "I've got to sec him. We've . "•• •-**- * " vjvvji. i vi; B" 1 * l " Btc nun- Kartie is superintendent of Home only been married a month." Missions and Evangelism. ' -'Mrs. Haberyan discussed "Emmanuel—Studies in the Gospel oy M ; ,I- Ihew." Mrs. Tnitock told attendants that Presbyterian women I'.ave nn increasing responsibility in Evangelism. Churches represented at ll.c t invention were Augusta. Bassett. B!y- Ihcvillc, Batesvlltc, Cnlton Plant Forrest City, Earlc. Jonesboro. IJt- tlc ttotk First Church. Hughes, Liitle Rock Second Church. Little Rod- Central Church and Uttlc Roc'.: i>u- laski Heights Church. Lonokc M-i- tianna, Morrillon, Osccola fi. r ;\- goiild. Walnut Kidgc, West Memphis and Wynne. If Wind Changes, Texas Area Faces Greater Disaster NEW ORLEANS, Auril 17. CUP , — Ciipt Eddie fUckenbncker president or Eastern Airlines, landed 'at "I'm sorry." the guard said softly. "Im only obeying orders." "Do 'you have tiny little toys In there?' asked a mother. ."No. NO little boys," said the guard. She tries to push up close aiifl look at a window. A guard snitly pastorate 'of lli'c First, Church af vll ° Jllnl0 '' Chamber ranks. l-\: Ihe Nil/arena to succeed the Rev. P, W. Nnsh. wlio resigned, H wtm announced today. Thc Rev. Mr. Stafford with his wife nnd live children cue silied- ulcd lo arrive In Illythevilh- Tuesday and will make their 1 home nt 100 E. Dougun. He has been serving as pa.slc.r of First Church In Onlcnii Park, and prior to Kolng lo Texas -jristor of the Na/.arcnc Church in Vivian, La., which was the second largest hi that stale. The Ilcv. Mr. Stiitlnrd will preach his Fust sermon in hl.s new church Sunday. April 28. The Hev. Mr. Nnsh inovcj Lwa weeks ngo to Topeku. Kan. where he is paslor of Church In that city. His fust iisslgninc-iii in Ills new clmrijc iva.', lo bci-iii plans for building n new church to replace onn destroy!.-,! by fire. Rites Tomorrow For H. B. Woodard Of Near Manila rushed her buck. Thc scene inside E - B - Woodard. fin. filed last thc one story "L"-shaped building, »'Bht nt his home near Manila. 80 feel long by 43 feel wide. Is too gruesome, she walked away, wtiite- fncecl. no longer able to find relief in tears. Seven automobiles remained inside the building which was biilll Joycee Speaker imlloiml Vice preside/It <>I till? U. S Junior chamber, of Cointnorro. wll. be tho principal .Hiteakor ut ct dinner here aiilurday night during the state convention of tfio rtrk- ansiis junior chamber which gel* iinclcnvny tomorrow morning. A reception honoring Mr. S'.icphi'ic will be lurid that afternoon, locks. Keel Ouss liradquiriirs in placed the doilli («|l of the 21-hnurs sequence of ex- lilniloiu and fire -t JH, , . ;" r More, than 3,01)0 . were Injured, UK; llrd dross rcfiirted, In" one of Ibe Krlm tragedies of. AmBrlcsn illjiii.slrr history. Order. jraduxllv was heliif rcstorni, the Red Cross said. But ii n casually figure c(>utri Ixr lunch boiler than u gues'/. More than wo bodies had Iwen couutfrd. Nol until UK- flanies subside rould Ihe thousands of rescue -workers hope to reach other bodt!ii--ppr- hnps scores, perhaps hundreds-In (ho waterfront rulus. The ,$lll,OIH),aoo Mcmsanio C'lii-m- K'.il Company plant, Icfl n "nilnV:! shfll," may holrt Ihc fale of ninny persons, officials salrt. Abnut ROO were working Jhere ycstcr«fii.v niiirntnK when a French fref^litcr lonclrd wllli. nitrates blew up, thrnwinj; i-hiinkH «f steel for miles mill .sctlliiR ntt the chain .'of ''hlusis unil fin;. •.',:.!• • , The fate'of crewmen nbonrd the »Fic?ich Lines ship Grand Cam;i mid trin'American frelcjhtei- High Flyer, which was torn to bUV ijy nn explosion today—lo houtt, nf. Wallace's Talks Impress Britons" Government Organ. Says Crusade Is "Doing Good" I1Y IIAUKISON SALISKIIJtV ' lUnltril Pi-rnn fmclgn Hewn ^frliff) Henry A. Wallace completnd Jus British campaign iigninst President Truman's foreign policy today, wm- r.lnij t.lio support of thc British — , ler the Oiwnd camp oxploson #us unknown First word 'hr.^ a nbonrrt \he French ship hail mt vlvtd tame from the PreAh IJn ,°," 1 : <1 _. 1 ".. Ncw . Yorl( . "*&BfU any nt leant five were ol them Critically ._„„, J G rrahan maysf of two lobor iiovcrnincnt's newspaper, the Herald, which s«ld that the Wallace crusade had done "(jood'' in ilrllaln. The endorsement of Wallace nic in llio tonn ol nn unusual editorial, signed personally by the Herald'.', editor. Percy Clitiip. Since Ihc Herald l s the government's own orj;;>n It was taken to Indicate lhat Walliirc's speeches havfv made considerable lni|wct in govcrmuctit n'uirter.i. 'Die (icrnkl criliciii:tl Wallace for Ills failure to point out a number of Russian .lint sharply nl- lackcd what it 'called •'American rijiht wing qiiHi-lers" for their m- diKiv.illon '.igalnst the Wallace "Wallace's s|>cechea liivve done good t |ii thl s couniry,'' the Iferiilr suld. ' bcc-.iusc they have caused a (-.'e/it /n.'iiiy jicoplc to think hard-1 ci and talk move trankly about) Hit; perilous drill of t. Funeral services will be heli at 2 p. m. tomorrow In a Ihc home of his son. Ij.-uv.en-i Woodard, on Crews Lateral St.. by thc Rev. L. H Fielder of l.c;>iiiun. .Tiviu i-ut: uuLjuiug wiucii was '/unv Burial will follow al Krmen Come- of concrete and brick. Everything tcry In Osccola. else had been removed. Makeshift : Mr. Woodard moved to JtfisMs- cmbalming lables aro mafic of cc- sippl County in 1019 from Fay- mcnt blocks. The workers, many of cttcvillc, Tenn.. w)ierc ho B-.IS them embalming sludenls milled born. He was a charU-r 'neiiit'C^ from Houston and Dallas, arc MTV- of Wells Chnpler 71aplls-t church cd hot coffee. They turn lUrlr of Little River Communlly niid backs to their tables and si' 1 !' ll was active in clinrch work^ hungrily. j He is survived by another son. - - ! James, also ol qsceola; [ m , r if- • n- i n i x i daughters, Mrs. IXTOV Olbs-.m. Mrs KlWOnianS P»Ck Delegates •, virpli Ashley. Mrs. irwt.i Ashley , Orleans today after over the devastated Texas flight Cily, N. Y. Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Ore. open high low 2857 2861 2842 s Tex., area and predicted that the wind changes, yesterday's explosions will seem like child's play " Rickcnbnckcr said he had radioed his ground lorccs in Houston to prepare all available buses and trucks for evacuation In the wind changes and sends clilorlnc- f illed smoke clouds toward the heavily populated Beaumont area northeast of Texas City. "The (Ire area is studded v.'ilh " Ashley. Mrs. irwl.i Ashley o>e- M To Convention in Chicago !° r Osrcoln and Mrs. Steve Cockn-j '•""'f i liam or Manila, a brother, E. M. "• . , w Jimmie Sa land were p:esenl the landers and J. M. c:.:ve-1 Woodard of Dell; a, sister, elected delegates to ro- 'da Hamilton of Lakeland. Uiytlicvilic Kiwiiiiis ""<! 1* grandchildren. Cluti at the International Ki»i"i!sl Active pallbearers will bi I3o:) Lluist: neither air- nor golf-tnmdc. n InfCTniul social session will b held at llilil time In the Jayceu club rooms, Ciov. I'olsom is schedulrd lo arrive, hv pluil(. Irom Montcioniery, Ala., al 10::iO a. m. A reception hon„ him will he held at (i p. m. nl tne Hotel Noble and he will " c Ihe principal speaker al a dinner llieie nt 7 o'c:lc!<k. Governor Folsom will be accompanied here by .lames S- Kaliba. former Hlythevllle man now adjutant general ol Alabama. fJrlg. Gen. Saiiba is a brothpr of Charles anil Tied Saiiba of Illythcvillc. Thc public Is invited lo join the wel- <:timing celebration to lie held at the Munldpiil Airport on Governor I-Mlsom's arrival, J. T. Sudtjury, convention onlerlJiimntNil ciiatr- niini, announced today. npIr(;atc.-> fncc -in e.vtcnded social session tomorrow night ncglnnlnf: at 8:'JO with a u'rc'.sthnK matcu in the l/*Rlon Arena ,-vrnl r»t U'.U^ p.m. liic Exh'iustcd floo.stci's Cltia .laycccs over 35—will li»! ( i ;i sta; p.-irty /or the deiegiilra in the Arena. Hr/>:>rl of State prc.sidenl Hen roscy of Ci-osH-.ll will launch Hai- nrdnj- activities :il a huslncss session at 9:03 a.m. At this meeting he u-ill m.-ike state committee appointments for the ensuing year. Forums on Leadership TrainiiiK, Public Relations anti Club Admin- i.stivtllon open al 10:30 a.m. Saturday. J..iney to Arrive .Saturday Gov. lien Lanty is expected to arrive al about 11:30 o'clock by car from Little Rock. He will be principal speaker al a luncheon at 12:30 p.m. Awards. Extension and Project Promotion forums will open the afternoon business session. Al a o'clock, a rcrcntion for John ficn Shepherd, nallonnl Jaycce vice president, will be held al the No:'. Shepherd will address dcl- at the convention dinner at 'n asvardi* iov last year's activities will be prc.senled. Tlic Con- vcnltw Bali Is set for 0 o'clock hi , the Main Exhibit building at Ihol Anaconda Copper I-'mrgrounds In Walker Park. | Coc c , Following a final business meeting! G - Fi~,i r i.," M Sunday mr>rnin B . the day's actlvl- ^'J ^iV, 0 Y/blch yesterday * Juid. Ifl 000 lUUi.Ui of whom^hilf ntrtcdy fl«r- »ft!d he 'berrcVcn* all -^.... nv, ut- neve ii an rtjngcr of further mijoi oxptoMon, TOd been passed Bui United Press correspondents (tccrlng from the shattered win- dott 1 ! of an upper story of lha cilv Kull-nbove which a United states flng huiiK al half staff T -eouui lit InastU-ight big oil'fires scndm K their flames, topped with . plllai% of bluck smnke, Into the sky A north, wind blerr U,« sin u »c and noxious fumes Out ove r Wal- mlon, anil helped lo keep the' names fr nm spreading inlaiia. 'Of j ", l»epuly Mayor /. H. Kill salrt: "he Lord is on our side." But he emphasized that- "V'c arc not nut of the woods-yet" Supplies of foamlte, a chcmicll of especial value in figh'tiug fires, were rushed into thV'a by truck boat from nnd Houi.ton. There was that dynamite might . be .i Ocpnly Mny or .,. H . ij m ro ! u rd thai DO per cent or homi.s-ii« icxiis City ha<l bcon damaged, nl-.d hat half the town's popnlatfott had fled from the holocaust. - ] Damage was estimated ji'.'sp? . I OOP.non or more as ships -i chemical pjanl, oil reffnerii-j oil I wr"rc S ilf"' 1 " l1 ' Cr intlll!itrlal .P'n»«!*l Gen. Jonathan WainwrigUt 1'cro Bntann. called the disMty- (lit; peillou.s drill of relations be- "' umaan. called the cllsitstm- (.ween the srcal powers." It added which began when a French Lines llml Wallace had "made a soiuul 'roiifhtcr loaded., with nirrnii"; i ci !"« l11 "re "t- Ihc dock s,i«i^ case. _ Aller a finn] prrss conference Kloclcd, worse than "the dcvnstix- WiUlaro headed for Hcancllmivia| ^ t)n of war." ; mid 1-Viiiitc. , 0<>v. Bcnuford Jester sal<' "H In I'ans Wallace was attacked looks like someone had nret>n rt by Senate Minority Leader Albcn they wore a i;ianl cKE-hen'/.r '« t J. Karkley, U,, Ky., there sitter a ing an omelet." brie! loin of (lie. Middle Easl.' Uaiktcy said his had increased Iji.s .';uj;porl lot rresldenl Truman's proposed grants lo Turkey and Greece. In Washington thc Truman program drew now lire from Sen. Albert W. Hawkes. II., N. J., who charted lhat It opened up tlic possibility of a third world war. Weather ATIKANSAS- Clear to Two of today's blasts—In toil' Sec DISASTER on rage 7 Legion Auxiliary Presents Books To High School Tlie American Legion nt Blylncvlllc presented cloudy and slightly warmer lutlay, I books. Biography or Amc tonight and Friday. '""' ' "' N. Y. Stocks 2:00 P. M. qunlalic A T f: T . Amer Tobacco chlorine tanks," Ricfcenbackcr 3495 3497 3477 34921 "And one after Knottier ls i )10 w- SS £» EL 6 SS,'?« «••" !I « s ? W .. thc «w*c Irom said, blow- 2985 2307 2900 2957 2973 | the [ire-racked city covers 2878 2890 't,f 50 square miles, >jjllll|^ vrul r>|JVLIK. -•..,.... the exception of business) TC-idlo a set of >ry this morning's assembly'"program at Hie high school. Presentation of the $80 set of boofe was made to Miss R 0sa M. Hi,! S-fi "-T". 1 '. principal, by Mrs. Marvin 62 3-4 La "°- Auxiliary president 36 1-1L ^''"clpatlug on the program, during which plans fpr the annual ] Girls Slate in Little Rock, an Aux- \ .. H7 wsus Staff Sergl. Don C. the Army Recruiting Oil who addressed the club nn the advantages ot the Universal N'.ilt- tary Training program of tlic Ar- i'i BI I Crews, Cl.-iiidc Lloyd Sr. Ollirc I'.ere, Swlit. Barney Smith, H. p Guy nlvant, Minor Taylor, J. n. Johnson 'and R. p. Kennedy, ' Gregg Funeral Home of Joncs- Roro Is in charge. meetings and slag affairs, the Socony Vacuum Janes' tirogram follows that of Diu Studebaker . ... Ja.vcccs. A sherry parly is sche-i Standard of N J dulcd lor the Janes at 2 o'clock! Texas Corp Friday afternoon in the Colonial Packard Mre .1 AYOF.ES on Pnjfc 7 I u S fitrci .,.,., 31 3-8! i tl ~' "" * j * vk '^ *vuv/v, ttu /Mi*.55 5-3' 'J. lary P™!^. discussed. we rc Miss ' M 1-4 rfie Lec Tc "eU of the High ,.-. i ., School and Mrs. C. S. Baggelt, '•' r Auxiliary Americanism chairman. n i i' Mlss Ti: ' l ' c ll was a cpuiisel« at ,1 i ,• lilst l' car ' s session of Glris Slate, e i o! Glr ' s attending from Blytheville, il in who aisa look part on the Pfosram; M 10 wcrc Mary Lou Joyner, Nenia IP 1-3 u-jrks, Julia Woodson. Vnnnye 6t 1-2 Whltley, Mary Evelyn Smith, Wan- 67-1-1 da Barham and Marilyn Decn. '" 578 Representatives this year Kill be 07 5-fl, chosen from the Junior Class. -

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