The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHT11EAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOU1U VOI.UMR XXXV—NO. ,U Blythovllle Courier Blythcvllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader Blythovlllo Dally News TV A Director Reports To Roosevelt On Progress Made By Authority WASHINGTON, Apr. 27. (UP) — David E. Llliemhal today lolcl President Roosevell the Tennessee *)-\ft Authority aggressively is negotiations for purchase of private utilities In the Tennessee valley. Lliienthal called at Uie While IJotise while a joint congressional committee, empowered to open a' wide investigation of the TVA directorate and Its activities ami controversies, organized to designate Senator Vic Donnhey (Den)., O.) ils chairman. Tlie TVA dlreclor placed before Mr. Roosevelt an exhaustive repor! nn Ills negotiations with Commonwealth and Southern corporation Jor ihc private ntllitj''s holdings in the TVA area. LJlienLhal said that negotiations continuously liave been under way 101- ihe past three weeks for the acquisition by Memphis, Tenn., of (he Memphis Power and Light company. He said a decision may be reached on.the price question within a week. lie said TVA also proposes to buy portions of the Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia Power company's liold- Held To Circuit Court On Accessory Charge A. G. Goodwin ivns bound over to circuit court in municipal court today on charges of receiving stolen property and accessory aft- IT the fact of grand larceny Bond was set at $1,000. He is alleged to have had in his possession a number of articles recently stolen from several Blytheville residences. Fred Uupree was fined $10 on a charge of simple assault after the charge was reduced from assault with a deadly weapon. He Is alleged to have had an altercation with his wife. The case of Thomas Taylor charged with ireckless driving 'was :illsmi5scd~by the state. Willie Patterson, negro, was found not guilty of a charge of breach of peace. Thp. case ot Ttjlu Crawford charged with robbery, wns dismissed by Ihe state. The case of Annie Williams charged with assault, was dismissed after the prosecuting witness failed to appear. . 7 Are Killed In Mine Blast ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, APRIL 27, IMS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS cnn., Apr. 27. <UP)—Serai miners were killed and eleven Injured, livo of them critically, today In an explosion and (ire at the at. Clalr coal company's mine four miles from here. PICK UP Second Paragraph 'I lie blast occurred nearly 500 feel below the surface ami u mile from the shaft bottom. Dlslance from tin; shaft hampered gas masked rescue squads. H was feared that many more iBht be dead and that It would be several hours beloiv their laic was known. 'Ihe blast apparently was caused by gas anil followed by black ;laim> "Ira; PRICE Senator Lee P r o p o s e s Amendment To Keep Price At 20 Cents WASHINGTON, Apr. 27. (UP>- Senalor Josh Lee (Dem.. Okln.) faici (oclny he would introduce this week an amendment Intended to keep the price of cotton above M cents per pound. The proposal in Ihe form of fin amendment to Ihe cotton net of 1938 would empower the Commodity Credit Corporation to make loans on cotton at 20 cents per pound. Loans would be limited to eot- (on raised for domestic consumption under acreage allotments. "The department of agriculture," Lcc said, "can estimate amazingly accurately just how much cotton will be needed for domestic consumption. By limiting production to this estimate, the government could prevent an oversupply that would leave the credit corporation stuck with loans on a lot of cotton." Transcript In Hudspeth Case Filed For Review LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Apr. 27- A transcript of testimony taken in Hi? habeas corpus hearings for A. T Hudspeth. former northwest Arkansas banker, before the late •Judge John E. Martineau Jan. 30 15)36 and March 31. 193fi. was filed' in the federal court clerk's office yesterday by Charles S. Hnrley federal court reporter for review by Judge Trimble. After reviewing • the testimony and hearing argument.? of counsel Judge Trimble will rule on Ihe motion for a new trial. Huclspeth's Ir.vyere said they cnn produce new evidence in support of their contention that the former banker pleaded guilty in Boone county circuit court because he feared mob violence. Hudspeth has fought in Mie courts nearly six years in an effort, to nvoid serving a one-year prison sentence on a charge of knowingly receiving deposits in „„ insolvent Alf Landon's Father ; Dies In Kansas City : KANSAS CITY, Mo.. April 27. {UP)—John M. Landoti. 81. father of Alf M. Lanclon, Republican nominee for president iu 10315. died at a hospital today. Landon. whose home was in Independence. Kans.. suffered n heart Utaok Friday, Ivy Files His Corrupt Practice Act Pledge LITTLE ROCK. Apr. 27. (UP)— Prosecuting Attorney Bruce Ivy of Osccola today filed his corrupt pra'clice act pledge for reelection ill the secretary of slate's office. Ivy now is serving as prosecutor af (he second judicial district, composed of Mississippi. Crittcnden, Cross. Poinselt. Craighead, Greene and Clav counties. Roosevelt Approves Measure Making Largest Peace lime Appropriation WASHINGTON, Apr. 27. (UP)— President Roosevelt today signed [lie largest navy iii'pnrtiiu:nl appropriation in peace time history of the United .Stales, providing $5-lii,-1 Love Laughs at Jailors lor U. .S. lla-ls In the y«ir beginning July i. 'Hie regular appropriation bill was signed while Ihe senali- worked :-lowly on Ihe bill to utilliori/e u iO per cent expansion ol America's li^litidg Heels at tm eventual ITIJ.SI of $1,15^,000,000, tolon.'i of the administration to win quick action on the huge authorization measure were blocked as .senator Hush IJ, Holt ilJf-m.. I W. Va.i checked an attempt lo I limll debate in n>f senate on tho ' measure. In addition lo $11!),OUO.UOO to continue coiLstruction of the battleships North Carolina and Washington, three aircraft carriers, 43 destroyers mid 21 other vessels the bill carries $18,000,000 to start 22 new vessels—two battleships, two cruisers, eight, destroyers, six submarines, a submarine tender, a fleet tug and an oiler. Tite naval aviation Item of $44 000.000 will provide for acquisition of 310 planes toward the goal of 3,000. At present the navv has about 1610 planes. uiiu'ris Predict Such Action Would Flood I lugi.' Arra SHANGHAI. Anrll 21. IUI')- (•'llllllM' (|(HP|K cut till' lljkl'S of Hi*' Vi-lluw Itlvcr al M'n'rnl I niuls Icilny as Jiip-.knesi> Iroops th'tivf uti Tah'rlifhuiiujr, lliri-.ll- ii:in K to iiiillliink Hi i- l.imchnl railway lini- ulld t'ilfili'h> Ihe sli-Hli'/.ii 1 rlly of Xui'litiu. , A|>r. :'.'!. itJI>) -Jap- j iini'Ki! claimed todny Unit ihonsnuds of Ohliu'se ilvlliiins were nbandon- Ini! fiiclluns uf wmlhcrn HliniUunii an:l lloiian piiivlnci's in wlial was Intt'i'pivli'il us a furthiT liulicallon Hint tlu> c:hliies*' Intended to blast llu> dykos nl llu> yellow rlvsi-. Tin- Chuic.w wen- rn'iicuiitliit; lo tin' wi'sl I rum iirdiis along l.)n> Tlcntsln-Piikuw railroad, |Kirtlcu- lui'ly In the heavily populated Uu river district In llotiun jiruvlnco. The river Is soiithensL of an enormous lieud In the Yellow river In Ihe exact, path of Us former course. Knsluecrs prudlcli'd Unit If •the dykes were cut the Yellow river would Hood a lnig« urea from which escape would bu Impossible. ,Smiu> cnijinoci-s believed the river would !!•; fjoursc. A Japanese upokesman said ho CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Apr. 27 —Roy W. Harper, president of the ~ Cnruthersvllle Junior Chamber of •=Commerce, was elected secretary of the Missouri State Junior Chamber of Commerce at Ihe annual con- reiifion held nt Mexico, Mo last week end. Aproximately 200 delegates attended the various sessions. Harper and Walter Robertson, vice president, were the delegates representing the local club. i Pictured above In n nuptial kite after they hnd teen married hi Fel- Ala., 1 jail, (hey proved that slccl-grllled doors could not liar Cupid by shooting love notes to each oilier wilh rubber bamlx. Harper Is Named State [ prison arc 23-year-nld Preston Cartledge ami Evelyn Itoppe Junior C. of C. Official ' low ' |)risoncr - s nn[i 'fross-con-liloi- neighbors iu Blniilnglinin, Boy, Three, Dying From Mule's Kick School Board to PoH !/ Utlle Lon Vance went Inlo Iho jjyiiVtl at noon toiiiiy >o eat. FWy?, „ n t i. canti >' nis mother made for him. rarentS on rOOtball A few minutes later she found him , dying—his head beaten almost into ROCHESTER/* Y. (Ot 3 )—Tim ? . p "' !> I)J ' " " llllR »' ll!cl1 'wcl kickwl Rocliester • Bdai-d ;of Ediicnllou plans to ask 'parents whether they want tlicir -boys- to play football In . At 2: IB o'clock tills afternoon Ihe family was gathered at the Hly- public school. ' •• thcville hospital with the child, who ! The opinion of the parents will l )h >' 5idf " ls sal 'l wo»W hve 1 only a help the hoard to tleciilu whether \ s} ™' 1 timo 'longer. Lon Would have fcolball. banned in Rochester piibli- bccn n "' ee - i ' cnrs ° U1 J " nc 22 schools for the past 29 years should Tlle h'W'y occurred at the home be returned as part of the city's ° tllc P are »t«. Mr. and Mrs. L. M. public school athletic program. ' Vnncc ' wll ° live °" tlle CMlchrlst The principal reason for dropping ' '""" ca ' sl of B»fdctle. Mrs. Vance, , the sport was that schoolboys "are , wll ° 1V8S Ulc forl »er Miss Pnullne Tt is estimated that at the present demand, America's coal svp- Uly will last about 2000 years. <~ U T€L YOU BY BOB BURNS Somehow people have got the Idea thai my folks down home are easy going and listless, but I wanta tell you if you give 'em a goal to work for. (hey'll surprise S'Oti. Not long ago. a fella was visllln my home town and he noticed that while all the other citizens were mostly Just slttin' around, every time he saw my Uncle Hod. he would be dashln' up and down the street on Ihe run. The sU-angcr called my uncle over and says. "You seem lo be the most ambitious man j In town," Uncle Hod says "Am I ambitious —brother, I won't be satisfied until my wife Is doing all the first-class washings In (his town." VJojave Desert Ranch Of Brisbane Purchased PASADENA. Cal. (UP) — Th e ranch on the Mojave desert, of Ihe Arthur Brisbane, newspaper jolunmist. has been purchased by Robert W.'Wilson of Ihls city for $20.000. Because of a phobia which Brisbane had about tires, the 17-room house on the estate has some unusual features. . E:ich of the 17 rooms has a fire not rugged enough strenuous a game." West - discovered her son when slie lllllc '> shortly after about Bv sounding out the sentiments of parents, the school board hopes is thai the hoys, unable to piny on "° l ll » swei '. she went to hunt him. school teams, play in sandlot games i s "° Iound lllln W'W unconscious, which are not properly supervised. n ' ' A majority of injuries, it was Railroad Men Lament pointed out. occur during uiisuper- In* r «m i vised sandlot contests. | rSSSing 01 Did I SCHENECTADY, N. Y. <UPi To Get Tryouts For , . . | Veteran railroad men here an' mourning." r II c L I f ' mourning." College Scholarships : -ow Maim.- nm ot tin- M.,UCI- " I type locomotives which made rail- CARUTIfERSVILLE, Mo., Apr. 27 | road history by (heir tremendous —Miss Dorothy Petty and Doyne Michie, Cmithersvillc High School seniors, will bo given tryouts exit door, while an intricate pipe a( central College, Payette. Mo system, connecting with a 1.000.000 Saturday, a scholarship bcln» the gallon reservoir, honeycombs the awart j orrcrcd . M)ss p et , ly] w ,,° tied for salutatory class honors, will play entire house. Wilson will convert the reservoir Into a swimming pool. In the house is what is said to be the "world's largest easy chair." H is 7'j feet high and o'i feet >vlde. u was presented to Brisbane by Ihe Sacramento Chamber of Commerce. Tlic new owner of the ranch, a'lilch embraces some 2.000 acres, will change the name lo the San Carlos Guest Ranch. Ihe piano, while Mr. Michie, valedictorian for the graduating class, will participate in the baritone voice contest. A number of liotior and pulling power, is being dismantled after 34 years of service, Pew York Cotton NEW YORK, A]ir. 27. (UP)-Colton closed steady. May Jul. talented students will bo (here to Oct. take part in each contest, representing oilier high schools of the state. There are more than 7000 hospitals, with a total of more than l.OCfl.oCObedsin the United States. Will Seek Injunction Against Enforcement Of Zoning; Ordinance Dec. Jan. open . 818 . 8SS . 898 . 838 . SOI 905 high 884 890 898 902 902 910 low 877 883 801 894 900 not close 884 890 898 981 902n 901 Spots closed steady at 890, up 12. Mew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Apr. 27. (UP. 1 — Colton futures made net advances of -15 to 50 cenls a bale today. May . | Jul Oct. Dec. open 885 898 906 SOD The nrst legal test of Blytho- arbitrary and unwarranted action I Jnn 9] i villc's zoning onlinance, center of! n °t authorized by the ordinance or I several controversies In recent months, loomed today with reliable reports that the Cobb Undertaking company. Inc, will rile suit late today or tomorrow necking a chancery court injunction to prevent city officials from interfering with construction of a $24.000 fu- ncral home' at the northwest corner of Main and Seventh streets. The contention of the company Is that the city ordinance, under which n permit for construction has been denied, Is Invalid and that if the ordinance is valid the action of the city council In denying (lie permit requested was "an high 895 902 909 913 915 920 low 885 890 904 BOfi 911 915 close 895 902 9M 311 9H 920 Spots closed quiet at 006, up 10. Livestock state law uder which the ordinance was passed." It was several months ago lhat Cobb Undertaking company applied for a building permit to erect E/\ST ST. I^DUIS. Ill Apr 27 a two story brick building, to he | (UP)—Hogs: 6,500. used for a funeral home and two apartments, which will cost approximately $24,OOX). At thai time the permit was denied after a formal protest was made by a number of property owners In that section who protested on the grounds that the erection of the funeral home would lower the valuation or their property and that a zoning ordinance prohibited tlie erection of such a building In that section. Top. 8.20. 170-230 Ibs., 8.00-8.15. 140-160 Ibs., 1.S5-7.90. Bulk sows, 7.00-V.25. Cattle. 2.SOO. Steers, 7.50-8.75. Slaughter steers, C.50-9.76, Mixed yearlings &. heifers 7501.25. Slaughter heifers, 6,00-8.75, Beet cows, 5.50-6.25. Cutters and )ow cutters, 425-500 Miss Duke's Recipe Books Are Available Any one desiring to have 11 rei-lpe book, arranged by Mlsa Uonnic Duke, home economist and which was used'ln theOoiir- Icr News - Arkansas-Missouri Power corporation cooking school, may obtain one'without charge by calling air the'Cmirler News office. Husbands Plaintiffs In Divorce Actions B. V. Cade has filed suit In chancery court here asking for a divorce from Marion M. Cade O u the ground of Idnlgnllios. Roy E. Nelson Is attorney for the plaintiff. Dave Williams also alleges liidtg- belloved tlial tho Chinese were attempting to warn all civilians before culling ihe dykes. At Iho same time Chinese military authorlllcs said they wcro determined to fnis- tnile Japanese plans to occupy Iho TlcnUslii-Pukow railroad before May D. ihe Mrd anniversary of China's acceptance of' Japan's" famous "21 demands", granting the major concessions In Shantung province. Four Die In Wreck Of Plane VIHAI.IA. Calif., Apr. 27. CUPI-Thu burin 1 ;) of I Jim? wiiiiiu) mid u nun wi'ic luuni! today In thi> wriH-kiiKi' of Iholr private airplane tor uliirli fi'triiroh |uu| bccc: made ilni'c Monday when they failed to arrive lii-rt! on u llHiht from Fur- IUCY (,'i-H-k ill Deiilh Valley, The (lend were IJr. o. I,. l,am- JC'il, hi:, wife, Miss Dorothy Davis and Mis. l-Yuiik Ijliililu, all of VI- sihn Tin 1 pinup lunl crashed iulo :i snow bunk on .Suiuliiy peak nt about .|,-ltli) fret allttiuli!. Forest -aiiion,, who found Ihe plane, siitcl .1 piubablv crushed during n Winding nilmlnnii whli'h swi pi. the area .Mirly Moiiiluy, lOCELEllE FREE Bailey To Be Guest At Cl Dorado; Then Goes To Mot Springs LI'ITLK ItOClC, Apr. 2V. <UI')— Oov. Curl E. Dallcy will go to El ")orado Thursday to attend n cel- ibrritlou In ob.wrvnuce of (he frcc- nii of loll bridges In Arkansas, James Ii. Uland. his secretary, an uouuced today, "After spending (he day In El Dorado Iho governor will «o to Hoi Springs where hn will spend Friday and Saturday atlcndlni! Ihe •Yciicli and British Repre* seulalivr's Confer Oa Cooperation in Air LONDON, Apr, '!'!, (UP)—Edou» rd Ualndler and Foreign Minister leorgo Bonnet of Prance arrived ere tonight to begin talks looks itf toward, llio strengthening ' ot 'i (iiico-Brltlsh cooperation against lirculs to the pence of Europe. Viscount Halifax, British foreign ilnlstCT, Ambassador Andre Chas, Corbln of France und other 6f- clals and mumljcrs of the French mlmssy greeted them nt Groydon, Irporl. Creation of a UrIllsh-Fi-ench hlr? occe pool, providing for technical oopcrallon and Joint war piano .ction In event of war, will bo' i principal topic for discussion vhcn Ihe conversations open to- lorrow. School Dismisses For Funeral Services of "Three Student Victims NEWPORT, Ark,. Apr. 21, "(UP) —Newport schools dismissed torlaj for funeral services of student, victims In yesterday's school bus-truck collision near here- which .claimed lives of tlirec students n»d two WPA workers. Funeral services for all but one of the victims wore held Oils afternoon. Arrangements for the funeral niiminl meeting of Ihe stnlc Imr association," Bland said. Reluming to Lltllc I.lock laic Saturday tho governor !H expected to leave Sunday on a tour o: all state parks and institution; which will keep him away Iran his olTicc until May 5. Present plans of • Iho governo cull for a group of ncwspaliernici lo accompany him on Urn tour o liurks, Institutions nud colleges. nltles In asking for a divorce from 1 of ' ! ' <llw Holilnson, -lo-year-okl WPA Maud Williams. Virgil Orcene ls[ l ' 11>or(;l '. hud not been completed, his attorney. A decree has been granted Mrs. Audreancal Freeman In her uncon- tented suit against Louis n. Freeman on the i;romifl of Indignities. Sailor, Far From Home, Reads of Tornado Here News of niylheville's'recent tor- vado spread to distant points. Ralph Willinghaiii, who is in (lie United Stales navy, saw pictures of (he disaster hi a newspaper in Honolulu. Hawaii, on April 8. The newspaper had several pictures ntul delimiter concerning the scriptK'e .lorm. Young Wllllnghaui. who Is now stationed on Die ship "Arizona", Is now in Honolulu after having been out on maneuvers tor some time. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Apr. 27. (UP) — Stocks made a technical recovery today In curtailed trading while bonds were mixed. Wheat declined and other commodities made small gains. A. T. & T. Anaconda Asscc. D. Beth, steel Boeing Air Chrysler . Cop. Cl. .. Cola Klcc. Mot. 129 28 3-4 B 1-8 •Jf- 27 7-8 •n 1-8 120 3-1 Coca Gen. Gen. Int. Harvest 89 3- Montgotnery Ward N. Y, Central Packard Phillips Pel Radio Schenly DLst Simmons Socony Vac Std. Oil N. ,1 ... 12 3-8 ... ,! 1-8 ... 6 1-8 ... IS 1-; ... 18 .... 13 3-8 ... 41 Texas Corp ,13 3-4 U. R. Stool 41 3-4 May Jul. Chicago Wheat open hi-^h low close 81) 7-8 813-t 807-8 807-8 797-8 707-8 81 Chicago Corn open high lo» - close May 531-t 585-8 581-4 581-4 Jul. (id (501-2 liO Rural Better Homes Progress To Be Told What rural women of north Mississippi counly have accomplished In Bolter Homes activities will bo publicly announced following a meeting of the county council, or home demonstration clubs, which is lo be held at the Woman's club Salurdny morning, I0:3tl o'clock. Mrs. O. R. Rcdford of Bkron president of the group which is made up of officers in the 28 clubs will preside. Miss Cora Lee Colemaii, county „ home dcmonstralioti agent and' i,er Stolen Tire Tubes Reported^ Recovere Four of the 15 ajulomobile,; Ur tubes slolen from 'the Lion' b company's warehouse SiHiday nigh were found yesterday. When mov lug furniture In tho Hubbard Fur nitiire company's warehouse, ncn the old J. L. C. nud K. railroad, workmen spied the lubes through u crack In Uie floor. A check up of the loss rcvcnlcd llml only the limcr lubes were stolen, jain New Cooking Ideas at School Ending Yesterday Women who attended the final lay of the cooking school yeater- luy afternoon nt tho city mtdlto- •Imn went homo wilh many new dcas for preparing meals. Miss Douuic! Duke, nationally known economist, wns again assisted' by Mrs. Pearl Spencer, homo economist for Iho Arkansas-Missouri Power corporation which cooperated with the Courier News In sponsoring tha two day school. Major prizes went to Mrs, J. J. Cookston, Mrs, L. Q. Tyrone,'Mrst Ij. R. Warringlon, and Mrs. J. VV. Epperson, while prizes of food arid drinks' went to Mrs. C. E. \Vigglns, Mrs. Alice Crawford, Mrs. I. p. Wall nip, Mrs. Howard Oreb, Mrs. W. ,A. Edwards, Mrs. O. Houghton/ Mrs, J. B. Blimkcnshtp; Mrs. P. H. Jcrnlgan, Mrs. John Walton aha Mrs John Faster. Russell Farr Elected Lion Club President Russell I'arr, who was on the "Mozart" ticket which had as its campaign slogan, "We're Pnrr Harmony," was elected president of the Lions club at a weekly luncheon meeting of lhat grouj: nL the ffotel Nohle Tuesday. He succeeds Dr. Fred Child In (his office. Other officers elected were: James Terry, first vice president; Farmer, England, second vice president; j Annual Congregational Meeting To Be Held 'Annual congregational meetingc_ Temple -• Israel'-iwHI-bo held—this J " Sunday afternoon at 12:15'o'clock.- Plans for a year's work will bo' made. All members are urged'to ntleud. Topic of Rubbl Herman Pollack's sermon will be: "Looking ; to tho Future." . Revenue Department To Change Olfice Location The office of the state revenuo department will move May 1 from the' second floor. of, the Ingram Building to tilt Olencoc hotel building on South Second street in tlio jround noor onice now occupied by W. M. Burns, it was announced lodnj- by R. u. Stout, assistant district supervisor of the state department. Murray Smart, secretary and treasurer; Oscar Bailey, Lion tamer; E R. Mnsou and Jesse Taylor, directors. The officers will be Inducted atj.h<! meeting next Tuesday. bccnme a new mem- club yesterday when n. i only York Giants, Pilots Clash In N. E. A. Opener Thursday BV J. P. FRIEND Amid the gala and colorful surroundings characteristic of on opening day. the Blytheville Giants embark on the HO-game defense of their 1037 championship, tomorrow afternoon at Walker Park, as the barrier is lifted on the Northeast Arkansas League. Festivities begin promptly nt 3 p. in. The Cnnitliersvllle Pilots, sporting a new manager and almost a crowd of that number. Mayor Williams has declared a half holiday and stores have been asked to clorV during game time. Superintendent William D. McCIurkln moved up Ills school program In order lhat the students may be dismissed for the game. There Is aposslbllity that Suoerlntcndent Hobgood of Armorel will also turn out a little early for those who wish to attend. Advance ticket sales have been brisk within new lineup from the one that press-] " lc c 't>'' and several requests liave cd the Giants all the way down tol^"' 11 "lade lor reserved seats by the finish line last season, only out-of-town boosters. to lose by a scant game and a half, are to help usher In the new campaign that promises lo be even closer than In '37. The game will not be lacking In the usual first day proceedings. Mayor Marlon Williams, of Ely- thevllle, will toss over the first ball to Dr. D. W. Pinion, mayor of Caruthersvllle. behind Ihe plate. Noble Gill, mayor of Dell, will be ths first batter, and Mayor A. S. Rogers, of Osceola, will officiate. Clarence H. Wilson, will Introduce members of both teams over the public address system. Largo Crowd Espccled A goal of 3,500 has been set by Secretary Fred S, Sallba and, barring an adverse break hi the weather, Indications point that a A giant parade, starting at 1:30 will wind through the business and main residential section and continue lo the fair grounds. Teams On Edge Word from rival camps is Court Declares Auto Test Law t Repeal Illegal that both sqimds are In the pink of condition and all set for the first "play ball." Manager Joseph "Bunny" Simmons, late of Pine Bluff, of the Cotton States League, who succeeds the popular Harrison Wfckel, transferred to New Iberia, La., by the St. Louis Cardinals, owners, Is set on his lineup with the exception of his pitching choices and an outfield berth. His Infield will be composed of "Ripper Leonhardt," a holdover from LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Apr. 27.— Chancellor Frank Dodge Is expected to hand down a. formal decree today denying an injunction which Iu effect holds void action of the recent special session of the legls- • Jature nullifying the 1937 compti!- ,iory automobile inspection law. . ; Chancellor Dodge yesterday ruled tentatively that such legislation wns not within the purview of the governor's call for the special session. The case will eventually go to the iiipremc. courl. The decision followed presenta'- :ion of arguments In a. test suit fllcd by Milton Pope, automobile owner of Se.ircy, against Mayor B. L. Oliver: of Starcy In White county chancery court. Pope had' his automobile inspected at the municipal testing lane in Searcy and sought an injunction to prevent Searcy officials from collecting an Inspection fee. Dodge denied the Injunction. Ho said the section of the Barney toll bridge bill which prohibited collection of the Tec was invalid. Tho decision will not affect other provisions of the bill. Thirty municipalities and 50 private stations were forced to closo their stations by the legislature's action. Uttle Rock city officials hava Indicated that they will reopen the city station here as a result of Chancellor Dodge's ruling and other municipalities are expected to follow suit. WEATHER Arkansas — Cloudy, showers In west portion tonight; /Thursday cloudy, lotal showers; cooleir In northwest portion. Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight; lowest temperature last year's spuad, first base; Robert 64 to 63; Thursday cloudy, possibly "Curly," St. Louis, Mo., second followed by showers In the after,(Continued on Page 6) | noon or at night.

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