The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1952
Page 7
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^ MONDAY, DEC 29, 1952 Y»i»F Incom* Tax Primer— (ARK.) COURIER NEW* How to Figure Number of Exemptions Are'citeTbf By R1CHARU A. MUI.I.KNS H ! "'• „. .. ''. ' II C /"%//* * I By RICHAKU A. MULLENS NEA Income Tax Expert Because so many taxpayers have difficulty figuring the number of exemptions to claim, the Tax Primer this year devoles all of this article »nd part of the' next to this Important problem. . In a recent test audit the Bureau • discovered that the most common ' error made by taxpayers with Incomes less l',-n S501 was on exemptions. So, if you want to slay out of tax trouble nnd yet claim each .exemption (o which you are en.. . titled, read this and the next article - carefully . . E*eiinflons on be divided Into i Ihrte cliissci: for yourself and irlfe for your children, and for other rel- ' Turn to page four of the official ' Instructions and read first Ihe .lec- tion on "Exemptions for Yon and Wife." You will have no trouble If 'you remember two things: Flrai—you ivere 65 or over In 1952 If your ,65th birthday was on O r Offer* January 1, 1653. '- SeconcWunlike other dependent! you cannot claim your wife Rs an exemption If she files a separate return to get bsck the tax withheld , en her earnings of less than $600 If your wife has Incom. of less than »600 you should rile a Joint return. Her Income has to be In- eluded with yours, but you Ret a 1900 exemption for her (more If she', a» or wtild} K , t , s ch than filing separate returns. Ewh child and each dependent relat4ye who meeta all the teats set out on p«ge 9 of the official In- «tructlon« can be claimed u an ex- •mption. Th» mnpiloii test* ire short but . J£ |l *^ reljr " Iear - T ° h «'l> J^u «lth 'llsln the ttsis mnd then 'adds 1" planatloni. .,1. BM not have J600 or more i frcWB Income In 195?. . ,.. ExrlinaUani Remeinjjer that gifts "- non-Uxnble Income such »• dividend! 'on GI ability payments Insurance, dls- .. .........,.*,10 and insurance nroceedi are not Included in gross income. ; . Non-business deductions for contributions. Interest, taxes etc.. cannot be used to reduce income below $600. ror example sup . pe pose your son earned $600 In 1952 *h j 8 T * 5 to the "onwTimlty chest. His gross Income Is still $600 . and you cannot claim htm as an .exemption. J. Beettred more Mum one-half tl Mi or ber lupport from ye« « »ow wita, rf flltnr a '-h,t rt+nm. -f*W* n »«°n' Fi« in the form printed with this article. It will show you how to figure whether you contributed over one-Wait of th? support. 3. Ii not claimed n an exemption en Uw rHttrn of h, r husbAnd or hl« wtt*. E>yl.n>Uon:, For example, iup- ,,pose your daughter was married on Dec. 31, 1952. Even though van were her sole support .during. 1952 you can't claim her if she files -- —• -- *,.*>. inco a joint return with ber husband or This Worksheet Will Help You 'Determine Whether You Contributed Over Half : Of Dependent's Support <he'entire cosl during 1952 of deptndent's support Board (Est)ma(c as closely as possible) Clothing ( » • " ) I/odging- { .-»». » y Medical Care ......'./......., Education ...;...'.'' Entertainment .................'.' Other costs of supporting! dependent... Total Costs . . .' ..... , ; .; One-half of Total Costs . Enter the amounts provided to support dependent : By you and your wife if filing a joint return ....... ..... ; .......... By dependent ......... . ; ...... '.'.'.'.'.'. By others ............. , . •••••.• By Government ....... • . •" THAN THE AMOUNT SHOWN IB claimed as an exemption on her husband's separate return. , 4, Was -either » citizen of [he United States or a resilient of the United Staffa, Canada, or Mexico. Explanation: This means you cannot get an exemption for parents or other relatives'living in Europe who are not citizens of the U.S. However, a child of the U.S. Armed Forces can bo claimed by the parent regardless of where the child was uom or IB living. 5. Must be your son, or daughter, or legally adopted child, or related to you In one of the ways specified in test Jive oh paje 5 of the official instructions. EipUn.lion; Even though your relative died in 1952. you can still claim an exemption. A still-born child cannot be claimed but a child who died shortly after birth In 1952 can be claimed. The schedule to be filled out by a taxpayer claiming an exemption for a relative other than wife or child is Schedule A of Form IOWA and Schedule 1 on Form 1040 The only part of this schedule which may bother you I« Column *, asking for the amount yoii contributed towards support and the'amcmnt con- others. The box printed with this article will help you an swer these questions. SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY TITAL BASH MICE 2 TEAR Writto •oariitci COMPLCTf WITH 9 ATTACHMENTS "A Tool F*r Every Cleaning Use" ORDER NOW WRITE FOR ?m HOME DEMONSTRATION NEXT WEEK NAMt tHW VACUUM cl«.n«r, N«XT WJilf. PHONI No._ STAH TomorrnH- (he Trlmer will hive more information on exemptions and also explain the nen lai break for heads of households. Tax Primer Q. & A.. Q. Sly wlfs, who died Aug. 15 1952, would have been 65 on Sept 1, 1952. llo I gel an "over 65" exemption for her? A. No. You lyould, though, if she had reached 65 before she died.. Q. .My brother and I split the cosl of supporting our parents. Who can claim them as dependents? A. Neither you nor your brother can claim your mother and father as a dependent if you both contrib- WASHINGTON (*) _ The nation needs 325,000 new public school classrooms but can raise money enough In the usual ways for little more than half of what they will cost, says the U. S. Office of Education. The cost of such facilities, need ed by scut. 1 to relieve overcrowding and replace the obsolete, wns estimated at $10,709.000. • The office said last night states and local districts could produce only $5.800,000 through normal revenue channels by then. A grand total of 800,000 new classrooms, at a cost of 18 billion dollars, will be needed by 1960 the office said. 3 Years Later Wallet Is Fatter ALBANY. N. Y.' (*)—chrh Olesen got his wallet back—J2 fatter than when he lost it three years ago The finder. In an unsigned note mailed with the wallet,. explained he had misplaced It In some work clothes and apologized for the delay. . = '• In place of the-.Jis Olesen had lost wasVszo bill. . Membership Increases NEW YORK (fP, — E p I s c 0 p a I church membership increased 214 per cent during 1952 over the previous year to reach a record of 2,715,825, It was reported yesterday In the church's annual yearbook. ute exactly half to the support of each. One of you should contribute over half of one parent's support and the other over half of the other parent's support. Then you each et one exemption for your parents. Q. My. wife earned J3M (n 1952 Can I show her as an exemption? A. Only If you -file a joint return and then her $300 Income must be added to yours. Q. I supported my mother until she passed away on Jan. 2, 1352 May I claim her aj^n eienipttan? !-A. You may if she had less than S600 income In 1952, .———~_«— . Womon Psychologist Ridicules Idea Mom to Blame' for Child's Troubles * '-TON I,. BLAKKS1.EE AP Science Reporter psy- ST. LOUIS Oft_A woman ,„>>- ihologlst today lambasted the Idea 5 M?,i" S lo blame " tor »" if » child's troubles and Ills P. s y chol °elsts write a lot about childhoodI psychology, but pracll- cally nothing about the psychology ot parents, she said. Parenthood is j us t . develop- lental stage "between childhood and old age," declared Dr. Jane Loevinger of Washington University, St. Louis, In an address to the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Coming to (he defense of some- limes over-criticized mothers, Dr Loevinger cited five statements buttressing her argument that there s too much emphasis on a mother-blaming complex: 1. "Parenthood has never been recognized officially as • branch of : psychology, nor «s » normal developmental stage." 2. "Child psychology Is one of the most Intensively cultivated branches of psychology; the 'psychology of parent.?' Is virtually nonexistent." She quoted one psychoanalyst who says that "babies control and bring up theli- families as much Ilioy are controlled say , „.„ j ni & \iVHlJ by them; In fact, we may aa v that the family bring, U p a baby l>y being brought up by him 3. "Research on parents has . . ,,„ ymiCMHJ) lift; been concerned almost exclusively with their goodness as parents, m if to say (hat parents are of In terest only for the sake of the child."4. "in Ihe study of mothers, there haa been extraordinary preoccupation with the concept of 'maternal rejection'." i« l f'. sl .'. e adticdl " a1 'n°st everj child believes, at some time or other, that what Is wrong Is thiv 'maternal rejection'." But, she adclea, "almost „> child believes, at some time or other, that whnl. is vvron g i s that 'mommy doesn't love me enough.' " 5. "Llteratufe written by psychologists for parents emphasizes '(he rights of Infants,' the obligation of mothers to satisfy their children's needs," but without telling the difference between the child's needs and rights. Dr. Loevinger said there ought to be a study of the potentialities for evil of the "how-lo-be-a-pci fcct- pnrent" books, lectures and everj You'll be belter off In the end If you carry the Automobile Insurance that ilvei you complete protection In ease of a mishap. Under the Financial Kespnn- •Iblllty Law yon are liable for heavy penAltiei It you ran'l show proof of ability to pay for dam- Age*. ANSWER On the contrary, most of their . .. time I, pas«*d in full exposure 553 to light. They are fond of sunning themMlvec. 1. Dr. I 1 . Chalmers Mitchell, Official Guide to the London Zoo, 1907. SEVEN tide*. Too often, ih* «ald, "«»ch parent hooses thai advice on how to raise children that is least appropriate /or him." She said much o( ihe advice to parents from psychologists' may have an opposite effect from that intended, that many mothers who rend books and articles on child- rearing "are those who are already overburdened with conscience" about H and only draw trouble. . Talk or (he bad effects of .maternal rejection may well result only In making parents afraid to (ace their temporary and Innocent moods of hostility toward their children, moods that are normal in all parents at times, sho said Your Child WILL LIKE THIS NEW COUGH HELP For coughs anil acute bronchitis due lo cokis you can now gel Crcomulsion specially prepared (or Children in a new pirtk anil blue package and be sure' (I) Your child will lite it. (1) It contains only safe, proven ingredients. (3) II contains no narcotics to disturb nature's processes. (•I) it will aid nature lo soolhe and ical raw, tender, inflamed ihroat and bronchial membranes, thus relieving the. cough and nromolini; rest and sleep. Ask for Creomulsion for Children m the pink and blue package CREOMUITSION FOR CHILDREN •«U.V«, Coush,. CkHI Cold,, Acul, BrpKUIl! No R*ds Found , Immigration Inspector, sailing aboard the Queen Mary from New S' h . a , s j creened hnlf cf the giant ships WM-man crew for Communists and says he has found none. Workers Strike SINGAPORE </lv-Ten thousand workers ot Singapore Naval Base Britain's largest maritime estab^ Ush In the Far East, struck today following the breakdown of three months of union negotiations. A new novel by DAPHNE duMAURIER The great mLstre-^3 of mystery creates a gripping detective story that will hold you spellbound from Ihe very first sentence."Mary Farrcn went Into t!ie gun room one morning — took her husband's revolver— loailwl it-tlicn shot horwlf." • What turned a happy, loving wife into a suicide iti just lor, minutes? You'll find hours of exciting reading in No Motice —in the big, exciting January Ladies' Home Journal. Beautiful Spruca Christmas Trees. Country Ribs and Backbones Good Tennessee Sorghum. Freth Oysters Fine Foods at PICKARD'S Grocery & Market Nationally Advertised and Fancy Groceries Christmas Trees Candies Nufs Fruits Fancy Fruit Cake Fruit Cakes Mixes Glazed We Deliver Are Our Best "Salesmen"! I the \vonderful things about Nash' as forcefully as do Nash owners. And the>ore they travel—the more enthusiastic Ihey are. They talk about performance. They talk about the world's finest ride. They talk about the life- about beauty, about room, about luxury, about economy unmalched in Ihe world. Read these unsolicited reports about Nash. But-betier yet—drive * Nash Golden Airflyu for yourself. . . the Ambassador, Statesman or "TAKB A BACK SEAT TO NONt" "Ihtite driven my 1952 l\'<uh Ambassador 11,000 miles jr.vl/i Nash mil by far ihe kcsl As McCaMllsays, 'It has ihefncsl shackfraof riiie In ihe vorld' am! It lakes a back seal lo none on hills. for speed or readability . . . P. S. Mrs. Ltu drives a A'orA SamUer." ELMOSIE H. LEU, f and du Lac, Wile. "SAVED Mr UPI" "/ fas hit by an ore transfer train vcighing .140 ions . . . crossing railroad tracks. They say Nash is l/ie only car thai could have sated my life." ALICE LEONARD, Mingo Junction, Ohio. "CAN'T II lEAT" "/ haie omxd H Kajh can ... they are the best cars I have ever driven and I have omied and driven nearly all other makes ami mar/els ... /or riding, economy, and for speedumirr all kinds of driving encountered in police Kork . . . they can't be beat. They're tops" Chief of Police , HAROLD WALLACE, Sikeston, Ms. / "flOHT OP U$;' ". . . 1 found seven of my friends fron camp strarvlrd, , , all DKJ, l,^ K a s t on top of my golf bags and baggage filled neally into Iht roomy trunk (1952 Ambassador). All eight of us, four in front and four In back, Hert seated without anyont sitting on anyone else's lap." SFC LEON B. ROMKTHAJL, Camp flcklH. •Rambler. Learn first hand about such exclus!v« features as Farina styling, Airflyte Construction, Airliner Reclining Seats, Twin Beds, Weather Eye Conditioned Air System, and dozens more. Come in today. Take an 'Airflyte ride. Once you do, you'll be enthusiastic about Nash, tool •'32.3 MKES P1H GALLON" "/ drove front Heloft to allnocqua, H'isc., (27S'miles) on 8.8gallons .. 32.3 mila per gallon . . . at 50 miles per hoar . . . Around town, I have teen jelling 25-27 . . . I liorefaand my Knmbler lo have excellent ridmg comfort and it's a joy lo^ilrivc." MAROAKET AKKERSF.N, lie/oil, Wise. . / . It "HELPED SAVt Me" "Car turned over three times . received only a few scratches . . . helped save me . . .for security fa the event of an accident, there Is no better construction Ilian Nash . , ." AKTIIUR S. HARGETTT, Baltimore, Mi. "J0,000 MII.f$.,.$o.3I ftEPAKI" "Afttr 30,000 miles of hard driving In lest than ont year ... the total amount of repairs on my Nash Rambler has teen W.33, which la me is almost unbe/ierabk." G. DARWIN KrrcHEN, Hunt'mgton, W. \'a. AS A USED CAR, TOO, NASH IS TOPS! ' Here are actual statements from men who must know used car values — used car dealers and auctioneers. The 'hottest' car on Used Car IMS." O.K. AUTO AUCTION, Cleveland, Ohio. I ,1 ° ! ""','J ""* ° f "" lm S e " <!fo! " s HM'sak auctions In the world . and among used car dealers the Nash lint Is alvay, , n demand. The only complain, », fc w ,,Z, »<• don I receive enough Na,h Kambl tfJ ." W ms' AUTO AUCTION, Decaiur, Illinois. *"**'<** NEWEST AM > SMARTEST CARS You//Agree- THERCS NONE NEWER THAN~7t a *jk_J SEE YOUR NEARBY IKtt^t DEALER TODAY! SHELTON MOTOR CO. 117 E. Main, Blytheville GOLDEN A/RFLYTES THE AMBASSADOR THt STATESMAN TrlE RAMBLER THt FINEST OF OUR FIFTY YEARS N.J,,., c^,, C.Vrt H. Mk

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