The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1946
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 14, 1946 riklMT. a* at artMrtn* « MV ta aujn- ptf'wMk.; or Me pi i atlt nun, MJ>p« this famous annual bestowal. Not only was the account of the Manhattan Project one of the greatest stories in history, but Mr. Laurence, at the Army's request, was the only reporter who covered it. Mr. Laurence couldn't miss, and neither could the trustees of Columbia University, who make the Pulitzer awards. It was like figuring out the winner of the Kentucky Derby with only one horse entered. n the Hollow of His Hand UJewis' Big Worry * A news item.-"'to the Courier News ifrom Washington yesterday reveals £what could easily prove to be the real ^reason fpr. John L. Lewis' determiiia- 'Jjtion to get higher wages for his United "•Mine Workers regardless of the consequences 'to,.the nation's economy. w This particular item deals with ^probable wage demands to be made of Smine owners but it reveals that Lewis JJmay be more interested in out-doing •^his competitors in the field of unionized labor than he is interested in pro- HvidingTmore take home pay for the «men Jifho are members of the UMW. !£lri facl, the item reveals that Lewis Jhas been out-done by a rival union for £the CIO now has a rate of pay higher Hhan the UMW. £ The United Press item from Wash"states tfiat Lewis is expected to irfter.-'a'hd h'e usually gets what he Ewants, a wage boost of 27 cents an fchour for the UMW and-a pay increase. «of this magnitude ipould .enable him to ftop the CIO figure', by eight and one£half cents per hour. K The net result of such a victory for vLewis would mean that he would be Bin a position to maybe gain some UMW {^memberships .from the CIO ranks and, ^regain soifie*;pTestige. : that goes with' fcthe position'of being on top of the heap ^in any fight. fi Lewis knows about that old law of ftlie^iir-viviil'of the fittest, and in the E field of unionism the 'battles for su- ppremaey can, and do gel rough. Lewis f'is oSit? td'win this 'battle which shut " ! the mines down, for nearly two months and he will win it, if he has his way, i regardless of the consequences to the owners, .the. nation's industries, i dependent on coal, and the general public. . . Youth and Emotions A youth said In his letter to the Gazette that desire for excitement causes juvenile dc- li'miucncy and that a suitable outlet should be found for young people's emolton. Every generation has encountered the problem of what to do with Its surplus energy, its enthusiasm and fondness for adventure. But are Increasing numbers of members of this young generation finding life so monotonous that they must resort to vandalism to satisfy Hie craving for excitement? Has the Twentieth century, with the most remarkable technical achievements of all lime, become so stale spiritually and so overpowering materially Hint it has impoverished youthful ingenuity nnd imagination, and forced some youngsters to seek amusement on a jungle level In destroying property nnd In annoying other people? Such a condition would bring a strong indictment against progress. The youngsters and the adults of this era hnve more mechnnlcai forms of. amusement than any previous generation hns known. And still there are innumerable opportunities for young people lo use their own energy and skill in a creative way. The seventh annual all-city band festival held In Little Rock recently could not hnvo been so highly successful if the young musicians had not given long hours to prnctice and hud not freely given their talent. That activity placed responsibility on every player and demanded the best of his skill. Those young musicians expressed their emotions not only tor their own enjoyment but toy the enjoyment of others. —ARKANSAS GAZETTE. * IN HOLLYWOOD.; BY ERSKIXE JOHNSON NEA SUTf Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, May 14. INEA> — Strictly in the Interests of the column, we had lunch the other day with a 23-year-old brunette who Is collecting $3100 a month in alimony. This, so far as we know, Is a record, even for Hollywood. The young lady Is Clentus Caldwell, the ex-wife of comedian Ken Murray. Ken used to carry her books h'oinc from Fairfax High School. Now she carries his money to the bank every week. They were mar- rlcr five clays eftcr her graduation, in 1940, had two children, and were recently divorced. Clcatus explained that the $3100 a month Is part of her financial settlement for the care of herself and the children, she got $22,00: cash and gets the $3100 for a year. Then it drops to only $1100 a month until she remarries. IIK'» BETTER BE FUNNY We asked her if she thought comedian Murray v/as funny. "Na*, urally," she said, "and he'd bette be." CleaUis's $3100-a-month pay ents depend on whether Ken 1 ollyxvood stage show, "Blackouts,' utilities to attract the customers now in Its fifth year, so 0" lifter is remote. 'UlackoiiLs," she said, was most- responsible for their divorce. Ken played golf all day, had diner with the boys, went to the ow every night, and then played it-rummy until 3 a.m. I never saw 1m. He just blacked out of our unily life." Cleatus Is making her own film cbut now in the Comet Produc- on. "Miss Television." "I'm realty serious about a ca- * t WASHINGTON COLUMN Out of the Red in the Blue SO THEY SAY BY PETER EDSON NBA Washington Correspondent/ WASHINGTON, •' May . 14. <NEA) —Fifty million dollars' worth of ai£ navigation nnti traffic control scrv- .. _ •• The. I"»lil*er Prize.- which went to J William L. Laurence of the New York S Times for "his report on the atomic *J bomb development was, beside being *; well- deserved, certainly the oddest • journalistic -award 'in the history of Ours is the leading nation of the world. We have to give firm leadership and if we do, the other nations, the Allied nations, will go along •with us. If we don't give it, II will not come from any other direction.—James A. Farley, back from Europe. * * + More than once Hie cause of peace has been betrayed by its friends. This is what may be happening now i( we do not bring to the strategy of peace the study and hard work we brought to the strategy of war.—Dr. James T. ShotAVcll, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. ' ' * *' , , Tf the principle or the blnctout in science 1 shall prevail in war and In pc,ics, science becomes not an Instrument of understanding but an instrument o( additional suspicion and fear. —Dr. Anton J. Carlson, ex-president American association for 1 the Advancement of Science, ' didn't know whether she had" been asleep or not."Shc must have been at least half Asleep, because when she first it and ran downstairs dlie was pounding the names on Jhe floor behind the heater with *the broom, left-handed, and Agnes ftyas out in the yard. \ .He said, "Bring'me 1he dishpan •full of water," and she could sec *lhat. he had been going into the 5citcncn"t6 wet the broom in the sink* Bull .was lying beside the hands. When she came back Ellie had gone into the bedroom. Agnes \vns standing there. "My," she said "that was a close one." "I'll say." "What would we ever do if this place was to burn down?" Just the thought of it made Debby feel weak in the stomach "Don't talk about it," she said. Agpcs stared at her. "You been crying?" Debby shook her head roughl> "I got some smoke in my eyes from that thing." She started to- ig, "Debby, Debby, Debby," and oming nearer and nearer. And hen iis though it was all n part of he same dream she was out of jed and running across the room n her bore feet, and'when she opened the door she couldn't see nnythinR but her eyes smarted and icr mouth and nose were full of smoke and she choked and coughed. Wove, whimpering. " She brought the pan back and ",set-it on the floor r"*Mde him. "Let Jtie take it," she said. "I got two Jionds" *. Agnes came in with tw» buckets •ft sand, and after she had thrown ithem on the blaze, with Debby Mounding with the broom where- Vver they came up through, it was .alt out: Without saying anything, SJJebby went out to the barn and Vot the wrendt It had 'started to Jain, a soft, ^leady drizzle that 4n?ac cold on tier face. When she •got back she set the lamp on the Jfloor besWer ttw |!M tanV and Min screwed th« connection. Ellie and Agnes watched her in silence. "Get me a tin can," she said to ward the stairs. "Did you have a good lime al the Dance Kail?" "Sure." , "Meaning no," said Agnes. "Sure I had a good lime. Why shouldn't I have?" "Don't try to come down the stairs," Agnes said, and her voice from Ihe bottom oJ IVie stairs sounded near and matter-of-fact. "Shut the door and drop out of the window." ^ She shut the door and ran across to the window. She leaned out, mill she could see dim red flashes IlieUcrine across Ihe yard. They kept coining and going, one every few seconds, and they came from the dining room window. But when she leaned way out and looked down, she couldn't sec flames anywhere. The same soft drizzle was still foiling. -t 1 ; She went back to the bureau - . and lit the lamp, and she put on her heavy underwear and her ; Ices which private and commercial airplanes get for free from the federal government are now under examination to see if they couldn't b c charged for: Uncle Sam is at last interested In getting out of the red yonder in this one respect, at least. When the Department of Coin- nerce Appropriation Bill for next 'ear was up before the House, 3ongressman Louis C. Rabaut of Michigan suggested that maybe i!. vas about time sonic of this flying expense b e taken olf the taxpnyevs. Just, to show it wasn't fooling on .his economy talk, the Appropriations Committee did slice 11 million dollars off H)e Civil Aeronautic? Administration funds, cutting., them from 14 to 63 million dollars. The big items In this appropriation are 32 million dollars for maintenance of existing aids to air navigation along 40,000 miles of established U. S. airlanes, 18 million for building new navigation aids, six million for enforcing air safety reg- ulalions, and four.'million for administration. The idea of trying lo get some of this money back from the people who benefit from the services most Is merely an indication that air transport lias grown np and that the airplane is here to stay. GOVERNMENT AID IS NOT NEW IN TRANSPORTATION Wncn railroads were an infant, ndustry, the government encour- gcd the building o f tvnnscontlncn- al lines by grants of land alon rights-of-way, so as to promote raffic to Keep the roads going. Aids to ocean commerce—harbor mprovement and the lighthouse service—arc still maintained in iiiblic money. On inland waterways, .he federal government has s over three billion dollars to ! the channels clear and to mark them. The advent of the automobile a'croup headed by Al Hard, divec- ',o:' of plans aiid performance for the Civil Aeronautics Authority. Hi; *f>rclin\ii!ary investigation has shown thai charges might be assessed for Read Courier News Want Ads. air traffic control on routes an at airports, radio communicatio to fields, and control of instrumei landings in bad weather. One of the first experiment planes to use an electric 'countc rotating propeller was the XP14 It has a, turb-supercharger is armed with 20-mni. guns rockets. SIDE GLANCES by Golbralrii eer," she said "And I cm prove t—they deduct everything I earn rom the $3100 a month. All my riends^ hope rl\ become a star. Is my biggesl booster—Ihe more earn the less V 5 lifts to pay. He's practically my agent." Lew Parker, Ihe comic of "Are You With II?", tired of listetiini! o n cafe-society veteran brag about her charms. "I think I have iverything Betty Grable has," she said. "Yes, dear," murmured Lew, 'but you have had it so much longer/' >LIGHTS FOR BKAUTY James Montgomery plagg has been in Hollywood for two weeks, palnt- hig a portrait of Rosalind Russell as "Sister Kenny." He took a crack at bobbysoxers—"They're ruining the American tradition of beautiful women"---and told us he can't understand why night clubs in New York and Hollywood are so dimly lit. "They tell me it's lo Hatter the feminine patrons. But unless a woman i s beaulfiul in broad daylight, she Isn't beautiful." Wily, bushy-eycbrowed Flaeg says he likes movie stars. "They're wonderful clilldren." He said Hedy Lnmarr is a little spoiled—"but in such a provocative way no one minds." Rosalind kept him waiting, "but I couldn't bc angry with her. She's to delightful a person." Plagg has an autobiography coming up titled, "Roses and Buckshot." In- it he'll tell, among oth- •er things, about his seven-year feud with Eethel Barrymore—she wouldn't speak to him for seven years after he did a caricature of her dabbing a handkerchief at the tip of her nose. I - - -- - • ----- T U. S. Naval Leader \ • -- V HORIZONTAL M , Pictured U.;. Frontier -.' g Aclm. 14 Liberate 15 Awaken VERTICAL '1 Birds ' 2 Italian . community . , . 10 Son of Isaac .13 Lac iy Literate 11 Groove (Bib.) ' in Arls ( a b.) 12 Indians 37 Lariat 39 Enclosures 42 Planet 43 Circle parts' 44 Indian ^ ,\.\ ,r I 1 - peasant -§i| 47 Headland ffl? ;17 Ardor .., 4 Rumanian/' > 13 Weird , 18 Heavenly •*> \ co j n ;20 Beleaguer • body ff 5 Indian "army/22 Carters 119 Negative, _4 (ab) 25 Embellish |20 Baseball stick 6 O n the ocean "I 2(i Poetry. :21 Diminutive of 7 Dissolve " 2-8 Open spaces 48 Fish • Edward- 8 Horse's neck i 29 Draws closer 50 Friend JFr.) 23 General issue> na j rs to ' 51 Male ; (ab.) " fVchaldean' city 34 Lamprey 53 And (Lalin) '24 Bondsman JQ Numbers ^ catchers 55 Written form 27 Hindu queen" ( a b.) . 36 Dining if» of Mister 3C Poems 31 God of war ; 32 Boundary (comb, form) 33 Affirmative/: : vote t . V"' 34 Gaelic 35 Female horse 3 7 Revoke .38 Treatise .40 Cloth measure ,41 Type measure 43 Alder tree . „ i sweat shirt and dungarees and , wondering. L. ok , mmUng jacket . Then, feel- , ou . . ... lo ° k , at h . cr - ing very calm and only a little bit She turned, quickly <md huvried 1 as5thol , g h she were still dreaming, she started dropping things out „,_ , ... , .. i of the window: her gun and the CHE lay in bed, and it was as picUlrc of ihc i,.j s h teller nnd " though her mind was a bird shocs and s i oc kings and um.:r- and the thought of the house burn- wcar ancl lhc blankets oft the bed, ing down a snake; the harder she I nnc i now E h(, cou ld hear crackling tried not to think about it the noiscs downstairs. V/hcn she took more it kept coming up in front j| 10 ru g anc i ner good coat to the of her there, until she was pretty window Ellie was standing there near crazy thinking about it. There ocnca th hcr, all dressed. "For . . She drained off an the oil that was in the pipe into the can, and (then the picked up the tank and fcarried it oat. in , the yard. When jibe came bafct; the was nibbing iher hJncls together. "There," she (said, and rt>* (Unccd (jderwayi at 'Elhe. "Tomorrow wtTO. tek* out " ....... i kicked was an awful dry, sour taste in her cripes sake," he said, "never , «->!_*_ - 1 VI HJ^O O(ir\.t| iiv — — •—j mouth. She began to imagine all )llincl tne j un jc. You got to go for sorts of things like being out in 1 ),<,]„> the rain in her pyjamas and hav-l „ „' ing to sleep down in the locust she ^ of good , lclp wlll do .« said. The window was HB* didnt jib* picked bnng and grove end smoke coming out I""~ ..""•"; , "^.j >„ ", m i;rm her 0 <!„„„ j small, and she had to squirm ner noor andl... ay lhfough it| £cet first. When SSSSM •K of> and Bull being caught in the burning . W ? I aiid"she"fe'lt "shaken and almost springy steps, and great billows of' ana sr ' e lclv 5IU " V<; " smoke and Ellie calling "Debby, i . , Debby," from way off over a hill. "Never mind about mopin Then there were more billows o[ around," said Elhe. ' You take tne ,smoke, and it smelled rank and leaf and beat it for town, 'toto'tte I pungent, and again Ellie was call- 1 ., (To Be Continued). has been tremendous expenditures by federal, state, and local governments for public roads, a part ot which comes back in the form •>! gasoline and auto taxes. Similarly, when aviation was 1111 infant Industry the federal govc-r:i- nicnt riRhtly assumed responsUnlitv for giving it every assistance. The weather reporting service wns expanded, and air routes v;ere marked for nlRlit flying. Cities bulH airports to invUc a'.: traffic. But as transport aircrnd have become bigger, rumvavs h;ivn hnd to be lengthened. The old Forrt tri-inotor took a 250a-(ml runway, but today's tour-rnjir.'vl transport require ovrr a milc^ of concrete up to three feel Ihirl; \o lake the impact of 10-ton nlar."* an,! loads. Charges arc made for ., but because of these tiddilkmnl < x- pcnses there is need for stamlnrc:- l7.ition charges. And the U. s. Rovcrnmcnt Just stopped in with a 500-million-dollar np tlnn lo build more airports. VIRUNKS NOW CONSTlTim: BIO BUSINKSS An argument can be Tii he government owes thp •>nd shipping public nil Ibis a cnt^rlbtillon lo Incrfi commrrcn an<i national Also, tbo nirllnes can ar«iii. they pay taxes nnd Ihorr-Intr trlliule to inn;ntcnnnci! a( nnri air navlijatlon facilities, 20 U. S- nlrlhr s i'enr showed a grass oncraUi vennc of 214 million net nrofi's "' 5* nitlllon they're In business. The job of studying Icrs the fc<lcra] Kovernni'.-nt ch:iri;o lor and what thi- c iiui'.Ui In; Un.s been futi'.'i ' M.U51C- -If 11 45 Symbol lor tantalum 46 Aerial (comb/ \ -iorm) 49 Atmospheric 5Q Prince t 52Barterer 54 He was -—i of the Gulf Sea ByJ, R. Williams Out Our Way I'D LIKE TO TALK TO THE GUV WHO FOUMD THE CURS FOR. L\ BALDWESS.' )= WELL, WHAT DO YOU WAMT AT THREE O'CLOCK. IN THE MOPNIM& "Let's orgnnizc and demand overtime on our allowance if \vc jiracHcc more limn a half hour a dayl" •.fHE3 CURIOUS WORU> >i ir Boarding House with Ma \\ Hoopla VJE W.EINRO VOUR. ON&-MRN 6OWAH06. FOUNO A LOST POODue AND PUT IN VOL) TOOK HOWE A P/XI_ HE SPESiT F^CT ACTING CONFIDENT! W- COURIER- FOB. HUNDREDS OP E KILLED ANNUALLY BY OP 6B CELT'S FOR CftR-FARE AMD »2. FOR. TIPS TO MOTORMEM AMD CONDUCTOR'S.' DOOR. — l<5 IT TRO& HIS K&EPER SVJOR.E NEVER VOU? FARM BUILD] MSS... WHICH CAUSES LEAD PO1SONINS. IS NO MORE i-/MB£K THAN OTHER TREES/ THE HEVIA, MOST COAVWON OF THE RUBBER PRODUCERS, GROWS <oO FEET TALL, AND STRAI&HTAS A . WALNUT. W/HERG'S €LMER Terminal Tower, in Cleveland, Ohio.

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