The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 16, 1947
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTBEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ffighwayBuilding Outlook Gloomy ' .Governor Paints Dark Picture for Men Seeking Roads . Ark., April IS. (OP) — Ofcv. en L'liiey yesterday blamed the pecple of Arkansas for his failure to introduce loim- rangc hlglnvay plans hi the 1347 legislature. At the.- same time, he pointed a dismal highway outlook for the next two years. • "I spent all of last year talking about highway needs," Laney said, "but I found that when the time v came, everyone' was crying for roads hi! t 1:0 one wanted to vole the money to build them." The,, governor said that two or three ^ men interested in gasoline safes. :j>ijt out "propaganda" which th*Vpecple believed. H After hearing from these sources that ihe stste had enough money to care for all hichway netds, most of the voters indicated to me that they wanted no additional taxes," L^ncy .said. The governor also referred to the defeat in the 194B general election of a proposed constitutional amendment calling for higher mill- &<tt for highway PUITTO.SCS. He said that , was an indication that the people did not want to pay the tfl* bill for iirproved roads. limey's statement was made to a dckgation from five Eolith Arkansas counties requesting a blacktop surface for Hishway No. 4 from Caniden to McGchcc. The delegation was headed by Mayor Lee V. MoCloy of Monllccllo and was made up of men from D&sha, Drew, Bradley, Calhcun and Onachita counties. • Many Millions Deeded '>We actually need from S2CO,- 000,000 to $300,0:o,COD to pul Arkansas highways in tip-top shape," the governor said, The governor placed particular mphasis on maintenance work needed in the state. He said thp.t large portions of the concrete roads in Eastern Arkansas now need repairs and that the department is spending S4CO.CCO on 20 miles between Forrest City and West McmpHis: ' tJov. Ben Laney also went to • the defense of record hiah appropriations passed by the 56th General Asseufoly and which arc more than estimated state , revenue for the next two years. The comptroller's office said Monday -listed the appropriations at ?227,31D;I4C] for the next two fetWelcomeRelief FromStomachGas, Sour Food Taste you feel bloated and miserable after T meal? If so. here Is how you may yourself ol thla nervous distress us»nas have found It the way to be WM1,- cheerful and happy again. - Brerytlme food enters the stomach a mal gMtrle Juice must, flow normally to J««t-up certain food particles: else the «oyo niayiernjent. Sour food, acid indl- ration and gas frequently causa e. morel*. touchy, fretful, peevish, nervous CMdulon, loss of appetite, underweight nttless «I«p, wMlness . ' .To Rt real relief you'must Increase «h* Bow of this vital gastric iulcc. Medl- «"g*«UjprlUe«. In Independent labora- Many Dead In Woodward, Oklahoma, Tornado WKDNKSDAY, "APRIL 1C, 1947 " thij In upper photo nurses attend injured while .survivors search the church for missing relatives on crowded clmrcli floor, church was iis-jtl to take care of injured which overflowed to Woodward City Hall" In lower photo injured victims are placed on tables in Woodward city Hall as supply of cots WPS exhausted. Man hi right drinks milk while nwniMiig fl.-st Kiel. (HEA Teli-plioto.) wlicn it i too liuie'orscVnfy due t» » non-organic stomach disturbance TJte^Is due to the SSS Tonic formula Wftlcb contains special and potent acti- »%ttne Ingredients. Also, BSS,Tonic helps build-up non- JlBnlc. weak, watery Wood in nutri- anemia—so with a eood flow of .--,-- O" should ea t bettor, sleep better .rt* better, work better, piny better .Avoid punishing yourself with ovcr- «OM» of joda and other alkallztrs to cwintcrict gas and bloating when what learlj need Is SSS Tonic to help »«t <rtrtri tn~ .....I.. _._ .r *"-*^ fooa for bodj strength and m't waltl Join tin. host of people SSS Touto has helped lons of bottles sold, act a bottle ot BSE Ton o from your drug store today. °"P Tonic helcs Build Sturdy Health. Retailer Puts Blame for High Prices on AH NEW YOHK, April 1C. (UP) — Law Halm, president and general manager of the National He-tail Dry Goods Association, yesterday accuse,) President Truman of being "one of those chiefly responsible'' for present high prircs. "It was his rash statement that wages could be raised \vllhoui in- i creasing prices which started our' first big progitss toward inila- tion," Hahn told lh c sale executive club. Congress is not without blame, he contended. It was Congi-csV Halm said, which "authorized reckless and ill-consitlercd action 1 , of the government in rushing to support Ihe pri:cs of fann products the moment the law of supply and demand began to operate to bring about a healthy recession of prices." This move also !it- fected foods and textiles and many other basic needs, he said. Also resi>onsible, he said, are the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer, who are reaping such Anderson Says Support Prices Not inflationary • WASHINGTON. Aprii IB. (UP) — 'Agriculture Secretary Clinton E". Anderson yesterday countered charges that the administration's farm priee-ljolsterin!! policy is inflationary with the assertion "the reverse Is triiv" : "The price support program is high profits; lEhar, with its continuous demands foi hip.licr wages; and even the consumer. cer£;ii::.'y not responsible for t.hc. current' food price or cosl-of-liv- int; situation." the official declared. "Itnihcr the reverse is true." Under the policy to keep n floor under farm commodity prices, Anderson said fanners had inn-eased their production one-third above the pre-war level. "Tins has, of course, done move to hold food prices down and assure relatively plentiful foot! . s up^ plies in this country than anything else. America today is an oasis in a hungry world," Anderson said. McCfellan Asks Larger Income Tax Exemptions WASHINGTON, April IB. (UP) -••iScii. John L. MiClellan, D., Ark., jesteixlny Introduced an Amendment thai would increase income tax excti-'ptions to $750 for :i slngh person mid $1500 for a family head. The exemptions for each dependent would remain at S5CO. The exemption for n single person now' is $500. There is no family head exemption, ljut a married couple, gel.i $1,000. Tlie amendment would change the House-approved lax hill on ivliicli (lie Senate Finance G'om- mlltce will biEir. hearings iiexi, CAB HEAD to Negotiate Air Deal with Argentina WASHINGTON, April 10. (UP)— Chairman James M. Landis of the Civil Aeronautics Board said after a call on President Truman ycstcr- 1 day that lie will leave for Buenos Aires Thursday to negotiate an air ti-aiisjwi-t agreement ivilh Argentina. Government Insurance For Veterans Extended WASHINGTON. April 1C. (UP) — President Truman yesterday signed a bill extending for five years the government term insurance held by veterans of World War I. 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