The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 27, 1930
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Served by the (.United Press BLYTHEVILLEt COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOUTHtABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. JC6 BLYTHEVIU.E, ARKANSAS, SINGLE COPIES CENTS TRIUMPHS IN AMATEUR FINALS Arrested as Murderer After Dodging|Law for 47 Years Special Classes Provided af Fair for Family Cow and Family Brood Sow 1 " Br J. MELL BROOKS Secretary, Blytbeville C. of C. The Mlssisslnni county fair committee lias made nrovisions to guarantee the small farmer a substantial proportion of the prize nionev offered this year. Tn past fairs rn^st ot the nrpmh:m money in the dairy and swine shows has been v:on by those nart!p.s who could exhibit, a considerable number of c^u-i nnd hogs. This year it will be different. In order to assure the smaller ex- WMtnr a nart of the dairy show niTev. the committee- offers sue- cial nrizes for the best, fninllv cov. f . c in the show. This eomnetition '!• limited to those narties who keen nnr more than four cows. Fifteen rtnllnrs in cash is offered for the *"><t fatnilv cow at (he fair, ami Sill in cash for the second best fnmi'v rmv. Cows entered in this class will. ill course, have a chance :it. the nrnnd chamnionship of the show, There are numerous eood cows in this section which should be ent«r erf in this competition and orovi- sinns are being made to take care of them. ' Brood Sow ComKtilion In the swine denartmen*. s'lT.'n! 'nriws of *23 are beins offered fn- the best brood sows . entered hv farmers '.vbo keeo only on° or fw^ sows. Owners of more than two sows are barred from this comne- t't'on and only the smaller exhibitors will have a. chance at thi? monev. Tlie committee is' interested in ths devekmment of a. cow-sow hen nroeram 'anrl fe»!s that the". Fnecial classes should 'bring . out rome sood eramnles of brood sows , and their vsduq to..the farm. .. ••'"'Just':as wi.T'the case last year, this year's fair promises lo outgrow the oreliminary clans and .arrangements. Six bip tents, covcrtne no ore-than 48.000 scuare feet of-ex- hibl£ space have been erected on the 'ground anil it has been necessary to order additional tents 'tri take care of the increased number ol exhibits. ;-••••• Definite reservations for - community exhibit booths have been made from' ten communities. New Liberty, Wilson, Burdelte. Sliawnee. Luxoira, Nodena, Huffman. , Lone Oak, Leachville and Yarbro hav nlrendy made reservations and Manila. Tomato and Armorel are • uected to come In definitely before Monday. Judges are Announced - j Judges in the following departments will be as follows: dairy show. Dr. C. W. Polk of Memnhis: ro'nltry show. C, M. Mette. Memphis: swine show. Countv Agent J. N. Ginks of Paragould: soecial Hampshire show, a special judqe from the American Hampshire Eu'ine R»cord. assn.. of Peorla. 111.: • community exhibits and Individual agriculture and horticulture. Crate R«!! borough, of the Cotton Bel*, railroad agricultural . deportment and Countv Agent Ben G. Lincoln of PAra^ould. In the woman's deoartment Mrs Dwothy Morris, home demons!™ tion n<>ent nf Mnrlon. and Ml=s MT- bel Buswll. home demonstration aeent of Hsrrlsbure. will iudsre tt" woman's and sirls' dennrtmcnts. assisted by Mrs. Dora Slubbl°n>lH home demonstration o?ent f»-irr Jra»fbnro. nud Mrs. Esther K>a- mer from the state extension ofnc<- at. Rook. Mrs. St»bbl°fleld nnd Mrs. Kramer wilt also Jud°e the woman's and eirls' wnsh dres? contest which is attrac'inff a larw number of entries from the farm women's clubs of the county. . je'tts; James Franklin Neeley (left) an d County Solicitor Claud • ~ Scruggs,-of GuuntersvUle, Ala., photographed as Scruggs started back from Texas to Alabama with Neel ey to put him on trial for the 47- fear-old murder. .... FfluES JUSTICE' See Effort of Mas; Republicans lo';'..,, Prohibition Issue':|^' BOSTON, Sept. 27 (UP)—A-sh»rp cntrovcrsy over prohibition planks i-as expected to develop on the floor of the Republican convention oday. i'. Out of party leaders' conferences which lasted well Into the night ame a tentative plank neither dripping:., wot or bone ' dry whtih iromlsed'-* to precipitate ;attle at the convention. Under the plank tentatively agreed upon by 'the leaders' the.Bft- publlcan Convention would, nuke • general declaration in f»Vor of, th>e enforcement o( all laws, with' a provision recognizing the'rltht.^of individuals to work openly for. the i?al of such legislation as they might not approve. Son of Victim Demands Retribution for Long .Forgotten Killing. TYLER, Tex. — For 47 years James_ franklin Neeli?y ran away from his past. Then, when he leas', expected it, .he casually turned a corner and plumped straight- Into retribu- :ion. Forty-sev.3n years ago.' when he was a young man livine in Gun- lersville, Ala., Neeley suddenly disappeared. A neighbor, Hiram Cooley, with whom Neeley Jiid. quarreled, -had been . found by a' lonely beaten • to . death, and l .b4»n'"<'.indlcted^f ^or .(Uis crime.- . No one in Alabama ever saw him or teard of him agam ; Years passed and, everyone, including Neeley. finally decided that. . 'the whole thie was a-c!6sed chapter. Noeley- went, to Tennessee and worked in some stone. . quarries there 'for 17 .years/ marrying .and rearing a :family of five children. From Tennessee-' he went to - western: Kentucky, where he farmed. Judge Wants to Know About 'Three Fingers' OKLAHOMA CITY. (UP) — The meaning of "three fingers of whisky" has changed and one may never know Just what interpretation to place upon it in this day, Police Judge O. P. Estes believes. A negro charged with liquor possession told the judge-he had about "three fingers of whisky." •"Three fingers In • what?" asked the judge. "In the family washtub, a : bucket or in the bathtub? Liquor-can be fpunJ any place now." The negro's sentence was postponed until the arresting officer could .ascertain how much "three fingers" was ir. this particular case. Four Times Champion District 17 Receiver Dis- parts After Inspecting Levees and Ditches. Coast.. :Guardsmen's Hero- ism''Cuts' Down Toll of Lake Michigan,Storm. ! CHICAGO. Sept. 27. <Ul>)— Coast ijuardsmrm'• from Grand Haven. Mich., neliting 12-foot waves In slorrn-tosscd Lahe Michigan. todn<r drove their boat alongside the llnmulerlng stone barge Salvad-v and rescued two survivors who clunu to the barge's derrick t<Mit. The rescue reduced ; tlio tlmn»erf death toll 6t the-storm five.-with two bodies recovered I'•>'•»«• si'lnrs missing. •. •• •'• Nine members of thi> RV orevv. Including the-two sio-' 'lav. escaped-Ironi the bhr : .. b'o'<e Its iovMIhc'ln Itie sir.—• of ithe crew w«f e snyn-' • beroic efforts of coast' qurml- • wire washed nshore alive, saw' Ihclr life bell*.' -Thre<; men \v- n&clnn and JKllevcrl-losl: • Risking, their own livi-s to tlo it. Captain Charles r H. Y Molir an-" <:rew nf (he sleitmer Wllllnm NQ rescued th,3 entire Trow of seven men aboard the' lumber schooner pur Son; -which disappeared nnd was believed lost, .A-number-of'boats on the-Lake have not - teen' heard • /mm. The larger ones, it was believed, -could ride out the itbnn 'or find safetv "Startling New. Evidence" .Promised b y : Theatre ern: Kentucky, where he farmed. Man's I avv,,»Kc Then he moved on to Cincinnati, I - 1VJan S Law / ers and .worked - for', years .in a paper mill. 1 " ' : ' . Last spring he came down to Tyler to . visit his brothsr t Wallace Ne'pley. He stayed here all summer. On the neighboring farm lived" a man named A. C. Cooley/He was one of the few men in all »he world who remembered that 47-year-old murder in Alabama, for he was lh.<; son r( ihe murdered Hiram Coolty. And A. C. Cooley. learning of Neslev's presence, notified the authorities. Now Neelev has. just been t.iken bnck to Alabama In charee of Counlv Sollctt-r Cliud D. Scruees roimtv Solicitor Clniirt D. Scrapes his life. Two witnesr/w to the killing are still living and will tcs- 'Ifv against him. "Be sure voiir sin' will find vou out."-raid Neelev as he lelt Tvier. The 7n-v<-nr-«ld man would not •Us™.";*, the cafs. "N°rer v.-as much of a hand to '*IK.- he said. "That's the reason I'vn bom able to do what I have." If Neelev Is convir.tnd anrt ran- Bitron Fitts Priced to death a sallow; will I.OS ANGELES. Sept. 27- '(UP) — Alexander Pantaees. 'Ihe rrion who ran a-small Alaskan. ebld stake into a ereat theatrical "fortun", will be given a new .trial 'on rbaries that hp assaulted 17-year-old Eunice Prihple. , i • A second ooprtimitv to -attnrnot 'o fiisnrovp the dancer's accusations w«s printed when the district court of appeals ruled the ftimer> for court erred in refudne him. a new trial after his conviction. Tile milli-nalro's nttorney announced trdavthev will have "start- new evidence to introduce." A promise that he will endeavor to obtain the agreement of bondholders and tliiir trustees to the expenditure of the. money necessary to put Drainage District.'17's Big Lake levees in shape to haji- dle the normal winter and spring water was made by ' Clifton : jll Scott, receiver- for the district, be'^ fore his. departure yesterday »f(er, four day visit, devoted largely to ft^personal inspection of the district arjd Its flood control and drainage sttucturesi; -,'-vV. '.'.:.-_ .-j,-'' 1 " 1 '- '••] "The l«vee. r s\irvej's have rewiled. is now in such 'condition that it could not-be'expected .to withstand a:flood -of no-'mors thap, normal proportins. Expenditure' this'vfall of a moderate sum,'; ,it :is believed, would, probably:eliminate-'the.'.nied for -an 'expensive and' difficult fight to .hold "the: levee • next.- winter or spring: ;;:,;:. • •..••"...'.'. ...-.- ; ••'Mr, Scott, .who.last week was apr pointed ti> .succeed ; 6.-'My Buck as receiver, for" the ufstrict- following .removal of tl}e iifoceedings M'rom chancery, to' .federal court, 'has. no order, from Judge John' E.- Mar- tlneau authorizing 'expenditures for the maintenance .or physical-rehabilitation of the district^ -but confidence is expressed'that if the interests deling .for 'the ^'bondholders can .be. convinced of the necessity of protecting the land' wh'tch : Is their security such an order can be obtained. Under the guidance of John Meyers, the district's engineer, Mr. Scott covered a large part of the district and obtained first hand information as to the problems with which he will have to deal. He con- along- the short.- •' !-, The -exact toll 'of life, veteran lake (Ailors. said; might rint-br-de- termined'for several' days: : : One of the bo'ais.'for which considerable fenr .was ijoxprcssed was' Ihe small fruit freighter North Shore which was.due ut.MUviuikie at 2 p.-. m: Fridky from which no word -has been .heard. Aboard the UtUe .boat we'Captnin 1 Irving Anderson, • his. wife, and four sailors-. Because' of 'its size'If was "feared tha.craft might not have weathered the,storm..:'.. '. ' ' Atlantan Establishes.. Him-'self Securelv as Greatest' Golfer of All Time. ". ,,, D •„„! _, Wllltll lie Will jmVC W UCBl. JIB LUll- MKS Prmele exmresed surprise ferred with directors of the dis- at the anpelate courts action. Pnntntres was sentenced to from one to fifty vears in Snn after a jurv f^md him f iiHiifkino the cirl when shr; v,-fnt to hi"; office feekine n llo contract on his theatre Tlie ciillt 1 ' of ' court cited four malor <»TOT< in the first trial and bv unanimous ~nlnl"n of three h»ld that District A'Mrnev Mis was mpiltv of micron- ;obe erected for his han.ln^for 7tS ^^^£™*™' that was the penalty f-r murder In ~ " Alabama, at th.i time of the crime Several yenrs aeo all the "allows in 'he state were lorn down and an electric chair at the Montgomery penitentiary substituted. Prirke erred In rfifusin-' the de- f»ns».thp risht t^ te<-tl- monv n s to Mis'; Prinele's character. in refusing to abide bv the recom- menda'ion of th? iury for clemency. and in refusing the defense TalVinc" Anrl T,on ff Prayers Were Forbidden,Old Time Preachers certain rights in witnesses. cross-exam ininff KNOXVILLH. Tenn. (UP)-Four o'nlrck rlslne. five o'clock pravers solemn, weighty dertortment at nil hours, such «rre only three of the demands rnsde uoon MothcHliit wfl'difrs of the South in the d?"= before anyone had seen an m" calendar. A copv of "Doctrines and Dis- clnluie or tne Methorilst Eni'mnii Church South" is in the nossp^ion of Miss Lillian Hav of KfrnvllK Pnd under iti rules of guidance th° leaders of the church were °iv»n very little choice in matters of deportment After the hour of four, the old- time minister was expected to read 'lie Scrlntures. and prav for an '•cur. At Hint I line roornln? serv wevr to h" in summer. ed In -vinter because of Inrtcm en' weather. In Il"rtln»ss. or ff. for Ihis was soeciflrallv forblddPn ncnnrrtln" to the "Discipline." All "fmlisTi tal'<- ine. awkward or consoicuoKs ^e. 5 ;- tures." and imorudent ropdnct before women wns out of lha "ii"';. and t\)» minister was si>nni'.- rd to und»rlake "mrr'n"? ontv i>f- t»r consulting with fellow clergv- men. /tittinence and fasting enc.h week, "so far as your hccHv, streneth <ind hhor will r>»rm<»" ra.* iin-vl. I.-in" nrAr^rs were dis- COHretpH. anH Ifl mintlt^c wie eft* cu"ir*l tiultjit. the The clem-mnn of tlw forties w«.<s also supposed to vhit members of his congrejatlon resulnrlv. to tell nil of their faults "lovlnif nnd "iMniv and to see that hi* <"«*- rroir ? .Hon >-qf. ^rnrr. In rhuroh and on Lslcc Erie Shore Tliifiiiiiaisi on Will •*'•« Ml l«-( »^*^*>- This is the favorite picture of tl his one-sided victory over Gene Homans today became-the holder of (he fcur major golfins chnmplcnLiilps of the world,, the open and amateur titles of Great Britain and the United States. Officers Solve Mykery of Screams from Oil Station MERION CRICKET CLUB." Ard- ' ; more, Pa., Sept: 27 , (UP)—Bobby •I'lies won his fourth major.gelling - ': llllc of the ycnr today' when hi triumphed In UIR fma(v of the. nil- -•••'• llonal nimlom- triurliarncnt fi -and ' ^ over Eugene Homans of Englewood, M. J. - - . - :•";".. The liiitky Atlaninn,. through" his victory toddy, ovc'rcom.? theVjlnx * which has r.tood In the pitfi of '•'-'. Rollers of all" time rmd'ljecamo'ilhe ?.:; first mnn Iri.hlstoririo -' wlrj?: the'" • :'• Hiitish oiic-n and anihteiir ami-Am- '••'• erlriui onon .niid nmafeur cbamp- I0n=lih)s in the SII:M yeal-. . . ' .: Jones' romnrkabio "piny abroad and In this country (ills year, cli- •' mn^lng his long list of poltihK : honors in years |!ns!, cariiad him " •' without question tile sobririuet of "polflne king." ' Ho plnyed as a true champion through most, of Ihe matcl"s of '.Ills Iniirntimuit. bu(. called on:hli iincnnnv ability only when "fnrccd:" The Atlantnn Mrokcd'"a 72 for Ihe morning round,, two over ."par, while his" younger.'opponent-re-- : quired .70. Jonos i; (fame -far -out- | clascd Qtns,. who had .virtually giv- j.?n up hope us Ihe two teed off-for Uie aflerno'ii 18. Bobby was-.7 up ^t the end of the-'mrfnli'iir jilay. ; " Jones mixed with nVrn lo Rfiini lif<: commnmtlng, advantage. «'hl!c Hcimaus was .--erratic •'.nnd • found trouble slaying clenr of the ' ' rough. "The Jersey ; : golfer's • tee' shots outdistanced Bobby through-out' th,3 morning ..pldy,-'but' this •' was reversed : in play, after .the neon intermission. Bobby,, changed' his wcods and lengthened, 'hta shot".. The, Mornlnf Cards . ! trlct and others acquainted with its affairs, and left the impression generally that he will make every effort to work out the situation on a basis that will protect; so far as possible, the interests of all concerned. While Mr. Scott is proceeding on the assumption that he will, continue as:the receiver for the district, that is a question th*t will not be determined until a hearing is had in the circuit court of an peals, probably next December, or | an appeal from Judge Marllneau'r order removing the proceedings tithe federal court. Even after that if the decision is adverse to the interests desiring the case restored to the chancery court, theW ii'a possibility of an appeal to" jhe<United Elates supreme court.- '•;'£'' '' .V.VY:':' Hold Serrkes To •---•», -.for Number Nine f lnfan* in rfEW.- .YpRKj • .Sap.t.. 27;-(UP) — Sir Tliomas -LIpUi'riJprep'are'd' to'sal 1 for ibirie'today «n'thV-iSrsi Jjevlathan, mt-has -proniifeil-'to cofhe back-nnd make :1 'a"'slsth'ateri 1 ipt"to win the America's cup.; ...' ', ; ' ... . /'After..Enterprise.defeated Shamrock '.y. in - four straight -races at Newport -recently the'. .81-year-old cpbrtinian . flatly stated he would never-.agaln 'challenge for |the trophy,', put yesterday -. definitely • announced his 'decision to try once mortv-'probably"in 1933.' ' In .31 years Sir Thomas has challenged for the cup flva times without : success. After pnying a friendly visit to Mayor Jimmy Walker yesterday Sir Thomas made public a letter addressed to the American public in which he said: •The International yacht races have been won and lost The best boat won'and the congratulations I have~est?nded to the gallant winner are earnest and sincere. I can only say that by admiration and esteem for your sportsmen has Increased with the y,?ars." Babe Ruth Hits Two Out of Park Today SHIBE PARK, Philadelphia. Sept. 27 (UP)—Babe Ruth hit his 48th and 49th home runs In early innings of the New York Yankees' and Philadelphia Athletics game this altcrnoon. "Number Plense" asked nn oper- In Homans:— Out In ...... The Jones:— .••'«<• 343. 444:33—73 544 355 ' 524-31—79 '• Afltrnoon Cards Towns and Villages Looted Women and Gills Held for Ra ansom. alor at the local olllco or the Out Southwestern Bell Telephone Com- j In pany. ab:ul 0 o'clock last night. ' Homans:— Over the u-lre ironi a phone at j Out the Harry Atkins filling station-on | In 7 the Barileld road came a long 453 54.4 541-38 C4x xxx xxx- G4x B44 '542-38 xxx xxx- . piercing scream punctuated by : n|-fnn u . UIL__ Ci, M J _|. series of heavy, rasping blows. *UU ntirt Wnen atantlS at "There in something terrible Football Game ' CollaDSe going on nt the Atkins station on ... . •"". (he Barleld road—a woman screaming—wait and I'll let you hear it," COLUMBUS, 0.. Sept. 27! (UP) —One hundred persons \verc suf- hard blows were being struck. ( "You're right" shouted the police, Five thousand spectators wern officer and sprung Into action. No watching a high school rjairle and palrclman could be located and an at the half rose hi the .lands to cillccr was needed immediately.' stretch. The movement caused-a PE1PING. China. Sept. 27 (UP)— P"v»>i thousand persons have been Bomar found Andy. Barker, a deputy constable. Barker rushed to the scene, drove up to the station, noticed that everything was quiet and returned to report the "false alarm" at p3- lic» headquarters. As he (lid so the ., ., . I'phone rang again and an operator mere than ICO villa.™ and | ,, rEed U IB desk, sergeant to please t;nv» been captured and l"ol- | hurry help to the filling station. All Dressed Up CONNEAUT. O.. Sent. 27 (UP) — •Vrcckage of a Curti^s-Hobln plan-;, •v^lieved to be the one in which Lt. Willard Parker, world war ace, and William J. McNultv, Olumhus Business man. disappeared after leaving Cleveland airport. Wednesday morning w»s washed up on the shore of Lake Erie near here this morning, found. No bodies were Small Blare at Central Ward School Last Night An outhouse at the Central Ward school grounds was sll?htly damaged by fire of an nnfcnosni origin early last ni'ht. A hr.ntded imv"V>. dow in tbc buildinif became lenitM in some mnmie' but a nawer-bv noticed Ihe blaze and turned 'n the abrm before more than only flight <1wia«» had b«n done; Blllie Eugene Thorn, 11-months old son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Thom, succtimbed »t the family home In :he Number Nine community early last night, following in attacl: of colitis; Funeral services are being held Ihis afternoon and interment will | M made at Number Nine cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company is in chance of funeral plans. The decetsed Is survived by his parents, four brothers and six sisters, OWNS OLD BIBLE ROCHESTER, N. Y. (UP) — A copy of the Mtrtin Luther edition of the Bible, printed in 653 at Nu- ember?. Germany, l« owiied bv •Term E. Winner "I this city. The bcok weighs 20 pounds and Is fastened by hand made brass clasps. Wlrtner brought it from Germany In 1)170. ' .„ of women and 1:nv N"MI carried riff for ran- -.—-r:Mi!» to report.'; from the '••••' --r Honan which appor- >i-nio baudit panE= iin- "•ulnrs have rnva^eri where "something terrible must be happening". Barker and Bomar jumped in a Eland to collapse and other stands on the west side of the field adjoining the first also crumpScd. one after -mother. Says Wheat Operators Are Depressins; Price WASHINGTON. Sept. 27 (UP) — A demand for a congressional investigation of acts of the Chicago Board nf Trade was made tcdav by car and sprinted to the .station, i senator Gerald P. Nve, Republican When they arrived all wns quiet i North nnkot.i and the door of the station was- Ny, charged such an investl«n- •"-tric's in tho nrov- f,T V f1C , k , Cd " n ^\ ^ d , " le ! M ° n ffoul(l reveal e ra '" operators -~.^ ^^-ssix «""* *&*?«!!«% ^p^mf a An overturned 'plicne hung from | p ricc of wheat in this country and a desk in the station and standing i abroad. . eagfrly before tnc door, his nose '• for '• -=>'il Feng yu-Hsiaiv •••'ica'c. : "'s were Isnlated for '•' nrws i 1 ! inst Ir/'Ein- -»t. In y'uh.'.l»n dls- ••i ivxnttlt caiws cao- had been ihe habit of the operator! •-<--c. IO-ICEI and hiirnrd •'( the station to leave Hie dog : .-> ^r-iM i-tt 1.1IW r>"r- in ihe building at night. SOHR- -i-'-m. The rnnltves ] thing had aroused the pup and -i i"tn 'he mountains jumping about the room the 'phone j, -' ih-pi alr"^>Hv hnvc had been overturned as he barked , at a crack and his (ail wagging' r , r- v T furiously was a triendly do-' r t . liCtS rlV6 Year l^r Attack on Italian Prince ."-^ Ti.Hr fq T rillf= hnvlnc teen rr-hbcd of lK->ir m^esslons. are unable to help them. Arden Crowder Member Of Merchant's Patrol Arden Crowder has Joined Kmel Damon in the organization of the Merchants' patrol, it hns been announced. This weird-looking gentleman ts • Damon has been malntnlnlin; thr> •trcnuously and Ihe door """ • flung " n in Sept. 27 (UP)—Fer- anti-farclst. today was convict., .. - ai-.d sentenced to five years soll- nims.ii . tnrv connnement on a charge of attempting to assassinate crown • Prince Humbert of Italy. | The attack on the Italian Crown j Prince occurred when Humbert i came to Brussels to pay court to i Princess Marie Jose of KIK8TON. N. C. (OP)_ M | H . . Louise Mcwborn's sister-in-law was playing a piano in Miss Louise's the other , and , head protruding from the | neither a witch-doctor nor a boxey patrol rturlnz the s»mm«r ?in,-o !'•<•! to;> 0{ th - Instruramt. man; he's a dandy of the Pintoj fit . , f slmllrir ,,.,„ ^ik« At AiiBrraUan ahnricrinAC • til - ' Australian aborigines, • all drested up (or * tribal dance, photographed recently- by an expedition to Central Australia, His tribe, among the most primitive of Australian bushmcn. is ?aiti to live under stone-ose conditions similar tn those that prevailed In Europe 5000 yearn <4« started here last ycnr bv lltler ar.d later gave way to tlr Merchants 1 patrol. Damon and Crowder plan a regular inspection of locks nnd doors of members of .the.orgnnlmtion several timeseach STATUE DISARMED HERKIMER, N. Y. (UP) — Tl-.-i , disarmament movement-led foms- ^[onc to deprive General Nicholas vlclor at Oriskany, of toys. _ ... ... »s part of their rontlnt.- 1 . appeared ' from 'h> ^,. this sv.OTil. -A. s^ii;!? ofyihf 1 ffimoua The snake liked, his music .it' wai-rloi sittin;! asTlH.-. his ho-" at -:i^ t\\n: rtiv.-.rentSy. for hecou?<! th, e n*rpnce So Mfer- Park. k"b«- no. be pcri-.i.'aeJ to move. Tlie:' )i c . V etl n hnve been disarmed by someone secure) a bottle of chlo-' sclircl bovs roform, placed it lns!c!e. nnd the world lost another muMc lover. In the meantime the family hnvc ceased wondering what became of two kittens that mysteriously' fits- WEATHER ARKANSAS-Fair tonight and Sunday; little change ] lli;. temp»r»-

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