The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 19, 1931
Page 6
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Take Up Difficult Jobs Collins, Hornsby and Me-' Carthy to Have Their . Managerial Worries. BV WILLIAM BRAlTIIEIt NEA Km'icc Sports Uililor NEW (YORK. 'Jan 19. — Tine" new managers uill take com.nnnd of big league baseball squads when • the teams go south fcr training. and each of these has his problem, r . First, there is Joe McCarthy, who . not only must find some pitchers •somewhere between this date and the season's opening day, uut must think up some wa> for Tony Laz-' 1 zeri to playi second, short and third. -... Second, there is Rogeis Hornsby,' who faces the job of raldlnu to • the Cubi the. confidence and spirit that fled in the waning days d the pennant struggle of 1930. ' - Third, there is Shono Collins, selected by Bob Quinn as the imin- to lead the.Boston Red Sox 0:11' of the dank basement of baseball. ^-and Collins face* not so much ai . Job as a nightmare. . / i . Marse Joo starts under ih?i handicap of tils record. After hlsj TI IO iiiyLi, cv ll!c All-Stars, who remarkable showing with the Cubs.i showed they w;re rounding into a. miracle of some iort will bc ex-: folm r aplc!ly with n ovcrwhelm- pe=ted of his handling ol th?, 1]1R v | nU)ry nvor thl , rosier ( - v;n .Yankees- The tenm 1« is lakinsl tcam !B ,. W1 . cl!i ,;.„, r!asll , vitll i]1L . south has power, but there nr,-i o , fcol;) i,i,ie]>dit!-jiUs lonlyhi at •glaring weaknesses on defense. H.;J lllc Al ir,cry X COLLINS MOR.MSO ^t£ CARTHY Osceola Plays All-Stars "5" Fen-ells Go A-Golfme must worry about catchers, n tram conies hero fielder, the Inlleld mid the pUchers | wl(|) ft 60nc| remltntl<m nll(1 ls S!lW .Th? club scored more than 100,) (0 bc comi , nscll ot it , n siMWil plnyerfi runs in 1630 and finished third. ii ic i,, dll ^ a [lMH i cr o( cx-collcgliHc McCarlhy musl find a couple ° r j p Pr f orm ri- s •gentlemen in whose feel there Is, n \' lu a s on, mentor of (her -no lead to handle the duties. n | yl , icvll]<l chlckasjuvs, who around roconri base. Lepzerl may llmnsf;d n fimm| lotl ,| „, •« points be moved over .to second npln, Be-, |l]St Cootcr |s slnlc( , , 0 . fore the season is over_Joc Pro^lwin, u, 0 niylhevlllc team o S ii!n to- wltli Ahc Kemiinjiham arse, Kraiiivi und other ably will wteh that he could sh ft , , , Tony from hird to sec on ti for le t-l f ^ , handed batters, and back again to r: 5trirs the.'rlglit-handers. ^ j A prelimlnar.v game will precede ' *" the collision of the town ii-ams and ... r30 ..,,,... il11 start at 7.30 OCI.CK. . ..... ..,„ . , ,, i . • How' will the Cubs B° 'or the! :Rajah?' : OTH the new pitchers, such as Baecht from the I'acifi:! coast, stand vip under big league | fire? Can Hornsby hlmrclf un-i dergb 'the rigors of 15-1 games at I second base, 'as he says he means i to play Uiis year? Will Rises j Etephensoh and Charley Grimm stand, up under another campaign? And how about that well-known hot corner? Will Lester Bell's arm come back? Gamers of Pitt Learn to Shuol "In the-Dark" By XEA Scrvlre PITTSBURGH. Jan. IB.—Vision, -"These are a few of the questions | tns!( , 5mc]t j lcnr | ng an(1 f cc ,n in Hornsby will face whbn he takes j n!C Bcncr[ ii 1y ncccplcd ns the five his boys west for the new season , fmrf ,.. uu i to lhnl Brc , vll) ls , u | d ,., • But if Joe and the Rajah think „• sislh-mnscle projection - as they have their hands full, or that I tl(llqlit by Ur „ c Car | son tas . the .breaks are all Roing "snijt. kcth.ill coach at the University of them; 1st them have a look at »i- Pittsburgh. poslton of John'" (Shono) Collins. I .,,, hns bccll determined lhat er- ?hono !s taking a tail-end tcam rors ln bns |; Cl 6 i, oct i n? nw O r two with, whom the habit or losing has t v - R > Si " declares the Pitt coach been fairly well informed. He has .. Tllcy arc (j| rcc tt on nnt | distance, a*few-good pitchers, but the de- A v \ a y cr improves his direction lenses''-are spotty and the ran- m t | a | Iy |, mc , lcc ml(1 , s |jp(|,, r „, making department hasn't been | the scns on proRrcs^es. His errors functioning since Harry Fi-awe hl d i stmicc vm not ^ diminished jx^dled.the big shots around like , mles . )lc , lrac ti res while- blind- it'clerk during a January clearance sale ot odds and ends. If Collins can -discover soin^ happy . method of winning ball Barnes Pitt players arc taught while blindfolded to project the ball the. correct distance. Pitt quintets linve .while making fewer runs than the ucel , um , sl i n ii y suecraslul so Dr other fellows, Bob Qulnn ought to Carlson must 'to right. : give him a contract for lite. I Bnrdette Cagers Take j Campbell and Maiden Two From Dell Teams Divide On Cage Court BTJRDETTE, Ark.—The Burdettc girls and boys basketball teams defeated the Dell cage teams' Friday afternoon. Both games were fast and interesting. • .The Burtotte girls led by a score of 12 to 10 at the end of the first half and in the last half they outplayed their opponents in every way running up a grand total of 23 points to J2 for the visitors. The Burdettc boys exhibited thclr best game of the season in spile of a slow start in the first half. Ellis of Burdette was high point scorer with 10 points. Whittle and Me-' Halfey also shared in scoring honors for Buntette while Hardin and Condrey accounted for Dell scores. Burdette won 21 to 4 Line-ups Girls CAMPBELL.' Mo.-Campbell and Golf has Kiilneti two followers In ll'.e Fcrrell br<rihers. Werlcy, right, and Hick, cenlcr, American League baseball stars. They took up the this winter am! both shoot- in Hie 90's. Garland Braxton, lef;, anollicr American Leaguer, can spot the Ferrells 10 strokes and trim them on u championship course. The Old Kid GMS On • Evers-, Chance, Hans Wagner and the other • diamond stars of his youthful heyday "have passed from the baseball picture. A new generation of ball players has grown up around him. Yet Tlabbii .Maranvllle iho old kid of baseball—goes on and on. - " When the call sounds in ihe sonlr Maiden Illsh Schools divided a i ln spring. Rabbit, nearly 39,. wilt double header basketball game • I 1:lclc his kit down on the farm near her? Friday night, the Maiden girls 'Rochester and get going. In St. winning out in a fast mid close: Petersburg he will be among the contest by a sor.? of 32-29 while; nr st of the rookies to take the field. Ihe Campbell boys had rather easy:He will spit into hli glove, put his sailing on the winning end of n 34-! hands on hla knees, cry out "C'inon, 18 score. The Maiden boys were "big boy. make 'em hit" and ho will held to Hire 3 points in the first be ready for his 19th season in the half. The Maiden girls led thru-j majors. out the entire contest and allowed j It won't be his 19th full year, of Hie score to be clorc only in ilia i course,. because they almost had last q:inrtcr ot the game. Burdette N. Quails L. Quails McHaffey C. Quails Bcott' -•-• -. Vossr Burdette . Ford= Whittle ' Ellis . McHaffey Qreacy McAfee Cook F P C C 0 . G Boys P P C G G G . Dell Blair 'Lemls Printice Mosney Evans Perry Dell Gvice Kochler Hardin Goice Brownlec Condrej . Evans The Annual TV-urnamenl will be '•aycd off In th? latu-r part of 'cbrunry. f helping them to win a p,n- \^ ^™^ ^J^ . , . ! dialler h a tonic for frayed ncivo«' ] Few Ancltnts Linscr r7* K ° M KW ls ft ™*"' tp °More than one meteor has been j Not many of the old heads who °"™ "'J' 0 " Hc ."; le zim jf amc sta "'- 'ound that contains diamonds. I broke in with MaramT.le are left ,,", lk ^ Hlvinr li ' "' both tlack and while. j In the b!f leagues. Orover ' ' !' i , him down four years ago. Uncle The Maiden girls recently losljnobble turned him loose 'and he >y a .inariim of three points to the; landed In Rochester. Tmvard (he Dunshn Champions at Horn?rsvlllc end O f that season; 1927 the Cardl- srlous DID YOU KNOW THAT— Jim Jfnnlngs, handling publicity for Madison Square Garden recently, has been doing an Interesting job. . . . His co;>y Is different from average pres 1 ; agent stuir . .•". There is cvru a bit of humor in it ... In de-scrlblng the oversized forearm of Len Harvey, the British middleweight who Is over here now. Jennings says: "His shirts 1 inn*! bc made to order and the lower portion of the sleeves, bills? like a blimp. Harvey could conceal four tall midgets, eight portions of chop suey. four piius of rye and Monday's wash in Ills large cuffs without discomfort." . . . Later he says. "Harvey is llt'ry. too. He has read 'In Human Bondage.' which Archie Watson, his trainer.- surmises is a story about boxers in the clutches of American managers: Chris Mor ley's 'Where the Bine Boons' (under the eye) and 'Youth' by Joseph Conrad (or Is it Fanny Ward?)" . . . Jennings says Len did think he would find Tom McArdle, Garden matchmaker, cowboy regalia. wearing o the title for the present year.! . nals ' rescued hirn-and he re- i ^=^- ^Cooler Independents Beat Memphis Quintet COOTER, Mo.—Thj Cooter in dependents defeated the Flyin Fir* of.Memphis Tenn. In. a fas and closely fought game on the local court Saturday night The Cooler boys won 48 to *6 with both teams flashing offensive skill and little denfensivc ability. The Memphis team viaits : Cooler annually and won a close game here last year. SOUTH BEND, 1ND. (UP) — Although hU grandmother on ills mother's side waa a Cherokee Indian, Tom. Yarr, husky cenler, '. boMted Uist he was the "real ' Irishman 1 "'of Notre Darne's 1930 twun. Yarr's father was born in Dublin, Ireland.. had been- playing ball three years r.-lien Rogers Hornsby put on his first Cardinal uniform. The Braves" shortstop had four years behind him when Edd Roush first showed | his face at Cincinnati. Cy Williams i came up In the same year as the There s only on? Mar.invil!» *** ^ MtC " t!m ,;ipg? i:i:r:i\ nrim TODAY irisi:i:ii I:I,I.A rorMvuit «n. l»:i,.,l. (Jnurr'n latttrv \*a» n IU|B- l.i.r. rmil IHT MlcpiHufhrr u \ e ry u^i:ilo ncntinn, bui llfr Jit (h« flllk limn <:< llrcl 'I'kru.k, luirn, IMI i,,j klu\il> In kiih CJnKrr I1DU li.i »i-l. S,i .hr iiiini.uiit-fj 1,1 hrr I .-'••I-:-. i:iJIIY .IACKSU.V, I'A'ITV !. j r.- fur id.- H,.r<-.]. •i.. .<i:\m nitnoKS. ^\t* i.r utj !t:\ \ \ [HtMOlvS. mi iill> iihinii '»• iniiTil IIII^E [m|itlrllL>. uliv i-nn- i .:i;nl«r ( <uuifr> f Iu',>. tjlic nvkril :.-n(.j in :i.-i u* her. nt^or In Ibr .:r.-::::x- , t f t\tc nlll Hn.l, lartii. i H'.:i.-ri- irnri ulili nn old fnnu MIIII.I'. fr.n.j jiii'M\ ui:s'jnrm. r:.t- ic-ii nt JUT iiIiniH it«re Bill! .i I-cr liiTi,1, iinrurmiiMitrJ, " \inl," klti- KiM Jftik). "In- ».IIJP .1 l.t-ln-i him ilii^ri In kU |irli*<*. UMILH linlf ( J uLni !•-- :ii,k» ^111 :m^MmimK!^, rfXT. ty. 1 *** -j li • iu ID U'UiM li:nr I,, noli ClnKcr'k niivlce. Wlihdi l-'l bonrn rtir turn* hnd l.rrn l.,.ir::lic fur Sir.tKI, null llji ,,:,;r-rl. ill r tkr .lnnl,,r (Vuin- TI-J ( Illfj IMI*. llllOlT »VIIJ. M)\\ (,O ll.\ WITH Till' STOUT CIIAPTKK V 'I 1 !!! 1 ; .innlor Country Chil) ^'as •' Moiii'-dilny io do. Rut conservation imii'ijta who comfortably be- Hi'vptl liiat an entire summer of l.anl work would yo Into the uoces- :ary renovation ot ihe property Npre line fora rjrr-ot surprise. They ha.I iifit feurcrl on GiiiBcr Ella. Il was u[jnu :i Momhjy. tho day after Kaslcr. that Inspiration vlstt- cil her uj.nti the [i:i]"in:ige lawn lly Tiitfday iiMit *lie was tho owner—lo the (•.•Eie:it of $250 dowu -nf Ihe Mill Hush c:,:ate. At ten on Weilni'silay niamlug she "Oh.^Cingcrl". cried Pally Stars, "'it's jusl precious/ Wore did you ever i/ir'n/j oj ilP" cjueer ungainly affair, Jutting off Into curiously shaped corners uaJer the gables. Hat Dab had Ideas ot hla 'own about It. For a ui'jrg trifle. p» said, li« beint aV ready at work/ on tha place. th» gaule corners could be divided tnto seyatato rooms by tbo use of a cheap grade of artificial boarding. "When you como into your mi the [ireiaise.s for a thorough j money," he said flrzuly, "you'll want inspection nf her. properly. Dabja lot of servants here, and that'll P.jri'.i^, tl:e caruunler, wua making' givo accommodations for four." oiir:i:Ho.s ou the cust of materials ami labor for necessary repairs and (Sinner Klla hciself you.may lit sute^ willi notebook and po-iicll ot her own. dogged bis heels,-hotly uo:ilcslint; every figure. Slio w;ia delighted lo find the hiKisc in better couilltlou lhan had apprurcd. It woi'lil rerpitro complete redecorating and new hard- ivoin! floors liowr.atalrs. A few slight repairs would render the roof water-proof, and the fouu- cbilloiis were lirtu, but the porches would rctiuire strong re-euforce- i:icnt and general rebuilding where railings aud stairs'wore broken. Yho partition between tbo two large rooms, the dining aud sitting TDJUS lliey iiail been, was to be removed, making an ample ballroom, wiih the old "parlor" converted loto a cozy lounge. Over tlic bedrooms on the second floor (linger pondered a Ions time The IJca of small private dining and sitting rooms was very tempting, for there was something particularly, devilishly engaging In thi mere sound ot the words—a notion imbibed from novels and motion pictures, as she lacked all persona experience with the*. But ia the end her practical nature triumphed ami she decided to rctalu them sleeping apartments, looking for ward to future week-end parties. /""IXfiEU saw no reason to bother VJ with the old attic, as it was a the | state road was almost Irapass-1 hopes. Deihling and linens "Yes." slip said dryly, "when J lo—and when I do." On the other band, the four un- lonrontlonal attic Bleeping rooms would allow for larger week-ends, and as Dab promised tu put iu the artitions at halt tho regular price-. The furniture of the house was in odd collection, ranging from very line pieces of natural old Engish oak lo tha cheapest factory products, some of which had fallen ruo such complete collapse that it could only bo burned. Ginger immediately made plans lor a huge festival conflagration on tbo following Saturday night, in return for which she would get a great many laoura of enthusiastic guest lauor. Mattresses, bedding, curtains and rugs also were slated for tbo (lames. She immediately appointed a donation committee, headed by Patty Sears, whose gentleness vras an Instant recommendation to parents to make tbe rounds of the town soliciting contributions for the Junior Country Club—donations of furniture, linens, bedding and, as an aflcr-tnougut, food. • • •« . 'THE grounds 'Tfere badly grown - 1 - up In brush and weeds, but aho counted on the blgb-scliool hoys to take care of that, depending on i Judicious application ot flattery £o payment la full The ruilo and a bait ot wocd lauo leading In from able, Jor molor travel, 1 '.end nab promised to have a couple of men get to work on It tbo very nest day. By eight o'clock on: Saturday morning tho road to Mill Rush was a stream of traffic, cars, delivery wagons, trucks, bicycles, two ronles and a saddleless old fire horse—all crowded to nniDing- board or handle-bars with boys and glrla from middle high-school ago up to the early twenties. Each was rmed with tools for labor—brooms nd hammers, hoc3 and rakes—and cady to take orders. And waiting or them at Mill Hush, was Ginger Ella, burning up with orders to give. Waller Main, the schoolnouse anltor irho had stayed.up half the night to give tha building its weekly cleaning accordiug to hla otitract with Uie school board, in order that he might join the Stan at Mill Hush bright and early on Saturday morning, was put in charge of tbo younger boys and ;irls to clean up tbe grounds. > older boys organized wbal they called a "road gang 1 ' to hurry up Tfork on the road, and the girls, having discarded everything designed for tho big fire, were noisily adjusting the furniture- inside. Cafpe ' era, i plasterers and plumbers were at work all over the place. A tennis court was being laid out under tbe supervision ol Eddy Jackson In one of the choice garden plots, .and Wesley Meeker, whose vacation was not yet over, was superintending' the layout of hammocks and swings. "Oh. Ginger!" cried Patty Sears. "It's just precious! How did you over think ot anything 50 nice?" "Oh," eiplalued Ginger lijiitly, "I always get bright ideas wheu I'm bored." • • * fpHE- Donation Committee, had •*• lucceedcd beyond her fondest dent to supply tl:o ciillro liuu?e lad been secured, Jopliu Wesllmry contributing a dozen bra:iil-i:»w sheets and six pillows from his bii store—only slightly staincil, tiiuy were, from window display. 1'liil promised an old grand piano aud u ucw radio. The "regular" Country Club donated a oomplcio service of plated silver. Tlie Ladies' Aid Society ot the JlHiioilist Chnrcli. in collaboration with tho Indies' Societies of the other two churches, provided dishey. Eddy Jacksoo .save :i decrepit buggy acd an old Eorrct man;. An old favorite, that mare, in the fani; My of Eddy Jackson, as her riist errand in their household had uceu to Lriug the nurse wlio ofEclalctl at tlie arrival of Eddy himself, and if was iu her honor that she ivas called "Jlrs. Carter" for ever after. Wesley .Mecker's father sent a large red-letter Bible. Cellars and pantries of every borne within nitlcs were Gnoiu'od for donations of food, vegetable-*, canned fruits ami bcntled dilnlis. All of these demands ar:il cnuntle?s others, met with a cheerful response. Many bad children already of proper arje for membership and wished to curry Immediate favor. Those with ineligible "infanw" were, looking to tho future, and an (linger said, "nobody is nuite without hope," which principle dmibt- less explained why tho Donation Committee met with no refusals. The formal organization of the club was extremely Informal. It followed a private frankfurter roast on the last night of Wesley Meekcr's vacation, run! was ni- tended by Ginger and Patty Boars, 13en aud Jenky Urooks und I-Ji3dy Jackson, with Wesley us tbe. suest of honor. Ginger Ella sut ai ilu table with an immense, notebook aud a very fat fountain pon. .('To Uo C'ontiiiucd) Ye Unips ., . dium i= ii: [Rtibbit, 1912, but he didn't last as! The JC. '9»i!' having gone his way last year. ss?i In his 18th year the old kid of ii!baseball led the league in the matter oi covering shortstop, and it is a league where there are plenty of fine shortstops, too. • » * * The Roles? Oh Well- One of the remarkable antrles about the Rabbit's big league career STDIKXT MAXAC.KKS liOSS ST.UMl'M SOUTH BEND. 1ND. (UP) N U c .»vt,v entirely under the direc- - ticn of the student Managers Asso- ci.ilion There arc 100 "managers and t!-.cse arc weeded tiown to n fc\v by their senior year who receive varsity monograms. OIRt, ATIH.KTE MAY TEACH MEMPHIS. <UI'i-Ellen Biird. BV ISRAEL KLEIN Science Editor, NBA Service The occasional worm spell that comes during "Uie : winter is ivel- comed by the thoughlful motorist. It is the time when he can grasp the opportunity to clean his automobile, have .-the chassis cleaned and greased, and (lie crankcase oil renewed. -.•' • a rubber shset before opcniti! radiator cap. Water should .be added slowly while the motor is the glycerine In the ccoiinj system, but care .-hoii'.d b?. taken that the entire solution dees not come within thrr^ inch-is of the top- cf the overflow pipe Glycerine expands with heat and will overflow it tho system, is filled to a higher thclleval. | Since water has D=en nddrd very j where alcohol has been used cir. 1 - fcept, i ing the warm spell, the motorist vunniiiK. -C/therwlse the cold water,|should not forget to drain out- a suddenly striking the hot motor, j bit of this fluid just before another 'may caus< .a crack in the system,, cold spell is due. and add the ncc- which is quite costly. If glycerine or any similar antl- . essary - alcohol in order to avoid i freezing. At the same time, the motorist might take advantage of intl-freczc. But this Is also a time when the 'reew: Is used, however, this steam- .... o ... ._ _ _ o _ _. anti-frcezo in the cooluvr system, ing will not occur.- But the warm change in weather by drainitir; and the entire system's operation. I s Wtt offers good, opportunity to the entire cooling Eo'.utlon nr.rt must be watched carefully. This Is: check up tlw connections around; flushing the system throi:glvoul b?- especially true If alcohol is the, 'he engine, to see that no leakage f ore renewing it- It kreps ;;i- occurs. This check should 'be made; radiator anrt cntjinc water jacket especially at the water pump. In O p sn MIU free from rust. fact, it Is advisable to tighten all: . connections over the entire cooling system and take up a few turns on Ihe pump nut. Water may have to be added to Users of alcohol In the cooling system should particularly boware of the thawing p?r!cd3 In winter, :'-. comes after a an extra amount especially when real cold spell has been his tendency to Hout thel fr « throw l^skelball chinin : -i rules. The OM Kid has:i't been on i walks cijiht miles to so-hool d.iily""is his good behavior all those ycM«. ja marathon shimmer. seiv"co'-:<s He has seen wild nights, in fact has and has ambit ior.s to be a p'.uv-al -,'often been the main rcascn why director, but says she will n-o!rb'v • the nights were wild. He has been end up tcichinV Latin IK- — '-(-".a clown on the field, entertaining subject in colicric here ' " •- many people with lits 'Bill Ktem will show a "school girl - —... complexion" this bxvball season 21. former girl's world champion'but he'll stand for no kidding about " It from the boys. At Miami Beach i this winter, the National League umpire hag been going through the • mcticns of a Bobby Jones In—well, .hardly more than his birthday suit. I ____ <>omiiial catches of fly balh as he- Java has a pomr-rn 0[ 'as pleased with hb groat playin,. <2. 33S . 0 - M; thlsTover „" . He has a pair of amazing electric more than t)u< tn'al m-Mr •BS that start earryine him swiftly Enjland and Wales. | It ia possible to enjoy oil the • thrills of flying—banking. sUIIIns tit | Fpiuning, and other aerial "stunts' 311 —in a modol airplane which does oj not leave the ground. K Is in- 13',r.!!ed In a London sporli club. of alcohol had-prcvicusly beeivbut Into ths sys'em. ' • ,"; Coupled with ',;:• warmth'of the outdoors, tbe heat of tlic 'molor quickly n:-ts the temperature of tho co'liii-; .iyst«m to which t*~ alcohol steams. This happens to t« far below the boiling point of water, and at about-.the tcnvper.iturs of an efficiency operating ."i;tr,e. If t^« m torist is not aware of the ci'.U' of this steam, he may woni]r>r "rhy his cooling system has frorcn u-i'in such warm, weather, when i matter of fact It hasn't. But ov.'it the motorist who Xnows may make the mistake of opening the roSMor cap while- the system is steaming in order to' add more water. This is dangerous not only to motorist, but to the finish of the car. The sudden rush of steaming j alcohol from the lodlator may RITZ THEATRE Last Time Today See Jack Oakie in his latest picture Our Gang Buster also Comedy ami News Matinee—10 ami 30c. N'iglit—15 and -I0c. burn hands nr.d face of the mot-! Coming — John Boles in *".? ,T y , spr ,? d , hcod nud discolor It. Alcohol destructiv~ to lacqwr finish. " ON 'E HEAVENLY NIGHT" Last Time Today SPC Charles Farrell and Maureen ,0'Snllivan in Princess and the Plumber N'ow running in St. Louis Admission !0-2i3r The thing to do when the cool- T i.,,.. c ,/' ing srMsni steams during a warm J llllrfc ' lil > wll is 10 stop and wait a while Joan Crawford. until it linr, cooled down a bit, or to cover the front of the hood with Coming — Constance Ron;!! 1 ! in "SIN TAKES THK HOLIDAY". Tuesday, Wednesday a n d j Tuesday Wednesday a n ' : -n, "PAID" with | Thm-sd'ay—"HOLIDAY" v.r Ann Hardinir.

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