Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on November 2, 1919 · Page 7
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 7

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 2, 1919
Page 7
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AIEuquerque Morning Journal, Sunday, November 2, 1919 mm DEEPLY TOUGHED By HIS icraiRE Primate of Belgium, In- Bidding Farewell to U. S.t Gives liu'li Praise to Hospitality Of the People, Hr MO4VIN0 JOUAHAL SrtCIAk IIAtIO winci New York, Nov.- 1. Cantlnnl ' Morel or, prior to boarding tlie While Htnr liner Meaantlc today at Quebec tor his return to r.elgium, sa::t the following farewell message to fh people of the United t'Uiles: "To the People of the United States of America; ' ' "It Is difficult for me to give adequate cxpies:;ion to my feelings ut this niuitunt when I urn about to leave your wonderful and hospitable land. Tho sympathy and love with which I have been received re have gone to my heart. ; 1 oan say with full truth that tho moral comfort which you have brought to my soul has In-deed rejuvenuted mo and given me in w strength and vigor with which, to file! whatever duties the divine providence may call upon mo to accomplish in ifiy dear Delglum. Admires Anicrifnn, People. "I have leiirned to admire the American people; I have learned to luvo them. I feel a siror,g ussui.ince that a lasting tie of mutual i-y.npu'.hy and confidence has been established . between your country und mine, and that It will endure with feneration to nine, if the calamities of this great war and the bitter sufferings which it oniulled for our people have broi'tvhtj one rjiignt inougiu, it is or tins Dona of union between im. I realize and firmly believe Americans also realize that ii han been a privilege for our generation to go through the crucible, of this gigantic struggle. For those who wouid be exalted spiritually and morally by its lessonK it is an opportunity Mich as has never been given at any other time of the world's existence. "I'.y these Iciionn -which can be nought and I may say, which stand. out In bold letter on every page of Iho annuls of tho wur, I mean the magnificent instances of Individual mid national elf-sttciif Ice und self-denial, object lesvong of the highest moral order, In und by which eueb, one it us may make hia rule of lne in the fjturo. "l Mice move, my dear American frli lid s let us express to you my heart it it t lia n lis for tho wonderful asslht mice which you guvd to Belgium dur ing the wur. -"Let tim thank you for the goner our way In which you hive responded ami are responding to my appeal to help mo once more In the heuvy tasks of .social und moral reconstruction, In combatting, the dt-vuHtiUlns effects of radical coclallsm and- ito.shivism which await me at home, tusUg which a.o related closely no; only to the wel fare but to the very existence of my people, even thourfh they their selves in this period of unrest and resentment may not fully lenlbe II. .histitv mid J'iglit Will I'rcvail. "Tie world, J Know, i? ems to' have these difficulties and unsettling prob lems before it eveiy where. And yet 1 have the profound conviction that justice and right will, when given their hearing, solve these problems of unrest and measurably reconcile the differences of man. It Is my duty, I 1 now, to work to this end. I pray you, my dear friends, to do likewise. "I had hoped before leaving, to be i-eeelved. by your president, Mr. Wood-row Wilson. To my keen regret this has been impossible owing to tho present state of hi.T health. I express my slnrerest wishes and prayers for his prompt and complete recovery. "I't tne in conclusion, my dear peo ple, assure you that you will ever be present to my memory and In my prayers, and give myself the privilege of bestowing my blessing on you with all my heart. (Signed , I :'V. T. CARIHXAIi MHRClKIt. "Archbishop of Malines." SELLING BRISK; STOCK MARKET'S TONE IS UNEVEN Steels and .Equipments nlMmnifliiT iiu.-Jiitvj iiic muvuiiiwilii public Scoring and New Mo-Re- Lackawanna High Records. VARSITY FIGHTS BOSIVELL TO TIE, NEITHER SCORING Guarantee Li Tires and Tubes Wel! known makes of tires end lubes at reduced prices. Home of the makes include Goodrich, Miller, Fisk, flood year. Firestone-. .Mp-draw. Diamond, itaclne, Republic, Perfection, Nor-walk, and many othci-s. Home factories have advanced prices. Doy now and safe half. Our prices are the lowest in the statu for first class goods. , . ... . . Miller and Good- i 30x3 30x3 '4 S"3 '4 .11x4 32x4 33x4 ... i :. 4 Clix 1 3J 1 i sr.xMi 3 0x4 .ts.x-5 37x5 Non- skhj .$11.00 .-14.S5 . 15.95 . 20.66 , 21.80 . 22.90 . 23.50 . 29.00 . 32.00 . 33.C0 . 34.00 . 35.00 . 36.00 year tubes J2.50 2.75 2.S5 ' 3.C0 t ITIIj 4.00 4.20 n.oo 5.2S B.60 We shin C. O. T. Willi (he privilege (,f exn miiiation. No deposit required. SAVAGE TIRES 'Heap Big Mileage' EXPRESS COMPANY ASKS FOR A HIGHER RATE ON ELECTRIC LIGHT BULBS PCCtAL COftffCaPONDCNCl TO MORNINO JOURNALl Fantu Ke, Nov. 1. The American ltailwny I'xtiresM company Vias filed wlih tlfv slate corporation commission a petition to double the first class ra'e on electric light bulbs. Tho state corporation commission announces that no agreement wan reached ut the Pcmlnrr conference on .fobbing rates out of Kl 1'aso into New Mexico and out of li niiii;'. The new rates affrct 1'terning Jobbers finite adversely. Deming jobbers will submit to tho railroad representatives who I'lteniled the conference a list of coin-nioditi' s nni! points to which they are shipped which are especially adversely nffcc'ed by the new rates. In tho meanwhile the state corporation commission has asked the t'nited States railway adniinistrticn to restore the old fiei-rht rates out of El I "a so, which are higher than the new rates. IXvliijr Mi'tormnirs liit Act. F.dcvater. N. .1., Nov. 1. A dying motorinan's last n t today was to apply the lakes to bis cur lest it, coust a pieilpitous incline on th Hudson Palisades and kill thirty passengers. Thrown from their seats by the and. ilen stopping of the ear the passengers found the motornian, Alexander Kabb, dead from heart i'i. nse. The :ir had stopped on (he eiHa? of the precipice.- New ISank in I'nlon County. fr'an'e., fe, Nov. 1.- Incorporation panets lme lieen rccei-ei! fr a hunk i he established ut liednian, Union county, to b caiii'ali.f d e.t. J!?.", COO, the !n( orpor.itoi s In in-: C. A. Nylius, : :bier it Hie Fiist National bank of Katon; C. I n'.ee, John Kin.-;, TO. T. l'orter, . Ji. Wllli.itns, and L, L. T.loyd. NOTICE TO "CONTRACTORS The hod cliTiet's' union hereby serves notice to the mrsTi and plaster contractors (hat on and after November 12, 191ft, the hod carries will demand C2 1-2 cents an hour. ECS! BIO GOXZALKS. ' I'resldent. New York, Nov. 1. TteallitlnB for proms aim iireysure from shorts no-counted for the. uneven tone of today's short but lively stock market session after a firm, strong opening. ' The gelling was a-icrlboil in nart to possible adverse eVPiituulitiea over the week end. - - - .Steels und equipments monopolized the movement, Itepubllc and Lackawanna scoring new records. Marked strength was also ithown by Oulf Stales and Superior Steels, That group as a whole made extreme advances o" three to twelve points. Pressed Car, Hallway Steel hprings, Pullman and Chicago Pneumatic Tool were conspicuous among equipments, such recent fuvorites as American and Baldwin Locomotives reflecting pres sure, sales amounted to iau,u shares. Trading In bonds was fairly large but Irregularity was created by the heaviness of local traction Issues. Liberty bonds Cased and lnternath'm-rls wero steady.- Total sales, pur value, aggregated $7,675,000, Closing prices: American Peot Sugar 98 'i American Can C2i Ainerieun Smelting ft Itefinlng. 66 Mi American Sumatra Tobacco. ... 103 American Tel. & Tel 99 Anaconda Copper 81 Atchison . .". 89 Paltlmoro & Ohio 39 I'ethleheni Steel "li" 1 0 7 U Hutte & Superior 24 California Petroleum f2 Cnnadlan Pacific 149 Central Leather lOffsd Chesapeake Ji Ohio f7'i Chicago, Mil. & St. lfcul 42 Chlno Copper 4 t Colorado Fuel & Iron 43 Crucible Steel 248 Cuba Cane Sugar i Kile 15? Great Northern Ore Cjfs 43 Great Northern pfd 84 Inspiration Copper G8'.4i Int. Mer. Marine pfd 111 Kenneeott Copper 32 'a Louisville & Nashville 1I0U Mexican Petroleum Miami Copper, bid Missouri Pacific New York Central Northern Pacific , Pennsylvania .. Itay Consolidated Copper.. liea lin Itepubllc Iron & Steel Sinclair Oil & ltoi'ining... Southern Pacific ......... Southern Hallway sttidehnkcr Corporation . Texas Company Tobacco Products Cnion Pacific Tidied States Steel , . Utah Copper ..231 , . 25 . . 2S ,. 72Vi , . 85 H . . 42 ,. 22 ,. 80 -, .140 , . cm , .1071, .. 25 4 ..138 , .333 i ..101 , .123 . .109 , . 80 CONDITION OF 15AXKS. New York, Nov. 1. The nctual condition of clearing house banks and trust companies for the week shows lhat they hold $ 4 6,5 4 7,74 0 reserve in excess of legal reii-,irctiients. This is an im lease of $1 2,552,310 from last wee k. CHICAfJO IIOAKI) OF TIIADF.. , l(i'IT(il I late n-Unl : 'hone (ut mer. "$23,000 for $100 Is What 'Hog Creek stock Brings" ,'plHS report In t lie Fort W"rth, . i Ti-joip. St'ii-'TplPKrnm of Ki-pt, im lr. IhjI. rf,nkn f'.r lisou. Tln-iMiKhout -Ihfl Ln::f1 State's rtu-n And wfimi'ii lia-i 'Tve(v.-Hl eri.-fils ef tli'Mi-amia or ilollnrM frora hiv rfnii-nn of n fvw ionuli-fd del-lr, or cvfl) In ttp Rmnt oil ':i-t:vlly of Trx,nsi Oklnlioma anil I.',iilK;.inri. Vnn ow , It tn yAiirsi-If to know v. lint i R .lnfT on In th is InihKtry. Semi for a fi-ne eoyy of ihi tnlilnl a iHMiie of Indi'itenib-iit Oil Newt, fl-vtilih will ki- it y;iu In olof" t'-urh j .llh tlio Kri-uti-i-t Invf-Ktmont flH.I f of t!n- vvorl.l. Tit 1 ii It of !hi poB.;. hl't,- ---.joo SIihiin llrlnK -:!.- P. COi'.'iO." Htm ply Hi-nil mir name S anil i 'Id ro-M on a pnpt cnril. A' IMll -I'KMJKNT Oil. NKWH, f 60 T t i Mllin M. I nrl W orth, Ti-vl Chicago, Nov. 1. Demand for corn received new impetus today from reports that $115,000,000 of a Dritish loan would be de voted to the purchase of cotton and grain. The market closed buoyant, 2MiC to 3H'C net hiahor with December $1.31 Vi to $1.31 and May $1.2Ct4 to $1.20'. Oats finished He to I Vie HP. Provisions varied from 10c decline to 15c advance. Upward swings In the prb-e of corn began at tie opening and gained in noi sy throughout the day. A new upturn In the value of hogs did much to i;ive, the bulls an Initial advantage and so. too, did big shipments of packing house products. Gossip that it would take at least six or eiht weeks to bring transportation nr-ranaements back to normal for the movement of corn, lei meanwhile to increased anxiety nbout obtaining uifici"iit supplies to fill December contracts. Oats went higher with corn, Receipts were small and foreign markets advancing. Strength of cereals and hogs lifted provisions. Later, though, sales to realize profits caused some setbacks. Closing prices: , Corn Dec, Jl.31'4! May, $1.26 Oats Dec, 72e; May, 75c. Pork Jan., $34.37. I Lard Nov., $26.55; Jan., $24.75. Dibs lan., $18.62. Wyoming Oil Securities Substantial profits have, been uimle through investments In l lie slocks of Independent- Oil Producing Companies operating in the Wyoming oil Fields. , The large development work that is going ruing, coupled with the prospect of the p: Oil Leasing Dill . In the present, lies I he belief that. Wyoming maicrially In value. on In Wyo- wage of tho sion of Congress justl- Oil Stocks will Increase I We Deal in High n Oil Stock Tapr El Clay li m Oil . itrltles, Stocks und Isomls a Hl National I'.ank HaUdlne; H DFWI U, COLORADO Clip.vcunc, W.vo. t'nsKT, fo. Grade s No 'Wildcats Our organization Is complete, in all respects. With flees located adjacent to the. large fields, we have facilities for hi rviee and the tlioroegli knowledge is of real bent tit to our clientele. INDIVIDUAL " ' INSTRUCTION of- the tiiat On the present market there are several slocks of real merit, purchase of which we believe will yield substantial profits. Our advice, and recommendations' nro at your set-vice. Let us send you our Circulars and Market Letter. I.usk, W)o. At Western School for Private Secretaries Striking Success. i The Western School for Private Sicretarles is attracting large numbers of business students to Its classes 1 1 cause of the Individual Instruction H offers to each and every member of the school. In large classes the need ft the Individual Is often overlooked Tho progress of the more capable In retarded by the loss capable members of the chus, while the tiulont who Is slower than the tveraire is neglected, find consequently discouraged. Individual Instruction, Mich as is given at Die Western School for Private Secre. furies, does iway with these two evils Ttie student who learns quickly com pletes nis course in the least, possible time, while the r.tudent who learns more slowly Is given the tnrtivinmi! attention he requires, whb'h leads to. ' ncour.iKomcni ami uitimnt-J huecess rather lh,n discouragement and fal vie, as Is so often the c tst where on- y class instruction is offered Deli-uutex Appointee, Santa Fe, Nov, 1. Delegates to the "nit Lake city convention on reelama-i'lii In the western states were np-oltited today by Governor O. A. Lar-',:' follows: 11. J. llaRerrnan, itoswc-ll: Fabian Garcia, Stnte Collepe; 'A'. C. Held. AlbnqiK rqne: Ttb-ardo M. lero, Los t.iinns; II. o. Pairsum, Ho--orro; CliHibs Springer, Pinta Fe; '), uicls G. Tracy and P. v. Dent, frlsbad: y. c,0ff Pluck and George ';ruinirton, Aztec; Sylvester Mirubal, Valencia county, Cadets? Get Ball on Visitors' Fiv-e-Yard' Line "at One Stage: Neither Goal Threat ened at Any Other Time, 0ISPATCH TO MONNINtt JOURMAtl Ttoawcll, Nov. 1. Fighting every inch of the game, nelrher the New-Mexico Military Institute nor tho University of New Mexico could score In the gurnet here today, the first they have played for five years. The first half ended with Koswell In possenslon of the hull on Albuquerque's five-yard line. That was the only time either goal was In any real danger. Mann and Aydeloite played especially aggressive, football, and tor a time early In tho game it looked as though the Cadets would not be able to stop the fast University1 backs. The forward puss was a coniplst' failure today, the Institute trying it time and again und making only one complete pass. T'.ify were equally unsuccessful with ki'-ks from placement when they were In Albuquerque's territory. Jacohson, Hassett and Me-Kinney all made good gains at times for the Institute, but the Cadets could j nut gain consistently.' " ; In tho last quarter it was largely o punting duel, with the Institute having a shade tho better of It and keeping the ball in Albuquerque's terri tory. The lnstllulo lineup: I-ft guard, Spence; right guard, Klnnison; left titekle, Corn; right tuckle, Sherman; left end, McKinney, and Slaughter; right end, West; quarter, McKinney; left half, Jacohson und Hlnklo; full back, McCJuarteis; right half, Das-sett; center, Armstrong. The University's linenup: Loft guard, Wltten; right guard, Greenleuf, left tackle, MeClure; right tackle Spears: left end, M. Itogen:; right end, McArtbur; quarter, C. Mann; left half, G. Mann; full, Oerphelde; right half, Aydelotte; center, G. liogers, DE BACA CO. LAND IS LEASED TO A WYOMING MAN FOR SHEEP RANGE PBCIAL CONtPONOBNCK To MOHNINS JOURNAL) Fort Funnier, N. M., Nov. 1. A tneetinof o much impoi'lanee to the citizens of the valley was held here during the past week between the directors of Fort Sumner Irrigation district und the head of the San Fran cisco contracting firm which has a short-time option on tho bonds. 'The trms of the a'Tangement have hot yet been made public. One of the largest deals In eastern New Mexico is being closed today whereby moro than a hundred thousand acres of grazing land, will be leased to prominent sheep men of Wyoming. Kanla Fo, Nov, 1. The James A, Dick company of Texas filed incorporation papers today. The capitali zation Is $200,1100. The' headquarters are at Deming and the stalutory ugent Is Harry C. Ferris. U ILL ; 'IWAl fUA q e.dont It yaski oun .' OCy customers, $ to fit theirbodie U intoour clothes: y We make; the l i ' clothes to fit theii if t -'- 'i 'Enroll rj.ondQ!; November 3rd . - . ....,., . At tlio oiM'iilug of tho lOitrly Winter Term for course In UtMikkiH-pliiff . AocouuliiiK-y llusliitun - Administration Hnnkltur rrtgn Commcrc Civil Korvhti NcorrtMrlul Mludlca ' Slenogriiphy Ti'lceniiliy ' "" " : Cununcirlul Tcjjclilnf ' t . y IIuhIiionh tMinlHh ' ' lliirrtiimlm Culciilntor and Dank ' Mndilmt Acoountliif . ........ Day, -Evening end Correspondence Course. Rkllled, experienced Insiructors. Complete, modern equipment for business houses and banks. Individual attention to students. Advancement as rapid as students' work merits, 2,200 former students. livery graduate in a good position. . Visitors always welcome. For Information, call, write or phone 627. Albuquerque Business Collpge ; "Ilie 8Hfuil (School lty 8iMciallMU." ... rhono 68T. ' ' j.? e. GCMDKLtii'''rrcHldent. bodiesi,, h fevery Roxal'Tai f;. lor earmenf is'cua w - &nd. drafted ta ji7"ofyour.''bodyf j3imnsion3;. Our readjr) s iTo your order at $35? to $6y per suit ori - overcoat. 51 n hi Authorised Dealcji tor People Who Pay Little for Their Furniture V t- Can least afford to be careless in the buying of It. It'H the quality behind the price tag that tells whether or nob you receive a bargain. Particularly Is this true ot the furniture yon buy In this store, which alius atpro vldlng the kind of furnishings that will bo in good service when your grandchildren are growing up. GEO. G. SCHEER Furniture Company 314-316 SOUTH SECOND STREET 317-319 JOURNAL WANT ADS BRING QUICK AND SURE RESULTS w i -in II THE UNIVERSAL CAR The Ford Sedan with electric starting and lighting system, demountable rims with 3 -inch tirei and tire carrier, is the ideal family car because of its all around utility and refined and coitffortable equipment. Finely upholstered. Plate glass windows. An open car in the spring, summer, and early fall. A closed car in inclement weather and winter. Rain-proof, dust-proof. )n ho city or the country, a family car. For theatre parties, for social visiting, for touring, and for taking the .children to school, it ia just what you want. While the low cost of operation and maintenance is not the least of its charms. A regular Ford car, simple in design, strong in construction, and durable in fwvjice.. Leave your order with any of the dealers listed below, Quickel Auto and Supply Company Authorized Sales and Service 1 1 - - ' Phone 750. 600 W. Central Ave. Albuquerque, N. JV1. Branch-Belen Auto Co., Bclen, N. M. ., , . ... '

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