Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 19, 1919 · Page 4
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 4

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 19, 1919
Page 4
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FOUk Albuqtiefqua Morning Journal, Sunday, October 19, 1919. CALDWELL WINS BY KNOCKOUT III FINAL CHAPTER Kid Gfinrrra k Hiirlfrl RnHilv From the Ring By Force of Finishing Blow In the Fif teenth Kama, SOCORRO MINERS GET WALLOPING The moil thrllll.ig finish ever staged In u Juk City prize ring won for Suitor ( uldwe I, of Springer, liis fifteen-round light with Fred (Kid) (!corg lit the American legion's smoker nl thi' armory la mi night. It w.ih a terrific knockout (hut hurled (ieorga bodily out of the ring and iliojipi 1 him prostiu'e In th Japs of the nngddeis. The finisii came li the fifteenth rnuml. The end came suddenly hut not unexpected)', un (he Spiingcr hoy had accumulated it riisilnct lead in the pre ceding loiiriecii round". The first in-timution of the dramatic finish cariu when Caldwells ratapultlc right up- peiiut caught his opponent squarely 'he i Imi of the chin heluro thu final canto wan two minute old. .. , ufA'niu aim luvkward. The shock curried him over the rope and he landed on the floor outsi le the in ir. The blow, although terrific, failed to put Ueorge away for the count, and hp gamely crawled hack Into the ring. HiH may there was ephemeral, however. Another -Li-centlmeter right made a target of hl chin mill once more projected him bodily over the ropes. This time when (leorge fell ouwide the ring he did not rise until j the referee hud counted the ten we ondH necessary to make Caldwell thu winner by the K.-O. route. Caldweil picked by the knowing one before the fight probably to utay fifteen rounds before the older and more experienced Oeoi'K". but not to win put up a masterful exhibition. He fought with the coolness and ftriit-'Ky of a veteran of the rlngc. IlluHtratlve of his strategy wan IiIh reply to (ieorge's concentration of wallops directed at his midsection. That' the popular place to attack ft tall fighter, but it failed In the case of Caldwell. He counter-attacked with p. series of Jolts at intervals to hie opponent' and the vigor of Oeorge's onslaught slackened. Although his left eye was damaged by Caldwell's Jabs, George came Into the fifteenth apparently fresh and able to continue the fight lndefinitev. He showed little outward effect of th pummellng he had undergone and started the final round with a burst of speed and the milling was brink when Caldwell landed the precursor of the final clout, Cicorgc'g comeback after that earned' him everlasting reputation for gamenem. After the fight Caldwell was the objective of a rush of hundreds from the spectators eager to congratulate him, and he was hailed as a coming champion In the middleweight class. The fight was declared without (nullification to be the best witnessed In the Duke City and Caldwell was declared to be a great lighter. The decision In the seml-wlndup went to Mike Baca of Santa Fe lit the end of ten rounds. Kddle Swan-son, Twenty-fourth Infantry, claimed a foul at one stage, but after the tight had been stopped long enough for a doctor to examine him the claim was disallowed and the fray was continued. FROM UNIVERSITY Mann Brothers. Grant and Claud. Are Stars For U. N. M. in Inflicting Top-Heavy Defeat, Sepia and Indlu Ink have been obtained from the protective flu.d sent out by the cuttlefish. The I 'Diversity of New Mexico cell brated (s renewal of Intercollegiate football yesterday afternoon by de feating the New Mexico nchool ol mines, of Hocorro, by the top-heavy score or lis to o i .muiiii manner, Claud and (Jiant, were the individual stars for the varsity, making .thirty - one points between them. The outcome was nulckly forecasted when the Miners kicked off to Hooker a scant fifteen yards. In Just five minutes a ten-yard run by Orant Mann, ten by Sganzlnl, thirty by Claud Mann, u slight loss, unoth';?' eighteen yards by (1. .Man a and Her-nheide went through renter for tne first touchdown. ('. Ma mi kicked goal. Shortly after the 1'. kicked off, the Miners were held, and .Mitchell's flfl-yard punt was returned by 11. Mann. Three more downs anil he hud gone over, and i!. Mann kicked goal. Ayde-lotto replacing Hganxlnl, early in III. second iinrter, ran over for a third. The Miners chose to receive the kick-off again, and Mason returned it seven yar.N. A jretty foranl pasf. .Mitchell to .Mason, made seven more, the only time in the game when the! Miners were able to make first down, (icrpheldi threw them for n loss, and they were held three In miccession, and the ball went over. A run by 'I. Mann, a plunge by flcrpheide, 'and a peach of a pass. !. Mann to C. Mann. .'jllowcd by a fifi n-jnrd run. pushed the count up again, .McClure replaced (ierphelde. and plunged through for another shortly after, following C. Mann's en, I run on a double pass, and two split plays in which McClure had gained twenty yards. Tliia first half ended 34-0. with the ball In (he .Miners' possession on their own twenty-yard line. The second half started wit li ; numerous substitutions on both side", and throughout the rest uf the. game 1 varsity men were being tried out. After the Miners had returned the kick-off fifteen yards, they were held for four downs. Aydelotte plunged through the line for ten. The varsity wast penalized twice in cl we succession and a forward puss failed, and the ball went over. Miners fumbled, and varsity recovered the ball. Another pass. Aydelotte to (5. Man.i, a plunge by (Jerphelde, and (I, Mann took the ball over for the sixth touch, down. Miners received the kick, but two attempted passes were broken up by liooker and Wltten. and the ball went over. (I. Mann In attempting ri forward pass hacked Into the referee and threw the ball Into Mitchell'! arms. Witten blocked another puss, (ierphelde threw the runner back ten on the next attempt, and Miners were forced to punt. Mann brothers pulled another neat ten-yard pass, and C Mann ran another five before he win downed. The first period saw rniir' i.tihstilutlon of pi;. .vers, Varsity wis penalized on the first scrimmage, and the Miners bracing on defense held them for downs on the one-yard line. After Miners punted. and one ir-tempted pass had fulled for the varsity, and another five-yard penalty had been enforced, (i. Mann made a thirty-yard pass down the field to M. lingers, another new man, whoso playing was a revelation, lirennenian. the former Koswell star, next took it around left end for a touchdown. After McArthur kicked off to Miners, they punted on the necond down and in the most spectacular run of the game C. .Mann returned the punt nlxty-three yard tor the last touchdown of the game . As the gam, neared the end, Hrennetnan Inter cepted u Miner pass, and run foi ten vurds, but Incompleted passes lost the ball. .Miners kicked and run by Hrenneman and . Mann brought the ball to the Miners' fifteen-yard line, when the final whistle blew. The line-up; L'. N. M. Miners C. lingers c Wlnnlngham Hernandez Ig F.berl Centry rg Chelson Hooker It Hhepperd Craig rl Llchtlcller Foraker 1- Temple Mat-Arthur re Cannon C. Mann u . (I. .Mann tCapt.l.lh Hgannlnl rh (ierphelde lb Summary: Touchdowns-3: C. Mann. (Ierphelde, Mitchell (dipt.) Mason llnrnrnel (Jerard (. Mann. Aydeloe GRAYS WITH NEW INFIELDER WILL PLAY AO'S AGAIN Manager Padilla Strengthens nu luum oy Addition 01 Johnny Alarid, Crack Player from banta he, McClure, Mrennemun. Uoala from touchdown C. .Mann, C; i. Mann. 2. Penalties, Miners 10 yards; Varsity, 20 yards. First downs Miners. I; Varsity, 20. Itefetee llarton. empire Moore. 1 Linesman (Ireen. Substitute Aydelote, M. Itogers. McClure. Itornero, Kaw, Wltten. Hren- neman, I'rooks I'aulsen Hopewell. Miller, Ilowden, Iloyd. Oiav. I'earce. Stennlck McKennon Heacock, Cook. Kennedy Jloffer. FOOTBALL RESULTS Colorado school of mines, ti; fill-versity of Wyoming, l!. 7. 0. Iombard Harvard, 7; Ilrown, 0. Army, 6; Maine, 0. I'rlncetoii, .14; Rochester, 0. Pennsylvania, 5f; Swarthmore, lloston college. 6; Vale, 3. eorgetown, 113; Virginia, polytech nlc institute, 7. Wisconsin, 10; North western. 8. Notre I lame, 14; Nebraska, . Colgate. 21; Cornell, 0. I irake, 12; Simpson, 0. Williams, 25; Columbia. 0. Amherst. 4H; Trinity, 7. Illinois. 9; Iowa, 7. Minnesota, 20; Indiana, 6. Ohio state, 49; Kentucky state, St. brfiuiH university, 0; college, 0, Michigan, 2C; Michigan Aggies, 0. Inibuque, 30; OrlnnMI, 4. I'artmouth, IS; Pennsylvania state, 1 .1. Kansas Aggies, 9; Washington, 14 Massachusetts Aggies, 27; Worcester Poly. 0. Missouri. 10; Ames, 0. I'niversity of Arkansas, school of mines, 0. Oklahoma, 12; Texas, 7. Washington and Jefferson, Westminster, 0, Johns Hopkins, 3.1; Calliuidet, Rutgers-Rhode Island game celled. Holy Cross, 7; Springfield, 0. oherlln. .14; Mount 1'nion, 13. North Dakota. 13; South Dakota, 0. Ceorgta Tech., 20; Vanderbilt, (. I'niversity of Georgia. 13; Suwane?, 0. t'tah Aggies, 47; Montana, 0. .Strengthened by Johnny Alarid of Santa, Fe, the. hard, hitting mid fast fixlding shortstop of the Ancient City' White so.x, the grays will tackle the Ai s again. The game will be jdayed tms unernoon at llarelas field. The fray will not be called until 3:30 o'clock a hulf hour later than the usual time on account of the visit of King Albert of llelglum, who is expected to arrive here at 2:45 o'clock, liy 3:30, t wag thought, all the funs whoee allegiance to Hie Aq's or drays was threatened by the coin Ing of thu royal visitor, will have had the chance of weeing the lielu'ian ruler without mlsainif the Btart of the game. - . Alurld I not a permanent acquis! lion for the Grays. He came here to attend the American legion conven tion and Manuger Dan Padilla, as soon as he found he would be here today. signed him for the gume. He will play at third base or shortstop, and Duvy will play in the outfield. The Ai s, on the other Jiund, will be weakened by the loss of Nixon, their second baseman, who has departed. They still have Itees, however, and he will do their hurling. The Urays will uppear for the first time in their new uniform..-". At another time Manager Padilla miglvt hesitate In ullowiiiR them lo don them. A cJiaupc of uniforms has been known to change luck. Hut after the Urays dropped their last battle with the A'l's In the twelfth. Manager Padilla believes that the limit in ill luck has been reached. He holies for the best today. 20; Holla 1C; 9. can- COMMISSION NAMED TO SETTLE NEW YORK STRIKE ONLY n BIRDMEN FINISH FIRST LAP IN AERIAL DERBY Thirty-Three Machines Drop Out. Due to Various Causes a Dozen Planes Smashed and Seven Lives Lost, 1 (V JOUftMAI. rt.CIAt. IKAMD Wlftlj Chlcuan. Oct. 18. Ueut. U. W Maynard today won the trans-conti nental airplane race today by landing at Mineola at 1:55:05 on his return trip from San Francisco after an elapsed time of slightly more than ten days, three of which were spent In San Francisco under the rules and another being lost In repairing his machine at Cheyenne, on the west-ward trip, and at Wahoo, Neb., on tne homeward flight. Just how- many hours of the six days actual flying he consumed In the ulr has not been calculated, but he was sllgiuiy uuuci fifty hours for the 0.402 miles Second in the race lonigoi. -.... nnfoiced delay over Sunday under in - . .. t i.i...... ruins UI1S Callt. J. O. HOUIUU.-..M. todav reached Hlnghuiuton the second i ontmeuini miles from the finish Tlie lUst Couch Medicine. "I have found ( 'hnmherluln's Cough Remedy to be the best medicine for coughs and colds I have ever used," writes Mrs. Walter Oram, Frankfort. N. V. "I never tire of recommending it to my friends. Last winter when my son Carl, nine years of age, bail an attack of croup 1 guvo him Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and It relieved him immediate'y. 1 always keep it in the house and whenever wo have used it the results havo been satisfactory." I. H. Crawfordi a Kansas rancher, has successfully Imported and bred Russian sheep. Have You a Suit You Actually Like? i There is one fabric that is best fitted for wear in your particular business. Mavbe it should be ex-treme, and maybe it be quite conserv- should ative. We've alonjr been specializing these lines and honestly believe we can help you get just the right clothes. jucc us nein solve particular lem. :lothes your prob- The New Models Are Now on Display M. MANDELL, jn ; The Live Clothier ' 5 ! Albuquerque, N. M. THE CLOTHCRAFT STORE IN THIS TOWN Secretary Wilson Chooses Mayor Hylan, F, Paul Vaca-relli and James L, Hughes to Deal With Dock Workers 'ml MORNINl JOJKHAL trfCtAI LtASCO WIRI Washington, Oct. IS. Secretary Wilson announced tonight the appointment of Mayor Hylan of New York, Paul Vucurelll of New York, and. James 1 Hughes, Immigration commissioner at Philadelphia, as. a special conciliation commission to attempt to settle tn9 loiigwhoremon's strike at New York, ; SANTA FE WINS CONTEST FOR HEADQUARTERS OF AMERICAN LEGION (Continued from Pae One) men who got acro: In this way deserted from the nnhional guard her" to do so. and his nunio is now on the roll of those who nted in service. New Mexico had men In tliirty-nlre different divisions of tho army numbers 1-x. 10-12, 25-37, 40-42, 77, 79. H2. S3. S5-S7 and 7lli. Of the I thirteen divisions of the army which I went into Ocrmany u year ago New Mexico bad mm in every division. and in all except eight of the forty-l one divisions which were then in Ku-rope. This record Is not yet complete, but I the figures given show that New Mex-I Ico was represented In every part of I the American forces. The members (.1 the American i.eglon were urged ! ifill out In as full detail as possible, on jthe forms which the board is now sending, their accounts .of tho part which they each took in the war, and also to aid the board through their local posts, in getting these record-blanks to all tho men who were In service. Tho information thus secured is being entered in the state archives and will form a part of th' state's Invaluable records of the war. who N. V., on crossing. 14 i Next in the rontest was ueut. r.. ii. -nao-.-"""" at Rock lsliTint, ill., wnn ; separating him from tne goal ai Mineola. Third place In the pursuit or .nay nard's record was held Jointly ny apt. Lowell H. Smith ami uieuicnani Queens, westbound, WHO reaciieo heycnrio tonight, l.oua rimes irom their destination. They were closely followed bv Unit. T. C. Kiel, first to reach the Atlantic from the Taciflc, who flew to Sidney, Neb., today, 1.09s miles, from San Francisco. t'apt. Alex 1'earson, who nan oeen leutenant Muynard's nearest con tender until be broke down at North latte, Neb., 1.4 91 miles from .New- York, was still there tonight, sixth ehind Maynard. He expected to re sume bis Illglit easiwaru moooay, ufter installing the mate of the Martin bomber plane borrowed by the flying parson when he broke his runkshifl at Wahoo, Neb. .Of the eleven fliers who have made the first crossing, only two others remain In the contest, Lieut. 11. W. Sheridan spending Sunday at Salt ,ake City, 2.083 miles from New York, and Ueut. H. H. AVorthington, westbound, at Buffalo, 2.3 4 S miles from San Krancisco. i if the sixty-two who started in the derby, only twenty-nine managed to make the first lap of 2,701 miles, the rules providing that those who did not arrive before sundown today would bo disiiualif ied, Capt. Felix Hteinle. the fifth man to reach San Francisco today in a borrowed plane nt 4 p. m.. was the last aviator to L'et'in under tho time limit. The only man to reach New York today was Lieut. Paul Kichter. Of the other thirty-three starters, a dozen smashed their machines, causing the deaths of seven aviators or observers, while the rest were only able to i;et within striking distance of Ihe first objective too late, to qualify. At leiiKt threo of those completing the first lap will not start back. There were three wrecks today, but no one was hurt. MaJ. A. H. iilkcsoii; trailer of the westbound contingent, hit a ditch in landing at Kawlins; Lieut. 1). II. Cish wrecked his plane on reaching Sari Francisco and Ma.1. Harry Abbey fell at Auburn Calif., only a hundred miles from tho finish of the first lap. 71 r rxW. Ford Roofing Products BE cj-rcful when ordering new roofmrj materials. Inferior roofing products may cost you time and money. When yo j tuy Ford Rocfin Products fromua you get the ndvantcc cf I'ord'o 53 years of experience plus tho prompt service for which this store is Lnown. 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Herman liaca of Helen, who was elected state commander, was leader in the drive. McKlnley county took second place, getting a membership of 211, exceeding Its quota by 40 per cent, and (Irani county took third, gcliiim' 602 members, or 20 per cent more than Its quota. The ipiotus were deter-mined by the number of men sent to the war by the counties. In deciding the winners only members whose dues were paid in full were considered. I) ATI'. OF COXVKXTIOX IS TO UK I'lXFIi V MORN! NO JOURNAL ftPIOL LBABCO WIPS) San Iiicgn, Calif., Oct. lb. Lieuls. Cecil II. Connolly and Frederick K Waterhoufe, army aviators who disappeared last August while on .Mexican border patrol duty were seen alive the night of September 11 at Los Animas bay, Lower California, according to a letter received here today from dipt. John Uoss of the power schooner Trojan. The next day Captain Koss found tho bodies of the aviators, who apparently had beep alum, ho wrote. This was ten days before Joseph Allen Klehards reported he found, the bodies. A parly of engineers who had chartered the Trojan found the air plane used by Connolly and "Water- house undamaged on Guadalupe mesa, eighteen miles from the point where the bodies were discovered, Captain Uoss wrote. The captain added that he and .the engineers covered the bodies with sand and then proceeded to Guayiuas, i where a report of tho matter was made to the American consul. The I nited States torpedo boat destroyer Aaron Ward is on the way to Uis Animas bay to get the bodies of the airman. AIRPLANES REACH BAY CITY IN FIRST LAP OF AIR CONTEST "Eh-heli! The boss done gu v me his ol' suit an' its got McClintock-Wright Clothing Company's label in it. Eh-heh!" McClintock-Wright Clothing Co. The date for the next convention of of the American Legion was discussed nt an executive meeting called by State Commander Herman tJ. liaca yesterday afternoon nt 5 o'clock. No lime was fixed but It Will be definitely decided at the next meeting of th!. executive board which will convene at Helen, February 21. HOI. A salary for the slate ao.iutant and finance officer was r.xed at the executive meet-ing yesterday. LIEUT. QUEEN BREAKS DISTANCE RECORD IN SINGLE DAY'S FLIGHT lr MOffNINq JOURNAL RtClAI. LAf.m WlRI C-lieyenne, Wye., Oct. 1V Lieut. . K. tjiiei'iis. entry number - in the transcontinental ;,ir race, arrived here this evening at and will leuialn until Monday morning when be leaves for the west. He nnd Captain Smith are competing for necond honors Lieutenant (Jueen broke till records for distant o in one day's flight, nc-cording to i nmivniit ions made at the landing field, fiviix; 1,(I4U miles from llrynii, ., to I'hcyennc today. This Is said to be 1 i;a miles further than. LieuU'iiunl .Majua.'d'i U't flU'lit, LBT C-n- l Jt HfAL A L L.ASC6 WIIVR! Kan Francisco, Oct. 18. Five airplanes reached the Golden Gato today in the first lap of the army air service race twice across the continent in time to qualify for the return flight to Mineola, X. Y. Three others were ; in California, but were prevented by I accidents from finishing the trip today. Five others, the rear guard of the entrants who- left Mineola had failed to rross the Sieras. In all 23 eastern contestants have reached the western terminus of the 6,402-mHe race course. THE WM. FARR COMPANY Wliolewilo! and Itelail Dealers in I'KI SH AXl) SUT M FATS SAI SAtiK A SI'IX'I VLTY For Cattle and Hogs the llullng Market Prices aro Paid. DUKE CITY Cleaners-Presscrs 320 West ;M. Phono 410. lie Frank Winn litonln Cup. Ijitonia, Ky., Oct. IS. lie Frank won the l.atonia cup race, $7,000 added money, today by two lengths unbend of Kxtcrniinntor, who ran second with Legal coining In third. The time. 1:17. This was the closing day of tin season. MIIKl. I lilt ri '.VI ION. Dppsrfrnr nt of th tnt-tlor V, s. T.nn-' effw nt nnta 7-v. N. M.. Oct. It. 19I'J. NOTtCE In hi-ril- irlv.'n Ihnt Ant'.nl t.ob.Mtrm ef TH'Tils. V. M.. whn. en iMlil 'lav ef July, i:ltl matt h'm,itp't tnl-v N" 0 '"in fr N.''i. SW",. w- WJ. ,VRit SWi, l'S SW'i SWU, VW"i NK.1-4 SW1.4 SW, Pc.Mlen 21, T-'Wridhip 9 North. Itanfc. Knt, N. M. P. Meridian, him filed n.t I "f Int.rtlnn to mak ttirte yrar trn..f, t. At.ihHfili clnlm to ihff Inntl aH.n'p lt.R,-rlhn1 hiferc n. F. Mctlennlrl. P, s. CeminlAHlnm.r at AU-U'inprniin. llprtiallllo O'linty, N, M "n the :'m day of I.ii.cetahi.r. tyl ('liiimaiH n:imr. Am Ail nyn 14 MUu.l .Hmmlllo. of Ti.l'ir N M. I.iiK Cttrla T. T.opei. of Tljeras. N M M m "to Gomalea. of Tl ra, N M. Krdurlco bop. of Tl)rn' N M FRA-NClSCy arm ... - Rn.iur. Soldiers and Sailors INSURANCE Soldiers, sailors, and marines who have dropped or cancelled their insurance may reinstate it within eighteen months after their discharge without paying the back premiums. All they will be asked to pay will be the premium on the amount of insurance to be rein stated for the month of grace in which they were covered and for the current month. Tho Albuquerque office of the Mutual Life, and its employees are at the service of our country's defenders for reinstating their war risk insurance, changing its plan, and all matters touching such insurance in which we can be of assistance. J. H. COONS, Manager Corner Gold Avenue and Second Street. TELL IT THROUGH THE CLASSIFIES

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