Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 10, 1919 · Page 4
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 4

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1919
Page 4
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f Fotnr aiHuguergug Morning Journal, FriJay, October lfl, 1919. E BEGIN TO BUNT Vernon Shut Out in Second Game of Inter-League Ser ies oy uan unner Who . Holds Tigers to 8 Hits, tit MO'MNC iruRNALwfb AL LtAllO IMe Washington Park, Los Angeles, Oft. 9.-tjt. Paul came iiaok in the second fc-ume of Clio western minor league milieu today, winning from Vernon, 5 to 8. The pitching of I Mil Urlner overwhelmed the Tigers, who Were held to blunt so-uttcred hits. The Hulnts scored till their runs in the seventh Inning on Mix hits uud mi error. The Inability of Ait 1-romnie, the Vernon hurler, to field the visilois' bunt In till inning cost him the game. Heore; tcrmm. AH. it it. I'D. A. K. 1 3 0 J. Mitchell. s 4 n 1 fhadbourne, ff ... 4 0 1 MetiHel, rf 4 1 Fisher, 21, 4 0 1 Kdtugtou, lb 4 0 0 High, If 4 i) 2 link, 3b 3 0 1 Devoriner, c ...... 4 0 1 Fromme, .i ....... 1 0 0 ttxllorton 0 0 0 txxLong 0 " 0 ItOBK, Jl 1 0 0 0 0 .1 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 a Totals ..33 0 8 24 10 SI, AH. It . . 3 1 H. I'O. A. K Higgert, rf Duncan, If Miller, if Hyatt, lb ...... Hargraves, c , , . McDonald. 3b . . Herghammer, 2b Martin, s Grlner, p 3 3 :i 10 i 2 3 1 0 Totals 30 8x26 11 x Mitchell bunted third strike foul In sixth. xx Hatted for From rue in eighth, xxx Ran for llorton In eighth. By Innings: Vernon 000 000 000 0 Bt, Paul 000 000 60x f, Summary: Three-base hit Meusel. Two-Dane hit ("hadbourne. Htolen base Wggert. Htruck out My Hose 1, Qrlner 1, Fromme 2. Ibises on bulls plays Tierghammer to Hyatt: McDonald to Hyatt. Umpires Murray and Toman. WANTKD (rood, dean cotton t the Morning Journal nffUw rajc w U, ,144. TRKASrKY 11KPAHTMKNT OmCI OF ( (IMFTHtll.l.tll OF Till Cl'HKK.XCt. Waahlnirton, D. C, Aunuit in, 1919. WHERBAH by aatlefactor- evldono. proBemed to tha uriflpralKniMl. It hie heei ada to app-ar that "THE OITI.BNP NATIONAL BANK OF Al.mjQUBUUlJB' ui tha city of Albuquerque, In the County r. Bernalillo and Htate if New Mo-hen, hae omplled with all tha provtelona of th Statutes of lha United metre, required to bt complied with birr an aaaocialln nielli b. autborlied to eommence the bualneaa of Banking; NOW THEREFORE. I. JOHN KBL TON WILLIAMS. Comptroller or the Cur rancy, di hcrohy certify that 'TUB CITI ZBN8' NATIONAL HANK OH" AI.BU dUGHQUB" In tha City of Albuquerque, It lha County of Uarnallllo and Htate or Na Halloo la authorized to commenee tha buel naaa of Banking aa provided In Bectlus rifty-one hundred and Sixty-nine of tbi Kevlaed Btalutea of tha' I'nltrd Htataa. CONVERSION or The Cltlzena' Hank al aVlhoquerque, Albuquerque, New Meilro, IN TEHTIMONY WHKIiEOK wltni-na mj Band and Seal of office thla Twenty-nlnt aay of Auguet. 1919. (tirned) ISO. HKRI.TON W I U.I AM. IHBAI.l Comptroller of tha (urpMnna F MM LOSES WHEN THE SAINTS Well! They're Here 1 0 see the swellest line of your eyes on, then I'm style, weight or color, most surprising part. any others I've seen. thank me. , McClintock-Wright Clothing Company HESTERS GRAB CHAMPIONSHIP EOR VARSITT ELEVEN Coach John McGough Has Has Thirty-Five Candidates From Which To Make Selections For First Team, Nothing ran but continued ' misfortune prevent tho university's annexation of tho New Mexico Kridlron championship, In th opinion of dope-sters who have been watching Couch John Mi-dough's squad of thlrty-fiv, men In practice on the university field for the hiHt few du.VH. The bunch, they UKHi-rt. Ik one of the most likely appearing that ha trotted aeniHH the field fin-'yearn, and they are convinced that thin year' eleven will replace the varnlty on Its hlith standing of former yearn In tv Mexico football clrclaH. j I'ruttico was beitun under Coach , McUouith's direction a few diiyM ugo The start wan brink, but nothliiK 'n compnrlHon to the inteimlve relnit that McOoiiKh him mapped out for the athleten before the firnl blf Kame of the unlvermty'H whedule that with the Colorado whool of mlncH, which 1h to lie played here on (ictober 2"i. A few former KtarH Hhoweil up at MrfSouKh'H firHt call for football iria-terlal and uIho Hevirnl likely lookin recruits who played fimt football f'ir "prep" iho)l. The men reporllnU for practice are: Frank lireenleaf, '1. Mann. M. ItoKem, Hurt 1 1. Hooker. i. 11. Uitten. Jl. S. Kaw, It. K. llrookM .Mac Arthur, ('lain (1. JtoKer, V. firey t'oraker. (' Mann, It. Peyton. (Jri- ham Miller, flcrpheide, H. Hernaii-ilex, H. Hiuce, H. WellH, Kiinxlnl, Hile. Alcl'liire. A. AVellH. Hay Hren- neman, Hoyd. D. K. Caldwell, Hhiplev, H. Ilomero, l'earce, C. OuiiMfeld, S. Hopewell Mootz. Coach McGoukIi i plcimed with the ahowliiK made and predicts a aucceiiH- ful aeason. LEFTY WILLIAMS HAD NOTHING BUT DESIRE JO WALLOP THE REDS iV MONNIMO, JOUWNAk IMC LflB WIBB I ChiciiKO, Oct. 9. "The Ited.i are champioiiH and. I am the hnppiem man in the world tonight," mild Ma miner I'at Moran of tho triumphant Cincinnati club. "I cannot praise my play ers loo Highly. Tliey piayeu reniaiK- ublo ball, foiiKht every ininute to win and there never wan a time when they lout confidence. The seiicn ended a I thought it would, but 1 must admit that the Hox Rave us a icare." "If Williams had uliown Home Vtuff in the first lnninK, it would have been a different story to tell tonight," said MamiKer (lleason of the Sox. "lint lie didn't have anything except a desire to beat the ItedH. The first inning, when the lieds scorei) four runs, was enough to lake the heilrt out of any ball club, but the Sox came back fighting. 'The Keda were lucky to win those early games. Howevir, they beat us in one of the greatest scries ever staged and my but is oft to them." Tobacco Habit Dangerous nyf Doctor Commr, furmrrly of John Hopklni hoRpltul. Thousnntln of nnn uf Perlntf from fninl dlf)u' would be In perfect hpftHh today wre It not for the tli-atlly riruK Nicotine. Ktop tha habit now tiofort tt'i too In la. It's a ilniple ji roc cub to rh1 yourvolf of tha tohRreo hahit In any furm Just iro to any up-to-date drug atom urn) get Nlcotol tahlptu; take thtm flu dlrte1 and lo; th prnl-touii hahlt quUklv van Ishea, Druinrlaia refund th money If thef fall. lie aur to read large and Intf irntliu announunment by toctor Cnniinr noon tu appear In (hla paper. It tmla of the dan-Kpr of nlrotina p'iinon(ntc and how to avoid It. In tha meantime try Nlcotol tabh ti; you will ha aurprlicd at tha riulta For 'li-o th ItriKV I-'haruiacy and tba Uupp rifM Ht or TJiosc cold, frosty $ mornings that you knew were coming- are now with us. You've put off buying- that Overcoat as long as $ -you can, so now it's a case of getting down to brass tacks. If I Were You lief ore I bought one I would d r o p in at Wright's and ask them to show volt what thev have, and if vou don't ;!! coats that you ever set ! a bum prophet. Any and the prices arc the They're cheaper than Take my tip. You'll $ i , $ in JACKSON LEADS IN BA T WORK FOR WORLD SERIES Chicago. Oct. 8. The unofficial batting averages of lh series show that four While Hox batted over the .300 mark during the series while live Ueds are over that figure. Of the men who have played In all eight contests, Joe Jackson leads with a batting average of .376. He Is el'isely followed by Neale, of Cincinnati, with .357. The official averages were not finished when the official scorer caught their trains out of this city tonight, but the unofficial uverageaj that follow how thut Cincinnati outbatted Chicago aa u team by percentages of .255 to ,224. The averages follow: Chicago, McMullin ., Weaver , . - Jackson ,' Oandll . . Kchalk . , WilliamI Kerr I'elsch . . ltlsberg J. Collin- 10. CnllliiH I.lebold Cicotle Murphy WllklnHon I,owdctrriilk Mayer J a rues Cincinnati. Tleuther' Wlngo . Planer .. Ma gee , Neale . , Kller . . J )au licit , Duncan . Kopf Hath Itouxh , Itaiideii droll Hlng Hal lee .ufpie , Team Cincinnati . . Chicago . . , , , , HOW $722,414 GATE RECEIPTS OF WORLD SERIES WILL BE SPLIT tar eonwiNa jounnal aetc l Laaeo wteei Chicago, Oct. 9. The players 4- on the Cincinnati team by iin- Hexing today's contest and there- by capturing the series will re- celve 1117,157.68, which divided into 22 'i h.ires will net each share $5,207.01. The White Sux will draw down $78,104.70, ami each of the twenty-four players will re- celve $3,254.36. The national commission ob- tains $72,24 1.4(1, or' one-tenth 1 of the total receipts of $722,4 14 taken in, exclusive of war tax, on e all eight games. The totals for eight games fol- low: Attendance 236.928. Itecelpt.s exclusive of war tax 722.4 1 4. Players' nliares $200,349.70. Clubs' shares-$3sy. 822 t0. Commission's share $72,- 24 1.40. ' Total for Cincinnati Nationals l 17,157.68. e Kaeh pluer 22'i shares) $5,207.0 1 . Total for Chicago Americana $78. 104.70. ' Karh player (24 shares) 254. :16. Second team of leagues: ' (New York Nationals Cleveland Americans) $ I ''.626.21. Third teams of league: (Chicago Nationals and e York Americans) each -$V and each New $13,- v 017. 4 5. While there are 24 players on the I ted team, three were allot- ted only a half share by a vote of the entire team, thereby cut- s' ting the total shares to 2'i 4 4' 4 44 NEW YORK DOCTOR TO BE GUEST OF KIWANIS CLUB NEXT WEDNESDAY Dr. James Alexander Miller of New York city, who wan a member of the Uockefi Her tuberculosis commission to France and has been connected with the National Tuberculosis association for many years, will bo In Al buquerque on Wednesday. October l.'i, for a vlHit with friends here, an Inspection trip to local sanatoria and an address at the Kiwanls club ill advocacy of public health work in this elate. Dr. Miller in one of the most prom-nent figures In the anti-tuberculosis world, lie is president of the Asso ciation of Tuberculosis Clinics of New York city and is physician In charge of the Hellevue tuberculosis clinic or tho famous Hollovue hospital there. For Hears he has been associated with the National Tuher'-jilosls association as a director or an officer. Ills appointment to the Kockefeller commission was a tribute to bis excellent work along tuberculosis lines. His stop in Albuquerque- will be made on bis way back to New York city from l.os Auneles, where he represented the National Tuberculosis association at the southwestern tuberculosis conference. At the request of the New Mexico Public Health association Dr. Miller will talk at the weekly luncheon of the Kiwanls dub. Local Kiwanlan officers offered to give Dr. Miller a place rn Ihelr program in order that business it ii 1 professional men hero might hear his message. While In the citv lie will bo the guest of Dr. David i'. Twichell and will make visits to the Albuquerque and St. Joseph's sanatorium!.. NEW MEXICO LOAN & MORTGAGE COMPANY IN NEW QUARTERS The New Mexico Loan and Mort gago comnanv Is moving Its offices from tin- original location above the Woolworth sloro to new Improved quarters at 101 North Third street. The company has been organized since Hi I 7 anil Is an Incorporated concern with a capltali-.allon of $100,000. Many A Ibuqiicrque people me stockholder!, and cell If lento holders. The company has written $:i0.ooO investment certificate I'd year. Kalph Melbourne Is secretary of the company und in charge of the main office. Tho company covers the entire slate, having audits In all of i he principal towns, usually Homo bank In tin tow n. Named Mounted I'nllii'imiii. S.mlu Fc, Oct. 0. licyes l Mar-tines, of I'nion coniily, was appointed a mounted policeman by (Jovcrno:' I.arra.olo. Journal Waul Ad brliitf ronulu, Tn. 1 J7 38 0 7 1 1 6 4 5 8 1 0 ret. .500 .321 .375 .233 .304 .200 .187 .185 .080 .250 .219 ,05 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 i n 12 7 7 1 1 6 2 4 7 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 34 32 ..,.3d 23 ti 6 27 25 ,....1 32 ..,.1S K 4 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2U. 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 ab. If. 4 4 1 1 10 2 7 7 6 7 6 4 5 0 0 0 3B. 2 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 nn. tb. pet. 6 7 2 9 .667 .671 .500 .500 .357 .286 .241 .268 .222 .226 .214 .211 .172 .000 .000 .000 4 1 1 13 3 9 8 8 8 10 4 7 0 0 0 28 7 29 2 ,,,,.27 ,....31 .....28 .....19 M ... .20 C 4 1 Hutting. AB. .261 .264 H. 4 69 1'ct .255 .224 MEN ABROAD NAMED TO HANDLE FUNDS FOR THE ROOSEVELT MEMORIAL laeectiAi. oiaaarcH to mornino jou-al! New York, Oct. 8. Lewis 1. Sheldon, New York representative of William Salomon & Co.. bankers of New York City, has been appointed chairman of the committee for Great Hrltain of the Tlooftevolt Memorial association, which Is to hold a worldwide campaign during the week of October 20-27. Mr. Sheldon's acceptance follows that of Herman H. HarJs, the Paris banker, who will bel the head of the committee In France.! President William Boyce Thompson of the association also announced today that Col. B. O. Hartlett. of the American Ued Cross, will be the chairman of the committee In Florence. Italy. President Thompson has received the following statement from Cardinal Cibbons: "The proposed memorial to Theodore Hoosevelt is a source of deep gratification to me. The memory of WE ARE READY ab. n. 2R in. im. .2 1 0 o 0 I Mm-- 131 MAN ALMOST GAVE UP HOPE OF After Having Suffered For Twenty Years Mrs. Buley Takes Tanlac and Declares It Soon Put End to Troubles "When my friends usk me what caused my wonderful Improvement I ijust say 'Tanlac,'" suld Mm. Hurl i Buley. of 621 Baxter Court. Canton, 111., recently. "For the past twenty years," she continued, "1 Buffered from acute indigestion. I had terrible cramping spells and gus would form so badly that I could hardly breathe. 1 was so weak and run down that I couldn't attend to my housework. My head 'wiinlrl ni-ha Ilk. It unlibi hurst. 1 was so nervous that the least little thing j would unset me and 1 could hardly j sleep. Nothing I took did me any I good and 1 gave up all hope of everi being well again. "Bo many people were being bene-flted by taking Tanlac that my bus-I band got mo u bottle to try, and 1 j began to Improve at once. Soon I I could eat anything i wanted without! having uny trouble afterwards anil now my twenty years of suffering are completely at an end. Those awful headaches are gone. I haven't a sign of Indigestion, 1 sleep like a baby and feel perfectly well in every way." Tanlac is Bold in Albmiuet que by the Alva ratio Pharmacy. Adv. Colonel Hoosevelt will be always fresh and green in the hearts of the American people. He was the most conspicuous statesman of his day. We honored him while living; it is only fitting that we should honor him now dead. 1 will be glad to do all I can to make the effort to gather funds for the proposed memorial a success.'' Justice Moted Out Quickly. Phoenix, .Ariz.. Oct. 9 Within a few minutes, Francisco Sanchez was arraigned here today in the superior court on a charge of burglary at Mesa, pleaded guilty and was sentenced by Judge A. O. McAllister o serve from three to ten years in the stute penitentiary at Florence. NOTTCK. The public is hereby notified that I have sold my business at No. 900 South Broadway, city, to Ross Leonard and will not be responsible for debts contracted from this date, October 7, 1919. A, MABKOWITZ. Alfalfa for cows, Alfalfa for horse. Alfalfa for rabbits. Alfalfa short cut for fowls. irass hay, goHl, for liorsos, k. w . i i:k. 212 West la-ail Avoihip, Phone 1H. Prompt Delivery. RECOVERY ii '"" w STANEREK FT HAS BEEN THE INTENTION OF FASHION PARK TO EXECUTE A READY-TO-PUT-ON STYLE IN WHICH DUE REGARD HAS BEEN GIVEN TO THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE WELL SET-UP, SUBSTANTIAL TYPE OF BUSINESS MAN. THE W A 1ST HAS BEEN PLACED REASONABL Y HIGH AND IT DOES NOT SUGGEST TIGHTNESS EITHER IN APPEARANCE OR FEELING. THE TROUSERS HANG STRAIGHT. READY TO'PUT-ON CUSTOM SERVICE WITHOUT THE ANNOYANCE OF A TRY-ON TAILORED AT FASHION PA -?A" IPAnonD)H IMSK Rochester New Yuri-, The Afa?i a style book tor Autumn, is ready tor you. TO SHOW THE ST) LES DEVELOPED UY OUR TAILORS 'TOE LIVE 1 i Mazda White Lamp A New 50-Watt Lamp, Price 65c When you need new lamps try these, or better still, replace old lamps with this greatest of all lights. Get Your Order In At Once. tmmwmmmmmmmxmmmmmmimMimiMmwt mmrmmmmmmmmmimmi i irniiwi Whitney Hardware Co. R. F. Mead, Manager. Phone 76. NOTICE. "Joe's Shoe Shining Parlor." one of the most popular of Its kind In the city, patronized by both ladies and gentlemen, will move in a few days from 211 West Central to 209 V4 West Central. (Jus Koulas is the proprietor, and he guarantees quick service. Special attention paid to the dyeing of ladies' and gents' shoes. mtoal xrmcn KOTH-K FOR ri'llMCATION. Department uf tha Interior U. ft. Land Of flo... at Santa Pa, N. 11., BeptemlMr 191. Notice la hereby (Iran tbat Ab-nle Gutlarre, of Bun Ar.torflo. N. M . P. U Barton, who, on paoembnr 11. 1913, marl Irnmeatead, No. imcn7, f,,r B'4 SH 6(34 Bee 27, NH N NEH and 1 NW14 NE4. section SI, Townahlp It north, Ranee aaat. N. M. P. Meridian, taai filed notice of Intention to moke thre yea; proof, to eaiabllah claim to tha land about leacrlhert. befora D F. McDonald. O. Commlaeloner, at, Bernalillo. Co., N. M., on November I, Id 19. riRlrrmnt namea aa wltneaa--a: Santiago Orlero. S.nnn Zumoro. Francis co Olfuln, Maleton Jlnao, all of TIJaraa saw M-ileo. miNrmro nat-OAno. Journal Want A1 brine ream Its. CLOTIIIEr 307 Wet Central THE WM. FARR COMPANY Wtwlmale and Retail Dealer. M f'RFKH AND BAIT MKATS &A18AGK A SPECIALTY For cattle and Hogs Uie BulMf Market Prim are, PtUC THE HUDSON POSTER CO. Exclusive Signs. Phone 7M. SIT W. Gold Am. DUKE CITY Clcancrs-Prcssers tfl Vfrmt GoM Phnaa 444 WIND SHIELD GLASS LUMBER i. . bai.i) ridge urn. mo. SS South rtrst 8t Phone 4M AT FASHION PARK' MM

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