The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 16, 1947
Page 13
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_ WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1C, 1947 BLTTHEVIUJB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION MimlJuuci ________ _ e £ ttuK-a por line p»r d*y _ _____ "" j2 C 4 times pee llue per d»j tfc G times ye? lint, yet ii a y ____ ~~_" ?c I'l times |jer line ylt day ____ „ Be Muutb IICT line ____________ __ flOc Count five ftvocag* wonia to vlie HUB. Ad ordered lor tliroo vr sU tljueg awtf ttojfjicil before expiration will te chtrg* eU for tlic nm»b«r of tiicea lie »d »P- I'CKxvJijjiii adjdsittiaut of bill uiaUe. •tViA'aSiilf icil Advertising copy uub- umCs*3V versions residing outside of the city must bo aecominuiciKby cash. lUics ijny Le eaiily comimu-J from tijo above UW«, Advertising order (or Irregular Insertions t.ikts the ono time rjtte. AM rcapoiisilfllty will bt> taK*ii for more Ihaii o»o JiKonect Insertion of «uy clarified ail. 4A Ulood Tested Chicks. fill [it-r Iiiindrt'il. Al»o <oni|il«-to llti,. of |K»ihry fci'il. Lewi* IWiry, t 'l «• 1)111. J19 K. .Mim,. .llIO-ck-17 For S0/e RAKY CHICKS CJ'iailni|>ip A 4 1H. 75 per kmidrod .Mm . 'ilinVs /.JF intikLnu nti'l M iun. [,nn-n ,|ur,ln of milk. HI c. Karl (.'nrtt-r. -Viuiiln. Ark. . HL>|ilii>*. Also Mill- D-'Il S<-Mt. ^'.J.Vf. ' For So/* 1 \V. C. Allli Cluliuer tractor n>!|}< l>uw« lilt, '2 bottom brt'nkors uinl cultivator. 1 A Julin Pfi're, ^ Ijusli-rs, |iywcr Yitt, srnl cultivator. •* mill's ninth lilKlivray lit ul Uunwooil Hi,It... I'lione 7^7. 4!ic)-i,k-i7 vL-nitiK ami |i;irty i 12. 11L W. Kusy. •I'll l.k-lS POWER LAWN MOWKI8H. Soe the lusl word in n power lawn mower — Ihe l';ifli- fimler — the one that cuis-' to any liciKlit and under I any conditions. Hlylhcvilloj -l-1'.'.-ck-tl' 1D.I2 -|>,L. l«>i 1-'.,| ,1 <air7m,~w" lii'iv.. tiii;,'lliliiu 'I'l ![,!,• fra ..... ' rn. • ...... ili-k "ill. »|,l.i-ial 'I'l,,,,.,,, ..... I-,. Kill l'i.r,I |.!iiu.| Itiu-k «l,|i I,.., tl II") '"it ...... . ..,-sv inoinr S;i,,|,»,,n Oi] (•„.. .StnlcliiK. For Rent UfJrooin. 814 N. t>lb St. . ar Alain. 1'linito DS^. Airs. CMrmmn* Ili'ilruoin. ctOEu in. HID Wnluut. 1'MIYERS $1. naisc<] in brooder. Abraham's Poultry House, rear Abraham's Cafe, next to Amenciin Lcginn Field on S. Hwy. fil 3-2S-ck-ti' I'nti-li Kvrink-n n!,il cljuln linrrows. llonrv W'.r.ftiri'nk tlinp, /, )r ii!iTly Don smut ' l 111'!, 11 nn ,, yrar from ),r,>,..l- Iter liiiinlroA. Ulylliov-iH.. Oin 1 O. Tr.ilm IWn. Irai-tur villi 2 row rnftiv:i!tlr. Al. .1 Km.-lil.'r Itfll. Pll'JIir. 71S. :i-7-uk-'-M I!,,. Mill )>„ L-rnVf l.'.l \ft Inl. !!.• si i •ii-tc-i! d> '.'S l>y ^.1 niio lin««i'. llrjrk <li'ni, si.liim. Asl.-^l-n sliinirli'. 1!,.'^ of Cani[. Munltrioy Iffivr. ,<n X. hiviyioii ^( O H ItiitliKtn. 1'iri Hrnntl- Wiiy. .>] Goldfish bait again availablo at Planters Hardware. When buying soldi' rcg- i.sler at tbis store for the Arkansas fishing contest. $10(10.00 in cash and 100 oilier valuable i>ri/e,«, •1-8-ck-tf s out lit mill ll, mill. \Vi-st Cniii|. MnnUii* Phone rt;tl)0 (>. IMIIisnii. • 9 ck-'l'J Fresh Kivei- Catfish. Phone 3570. Hob Cunningham. 927 Lilly. 10 : pk-17 !.. Wlii.llf. H.,s,.l:unl; Art: iiinl. awncr Iravinu m wn . Sf, t "-1 "P. r.iH ^^I'T KtOI \V .\«h. ' (Jood 4-rooni boiiso, acre ol ground, fruit trees. Adjoins city limits. Immediate possession. Price $3J;>0. II. C. Caraplicll, ReuUtii-, I'lione '1'tfi or ^SWO. 4-]l-ck-18 f'-ilvt. tin? \Yri!rim 1'lmiii' :>'',']!; '' 7-ck-t! : furimlir.t riuiint. C'«ii|ili. unlv. l'lir>ni> -'IS!I. k;l|.pl..l7 Help . ,i .- ine s(.-mii;r:, p i[ji,: wort. .\| M >| 1 J( , r oii.l. Slnti, ,11:11 ,,,,,i ,. M ,,.,.!,.„,.„, \vrili \ 1. .f. % I'tmrirr N'l-n.s. J|(]-ck-l/ r :ulr..s*—Must IIG lu'at. I'l.'rtsuul \v,.rlc- Jiir cniKlillonn. (liiinl salary. fall Male Help Wanted Vinn""' $in"'iir,' „•",* wli l /li!'"' l |rai!ii>iV. Hiving \<lru-f*. UK-ihi'vill'-. l.ii\MV^. I1IX-. S.-nil 71 siinpslinl .if y.inr^ll il j.iissilili'. HIK l'2:l <?, Ci,iiri.. r Ni-ivs. TiAHY CHICKS IVinn r.,rli(ii,,| n,,.-k^. Fnsl L'rmvini: null JIIKII! InyiTS. <:u«:,,u. ImlrUini!. ()I,(>T iniiv. i:h!,>i-k Mnti'liiM-v N'.irlli (11 Ili^Luiiy. I'lnuii- ::1T'J. " .1111 rk-If Mnrlirnt, .Shop. 8 room residence and servant house, corner lot. Trice SGOOO.OO. On» half cash. H. C. C'amphell. -Lit: or 29.10. 15-ck-18 RADIO REPAIR I AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON A.NY MAKE OR MODEL. RE- LTARLK WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver FRED CALL1HAN Electrical Appliance Co. AuthiiTfced motorola It:i(Ilu Sales and Service 506 South First St. KEYS MADE Locks Opened and Repaired. Door Checks or Overhauls. For Service Call JIMMY "SPECK" BROCK at Chisum's Bike Shop m So. Tliirrt St. I'iioiic 59G Geologists lead "llie record ol Ih^aclts", reconslrucl the iiC-story ol a mountain. Consumers read "the rec-^ nd" ol producls from Iheir >rana* names. Tho brand lame of a responsible man- ilaclurer stands .(or good Hualily and value, backed by experience and research. • PLANTERS HARDWARE CO., Ino 126 W. Main 1'hulic 515 FARM LOANS / Prompt 8-rrU. RAY WORTHINGTON Tone In rradential Program Sunday at * p.m. o«r WREC Scrrlng This Bcctlon for 21 Yean US So. 3rd BljthevUIe, Ark. 1 We Guarantee I RECAPPING t ! with > • Hawkinson Treads i 1 Let Your Next Tires Be ' GENERALS Cost More — Worth More Whether yon nidi in lo Phillips' to fret air it! your (ires, walcr for your radiator—or complete overhauling, you will find our service prompt and expert, witli .satisfaction and g I value guaranteed. Now that summer heat is iu the offing . . . ready your ::\r with our excellent facilities and workmanship. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut nt Fifth—Blythcville, Ark.—Tel. 453— 3715 Wonted to Buy of Rent - PAGE , THIRTEEN".( Services MONEY 'IX) LOAN l>o you need » loan to repair ^ or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red tup*. KHA approved rate 5%. Ask fo.' detaibs. Max l*K»fi, Keattor, phone 20St. Lynch llldj{,, KlytheTille. See us for an estimate before vim have your Iraclor overbaiilcil. We spceiali/.e in Klcam rleandtK mid puintiug. Klin-trie nnil ucel- j'lene welding. Russell l^liillitis Tractor Co. Hiwiiy (il South. 1'hiinc 2171. '•'-l-ck-U t-t't us sharpen and repair your 1,-nvn mower, regardless of kind or si/e. (iet yours remly now, and avoid tin. rush. Wo pick up and deliver. Hlvtheville ftlurhinc Shi»p, ail S. 2nd SI., phone 2S28. .|-,'i-ck-(f e tuovinjf, foundation repairs. I0\|ieriei)ce(l. Ilavo ,a ,|!I2 or see l-'raiili CrorkeK, .'100 S. -jil nr Jjii)- .-i Imin,, f,n- |u,r-.-ssi,,n, I'lutii,' ^l^.L n^s llryan. .||r. rl For Hire The orang-oiitnn Is the only :mi- nnl that, knows the principle of he lever. Loral & Laag Hlstanre Movlnf Oomp«t«at Hftlp mvit *«D)pB«at, Ad«- HD&telf IpflurBd QoatT&uli HluUnC mi] UUc. Sfllvlc«B. Bom* BftTvicfl & nti-*^c« •«. I'iooe 2BDI Famous Ncolitc heels by Goodyear Stcji on it. fj'ioiut ... If you want real rcwi'iir comrnrl fixnu iluisc olil shoes, firing them (n IK unit s:ive the price «f a ni'w it.iir ill ItiRH prices! HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. CAMERAS FOR RENT Frrr 5x7 linlnrgcmiinC wllli c.lrh Knit of lilin ilevtliiiieJ. Home of Bonnee Buttered Steak Sandwich 25c 25c BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Si. |'hon e 3fi47 Wonted to Buy jisli for wfec'ked fir junk auliinioliiles. WaiU: Ante Salvage, North lliway (>1 7S!). .'{-27-pli"'t-27 Found flrnd CmiviiT News Want, Ails. Webster soys: "A person devoted fo some one line of study, occupation or profession" (J. Do we t')ii|)lny N)H>ci;i!is|s? ,\. YUS, Cor i-xnmple, W. C. Morris and f' ('. K. Mfj»J«w.s jirt- s|wi:ills<s in Aulomoliile Hleoi-in« SystcniH, AVhecl iml\ I'Vfiiuc S (J. Why (In wu I'liissily Hicni s|)i'ci;>lisl»? A. Jkwuisi- llioy have y«irs of ox|)i'fU-ii«' in (Itis psirlii-uliir fyiio worK; . . . do no other kind . . . know liii'ir Imsiiu'ss I'mni A lo /. ().l)oi>'( siK'nnlisly iisiuilly use spocial tools :md i-rnifpiut'iit? A. Certainly! Our spiviiiJ i'i|ui|>incnl for (his lync work is flu- finesJ, inosl modern iiiul coiu^lflc 1 iiiimcy will liuv. ' <i. How iniu'Ii duos i( ciisl In KK\ a c(iiH(ik'(e Siifcly-losiKiction ol' stiWinj?, wheels, (•((•.'.' A, \V t . K l;,d| y K ive UIIH scrvicn l-'Ul'.K. Our men not only Kive you n IlKirouHli !ns|>i>diun. lln'y will K'VO you a <lelailod rc|wrt of Hie coiulilion round. <). When is a nmtA liiiu; lit m'l <MH- «f (hose inspi-i-lions? A. Any time. It' you art' in doulil aiuinl Ilic s«U-(.v ol your civ\- we MimiH v M tlint you drive in riifht iucav. No Need fo Take Chances—Drive In Soon BCH CHEVROLET CO, Wo Never Close . . . Sales Department Open Until 8 p.m. 301 W. WALNUT ST. PHONE 578 CULVERT PIPE of Copper Steel in 12", \Vt* r;trn- it in \f>" anil 2-\" si E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. nlillirvillo, Ark. If you tlvnl on Iho infuiu, you'd sec. (be pnith 40 times brlisliliT \ ii y«n now sre Hip intxin. PRESCRIPTIONS Frtsh S<<H'lt (iiisir:mU'cil UOK! I'rlccs Kirby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS "The Tjpfwrller Mi>n~ HOVAl,, SS1ITH, CORONA and KCMINliTON 110 N. SFCOMU ST. I>IIUNK WtU (Every Trnnsuctlun MUS'f BE SATISFACTORY" RECTAL DISEASES A SPKCIALTY (All Tfpr-t Kiri'iil <,'nn«r) DRS. N1ES & NIES Clinic 514 M;iln, Illytlinirllle. Ark., I'liont, Z94I MODJNGER TIRE CO. tie E. Main Phone 2201 THE STRIKE IS STILL ON! YOU CAN STILL FOR Langston-Wroten and that "nofurally better" LANGSTOR-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL Flowers - - For Every Occasion •Mi'plxmc «1 and your order will bo on ll's way In rnconl time. Our Floral Arriinceniciits Icll n complete slory T ± FLOWER SHOP ™. ^ Ph. «»1 > - 8lrvlc « We Deliver Anywhere Mrs. J. H. (IMric) Wllllnms, nvurr <;icn<tnc Hl.l,. SERVICE "" T. f. SEAY Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail ' Genuine Chrysler Parts for alt Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop • MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 ATTENTION FARMERS!I V/Q have received our srtlpmenf of Hoo^ier-Cros^ and Super-Crost HybrhJs -for immediate delivery.' Arrange now to call for the corn you ordered. We suggest you purchase a sufficient quantity of seed corn as tho supply is limited. , '' SEE US AT ONCE. BlytheviSle Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phone 856 or 857 RT.ORSRI LET Me GO.' NOME OP YOUR srwoy "MEM oo ANYTHING UKB THIS f jusr ur we AT HIM / SOMf: AUNT/ LOOK VVHAr Gots ON NOW/ Cur irour, HILDA YOU TOLD US TO BE , IWDIFF6REMT/

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