The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1946
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAY 14, 194-5- RLYTHEyiLLE.(ARK.) 'Learning Can Be Fun 1 Theme Brings Many School Honors Yarbio School students look for- wurd tg Summer, with the excitement connected with the thought of u vacation. But stopping a moment to Jook over the past nine months they find Unit'their school days toy are filled with excitement and K- aliae that the-students of this school •huye "put on ll,e map" Yarbro School of BJyUierllle. As a climax-to til's school year they plan to participate in a Lots J.enskl program honoring the fn- children's books author, tomorrow afternoon, 1 to 4 o'clocK nt First Baptist Church.- In the students' scrap-books are newspaiKr clippings with headlines usually beginning "Yarbro Student Wins" and in one instance, n pic- lure of many Yarbro students and a number from Central School was published with :\ feature story in Memphis Press-Scimitar. The students also have made radio appearances over station KLCN, and WMO in, Memphis: The most outstanding program of the year for (he -school has been the "Book.s Brine Adventure" contests. 'Twenty-six weeks have been filled with-reading books; hearing books dramatized and writing letters about them, in "addition to—and in correlation with—regular school work. /'Learning can'be fun" is the nut- to used by the teachers who supervised this activity. Through books, the students have visited children of; many lands, learned where they reside and how they live. Champion at Quiz Party •The last series of broadcasts, which began in January, was cli- m'axed with a quiz party in Memphis with all who attended eligible to participate .in. the preliminary quiz. Of the" 150 students, representing schools in Tennessee, Mississippi, all but 20 were eliminated Of these, six studenU from Yarbio and Central School competed fo: the title of champion. Millie Ann Mallory, linear-old, ' student at Yarbro. won that title • nnci was presented a J25 War Bond. / " An outstanding contestant in both -series, .she is one of the school's star pupils. Also in the Finals were the other Blythcville contestants, witlf" Ellis Ray Swain of Yarbro. Will Whitner and Olena Stone of Central and Catherine Hofstettcr of Yarbro among the six finalists. ' 1 Blythcvillc students wqre guests of lionoi! that day and were inle-,-- Navy Task Force Sails To Cuba (or Maneuvers ABOARD AIllCRAt'T CAimiEU FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT South of Haiti, May 14 (UP)—Admiral Marc A, Milschcr's special task (orce BO sailed Southward for Guantanamo Bay toctny jireparhis or a three-day air strike again*;. Culebra Island and n marine lund- iig on the East coast o( I'ucrtu tico later this \s-eek. Epeai'headed by the carriers Hoosevclt, Midway and Princeton. he task force was operating muter simulated wartime conditions to ;iye thousands of new sailors Ihe Ann Malory dramatizations over riullo slatUn VVMC, six books were won by Yarbro .students who submitted iirlm- letters. Tiicse yore: Linda most, realistic training possjble. Somo $Q pur cent of Ihe' on aboard the 29 ships in the ma- neuvt'rs dirt not in con>ti»l durjng Hie war. Many enured the Navy since V-J Day. CPA Approves Building Projects in Arko,nsat LITTLE HOC(<, May if tUP> — BuildluB on 11 non-residential itruc- lures in Arkansas will start in W near future following Issuance • of permits by the Civilian'Production Administration regional conirnittptf hero yesterday. l Tile largest project Is a class- Arkansas al u cost of $455.000. Approval also has been given (lie application of H. S. Iliiki'V, SlutUrail, for n $50,000' rice drier; Arkansas Stiile Hlce i\nd Mill Co. for Ihe Highway To Aword Contracts H drier to cost $178,000; unit |iut s oll °?^'< u ''' lbc >: co - r °L' »'construe. JKO.OOO building (or (he manufa=- ij.|vcd lure of wood pulp. An estimated $W;j,0<X> In equipment will bo ro- Quireri for the pulp plant. Way HOCK. May 14. (UI'( — , 0 brld¥0 und/four folu | truction projects' will' b u nr- wns Stale Hlgh- age and base cournf, Mox road, hUhwuy W, trading LewU- ville-jior^v highway M, »urf»cln«; l<lson-iior^t,. hjuhway 7», trading According to H(tihway n|rcctoi- ' "'s li anil J. C. Baker, llie 'projects Includ, or cQiio'vtte un (he tls of ncwjmllors (he room buildliiB in University ,° f i'l|\w cooking tests. Boy Scout Activities Scouts of Troop 30. sjionsored by i lllle l'°a<l, slnif .highway 79; the Lions club. went, on a week-'"' 1 l)l0 ixjm-Mi mvtt road, higlnvny *'n<i cam|>irig trip Snlurdny lo I hi.' '(••.. Mississippi River. ' • | Tin; highway" construction Jobs Several boys passed their iiH'lude the star Clty-1'ine UhilT «? ,894 *» Price Complaints UTTU5 ROCK, Ark,, M»y 81, Bunch. the first Blytlievllle pupl) lo receive '» book prize; Ellis Hay Swain, Jo Alice McGuhe, Alice Arm Lcdbetter, Millie Ann Mallory :uid Barbara Ann Johnson. 'IVo Central students, Murlhn Ann Foster and Will Whitner, won books. Through Hie co-opeiption ot Mrs. Ira Gray, city libnuian. and Miss Edith McDougul, county librarian, it was possible lo secure nil books of- both series. The pupils rend op heard read, in two instances, books before their broadcast. . ' porreliitine this activity with work in gcogrhptiy, history and even arithmetic, proved profitable 'and interesting. Adventure furnished the necessary mollvution. ..... . The dolls students, dressed to represent book characters and eggs mounted at Easter time on colored pedestals and decorated as the leading people in book's, along with the movies, will be on display this month at the American convention at Quebec,, Canada. Yarbro School received honorable mention in the Book \Veek Contest, sponsored by the Stale Library 'Commission'. Themes of "Aroun the World with Books" and "Unltei] Thjxnigh Books" were used with il- lustrati&ns in a scrapbook. Blyths- ville churches. Parent .Teacher •f . ...... »-.»- IIAI.I.I * ""- v.iii.11 nito, t (l viewed by reixn-ters und .ediicntor.-;. soclatiohs and Home Peinonstrotion Eight of the books in this series Clubs assisted. • ' - " were uwnrded stnclents for their let- ' A nniqnc l»rt of the project ws ters:and a room'iirize was received I Ihc reproduction of'Robrns'qn Crti- m*-e padc of "Riders of the soc"- hi song by the ntth gnd siittl rpr oabllnns. . The .movie, made after the broadcast, was made from panels illustrating and arranged in sequence with the complete story. Those to receive book prizes were Jo Alice McGuire, Charlenc . Yav- bro, Catherine Hofsletterj Bill Wnii- derlirh/and Xliee'-'Anh'- Led better;Billie Fay Shanks'and' Millie Ann Mallory. qotner.Priqe of Central also won a book. ' ' ' During \\ic program, first and second grade pupils illustrated the story of VSpurs for Antonia" by Jane Eyre. They displayed their finished scholl fo pupils of other rooms then sent .Jtto the judges. It was awarded a pi-Ian and shown in the group pic- ' ivire published in Memphis Press- Sdmitar. . In. the prst series of the contest, a quiz party nt Goodwin Institute Auditorium, Memphis, climaxed : the contests. Represented " we're 222 scjiools from Tennessee, Mississippi arid Arkansas, with one student from each school chosen ns a contestant in the quiz. Sivth Grade Pupil Honored Yarbro's entrant, Barbara Ami Johnson of the sixth grade, won second place. Others going to Memphis Included teachers and 30 slu- grades. 1 presented 'in a cantata dm ing Book Week over radio statiqi KLCpJ with.Mrs.' Ralph Berrymap. public school music 'instructor, as sisting. > Teachers believe this year's boot Jlfograni will be far reaching. Th. annual achievement tests sliowei that the time given to this projec was beneficial to student's. Miss Minnie Poster, Yarbro teach er, "said among the goals attained which firs •rm sen were: -.-The ease vth whi and second graders^Ban foi . , tehees a«er 'hearing the dramati zations and writing about them; th interest children' have gained fo books and friends'made ietters-- which tliey enjoy writing. Perhap the most interesting L oytcbme of thi is the realization by students tha writers are people, too. Lois Letisk has written to tjie pupils and sell original Illustrations, of two of he books used in the "Books Bring Ad venture"- program. A suggestion by a student tha she use this state as the setting fo one of her books, as she has don in other states, brought an answe from the author statins "for som time f have thought of just tha and know no better place to set th dents from Yarbro and Central. locale for such work than Mis During the contest series of 13 sississippi County." For River-Washed SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam and Dirt for Fills LARKIN SERVICE STATION 219 East Main St. K. M. Mulrn Main HAYS IMPLEMENT CO. 2»« E. Main, Bl)lhevilte, Ark., Ph»n« 2M1 SALES AND, SERVICE OF J. I. CASE EQUIPMENT Just Received a shipment of CASE HAMMER FEED MILLS 8 Inch $105; 10 Inch $129.50 ELECTRICAL COHTRACTIKG Let us figure your total contract including labor. Service and Repair on wiring and accessories. Appliance Repair. WALPOLE ELECTRIC co, 110 So. 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