Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on March 30, 1952 · Page 29
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 29

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 30, 1952
Page 29
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"S PS'W March SO, 1952 ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL Page Twenty-Nine Louella's Movie-Go-'Round Ann Sheridan Is Still a Favorite After Years as a Successful Star HOLLYWOOD The current hue and cry for twinkling teen agers and actresses in their early twenties has had no effect on Ann Shertdan. Annie (as her pals call her) is more successful now than she was when she checked in at Warner Brothers studio some years ago as red headed Clara Lou Sheridan from Denton, Texas. One reason Ann gets better each year is because everyone adores her on the set and works hard to make her pictures good. She's a pal to every one, from the grips to the top executives. She never has taken herself too seriously and she has an almost wicked sense of humor. - I had to break three or four engagements with Ann for an in terview because of an attack of virus flu. So she telephoned and said, "Think nothing of it, I'll be over after I finish work tonight. So at eight o'clock Annie, din-nerless, walked in right from the set of her picture "Just Across the Street." I took one look at her and said, "What in the world have you done to, your hair?" That Glorious red hair was a sort of dark blonde. "All for my art, dearie" she said. "I wore it this way in 'Steel Town, and since this picture is in black and white I was told to keep it the same way." I couldn't help commenting on how much better Ann looked since she nut on a little weight. I no ticed how much better both her face and figure looked when she walked into the room. - "How did you put that weight back on? I asked. "I put it back by taking vita mins," she said. I mentally reminded myself keep away from vitamins! "I don't know what I'm going to write about you," I told her, "I've written so many interviews on you that everything has been said before. What's new?" "Have you ever printed about ' my new venture?" She asked, "I'm raising poodles. 1 have them standard size, miniature, toy or anv kind vou want. Believe me it's a profitable business, only I fall in love with each litter and find it increasingly hard to sell the puppies." "Ann, come up with the truth now." I said. "We have always printed that you had 'Cherokee Indian blood in you. True or false?" , . "Now you wouldn't smash a good old story like that on the head at this late date," she laughed. "Actually, my father was a great-great nephew of General Phil Sheridan. I remember my grandfather telling that his father saw young Phil at the age of 14, before the Civil War. Of course, I don't remember that far back, do you?" "I'm not telling," was my reply, "but what about the other side of the family?" "Well, my mother's name was Lula Stewart Warren," she said, "She was , of the Warren family of Virginia. Ann, who has been reported engaged to Steve Hannagan for the last few years, laughed when I asked her what about mariage. "I'm not thinking of marriage," she said. "I've always listened to Steve's advise and it's always been good. When I left Warner Brothers TONIGHT AT 6 The Perfect Fool ED VYNM AND JIMMY DURANTE ALL-STAR REVUE Presented by PET MILK, KELLOGG'S and SNOW CROP channel 4 KOB-TV Traffic Committee Favors Adoption Of Uniform Code SANTA FE, March 29 JPyA campaign to " have the national uniform vehicle code written into New Mexico law is being discussed by the governor's Traffic Safety Coordinating Committee. The code is recommended by the National Highway Users Conference, the Public Roads Admin istration and a number of other automotive associations. The governor's committee has asked the legislative reference bureau to give it a preliminary advisory report on how much work would be involved in adapting the model laws to New Mexico conditions. The model laws include five registration, anti-theft provisions. drivers licenses, accident reporting, periodic vehicle inspection, rules of the road, proof of financial responsibility by those involved in accidents, civil liability of vehicle owners and other factors affecting motor vehicles. One of the five dealing with rules of the road was passed by the 1951 legislature but it was vetoed by Gov. Mechem because of amended truck weights provisions. Charles Dunwiddie, director of the committee's traffic division, said members are in favor of adoption of the entire code in the state. "It would simplify the entire traffic situatidn," he said. after all those years on a straight contract I wondered if I was doing the right thing. Now I know that it was right for me and that it's right for any actress to free lance and not tie herself up to a studio except for a limited number of pictures then you can do what you want to do." Ann's studio contract is with Universal-International. She does one picture a year for William Goetz, but within this year she has done two "Steel Town" and "Just Across the Street" on a special arrangement. She said she did the second one, "Just Across the Street," with John Lund because she had made "Steel Town" with John and'liked him so much. "He's such a fine actor, she said, "so intelligent and so nice to work with. He never loses his temper and is always so helpful." When it was time lor Ann to leave I was sorry to have her go. I had been feeling rather low and she is" such a fun gal and gave me so many laughs. I think the complete honesty gets across to the fans, and that's why she is so popular. 1 inv , ! v' 9 JET PILOTS CHAT: The three top officers of one of the F-86 Sabrejet, squadrons assigned , to the Fourth Fighter-Interceptor wing in Korea chat together as they lean against one of their Sabre jets at an advanced Fifth Air Force base. From left to right, they are: Capt. Clay C- Keen, of Albuquerque, squadron executive officer; Maj. Flex A. Asia Jr., Eugene, Ore., squadron commander, and Capt. Charles D. Owens, Orlando, Fla., squadron operations officer. Capt. Keen lived with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louie G. Bradley, 1311 West Lead, before he entered the service. His wife, Mrs. Ruth Keen, whom he married shortly before enlisting, lives at 1401 East Grand and attends the University of New Mexico. (USAF photo) Code of Ethics For Collection Agencies Near SANTA FE, March 29 W Approximately 30 collection agencies in New Mexico are expected to be blanketed soon under this state's first code of ethics for that business. Chester Hunker, state Bureau of Revenue attorney, said today the code, which still must be approved by Revenue Commissioner Manuel Lujan, is expected to go into effect some time in ApriL He predicted the proposed rules and regulations covering collection agencies would work to "the general benefit of the public." A 1951 agreement to a 1947 law provided for creation of a collec tion agency board. This board recently met with bureau officials and the result was the drawing up of the code for Lujan's approval. The regulations lay down financial requirements for applicants for collection agency licenses; provide an applicant must get at least a grade of 70 in a written examination before receiving con sideration; bar intimidation through simulation of legal process, or any attempt to coerce or intimidate by threat of legal action; and ban any publication of debtors lists. In conclusion, they require collection agencies to deal openly, Navajos to Vote On Ramah School RAMAH, March 29 (Navajos in the Ramah area, 48 miles southeast of Gallup, meet April 10 to decide whether they want to send their children to a white man's school at Ramah. A preliminary discussion of the proposal developed that funds might be available from the Navajo long range program to build dormitories for Indian children at Ramah. They could attend Ramah grade and high school. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Indian Service, State Supt. of Education Tom Wiley, McKinley County school people and about 100 Nav ajos. King Chee, Navajo, objected to locating of the educational facilities in Ramah and urged instead that the improvements be made to the present Ramah Indian day school. The meeting was told that $630.- 000 had been requested for the school project, but that the money has not been appropriated. Navajo Council Again Complains To Gov. Mechem GALLUP, March 29 (JF) The Navajo tribal council law and order committee has carried its complaint to Gov. Edwin L. Mechem about conditions in the country around Gallup and Grants. Noting that conditions had been called to the governor's attention and that they are already being given some attention, the committee added: "But apparently there is- as yet no improvement; in fact, conditions seem to be getting worse instead of better. "So we respectfully submit that all possible immediate steps be taken to protect and aid our people." The committee earlier protested to the Gallup town board. The complaints were signed by Tribal Vice Chairman John C. Claw, chairman of the committee George Hubbard and Adolph Ma-loney. W NO HOME mSSi TGHfil . Tonight! TI1C &m WE: KGGM-Today-KGGM Joe Kelly and the quiz CCBDS 3:00 P.M. KGGM-Today-KGGM SCHOOL-BOOK EVER TOLD YOU Sense f the att eVomowc, fcw momenta la Ik Kvee Mir Freet-denfe Tune in "Ml. PRESIDENT" with KVG4A STAR EDWARD ARNOLD Presented by ANGE BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. Every Sunday at 8:30 P. M. Dial KOAT 1240 merkan Broadcasting Company HEAR Joseph Rendon "New Mexico's Golden Voice" On a re-broadcast of an address delivered to the New Mexico Cattle Growers' Association March 25th. TONIGHT KOAT 7:15 P. M. The Greatest Voice to Grace the New Mexico Political Scene in Fifty Years. Pd. Peri. U br T. U Brown State's Deepest Oil Well Now Producing HOBBS, March 29 (JP) Produc-tion has started in what is re- fa irly and honestly in the conduct of their business and conform to the business ethics and nracticM of the American Collection Assn. Hunker said th agencies of the state would be given a chance to voice their comment before the regulations go into effect. ported to be the deepest oil well in the state and the sixth deepest in the U. S. : . The Buffalo Oil Co.'s No. 12-B Baish, in central-west Lea County, is producing at a depth of 13, 573 . feet. The well has a daily flowing potential of 578 barrels of 47 gravity oil. The wlel is the deepest in the Permian basin. If a lump of potassium is thrown into water, the metal will start to burn. hi GCIO KOB-TV 8 Pr.1 Channel 4 i ' :00 S:30 S:45 9:oo :15 9:30 19:09 10:15 10:30 11:00 12:00 13:30 1:00 1:30 1:45 3:00 2:30 3:00 :30 4:09 4:15 4:30 6:0O 6:30 7:30 8:00 8:30 8:45 :0O 9:30 10:3O 11:90 11:30 SUNDAY. MARCH 39 National Radio Pulpit ' Early Morning Hymns Crippled Children's Show Faultless Starch Time Healing Ministry of Christian Science Voice of Prophecy Bos Wathsoa wi Alb. Journal Religion in the Mews Eternal light It. Paul Lutheran Churcti Catholic Hoar Back to God Christ. Kef. Church Voles of the Cathedral Bob Considine Mutual of Omaha John C. Swarse Belmont Radio The Falcon Martin Kane TJ. S. Tobaoco Hollywood Star Playhouse Baker' Whitehall 1212 Michael Dillon Ken's Alb. Tribune Editors Swivel Chair The Big Show to 6 Reynolds Metals Phil Harris-Allce Faye RCA. Theatre Guild U. S. Steel 64 Dollar Question Stars in Khaki 'n' Blue Mtehaet Dillon News Mackeys New Mexican Forum Radio Bible Class Old Fashioned Revival Hour Witness Time American Soul Clinic World News and the open Bible Sign Off SUNDAY NEWS 10:00 BOB WATSON 1:30 BOB CONSIDINE 1:45 JOHN SWAYZE 4:00 MICHAEL DILLON 4:15 TOM DOYLE 8:30 MICHAEL DILLON 5:15 5:20 5:30 6:00 6:15 6:30 9:39 9:45 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:09 12:15 12:30 12:45 12:55 TOMORROW - Monday. Marek 31 Sign On and New Wake Up Tim The Family Altar New Mexico Farm and Horn Chapel of the Air Joe ny O Show to 9 :30 7:15 Bob McCoy Now 7:30 Or Gardener Bob McCoy News , Dial Dav Q a noway Strike It Rich Doubls or Nothing Welcome Traveler Back to the Bible Bob McCoy News Bob Wills Jamboree Dick Bills Noonday Rounduo Tom Doyle News . Today's Top Tun KOB-TV TELEVISION PROGRAMS 1:45 Test Fatter 2:00 Pulitzer Friz Playhouse (Frlgidalr) t:0O HOWDY DOODT (Peri win Wallet) 3:30 Super Circus (Mars Candy Bars) 4:00 Western Theatre Bob Eteele 1 "Last of the Warrens" :00 Laurel A- Hardy In "Hoose Gow" (Par-T-Pak) 5:30 I Love Lucy Lucy takes up cudgels for feminist, movement IB "Pioneer Women" (Philip Morris) 9:00 All Star Revue Master comedian Ed Wynn hosts guest star Jtxnmjr Durante (Pet Milk) Y)09 Tow Bet Tour Life Qroocb ,ulp tta contestants (DeSoto-Flymoatb.) T:39 This 1m Show Business CHftoa Fadf-inaa welcomes singer Johnny Johnston 8:09 Comedy Hour Bob Hop spotlights "Women in Service" (Colgate) 9:09 Fred Waring Show Musie played and sung by The Pennsylvaniana and The Glee Club (G.E.) 9:30 Crime Syndicate Drama based on criminal combine's operation of float- tng crap game (Schick) 10:00 Martin Kane. Pvt. Eye Solves murder of sweepstakes winner (TJ. . Tobacco) 10S9 MTSTERT MOVIE Fare Bmscaoa and Vincent Price star tn "Count Victor Lustig" (Clvesterfleidsf SPACE PURCHASED BY THE FOLLOWING STATIONS IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST SUN. Mar. 30 KGGM CBS 610 KOAT ABC 1240 KVER MBS 1340 6 A 09 15 CBS Radio Kawi Karamu Quartette M:39 Renfro Valley Sunday :45 Morning Gathering Do You Know There Are 42,250 Radl Homes In RCA Thesaurs Recording Stars 7 :00 Renfro Valley :15 Weather: News :39 TS. Power Biggs :45 Rev. J. A. LoveH The Albuquerque Metropolitan Area? Exclusive on KVER Funny Paper Funny Papers 8 :00 Healing Waters :15 Healing Waters :30 CBS Church of Air :45 CBS Church of Air News Summary Showers of Blessing Sr. Norman Peals Dr. Norman Peal Bible Class Bible Class Grace Church Grace Church 9 :00 Salt Iaks City :15 Tabernacle :30 News; Invitation :45 to Learning Favorite Hymns Church of Christ Matinee Musical Matinee Musical Back to God Back to God Morning Melodies Morning Melodies 10 :09 People's Platform :15 People's Platform :39 . Howard K. Smith :45 Bill Costello, New Message of Israel Message of Israel United Brethren Gospel Singer 11 :90 First Baptist Church :15 Central and :39 Broadway :45 First Baptist Churoh Heights Baptist Church Service Heights Baptist Church Services E-Z Way Hit Parada E-ZWay Hit Parads E-Z Way Hit Parade Frank Ernest Hour of Worship Hour of Worship Hour of Worship Hour of Worship 12 :09 Symphonette :15 Symphonette :39 N. Y. Philharmonlet :45 Oscar Levant Dream Hous Dream House Piano Playhouse Piano Playhouse Game of the Day Game of the Day Game of the Day Game of the Day 1 P:0O N. Y. Philharmonic: :15 Oscar Levant as M:30 Piano Soloist :45 N. T. Fhilharmonle Sammy Kays Sammy Kayo Hour of Decision Hour of Decision Game of the Day Game of the Day. Game of the Day' Game of the Day 2 :00 Fan Mail; Information :15 Health Facts :30 Avs Maria Hour :45 Ave Maria Hour Tunes of Yesterday and Today Tunes of Yesterday and Today Game of the Day Game of the Day Mystery House Mystery House 3 :99 Quls Kids :15 Quiz Kids :39 World News wits :45 Robert Trout Herald of Truth Herald of Truth Greatest Story Ever Told The Shadow The Shadow True Detective Mysteries :09 My Friend Irmai :15 Marie Wilson . :39 Our Miss Brookst :45 Eve Arden This Week Around the World Bert Andrews Musical Best Bet Gabby Hayes Show Gabby Hayes Show Nick Carter Brown Nick Carter Brown 5 :09 Jack Benny Show :15 Jack Benny Show :39 Amos 'n' Andy :45 - Amos n' Andy . 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Headline Musie that Lives John McCormack UNM Musie Question Boa: Good News Hon Good News Hour 10 :0 CBS News; Revival :15 Tabernacle (10:05) :39 Weather; Musie :45 Musie for Dreaming Musie that Lives John McCormack Musie That Lives John McCormack Faith of Our Fathers Faith of Our Fathers Faith of Our Fathers Faith of Our Fathers 11 :09 CBS Radio News :15 University Explorer :39 Last Frontier Orcb, :45 News Final (11:55) CBC Symphony CBC Symphony Back Home Hou Back Home Hour Concert Hall of Air Concert Hall of Air Concert Hall of Air . Concert Hall of Air MONDAY MORNING. MARCH 31 6 A .-99 :15 M-45 Spanish Program Spanish Pro grain Spanish Program Spanish Program Sunrise Jamboree signed on 5:30 World News Sunrise Jamboree Morning Watch Morning Watch Morning Watch Morning Watch 7 :0 CBS News of America :15 WejUber; N. M News :39 Musical Clock :49 Clock News 7:55 Sunrise Jamboree Martin Agronsky Sunrise Jamboree 4k John Conte Morning Watch Morn. Watch: N Morning Watch Morning Watch 8 :09 Arthur Godfrey Tim :1 Arthur Godfrey :39 and all the :49 Little Godfrey Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Cecil Brown Morning Wateh Morning Watch Morning Watch 9 :99 Arthur Godfrey Time :15 Arthur Godfrey Tim :39 Judy and Jane :45 Rosemary Victor Lindlahr Hoffman town Gnafts Break the Bank Break the Bank Ladies Fair Ladies Fair Queen for a Day Queen for a Day 10 :9 Wendy Warren, News :15 Woman's Club Secy. :M Helen Trent :45 Our Gal Sunday Jack Kerch Show Shopping with Be My True Story Whispering Sts. Curt Massey Cap. Commentary Snag Solvers Snag Solvers 111 Big Sister Ma Perkins Bine Sings White Kin- Jfi Whispering Street Lone Journey Against the Storm Don Paull show Cedrie Foster Town Crier ' Kirkwood Sbowr Xirkwood. Show 0 to 9500 E. Central Open 6:00 Phone 6-0106 "Drums" at 6:52 snd 10:20 "Four Feathers" at 8:41 IQ T3 DRUMS A3 VI I f eekniceler SAJ9;MTM0M9 MASSIY KSMONO TBT3 Am iivkiv.siiiih uftltnu . , nviiuimi nuns nuiivH Ktn 9 m ila T9 ."-V I WWw 91 IMIIIII 11911 94 f ....- , k WAV H KKK l JbUUJkM, MM.MSM.W PI I I ssWlsf-sV 1isiVi.sVssasmansM9 PLUS COLOR CARTOON,,,! SSSii- JgKSE tea 13 I BlaSar Thntafa W Msatiadwi 9sad sncfSaoa nil his Mtals stand Ces to Artirr CL notr2 fcr 1 rctn b ctTict Hn A chancs fas? yom sssd th9 "esvtca spwCMtF pcxexyt so . Irrsrn to koo togth and 9w too. Yo-U rJOa M law qddrwci Isaca, til Foafm to Attuaa lam oat. So com in oow and lncn to dan ia aim roc omt ipschu Totvat mum of a 3 votHacsal tatoal 0. 1 " ooca m rat a TRIAL LI 53 OH yosi sal txxxtk aoav CSavtaa tb fine tkom tby aaa yom daaea. That's whtvt happaoa to aU Aimiun nun ci ay School of Tkmdng Stadia Hours It a.m. to It 515 Vf. SILVEK ' DIAL 2-8614 Is Sattia Fa, flf Cemwirn M, lHaf 1-4201 n rorsz " II I C I r3 If p.HONE 2-5601 Lbzi U W L-Zl LI FEATURES BRAWLING QA CLARK GABLE AVA GARDHER v m xsv ' we m -mmKJ Mm & M A sW AT 1 CM?? ' u ESCDQtlCS CCrtttTCn3 iUCEL BARSTOHH ALSO v 4 ?czft2ufH,fa ft rr Ti DRIVE-IN 1700 ARENAI KOAD OPEN6F.JL Fh. 3,3180 7 ESS II fflfflM 1 I 2 H3 a-iVSV at6:40 10:21 blMlwiita.hKeiUas .CKAWFORO WrMOfH COREY Also I 3 UJCILE WATSON ALUM JOSLtH WKX1AM BSHOP at 8:20 OPEN 11:45 10c and 40a 2 FEATURES lh 4ahej -wS-99 off MMaecswrk. Zli -1 4m if iSaS- ! ft; av a 'ayx Mt,-s-tx- at e ;i ' $yu-: . BBi " M ' ' ' " W ' SV W --p. rrTi BLTrmw. lwu(M tnns lMWTHtuir bUSfl MM at 12:10 3:30 6:48 10:06 at2:04 5:24 8:45 OPEN 12:45 Fhono 2-5142 t FEATURES Actaofly Fits i Hm Saettocslar Oepttuftftk CARLSBAD CAVERNS! 0 n'N f TECONICOLOB fiAREY iMtnHMUH w BBS SI S r L SK.wSi p

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