The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on June 3, 1941 · Page 5
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The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1941
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE 8,1941. Waal Ad INDIANA EVENING GAZETTE, INDIANA. PENNA. Other Gasrtte DepartSMftU, FleaeI* 41 New Night Club King Gives New York A $100,000 Dance "Dish" for 66 Cents rfrffi^tlffft Installing counter-rotating propellers which would obviate the engine torque effect common to all planei. Experiment! on that have been In progress at the army air corps laboratory at Wright Field, Dayton, O. Equipped American p u r s u i t planes with "five times" as many cannon as they now carry. One standard pursuit planes production manufacturer in the United States carries a single cannon, another manufactured for Britain, two. Jouett asserted that the Germans, now stopping production to retool on new models of bombers and fighters, "are nowhere near up to their potential production capacity.' Of the aircraft factory labor situation, he forecast the employment of a half million persons in the next few months, adding, "strikes by labor, more than any other factor, can disrupt the aircraft production program so seriously as to render our effective aid in this war too little and too late." Monte Proser won't object to this story about Monte Proser being illustrated with a big picture of beaute ous Yyette, because Monte used to be a, press agent, and understands how those things work. Yvette sings at the Copacabana, his smart New York club. BY TOM WOLF KEA Service Staff Correspondent NEW YORK--Recipe: The Summer Evening Special. (Serves 10,500) Take enough room for a six- day bicycle race or a rodeo or a hockey game or a three-ring circus. Roll out a dance floor. Sprinkle with a 110-foot waterfall and several 70-foot giant palmettos,. Add three "name" bands and let- them sizzle. This is the $100,000 dish ;which Monte Proser is just about to serve up as a 6-cent special in Madison Square Garden for three months this summer. By so doing the short, dark-haired, English- born impresario, now in his middle 30's, walks away with America's night club crown. The dance hall situation in New York has been definitely inferior to that of any small town for years," he explains. "We are far behind the rest of the country in this respect. Even the suburban honky- tonks have it all over the so-called ·Gay White Way' in what they offer. "Because New York space is at a premium, a young man can't hear a good dance band in New York unless he wants to blow at least $5. To meet that situation, we're building what I hope will be the most beautiful and elaborate popular-priced dance pavilion of all time." FROM HOBO TO IMPRESARIO Glowing descriptions like this come naturally to Mr. Proser. Before entering the management end of the night club business he was an after-dark press agent. Born near Liverpool, Proser came to America as a refugee from the first World War, A one-time hobo, later a guide in Yellowstone Park, then a Western Union messenger who sold himself into a job as office boy when he delivered a telegram to former President Hoover, he drifted into the Broadway world by chance. When he was 16, he walked into the station with a dollar in his pocket and asked how far he could get. He landed at Freeport, L. I., which was then a vacation center for show people. Within two years he was press-agenting for vaudeville acts, which soon led to space- grabbing for night -spots. In 1934 he got the urge to swap positions, went to Hollywood and opened his own club. "I wanted to do something different," he says, "and I remembered that in New York lots of the 'right people' were going to Havana and coming back excited about tropical rhythms. I also remembered a band in a New York vaudeville act- one of the first tropical rhythm bands in the U. S. No one knew what it was all about, except that it was wonderful. "So I came to the conclusion that Americans could be sold on South American atmosphere and rhythm. That's the story behind La Conga--my first night club." FIRST TO SELL LATIN ATMOSPHERE The Latin-American formula was a successful one. From it developed New York's Beachcomber and the famous Proser "only-two-to-a-customer' 'drink--the Zombie,-Beachcombers in the "Proser circuit today take in Boston, Providence and Miami Beach in addition to Manhattan. In New York, Proser also under-writes the very successful Copacabana. Successful as he has been hi the pasfc he still faces his biggest test in the gigantic Madison Square Garden dance hall project If it is a hit, he will take it apart and reassemble it in many cities throughout the country. But Monte Proser himself is the first to admit that "it will either be the biggest success New York has seen for many .a day--or the biggest flop." AIR CONFERENCE TO CHAR CONVOY QUESTION SEEN Q Development of H u g e Bombers Across Atlantic Would Help LOUISVILLE, Kjr., June A spokesman for the American Aircraft industry today proposed that long-range, four-engine bombers deployed across the Atlantic on an sir highway 2w miles wide "can help to solve the convoy problem." In an address prepared for delivery before the annual convention of the National Aeronautic Association, John H. Jouett, of Washington, D. C, president of tAe Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce, said "sent out from bases on 1hi§ side of the Atlantic, departing on something like every-hour-on- the-hour schedules, they can carry enough heavy bombs to sink large ships. PILE MISERY Tlie itching and sting of piles can often be relieved by antiseptic SAJJ- CUEA Ointment. You have the cam* opportunity as many others who have been relieved of these great discomforts. Antiseptic SAH- CU»A is also a splendid soothing application for minor sores, burns, cuts and skin irritations. 35c and 60c at drug stores. It is a great help lo wash with SAN-CURA Soap before applying the Ointment Soap Z5c. Daugberty'* Drug Store. "lliey can patrol a zig-zag course qyer a convoy route, say 200 miles wide, all the way to England with a fair chance of spotting and destroying surface or sub-surface raiders that might be lurking within striking distance of the supply ships in a convoy." Whether ofttcial Washington or the British government actually contemplated any such move Jouett did not say, but he emphasized that the current production objective of the Roosevelt administration was 500 heavy bombers a month. His address opened four days of discussions by more than 1,000 leaders in American aviation. Jouett said American air research engineers were working toward: Making airplanes faster by shooting engine exhaust gases through jets to obtain a "rocket propulsion" effect. Increasing propeller efficiency by INDIAN SPRINGS Jut ·i Mi. *R m««te 119, PhMM SANITARY POOL far healthfal »winminf Attractive Chib Howe Shuffle Board Quoits Children's Playgrannd Pony Rides Tennis Court BeaaUfal Grcre f«r rieadc* Bemfms - 1lecreaU«ii Save By Hiring Ticket* (Read the Gazette Classified) RADIO _ TOJHOHT SiM*--KUKA--tailed CfclM lief. ·MO--KOKA--Ura*4 Cmmtwml (Halloa. WJA8--W* th» L .WCAK--ribb«r Mi Nelly. . . ' VJAft--AnhMMter J»fc» *· WlBMt. lOiOO-- WCAE-- H«h Ho**. lUiSU--KIKV -- Dulled Mervle* ftervlre Drive flrtW P. M. KDKA--News. WCAJ5--News. WJAS--K. C. Hill. Sports. «tlS P. M. KDKA--Music Salon WCAB--Stella Dalian. WJAS--Beckley Smith. 6(30 P. M. KDKA--Sports and Kinder*. WCAB--Chet Smith, sports. WJAS--Paul Sullivan. 6:45 P. M. KDKA--Lowell Thomas, New*. WCAB--Young Wldder Brown. WJAS--llualc; Weather Report. TiOO P. M. KDKA--Easy Aces. WCAB--Home of the Brave. WJAS--Amos and Andy. Tits p. M. KDKA--Mr. K«en. WCAE--Portia Face* Life. WJA«--Lanny Jto»*. Ti*» P. M. KDKA--Tap Time. WCAK--We. th» Abbotts. WJAB--H«l«n Menken. frtS P. M. KDKA--Tap Time. WCAB--Jack Armstrong. WJAS--Melon Menken. »*· P. M. KDKA--United China Relief Program. WCAE--Johnny Presents. WJAS--Court of Missing- Heir*. 8 US P. M. KDKA--United China Relief Program. WCAB--Johnny Presents. WJAS--Court of MUsInc Holr*. 900 P. M. KDKA--Uncle Jim's Question Bee. WCAE--Heidt'a Treasure Che«U WJAS--First Nlghter. 8i*» P. M. KDKA--Uncle Jim's Question Bee. WCAB--Horace Heldt 7 * Music. WJAS--Flr*t Nlghter. · ·Ml I* Ma KDKA--Grand Central Station. WCAB--Battle of tfexes. WJA8--W«. the People. ·i!9 P. M. KDKA--Grand Central Station. WCAB--Battle of Sexes. WJAS--We. the People. »iS0 P. M. KDKA--News Here and Abroad. WCAB--Fibber McGee Molly. WJAS--Ambassador Wlnant. ·ritt P. M. KDKA--Ted Bteele. WCAE--Fibber McG*» and Molly. WJAB--Ambaiwador Wlnant. 1»|0* P. M. KDKA--New American Music. WCAB--Bob Hopo. WJAS--Bob Hannon. lOilS P. M. KDKA--New American Mimic. WCAE--Bob Hope. WJAS--Glenn Miller Orchestra. 10l30 P. M. KDKA--United Service Drive. WCAE--College Humor. WJAS--United Service Drive. I0i45 I'. N. KDKA--United Service Drive. WCAB--College Humor. WJAS--United Service Drive. lllOO P. M. KDKA--News. WCAE--News. WJAS--News. 11 llS P M. KDKA--News. WCAE--Hlllman-Knuasen. WJAS--John O. Beatty. Ili30 P. M. KDKA--Music You Want. WCAE--Paul Whlteman Orch. WJAB--Raymond Scott Orchestra. 1li45 P. M. KDKA--Blue Barren Orch. WCAE--Paul Whlteman Orch. WJAS--Bobby Bryne Orchestra. 12)00 MIDNIGHT KDKA--War News. WCAE--News; Orchestra. WJAS--News: Orchestra. 12 sIS P. M. KDKA--Orchestra. WCAE--Orchestra. WJAB--Dante Mimic, liiia* A. I KDKA«~Orch«Btra. WCAIS--Orchestra. EXAGOEEATBD WEATHERLY--J. P. Beltz notified the railroad retirement board that their published report, placing him on the list of "deceased" pen* sioners was an error. The board apologized and put Beltz back on the pension list. VIOLATES ·«N»Af ERIE - Special Klow U apptsUag a AM f #· costs Imposed 11900 bin tp Atttff* man Lyla Orr on chsrjH of orderly conduct. Xiosa bam th* appMl m fact that Alderman Orr the State's Sunday BUM tow he "worked" on Sunday la the hearing in Police Court levying the Ant. WIMR HM inn cem«* «·, e«4 f^ ce^Mt BMC d«wn--d«i »»uf MM* white Traetfteiyrf TkM ··it'll knew trv* Summer walhlnf ··!·- BROWN'S BOOT SHOP 95 COMPLETE YET COMPACT. TOO! $3 Deliver* Itl You'd expect to pay $45 for all this beauty ... all these features! Has 3-hole cooktopt Efficient wick- less burners! Double-quick oven is baffled to hold heat longer! Even storage space ... unusual at this price! Order now for cooler cooking this summer! A NEW IDEA IN KEROSENE RANGES Deihran HI Base-to-floor.. .like finest gas ranges... yet its price is low! Modern 4-hole cooktop... 1 simmer hole! Double-quick oven is so big it holds 10 loaves! 5 big, wickless burners! Storage space! Why pay $60? With S toper-speedy wick burners , , , t i t i t . VENETIAN BLINDS REDUCED! 14 POPULAR WIDTHS All READY-TO-HANG 2 79 OI9 ^jr ^iif 1 ^ NOW you CAN afford the beauty and convenience of fine Venetian blinds. Wards SAVE you up to 20% over the prices other stores askl Best Basswood 2H" slats in Ivory color, automatic rustproof mechanism, lined tapes, fascia top! AUTOMATIC TUNING AUTO RADIO EASY TO INSTALL ... FITS ANY CAR Sensational low price for an automatic tuning auto radio! Compare up to $24.95. You get five-tube range and power including rectifier! Plus super-heterodyne circuit, dynamic speaker, and lighted drum dial for manual tuning I Get one today--enjoy pitas- ant miles of music f m 3 PC. MODERN WATERFAU IN MATCHED VENEERSI · Walnut Venter* en Rno Hotdweed · X-matched OrientaHvood Trim · Genuine Plate-Glass Mirror* · You get Bed, Chert and V«*y You'll be proud to show this suite toyour friends and glad to make such a. tremendous saving at Wards! Check the features above--they spell far better quality thai you'd expect at this low price! To these styie items, APD--interiors dustproof top and bottom, drawers dovetailed front and back, 7-ply tops, and lasting vanish- over-lacquer-sealer finish! If yon savings, NOW is the time toBUYI Tf. 3 SOLID MAPLE PIECES AT EXCITING SAVINGSI · Lovely Old Colonial Styling · Matched Maple Throughout · Warm, Mellow, Glazed Finish · led r Chest and Dresser or Vanity If you like the "homey" beauty of America'* own Maple, Buy NOW at sale prices! Quality in every feature--drawers dust- proof and center-guided! Plate-glass mirrors! Sturdy construction--designed for long, satisfactory service. *r ·- ' WARD TELEPHONE 970 646-650 PHILADELPHIA STREET INDIANA, I

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