The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 19, 1931
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 1931 ' m,\TfIKVILLK, (ARK.) COUIUER NErt'S PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents it word 'or first n.'.ertior. and one. cent a KOMI tor each subsequent iii'CTtlun. No Bdvcrttsi-mtiit ti;-.,-!i lor less llinsi 50C. Count Die words and send the cash. I'hune 306 KOH SALE New York Cotton NE\V YORK, Jan. 10. tUPJ ton closed steady. Open High Ixnv Dec 11M5 1007 1034 Jan. nesv lOOfi 1007 1001 Jan. old 1017 1017 1014 iMnr ion 1019 1015 May .... 1042 1044 1040 July .... 1003 10C5 lOei ;0=t 1019 1080 1077 • Spots closed (jtiiei and at 1015. Marine "Monte Carlo" Anchored OtT Florida (lonsl OUR BOARDING HOUSE FOR SALE—Corn, 85c bushel, Hay j —AlfaU:- -'•' Timothy, S23. per ton j delivered, o. C. Hannah, Bi>the- viile, Ark. New Orleans Cotton .NEW ORLEANS, Jan. ISi'-KM I—Cotton closed steady. ; Open High LOW I Dee 1035 1'Olt IChAl' ijan n!)5 lOCtt 905 M 10J5 )01B J015 rco.:i i:;)-.irt- ' FOR KENT—Four i-K-nt. &IU West Ash. Call 510. i 5C-TF ENT—REASONABLE—Warm ' room, adjoiiinvj bath. Call; ! -May July !Oct. .... 1042 .... 1053 .... 1079 1013 1053 1080 1050 1078 Spots steady, unchanged at UT1. By Aliern SAtp • FOR RENT—1 :ooin stucco house, :not°.cni. COS Korth 5t!i. 10;i-k21 TOR RENT—Lower llo::. 700 W. Walnut St. Finniiiicd. 17:-M1 . FOX KENT—Steam bedroom, 603 West C-12. t I FOR EENT—F.irn.-hecl uc'.vly decorated. Phone 2D5. 17c-tf apartment. 1SC-K23 SISTER /HARY'S KTTCHEN WANTED POULTRY WANTED—MarkO 1 ccs. any quantity, Mtiiilyn Hut- j chcry. 2LC S. r\)u::I) St. OC-TF f!V SISTER MAKY NICA Service Writer It is not always the cost makes a dish palatable, but Die; skill In cooking or combining ma-' tcrlals. Slmpj;, inexpensive dishss .„.] i thai have the advantages of appe- WANTED — Washed 'jnci tent white woman. 70-! S. Lake St. Tamlly Washings. ti7inj combination:! rf flavors often more popular than expem-ivo I dishes thoughtlessly prepared. • Plain fare does r.ot mean that bo scrv.;d.! ironed bv compc- tempting food cannot. Mrs. Brov.-n, i The meals can he just as MIDDLE AGED LADY wishes po- b'.licn as housekeeper. Practical nursins. Luxora Route 1 Box 10. 17p-k2! POULTRY WANTED— M a r k e '. i:ric?3 laid at C. L. E.nmt;'. Co. Feed Store. 210 H. Railroad St. west of courthouse. Hot buying at Fisher's place en First Si. an5inore. J. E. FISHEH. 17CK-TPI ing and attractive and the family; f us wcil nourished when stews and' p:-t roasts tate the, place of steaks i and chops nncl simple greens re- \ place elaborate salads. i Ginger bread end sp:ce cakes are | especially acceptable during the] ccld months arid usunlly are very cbcap to make. Apples and dried fruits call be used in numberless | ways to make delicious d;;sen&. i ^ Scalloped codfish with macaroni' r 1Cc ' Kl i furnishes, much food .valra at cir.all | 1 c^st. Served with stewed canned; LOST AND FOUND ' tomatoes cr.bbnge and carrnt- sal- "I I '_ i ad and Norwegian prune pudding] WANTED—To buy chickens, any i a simple inexpensive meal Is pro-1 amount. Fisher's Plate, 2« South' vide J, Vitamins, mineral salts and' First St. 23C-TF i calories are supplied in abundance.: : ! * * • ' Scalloped Codfish with Macaroni . Two cups finked cocked salt codfish, 1 1-4 cups broken macaroni., '4 tablespoons grated chnern, 1 ta- WABN1SG ORDER blespoon butter. .1 tablespoon flour,! Orium B. Coolie. Allie Harrison.! i cup milk, few Benin's periper. < Mrs. Allie Harrison, W. A. Snod- Ccok macaroni in bnilins saltcJ WHILE OLA-r.' ME -To KAUD LEFT UiERE ASKEP -THIS " CACTUS ~ SAID -rHA-r,iF ! HE WAS A SdJUPfoK ,HE"J? MAkE A PERFECT STATUE OF BV A PLUG. VlA-f OW A .... . DRUM or Hj \ . • \ pa # ' \'•>£•'<•(•.$ «£•£•<-..• r^ ; v*;^ rt^>fo$.Wt-s % ' LIKE PASSlMc=> MUSEUM, BV A CROSS-EVEP few miles olf the coast, the steamship Monte Carlo, picunai at- (ho top, is completely equipped with all khidi ot gnmb- j 11113 parapliernsl!?, for the cntcvtnlnm?:!-. c: visitor:; who are bro'.ighl to the ship In speedy motorboats. ! Lower right yon fee patrons of the maritime tamblliib' palace seated around one ot the Gambling tables, " 1!lt i and lower left is a row of slot machines atourd tiie vessel. More than 100 persons arc cnvployed on Ihc shli> FOU»ND-C!iristia:i Science text bDok. O'.vner may call nl Goft hotel. c]:21 water until tender. Molt butter in saucepan, stir in Hour anrt s!ov.siy add i-.'.iik. stirring constantly. Bring to the boiling point and remove from fire. SLir in cheese and ndi! pepper and prepaid fish. Put _P. ];jycr cf macaroni in buttered bak- dlsh, add sauce and fish and Snod- Bre.-s at;c! Helen F. Snadsras.< are wnrned lo nppear in the Chancery Co;:rt for v:u Cl::ckasa\vbi District or Miss5"inpi County, Arkansas, within thirty days, nntl answer the complaint of the piahiliff in the caus'- 1 there pending \vheroin Peo- p!e.> Biiiidin!; & Loan Association is plaintiff r.r.d the atxnc named.i cover with remninini! niacaicni. ic=ciher with O. B. Bccne j Bak? in a moderate oven for 20 At'ii:'- J. I-co:ie, Ins wife, are d:-! minutes. K?rvc very hot. frnrt:>!>is j Ghinerbreau can be baked in a ! sheet and cut in squares for f.crv- baked in individual cu;i- ikto. For a rather festive dower'. ! r.nd when fat is otherwise lackin? I from the menu, n ivedgesl-.apcd •piece con t? cut f re in the t'p of : each cupcake, the cake filled with wnippctl cream and the top vc- \VUr.e£5 inv hand as clerk o! Sa:d]?hee com-;, and the seal Hiproof. on ! '"« this ISth <:iv of Jini'nry, 193!. j (Scull H. L. GAINED. Cleri:. j By Harvey Morris. JJ. C. j Rci'i. F^vrarc: <^; HtnidL-rr.on, Attorneys for Plaintiff. ' 19-2S-2-DI ' Renci Courier Ncv.s Want Ads. FOR TKADK New or Used Automobiles Oily Property. L. KO\YLER IMiur.o SSfi for Hot Wnlcr Gingerbread One cup moia«cs, 1-2 c:;p boil. iiiu wutt-r. 2 1-2 cu;>s f-cur, 1 tt-a- ! spoon Koda, 1 1-2 teasiwons gin! yer 1-2 teasp.'cn cinnamon. 1-2 ; teaspcon salt, 1-4 cup incited., bul- Add v.alrr rocia. Mix an:l Red l!;ii ai3 W. Man \Vi'.:iatr.s i; D.unc: FcUx Kyle, F.xd Gsiy Rosi-rs. Viiii: i'.iri D:imcn. Shop am! Ilcmrcd shadow jinn, mcfcratc to molaf6?s- Add s-ilt flour, sinser. -lit. Add to first 1 mixture vdth melted Imller. Beat. ' well for one minute and turn into 1 an r-i!e; I Bake 23 minutes in ; oven. '• Chii-kcri f.\: tried out and clr.ri- ficd iiiskc- an excellent fat lor all' spice c-si:-.-; and cookies. At this j time c-r y-ir fowl is apt to be qu:te i f.-.t but "if !h; isu is ntnl in place i of ' other sli-rlctiiug for baking. ! waste is avoided. "A Doctor of Homes" There are many homes in this community in a run down condition. They need new paper on the walls, varnish on the floors, more closet space, an added window or door, a built-in breakfast nook, more cupboards and. shelves, new walks"br driveways, screens, weather stripping, etc. Some rooms. need wall board, perhaps there must be a new roof. Whatever the ailment when you are sick the best thing to do is get the doctor as soon as possible. If your koine is sick phone for the Doctor of Homes. He'll grab his estimate book and yardstick and be 911 hand in a jiffy to diagnose your case and .prescribe the remedy. Delay now may mean a serious operation later on. // your liQinc has Symptoms phone 100 and the Doctor of Homes will he ri(/ht vat. You can Pay this Doctor out of Income, by. the Month, if you choose. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ' FBUDY IS SUSPICIOUS By Martin FAY 0. DAVIS Phones 231 or 421 Cash P;iicl For ;iiu Modi'l 1'itcA Curs W. T. IJAKNIiTT 117-113 Last Mniii St. r "f,7 BEEAKFAST—Orsn-;o i.iire. cer- LUXCKEON — B.ikccl fjictl linn ucr.iis v.-illi tosiis'icc:;. lies't'; o( ccl- crv. i.'.i-in bicufi. r.iilk. ton. hlNNKK — Baked t H-f's liver. l'nke;l ivjia'oes. crcamril r.nions. s-l'ircddcil leaf lettuce and c-ltacc cli-:r:-c ^.ilnd. p,in?.?vbrcad vith V.ilipl'C - •~p;d c:ram. mill:, coll;;. ilrn Tvaveling Doils Yoke Four Baths Day . \V;-.. dil'i-T--! no'.ls ••st'MisiVfily and '..'.V.c 1 i'i' l'~-''l'' s a c!.-y have i..">-"s in ;:;:- :.:.ttc. - t!-" dc;«ci:>:rai:o:i, ! in the inianl hv;io:vi the ^:at,• bo:.rd of > '•' Wiicciibin's pulil.c _ MOW oov BUST I!!'! BUT ae is A C3OOD H'.OSOUT; &v6a HOU 3UA3 v.-h'.c.i (rave: th:--.-: '.•; fi.' their hcnl:;i r:r;t"l i:c::. liicy an "batlcs" i'.-ri course tiint bt.O.lh i-:f::> i» Wli whco'.s. \\ - ' (•• =n 31CC-0 have u.=rd tl'.r dills f "'.ce IS. a.-q:iirc tscr.n'.J'.'.'' which they miv a:>- |M:;;::-.2 into practice in their luune:. Many l!i>s '•>'-' f-nrc'.lins :n the . ccursi- (hrei^'i-'.". thr rtjli-. . Irani ci:-clc;td hiteiprel.vii: las .1 fcclin: the 1 -' ' ti'.t- r'f'-'-l- '.tti wnnoi'.'f activity may bnn rh-.g of future genrr: ifquaiely within ti'.e mere ;n:sli j province." __ USSEM, JOSE, TEILTHE OOTrA SE£ HIM, WILLVOO? RKiHT SEE. IT'S IMPORTANf. rir'.ii W to' tin shir i The great fire In Chicag.i in O: | toljer. 1871. dc.-.lnyfd 18.COO huild- ! ings witii an estimated lcs.>> o! 5JO-0.- 000,000. AT CONCLUvSIONS •' eu"? P I £0 MOT KK;OVJ, SENOR. 11^ NO ~* TeiL ME. HE SEEM VtW KERVOU5, w? ^w eei EES ftr.ouv f\ outsr.ofj j7 MUV V-T^ Hy Cram - ME WOOS- SECRET ^ ItMPOrjAMT QUeSTIONl NUM6RE CftN MEAN ONLEE TUEEN6 — HE I1I\S COME ftT IAST TO SEQ-J?_ST THE HAN5 Or , i\W pAUerHTEl?! , -^

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