Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on December 4, 1911 · Page 4
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 4

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1911
Page 4
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THE ALBUQUERQUE HORNING JOURNAL MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 191 T i m inn at "REMEMBER THE JtUXE." i'.tr.'AL FU2LISHIN3 CO. A. itirraninw At TT lack ... .Maasgiaf -! Baikiuic oucafOk la. RALPH R. HVUAGAM, U Park Raw, Xesr York. suttsr t tk Vetoes U imM-Omi U OmM of Muck X UTt. cat JBryvy ars r. 1 Twin' or icBKBirnojir""''' CH f Mil. OM BIOBtH ...........It ujr. kr ssrrtsr. ssoatk iiTur itj " inw mbom! TBI SEUOSD-HAXD WAHMUP ' DEALERS. The navy department has received an offer of f8.000.000 for the battleship Indiana, Iowa and Massachu setts and the protected cruiaers Mln : Despoils and Columbia, according to a dispatch from Washington. All of theae vessels are in first-class fighting shape, the dispatch goes on to sav. and the three battle-ships took part la the great review ot the At lantic fleet in November. But it is , believed that the prevalence of the new dreadnought type will make them all obsolete in from two to seven years. ' The opinion is held at the navy department that the bidder wishes to purchase them with a view to disposing of them at a good price among the strongest South American repub Ilea Argentina. Chili and Brazil and possibly others. If these countries can satisfactorily finance the deal. At first blush one is inclined to hail with pleasure the opening of a marker for second-band warships as well as for second-hand clothes. It seems to offer the nation a chance to get something besides gun practice out of its cast-off naval apparel. But on further reflection this elation fades. The would-be buyers of second hand' warships prove themselves by their offer to be no more satisfactory than the buyers of second-hand clothes. They don't want to give any thing for what they get. Only f 8,000,' 000 for a bunch, "of. Warships in good condition that would cost several times that sum anywhere! Ridicu lous! ; . . . The government will have to talk up if it wants to get anything out of those fellows. It ought to tell them that it would rather give the ships away to some worthy person ' than make a present of them to secondhand warship dealers. Also that it doesn't have to sell them anyway, unless it wants to. . , And as the "chaffering" seems to have Just begun, the Chicago Inter-Ocean takes the liberty of suggesting that the officials pay no attention whatever to the efforts of the secondhand warship dealer to belittle the value of the ships by saying that they are worn almost through at the bows, that new binnacles will have to be put In every one of them and that there is really little demand for second-band warships this season anyway. They should be ready with the prompt reply that you won't find any better stuff on the market than that . In those warships, that the government is simply getting rid of them be-, cause they don't fit in the docks neat ly and that It has already received an offer from another second-hand war ship dealer that is twice as good as the one under consideration. If the Washington officials and we Include congress in the list don't look sharp they wUl find themselves letting this cast-off navy apparel go for a song and then have the familiar, painful experience of seeing how extremely valuable it looks after it has been cleaned and pressed and brought into the service of another. ' Incidentally, this opening of a market for second-hand warships fur-. nlshes another argument against woman's suffrage. No man who has ever had his best suit traded by his Wife to a second-hand clothes dealer ean be blind to the danger of a female administration carelesaly letting the best warships in the bunch go by mistake. Again word comes from Havana that the cause of the destruction of the battleship Main was an explo slon from without. This Is not on the authority of the Inspecting board, which has completed its work. But among such a large number of men as were employed on the wreck It must have been practically Impossible to keep secret the condition it was found to be" lfi. The Information generally regarded as authentic. if it had not been for the blowing up of the battleship and the attendant loss of life among the officers and crew, there la-tittle doubt that President Mckinley would hava been able to prevent the war with Spain. But that catastrophe inflamed the Amerl can people and the cry, "Remember the Maine," rang through the land. McKinley had no alternative but to declare war. But after the close of the brief struggle misgivings arose as to the truth of the assumption that the Maine was destroyed by Span ish treachery.-These doubts led to the inevitable conclusion that the wAr might have been unnecessary and that it was In a certain sense unjustified a confession numijiaung tor any na tlon to make. ! But it seems safe now to dismiss the fear that this reproach will rest on the" fcountry, The report of the inspection board will soon be submitted and made public, and there Is little doubt that it will confirm the unofficial announcement from Havana, No reporter for an American newspaper would have made "copy" of a casual conversation with the president of the United States without his express authorisation, and the French writer Who has done so for a Paris Journal has doubtless 'violated the ethics of the profession through ignorance. Mr. Roosevelt's confidence was once similarly abused, also by a Frenchman. But though presidents and public men generally talk with frankness on diplomatic and other matters without expectation that their views will be published, their trust never betrayed by American news paper men, and the violation or tne rule in the present instance only sub stantiates the uniform fidelity of re porters to the confidence reposed in them. PflETTY I! CELEBRATED AT CARLSBAD Miss ; Mabel Rarey Becomes Bride of William Paul Brady; News Notes From Lower End of Pecos Valley, pedal Cerrsapeadeaes to Menlag Josrul) varisoaa. jv. M., Dec. l, a very pretty wedding took place at 11 o'clock yesterday morning in St. Ed ward s catholic Church, when Mabel the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Rarey of Carlsbad and William Paul Brady of Pecos. Texas, were united in marriage in the presence of a large audience. Father Abergast officiating. After tne ceremony a large number of invited guests gathered at the home of the bride's purents and partook of dinner. Many beautiful presents were received. The bride has made her home here since childhood and has a large cir- i-ie or inenos. une groom Is one of the rising vounir attornevs in West Texas, and is well known in the Pecos valley. The young couple left for Pecos this morning, where they will make their home. scared at tha weddin'," replied his wire. "That's what makes me think h has foresight." .Washington Star. The Extreme Oasex. Tightwad Is there anything more heartrending than to hitve a wife that can cook but won't do it?"- - Dyspeptic Yes, to have one that can't cook and will do it. Harper's Basar. , 5 He Knew. "Don't you think that seeing Is believing?" "No, I see people every day that I Wouldn't believe,' LESSEES MUST PA FOR VALUABLE IMPROVEMENTS A ADMIRAL IS Judge Gary and Attorney Wicker sham both want the tniBts curbed, but In different ways. As it happens, the courts will decide between these two eminent reformers, while Judge Gary carries on the work of an upllfter. There is nothing so very strange in the fact that a Massachusetts minister has left the pulpit to go into the coal business. He is preaching the doctrine that it la better to have fire here than hereafter. - to If Roosevelt really referred Wharton Barker's statement as pipe dream," his managing editor should scrutinise his copy to prevent a tendency to substitute current slang for the epigram. Senator John Sharp Williams may be pardoned if he considers himself the entire democratic donkey.. In jured recently in an accident, an am bulance landed him at & veterinary hospital. A magazine writer says that college men should mix more. But really they are try ing to. One of their most notable efforts recently took place in a New Haven theater. Even the militant suffragettes do not grow enthusiastic over the idea of feminine responsibility that leads disappointed men to bring breach-of- promise suits. ' , Close observers of social conditions assert that It is becoming increasing ly difficult for men over forty years of age to obtain new employment. It May be well for some of the presidential candidates to save this ex planation for use later. Tha Manchu dyasty will be regarded as safe if the premier can negotiate a large loan. This will leave the revolutionists in a position to keep busy paylngoff a mortgage instead of devoting their time to political agitation. " It has been discovered that a candidate for the New York police force Is a burglar. Won't those reformers ever quit Interfering with the busi ness of Tammany? Perhaps one of the purposes of the London suffragettes is to divert the mind of John Bull from contempla tion of a possible war with Germany. After having availed itself of every expedient to stave off criminal prosecution, perhaps the beef trust will try reducing the cost of meat Whether or not Mr. Woodrow Wil son s boom is successful it will al ways attract admiring attention as a literary production. Mr. Bryan evidently thinks that Champ Clark's gavel ought to look lees like an olive branch and more like a hammer., , According to some of the advertlse-aents by feminine celebrities, a wo-man's capacities for youth and beauty 4 not fully develop until after she la forty.::; ::' ' : la making op a Ut of the world tm test men" It Is always well to vnld Drofessional Jealousy by going, Nwfc two.or three generation unanimous. Mr. Bryan says he favors competi tlon. Can this be regarded as a deli cate Intimation that he intends to be a candidate? "Thirteen well-bred bulls have recently arrived in New York." Is New York at last trying to reform Wall street? . An investigating committee is always liable to turn up enough matter of curious Interest to keep it busy for an indefinite period of time. ' The Wall street lion is now purring gently at the mention of Mr. Roose velt's name. Des Moines Capital. 'I will never be presldont," s.-iys t'nele Joe Cannon. That makes it Emerson Will Hopeful. John L. Emerson. C. M. Richards, G. Grantham and others are bark from Santa Fe, where they went to watch the canvassing of the state vote. air. jmerson, the democratic candi date for land commissioner, still feels hopeful of his election, especially on account of the large number of Dre- cincts that had not filed returns and the fact that little is known of the results in the missing precincts. Mr. tmerson has returned to his home on the Plains. Auto Run Down by Train. A serious accident occurred last night at the depot, Just after the train arrived from the south. Mrs. C. M. Richards was at the station In her big Buick car to meet friends coming in from Pecos. The car was at the siding north of the depot when some cars were shunted in unexpectedly. Before Mrs. Richards could get her auto out of the way a freight car struck the front of the auto with force enough to reduce it to a scrap pile. The five persons in the car es-. caped miraculously, receiving only slight bruises. VICTIM OF HEART IE Dl AS George Francis Faxon Wilde Suddenly Stricken at North Easton, Massachusetts; Had Distinguished Record. Belated Political Rally. A belated political rally was held In the school house in the Otis precinct Thanksgiving eve. It seems the dem ocratic county committee appropriat ed 825 to every precinct in Eddy county for a big free dinner on elec tion day. But the farmers in Otis precinct were too busy picking cot ton to waste any time on a political spread election day. So the money was put aside for a more convenient time. A big oyster supper was ar ranged for Thanksgiving instead. Nearly everybody there, ready to en-Joy the good things, more than one hundred people being present. Dr. W. G. Cowan, the chairmen of the democratic committee, and other poli ticians were on hand. There were oysters In stew, oysters fried in good country butter, coffee, pickles and other trimmings In abundance. Dr. Cowan, W. H. Reeves, Judge J. W. Armstrong, Rev. Eneffer and others made addresses, while the people did some eating and passed the plates for more to eat. Everybody had a good time and voted it a grand occasion, long to be remembered. , ,, In Lighter Vein Vp in tlie Air. Thomas C. Denneky of the Chicago Athletic Association was greatly Interested In the recent aviation meet in Chicago. His gardener, a tine old Irish gentleman, was interested also. "Tim," said Denneky, "would you like to go up in one of those air ships?" "Sure, I'd like to, Mr. Tom," he re plied, "if 1 can keep one foot on the ground." Denneky got his gardenor to go up In a captive balloon at one of the ChicafSo amusement resorts. The old man was keen for the ascent until the balloon got up to what he considered a dangerous altitude. Then he turned to the man in 'charge and shouted: "Lave me out! Av ye don't I'll cut the rope!" Philadelphia Saturday Evening Post, By Morning Journal Sprll Leased Wire. North Easton, Mans., Dec. 3. Death came suddenly at his home here to day to Rear-Admiral George Francis Faxon Wilde. U. S. N., retired. He suffered from heart disease. Rear-Admiral Wilde commanded the United States marines during the Boxer uprising in China, He gradu a ted from the Naval Academy and In 1865 was on the flagship Susquehanna when she went to Havana after the confederate ram Stonewall Jackson. He commanded the United States ship Dolphin on her cruise around the world which was finished In 1885. As secretary of the lighthouse board Rear-Admiral Wilde introduced gas buoys on the great lakes, established an electric light vessel in the danger ous Diamond Shoals and Introduced the installation and operation of tele phones connecting the vessel with the shore. . . NO BLOODSHED IN COLORADO COAL CAMPS Denver. Dec. 3. No reports of se rious disorders in the northern Colo rado mining districts reached Gov ernor John F. Shafroth today. The governor last night declined the request of Sheriff Capp of Boulder county that the governor send militia to that region. Reports received from Boulder tonight are that the more than 8.000 strikers there were orderly throughout the latter part of the night and tonight most of the Strikers remained in their homes. Sheriff Capp does not expcmrdluu Sheriff Capp does not expect any more trouble from the strikers, at least not before next Saturday night when the men will be paid the weekly allowance aecordod them by the unions. There had jbeeen little trouble during the past week until the strikers were paid off yesterday, but most of them have spent their allowance and the officers believe this fact will cause them to keep peace. Meantime the sheriff and the mar shals of the various towns are main taining the full number of deputies sworn in yesterday and who patrolled the streets last night and until daybreak. -;- AMERICAN FLYING IN P0RT0 RICO KILLED Decision Rendered in Importan Litigation at Roswell Affect ing Leasing and Purchase o School Land. ISnre'al farmpondenre to Morula Joiirnull Koswell, N, M Dec, 2. A decision was given In district court today in a suit that is Of Interest all over New Mexico for the legal questions involved that rotate to the leasing and pur chase of school lands. Charles C. Gil bert and Walter T, Paylor 'are at tempting to secure possession of section of land in the best part ot the farming district of Roswell that has been In the possession of SlmeWi Newman and Mrs. A. C, Rogers tinder lease for many years. The lease un der which these two parties held the land expired without their having taken the proper steps to renew. Gilbert and Paylor were watching Tor this and secured the new lease, the others having failed to do so. In the past several years Newman and Mrs. Rogers have put Improvements on the land, and the court having held that Gilbert and Paylor are entitled to the land the former lease holders have been suing for Judgment for these improvements. The ruling of today holds that the assessed value of the Improvements to be paid Newman s 16,000, and that tho assessed value of rentals and profits due Gilbert since the case has been in court is 12,000 leaving a balance of 14,000 that Gil bert must pay Newman before ob taining possession of the half sec tion. The improvements on the other half have not been so valuable, and Paylor's payment to Mrs. Rogers must be 1200. Big Hog Butchered. The "biggest hog" story has com6 already. M. u. Finley has Just dressed a porker that gave him 640 pounds of meat, 'and 145 pounds of pure lard. Still Shipping Cattle. The Turkey Track ranch this week shipped another big herd of cattle. continuing Its work of closing out Its entire stock. Twenty carloads went to Amnrillo, including 1,000 head from the Lakewood ranch. One car load of fat cattle went to the Kansas City market. Remarkable How of Water. J. H. Rracken has finished drilling a remarkable surrace well on the Lawrence farm near Lake Arthur. At a depth of 110 feet a flow was found that comes to within two feet of the surface and gives a flow of 500 gal lons per minute that la thrown out with a centrifugal pump. Such a flow at such a shallow depth has not been heard of in the Pecos Valley be fore. New t M.OlM) lVjxu at Ilngernian. The town of Hagerman will open Its new 114,000 Santa Fe railroad station with a grand ball on January 1. the company havine given its con sent. Excursion trains will be run from Roswell and Carlsbad. m H H w w in m m m m IB SI IBB All the world's a stage We operate the wireo Reasonable Rates Good Service The Mountain Stales Tel. & Tel. Co. ELKS' THEATER, Dec. 7th "There's Something About Yoa Dear That Appeals to Me" Tha &ffet Saof Hit ia Yean DANIEL V. ARTHUR PratanU : Grace Van li tie ewlsitrli BcMtlfal rstislas Caalc Open "TRf PARJUNSE OF KANOKET Staiddifom "More beautiful than 'The Merry Widow.'" "More bewitching than 'The Chocolate Soldier.' " Nothing finer will be here all season. 4 Prices, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 Seats on Sale at Matson's What HiiMliuir Iil. Manager F. A. Ktortz says he hus Becured a contract from the manage ment of "The I-ion tincl the Mouse, The date will lie announced later on. It wIMvbe a month or no at least. A little energy of thii kind, if pursued, will bring to our town a high standard of cum pantos. . Results From Journal Want Ads Sun Juan, P. R.. Dec. 3. Tod Schrl- ver, a well-known American aviator, was killed last evening in an exhibi tion flight which he was making at Ponce. Schrlver fell 200 feet Into a cane field and died within half an hour while on the way to the hospital. Thousands of spectators witnessed the accident. Apparently he lost control of the machine in making a turn. The aeroplane swooped to earth, Krhriver be ing buried in the wreckage. KiitoniloslMt for Pecos Valley. To keep a close watch on moth, blight or- other epidemic that might visit the apple and fruit trees of Pecos Valley the United States government has now stationed in Roswell John B. Gill, an entomologist, who will give advice as to spraying and insecticides. He will be in the Pecos Valley permanently. Overheard in Court. Jimsonberry and Harkaway had been haled up before the court for speeding. 'Fifty dollars apiece," said the Judge. "All the evidence before this here bench goes to prove that you fellows was rarin' along at about fifty miles an hour." But, Judge," protested Jimpson- berry, "my car can't possibly go more than thirty miles an hour." 'And the limit of mine is thirty- five," pleaded Harkaway. "Wa-al, s'posin' It Is? By Gorry, '11 add a dollar to the fines of both of ye." Harper's Weekly. "Manana." In describing the dally life of a cer- tain distinguished citlsen of the republic, a writer in the Review of Ret lews gives, by way of contrast, the story that follows: This calls to mind the English hu morous writer who sketched out his daily program as follows: Rise at noon; breakfast at 1; a stroll to the club; attention to mail; some after noon callsa ride in the park; dinner; round of evening parties and then TOWING DISABLED STEAMER TO PORT Victoria, B. C. Dec. 3. The dis abled steamer Tees passed Cape Beale tonight, in-bound. In tow ot the tug rsanoose and the steamer balvor, which has on board the Tees' passengers it was reported from Kuyoquot. Chief Officer Thompson of the Tees, and his crew, have fully recovered from the privations endured adrift in a lifeboat white attempting to reach Bstevan. The Tees is expected here tomorrow afternoon. HUSBAND IDENTIFIES SLAYER OF HIS WIFE Chicago, Dec. 3. Edmund Kaufman, a merchant whose wife was shot and killed while at his side by hold-up men near the Kaufman home late last night, today, declared that William G. Guttenburg, arrested as a suspect, was the man who shot Mrs. Kaufman. Guttenberg, who formerly was employed as a chauffeur by Kaufman, was one of the six suspects arrested. The chauffeur was taken before Kaufman. "That's the man. I know him. He's the man who shot my wife," shouted Kaufman, as he attempted to attack Guttenberg. Guttenberg denied ho was one ot the party of hold-up men that drove up in an automobile to Mr. ana Mrs. Kaufman, as the latter were return- to bed. 'But when do you do your library Mng from a down-town theater, work?" he was asked. I 1 "THE PARADISE OF MAHOMET" DAZZLING There will be no mistaking the genuineness of the warmth in the reception that will bo accorded Grace Van Studdiford when she appears in the Parisian comic bouffe, "The Paradise of Mahomet' at Elks' theater Wednesday night. This splendid exponent of the best traditions in the American light opera Held can be assuured a genuinely hearty welcome. It Is said that nothing bettor in the comic opera line has been produced In years than "The Paradise of ' Mahom et." Miss Van Studdiford is surround ed with one of the best companies of vocalists and comedians which has ever been brought out of New York. Included in the supporting company are Laura Burt, John J. McC'owan, Florence Rother, Edward Mora, Flor-ena Kolb, Hudson Freeborn, and a large chorus of real singers. IHlW muH .Lini .mmiy Bn mini1 '11111 11,1111 1111111 mini inftmnfiigsr I t for the small concern as well as the large one. Why, the next day, of course,' the reply. was Down Fine-. . 'Now, Wilde," said the superinten dent's little boy, addressing the black smith s little boy, who had come over for a frolic, "we'll play Sabbath- school. You give- me a nickel every Sunday for six months, and then at Christmas I'll give you a ten-cent bag of candy." -Woman's Home Companion. Judging Character. That man Mehitabel married has a lot of foresight," said Fanner Corn- tusscl. 'Ha looked kind, i worried and Where the Locality IKcw ,"ot Count. Wherever there are people suffering from kidney and bladder ailments, from backache, rheumatism and urinary irregularities. Foley Kid-nev Pills will help them. Belvldere, 111. E. H. Kelly, an ex-engineer says: "Three years ago mv kidneys became so bad that I was compelled to give up my engine and quit. There was a severe aching pain over the hips, followed bv an inflammation of the bladder, and alwavs a thick sediment Foley Kidney Pills made me a sound and well man. 1 can not say too much in their praise. J. II. O Klelly. Results From Journal Want Ads LEGAL NOTICE XOTIC'K OF SALE. Notice is hereby given that, whereas in the District Court of the Territory of New Mexico, Fifth Judicial District, sitting In and for Eddy county on the 2nd day of Oct., 1911, in a cause therein pending in which Alexander Ault was plaintiff, and Claude XV. May, Grace T. May, G. A. Bceman and A. A. Luther were de fendants, said cause being No. 1406 on the docket of said county, a decree was" rendered giving Judgment in favor of said plaintiff against said Claude W. May and Grace T. May for the sum of $1659.00 and costs of suit and sale, and attorney's fees and for the foreclosure of a certain Mortgage in said decree described, covering the following described real es tate situated In Eddy county, New Mexico, to-wit: Lots 12. 13 and 14. In Section 4, and Lot In .Section 5, Township 1 South, Range 25 East, N. M. P. Meridian, ana Whereas. I, the unGersigned Ij. A. Keller, was in said decree appointed Special Master and was ordered and given full authority to advertise and sell said premises at public auction in the town of Artesia, N. M., and apply the proceeds of said sale to the payment of said judgment ana costs. Now, therefore, I. the said I A. Keller, will on the 2nd day of January, IK 12, at 2 o'clook p. m. on said day, Ir front of the State National Bank In the town of Artesia, New Mexico sell the above described land anc" real estate at public auction to th highest bidder for cash, and exocub to the purchaser a good and sufficient deed therefor, givirlg Immediat possession thereof, as provided li said decree. Witness my hand at Artesia. X. M this Slst d.iy of October. 1 1 1 . L. A. KELLER. Special Master. ov, J7. DCt Make a memorandum to have our representative call and consult with him on the idea of installing for yn a ModernLooseLeaf System of accounting. Outfits to fit every size business. It's economy t DO IT NOW TlWGOWlANlCriJRING GERMAN-MILLED ress flour- the answer tea every Bakirvg Problem'. It's Firxer-Whiter and More Urviforirv Made by LARABEES Famous GERMAN PROCESS, A ROGERS SILVERWARE) COUPON IN EVERY SACK.; GROSS, KELLY & ,CO (Wholesale Grocers.) Albuquerque, Tnriimcaii, 1". 13 Vrga, V. M IVeos, Itowo, Coru na, Trinldnd. Col"-

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