The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 16, 1947
Page 12
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\-: TWELVE COURIER NEWS Conressman Tax Judgment UTTLE ROCK, Ark., April 10. (UP) — Before the Arkansas Supreme Court today was an appeal from U. s. Congressman Padjo Cravens of Ft. Smith,' seeking a reyersal of a Sebastian circuit Court ruling. • The lower court held that Crn- vchs owed Uic State of Arkansas litiost $900 in income tnxc-s for the years 1940 to 194-1. after the deficit capie out in last year's political cnjjipnign in llir 4th Confircsslon- al ;Dlslrict. Tlie congressman, h o iv e v e r, claimed that he was not Italile for the taxes since he maintained residence in Washington, ' D. C., six months out of every year. Lawmaker Sees Another Munich In the Making VALDOSTA, On., Awil 15. CUS') — Dtp. William M. Colmcr, D.,'Miss., warned totluy that the world is heeding toward another Munich. 'IShall we again carry an umln'el- In,? Colnier asked a meeting of distributors of Naval stores products. "There must be uo more appeasement of Stalin," Colmcr, House Foreign Affairs Committee member said. "The countries of Middle and Sonthonstorn Europe 1 tire like scared rabbits \vonrteriiij? when Russia u'ilj move In on them." Colnier said that the lending 'of Lady Luck Did Double Duty Here Vaccine Supply Dwindles in N. Y. Disease Threat (UP) The supply of snuillynx vnccinc be- hnge sums to \vnr-torn nations— as in tlie c:\se of Greece—may wreck the nation's econo:uy. ]lut he —. said there is no aUernnlive if this smallpox, country hopes to prevent the; O'Dwyer said 'lie vnccinc short- spread or Communism. I agc W ' RS developing because o; Ban running lov in Now York yestcrdu;.- and 'Mayor William O'llA-ycr called 11 mcethi!? (it City Ha]] to ask for hnlp in kee])hi t f a threatened epidemic of the disease in check. Offi:ials of the Army and Navy and of the Health, 'police and Fire DrparlmoiUs will meet with repre.scntniives of vaccine - inftnu- lacturing firms in mi effort to assure the c'tv oi onouf-'li vaccine to immunize 'every resident against Copyright by Gwcn Davenport; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC manufacturers' failure to fulfill ilieir commitments. He said an order of i.CCO.033 units promised for yestei-dir; was not deiivercd lo the Health Department. Cily health authorities said n threatened cnodcmic of smallpox hnd be«n checked, but urged vaccination of all Now Yorkers who have nut been immunized. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 1947 Oh, we sang a couple of hymns and they-gave us the J ..-.-OK^. usual sales talk about heaven!" '".A.'...».. . • New Mexico's 1940 cotton crop was estimated at llli.OCO bales, :v.n increase of 10 per cent over'the preceding; year. ; THE KTOKVI Alter n lifeline «f ilnzxlfni? Hie wnrltl. tlir irrrn* nclrcKM Sii|ih[e vim I-:;vk cnmf* .home to the IItile >lnim; man»t tnvru ivkerc nhe \vnkt liurii Widow lit nil Inli-riinlliintil •nnkcr. she li.-ul Ifvcd eofiifuri- • lily on Ihu Itlvleta milll the ivnr. In lii-r iKirtr lire Vtetorin JenkliiN, her ^rniid - iliiii^Ktvrt eel I-rrrniilt. nil elderlj- iirhmuii ivliu IM Jier JJorlrnl* (*T. null Sir C'h:irlt'« .)]:it]~ lirr -- the oint. . j [i? furs' }*<>mi-. IH on fcer coitsrloikp(>. She i*rit«-s lo • >im. <>n Ibt- ilnv .SiipMr (M to MnM nitttnR: for .>lnrci-r.H iitimml Vortr.-tll nC her, Inith Uliircr'l und "Sir 4'hhrlew kinuv n li'Uvr fr*im ^:odtri-y mvnlt-H Tier ilu\\nxt[ilr» •km rrfn.v lo mriXlun 1C. rker ; kath dlnlikr hi:,,. f r » , * .- IV '^\7"OU were expecting spme- '; thiivg?" Marcel ar.kcd care- ullj', exelianging a loo?; with Sir Charles. i -"Yes — rather. Yes, I was. But •it? doesn't matter. Now, Marcel, ;where did you want me to sit?" i -"The green chair. Voiia." [ With a sweep of ha- supple ;draperies, Madame =at. Marcel ifltittered about her, gclli.i'g down 'on hands^ and knees U, crawl arpnncli^lia chair and rearrange ;the toidh of her garment. Sophie >relaxe<J_wiih .patient graciousness. ("You can lake douii my break- Ifast tray," she said to Sir Charles. | "And please bring my mending itasket. You must bolh be running lout of socks. It's on the table by Tny bed." I Marcel began to sketch in nn outline o£ the figure. Sir Charles Ibrought in the mending and Sophie put on her glasses, smiling at the anachronism of horn rims with ,. . them to carry the breaklast tray downstairs. Alter a time Marcel said, "Ah, ma cherc—it was in France we ;w«re so happy—" Ready tears hnd sprung io his eloquent Latin eyes. U 'But that's just sentiment, Mar- L We were happy in France (two' generations ago. We cap. ho happy here in our old age." "You have not been happy since the early days?" he asked with quick hope. "Of course I have." Oh, she had! She had been happy in obscurity and happy in the height of her fame. She had also been unhappy, often desperately so. And now she knew that her happiness or nnhiippincss hnd never depended on anything hut people. jM.-iny people there were: MarcrM, Mary, Basil, Max . . . and the other's. Particularly Godfrey Manshridge. It was reaily to Godfrey slie owed whatever experience she had had with happiness and unhappiness alike. • * » '"/\ H * n>a cherc—" Marcel ro- peatecl. "You an»! I—" Sophie hciran, trying to tell him what she \vnntcrt him lo know, which was the extent of her sralUuile to him. She remembered ''.crseir a* a remote 20, fleeing he.- f.ast, n tender girl who had got herself from Portland to Paris, .•.Uirinj; at the Conservatoire, getting cits' lo play at.the Odcon. ruicl swe.-rini; lo herself that all the rest oi thu world was wrong, all of them who said sh^ could never make ill.; lop, no matter how hard she wl.t<i. They said phc couldn't do it Incase her accent was wrong—or Ijrjcnnse rhe was too big—or because she- was unwilling to compromise and toady, unwilling to tako a iover, however influential, whom she did not love will) nil her heart. Well, she thought, my accent was not Parisian; I was loo big; 1 never in my life gave myself to ---- - ..x.^, .., ,.,_> j, iv: fi.lvu mysCIl IO butler left | a man I did not, at (lie time, sincerely love. Instead of Corvee, who wanted me and cemM .have made things a little ensier, perhaps, I fell in love with an obscure young artist. . . . Marcel had been n year or so younger than she. equally threadbare, convinced of his greatness as she was of hers. JIc hnd be- Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopieQ^Tw -^ ~ - ' ' ' ' "' "• ' > lievecl in her, coached her, helped to pay for her lessons and wailed for her every night in th« little [nrret room in the rue 1'Ilomond ichind the Pantheon. •'Oh, my dear!" she said aloud. Was he, too, thinking of the two brief years be-forc she had ceased Lo love him and, always honest, had told him so? It was how many years—517—since they had actually been lovers. What n long lime ho had been faithful io that mcmoryl • * * * jVTAnCEL, havins been the first •* •*- of Maciame's lovers—or so he presumed—was the only one who Itnsw for sure how many she had had. Even he could only Kuess at what had happened before that (o Ihe Now England fanner's daughter who left Maine at l(i and turned up id Paris three years later, gniint, intense, tender and possessed of the inner compulsion called genius which to Marcel Pen-null had been as plain from Ihe very beginning as a beacon in a night sky. There was n knock on the door. It was Bridget, plump and blooming in iicr starched blue uniform. "The'mail, Madame van Eyck. I found it on the hall table." Marcel's hand paused in mid- _-r. Sopjiie's eagerness was obvious as she took the letters to seek in Ihe pile IhTt one shs hoped to find. Yes, there it was! Thor^ was the/ address written in his famiiif hand with an old-fashioned pen Th? ink was black and thick, like ink left in the bottom of a v:'?'- pflice inkwell, and the envelop" was so cheap Sophie fell a r.uddcn pang on seeing it. He was poor, then; perhaps even so poor that out of prudence, not indifference, he had not sent a telegram :::• even a special-delivery. She could not believe he did not long lo sec her again, as she longed to FCC him. What hnd time done to (hat excessively handsome head, lo that figure which used to thrill women at the matinees, especially when it was encased in tights? She slipped the envelope lo the bottom of the pile and Iniil it on a table until she could take it to her room and open it in privacy. (To lie Continued) for Limited Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On medium si/a and lar^e tracts. No Minis. Full repayment privl- SKE US FOR QUICK SF.RVICE ON FHA LOANS For Ituilcling- or llepairiny, Also Auto Truck ami Truclor Li>;tii.s, UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over r.unrd's Jewelry Store lllytlicrille, Ark. OUR NEAREST ^ „„_, IS STILL SO FAR AWAY THAT IF IT SUDDENLY BURNED OUT, ASTRONOMERS WOULD NOT KNOW ABOUT IT UNTIL 1-351 tic Sure! INSURE With the FIRST ii NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNEH ~2o MILLION "tees ATONE ANSWER: Alcock and Brown of the RAF, in 1D13. NEXT: How would a flat earth afTerf our time son«? FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy Gl at State Line Ulytheville 714 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Lawnmowers . . . Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and oil work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2nd F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week— * Pontiacs * Fords 0 Chevrolets 9 Plymouths and others Place your order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Laic Model Can f BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Phone 2037 Cor. Franklin and Main St. CERTIFIED Grade'A'D.&'P. L. No. 14 Cleaned Treated New Sacks Purity 99.5 Germination 85% LIMITED tiQft PER SUPPLY ^lOU TON Also Ogden and Royal Soy Beans $4 50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dell, Arkansas 1 NEEDS WHA.T WERE You WITH A GUERNSEY COCkTAIL iue FIRST PLACE ', DRAW AMD FIRE A SALVO ESTORE AW SIX-GUtt To ITS ' HOLSTEE, ANJD CATCH TH& :>IAS€> BEFOR.&n PELL SIX ,>Jc:Hes-~ WITHOUT ^|LLliO& A DROP' X TIC PUNT By J.R. Williams VOU DON'T SEEM SO ANXIOUS TO TALK WITH WE MOV f& WHEN YOU SAW ME LAST. THE POLICE " WOULD HAVE THOUGHT WE 0£AO IF YOU HftDH'T TIPPED TKEW OFF. HY' JV1U'l IA K I," Q" M AI "l",KY ;i ml l.AiVK -^ 1C THOSE CEOO K.6 PIP M T H M) 5 I . " WY KEV, I- OH EftSV! IH r- ^^ ALONE IN HER ROOM WIE INSISfS OW GOING WITH 6A,sv A Rough Trip WAyTOGFrt50W«,..5KII>E5 BE LOCKED OUT 0' THE HOUSE! BUT Vte 7 /^w GETIH SLSETW UPHHEE! rwrs? . *^ —- ^t ~maaxi\v-^^~^rt;'/'////^< B"V LESLIE TtJRNE* HE WOM't B£ HURT AS \.OX6 f Toii IX) AS 1 5AT , RTDER .' A Hostage ; 'JRi fOLS'RE trtE X/'tOli'D "N sis THAT ME EDS TH£ ) etitEf? ' " " " FOR--- Action TK4,, BLA'STEO \ WE'RE ^5 Bt\DV FCS'EM \ P^KOON. SIS. BUT > COMIN ' _' _ LINE...\v!TH VOlJR BOOTS AM~> RFW By V. T. HAAtLIN Spank Him? KV '(AUK, f N\UK I I -^.-15 ~Y

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