The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1938
Page 5
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APRIL ad, im «' WA'TlltiVtUJS (ARK.)' C'OlTjnUll NRWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rule >>er line for conscou- ilvc insertions: One time per line Ifjc Two times per line per day ...08c Jliree times per line per day ..(We. Bix limes per line per day 05c Month rate per line GOu Curds of 'niauks 50c ,fc '/5c Mlntinuni charge COc Ads ordered for three or six limes and slopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times (he tuM appeared and adjustment ol bill made. All Classified Advertising copy iubmitted by persons rcsidini; out- Bloc of lh ccily miLsL be accompanied Ijy ensh. Rate,-) may b<; easily computed from above (able. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions lakes (he one liaie rale. No responsibility will t;c taken for more than one incorrect iuscr- lion of any classified ad. Business Directory Harrv Bailey's CURVE IN CAFE Good Fond at Good Prices FRESH KEISLfr'OOT Crappie EXPERT AUTO KEI'AIKH Oarage operated by Floyd nargell' Danee hall and beer parlor Auto Fails USED AUTO PARTS For Funl-Clicvrolcl-riymimlli City Auto Parts Co. Poultry PAGE FlVl WE BUY POULTRY llifiliesl Market Prices 1'ald. .1. W. MOOHK Mi E, Main SI. Next lo Uus Slaliun Call Sll Real Estate UHAI, UCKNSKI) KSTATK HKOKKKS We list latin mid city Properly. Jf .von would be a buyer or u' teller, sec T K R U V ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. 213 w. Walnut Phone en For Sale (.'UKAP—Automatic Uelco Light Plant with all equipment. Good condition. J. A. B.u-e, Alaniln. MV 1IOMK anil e,s;ra lot, 100 fl. fronliiRe. On Ilicliwny lli just ontKdc city limils. city wulcr and lights. A real bargain. Apply 23 Ilinhwny 18 West, llclwceu'cinte- miy JUKI Moore Uros. aJ-pk-20 OM; lix'i'iiA <; oonlK« si: v (,'OIV and cull. Delta Implcmcmls Plioiic 80:i. 20-ck-tt Iin Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland. Mo. I'lioncs 5-F--I & 873 Batteries BATTERY SERVICE J. Ben Clune Phone R »t Tom Jackson's Cotton Seed Several Hundred r.ushcls LAREDO SOYBEANS 100 Ilushels DELSTA BEANS also a I»l of D.P. L.NO. 11 COTTON SEED These loltun seed vrerc giinicil on our own private gin. Not a liale of any oliiQ- cotton ginned on Ihis gin but this cue variety, C. P. TUCKER Highway (il. Doing less. E. 13. Cliltwood. on good ht:sl- ia-pk-5-12 room while stucco house. 512 No. 1st. Call Quality Shoe Shop. 120, H. u. Campbell. 6-ck-tf EASY TERMS ol) Used 1'rigirl- uires, Maytag Washers, Delco ight plants & radios. E. E. Gee Sales Co. Hay— Soyben ns-Oa ts Seed Corn—Milch Cows And Tractor Work. Sec \V. J,. Tnle, Arniorc'l, Ark. Beans . . . Seed J.AKKDO HKANS DKLSTA HKANS Plcnly to Supply Your Needs! Delta liii]iljiai-nl:i, Inc. Call 602 For Rent Used Furnrture WE BUY & SELL USED FURNITURE BUY NOW - - PAY NEXT FALL HUBBARD 2ml Hand Furniture Next lo Goft Hotel Tailors Lei us moth-proof your dollies closets & living room tulles. Guaranteed protection 1 year. Mn- nile process. Band Box Cleaner*, !'hone 171. 30-cfc-l-30 Seed CO\V PEA.S. CAM-J KKKD SEED CORiV, SQYKK Whulis ilc A- Retail W. 0. REEVES So. K. R. 31. I3lyllii-vilh-, Plioa-:G 553 .t 5CD ; limed nnd repaired. Call George rorcl ,-u Wade ttirnitiirc Co. Phone 155. •.Hardware Vsrd Taun Mowers • ?2.fitl tip "seel Oil Stnvcs S'i'.Mt ,,,, T'snl Oil crook Slovre ?2.f,o up V.sed Illeyrlrs SI.SO up All ill l'';iir SHOUSE.HENRY HA1UUVAKK CO. (•oal <5t 7 loe Kn< '1 Coal Is IShik I Treat Vnu \Vliilo ICE John Buchanan Bl.Tllicvillr. Ark. riionc Repairing. LAWN"MO\VERS~ 11)1 Biy. Machine Shop Ho. 2nd. I'lionn SOS Halclicry Babv Chiclts PUBLIC H AT r: Ht NO., Marllvn Hnlchr.ry. Hlytlipville. Ark., H.W. fi! North. Pftone 743 Shoe Itepairing Quality Shoe Shor* NKW SAMPLE SHOES Everything For Your Shoes Phone 120 Free Delivery courier I imNlSHKl) IKKIillS. iiWr. Call 97-J. 7iiREK KOOAI iinfimilshcd apart incnt with balli. Newly dceorat PC!. Thomas Land Company, plion - ' Xi-ck- I't'HNISIIKI) apiirhnrnl. Kentucky. Phone (J83. 3 room ntifurnished apiirliiienL 7M W. Walnut. Miss Elisc Moore 21-ck-W. Kiccl.v fiirni.sheil hcdionni. Inner spring matlress. Miss Jlall, phon -'60-_ 18-ck-t ytpartiiicnt Ingrain Building. In quire Parklunst Co. 1-ck-l 2 or :i fnniished rooms, a upstairs Dl-1 Hearn. a-pk-5- Modern .'i loom apartment.. Ncivl; dceoralfd. Unfiirnislicd. Conic Wain & I'nd. F. Simon-, phone 761 Slorc und residence combined Modern convenience;;. Near fae lory. L. Fowler, Blythcville Molo Co. Call asa M-ck-l Camfcrlablc hcdrooui, mil, Call 103. Female Help Wtxl. 23 -years lias culeii Ills Jlr.-,l solid meal with (ho nld of a new Jaw bone made from Ills lilp. K. Ci. Alkins, of Ihc Itoyiil lierksliire Regiment, liml half Ins In.-o, his lonciie n»d iirarJy all of his month blown awiiy nl MOIIS. VOHICII- Address and mall ailvcr- llslnt; malcrial for IK n(. home. 'e .supply cverylhlntj. flood rate f pay. No selling. No expperlencc!ir.v. MiTi'lundisr Mail, llov , r >:{l MUwiitikcr, Wlscuasin ThtJ Srqtioln dec is nlniosi In- ilr.slructlblc. The minor of Ililck bark nets as nn asljfslox prolcr- (ton ngtiinsl lire, and us hi.sitlu- lion against frost nnd ( oo R un's v T ,R!\TK ii j $1.75 and Up i E. C. Robinson I CO. Jaw Miiiic I'm in I Up limn- LONDON <UI'I — An ex-solclici vlio hus lived on a liquid diet for Drs. Wert & Werl OrTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone MO Kifcslnno TIRES 25'< OFF "Air Ctidlrd' 1 SHA'J' WJTlI Arian Auto Parts r. Main riioiie llli Tlie wood pcema lu he almosl lin- intnii' !ii;aii).,; rot, and a l\\k\ l)C,1ll»;j ,sa|) (.ulckl.V llCBlS lip allj' SCREEN WORK A'l 1 A SAVING Hi'lulilns & New Srrrrim MADK FOR AIJ, 1'UHI'OSES Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 10 DIRT YA1U) Sand & Gravel I'ltoiic 70(1 mmmijm ELECTfewf FOWLER DRUG CO I YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Main & 1st 1'hone. HI OAK LUMBER Fur Kale—tOO.OflO ft. uf good hlt[ oak lumber delivered al very low prices. Sec J. W. Barren lib (hcville, Ark. Thcne 398 COTTON SKKI) D.P.&.L. - HA Ciiioflllly Solci-U'il IttjH-atrd (iriniliiullon Trsts yi In HKI r ;. I |aiidlK-cil nv<T H-ilc an Ane on pour I Kii.'iianlrn tills srcil »s tiHiil i\s (lie licsl ul A. l\ DIKTRICH J'liimij 701) ur 3K SEED We linvc on liiind fur .sale or Irade, lor oilier piodiids, ijeiina - l.arcdu. IH'Isla, Miimmolh Drown, Wilson and Virginia DiDWJ). I'eii.'! -Whips HlHl New Mia, l.e.>,|H'cli",'a -Korean. Cot- liin Keen -11. P. 1,. n-A und .'jlmu'Villr .|-A. Will .sell for ciifill "r I lade wllli you for olhnr kinds »l Ix-iin:. or cullou teed, L. R, Mallhctts Ciu Co. Former U. & President HORIZONTAV 1 Only living ex-President of the U.S. A. '12 Flcel ,ot Ehi|>s. 13 One whb lures. H Wings. 1C Deer. 17 Elaborate, speclaelc. Aniwcr (o PftVJAtU Piuilt 20 Toward, 21 To compel. •a No KO<nl. 21 llnvinK no heart hair. 2Ii Modern. 27 To deiw. 20 Group o( railway cms. 31 33 Passport Indorsement. 44 Ho Was —^ (Jucliifi Iho \Vorld War lilncs. 50 To 02 To rc-broad- osl. bird S3 .lohnnycake. 36 House riil. 05 poijmn. 37 Pouiid. 57 thing, .lailtistcned. SBMnlefaetor. 40 You imtl me. 50 He wns U. S. 11 Shower. 4lMlslcr. food in 12 He wns liead In BelJIunt 15 He IS ah ^^•by prtfessiftn 17 Measuring slick. 18 Lighl color, il Trankness. 22 Sinews. 24 Robin. ' 26 to not depart'.' 28 Parent. 30 Bxists. 32 Giver, 35 To fish. 3] 38 Col's murmur. 38»lack Ida. 41 Inferior Irt : deyreo. 43 Ilinev sola. 45 Fairy. WHubber trees. •17 To endure. 48Anhma{ive . vole. 19 Game, played on horseback. 50 Slrcct. 51 Jewel. VtRTICAt 1 Nimbus. 2 Weld bc/oi-c. 3 li.'iilu'iiy. 4 Anlelo|>c. 5Ciirpcls. C \Vciglil allowance for waste. 7Ta linrkcii, SMeiistire. 0 Co nn (music) 531Iousc canary ; 10 Largo deer. 54 italf an cm. ! OOMusicn! note.' 58 fourth nole ' in scale. Lost I argr yrllcnv Persian cat. Answers lo thn iiinne of Tony. Call Carl J;avis, Jr.. at line. 2»i-dii-da Ilooni find Board (!l-A:>i)N;Mtij; K,\TI-;S>. MLS. w. U'. JlolliDcter, Phone 310. 1115 W. Walnut, Hooin and Ijoard. HU phone 151. Nicely fnrni&hcil moms. Hoard If dr.shcd. Phone C02. 112 K. Cher- Personal Kirby's Active Liver PiUs o .Sluggish Livers r . lit all Klrtiy I>ru? Store*. Wanted To Buy SiWn Worth or USKI) JaiKN All Malirs Jtailios Repaired WADB KUUNITUUK CO. 112 W. .Main rbono 155 For Kent 151) AOUKS. Will (jive, libcnl rent cojilract. for .1 jrar.s lo right pnrly. llellu IniplctncnUs. Inc.. Piionn 80S. ao-ck-tt Male .hislruclioii Men lo take up Air Conditioning and 1-Slcctric Hefrigcrallon and l-.etler tliemselve.s. Mnsl be. ms- chanically inclined, willing to trails in spavc lime lo qualify.' Wrile. TJUUttcs Inst., Box "Z" c/o '- '—• i. 25-pk-27 CRESCENT mm CLUB C(llll|ITe(C fillip t)f ELECTRICAL Floor Show Every Nighl ;(nliiu; 'liii'Hday, A|Jill I!) (Inu Sunday. April U. WELDING AT BKST PniCES TROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, lie Conlplcli' IMcctrlciU Store" Sn. 2ml Vliiinu 3.M 15 Acts—2 Shows Nightly—15 Ads All- Now Located «t 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EIWAUllS, Caltnlalnrs—Kepalrlns—1'arta—Illlihun* A\i uakcn of Ilchallt Typewriters, Addlnj; MAclilntu »n( C'alciilalars—itcjialrliii,'—I'arls—Idblioiis lij- deorfii' Torcl's Kvipiesf ISand UtsvrvaHniis Cull 17—HlRliuay III, Mo. / SO V5AW EEWV G3 6V, ' OWtO A TREE, DlDJA? WELL, I DOM'T WONDEE..SWE WAbM'T VECV PAC AHEAD Oi= U5 WHEM "fh PLOOD61EUCK- LAW. NO! \N6ALL HtY,LOOK^ S Av ; iAiM'T HEKE COWS /SURE,BUT OME SOME MORE FOLKS ARE .WE GONNA 6YGUM. VRYfO RESCUE THERE'S OL' /-THEM? IEFT THERE DUB1MGTH' MIGHT: PLACE WA5> HAUMTED/ MEAM VOL) WEREN'T IN MCO? ALL RIGHT.' WE'LL FIMD EM LATEt! .iMa BV Hit stRVtot; WO., ¥.'M. UK. 0. s r»f. OFF;.-; ROOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY liDGAR MARTIN 5UPP05S YOU Ht M1WO A6WM&T V _ o<uiti,rui.*Tp ^Ct ' OWiW 1\ COOVOSi'V VOO A-b I'Ut SoOt \ WASH TUBBS BY KUY CRANK lO&EJf MOLD MV COAT,A V10,K|0.'FOR PETE'S j SAKE, EA<.X lMSO!.ENCE.')^ rUL ""Vf DON'T START " tfc ' ^ ^V AMY TROUBLE.' 1\ i'-^». THE NEKVJE OF AEN, SF.IZIN \ OUR TABLE! TWOSE 6UV6 ARE GANGSTERS ITMEV PGOBA8l- v OOT GUN5. PLEASE, FOE. THE LOVE Of WKE, HA.WDLE THIS SLAUOHTER-JAHO ORDER UP THE OTHER DAY YOU WAWTED TO CANCEL YOUR LEASE OM THE • TOP6Y TURVV AND 6ET YOUR BACK-— -HERE IT IS, $6,000. FRECKLES AND HIS BY MERRILL' BLOSSBU I June UP OM HIM TWICE I YESTERDAY ,' BUT; LIST&M .YOU'VE GOTTA BE SEEM (M WORE \ViTM MINAJ 5PKE&D IT CM UUNE IS PROUD, AND SUE'LL RE-SEMT 5ECCWO WHEM SME HE'S TMROVJM HER / TO 't HE OVER , I yPKOM WITO WOVE IK1 / J FKECKLE5, / ' WHAT DP / Y6U 'EXPECf T1HEM ( - TD BE- MELLO.S WAT DO THIS VISIT HOW V/ELL YOURE THOSE AREv,, JUST WORDS-- NOTHIWS V SANDWICHES I THICK? , I'M (MJTttRIMG DOTH SIDES O" TWb OAWCEi ...THE BOY ALl. THE GIK.L5 — •* prrnoTl. t>oinoni

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