Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on May 27, 1967 · Page 4
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 4

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 27, 1967
Page 4
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A-4 ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL May 27, I9i Morse Recall Move Given Slim Chance WASHINGTON (UPI) A spokesman for Sen. Wayne Morse, D-Ore., said Thursday it was doubtful a move to recall the Senator would be upheld in the courts. Morse was not immediately available for comment on a reported nationwide effort to unseat senators who have opposed the Vietnam war. But his press secretary, Phyllis Rock, recalled that a similar effort to recall Morse last year fizzled out when Oregon legal experts agreed there was no way to unseat a senator, since the Constitu tion specifies a six year term.! Woman Enters Innocent Plea In Murder Case (Only One Qualified Ranch Owner s Vote Will Decide Election PEACH SPRINGS, Ariz. W) Mrs. Isabel C. Miller will cast the deciding vote on a F0R Greets LAWNS Organic base Contains FeTracin FeTracin it Iron in 100 usable form. Ore pound does the job of 450 pounds of iron sulphate it's chelated. ferti-lome products an sold only by QUALIFIED dealers who can give you professional guidance BEAUTIFUL ROSES WITHOUT BOTHER ) I ( with Systemic Insecticide Troublesome spraying and dusting is unnecessary to control certain insects when you feed roses with ferti-lome containing Systemic Insecticide. The insecticide is absorbed through the roots and gives invisible protection against ail piercing and sucking type insects. ferti-lome products are sold only by QUALIFIED dealers who can give you professional guidance ROSES IN BLOOM for Memorial Day MUMS 18-24 Blooms, Box Potted ea. 'Albuquerque's most complete line of Bedding Stock' BALLINGER'S NURSERY 5801 Lomos Blvd. NE OPEN SUNDAY 9 to 5 fact The 89 - year - old ranch owner is the only person qualified to vote since she's the only property-owner liv A 47-year-old woman Friday aDDesred in District Court and nleaded innocent toi$215.0 school bond election a erand iurv indictment! June 27 tne nty vote, in charging her with the murder of a one-time City Commission candidate. Mary Chavez Mignardot, Room 2, Elgin Hotel, 502 Vi W. Central, entered the plea before Dist. Judge D. A. Mac-pherson Jr. She is free on a $5000 bond. The defendant is charged with the shooting-death May 7 of Matthew Mansfield Al len McNamee, 61, of 212 Morningside SE. McNamee was shot in the head with a .357 magnum revolver, police believe. Police said tests, used to determine if a person recently fired a gun, were positive on the defendant and negative on the deceased. McNamee ran unsuccessfully for the City Commission in 19ti6. He was an accountant at Kirtland AFB and president of the American Federation of Government Employes, AFL-CIO. Officers said McNamee was found on the floor in Room 2, in which Mrs. Mignardot resided, by hotel manager Mela English. Mrs. English told po lice Mrs. Mignarctot was kneeling by McNamee's side when she discovered them. Mrs. English had heard the two arguing for some time be fore she heard a shot, police reported. Porters Plan To Strike For Salary Cut MONTREAL UB Twenty baggage porters at Montreal International Airport warned they will strike unless granted a salary cut. They want their pay reduced from $1.50 to $1.25 but they want to be able to keep tips. This, they feel, will more than make up for any loss in pay. Bristol Aviation Services now charges passengers 25 cents a bag for carrying luggage. The union wants this charge eliminated, saying the airport is the only one in Can ada charging passengers to have their baggage carried. ing in the district 50 miles east of Kingman in Mohave County. The Mohave County Board of Supervisors called the elec tion to approve the funds for adding four classrooms to the Peach Springs Elementary School and housing for seven teachers who now live in trailers. Most of the 114 pupils are from the Hualapai India reservation which, with Mrs. Miller's ranch, makes up the district. Most of the $2.5 million as sessed valuation is against the Santa Fe Railroad, El Paso Natural Gas Co. and other utilities. Mrs. Miller faced the same situation several years ago, and voted for the bond issue which provided funds for the school. Two Men Arrested In Bomb Threat At Plush Hotels LOS ANGELES (UPI) Two men, including a former Hungarian freedom fighter, suspected of planting a live bomb in the Sahara Hotel on the Las Vegas strip in a $75,-000 extortion attempt were arrested in downtown Los Angeles by the FBI. The suspects were Jack Wesley Keeney, who the FBI said served in the U. S. Army for more than 20 years, and Nandor Bela Kocsis, 27, who came to the United States in 1956 from his native Hungary. The bomb and a note de manding payment of $75,000 or at least two other hotels own-! ed by Del Webb would be blown up too were found May 15 in a 12th floor room at the Sahara following an anonymous telephone call. The note said bombs had already been planted in the other two ho tels. Caballero Sales Co. Open for Business Opening of Caballero Sales Co. brokers, factory representatives and jobbers at 2314 W. Central was announced by Martin Luther Watts, proprietor. The firm represents several lines of hosiery, wigs, hair care products, sewing no tions, novelties and sp ties. Watts was formerly a ated with Jack Beaty ai T. (Dick) Hennessee ir the management of Mai Distributing Co. He resic 1417 Katie PI. NE. "DON'T JUST PAINT IT WELLBORN IT" ALBUQUERQUE FINEST SELECTIi Plastic Coated Washac Papers - Oil Cloth Type Wall Coverings, witn Matching Fabrics, Also Murals WELLBORN PAINT and WALLPAPER SALON 1118 SAN MATEO BLVD. S.E. MAY QUIT POLITICS VALENCIA, Venezuela (UPI) New York Gov. Nel son A. Rockefeller said Fri day he might retire from poli tics when his term expires in 1970. However, Rockefeller said such a possibility de pends on "circumstances. PALACE IS BUZZING NEW DELHI UFi India's presidential palace is buzzing with activity since the new President Zakir Husain moved in. He brought with him two beehives he had maintained as a hobby when he was vice president. Milk News I -; I'-V. -.- r -1 Vrlte I " On njpGte82Gj PC You do not have to wait a week or more to see your pictures. Skoggs Photo Department gives you 36-hour service olways! J Weekday! S am to 8 pm, Fridoy 'til 9 Sunooy 9 am to 6 pm Weekday! 9 am to 9 pm Sunday 10 am to 7 pm c Watkdayf 9 am to 10 pm Sunday 10 am to 7 pm Wtekdayi 9 am to 9 pm Sunday 10 am to 7 pm MILK STOOL PHILOSOPHY and NEWS Mar 22-67 Was the creation of cream one of the mistakes in na ture? A lot of would be ex perts in the country would have us think so. lm going to give you some arguments why the cream in Thatchers Golden Guernsey milk is one of the greatest of the divine wonders. Before we go further let me confess that cream is poison to me. It causes my pancreas to over produce insulin. Many other food compounds gives the same over production of insulin (the opposite of a diabetic). Included are sugar, all ani mal fats, chocolate, bananas, coffee, coke-etc, etc. This problem has been with me all my life, and I thought it was ulcers. We found what the real problem was when they removed a portion of nv stomach. There were no ulcers and now I get sick within a few minutes after taking the various "forbid den foods." Now that we understand each other lets set back to discussing why cream is so wonderful for those with normal systems. Cream is one of the pro tective foods. It carries the fat soluble vitamins in milk A, D, E & K. Cream promotes the digestion and utilization or proteins and carbohydrates. Fats makes our meals more palatable and satisfying, plus it gives food that quality of "stick ing to your ribs." Sugar is an instant lood because it is soluble it is taken into the blood stream immediately because it is soluble. Fats are made up of the same elements as is suear and carbohydrates but it is compounded from these or we might say con centrated down from these until it has 2si times the food value. Fats sre slowly used up because this compounding from the sugars must be sort of reversed so that It can be emulsified to be carried in the blood stream to the various parts of the body to be used. It is this that makes a glass of Thatchers Golden Guernsey milk give you staying power through the morning. If you use skim milk then you must have a midmorning snack to carry you through -thus m the end you use more calories. When you buy a beef roast for Sunday dinner do you selert one from a skinny critter? No, you want corn- fed beef because it makes the whole Sunday dinner more palatable and satisfy ing. After such a meal your whole family feels like they have the world by the tail and a down hill pull." The fat in the meat did it. Yes Thatchers Golden Guernsey Milk is worth the difference in price. Yours Skimmilk George PJS. Our Guernsey skim milk has a lot more body to it too. GWT. THATCHER'S Guernsey Dairy 7424 Edith St. N.E. 344-3714 l CLOCKWATCHERS SALE Time Specials Good Sat. Only pen Rose I FoamN f N r Wool Yarn f Bushes ice Chest I 1 I Rc'- 109 1 I 1 Gal- Con R9' 77c II 30 Qf R9 1,17 1 hSc II Ac II jflOc II "7-7C -i uu m h trm m m ix mm. mm I I (V Thi. ott.r ,H,d from J J I V l IV J IIC l a.m. to 8:15 a.m. I A. Thil od 'rem I i Thit offtr aooil from I This offer good from t III V LZmitS I I X. omto5:15om I I V 10 " '0:1 I i 'V 1 1 om to II :15 am X III f MU,m. wiidittuai rAMC UMAIKb I Sheets r 47. M ..7. ' M v 1.7. - 7.- ir 10 Lb. Bag IV Iff Aluminym F.ldin. III e f 1 A II J hm." II v m i 11 tfl 0 1 111 I I II Cm I A I I IV I Thil 0r food from J Thl offtr ooorf from J I I il lPm i nr III rt 'Ot T J II LJ if j I I C.I jV J I 1 w ?y u 1 1 L v 1 I w I I I II IJt I I " .vp u-.n-.l,!,. JjgJfJJJPfJpjJJSJSJSJSJSa - i ; . . n II If II C 1 Ir;.: II 0f , 1 1 i i ii vn n w & ii x nil i ii i i i ii isuieman iaaier II r II I . 7. 7 II I I WHUW fl 1 U I II Reg. VnW ' -277 II I I n l I m II 1187 V Rea.4.34 lit II W li -m II . I II I fi" U L! II - . -1 II V T.a geraniums II! II " PKX I II ,r'-VVJv I ' I I 7. VUrV) tfH II II G r s-Lod es r V K"X II t ? II I I XX V FOR II I I . . SC3X M tWVJCJt j III II C Z C ..TL f Viv i II t-l KM M 1 II II 3WIIT1 3UII5 ' JLJ i ii r,.$595 w .' - i III II " . t fC K M'-Mill 1 ii! ii invc mv m miiic sk va i ar j-r.-- III II vMMii wmw -II si oo sago v I w II Ml 1 70 m 1 isl 23cll0l97c 1 I m ... 1 . III . . ' . - .. - -- " - ii n ... . fi n r- x 1 i II r --wWKfs I II X II . II ISV'J VV-.! II . i) II 1 oX I i ii r cm ii . ii x!o II Pat o Set oeasniowBis Coieman stove II II . ."I. I II i"1e T'l'l I ... mMm. I II LM y ! .: ' rJ ' rJ II lr- V',....!' , ' r I l f ' ,- ;- ' - t , , .,'.,1 I PRICES GOOD SAT., SUN. AND MON. EASTDALE GIBSON FAIR PLAZA INDIAN PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER SHOPPING CENTER SHOPPING CENTER SHOPPING CENTER lubonk at 540$ Lamai at Indian School Rd. at Candelaria N.I. Gibion Blvd. N.I. San Pedro N.I. Carlisle N.E.

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