The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 19, 1931
Page 4
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t'AGE FOUR nLYTHKVILLM. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THE ULYT1IEVILLG COUKIER-NEWS 111E COURIER NEWS CO., PDBL1SHEH8 O. II. BAI3COCK, Editor H. W. HA1NES, Aamltslnu Manager Solo KaUonal Advertising Representatives: The Thomas F. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Sun Antonio, San Tr.inclsco. Chicago. St. Louis, Published Every A:tcme>on Except Sunday. . Entered as second class •natter at the |X»t office at Blyiheville, Arkansas, under act ol Congress October 8, ID 17. Served by the United Press " SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier In the city of niytheville, l!>c per »'eck or $0.50 per year In advance. By mail within a radius or 51 miles, ta.OO per year, 51.50 lor six month;, 65o lor three months; oy mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, ;«.M per year, in zones seven «:! eight, J10.00 per year, payable In. ertrinc*. The. Grand Jury J. G. U;igs<l;ile of Union county, president of (lie AH(;ms;i$ county juilgus jissociation, advances the sugBuslion (hat thousands of dollars could lie ."avoid tin. counties of tlie slate lliroiiitli abolition of the jirosont systsm of holding prisoners lo the (fraud jury after they have pleaded guilt}- at a preliminary heaving. It is a very sensible idea. We hope the tuke,s the necessary action. But while that is being done why not go the whole road and revamp our cntir: criminal procedure in the interests not only of economy but . of sure and speedy justice? The grand jury is obviously unnecessary where picas of guilty arc entered before magistrates, it is almost equally unnecessary where pleas of not guilty are entered or where preliminary examination is waived. l,et Ihe magistrate, if evidence produced at the hearing Wfirnmls such action, bind the defendant ova- to the .circuit court for trial. If preliminary hearing is waived, let him do the same thing. Then let those wishing to enter pleas of ijuil- ty be taken at once before a judge of the district, wherever he may be sitting, for sentence, thus avoiding not only grand jury expense but jail board. Those who wish lo plead not guilty must of course wail for trial, but let that trial be held at the next term of .• court. The practice of letting eases drag over term after term defeats jus- ticcfiOid pile's up expense. To get away from it :ray invoJve the necessity of rearranging judicial districts and providing more judges, b.ut it would be good economy. We do not suggest the abolition of the grand jury. Such a jury .should bo called occasionally, onc<_- a year or once in two years, to consider mailers outside the ordinary routine, but the expense and the waste of time involved in having a grand jury pass upon c-vc'ry case should be eliminated. /1 Damaging Dispalcli That was an amusing little story that came out of Seattle the other day; amusing, but capable of doing a prosit deal of harm. The story tohl liow several hinidrcd jobless men paraded the city ami M;:il a delegation of nine in to cull on I' 1 .--' mayor. The nine went to t:ie ni:i.><'.' and demanded that llu: city find '.">.000,000 for unemployment rclhf. The mayor countered by oll'cring the ;::;.'' men jobs in the city water and sl:u-l department, til $-1.50 a day—and tin; delegates, disappointed, went uw.-'.y. Undoubtedly there are cases it! v.M •-'• designing schemers have put tii-ii- selves ut the head of unemploymr.t demonstrations; and in such cast-.' .-si oll'cr of real work is the bcsl p'lsr-'iL!'.' way of checkmating them. Dm '.<> assume from thi:; story that HID.-'!, uf the idle ami hungry men in flu: e-onr.- try do nut really want work a::d wouldn't take it, if they could get il as many people will assume, from n-:Hing the story—-is lo commit a lV; error. Unemployment is widespread i::id it has t'nuscd real distress. It is I" b>; hoped no one will be led to under- .stitnnte the 1 seriousness of the siliui- tion by reading iho dispatcli u:rd here. - MONDAY, JANUARY 19, i<m SIDE GLANCES L. By George Clarkl E^l^g^-iMOTMER NATURE'S CURIO SHCM :T=T^_! — ^-J Winlia: studies made by ether:. . A ft & f '~ i 'i'.J I . ( V i:, - f ,' r t ^J Then Ihero's the (ln::il) fi-lai. 1 . wh:j i: riliklvd sull cf Hothcs 10 a pcsr, nj;i-ii! The olTlco ;nsc wondcis what n Nets. 1 nhntuius has ID talk In ihc '•'••W / •.»,'.• :^ f / -*!•']> '^<A \V.J - ..'• - / .' / '"•;••.'. \ ' " j/^j-i 1 thow an incidence of tubc-rculosis in children vatyln, 1 ; from :u per i cir.t In lo 40 por c.vnt In P!i"-jflLt;i!:i-.i. S'J per cuu in Minn. ''aiiulls, n IKT tent in New York, ; 15 i:i: cui! in B :'_T.I;S Aires r.ael U', I } cr e?ir. in Vi'.-ii'ia. ! The iiu'.ii'-rs are convinced that , ; Die ii:oil,'ib:. 1 !'>:i>!'!ii:itlo:i of ; ' r,:!:rjns child:en thrcughciit the \v:r!d Is f.v.riy rccoi^niticn of cases 1 cf etibcrctilasis !n adults as solutes ' of hilrcilou and. '.he:: 1 early re- | • nv:v:il tiv.u !!)? cmironn:c:it so | ; Ihty n-i loiujor serve r.s per- ! j inaivnl sctuce-s ol infection to ' children who may ho members ol ; Hie !.an:e fsmlly. 000,000 electric Ihrhl hiilln. Hc-volliui; ii.;.,.n: "A man may be 1 down but not out" i< .. s-.-.y- Sng which secniTj to apply IIIOHI overyv, :u-iv l;u'. in the rli:g. "iioss, I'm tirc'tl of tryint; lo nave a family on my salary !—I ctm'i even drive my t-u; 1 , because 1 can't afford a new E. r,::ivs BIKIIS : On Jan. !9. 1807. Rr.lrit E. Le-e, | !.••-'.] a!? aisnli-. ::) t!i; Civil V>'ar. j \vas l;orn in \VC.-'.LITJI ; Und cannty, •. V:i., tlie ion ot a Kevolulionary Wnr veteran. . At 18, he cr.ti'iecl \Ve?t Point, irrdratcd s:--o!:(! in l:ir, clars and . rcceivcl a c f .\:: -.:::;sion in the;' engineer corps. After the M-oxi- j can V/ar, in he was rc- pealedly promoted for (il. r .t!n- iiitnideni of' Wer.t Poinl. His nj.xl ssivice was r,^ cavalry ccmniaiicler on th3 Texr:S h-rfi'.T. He uus recalled -to Washington in OP -THE SOoTHWCSr; CdW3:--£ A WOSK SUMO OM I (3ACK ANE> OSES IF f SENDilSS SlSMAtS, -i SCEW BEIN<5 § >f-. ^ lfpP 0 ^4^^^^^-^^^ game rl<!]i.iremcnt a; th: .yisgcstion! STOCKHOLM. (UP>—A Patrons of clollilivj cstalj'lhnonl:-. ii: liiiul. olxicrvi'.i Ilio oiric.- f.a^e, I'.un'l hn'.c' lc atout tjc'.llny closa lit',. '.vi'.hin tv/o day.7. \u^ niatjp com- miindcr-ls'.-chief of the military forces at Hichincncl. After successfully Iradinj his j forces ill Ihe early days of tliu 1 v/nr. Lee fir.nliy yielded (o the National Guard Blows $74,GOG.Worth of Brass. ! to honor the memory uf t^cr J^'IQ i Swedish Queen Victofia, wlvo dbd ' i there last year. .' •utericr armies of Grasit. nir- .. in:; B v li:v nt A,,;)=mat-'. ''" ,,-, ... ,. • (bi'i-iue Na- ! "^ -'^ "'^ Butler Is tattl to 1)^' sulling tot S r > a jiuuud in ^tosl ^ ow. Anil \vltu will say the r.u.-i [ -]:;u.s ds-serve a pat on the kick? ..». »w „„.,„,«,„,„.....,— """-^ ™" r " jiciuUriivj In:; Bi-n:y at Appomat- '• 'I,'".!. '',. U| "J VS u :" uc ' t!!111 ? •'•'v' i([imlii,:i-.>l Si:.i.-i.v i:.:uv.i. i 1 . - B;; !i:;:iu': are found in r.-.t ''-_•< coi:rtho'"-- "ir-in'i L^-e ''•'''" v -<-"' :1 °1 -,vnid t!::u-.K:: '^^^^^--•-^ C.r^'0,,^:,- '•' ^^'^^^ i!*5^^ »^ aM3iE» l n- l -°«»^Te: Jo:i:i No. 3. no%t !h!s death in 1370. The Wnv Dcinrlmcn: hr.s placed a 51CO.- 003 [iirnlturo order with an Illinois factory. Probably for arir-3 chnirt;. A collector paid $20,000 recently for 10 old books carveel iu wood. Beit r.uiyuo he plans to open u "branch" library. Ni:.-\ Scrvito IVvil.v | WASfiiNCii'o;;, J:.H. u».~\v I lire mole valur.blj Uiaii ::i?n,'.;: iteri^'s (Niinesti:- ,-.lavr-:y. i Tiie In!i'in-::.--:i-.l (.'.:ii:n'.s r i con'Jy. ' R?pres:!ita!lvc Henry E. Br.v- \ I b.:iir, Chairman of tile House SUD-; Apprc-pria'.ions, eits-; Nine Metropolitan opera sini!err. nr:v J.'.' wilh inllti; 112:1 ircen;!y unel ll.i- yii'-y h. U'rlter caplioticcl the stovy: "Songbirds Hr-ve ' fciiial'.' fla-.i-s was ji'-.a! !•.•;• nii'ii ^!mi i.iinvi. 1 li>29 the ));•:(•; | Unii >"<() a:v.l thai • |ir.L!iiiL'Li tin sanii:. A i«c;:::ib'.e Iralfic f;re\v nj) a: i ,,, uuVMs : r :i S,^roTor^ Coanci! Blufts Plan: i.:- bom to otiic: 1 African points, nsiiv: >-;ir:'-j:is v.lles. One v/oinan. '.vho ',vas ';'• !'.'''. .!";..'i- ! .'l ! .'." r ' ;r '-'^' r ' 1 -' ••"!>--1'-:.| ,\i; -.01-.^ (J f fjsii. caro and hiss thai insliunicnts?" he askeri Col. \Vill-; ,' , ''. , i 1 ..:!!. !i |)i-r:-i.s v.eit- pii'.Mi : rl ;, :1 - 0 .; ,;,„ co i,j ;llul i oy v . ; ,,.. r O f i;,,,, j[. Walclrcn. executive officer' :'.!.! S3 IM- c.'<- ;! bay rccriiusd and nat-| L a>, .\!- ; a'.va 1,-rs are tuin:; :.«,or the National Guard. p'iea.«unt, cozy wn-..",-. | -Ur.s 'cm for the National! nr U7' j. r !?• L I covered an item of S WlCC'W.nter tor nsh: sic:U instruments and .sh«t music ' j en the Department's list. BLUFFS, la.. (UP^— "What tin you do with all those fl.-jj. Six> severed relations v.iih '.:;? pj-!::ia,cc-r General v.-lir-.i to th? C-juncil B'.uffs Guaid." the C^-rnel e:;p:aiued. A Cnlltornia woman Is suin^ heir for divorce because he \vn\i!dn't ^'C'. h!o hitir cut. \Vhcn the lams of ulimony arr niH'.niuicc; 1 . :^'I\ probably realize he's had a ti::iihiii;y. 'Congress is reixiilod U> be sdnlyiiiij » way In make paper money last, loiter. U'.s u funny ticr ! | cliiL'i .; inu j i-L.i!! K!'.;i :':i.i she o^.-.ivtivd she was belns paid : Cr..v.::'.:i--:- of C^snmeiw. "Do Ihcy blor.- all those horns'.'". Ii,-,'. the n::;i-.'L- '..Uc. ;\ : .- • i : .,,- f . :m ,> j. c:1 , s pr ,.,,. p^-, c i ? mandc(i t!, c skeptical Chairman.; ••'- ; ; i:..'-- -.•: ilcrrrinrs ivrur !i:i:. ! !"••'• ' ij'n'cn :tiff in '.lio chilly wa-. "Ar.U how:" replied WaWrcnj . :i.l ;^...:i -:i ihe rep^rv. bu: Li- •'-~v-. 7.b!3 year the state fis'.i and; coerivccaliy. iV'V ':-:T,. : r;T ; -ti-ifiuto^, :t :;c ^^^mmmi^m^mm^m^m h; -;s:oii sovcivly \ -.";.'.: ;..'.-•. • ior mrniiy. hn:r..!'i !:.:::r • ctiil:l ix'lj.ti\\' r,r. ait- thinrj. but 1110.11 of us Imvc been same problem for some time nn\v on the Chess champions. ncconUvu: U nrc always tlio'jc \vl:r> hc^ln Iho There arc bound lo Uc ycoc! u; bright young num. jJ'iy.l l;rc:i ftcid in p:\n ?i< : •=-= i :: ::i..' si:rr. o:" ^3. J::•/•.'!"••}• -.- cil .: I.o'.e in l/:i;cni!.:r. 1-i p.uiiiKnt s.::: n ::•.-,.;..i!.:. ,:: \.~: i : i^c.l 1:1 Liorc b:z-.iri-e . .'-.!: :i.>;;::ic-nt:y \voll Lnoivu : -.^ cainiui.' :i^a sayi. wf-j iy::i^ vi':;i;n-. with rapes. , (\\.T.I in '.it:- r.ii:, b'.iliuin.; [!:r t':i?:a . 1 .r.;! ti'.vo^mg re; 1 i:iy rit.cnns 'I'urdircd -i;::::::; ;M:I: -in;ie:U" w::s n :ir.:l amnso- l F'il.licrs •:n:lr;iilli; t'l-.C V3.T.1 . A i;:.: b-'.-k-:: !;..;!c;i wi-h .::d h.-::vy :.:o:u-s v:,ii lif'..;;! .•:;!-.:r : ; :.'.iu ) on l!r '.-. h;-:i. 1:1: :;::s:"it:r thru ..':f-d lo \ 1 :. !i:^u .i:.:l [ :us v.iiei: ;h-iv ncc^.i < •:: \ . •::! oihi 1 ::; M\T:V:.I in- j -" ^-"- l"j::i Lc.ttwijs v^ic ;:;.:? fUKiJi'ioi:. | The colkgc cnul who luun'C >i-: fo:nvJ ^ job ?:iys Is? tiocsn't \v.inl lo U'.kc itnfsdi- ndv:in- in^c of (b? woi'Ul niicl confer il \vh.l" i' :> .ri'. 1 OUT OUR WAY ;»-!'.icil i? ;-|i:i;--i (i I i i tiv >-L':;i:;ii.'l:-:i:-i , ! L : .i!!d Vice 1'rcp::;::. \ '.^.:v Stiiar :ir. ^.i;..; i; Ur!A-;l tin- i!:i-;-.-! : . : li.i:!.)i: rf V.I:KT :..-.: :By Williams J^,^;fe. !/ LGOvC.GOT, MA, \ •i 1 / OOMV BUMP ME,ER I : ^ - ;.;• iii :.incc LT - -v^ri. til? r.i- i, r.'t:-. 1 ...i-;t!. T-j l-.ur.ii:-ed ".-o- • :. • :•. v .-.•• i:iil !o -.-. :> i.-;:- rr::' I :;• -• .s ai li.Mra?'-:?. ::;:i;di:- : :. V::.. : • ••.. :.-.!.-..:;5i-i:!;i-i! -i::iu;M:-: c:;n- i:-i.-..-.l o-.-:-.- :ic.- .-.; uppi is;:.,? - - -!••! I:-..- native', ^.lon i).-cir.;-1 - - ..-: ;::-. -i;r.; ci '.: i;i:5V \i:h L.:,-:r :l.:l . ''•'•'- '" : .' ,i : ; :,,-.: -;\ L -n ct v,v: .:.:..;:-v :L::. .; c.ii::;:;;y oi'i;::- nii ! !l?:i[i;.-. '! l-.r K:.-. 1 WE.UU ,RiCrHT V-tERE. OOIM& To Gtr \-r OFF VOOR A eflEA-ST OP IT. «^»ss. i ic tunes .osis F.VOIII A( \^^\X "\ fe^XVx ^^ ^?f-j,>cSe>^) - ; -^ Wl-H MOTi-lEQfi G:c.T ORA'-/ Parents, pariicuiarly mothers, arc paying a lot of at- toiition to ehiiilrcn's diet those days. For it is far more economic,ii and plea.saut to keep a child well by feeding him correctly than by nursing and doctoring himbatk to health. Of course the doctor should be consulted regarding what a child should eat and what he should not eat-. l>ut do you realize that the leading manufacture rs of L'ood uo\v seek the advice and approval of the leading uuiviiional authoritiea in the country, relative to lie claims they make for their products, in their advertising? In other words, food • advertisements are reliable sources of information regarding diet. They ave based upon tho results of the latest approved scientific discoveries a i;nuv vitamins, minerals and roughage, in' relation to vigiii'tnis bodies, clear complexions, sound tccch and pruj-erly regulated systems. So ve:u! vhe-v advertisements carcu'lly. Consult you.; 1 doctor a'.xm.t them. Very ol'lcn the advertiser invites you to du tiiis because he has asked authorities, whom your dcu-tor respects, about those advertisements first. \ ••'•'•ci. cT-. P^.^-^^S^L^iStSSsSi^O^^^S^t^Msl

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