The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1934
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 1934 BLYTHEvILLB. (ARK.V COtmiBB REWB the Aged Overseer Voliva Keeps Eyes Peeled for Tin-eat-! ened 1'eminine Uprising. 7.ION. in., Apr. 18 (UP)—Overseer Wiltm- filrnii Voliva ones- the uc.iiiJiuiir.g figure over nil lie in 7.1011. todav ui'ekcd apj:iehen;ivi-]y frcm ;i ii'ont window b-forr v(.iiiu.-:.; s f o:t i, lo ,, lu into r«.eu a diastlc edict to punish Ills Heck. Vc-.'Jv.i leaicd ili;u j[, 3i oiiias vY 1-M-lry im\-ht have ulir.nly slim-d her campaign by which slit' !IO;:<M to to.'jvijHv tl.i- tvotnc:i cf ?.!(.!) to "inn Viilivn trt, 1,1 lev n " Mrs. Farley is tlic wif- of ii)p ; ' inaii 'iho defeated Volivn'.i cnndl- 1 dto in an Mm lor. for the pr.-si-1 dt-ncy of the school boaid. She' Meed lx;forj Voliva 1 ;; hou.-:e hislj 'light and denounced the oversew; ty groups of ctnioiis. i Mr.s. Farley's duiiionitnuion caini> : alter Voliva-announce.!] tl:c etoi-, ijig of (lie school IK 0|H>r:ili"i in conjunction with his Christian Catholic Apostolic church. This Citing would'-'loose some 1.300 pupils upon the public schoo'.s, which now arc overcrowded with 800 pu- "I have been too benevolent with (he people of. Ziui; 1 Voliv.i said "1 did il 10 (e.wh them a les- $1.143.550 in taxes "since 1910 by operating Hie school. Fai.'c-y proin- M-etl to pay teachers in cash, remodel school building?, and provide Tree bus M-rnfc. .vox 1 sav. lei. him do it." Mis. rarity accused the men of y.lrn or lacking cuiii-agc. Sfic s:''d they noiild run Vuliva out cf town fi.A. tar and fcaflier ligl'la broke out in her aiaiience. I provide for fifty dependent con- Tho Shepherd of the Hills home was founded by Mr. fountain to help liie deserving aged In a way f:ec from the evils ol many of the more usiitil fornia of charity. The inltinl cost of the homes bos been provided In large part by ylfts from mm of means. Ex- H'c of maintaining the Instltu- 11 Is small, us It is largely self- >!><iiling. but small contributions htivv been sollclti'il from Ihe '|)le of the suite to meet such uutluys u.s have been necessary. A. W. FOUNTAIN j;,. xur n allll ,. rMilU . n i ,,f U i »r II* Hills lion,, . Spanish-American War Veteran Is Dead Robert White, Pemiscot County Pioneer, Dies STEELE. Mo.- Ruben While, 73, died ul his home at the Mounds aflcr an Illness of a lew weeks. Services were' held at the Mounjs ci'inctery with ncv. Barnhart ol Cemuhersville officiating. Mr. While, who liral in the old L. M. Hurusr home, was an old .settler in this comrniniity. II OFFERS HIE ID EIDER!.! COUPLE Mo— Thomas A Pei- cel). 50, dle,l ai In; home war Iri-p April 12 o! dropsy. His wife preceded lilin in ih-ath by one « et):. Services were hc-lil Friday at Die Baptist church in Holliiiul ullli Ihe HIT. K. il. b'tophcnson oflklatini;. inicriiH-iii \vus inude at North Kiiwba cemclcry, near 1 Ul.vthevllle. ! Mr. I'ercell was a Spanhh-Ain- ciican war vekran and Ihe pall t.-rat'ei'.s nt his funeral were all vi-li'i-ans of that war. They were H. K. Buerni-r. John Scott. UOIXT Alexander. t\l Huffman ami Mr. Hitchcock. Mr. I'ci cell leaves a son, C, a daughter 18 months, and several step-children. Tinymite Plane Hailed as Craft for Thrifty Flying A midget of the air, bcralded by Its .lcsl t . 11(T „., ,,, t . m , W( , r |0 ft „ , fs „ .. R , '.. mlCllfd In- riirvin'i^ r'nclimnrt Iti(111 KI- \1 in iv,,..,, . , . - ° ' . , g w piloted by I'homas C.ishmau. Bum by V. W. l-ayne^fomicr ,,rmy nvftulo,, instructor, It welsh, 4U pounds. Ls ILi feet long, and has « IS-foot win, s , )r ,,,, t . u h JKW . md 1)y u nllle . cv]lmfcrl I Salmon motor, and I'ayue cluims a s,K,d U J m ,,,i,, s „,, , l(Jl|1 . 1|!>ll|B (||llj , 3 B1>||ol|s of ^ ^ lit that s|K'ed. only Cottage and Small Farm Pem »«:°t Legion Post Available lo Blytheville ^ns Barbecue May 4 Man aiyj Wife. CARUTI1ERSVI1.LE, Mo.—Pern- . iscot county jiost No. 88 ol the i American Legion has announced I a free barbecue and beer SUB party to be held Friday. May l. It will be held In one of the A home on six acres of land, on which they can be largely self- supportliiK, will be provided free of cost or obligation to some eld- "^ "<='" "i one c crlv dependent couple of Blythc-1 lluilt ""° s '" lll <-' New Legion I'urk. ville, it was announced hric to- jfonncrly the old Fairgrounds 1'ark. day by A. W. Fountain, foimclpr lv ^' c '' Wll! > piirchascd recently by and president of the Shepherd ol I lne county liost. t Bexnr." Ark. 1 Van Johnson anil Joss Cook have been appointed to provide BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO fntt flic* at the i'ovtn tlic Hills Home at Bexnr." Ark. Mr. Fountain -,5 at the Golf lio- . i uNiLi.ui, J3 ai ine LIOII no- ,v, t iJi^^iu^.- .... where he will interview an- ' • l ' efrc - shme "t''i and liiey prom- plicams between -1:30 pin and 8 ' ' S P 1 '- t '' UJ ' lo cal il »iJ drink to all o'clock tonight. The couple chos-. , aUel:ii - TllD ex-snrvlcc men - - »' "us county and \\\«_ vicinity . c- en must be active, without dependent children, and without -sunt means of self-support. If a suitable couple is found j they will bo. provided transports-1 lion to the home near Be.xar, are invitee! lo attend whether or nut Lee ion members. Post leaders are expecting between 500 and nun iu IJJL- jiome near tJe.xar, l •» n • ~ where a comfortable cottage is al- PtCW Business Firms Yfl^liv (lil-r, jl !.,n 1 !,„.., n-l._ >IL «•«!>»•• Alia Open at Caruthersville icady awaiting them. TJ'.cy will be provided with chickens, cow. "pen ai V-druinerSVlllC piss, fniit trees, bcriy patch, and | CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo-Three nmiw space for truck gardening, i uew business firms were nil without cost to them. Here | he-re the first of this week will have a home for life, i are the Falstalf Tavern en Friday, April 18, 1924. The format 0|ienlii^ of the Home Theatre Tluir&duy cvcnlns; was a compk'le success. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Robinson and Mr. nncl Mrs. C. H. Chaslaln. with many relatives and friends of the former, welcomed tho guests.In the lobby of the theatre immediately In front of the main entrance to Hies EMiditoiiuni. receiving congratulations on the beautiful playhouse i:nd its charming decorations and r.lpolntmems. Taylor Wicker, of west of Blytheville. repoits having a field of corn up anil almost hl^h unoufh ta plow, cliiimlng •- - early bird line on corn. KITCHEN IIV SISTKIt MAHY .NK.A Sfrrlrc SlalT H'rttcr LITTLE HOCK. Ark.—Diamond Joe Sullivan, lost of the southwest's notorious outlaws, went to ins death in liie electric chair this inornint', Good Friday, without an outward sign of the yellow streak attributed lo him bv (he underworld. The masi any dinner snlucl makei the Injjrcdienls spoon pepiwr or paprika, .5 tablespoons .salad oil, 2 1-2 Inblisjwoiu lemon juice- or vluegnr. Mix sail and pe|>per and add lemon juice. Whi'n salt is dissolved bcHl In ol! with u fork or small dovur beater. Or the ingredients all. c»ii ta placed In « Frencli drcEsiinj botllc unel shaken vigorously. If the ol) and iiclil are well chilled the dressing will thlckuii slightly as It emuLslflcs and will not sepuiiile us quiciiiy. SiiKar and mustard aru uddid ol as individual inste dictates. A made with ttrrigon vlr*f»r. On« hard cooked egg (Iwlr mlnctd, 1 tabl«poo;> inliifw! p«rs!ey, 2 teaspoons mlncfd sweet red pepper or pimento, l scant twspoon jrit- fd onion *nd 1-2 teupood minced chlvef are »dd«l to Die slmule dressing. Aim-unique dressing lias i uble- i):uon minced parsley and 1 table- i|Kwn tnlnoed green pepper added lo Die rule. Kor 1'arlslun dressing, add l iiiblcsjiuon minced sweet reil |»pl*'i, 3 Inlikviiiooi'u minced grci-n' pepper, 1-2 tablespoon groteil «n- lou uiul l tablesixwn minced pars- Icy. A d.i.sli of JtiiiiLinl and 1-4 . ion powdered sugar are nelrt- "I wlih the suit and pc|i|»r, •Jomiefort c!i«\se dn'.«nii( addif tublesjxxms crumbled Hoquofott tliei'se to tlic original rule. Minced olive*, chill .snuce, catsup, minced picklfd becls, minced cuciiinbci pickle, or plcklM of ony kind ciin be mWed to Kiencii iln'sslng, changing It immensely. About l tablespoon of any one of the eomilinciils should be ucfifcd to one rule of the (trcsslng. Curry dresslnti adds 1-4 teii- ti ctirry powder and 1-4 ten i onion juice to [lie riitu tot Frencli ilrcssinj! which has b«n »1l)i tarragon vinegar, rt forget the various excellent "table" suuces available on Die murkft. A fe.w drops of any cf these sauces add piquancy to French dressing wlih very little clJojt on the cook's part. Tomorrow'.!' Mt n » BREAKFAST — Baked delicious Jiptes, ctrol cooked with raisins, cream, crisp toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON-Creamed eggS nnd noodles, spinach with Dutch s&ucc, pumpernickel, drop cookies,' milk lea. ' DINNER-clear soup, baked ham PAQB THRHS 1 • I,, with plnetppi«, new poUtOM In cream sauce, minted carrota aixt peas, head kltuce wl!h'Martinique drcMln«, vanilla Ice cream with maple sauce, milk, coffee. Insull Loses .. His Last Plear: exciting niomcnl u . -- vn.,^ UIHULL-S. n is when Ihe e.xpeit mop uf onion juice adds a distinct calls for a biiwl and onion llavor or a mere "suspicion" of her favorite "my be given by rubbing the bowl and mixes her own Iherc at th<. tnub. Or .sosnctlmcs . . lather i.s the salad chef— II doesn't iiiiiite-r, as lonu .us Ihe mlxc." has a 'curelul hand, a skillful eye right In which the ilrcMlng is to be inlx- " '"' with a slice of onion or a cm lor measurements of and a keen „ blends. The simplest of nil dressings is the French drc-ssinu. whidi is a combination of ttiluct oil, ncld mid Eeo.sonlngs. However, there are Innumerable variations to the basic i ulc. c-ach otic making a new dellBhl of a crisp head of letluce or • icniaine. The following rule for French dressing will please the nwrage.- taste but the oil can he hicreuscil or decreased to suit individuals, French Dressing One-half teaspoon salt, 1-4 tea- clove or Burlic, Nut .more than "tic-half tenspoon jiowdercd sugar r.r one-fourth teaspoon mustard ilmuld be used. These uru mixed with (he salt and pepper awl dls- tolved I,, the acid. The herb vinegars are invnlu- "bic as a means toward varying French drcssliujs. Lime Juice, Snipe fruit Juice, oran?e Juice and '.cmon juice can be uwd' slJigly or in combination with cider vinegar or one of the herb vinegars Chillonade ilre.ssini; is better if A«yti«t, CONSTIPATED Making hl» nnnl futile plea to escape eitrailltloD to the' U.'S,,"*"" Bumuel luaull, c»ptlv'e utlltilbi "" magnate, U) shown here before"' k Turkish tribunal ID Istanbul, '-' A Bliort time later hi WM «t»r't-' ".'" ert on hl> reluru to Ainrrlca 'lo "'i' lacu federal cbnreet iniwlis out ; uf till eiuulre'i cvllapie. '" i dun I li.v* to , . Y,,u V,,,, just cl,,w . | cwiij c.i,...,,,inj. m rtrwinn ,11.. •»!«, lhrl.«t,ve inpMfcdtv. .Ullnlmte. llirni uniformly lhtwi(liiml llic intrstints «.« n,,,« It,™ ,i,|, .„,,,-. .,„•„ (b . t»lr« |t ly T a| llf Hr. f ur it hdu, di^Jve thf <lry w.,lr mittft. Itdicl i, « rnt l r pnimpl .,„! twnpttlc. Kn-ii-.-mi,," „,„:. .m.»l.Kl,vei,, K rr,l™tll,,lll,rw, J ria', bnt pl.yj]n.n, .p,,r,,vr. It cml, ••]„». Fr.V.^1 TV" 'l> a *. ****'»* 'MM,*,, rcoi-K-nmt Ike c Try thi. Sheddan's Ssilve Kills Neuralgia 1'airi Swift dartlnu, nbrve exciting., pain stabbing neuralgia can be-. eased conijesUon broken with Sheddau's Salve. It contain] an .BinaKlni'ly powerful, soothlnK, '', tpn;cstlon nghUng drug not found, In ordinary salves. To case muscu-- poln, Jo!»t soreness and tq break deep chest colds, croup or., coughs. You can find nothing thatij [ids so swift, or brhws such amuz-' hit; results. Two kinds: MILD foV cnlldren; STRONG for adults. —Adv. 1. L. G. MOSS Hlythevilje's Cul-Rate UNDERTAKER Why Pay A Big I'rice? i Command the Road with the NEW BIG f e state // as our honest belief that the tobaccos used in Chesterfield are of finer quality—and hence pf better taste—than in any other cigarette at the price. llGGETT & MYERS TOBACCO COMPANY N3 Rh K-OACCO CO The BIG Straight Eight of the Low Price Field! At the amazing price of 1695 you get the Big Straight 8 tbat will outperform any 8 cylinder stock car, regardless of price. Sensational perfomwnct claims «re easy to make oil p«per. Hudaoo performance chinu areproi-ed—on the rood tin one year Hud»ou- built cars won more indiriduil official AAA ]ierfnrniiincc records than tny car in history ... 72 of tlietn in all! And the new Hud*oc Straight 8 will even outperform the can tbat smashed ail these records. THERE'S A NEW HUDSON READY FOR YOU TO DRIVE- PHONE YOItR NEAREST O F. A I. E R TODAV And economy? In addition lo its low upkeep cost, the Hudson 8 challenges any 8 to x give more power fmm less gasf New features? Scores of them. From year- 'round ventilation to the Baggage Compartment in the rear. Drive it yourself-tlie Big Straight 8 that commands the road! . rrtr «» ~l>}»« lo rKanc. titli.Hit iwtlrc 18 MODELS • TWO WHEKLBASI-S 108 mad 113 Horsepower Engines Stigkt Kara Charg, far Jmnory Kquipmtnt Main & Fifth Streets J.C. APPLEBY Blylheville, Ark. Listen to the Terntplane ProRram SataNay nights, 9 P. M., CST., WENR.

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