The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1934
Page 2
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ooutnte . .-•*•-« «c»,. wre chib e (itoicl by" its. 2. o. llsry! D«nee t't country club. EVENTS ' vlni t call SieedWg, e" of 1 Mrt. Jo< S. .. Mrs. Fred -Rutherford lu'vinj bWW pfctf. i:tf p-.Bf. c A*erle«n Let ion ind auxiliary l*vi* £lr* Aeetfci rf woman's - m. aftir*A( of vhmarVs ™* 1 * ** diWiouse' «t three Hjr Shy -Ny ,Sund«y school cleisd of Rrtt- Kptbt cliurrti me.etihtf *th;«H.--lHSg sfcoy aitf Mrs: B' T. Worthy" «t fe&jy honK. ' *e~rc iWet'ed by Martha Wksh- burn,-. Sue' Ramry s'nd W/riifWd Cr'aVford, dressed as Japanese rn*fd*iU, whtf distributed the or'l- ie)jf«l ! itUles ritede b/ student* of |Mi-<5 Vcldfa AdcbcX's tiYf class. Salad, iandwfches and tea' wcfC *'rv- -Mrs. J. p. Friend won hish score Mrs. L. H. Moore was second mid MM. Sa'iriuel C. Owen' won third Olheri receiving' glffe /of rWu scores »-er£: Mni«. Eddie n ni- iv.H ftiitJprt Potter, Ed Stanley arid |?d«ln Robinson and Miss Grace Mapcs. o/ Personal Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Dodson inul Two Mississippi ir? : tompfe h ' r "'" Slk '" dt " S "*'' 1y WO "' C "' Irfri: * W ' _j. ..... M o Ei n ,-_j^ ^^ ^ Thi Shady Lane Parent-Teacher ••isoclalion lias elected these ofllc Little pock' is in charge of ilio a T t .el i w pageant contest. ^ r.-T. A. at Shady Lane Members of [he Osccola Order Holds |f( EtecfMti of Eastern Star volcd at u,e raj. tilar mciSUug last iilglil to invite ™ m £"* «' ll »e Lcpanlo cliapier ito be their guests at a mtctin" next Wednesday evening when the iLepanto degree team will center degrees on cantiidatcs for Hie Os- ccloa chapter. Fourteen new members have been accepted in the cha|ltcr sllKC •Mrs. Annie Bunii became worthy Inmlroii Hie first of the year Two ,nre yet lo be Initiated AP^IL 18, county . Ofltofri ind teacher* - "pi lh<5 Sunday. school o'f the 1 First- Pret- bjrterljftii church sh»r«) honors with Dr.. and, Mrs. w. Moore Scott Art) lUJsSi Lyaa. Bess- Atkins of Lft.- tte R6ck,..*ho «rt conducting aii 1 evingeUstlc rhWHAfe here', ut rf hjicheftft flvtn--ty the Woman's Auxiliary , Morihiy «• the 'church: .•,The 35 .peeserif Wre' served 'rf three eiurseme'nu during a brief goeram: pr. seott-ipbltt. o( thiS Jwflty itiijl zeil of wotoeri in the" church, Mrs. . Scott i'as Irttrodut- ej."Mfes Atkrhs prj'e' two' wn'd- infs <na trte Rev', Stuart H. Sdl- mort, j^slor, spote' <Sf tl« revival'. ''..A&out K remained" for the rh- 5pjr»tioti«tV meeflnfc' of the nuxir'- iSry Orr the" theme "Christ in' UA\- Verslty Lift?." The' program' opened' *lth. mafic. *ith Mrs. C. ]tf. Gray at 'the iHinili, MrV. tf. X. Dobyirf ltd; the devotional arifl reports of th*.r*c*At h-eftyteVfal irfftiing' at |Wg ri1 £ **«' tfvfc .by Mines LfeW : frboper', .Roy;. .Wilton', .ahd '' "* '" • • - • Many Women Mrtfrf ' ' ,,thc County coiihcll' of «* tx-monstratlon cru^s m«t' hftc yeif-- tepdoy to h«i*f Miss' oindjii Klni- brough', ttn ntithbrify on food pfe- seYva'fioh. Thi' cpuhci! convened' at ten I'floCIf nt the B'lytheVll'lc VVorrran's' ' .. two'' hunircd present, represcnfiriB forfy-c'lght Bl W i.sHt- -Stf (Strlfr I H«V*;" whlchlittr * chal- Jo M *h*cfc tf.feefr iri b6ys ah» 6f fhls (fc- . c. ,Miu*rf risfhfri Strife A'ion 1 "' "trie u-as 4f. h* Gl'rl ScouU of Mfcs Mary. Emma Hood's troop netotf * , which *Hl'. be' u*S - . .. rce t by Mrs. ft W. Ramey It »M . Mpm^'i'rt with' the . .Miss Col'fmn'h, ttrf county home dehibnstra'flon' agent'. nreschte'd' Miss Kintbrougli fy <f\<t dub wbni- cn. The" de'rnonatVadon consfsted' of carinjng; v t'ornat'oft, rnitstar^' ff«ns- rfnrf fhkW. B5m ; t'h«' hot' wattr bath' eannlnrl anrf t'hc steam pWrfitrc .«Slc<!r canntnW *drt used. Th* tom'atWJs we'rf canncrf b'y thf hot wa't*f" .rftft'hott and th« *<&*. a 'W chlcft'ft iti- fhc st'enm prcauri rtoWf. Both' th« screw to> and glass top irrid' (ho.vaVious other fypft of Jars vtig grVen to e. rn«mbcrs. Ba'ch' person'. rissfnt: will Be' eri- titleij to the attractive Blue Book cohWlrii" Various fccipes oh a'nd ./dKa 1 .prc , .. - ing sWe'r'al days' licre. Mi's. Fannie' TJnte-att Of lifllllheldli, TOnu., -- ' . elster-ln-luw, and Mrs. Donald TjUf &{ rjr'imswlclc. Terii niece. *e'rd he-rt Saturday AS-IKI^: jf™". onl 'in emcrtiilnetl •M* ^¥»y -.tontrtcf cliib'' this tfcVfc when' Mr*.'j"di>n L-. JHnloy Jr:.-pl«X<^ farts' vcU'f, flic' rii'crn* Mrs. At the" .c'ortch'is|0n of 'the' game a salad coursii was' sorwtl »I»K fr*jj •({„ ^ .- i KcSfe'"'- " ^ >f ' e W °^' "**'"'* i '* > ' .• i *' th* Meeti . '.,..' • Jffiiberl o< {'tie .Young Kfetiins «rid8*«yi#a cardrf it the horSe of Mrs. Joe' TrfrwrYman Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. W. 0 Higtinson won the prize, lingerie] A salarf, rolW a!ftd Iceti (H were «, For the" serond time trie play ' Adventures of Grandpa" has been postponed. The Ui'rc* . act fnfce comedy, to be sponsored by llhe «nfor high'.P.-T'. .A., will' be" given Thursday and, Friday, April 26 arid . Dearly all the fish in Navajo tafe, Utah, were killed whc'ri fht lake ;froie' almost: completely' U*t ' ' Kfr.,, arid Mrs. Clm'rlcs Oros, of Sl F -. p : J »c61)s, both of oscc- Birmlnghanj, Al«., .•iiwnt the week- 0)a . w »l Jiavi poems' Iri the bro; eAa \t-lth M'f?. Gros' parents, Mr. c . llur ^ °< poetry whicli tlie For-n£ Mrs. Wlll'lani fjing. fffl City Dlstrfc't ^ederaUo'n u? N. Johns' sii'rfe'rcd a stroke of Women's c j u gj ^ U1 have 'publish- psralysis lute yesterday afternoon e(| .. 'L- 1 '^. l n:*/ <f rl< ms «omlillon| Twenty-two Northeast Arkansas ^iits lidnic on Chicka.siJwba a\-e- club women submitted poems or nwf. His rhrht sirtc is paralyzed, croups, of. verse in r«ponV to the M^s. Jchns Is Jusl recovering from request of tyn. Jacobs agtliiK vice "....I?"™ strolcc suslalncU more; liresirfent of the federation who th »" ' Wf »«<>• l (s compiling tlw brochure. ' Filial The condition of Mrs. VirBlnia'pians for Its publication were to Keck, vfho is serloi'isly III, Ls un- |bc made at, the district m«-hn^ changfd today. Her granddaunh-i which is irV session at Helena to ter, Mte Marijaret Keck, who day, , lo came home a wecjt ago to be wllh| Before le»ving to' attend thr h ? j rcfurncd 16 Sl. (Jhurles,! meeting Mrs. Ja'cobs said tlie rc- "Xfi^ *i 1 ,? r - J Eho " ltrtuln u »<tcn-jSPonse from the club women liad joaf college. Her son-in-law, it. i»ecn very gratify),,-, anrt 1,^, K^Undrani left Sundiiy for His cd that, a surp'rising numlx-r were h<Srn6 irt Mci'ced, Cii'l., spend J •- -- J' s l' rl »« s . ° f "• »•" "IE -ji Aicni- phfs, spent yesterday in Osccolr s guests of Mrs. Jl m Dr i VC r. ers for the new year: Mrs.'Jimmle Hipp, president; Mrs. Frank Story. vice pmldent; Mrs. Ruby Perkins, secretary and treasurer; Mrs. Milton' Stoner, reporter. PwsogdFrknd •! CfffLLICOTHE, O. (UP)— H. u , . . Harmon, 82, one of the lew per- "The Proper Thing" , „__„--, ,--. niibojg jnnru y 115 - t \ form of..nt erary self-expression. f l re ',, Jac * s "Pained that porais or the brochure will not be se- , MiirBuerlte nptl Ffutl a rcctcd as In a contest, and will. ch6e«' one or more iBro,n> prfeenfed. Hy a' Mrs. 'J. A. Ix?ecli an if Mrs. O; P. M6fc sptnl yesterday (ind' today m ,Mayflcld mid Pa'duc'an. Ky. Mrs. Earl Kooiilz luis returned to her home in Fulton, Mo., after <$ .visit with her mother, Mrs. E. M. HrynA. a'lid dauslilcV, Miss Ellen. . 1 liftS. O, C. Ganske si»nt yesterday i'iffi fi-lc"ral< l:i p'arago'lilrf. ^fre. Ma'rgurci H'lity has ret'urn- J?,- to fe 'i 0 * 0 .'" Wc'4. Point. ,««ss. r .aflfr a visit with Mr. arid Mrs. Frank' Hislifill aiid Sfr. arid Mrs.. ft HlgliiHl. Mr. and Mrs. Frank" Sigliflll accompanied htr horne! ; Mrs. A. Coiiway ( accompanied by Sirs. Godfrey White of Osce- bla. is Epci'idlh'g' today in Moni' "'A . , , .«rs. J. .E. Crlt/, is ill 'at licr nbme on Ninth street. , n, whl!t not conOnc.i to their group, is announcement the Arkansas Hie Centennial couunlttce is offering an a*aVtf of 5106 for a' WK . «<nt depicting the liistor'y of Arkansas 0 w p y csc , lt( , d )H , !ic Cenfenntel ex t )6silioi, in 1936. Mrs S..U OWdlsh b'f Osc'eolrt has been " In the. Nevatta desert, near Las Vegas,, alfalfa' was found" to grow " inches iiv 26 days'.- d to A 'fU AT WE HAVE B&EN AWARDED : THE EXCLUSiVE AGENCt fe , AN it RE A- booklet containing the opinions of famous doctors on this interesting subject will be sent FREE, while they liist, to any reader waiting to 1 the Educational Division', Dipt: M3, MS fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. —Adv. wrll- Details of especial importanco to tc remembered when writing a letter arc: Never typewrite nn invitation. acc3|itnnce or regret Nev;r lypewrilc a formal social nolc. Be chary of underscoring any poslscrlpls. Do not write iici'Oss a iiage already written on. Do not use unmatched paper and envelopes. .Do not write in p.«- cil—exccpl A note to one of your family written 0:1 a train where ink is unprocurable, or mite you aro flat on your back • have „ ..(.„. ^M.H. --- -. -, tin. liutlinun 111 ILL "1L I Dob- Williams and every club member in the' district! illness. Never seiiiTrT Slcr witn )»'en spent sHrlduV *ho is i»ritinr rvwuVv c t,=n i 1 r, k, n > ni . i, v c ttlln "n n. Never sprinkle , Italian or any other foreign words through a letter written in English. y ou ,, 0 , 10( , re an Impression of cultivation, but of Isnornnce of your own Use a forolsn word if *• c "' o «r- liorncns groups over the county and .to, others who are In' " Alri id " of ,'W* ;•- - « 5 <en the slate is eligible to enter. The" _ pageant, tire rules' specify J^.^ '!'. "re, part's covering' the panish occupation, French occupation., pioneer period, tire' Con- fcimcf. and t':'.o modern pro: P 6 -^ ?! the state, .ml """ 1 to HAS HELPED THEM jt ««l if hesitating' between two words, a ways select one of Saxon "Hhcr Hum Latin orin jn , Ncvcr put anything on p;ip«r that would cause you or anyone mortification , , sons in Ohio to have been personally acquainted with Abraham Read Courier News Want Ads. Lincoln, died here recently. General Ekctric gives pit r,i«,. » , Trv J >, lfikT ' Sl>reatls I'lMv. 'ry tins new wonccrfni Facs i>ow dcr MELLO-GLO. 50. and si —Adv. 2 GRADK A Raw Milk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy The stantbtoi i jte# warrant) . . .- plus ^>«*rfadkKtk>fJai protection on the Monitor top only t$ * Th* mechifltca! performance of the rcfrigerataf you buy det'ermmcj its vjhie to you ... the sirisfacndri it' *ill give you year after year. Let us show you why the famous General Electric Monitor Top mechinism cin offer the unequalled protection of 5 years fc* only *1 a yte. 1914 mo'dVis are tbe finest, rrioar' tttra'criTe refr'igclhitdrs G-E eiret built. Come in and s«e them ,oew. Aii-Steel abirtM, wkh potcefairi both inside and out. Srainl«j stcifl rreenrig crrimbe'r. Sliding'shelves. Autorriific interior lighting: Foot ped»l door opener. Automatic defroster. Control fot fut or slow fi-eezihg. More ice, less current a'rid full lefr'igerating, capacity for even unusual demands; Also set the tittv G-t. fl4t-tt$ meJtl. . ~ Aristocrat of ptftilar friciH nfng*ators. HUB6ARD FURNITURE CO, nnounce for. this reGOgrtizeol leader in the Cosmetic Field Etizabeih Ardens Veiielian Toilet Pre|)a'ratioi« Into eacli forriiflfa of tfiis wonderful treatment line , is iii(50Y(K>nrtcid the t'mesf hvgrtdtetifs money fafn buy aYid the kri'owledge gamed by end- Jess research by {he world's foadiftg cosHietici'aiis.. .'-We offer iliis eom- f^ e<c ^««e at stand<tf(< prices. KIRBY BROS. DRUG CO. The Toiletry Center of BlytheVille i 3 horie 23 .L S Three [ Flavors - - J'teau Cruneli Chocolate Vanilla L famous Ice Cream Is Now Available At Kirby Bros. Drug Store Corner Main and Broadway Different in taslc, the rich, smooth flavor of I. Ben Miller's ice cream will quickly win your approval. Manufactured since the 1904 World's Fair ,this ice cream has become famous for tiic consistency of its ingrcdienls. // Costs No More . . Try It and Be Convinced! Free-Thursday-2 to 4p.m. Everyone is invited to be the guest of forty's Thursday afternoon, April 19, from 2 until 4 p.m. at which lirrte this famous ice cream will' be served free. W c want you to become acquainted with its superior quality. Children will b c served free when accompanied by grownups. Fomous since 1904 , . .the richest in butierjat of any ice cream ever shipped to Blytheville . . . 181% butter fat.

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