The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1930
Page 6
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rii.vnircvn.i'.rc/ JESS 111 BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufe Jones Facing Stern Tesl in Fight for Fcurlh Crown of Year-Againsl Veteran ARDMORE, Ha.-Jess KweclMc>r, veteran unmcur star, stands in the .vny of Bobby Jones and n fomih .-najor golf cliamrjionMilp of the .•car in tlie semi-fins! round of ito National mnatsiir championship V>lay. If Bin Jos.b fails to keep Bol)- jy from the final round, (he Itr- .nidable Georgian will encounter . ilhcr Eiij.-mo llomnns. Englcwocd, | J. J. youth . rind former Prliicsion •:olf champion, or Charles Server, liitkesi Los Angeli's youth In Hie .inuK : liobby won his vmy to tlic i.cml- inaK by dbiiosiiiK of Fay Coli;- •lan. C up and five to go, In y;s- erday's quarter finals. Bui" the .oiling- emperor failed to display ny remnrkaWe golf iinlil the bsl ew holes cf hi.s match with Co!c- '.ian. Stt'celMi- entered the final round | ;y beating yuiing Maurice .J. Me- ] arthy, the iron man of the meet. up and four to play. Sweeter, a Heron of International and nu- ioiml.-pto'y Is favored to ijlvj Jonrs stiff fight over t!)c 3C hole route )day; Homnris won his way to (he scml- nals In the biggest upset, of thf if by trimming Johnny Lihmnn of .hicago, the western nmntour iiampion, 8 and 7, with n game !iat was close to ]>ar all the way. feeafer,' who has just entered nr. freshman at, Stanford University, .as never so much as ranched the laich play of a national lourna- icnt hslorc while Hcmiyi's chief ta'ims lo fame heretofore were his .ictrfipolitan championship victory n 1028 and a tie with Hobby Joins or the medal at Pebble Beach last ear. A TRUE FISH JOUN suTuVE.cny EDiibeoFTOe SM. GA..PRESS, CAUGHT 7 SHARKS AMP ACRK& ON THE SAME UOOKATWESAMETTM ..... rue MAMA SHARK WAS. FOUR FE LONG, AND INSIDE. WERE 6-S.MUS&W P&KED 8brW SNABKS/EAGI 6 INCHES LONG., ..Tie MAMA SHARK HAO A CCM IN MOOfiA SrE rlADSNKrcUGDOOflT SHRIMP ONTHE FKUERMM& WoK. CLAIMS To HAVE fAANV V^ OF GREAT RMIS, MONTWA, M^DE A k- vuERg STRUCK: cofey THE HiTSAFELV AND "2-WBRE EAFg ON ERRORS FRIDAY, SRn'KMIijRRgfi. -1 fl:)0 . The. Wisconsin Wonder Eighteen ymrj ago a young mim left tlie old dairy farm near Clear Luke,-Wis.,< and.went to tlic city. In his pocket he Imd 'the change from $25 after ; buying a ticfcH to St. Paul./.' If you had met him In Bruins Boat Reds Thursday anri Still Have Chance; A's in Wm_ KKW YORK. - The St Louis Cardiual.s were but one uame away lirim the National league pennant nftrr yesterday's struggles w iiu e the Phlladcl|ih!u Athletic.!,, who are leitain lo opjiose the champions the senior circuit 'In (\\i world's M-i-ies. took thliiK.s easy but .sliow bulling strength In a lopsided triumph over the Yankees. Tlic Rod Birds walloped-the Pitli- liuryh Piralos a to 0 bcfofo a park full of frantic home- fans at St. J.ouis. Hurlclgti Qrline.'i was In ,t-x- wllcnl «rm and held the lines' lo icjven hits. Sunny Jim Boltomley (.rushed a homer. The Chicago Cubs, still with an i outside clmnca at thu pcnnan:, played their llrsl (jaine under floj- IMS Hornsby, their new maiiaatr yesterday, and refused to ii? count- id IHI »y t.-aling the Cincinnati I Ki'ils, 1 to 3. :[-aclmn get credit Kir the win but l-iormby jerked him in the ninth for Malonc wlien iiu-hoiil began lo weaken. The n 'ds cracked two homers in the ninth to muke the game tight. The -Athletics turned the first tame of their final series into a M'ssion of ballinu practice against the New York Yankees pounding tut a 13 to 3 victory. Lou Ciehrig iiccBimted lor all the Yanks' runs with his 4lit homer In the first Inn- int'. Tlic Washington Senators trim- rued the Boston Red Sox, 3 to 2 M'hh A) Liska hurling eood ball • that was almost matched by Danny MacFayden's hurling. Joe t.? directed the Nats and Art Shirts took Ills place at first base. St. Louis 90 Chicago 87 New York S5 Brooklyn ;... 84 01 U4 07 B't 1'itl.Hburijli 19 72 Ho.iton 69 S2 Cincinnati 59 92 Philadelphia 82.100 Association was Plaintiff, said decree-rrr'the sum of »i,83018, I No. 4705 with 10 per cent lulercM,' from 'and U. s. Griffith, et al., were February ]•. 1930. 'nefendanlii, will seH at public The purchaser at said sale will auction to the highest and best be required to execute bond with bidder, on a credit of three approved security, to secure the mcnths, at- Ihe front door of the payment of the purchase money |Court House, between the hours and a lien will be retained unoji prescribed by law, in the' City of .said property a.s additional secur- VI. L. Pet. niythevllle, Arkansas, on the 11 Ity for liio payment of such pur- .59C <lay of Octolxr, 1930,' the follow, chase money. .510 ini! real estate, lo-\vit: "Witness my hand and Ihc seal of .559 .550 ' L >, Tw'tmy 120), Block "A".- fioulhslde Subdivision lo Manila, Arkansas.i Said sale will be had to satisfy said Court, on this 18 day of Kept., 1030. W. W. HOLIJPETER, Commissioner in Chancery Anirrli-an- Philadelphia Washington Ntw York Cleveland l-eigut W. ... 101 .... 92 .... 84 70 D:;rcit .- 74 St. Louis 03 Chicago 50'.n '. 51 100 where he twirled for $80 n month, world ferlcsii Dctiolt brought, him lo the big Cardinals leaynes nlong wllh Gcorjje finrns, Ihe' first liaseman who Is now playing in the Pacific Coast League. Burns was nut to aioux- City for Ecnsoning and Grimes went lo ChiUtanoogn. In Ihc-fnli of 1013. Burlelgli Arlaiul Grimes was nol recalled, mid It wns n discouraged young man who trekked [o the north woods lumber ciimu for n winter of toil, at S35 n month. Grimes' left arm was broken in n log j nm during (he ivlnler of 1913-14. and in the spring when he reported to Chattanooga he wns waived to Birmingham. Birnihv- tium sent hlni to Richmond ro- calling hliif In 1915 During 'tft'e ' the day?'coach,-, of A the. train that, i whjtcr.lij.' -vforked in h'sUel mill In carried 'Turn to St. Paul, he might l9HrhT*we'nt like n lioiise afire'am! Grimes had hnd nrnvlmis world series experience. That was in 1920 when Brooklyn find Cleveland tangled- Grimes won the firs: cauie, 5 to 0. Grimes says that lifter that gnmc the Cleveland team solved Calch,?v Otto Miller's rlsimb am! knocked his (ast ball out of the Is;. Cleveland heat Grimes 7 !o I in the second Kame lie pitched, nnd » to 0 In his third effort, which th? deciding 'game of the srrles. Cooler-Holland Team Plays Ark^Mp Sunday ~*tie nilght told you that his name was Biirlelgli Airland 'Grimes, He went to Mike Kelley, man- nE.3r of. the 'St. Paul club of the American Association. Kclloy lincl been a friend .of his father, Nick. Mike looked over the 19-year-old kid and told him to try Eau Cltiire Burleigh tried' It. 1L? pitched for Eni(; : Claire ,two months anil (lie league: blew : up. Burleigh will tell 5auto this .day- that Eau-Claire owes,him-$80.:. '-. .' t u. . ^ '. _' ' - • * -> . Dtltolt Tries Him '. Burleigh. had iibout- 75 cents-in his;Jeani.when th'et'league folded. Huss Bailey.- manager of the team, loaned the young man a five-spot and." Grimes bought" a ticket - to Austin,' Alton., wlierc IK; got a Job pitching semi-pro ball. The nest yoar-'he-drifted lo.Otliimwa, la., l91(i-t)T*w'e'nt like n lioiise iis traded to Pittsbnri;li. • • V i A Truvrlilis Man Grimes got away badly with Pitt's- liurgh, and in the full of 191V he was tradci' to Brooklyn. The next vear he pltchrd good ball for Uncle tlcobic, but In midseason of I9iy v,-as spiked by Frank Frisch and had to mmit tli.-; game for the rest ef the season. From Brooklyn, Grimes went to Ihe Giants, nnd McGra\v sent him to Pitlsbuigh. This year, f.Hcr salary differences with Barney Dreyfurs. Grinds was scnl to the Braves. -After a short time with Ihc Braves, he was sent to the Cardinals. Which is- b'y way of telling you how it ha'ppsns thai, a e.:ullen'ian J7 years old, named Burleigh Ar-Und Grimes, will pilch one of the Ldiy, Molting Hens Cant Beat This Combination The Ark-Mo indepi'mfpiH club nf Blytlvsvlllp find the-Cooter-HollaiKl All-Slars will Knew ho.'.tilllics Sun- lay afternoon at the Chicago Mill inrk. .. . The Ark-Mo club tViumphcd last Sunday but the Missouri agurega- lian ]>romises n re-iufoniiecl line- ip for Sunday's enrmm'ter. Comity will bring players from Holland. Cn- rnthcrsvllb and Cape Girardetiu. The Ark-Mo team claims a re- I carving exhibit at the cord 01 20 gami's won and only at, Detroit for the last five lest for ^hc season. I for Wnllac- Thompson Chicks vs. Earle In First Tilt Leity Alexander Hurls For Osceola Nine Sunday OSCEOLA, Ark.—Lefty Alexander, leading pitcher of the Western Association, will be on Ihe mound for the Indians against the strong New Madrid, Mo. club' nt Osceola —.— • j Sunday. Alexander was with the With Ijie Earle High grldders as i Independence club and was picked Ilielr opponents the Blylheyilla | by tile sport writers on the mythical High Chicks open the local grid,nil-star learn. season here lliis afternoon. Captain Rnyder nnd Pete Craig, veteran fullback, 'will lend a gre?i) and crippled team Into action against (he Earle eleven which has n formidable reputation. 'The game. which at first hnd Ih? aspect of 'an curl' season ' - Yesterday's Games Aiiifricun I.t'Liguc Chlcagu at Detroit. St. Louis at Cleveland. New York at Philadelphia. Only e nines .scheduled. National l.tujfuc Pittsburgh a: SI. Louis. Cincinnati al Chicago. Only game:, .scheduhtl. Two thousand Mexican worker? j eccnlly completed a 35-mile i -tretch of road, near ihe town of I Tremendo, in one day. curly' season workout, loomed ' to tlay as a serious test for the Chicks!' Early (his afternoon high- school students singed an automobile pa<: rndc through the streets of the city. The game was scheduled to get underway at 2:45 o'clock. WINS CARVING PRIZE I FLINT. Mich. (UI')-A wooden j lumber with the aid of a Jack knife won first place In the.wood state fail- four years The New Madrid hoys will have with Ilieni a number of ex-leaguers who nr.? at home for the winter season. Chester Calrtwell of Blythe'viltc will replace Stotts nt short in Sunday's grime. • . > LAST VETERAN DIES SOUTH BEND, Ind. (UP)—TIlD twenty-first Indiana battery with Its bright Civil War record today was only a mcmoiy. Its last surviving member—Charles A. Lawson, 89, was buried here this week. COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice fs hereby given that Hie mdersigned commissioner, in com Jliance with the terms of a decree endered by the Chancery Caiirt to the Chickasawba District of Mississippi" County, Arkansas, on the 17th rtay of May. 1930, wherein- American Building Loan Association wa.s Plaintiff, and Gertrude i No. 4700 Soiithwortli, et al were Defendant;, will sell at public auction [o Ihe highest and best bidder, on a credit of three months, at the front door of tlic Court House, between the hours prescribed • by law, in the ! City of Blytheville. Arkansas. oi> i the llth day of October, 1930, Hie following real estate, to-wil: Lot five (5) and the East one- half of Lot G. Block One (1) Sudliury Addition to Blytheville, Arkansas. Said sale will b? had to satisf' said decree in the sum af $3150.83 with 10 per cent interest from March 1, 1030. The purchaser nt said sale wii be required to execute bond will approved security, (o secure t!ir payment of the purchase money and a lien will be retained upor said proiierly as additional secur ity for tlic payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal n' snici Court, on this, the 18lh dnv o[ September, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETKR, Commissioner in Chancery. 9-19-20 EAGLE MALT SYRUP Try Eatfe Malt Syrup I in tjinger bread or custard and you will agree —Zats Good. Send a Icbel from a tan of Eagle Malt to Eagle- Malt Extract Co., Mew- phis, and receive King Zats Bed Timt story book free. KING OF THEM ALL FEW NUTS FOR SQUIRRELS FLINT, Mich. (UP)—Michigan pliance COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given Hint the undersigned commissioner, in com- wilh the terms of a de- squirrels will fac; a. serious food cree rendered by the Chancery shortage this winter, conservationists have predicted due. to the sum- Court for the Chickasawba Dis trict of Mississippi County. Ar- . . mer drought and lack of nuts in kansas, on the 17 day of May 1930 I. the wooded sections of the state. wherein American Buiidlns For gelling Ihc molt quickly over ant! the hens buck a I vork layinghiggeramlliet- Icr eggs, and more of them, nothing pan compare iviih a coui- hinnl poultry feed consisting of cijual parla of Quaker and Quaker FUl-O-PEP FUL-O-PEP GROWING MASH E G G M ASK Th*ae scientific feeds are exactly ™hnt your liens need lo build new feathers, new blood, nnd lone «|> their systems so they are eager lo lay. Each designed lo do a SJXM ial jol>, they arc unexcelled in bringing your liens through Ihcinm- prodnclive period in the shortest jmssihlu time. Lei us tell you more abonl this "fifty-fifty" feeding plan. Yes—VK have these fccds-A'OIF! Browne & Billings Co., Inc. Blytheville, Ark. »*T R TE E PS TN S TRIP E D SAC R i "Call a spade a spade'— a cigarette is only as good as it tastes oull appreciate MAGNOLIA ETHYL every time you step on the e 11 e r taste and milder too! ONE will always stand out! © 1«0, LtcctiT & MYZHS TOBACCO Co. With Magnolia Ethyl comes a new appreciation of what your motor can do ... new power to climb hills in high . . . new pep in traffic . . . never a knock, but always the utmost in performance. Get Magnolia Ethyl today . . . step on the gas . . . then notice the difference.' ME-7B MAGNOLIA STATIONS AND DEALERS i THROUGHOUT THS , SpUTHWIRT

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