The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 19, 1931
Page 3
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MONDAY, JANUARY 19, RI.YTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS PAGE THREK Futile Quest For Happiness Explaines Misfortunes That Have Followed Clara Bow (Continued from page one) appetite." He advocated tile whippiny past as a p-jjsiulc cure lot some form.', cf crime. He wrote •'. IPU°r lo Governor Franklin Hocsevelt, Sew York, which when n:?.de public by t!".e governor, r.tis- •••J. r. nation-wide slcrm. Kcnycn Leading nry ' He invested the p.oveiror-, c; tt:c .'-.talcs slinuld work toward undertaking internal pcllrv re.4ii!a- ticns to prevent '.Mc-oiis, ->;je.ikeis- ics and the like: Malic Hi-: nru 1 .:!)- nl govern!.lent sl'.culd concoimal: ; damped the stieet? ill !!f|U3!'. Another dominant ip.ur? in i 1 .: c-ciiuniision's internal slrn?"'-> -;•• prohibition was Federal Judge William K. Kciiyon. 11; iorm ••.• . : a pro^ies-lvc 1 Republican .-ipiuicv : from lo'.va. one o;' the aul'.i:.,-:; i Ir.e \V;l>l)-Kcnyon act c! pre-prcV.i- blticn times v.hidi prevent rl .':!!;•.:• , jVi-nl cf liquur into a diy stale. Al- : I»Y DAN THOMAS M:.\ Service Wrilrr HOI.l.yWOOD.—Clara Ho\v, the iiltle rcii-l.rnd from iircckljn, wl>i> :.nct u;i i rt i n nowhere to become cue of tiryiios! famous and wealthy cl mosTn^ pic'.urc actresses. thi< idol dl millions of film-struck star- IW-'rs and Ihe nati'.iiM syncnym lor (cmsninr charm, ha, liainc;! jus, 1 . ;:bom r.vcrythiiiij Ihal life cp.n ulicr a Kir!-except liaiiplncss. Tha'.. of course, rounds l!k'? the- old pi.?.;:, afeenl slufl. Bin ii liap- f-.".'.'., v.i be- uuc' Air.l i: is also inie llml she hasn't changed in the least sine? Ihe da>-6 when she o( llrooklyu I fkin» for a job, jusl one of a million clay-dreatnlntr firippers;and ll.c combination of these two facts "..-L-cuiKs for most of the scrapes siiti) which ihe regularly get her- l.'.'i 1 latest bit c;f Uniblc, cenlcr- :::;; uround Ihe emrulily of her ix:-!-<rei-ny. Daisy Dcvci, lias cm- rj'.iastiet! lt:e fact Hint Clara lias lercnnia! (rouble In finding n boy »-.iys independent in party aifairs : . iricnd that she can slick to. Xi'iiycn became di',-?u<'.e:l with p-1- I !!;lc ' k uf tlial 1S 0lQ fclct lhal 1K) " iik-s after war. Though his popu-l £il '°" means nothing to Clara. A larity in Iowa almost insured hmi '• "ilread president would mean no •more to her thnn a scclion hand. If she likes n person she gives all l:.:v loyalty and nflcclion; if. sue doesn't .she jusl can't ba bothered, 1:0 matter ho'.v much money or Inw high a position the person . a 1 iv have. I Has Known Unliappinrs.s Since -Newton 1). Baker, srcrolary (.'. . Cliiuihnod war under Wooarow Wii=in and /^ 5 n matter of fact, Clara *s cue uiKlerstccd to 05:1:53 many fei- • of Ito 'unhappiKt girls in Holly- tures of present prohibition polii!:23, j \vccd. Since she was a youngster Sylvia Sidney . . . she will lakr in Drroklyn she has known nothing clam Uo« J s place opposite Gary but unhappincss. After she got to (; oolicr j n (he plclurc from which the lop rims of Uir moving pic- Clara, has b«n withdrawn. lure ladder she felt Ilia', happiness | cuijlit lo te "fier to Get at, and ; ?lic- storied reaching out foi It: i but each time she frisnd il moie' elusive than she' supposed. Flul she | ; always keeps on r:achins for it. | Crnsrniienily. ^h:. 1 Sjels in'.o lots: n .seal in the senate ir.d?fhiii;ly. he I resigned nni! asked rrrsident Hard- ! ing to appoint him lo ihe federal' bcncii. A s'.rcus dry, Kenyon was i Ihe chief member who prca:!ed I'no I cominlFsIon in its prohibilion stud- ' ako \vas an active member, taking ..isiie with dryer member? of the • co'.'JimUsion. Dean Roseoe Pound cf the' Harvard law school, noted for ' his oulspokcn disregard of some of the orlhodox view.s of Hie bgal prn- ; lession, \ias another prav:c.ilive | bad hick for life." she says. "The marvelous brenk ! linve liad 1" gottlng Clara Bow's jiait 111 "City Streets" convinces mu of thai. Ol er.mse, 1 am U-rvlbly sorry that 1 had lo get It on account of Clara's (111 health, but it makes me think | I am uoiiiK to be lucky lor the duration of my fllm i::ire.;r," Miss I3ov., Ky i:.s way, apparently is nol "through." D. P. Schulbcrg, llic Paramount rxccullvv who an kouiKCd the subslluitlon of Mis Sidney for Clnru. sr.>s her physi-1 clan has iiifl.i'.ecl thai she tak« * ; ir.omtrs vncalion, and announces | that her iwsl film will bo "WorklK Girl," token from the state play. "Ullnd Mice." Negro Vengeance for Mob Murder Feared MARYVIU.E. Mo.. Jan. 19, (UP) —Many clttons of Miuyville went juout their tasks aimed today «s the result ol widespread niniors lha; ncsrws were crcnnlzuiK to W:HBS- Hie dcuth ol Ilaymoucl Gmm. wlro was burned to death by a mob a week (150 lo avenge the inui\l:r ot Miss Velma Colter. rf icrapes. S!'.'j at heart she's still imiiulsive, mid the rcd-iicaded fcrtime. She came to Hollywood about n week ago and immediately stcpiHd right into Clara Bow's shoes—and if that isn't Bood fortune, what is? Sylvia Gels Clara's "RijtResl Opiorluiiily" Miss Sidney will have the part Married Women Will Resign Highway Jobs LITTLE HOCK. Jntl. 19. (TJP> — All women employes of the slnte j highway derailment who are m»r- I rlcd will resign TVbruary 1. it WAS I learned lliroujh officials of Uie de- partmeni todny. i Allhough highsvay officials refus- I ed lo coniincui il was believed that resignations hnd l>een asked as a ,stei> toward reducing the forces ol ithe. dei»rlment during the present depression. Hit VAN BUT LK1TEK WRITKR MEMPHIS, (UP)—Mrs. Ella Mc- D.iniel, for more tlian 20 years a hotel public steno«raplier here, is of the opinion tliat, William Jennings Bryan was Ihe most beautiful i of letter writers—Irvln S Cobb, the nov?lisl, the "mo.;t mutt«r of fncl." Cobb's letters Mrs. McDnn- iel said, were about "as dry lliose of a business man —(horc was not a bit of wit in I hem." ft i.s said that the first American urocklvri fli'.pjirr with neilher more; nicanl for Clara and "City Slrcels," . ,.,.,. ,»„ i nor le^ worldly wisdom than U» opposite Gary Cooper. It tad | novel.was ^ibMshed ^__17ea _ai,d ordinary flapper lias. I pre There is Ite matter of those | friends, for ins lance-tnlavgea uj.-1 ^ ;•--•- "fnf^ofcourse means There nre 21 cables across the | :n ro sympalhetically m conri by j |*o jeare^ uiis^ol^^ .^ ^ ^^ ^^ (Continued from page 1) director of the mid-western district of the Red Cross, and Albert Evans, assistant director of disaster relief, made it known here today the national ovsanizalion will open a ranch cIDce here next week. As a further relief measure hot lunches will be served in all nira! schools cf Arkinsr.'; where ford is posite Gary Cooper. a eviously b^en declared that this written by Sarah W, Morion under vl would give Clara the greatest j Ihe tide of "Power of bympathy. continues through Victor Fleming,! '™ ( *> «„'" be hers Gary coouer. Dr. Earl Peai-son, Miss Sidney is one of the most Harry Hlchman and the present unusual^girls ever to invade Hol>- reieninK fovo-ite Rex Bell ! wood. To beshi with, she doesnt With each one'Clara thou'slu slw I fcsembL? any other actress on Ihe had. lounb happiness; and each she discovered siie hi'.d been. mistaken. We know the little redhead pretty well, and in cnr opinion no m?.u will ever be able to j n-nkr- her happy for any ' c'.ase or screen. Nearly every new- ccmer here i£ immediately compared to some famous actress—but there is nobody to whom you can j compare Miss Sidney. She Is just • f «t! Iicisclf; neither very bcaulifu! nor STOPPED HAVING BILIOUS SPELLS "Hliick-Draught Relieved Me,' Says This Lady. Complexion Cleared Up. OKI A110MA CITY, OkU.—Mrs .-AM_;j.:> UJ t\, b. iT]^;L-5 \\:lLTf lOr.Q IS >' ilp - *- 1 - 1 1'iJJt'. 1 •" ^--~- n ,,-,^t r.,11 ,,nr ^.^..*.." ^ •• - -, ^-« —. .--• needed, it was said Sam J. Wilson.! lenslli of i;ino unless he is her sup-1 l.'™^',,,^ 1 ,^,"", qulel ' la " " or Leslie Little, of 305 West Chlckasaw limildnting agent for the clss;;! | e!icr i;l every respect—which " rr '" '" '' ~ ' American Exchange Trust comnany. had offered Ihe Exchange National ;:;'i!lty tlronir oiVier. is something pretty likable s ai-hort—just different. siKfl. this city, says she used, t Her career behind the footlights 6Uf[cr fr(J||| mJousne^ and const i when was 12, when sne , o.uaners. wliich W3^ accepted. Clara's warm sympathy. ' H?h?"s nn instance: Officials said She lunches wautd ' WrU " L °" S JSg"" 1 *" SiCk be served until Marc:, 15. and after j Th(? rlher d the cnmc to court thai tune if il KE.IIS necessary. The j law and got a stiff reprimand machinery of operation will be com- ] from „ movie exe cutive. She took mittees In charge of county su- j lt standing up, making no effort to , ; ,.j . M At 15 : my amw!llc '' Guild i^ 1 wouldv ,^ C . i have a bad would in- she entered the Theater school in New York, studied m-, .. ! (ensively for o year and then was " the leading role Ir then dizzy and 'lose Mrs, tittle up feeling .dull, atii taste In my ' '" by stage successes, ending with perintendent.5 of schools, which will j defend herself'' but later she told I Girl ." wlilcr has just closed, work with home demonstration us w j lv s i,e had been lato. There! Bad Luck Enilsas^Chance C acnus ar.d ivilh the stale depart-j in a cick child buck in Missouri who j meni= of cduc^licn. : idolizes Clara, and tlie actress has] I "My father had been using Thtd I ford's Black-Draught. • foi' ' som i time, so he suggested that I take'-l "It relieved mo at-once. I foun She has a tfemendous amount of | « the best thliig for-con and perseverance. Once 11 had ever tried. .1. Ux* it before Comes Final decL^ion on de at Memphis and b? issued ircm this paiait to farmers in Arkansas. will be ' cording to the doctor, because it She refused, and s _ checks will'had HO desire to do so. So Clara lo the end of the shows run. M ] f i Mopchers biven j Coupons By Citizens' OMAHA. NEB. /UP)—There's a system to this clicrity ctuU in Cn-shi since ihe R«v. C. O. Sui- 'vcrg. superintendent of Anybody's ' .MifEicn. Iwgan lo issue co'.ipon books, valued al SI. When a stranger accosts a stranger the more forlunalc of the way. I wo only hur, lo pul! his bonk from j Meanwhile, lliere is the matter of his pocket and dole out a ticket or i Clare's successor — Sylvia Bidney. t»'0. Each ticket is worth five : The Devoe business has been a conls. For Iliat amount when re- terrible break lor Clara, but it has deemed at Ihe mission it is pos-1 meant fotD of luck to Miss Sidney. « : b!e to get a bed lor ihe night, a- After a long, hard climb. Miss Sid- shower balh wilii ho', wntcr. or a ney has slcpped inl7 a bit of good good meal. Meals ace served three j tir.tes a day and you can eat you can get away with. Rev. Sluberg liar, rv.uciiiclerl his! miJMciti tor tlie past 10 yeais and! rerves between 2M and 230 meals . n day. An- sat down"n'ud' wrcne "a three-page i other time she fractured a small telegram tn the youngsler in the ! °°ne in her ankle, and had to fln- hope (hat it would bring the n.:ces- L* the run of the play wltn n.r sarv tonic nnd stimulus. ; foot itl a casl , . ' . . That's Clara. That's the sort of i "Now I think 1 am through with tiling lhat makes whole hcsls of' people like exlra girls idolize her— | so much so that jusl the other day .in cx'.ra rirl in Hollywood trl?d lo c~r.'.:nit suicide, explaining that j^iii- thought Clara was gelling a dirty dea! nud "didn't want to live '.o see her suffer." There are lots of "unknowns" Iwre who worship her just that we can praise it because we ria\ gotten so 'much benefit from 1 use." All people—young and old—« casionally need Thedford's Blac Draught. Sold everywhere. Colds Rub well over I throat and cheat' VAPORUB WWW MIIL1QN JARS USED YEARLY, 5&r Constipation. Indigestion. Biliousness \Verclioinn.ik, Siberia, has tre record for the, lemprrjturr the thermometer resisterine 93 degrees below zero on January 15, JMaj'ricd Woman Fears Gas- --Eats Only Baby Food "For 3 years I ale only baby food, cvervlliiiig c!sc formed gas. Now. thanks lo Adlerita. I eat anything and enjoy life."— Mrs. M. Gunn. Just ONE spoonful Adlerlka relieves all GAS so you can eat and sleep better. Acts on BOTH upper and lower bo-.vcl removing poisons A vmi never kne-v-> were there, and which caused y:-ur stomach trouble. N 'i matter w!ia'_ you have iried for ••'""uiach ar.d towels. Adlerika will furpri;,-> >o'.i! City Ding Stove.— Adv.— p-3'. E PRICE forever 40 FROM OLD TO NEW IN 24 HOURS >\ i " Give us your old hat and we'll promise to dellveV it back spic and span, with its snappy shape restored and original color revived. The cost is small. THE FORD MOTOR COMPANY announces a REDUCTION in PRICES The following prices are effective Monday, January 19,1931 New- Price De Luxe Roadster $475 De Luxe Phaeton 580 Phaeton . 435 Roadster 430 Sport Coupe .500 Coupe 490 De Luxe Coupe 525 Tudor Sedan 490 Fordor Sedan 590 TownSedan 630 Cabriolet .595 Victoria 580 De Luxe Sedan 630 Station Wagon 625 Model A Chassis 340 Model AA Truck Chassis SS 1 . 495 ou Price $520 625 440 435 525 495 545 495 600 660 625 625 640 640 345 510 Redaction $45 45 ,5,. .5 Model AA Truck Chassis 157inch 525 whcelbnsc . . (All Prices F. 0. B. Detroit, Mich,) 10 30 30 45 10 15 5 15 10 You may purchase a Ford car or truck on convenient, economical termt through the Authorized Ford Finance Plant of the Universal Credit Company Ford Motor Company

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