Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on November 28, 1967 · Page 14
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 14

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1967
Page 14
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Carzo Asks Pointed Questions on Model City Grant , -it i 11. i i . I Duf Un. ry, nlrt if nlnot fin i m of nVi i n a funds onrf "moVoimmmoniprf the federal agencies Tl'ESDAY Nov. 28, 1967 rage AROUND 'NEW MEXICO A S Journal Aeibn line Recipe Presented For Biscochitos, N.M. Yule Cookies Q. Would you please give us a recipe for those traditional New Mexico Christmas cookies biscochitos? S.M.T., Farmington A. Here's a Public Service recipe and they spell it "bizcochitos": Cream 1 lb. lard or butter with Wi c. sugar and 2 tsp. anise seed. Beat 2 eggs until fluffy and add to creamed mixture. Add 6 c. sifted flour with 3 tsp. baking powder and 1 tsp salt, 4 c. brandy or more (enough to make a stiff dough). Knead slightly and pat or roll to V to inch thickness and cut in fancy shapes. Dust tops of each cookie in a mixture of 1i c. sugar and IT. cinnamon. Bake 10 minutes at 350 degrees or until lightly browned. Makes 5 dozen. Freeze well. Q. Do you know (he quote which says something about if you had your choice of misfortune, you would stick to the one you had? M. S. A. Joseph Addison wrote in his June 23, 1714, issue of "The Spectator": "It is a celebrated thought of Socrates, that if all the misfortunes of mankind were cast in a publick stock, in order to be equally distributed among the whole species, those who now think themselves the most unhappy would prefer the share they are already possessed of." Q. Sometime ago I read about the possibility of interchanges on the freeway and Juan Tabo. The story said the City Commission had requested a study on it by the State Highway Dept. What's the latest on the situation? L, L. A. An active study of the feasibility of interchanges at Juan Tabo and-or at Panorama and the freeway did get under way a few weeks ago under the direction of Stephen George, d i r e c tor of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Transportation Planning Dept. George says the study requires a complete systems analysis approach since the whole area east of Louisiana would be affected by any changes. He expects the study to be complete early in the coming year. Q. I have a two-hour parking zone in front of my house but it's not enforced. Some cars are parked there all day long. Can you help me? V. C. S. A. We've given your address to the Police Traffic Division and it is to be checked out. The department does not have enough staff to check regularly such posted parking areas but welcomes reports of violations which pinpoint an abused area so it can be given special attention to clear up the trouble. Q. Why not have a city ordinance requiring cat owners to place bells on their cats to protect birds in other peoples' yards? We spend a lot of money and effort to lure the birds to our yard and there are a lot of heartaches when the birds are killed. Mrs. D. B. A. Yes, we know. But you'll never get such an ordinance passed and if you did it would be absolutely impossible to enforce it. Q. When was the first automatic oven control, I mean thermostat invented? Mrs. G. U. A. The first automatic thermostatic control was used on an electric range in 1902 and made by the Hotpoint Co., at that time a West Coast firm making electric irons, says Jane Butel, home economist at Public Service. Journal Action Line solves your problems and answers your questions. CALL 842-8440 any hour of the day or night seven days a week. Or WRITE Action Line, Drawer J Albuquerque 87103. Because of the heavy volume of questions, only those used in the column will be answered. Although initials only will be used, Action Line needs full names, addresses and phone numbers for reference purposes. Icitv" program will cost the state! he asked at one point . J., r .jj:.: l il Tk coir) V. me lorm oi atiuiuuuai uui .From the Journal's Santa Fe Bureau SANTA FE Gov. David F.jof school bus transportation, iCareo Monday asked a few new roads and other items. But he made it clear he The governor said he thouehtthoueht federal agencies have the "model city" program was already done too much "plan- a "good idea" and pledged co-'ning" and not enough "doing' pointed much questions as Albuquerque's to how! ' "model to What taxes should we raise 'operation of the State Planning; and stressed federal grants gen- get the additional money?"Office in its planning. erally require local or state b-tt.";; pi.i mmi!?: II II' 1 ',i i i ;im; ; " m.'.'1 ''.'J jiiji i mum ji.i.i.imiiiiiijimm NEW MEXICO WINNEK: A New Mexico 4-II girl from Las Cruces was one of six winners of JjoOO scholarships at the National 4-11 Club Congress in Chicago. The scholarships were given the outstanding winners of the National 4-Ii Home Economics awards program. The winners are, from left, Linda Naquin, 18, Thibodaux, La.; Lucretia Marie Black, 36, Las Cruces; Patricia Poore, 18, Anderson, S. C; Eilvn Fossum, 19, Worthing, S. D.; Paula Cyrus, 19, St. Albans, W. V.; Barbara Evans, 17, Cheyenne, Wyo. Robert E. Brooker, chairman of Montgomery Ward, makes the presentation. (UPI Telephoto) State Dept. Acts Rapped By Montoya Meat Inspection Bill Scholarships Go Delayed by GOP Solonsfto Eunice Boy, Las Cruces Girl ; From the Journal's j Washington Bureau WASHINGTON i Joseph M. Montoya, matching funds and "w?'relcommented the federal agencies about matched out." He also have been doing a 101 oi pointed out many of the persons planning in the last few years who would be forced to move and "you find a widespread because of the program own feeling around the state against their own homes, substandard it." though they may be, and are! T few 0f the plans, he said, not inclined to move. I have materialized. THE OCCASION of the gov-j Drew cloud state director of ernor's remarks was a confer-n VapmBrs Hnme Administra- agreed. There were eignt r 4U f ; Lion, rtiuuuucn uc, j. uc icuci ai win- . !,., cials, obviously taken aback by jcompre nensive en, u..- the governor's lack of whole-1" "T -j vTn n hearted enthusiasm for the proj- times," Cloud said. You go up ect, ended up by agreeing most! there and mention planning and ot tne tnings ne cuea were sen ous problems, Albuquerque, last week, was selected by the federal government as one of 64 municipalities in the nation to receive "model city" grants for planning of improvements. The city has selected an area bounded on you lose a friend.' The governor's first remarks about cost came while Dr. Robert Myers, executive assistant to the Albuquerque school superintendent, was explaining the "education park" portion of the plan. CARGO COMMENTED this tUa woe hr fhn rnitrnaH trarlfic on the north and east bv 1-4(1 would require additional state and 1-25, and on the south by money for school bus Trumbull as a "target area"! transportation, to be improved. "How much more is it going Monday's meeting was at the'to cost us and what taxes are ..sin, met W WI Pnllinc r( TPnrf nninn t roico in 0tt if" Worth, regional director for the federal Dept. of Housing and Ur ban Development. It was to cx asked the governor. There was no answer. plain the procedures of how fed-L s nQW Ar 'l i innnc ixrjttin ra tnrrnpnm n - and the modus .operand, of the! -ng m , jandard one in Cargo planning for actual improvement of the area. Few at tne meet Bv PAIL R. WIECK this provision should extend Of the Journal's j beyond that portion of the i IrnpnrH Hpalinc with mpat anril ' " ......... .. v. - .. n - in I WASHINGTON - Passage of nieai pruuuc in duut-u : -------hTCareo there must lie action to: He added many oi tne persons Senalor 'the meat inspection bill assumed the secretary ot '''Tnl follow the planning. He said'own their homes and not only sd( nsorcu dv .en. juseun m. - --j.0 - . n T iwnpTnpr a nunuprnue s nroiect warn iuw, ' i i f U II -,.. J J-iJHI. HI II iVI IN. IV li. VII ILJf.mi. i 1 T ' . . ii nr. ir t'lii iii lit- ill t wiriiiii fidfiin cost housing projects, ing came away with any clear-! cut idea on those two points. "Have you talked to those COLLINS AGREED w i t h 'People about it .' D-NM, Montoya, D-N.M delayed Monday regulations along this line. .was named Monday night as and Jack attacked the of meat im- winner of a $500 scholarship at!uP" !ow fhat. city's the 46th National 4-H Congress in Chicago. L kin k.,. m.,M iiff tha unexpectedly - i"- ":-when a handful of Republican! Two senators - Clifford l land uu X'.KViLidii unit: .-iiapic , , - . , r, ,,, cotton, Monday accused the Senators took the floor to field a Hanson R-Wyo., state department of "covertly" fIood of c!ut-'slll,ns about the f' extending an expiring textile imeasure- I T section SmniPnt with Ftrvni ! A vote on final passage was0''- He said Egypt will he able to set for "not later than" 4 p.m.) Hanson pointed out that this j.hoishi rom Wilson i J ai ml riot Ati hf civ vrtt ii I 'Mnmn nn tn 51 mi inn.snnarp lOliav. t-""J ""v t"" !T- u i - yards of cotton textiles in ourl Supporters of the bill still;! n s p e ct i n g . meat inports . Coonerativ country annually" under this were confident they had more processed at 1800 plants m 38 sCea Dy ooperauv Young McLean received a is successful depends largely forced to pay any amount of agreement, which last month than enough votes to pass the j countries. was extended until January. imeasure but were relying on! All the senators involved in' lam5 in 1961 wnich grew int0 j m uk some nine, nt- .iiaiScu ; - j j f, hock ot almost too animals, that rJgypt nas Deen allowed to j "a diMtuiuomneai. iin(wiis. witn many 0f j,js export iz,vw Daies oi exrra long 1 " 1 1 Pi-.u push the planning. Arthur Ortiz, state Inffinpr intArinptnH thie wa nnp McLean, one of six national: thing wrong with many federal winners in the 4-H s h e e p programs now-it is a matter program, r e c e l ves- the ; between the city and federal government. "We (the state) have no direct authority," he said. "Unless the state is involved (in planning) you cannot expect up the cost when officials! rent would work a hardship on them. planning & Co. was e exDort 12.000 bales of extra long l n i o r mai nose staple cotton and millions of Originally, Montoya youre through," said Cargo. We cannot be put into the saying Qnim a to j u:! niK MONTOYA bill requires winning grand cnampionsnips, ' Dosit on of savine we're not :otton and millions ot igind.iy won loya -nu u:that meat imports )K subject to land reserve championships at: going to pick up the tab for bus crinora varrlc nt lh(tiin nnllrun Urtltri. iiuu uuui:u lu Uti.ia liic u ,u xt ni..: cii. I t -. " . .. . . . "-n. "i- -"."" ,.,,.,,., ".iM,, 1 " e same l n s p a i o n uic ivcw mcAiiu owie auu Lea (ares tor tne9e KldS, and we luxuies iu uns iiiunuy siiitc i""""vi r"'"'; " requu'ernents a l p i o m a tic relations were meats but broken in June. ! As of late Monday, supporters :nm.t stalA IN A SPEECH on the Senate nau noi ueiermineu uk siidit-gy ;that the imported products be lambs. He raised floor, Senator Montoya said that w we m-'uciuis inspected by U. S. inspectors : sheep, 4-H officials said, his iuitimatelv in that we're eoine i t in nnn h.Ui. AV4. 1 took tn ihp f nnr to f 1 a! H'j..: 4:. 5 : - . . . . Uiuuioicijr , ju wun c ic eulll5 smc ui it, imiu m cauo mug - - - --.uunng men preparauon in a iamny naa to Duy more landitn stapie couon since June nas u' " loreign country" out ramernd build lots, feeders, realized $3 million in American amendments had been offered upon arrival in this country, automatic watering facilities, a nara currency ior iassar at a mcic naa mwouun time when this country i s there would be. as dom estic county lairs. cannot say we're not eoing to that committee re- In all he has raised 27 rams, build hiehwavs and we're not it is not intended 252 ewes, 297 lambs and 56 show oninff to nrnvidp health services J.,.. l. 1 1 , o o I SO many It's enme to invn vo us to furnish a little Mondale, in discussing the dipping vat and lamb quarters, dfilavins tactics said that! He helped virtually everv 4-H naving promems wun ns HOWEVER, Montoya pointed!" s o m e of the local meat;Club in the county and was balance of payments and its 0lIt that "quite a few senators processors and state officials 'instrumental in organizing a supply. i who want to vote on the bill have been in communication club in Hobbs, officials said. T T A,. 1 1 4 l.MA... ,,.U.. ! . ... . . . ... . . ne uLiuduucu u miuw "ujibccause its a good consumerj with senators' in opposition to! McLean is the second New' these actions were not "made;vote were absent." jthe bill and said the delaying! Mexico student to win a $500 ! public know edge. j He said he "doubts that atactic migh be an effort to scholarship at the national1 Senator Montoya asked that singie vote wiU be cast against, build up opposition. meeting. Lucretia Marie I 1"' qu'ck'y " his it." But Mondale added that he Black, 16, Las Cruces, was bill to lift the Egyptian quota on, Montoya, who was floorhadn't heard anything to named to receive one from! 4 '""B ota'"c ""v" " m manager ot tne diu, was m tneijndicate the biU wouldn't pass. (Montgomery Ward Sunday night. noeirrn tha nimtaa tn HnmPCtlP u : . i: i ... ... .... r 1 J J ooo.fen vnv. v.... weu answering quesuons orn, . growers. provisions of the measure, EXTRA LONG staple cotton throughout the afternoon. is grown in a belt running fromi Leadine the attack waa Sen.1-" California to Texas, including Rom an Ilruska, R-Neb., who southern New Mexico. L n m n 1 ajned ahout what he The bill Senator Montoya is callwl the "undue haste" with ! pushing in the Senate has : which supporters were trying to already passed the House, where pass the bill. I it was sponsored by and had; T. -j ': -i,;,, t 4 r t 4ic aaiu a uiuviowii aiiiiiti strong support from Reps. Tom pnnAesnp, tnn(m (hfir rpphrHQ S' I' S'J1 iihnny ,f o r i n s p e c t io n was "dmci' ("unnecessarily inclusive" and B a have money." THE GOVERNOR also BUY OF THE WEEK OLD MR. BOSTON ENGLISH MARKET BRAND 0 6 A GIN 'i! " UTS IjUCUSHt 4tf F f" f ImasxictJ I 1 a RiJ 4) g& JO 80 I'rcHtf, DiKitllcd (.nifn .Neutral siiirtts. from lO(Kr Mr. Hon ton Distillery, lnv.t Bohm, M. I HOUR SCOTCH CLEANERS By Popular Demand Scotch Hat Gone ONE HOUR SERVICE on Professional Cleaning & Pressing At All Four Locations At No Extra Charge business record of CATTLE GROWERS TO MEET! TYC1TTV("!. ftTDTl In.ief -i ol ! Drapery Cleaning Our Specialty 2 Pr. Pants Pressed FREE With 8 Lb. Load "FOR LIMITED TIME" fourth quarterly meeting of the New Mexico Cattle Growers Assn. in Deming Friday and Saturday. V At i .',1 H1 4. WW COLLEGE HALL imported and Domestic Country Gentleman TWEEDS with Tradition These handsome tweeds in a kaleidoscope of rich and robust textures are well suited for either town or country wear. They're the way to whiz from season to season without a bow to the calendar. Every detail of model and tailoring has been carefully interpreted to achieve a truly natural shoulder look by College HalL 3124 Central S.E. filler ft. Albuquerque of Agriculture. MONTOYA explained that it ' was "clearly not our intent that! 4 GREAT EAST ALBUQUERQUE LOCATIONS 299-8820 iiiiiiiiiliiilliiliiiiiililiiiiiiiilliiii ihiiiihiiitiifiii.iiirii'iiiiiiiiiiniMii;. iMiiiM'MiHiiinifiii.riituii,' - u n f i r n u ! 1 1 1 i r i n n t n r n n u s f i i n t t E m 1 1 1 n i 1 1 i : n u n n Ti I H P i 1 ; H f i i m ; f 1 1 : i s 1 1 llMltMIUIHtlllinifti(ll!tlllilHiliillll(tHti:ilIHil!!)HIl!!Hl!IHtiHllllif'W1li(l (iltiumii ipiiiikiimiiiI 4 a -t?'She's fltlimjlijiMIISillil'i'l'fiitii V.V.VV mill! iliiilillllliiiliiHliiilliili'lliiiillG iliiiiiiiii iliiililiOililiiilliiiiiiliiiiili! !!!!! Illliilllliilll: llilllii iiiiiiiyiili la her Wesfinghouse Oven . . . automatically You merely let twitch to "clean," lotch oven door closed . . . then do as you please! Every vestige of baked-on grime is reduced to powdery ash. Best of all ... a nationally known testing company has rated Westing-house as the best self - cleaning range of all. Let Griffiths put one in your home . . . and really enjoy the Holidays ahead! FURNITURE & APPLIANCES 315 THIRD ST. N.W. 243-6631

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