Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on April 2, 1954 · Page 44
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 44

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1954
Page 44
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Page Forty-Four ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL April 2, 1954 Eleanor Dial, Dick Mock Top Wilson Concert Ninth grader Eleanor Dial and seventh grader Dick Mock will be the featured soloists in Wood- row Wilson Junior High's in strumental concert Friday even ing. They will play "Clarinets Out Front' and "Habanera ou the clarinet and cello in the pro gram directed by R. C. Chartier in the school's auditorium at 8 p. m. The clarinet choir, composed of Eleanor Dial, Ronald Dewing Sandra Hansing, Susan Leidal, Jim Meares, Tom Moffat, Myr na Platz and Michael Unthank, will play "In the Spotlight." Also in a featured spot will be the cornet double trio of David Apple, Barry DeLong, Stanley Hultberg, Bill Moore, Harry Rardin and Sammy Shat tuck. They will play Buchtel's "Six Melodiers." Other members on the program include Pyle s "Frontier Sketch es," a contemporary suite for string orchestras: Menul s "Mu sic Box Gavotte"; Buchtel's "The Enchantress" and "Phantom Pa trol"; Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever"; and Mellin and Olias "You. You. You." Member of the Wllion hand anil or-tfieatxa Include violinist! Leila Brombera;. Charlei Coffee, Mtk Ham and Jean Naunhton; Tanla C'hernoff, viola; lick Mock and Sammy Nunnally, celloa; and Jean Orlgaby, atrlna baia. Playing flutei and piccolo ar Lynn Hayea, Nancy I.lgon and Suannne Shurter. Clarlnetlata ar Jeaal Allen, Darlen Blaylock, Carol Bonlwra, Eleanor Dial, Roland Dewlna;, Sandra Hana-ln, Suaan Lalilal, Beth McKat, Jim llearea, Tom , Moffatt. Myrna Plntz, Stan Roaa, Michael Unthank, Vivian Welch and BUI Zachmann. In the aaxophon aectlon are Jack Harlow, Denny Hawley, Don RatclUI, Larry Randal, Karen Rlnmrt and Harold Sluga. Horna art played by Linn Benson, Joe Fry, Bob Lacy and Frank Zaccarrla. Cornetlata Include David Apple, Barry PeLont;, David Dlllnhunt, Cecil Unya, Stanley Kultbera;, Robert Little, Bill Moore, Eddl McCllntlc, Larry Plumlea, Harry Rardin, John Rayburn, Mark Hed-trom, Wayne Sliarp, Sammy Shattuck and Jim Stewart. Other membera are Norman Gravann. I.yl Parker, Henry Pat and Rodney vtiiaon, trombone; vred Jilrach and Louella's Movie-Go-'Round June Allyson Slated for Role Opposite Jose Ferrer at U-l HOLLYWOOD, April 1 (INS) Don't droo dead when I tell you that June Allyson will be opposite Jose Ferrer in "The Shrike." Junie playing the fiendish wife who drives her husband to the insane asylum! I say don't be surprised even though this is definitely an off beat casting for Junie), because don, are on a honeymoon and are roughing their way across Europe in a new Jaguar. Not bad. Clark Gable turned down $350,000 offered him to star in "The Gunman" for Mort Briskin and Jim Stacey. I don't believe Clark's in a hurry to go to work. Last night Valerie and Donald Nelson entertained for the 21'ers. Both Charlie and Mollis will need a rest cure. Sound Sleep Costs Wallet, Car, Guitars A sound sleep cost a guest In a motor court here his wallet, $22, his 1953 model car and more than $1000 worth of musical equipment. Ray Burch of Farming told police he spent Tuesday night with an acquaintance at a Cen tral West court. When Burch awoke his companion and the missing items were gone. The musical equipment included two guitars and a public address system. San Juan, capital of Burch told police he had Rico, is the oldest city known his companion only about a month. He met the man in Farmington. Puerto in the new world under the Stars and Stripes. It was established in 1510. x the Broadway play will undergo some sweetness and light changes in its adaptation to the screen at Universal Interna, tional. Even Ferrer, who created the husband role on Broadway and directed the play, admits it can stand toning down from the unrelieved horror of the stage theme. The last time I talked with Mona Freeman she said the thing she wanted most was to get a good part in a picture. "I'm sick and tired of playing these young, inane girl roles," she said. Well, Mona gets .her wish. With Janet Leigh, who isstill limping from an accident in which she hurt her leg, she plays opposite Robert Taylor in "Rogue Cop." Roy Rowland, who was with mom lor years before he started free lancing, will direct this interesting three some. Firemen in Arkansas Have a Busy Day HARRISON, Ark. Wl-Ifs all part of the day's work in the life of a fireman. First job get a parakeet oul of a tree, Next job tell how to put a thermostat into an automobile. Next job fix a zipper in a little boy's pants. When Audrey Hepburn goes to England to keep her contract with the British company, Mel Ferrer will not be far behind. He has been signed by Docu- mento Films for a picture in Italy. I'm told the story that lures Ferrer1 to Rome, is a Nobel prize winner novel called "The Mother." He is to report in Italy on July 5, and that's about the time Audrey will be leaving. Their close friends seem to think this romance will lead to marriage. David Newlanrier, fearllonea: Wlnaton Bodwell, Ruaaell Ooff, Steve Hlarht and Kim Vearout, baaaea; and Goldi Cain, Bruce Craven, Mike Hani, Larry Lever-nz and Jean Naughton, percuaalon. Twlrlere ar Carol Bonham. Judv Marahall, Betty McDanlel and Marilyn v inner. California Hikes State Liquor Fees SACRAMENTO, Cal., April 1 (if") The California Legislature today approved legislation to increase liquor fees to raise money to rehabilitate alcoholics. The measure, already approved by the assembly, now goes to Gov. Goodwin J. Knight. The bill provides for a 10 per cent increase in liquor fees to finance the work of trying to straighten out confirmed drinkers. It also requires revocation of liquor licenses where the5 premises have become a hangout for narcotics peddlers and B-girls. The Senate deleted references to gamblers, prostitutes and panderers. I felt very sorry for Corinne, Calvet when I talked with her. She has been heartbroken over her divorce from John Brom field. She has been considered a frothy girl, who didn't care much about anything but dane ing and having a good time. But underneath all that she sincere ly loved Bromrield. They separated several times and then went back to each other. Corinne once told me she would never love anybody as much as she loved John. What happens in the privacy of a home only the two people concerned know. They were very jnuch in love, and all of a sudden it was all over. 13 m )PMI Today :SO P..Vf. Vmt Parkin; BARGAIN DAYS 25c Children Under 12 Years 5c LUIS AGUILAR MANTEQUILLA y EL CHICOTE en "2 Gallos de Pelea" Also for Real Jungle Thrills! "ELEPHANT BOY" Plus - Serial and Cartoon sWDAY7r7dTlO.DAY "Locuras de Tin-Tan 9500 CENTRAL AVE. E. Phone 6-0106, Open 6:00 SHOW STARTS 6:45 "WAR ARROW" at 6:59 and 10:28 "II. SMITH at 8:33 2 CARTOONS & NEWS 1st DRIVE IH SHOWING The Story of THE GREAT KIOWA INDIAN REBELLION! I IUMINO Jeff a": i s at - . ... sir: -rr. i a - fB'iPl X : rVa.4 Maureen 1L.SUZAN BALL .JOHN MclNTIRE CHARLES DRAKE DENNIS WEAVER NOAH BEERY SPECTACLE-FILLED ADVENTURE! aalAMOUM FIBeNTt v is f ra m mm cs - r-j muni mr Starr UKMhKGUOH mh am soffn am, re M a ai at mtmm a raq . Ma ft an eaa J NOW! On our Wide Vision Screen! The MosftpMorgettable Man lUU. Vfc? Jjvci. iucl; " .-. ;jsv. I i I! MARK STEVENS as h a 4 A 11. l U I n n . li 4 if 1 lC 4rrl s ill I '-i w i i i if tvi r i ? i -arH ! I'm ...the easy way il n he iailedr Y - V ...the savage ivp. fit )i wayfle - ' V- , n h loved! SPECIAL CO-FEATURE MOUNTIE MANHUNT IN YUKON SLADE 6:40-9:45 YUKON 8:27 I TODAY ' SOUTH ON YALE BLYD. ! OPEN 6 PM Telephone 3-2681 Snapshots of Hollywood collected at random: Mitzi Gaynor's father, Henry Gerber, whom she hasn't seen in five years, is here on a month's business trip and Mitzl is showing him the town. Jacques Ernas, the Italian actor who's playing Paris in "Helen ol Troy," is one of Rome's most eligible bachelors. But his current romance is Xenia Valderi, the Italian star. Tay Garnett writes from Spain that he and his wife, Mari Al- E- IN CARLISLE A MEN'AUL PHONE 5-4841 OPEN 6:00 START 6:45 "SHANE" at 6:59 A 11:00 "STALAG" at 9:19 ACADEr.1V AWARD SHOW "SHANE" BEST TECHNICOLOR PHOTOGRAPHY nrv sever traa t pictnro lit III A 7 SEE OSliir pop Sj Nmp i 1 , i AND YOU'LL SAY ITS GREATf ALAN LADD 'JEAN ARTHUft'VAN HEFLIN GEORGE STEVENS' A A micm nm M .. " '; ..TECHNICOLOR "STALAG 17- BEST ACTOR WILLIAM HOLDEN NO STORYTOPS THAT OF OUR P.Ws mn 1 f aO A aIa C?7 lb lu.:a WILLIAM HOLDEN DON TAYLOR rf ? OTTO PREMINGER ff,: rrodoori and Uftdcal h IIL1T lilfirl , " Written tor the screw by IIUV IliJll ind til lUI "t tcl m Ht a!u hw IVintM ftawin A tAm:nA Tun nt atl W "I W'w anaejn tVIVt bWeefUIItJ lalMl A Paramount Piciuri RELAX AND ENJOY A GOOD MOVIE AT YOUR FAVORITE THEATRE STARTS TODAY Open 11:50 Tf1 y La FEATURE 12:00 2:00 4:00 6:00 8:0010:00 DON'T MISS MEETING JOHN PAYNE Star of "Rails Into Laramie" IN PERSON FOR AN AUTOGRAPH PARTY IN OUR LOBBY TONITE BETWEEN 7:15 AND 8:00 P. M. GET YOUR FREE AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO STARTS TODAY Open 12:00 MM FEATURE 12:543:10 5:26 7:24-10:00 A SUPREME ADVENTURE IN fly Hi fight for right blaitd IMVtlSAWNTIINATlONM rtwla PAYNE BLANCHARD DURYEA HE BLAZED A --vRECKLESS TRAIL 4. h . XVi i - -V L . j i . r- !..-iiJ I IT FXTW ill tfi. Hlghlond. THE HIGHLAND ROGUE I " A Ltvt Action Picture F. aicKT0DD ciymis 10HNS ItkbS.J with JOYCE MacKENZIE BARTON MacLANE Ai CARTOON I THREE STOOGES I "RIP, SEW AND STITC GES I LATEST NEWS OPEN 11:45 Ttiundrr Hay 1S:0D 3:! :37 :4 Fearlra Faaaa 1:6a : IS ' :4 JANET LEIGH CARLTON CARPENTER 2 CARTOONS & NEWS 1 tJX Pi II PUS WOODY "BUCANEKR WOODY" WEE AHOKA Open 5:45 "MARIAnHS' EN COLOR ts: L NfciMm ail KAiau - v2Tu(VSS viirtT ag-ii,i,!,f;:i:ia, OPEN 12:30 FEATURE 1:05-3:19-5:33 7:0-10:00 3MDEG ADnSSION Adults Mat. 55c Eve. 75c Children 25e THRILLING LOVE DRAMA! ROMANTIC SONGS TO THRILL THE HEART! PLUS 25 MIN. CARTOON WESTERN w romance! JiwuIt 9C mintit mtKirnt rnmarlv rnrtnft- f IIIIIIW1W 1HWII VWIIIKHI JIWVBJ ft T TECHNICOLOR learrH OY (OSERS rilk SONS of Hi PIONEERS COLOR SPORT LATEST "ARABIANS IN THE ROCKIES" NEWS NOW Open at 1:25 P.M. TTiriTp FREE PARKING LOTS FOR HILAND PATRONS : DOM, ; BOYS, DOW! FEATURE 1:58 3:57 V I "4',mur ' PICTURES ' 4 p" M : HAYTORTH 1 ' "CHILLY WILLIE" CARTUNE PLUS Sylvester Cartoon "CAT'S AWEIGH" SONG KITS YOU'RE HEARIN6I "Ufa TJwmpsor,'i Song" "Th Heat It On" Hear No Evil" "A Mtrlflt, A Mirin, A Mirh TECHNICOLOR : jose ; FERRER 1 rT I EYE-FILLING. .COLOR AND..6RANDEUR W-G-W prtttnlt th FIDCT HDCAT MIICIPAI amwi IIIUOIlyML ar:--v srry x f Starring Ann BLYTH Howard KEEL Fernando LAMAS Bert Mariorie LArln MAIN with Joan TAYLOR Ray COLLINS J I j ' Ml Hear Songs V I r v "Rose Marie" v "Indian Love I a : ' w i 1 1 ii -1 j EXTRA SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS "POET AND PEASANT" In Cinemascope and Color Beautiful and Inplrlnc! I "Drar Alonir Droopy" CARTOON LATEST NEWS ADMISSION Adults 70c Students 55c Children 25c Doors Open 7:00 Genevieve at 8:009:55 3013 CENTRAL AVE. NE TELEPHONE 5-2751 WESTERN PREMIERE 7:30 TONIGHT See the Fabulous Ancient Cars In Front of Lobo COURTESY OF GALLES MOTOR CO. The Critics go Gfa-Ga ovep "One of the funniest farce comedies iq years!" -Crowflir,N.Y. Times "Best Picture of the Year!"- British film Academy "An Irresistible piece of comic bric-a-brac. Laughable right down to the finish line!" Tim "A technicolored Odyssey with the gusto of v n old Keystone comedy."-Newjwtelt The. J. Arthur Ranklf Organization prestnts nsans&szi iff Fi lain ii i aaiii DINAH JOHN ' KAY KFNNPTM SHERIDAN GREGSON KENDALL MORE .Story mtf Screenplay by William Ros . Produced md Directed by Henry Comellul A Universal-International Relees PLUS NEWS e CARTOON NOVELTY MATINEE OPEN 1:25 ONE SHOW 1:30 in .aVAJa-A-aUA. A. V A.A A. A. Jl A Aa&AAJA ---.-..

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