The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1944
Page 2
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PAGE TWO EPSON IN WASHINGTON Washington Miscellany Hospital Board Buys Old Club Shrine Country Club To Be Converted For Convalescent Annex ..,', LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 13 (ttP.)— '.•Tlie old Bhrine Country Club near "• "• "*™. 'Little Rock, with It* palatial club' pi " PS - A lm ' ol IJlcse souvenirs .'.'building and nine-hole coif course (I 1 "'?' bccn brought back to the -.Iras teen ourehased bv the Bantlst ""' Nl E !? tcs amt . tavc becomevnl- COURIER NEWS HY VE1KK i:i)SON Ctmrlcr News Washington Correspondent Small round pocket mirrors were given out to the Filipinos by Gen. Douglas MacArlhur's psychological warfare and publicity people when U. S. troops invaded the Philip- •i Iras teen purchased by'the Baptist . Hospital Board, of Trustees for use ns a convflJesceht annex and ci'ent- ,—ual rest home..-. : '..•<•. The properly consists of 442 ,,jicresi. including, the .360-acre golf .,.v.i<^, uwiuuutK. v.ic .wni-wic K .,n snmii UKeness of General Doug course. Board Vice Chairman H. U himself, also in full color and civ- \VinVml-n .II* KQfA fVi(» YirwLrH*nl mill t***. *i»*i ~-.i,,i~ * „ _i -t_ ._ ., Winburn, Jr., sfty« the hoipltal will establish a dairy nnd hog farm .. and (i canning piftnt.on the prop- "erly. -.'.•" Winbuni says the main building contains 60:hospital rooms. These will be crippled children ^.undergoing treatment In^co-opcra,- • tion with stale' and .federal programs at Baalist Hospital and by .elderly .person's.' 1 it'.'will "later be ,, , . , • used in caring for-patients, suffer-, 1 , l)at I'^ouUIn't do that- ing from chrwic/dlsksos, . • . , wnsnt workl1 * tljor(¥ "">' mo ™- -^^Althoueh ; !\yin0urn;'(]l(i\not an- PKFSCIUI'TION .-' noitncc whatr the'hospital paid for " ' | U>e nroiierlyi; the v owners, recently < sdwrtlsed that they;would accept £50.000 for 'the' cl ub": and "surround- 'n<* ground's.. It -originally c.5sl s«o,ooo.": uable collectors' Hems. They a bright yellow metnl back, on which there appear the lings of the United States and the Phllip"'"" lit full color. Above them Is a likeness of General Doug Ing the ssilule. And above thnt, around the rim, is the printed legend, "I WILL, RETURN." When Assistant Attorney General Nornum Lltlel) got the presidential bounce at the Department of Justice after his recent row he called a conference with his staff to say goodby to one and nil. At'" ' "" al Uldcilc sent word to coultln't do that — he 8lrl so arrayed walking down n load, her lowe) plainly stencilled, "Camp Hood." 1'KACE MOVE You won't have to worry any more about the Increasing friction between the British government and the American government. Gen. Henry H, Arnold and Chief Air Marshal Sir Charles Portnl, coirimanders of U. S, Army and Royal Air Forces, have figured out a hancls-across-the-sca swap that should lix up everything just dandy and leave the State Department, and Foreign Office of the two countries nothing to 'worry about. The Army Air Force Band sla- tloned at Dolling Held, outside Washington, has been sent to EnR- Innd for a lour of British elites, and the Hoynl Air Force Band has come to the United Slates for n coast-to-coast series of concerts. Afler that, the troubles In Greece and Tlaly, and maybe even the problems raised by the Chicago Postwar aviation conference wl doubt solve themselves. Senator oily M, Gillette of lo'wa, who has been trying to make the i "gallon club" by giving blood to Ihe i New Novy fighter Planes T ° HOV(? 70 °- M; ' /e Minors Barred From Playing Pinball Games LITTLE riOCK, Dec. 13, (UP) — H Is now against the law for minors under 18 years of age to play phiball machines in Llltlc Rock, and If they do, the Little llock city "inicll has provided penalties oh Jdcinefiiior convictions for both children and proprietors' of establishments where the practice is allowed, The city council In an eiforl lo stop widespread playing of machines by children, last night approved an ordinance barring minors from play- Ing the machines. Children convicted would be subject to lines of from $5 to $100, imprisonment of from one to 30 clnys, or both. And proprietors convicted may be fined from $25 lo $250 or Imprisoned from one to CO days, or both. 3, 1<),|.| tt'HUNKSIMY, DKCKMBBK Rend Courier newi WBnt Mt, | many pint transfusions at -i»ji;. i.iuu »*v>' w»iv};..u.?cu .by the intervals. So lie we/it to his doctor late Dr.' John R Brinkley as tv, for a check-up. The senator was In. hospital. due course sent to the Naval Medical Center for n thorough examination and when (he report was ready, Senator Gillelle went to hear Ihe bad news. "Cut do™ on your drinking a little," sutjgesled Die doclor. "But 1 don't drink," said Senator Gillette. "Well, maybe you'd belter cut down on smoking a bit." i, .. •„ . . ': ... " But T don't smoke, either," the Bootiis displaying.the rc/J double- senator protested barred, cross: of the Mississippi "Well," the expert finally pre- County Tuberculosis Association scribed, "Ihen you'd better cut down were opened thts week at central on your callng." Gftr/sfmds Seal Booths Qpienec/ In points tnrotigtjoiit' the city for tin- sale of Chrlstmaa, Seals. ' Mrs. Roland . Oreen;.NofUi Mississippi county Seal Sale, e&lcl the booths' had been 1 ', set 'up for the convenience ol transients,, visitors nnd others who may "not' bnve received seals by Biall;but wkh to support the association's tubercu- . Brig.-Gen. Carlos P. Roraulo, hero of Batann nnd Resident Commissioner of the Philippines In Washington, has Just come back from Leytc with a story to prove tlmt O. I. Joe Is a gentleman, an example for Hie world to see. "When General MhcArthur's forces cHiiiE ashore they found the people in rngs," relates General fosis control work by purchasing . .... „.,, __ „„.,„„, tn "P- L • ' • . Homulo. -They were actually wcar- These booths/are at the postof- Ing tlie bark of trees They were lice,, banks, drug stores and Hold shoeless. ,, Noble.: : .aw^^^^,!^^-^^*! onmiissnrv Stp.warrl Rrnr>t= . ot 0 _ ^.i...,., „',_."."• , . ^e Conmiissiiry Steward Brooks,- stationed with the Navy overseas, hud n lot to tell his wife in Siveetwnter. He must have had a'lot to tell her because it took him four feet of paper to get down' what he wanted to stay and it took' herith'rcc hours and 10 minutes to. read the tome. "To the girls, the Q. i,' s BRVI; their towels, mid the Filipino scn- .onins look them and fnshloiied i them into snroiigs which they wore Colonel Ronuilo said he saw one more than 700 In service In the near future. I?eur Admiral Ramsey, the chief of the Navy's Bureau of Aeronautics, says the new types of planes cither are in production or In Ihe experimental starjc. Tlie fastest Navy fighter pluncs we have now (jo at about 400 miles per hour. Itead Courier New« Want Adj. 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To do this, ..dentists fay, you must IIBVD nn adequate supply ot natural Eiomnch digestive Juices and ilch. red- Wood must bs present. Impiopcr diet, overwork, undue wor- tlrs. colds, the flu or other lllncs.1 ollin K 1 S ,' h H Klom ? c)1 ' s illgiailvc ?UK" lions nnd reduces the rcrt-liloodstrensth -n , 1>c l son who i3 opcrnllng on only ii $«™Ji ?' /r n hMl . lh )' bl0011 »ollimc or n jtomnch dlncstlvo e.-imclty ot only 50 it £ " orn ; Al l! > severely handlcmipcd Uiidieeslcil loocl soura, causes c<u hloatliig ... tails to supply the necessary telj- encrey...tissue repair...otlen rc- SuUlngH]mivoufi)(.s.5nndloS3of energy. rLUS^KICK'nKD-BI^O^Vo"'^)) 1 "",! enjoy ffKc or wcll-bclngwhlcli dc- nc»? phs ' t:c:>1 fttncss . . . mental alcrt- ]' .von nrc subject lo poor digestion or suspect ilcllrlcnt red-Wood as the coil'e of your Irouuie, yet hove no organic rpmrJIratloii or focal Infection. ESS Tonic may bo Just whit you ncc.1 ns It d - up BLOOD Tl '"° tlv ° J« & '"nt results cnnblo J Sou do . to , nuke u;o or It ns Natures Intended. Thus i .von may gel new vitality ... pep .. uo! comc tnliMUd . . . more aUrocUvcl Build Sturdy Health and Help Amciica V/in Thousands and Uiousantls ot «scr» linv^ t«lin«i to tho benefit* SS3 Tonlo IIM hroUBht to them and sclcntinc rceonrch fllo '' vs 'hat It ITI-IS result;,— th»f» v.')iy so '"any ray "SSSTonlclmlltlsBturdy health 7"^ k « yun 'eel like joureolf ocnln •• A' tliusetotca In 10nntl20o3.slzcs <-S s 3 Co ~ " " ' JEWELRY STORES BlyHiieville Osceofa STURDY HEALTH Home Furnishings Moderately Priced Reflect the Beauty of CHRISTMAS Give MIRRORS! VENETIANS ... Unframed .Wall Mirrors for over your mantels or for your doors. Clenr'atul flawless 'these, radiant, mirrors will add spaciousness and llBlU to nny room. ' . ' 1 FRAMED MIRRORS . . . We sllll have some beautiful frames finished In .Genuine Metal Leaf. 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At « Cabinet wfng 4nd Knitting Built o( extra hcovy, lominatcd Chip-Board, lo willnland 600 poundi of prciiure, ond olrrotlivcly <ovcred wilh genuine v/alcr-proof kolSerctk. The icmovoblc lidi ore padded lor xomtoil. 16 inchel high, with 15*15 inch topi. Brown,-Green, Ivcry, Maroon. - •

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