The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on July 19, 1966 · Page 11
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The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1966
Page 11
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First Page Second Section A Local Page For Local People Volume 66.--No. 285. Indiana, Pennsylvania, Tuesday, July 19, 1966. Telephone 465-5555 Racing, Circus To Spotlight Dayton Fair Inside Indiana-Mack Center Vandals Warned Moles copied from a newsman's cuff -W O R R I E D about the borough's water supply'' Relax! "Vif foresee ubs-uluu-ly no diff i c u l t y at all," W J Williams, ir:iiiit|'fr of the Clymei Water St-rvicc Co . says in the midst » anothei summer Jrou^ht. 1 he f i r m ' s operation at T w o 1 n-k has been pumping water lit record volumes An all-time one day y.illmuiKe record was set late in June when 32 mil- IIMII ftallims of water w e r e pumped to borough consumers. J u n e aKo established the company 's monthly retold" 55 million gallons. _ . ·· * MACK CENTER officials h a \ c issued a strong warning thai vandalism at the purk will not be permuted. Lewis ! t-limi, park manarer. pointed out uxi.iy that vandals have been at work at the center. Ni-w'v-painted framework at the Seventh St. entrance office wa marred last night by yuun;:sten, chopped up the pamt with filthy language nm! flumes o.' knife marks; «mi ui Uic past several benches have been damaged, picnic t.ibles have been scarred and flowers rusve been trampled. "'Ihe pai^nts might as well know that we arc going to prosecute." Feloni indicated. V f W official* here have the alert out to veterans, especially those of the V i e t Nam War and Dominican Republic fracas. They are eligible to Join a VFW post of their choice: arc also eligible for the benefits realized from a VFW membership. Veterans of other wars a« well as the recent conflicts ·re asked to contact Grant Badman. VFW adjutant of P(«t I9R8, Veterans of Foreign Wars. * * ·· ·· LOCAL POLICE arc in the rr.'ilst of a crack - down on littering And it is beginning to p.iy o f f . thanks to the aid of cne cituen Police recently re- ro'.ed a cull from a resident who sa-v a motorist toss a can onto a church lawn The identification was adequate a n d po'icc nabbed the motorist on Route 119 North. · 0 ·· ·· IN SICK BAY . . . George Kelly and George Whitesd. Saltsburg residents; both men recently underwent open heart surgery at Pittsburgh's S h a d y Side Hospital. * * *· ·· HOMER CITY firemen have announced t h e v,-mner.s of drawings condiucted at their rnent carnival. Thvy a r e Mrs. Rose Benamati. Mrs. K.iy Sink and Murray Miner. FOR THE sportsmen: A 1 1 fibh have been removed from Cummins Dam in Rayne Twp. to pave the way for the con- btruction and repair work that is involved in converting the site to the Rayne Twp. Indiana County Park County commissioners say a quantity of blue gills, catfish, bass and carp have been placed in a holding pond. They hope to eliminate carp from the dam. ·· ·· ·· ALL STAR Dairies is plugging the Indiana fesquicen- tennlal celebration. The firm has sesqui ads appearing on its milk containers. ·· ·· ·» SHOP TALK at six -- Dr. Chester Kauffman has opened his new office in the building near the M u n i c i p a l Building on North Seventh St. . . . Indiana High's class of 1929 will hold a 37th year reunion Saturday, Aug. 6, at Rustic Lodge . . . Ray Wells has resigned as manager of the local Dean Phipps Store and is entering the life insurance business . . . Indiana's all-star Little Leaguers will begin district play tomorrow evening with one game scheduled at Herman Hams Field and another one at Vandergrift . . . Indiana firemen are always obliging, to wit: firefighters were recently called to check a grass fire in the Pleasant Hills area. The fire was extinguished but there was till some water in the pumpers. So they proceeded to water down the drought- stncken garden of one lucky Plrasant Hills resident . . . George Pollock's Indiana High band is scheduled to receive new uniforms. School directors District Event In 89th Year, Opens Aug. 15 DAYTON -- Harness racing, thrill shows and a Big Top Circus will be featured attractions as the 89th annual Dayton Fair opens on Monday, August 15 for a week long stand. Norman W. Shrock, association president, has stated that a new cement block race-horse barn has been erected and that they can accomodate any number of horses. A new coat of paint has also been given the grandstand. Racing fans can enjoy three nights and an afternoon of harness hacing. with three races scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Friday nights and Thursday afternoon. GOVERNOR GREETS NEW EMPLOYES -- Miss Margaret Lucille Birdsall, third from right, was among seven recent graduates of colleges and universities who have been employed in Gov. Scranton's office in Harrisburg. Miss Birdsall, daughter of Mrs. Jessie Birdsall and the late Arthur Birdsall, Scouts, Adulf International Tour- Leaders End | fa |j ans TQ 7 es f Long Trip A group of 35 Explorers, Scouts and four adult leaders returned to Indiana County Saturday following a 22-day expedition to Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron. N. M., ending a mile tour. Those desiring a different type of excitement can see Jack Kochman's Hell Drivers on Thursday night and Stoney Roberts Thrill Show on Saturday night. , The International Big Top I Circus with their clowns, acrobats and animals win delight j . the kiddies on children's day i when they present an after- j | noon and evening performance i i on Wednesday. j Performers and Circus stars from many nations will be in-] i eluded in the production with' j family entertainment in mind.' I Two bicycles will be given away' on Wednesday. , , A Black and White show, sponsored by the Armstrong County' Holstein Club, will be the Thursday morning event. The Grand Cavalcade will follow the last ' Captain Fred Van Brunt of afternoon harness race. The Indiana Salvation Army ac- Free attractions with local companied 16 youngsters to The area talent will be featured be- Salvation A r m y Divisional tween races. Appearing along is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University where she majored in political science and was active in student government. In the photo, 1 to r, are Jonathan Williams, Joseph Murphy, Susan Mowell, Gov. Scranton, Larry Walker, Miss Birdsall, Martin Redish and Brian Cole. iYoungsters Dog Obedience Class Resumes Here Tonight The Indiana County Humane Society's Dog Obedience Training School continues tonight at Mack Community Center. Classes tonight will begin at 7 p.m. Persons who wish to enter their dogs in the obedience school may do so prior to the beginning of the classes which are held at the west end of the park between the race trade and the Hospital Road. i uavaitaue wm ium/TM vi»*. *~~·- JtX|*||C | I J|l|9k · · · I I J* ! Captain Fred Van Brunt of afternoon harness race. / » l M * ' *·'«*' I |%/|rt^| I 1^ I |*| ^"11 5||^ ^i The Indiana Salvation Army ac- Free attractions with local pi i , k I V 11 I y I I I I I I VII d I · O companied 16 youngsters to The area talent will be featured be- f"Of L S C l U r © *^ Salvation A r m y Divisional tween races. Appearing along, Italv will be guests of the Camp. Camp Allegheny, outside with their respective high school A A I In I X / A f C l4*W sylvania and the borough of of El wood City this morning. bands will be Shannock Valley AM W i l l Yd 31 I y iilv 25-31 in connection with The youngsters arrived at on Monday night; Kittaimmg Six young ladies from 5,000-Indiana University of Pennsyl during the period July 25-31 in connection with expedition leader and said the During their visit, the women, all of whom are teach- ^^ approximately 485 o th e r the New Bethlehem area on lecture-demonstration to be pre- tnp was -truly the trip ot a ^ ^ ^ ^ University dormitories, follow student youngsters their age. All Salva- Friday night. seated by Russell Woody, at 10 lifetime for us all. routine and share in the social life of the campus and the ton Army young people be-. Ken-Penn Amusements will be a.m. on Thursday, July 21, at In addition to spending 12 days it 'tween the ages of 7-14 in t h e on the Midway daring the week, ime Indiana University of Penn- On the 137,000-acre ranch in community. Western Pennsylvania a r e a The secretary. Mrs. Thomas svlvania. the southern Rockies the scouts, The Expenment in Interna- bert E^Isar^^^^^ ^^j^^^,^ n^^be.^^^^ RJ. "MT. Woody, staff artist of new^fc^Schoo, directors ,£TM^^^^ '- h TM« " ** ^ ^'P--nt .Pigments. Incorpor- recenty approved purchase of Memona] park Yellow-S'es ,t possible no* only for ^ I «« u «- A * elconi uniforms and auxiliary at- .^^ NaU()na] p ^ me ^ $ ^^ A J ncans to t r a v e , ~ 90 at a cost of $8.160 A and i stone ixauonai rarn, uie u. o. young Americans to t r a v e l 11 T 1^ |Air Force Academy, Garden of abroad, meet intimately people R|irrp|| | \A/P .Roval Goree. cnrh tKair i-iilfiirp hut also r% · I ^^1 ; Bike Champs , Announced i Rodlcs[er atld Wllbam ( that the Indiana University's new dormitory near the Oakland Cemetery is somewhat remote from die campus. But Dr. Willis E. Pratt, university president, points out that the new dormitory is closer ' t±r,is^4 ^ |d «e »«, of »« ,h« will be approximately 1M such Applications for Explorers and adults in- - - - - terestcd in the trip may be se- trate more deeply than the cas icured from the William Penn ual tourist into the characteris- ed a box . . members of the camp The afternoon consisted of sev- BLACK LICK - The children e [ ai rela y races and games and of the Burrell Township School ·£ ·-»»»? » * » , £ - » ' Ol UIC OUI I Cil 1UWI1MIILT Ol_tIWI "" __, , Experiment groups are senous pl TWmd m B]ack Lick p^. Allegheny pool. The program j n _ young people who wish to pene- - c _ .. _ _*»...i.,.4ui «-,tv, to Foster Dining Hall Elkin Hall which is located at the corner of Oakland Ave. and School St. ... Willie, our ex-shoe shine boy, says death travels swiftly, but m o s t speeders can catch it. Good Evening! · l U l C U 11VI11 UIC n i l l t a i u i ciui , 'T" ! Council serv.ce center. 134 South «c cultures of the countries they tnan _. _ . ... T _ , . .have chosen to visit. , Sixth St. Indiana. (have chosen to visit. In most cases these : - dcipat3d in a Bike Decorating conceded with a devotional talk ; - i nresented by the Salvation contest rcccntJV 1 Winners cf the contest were: ' rmy * __ Rodney Olson. Donny Camp- 'i uir uav. 2 home to take entries A tj.m»«,m. j. j^m^i-io. .no-vij^,,.- A Welcome Session was held Saturday evening, August 13, at ated js weU t^wn as a painter, at 11 a.m. where Colonel John 9 '°° Pm - ^ ^T 65 w11 Pf author and lecturer. He has stud- D Waldron. the Western Penn- t*ken at the office on tte ied pa i nDng both in the United sylvania Divisional Command- ^ ounds TM OTlday - '^^ "f-States and at the University of er of The Salvation Army, was fr 0 " ?^°* a ' m - TM fal j:f J^ ^ Americas in Mexico City, speaker at whicfe nme a11 e 111 " 68 ctos *-iHis work has been featured m lethen eniov- En*" 65 *"" horses, cattle,! exhibits from San Jose, Califor- lunch nrenared bv snee P and swme P 05 "^ 6 ^ close nia, to Norfolk, Virginia, and ' v v ·* Saturday, August 6 at 9:00 p.m- ifrom Boston to Mexico City. - ' entries close Saturday,; Hg j$ ^ ^^ rf .,p aintin? With Synthetic Media" which di cusses various methods of handling synthetic media, surveys iPenelec.lBEW Continue Talks Officers of the association include Norman W. Shrock, president; Floyd Schrecengost, vice president; Mrs. Thomas Huff, secretary: and H. F. Rumbaugh, treasurer, all of Dayton. Board of Managers include Of Two Parks painting media historically, and considers the influence of materials on the development of painting. Mr. Woody's lecture-demonstration JOHNSTOWN. Pa. (AP) -Bargainers meet today in efforts to reach agreement between the | Pennsylvania Electric Co. and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The negotiators met Monday no report of In the past, Indiana has hosted groups from France, the Netherlands. Turkey. Germany, and India. I m L.I ghton McNau A I'KI i hornumviiie Accepts New Sesqui P , ans l O S I T l O n PLUMVILLE -- All commit- ,tvcs and persons interested in David H MrNnughton of Indi- Plumville Borough's scsquiccn- «n.i. a 1%« pradaatc of Penn- tcnmal celebration are asked to .s\K.inn State I'mvcrsity. has attend a meeting tomorrow night accptt-d a position with" Arm- at 9 p.m. at the Fire Hall. surmp Cork Company. Lnn- plans will be finalized on the c,i-.Jcr. Pa . and has joined the celebration which is scheduled tnmpiinv'-- Buildinp Products Di- j,,! y 28. 29 and 30. vision as a marketing trainee. families, and a week or two on TM£-- ^vmprTames'.' The prize-winnin* I n d i a n a TM*SS^ aSK"«5 Bemard tages. He will show the histori- the campus of an American col- ^ - ,, ^ j k ^ have bm ^^^^^ Dayton, and Elaine cal impor^ce of Aese new ma- lege or university, usually m Standm a n d place d on d.splav in the lobby Wood, Elderton. Auditors a r e tenals an theirjrelation to older smaller and more charactenst.c Runnjng ^ d Jump . Don Camp . ^ me ^ d . an3 County Court . Anna Gou!d . Leroy Shrock and media and techniques. bell: Badminton KeepUp-Denny house. Kenneth Brice. Dayton. Hill: Disc Throw-Don Campbell: The models depict future de- Other o f f i c e r s a r e Mrs. Shot Put-Don Campbell: Ring- sign for the "Rayne Township George Frederick. New Bethle- er Contest-Joe-Baron: 6 to 9 yr. and Burrell Township county ( hem. R-D. 4, librarian; Blair old race-Joey Baron; 10 to 12 yr. parks. Good, chief marshall; Floyd 10 report 01 progress In eac * 1 case - members of the o ld race-Teddy Campbell: Walk- Work on the Rayne Twp. site Schrecengost, concessions: Robi 4inmiion mMnhcrV have University faculty and citizens of uig Race-Teddy Campbell: Re- is currently under way while no ert Shilling, race superintendent: rejecteditwTM offers terms of ^e community "included mem- ] ay Partner Race-Dale Wells and actual work has been started at B laine Wadding, chief of police i which were not disclosed Neeo-' bers of these P rou P s m their BC ' D^ 1 ? Taylor. the Burrell Twp. site. and Craig Cochran. advertising. tiators would not" sav what the tivities. inviting them into their Playground Supervisors. San The models were created by Dayton. Scout Lifeguard -- the top ' ues are homes, taking them on shopping Gurgon and Joanne Cortilesso. Penn State students and judged Department superintendents aquatic advancement emblem __' trips, etc. have announced a Batman piay according to feasibility of adaptare: ^f fo e goy Scouts of America-Weight of baby pigs ofter, taJ **TM«*^ "^ bv * * ^^ °" *** * ^SJS^S rSn^nfS D Tp^u^^^S; - ^ ^^ ? fim^^kf dUrmg ^^eTunnntoucrwith^He^ (Read Gazette Ciassif.ed Ads) courtho^e'lobby until August. °' ' ity Airman Reassigned 'introductory p r o g r a m ivhi.h outlined the hi«.tmy. or- ^^ { ^ «m of C 1 y d e and Rcneral polinrs H W n p h ( fmi f|ty R '^ 2 , of the Company ha: j^^,,, g.^gned to Eglm Armstrnnp. wjth he.idquartrrs A j-g p ]a a j- tfr cojnpjctjng Air In l^mastrr. is a r iw ' uc * %r °* Torre Kisir training flitonnfc and rHiilrling pmducts. yj^ Airman, a 1965 graduate pnfk-ipinc, mairnals. mdustnal ^ pj^crtpn High School, will be (rrxHialtics and consumer bouse- trninc j on the job as a vehicle hold products. maintenance specialist wiJh the -- 'Air Force Syrtwn* Command. Autos Collide ! " h wfp IS the former Joan E. Wo»f« of Ford City. Two motorists injury a the t f · · £ nc j s Trainmq *- *** * St, *" S«*man Recroit Gary T. Ham- kidiana. aut, IS. USN. son of Mr. and Indiana Borough Polio* «ay Mrs. Joseph Hainaut of Hood IV cam w«* opwitfod by Fml school Road. Indiana, has grad- Cani** SI of Catmonsburg, and nated after sevw week* of JOP BotchkoOti. *9. of «17 Col- basic training at the Naval lege Ave. Iwhana. Trauuag Center at Great Lakes, Total damage was Mt at HSI.iItt. ^^ Blairsville G! Ends Course ELDERTON APARTMENT PROJECT -- The six apartment structure above, located at the intersection of Routes 422 , and 218 in Ekkrton. is ne*rmg complrtion. Owned by Sdtnger. proprietor of SoliQfEer's XUrkea, the bwikJing is ·onrtracted by Ralph toebzw of lodiana, Mr. SoJmger. proprietor of SoJmger's Market, *f building w ston«. tach will be unfurnished except for a refrigerator and range The structure may be ready for occupancy within ax weeks. M_»_\ (Gazctta pboto by HerbsO four B o y month at Camp Seph Owen Reesman: Sheep and Mack, according to George Ko- swme -- Bernard Goodheart: j^ Ca mp Director. Poultry - John Stockdale: Tho^ Hlro met th e 12 require- Fruit. grains and vegetables - mwts for ^ emb , em an .. ^ Mrs. Alma Wadding: Flowers Czmpbe]] T 23, Indiana; and Plants - Mrs. CTaire Ot- Bnjce ^, anecke . Troop 29. Indlterman: Bread cake jellies etc. gna . Hi ,, y , g Jndj . Mrs. Glenn Fisher and Mrs a^Harrv V,nton. Tr^op Grace McElhmey: Fancy Work. ]nd . aj]a ' Miss Delia Sell and Mrs. Verna J ' T '«»«»· Lkn-d. all of Davton. To.qualify for the Scout Life- - evard emblem, a Scout must must hold Swimming and Rowing merit badges, the Lifesav- mg merit badge or Red Cross lunior or Senior Life S a v i n g Certificate, instruct one Scout BL MRSVTLLE--Private Hon- f or thir* hours in Swimming or aid L. Stiffler. 20. son of Mr. an Aquatic ment badge, and and Mr* Allen R Stiffler. swim a quarter mile. B!airs\ilie R. D. 1. completed yj^. g^^ mu ^ also dcmon- an 11-week radio teletype _oper- ,; trate wa t er rescue methods by ation course at the Army South- accurate ]y throwing a 15 - inch eastern Signal School. F o r t nn?J j,^ act a( . coxswain of a Gordon. Ga . recently. lifeboat and make a "rescue." Private Stiffler is a 1965 grad- an ^ drmonstr.ite water n-*.cu* uate of Blairsville Senior High by CT termg the water feet first. School. swimming 3fl fe^t. properlv r«- "" cumg a "victim." and towing Firemen Called tara » s * inre Other rcxjuirements call f o r Indiana firemen were ainj- answerinR qur«nons on w»t«r- mr.ned .lust before 3 p.m. Mon- front safety and rescue metb- day to exianguish a brush fire ods. explaining the plan for pro- near the Army Reserve Armory tectmg a troop twimmmg par- on North Fourth St. in Indiana, ty. demonstratwg the rope re»- cue method, and to know t h e William Penn, founder of plan to camp waterfront pro- Pennsylvama, was bore Oct. 14, lection mcJodtaj baddy · m IMi. '1 -- 1 - 1 --

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