The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1938
Page 3
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rUESDAY, APRIL 26, 1988 (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE L_ Tareful Selection Will Insure f Efficiency of Plot laxiiTHim 17. C—The fill- Iwriance of studying bouse nixl |ahd as u single problem when con- mplatlng tlie building of a home stressed by Seward II. Motl. ilef of the Land Planning See- on of the Federal Housing Ad- inlstrallon. , Before buying a lot, the prospee- ve purchaser should determine lietlier he wauls an Indoors or nn itdoors linme. He should be ccr- In that the Innd he buys will lend self lo Hie uses he plans. Mr. [oil points out tlial the problem ' land use planning Is even more nportant for tlie small lot than >r the large estate, because every riuare foot of ground musl count. connection wllli llic small home. To many buyers, the house Itself j the only interest, and they arc | •oncerned with the land merely as proper setting for the building. 3lher families are more interested n land use and desire an outdoor ivlng room, n garden, or a pool. rfr. Molt believes that if these eature.i are intelligently planned if n modest, scale before the pro- lity is bought, they can be ae- itired without unduly burdening .he budget. The secret of successful "home rounds layout" is the abllily to onsider house and land as one lull, according to Mr. Moll. In Ihls way, house nnd garden are regu- aled lo their proper places In tlie scheme of things. The house will ie located where il belongs. Foundations should not lie dug mill the complele layout of the ;rounds is decided upon and until he prospective builder has decided low much he wishes lo spend for his garden and how much he is willing to spend on yearly maintenance of bolh house and grounds. Tlie functional arrangement or the should be extended to the garden. This arrangement calif for three considerations—the living habits..of the family, efficient service 'of' farnily needs, and the public'.' There slipuld., be no Interference- --frorii -cross-cuts, walks (fences, .or screens. The garden should be on the liv- loii! .side of the house nn( -nlenlly connected with the tQjJufoor living room, terrace. 01 •oilier transition feature. The kitch len should be on Ihe service sidi •with easy access to lying yard garage, and otlier outdoor service features. The public side of the grounds .should be connected with he front lawn, ad any planting hat is intended as a contribution lo the community's beauty can be located there. When this plan is followed, the direction in which Ihe house will face may be determined by n desirable garden spot, or a less desirable part of trie lot may definite- Cafe, Residences To I Receive Improvements' The iepuit'lni> and redecorating of u number of local firms and residences is continuing with work' lo .stint tomorrow on the chang-. ing i>l another downtown building. [ The- Paliice cafe U to Irave a new front, which will increase ih« lloor space ion by \'2 feel. The outside entry l.s to be re- iiK.nd and the from door will be at the Ironl walk. There will be m v: Iront windows and the en- tile building is to be rcdeconUcd. 'Ihe work is expected to be lln- i.shed in a week. ! The residence owned by lliriun I ClilhJspie and occupied by Mii^h I NI-J.SOJI ThomixsGji, at \'M k'asl ua- YIS avenue, is beinn repupered. the floors and woodwork reflntshed and I the front porch n.vcreened. Unusual Treatment Drug Stores, Billarcl Parlor Among Tliose Planning Air Conditioning number of Blytheville busl- firms mid residences are mnk- ng plans lo have their buildings coled this summer by summer air conditioning. Tlie Kirby Bros, store. Main and Broadway, Kirby Drug company •lore. Main and Second streets, loe Caglc's Billiard room, and Ihe' )ffii-e of J. A. Leech at the Coca Cola Bottling plant, announced .his week that contracts had been ct. H. Highnil Is the first, lo con- ract for a single room unit, which phuis to use in bis apartment •U the Hotel Noble. The S. H. Kress company, which is erecting a large modern bulld- annoimced some time ago that the structure \vould be air conditioned for summer weather. The same type of plant to be used in that building will Ui> used by a number of others. Exterior Changes Enhance Old Homes A great number of homes built shortly before or after the turn of the century were of a design some times called "eitrly American contractor." They featured, along with sound construction, a type of ex- nggernled ornamentation that, ha* long been out-moded. This "gingerbread" can be removed usually without damage and at comparatively little cost. By so doing the exterior can be made lo conform to tlie present-day dictates of pleasing .architecture, and the value of the property is enhanced. The interior of these rococo relics frequently was a maze of small, oddly shaped rooms without sufficient closet .space nnd ventilation. By removing partitions, cutting additional windows, and other minor alterations tlie dwelling can be successfully brought up to date. The Property I m prove in e nt This Tenafl)-. N. J., home la a decided departure from the usual In both the design and materials, Tlie two am) one-half story dwelling was built of granite and brick witli frame exterior employed for tou-' floor. The property Is valued under Federal Homing Admlnlntratiiui appraisal at $7,800 and is Bninccd by an insured mortgage of $4,500. The monthly repayment installments, which are extended over a period of 20 years, lufal $29.70. This includes payment on principal, Interest, taxes, and other fixed charges. "Inirch o( Clmsl To Be In 1200 West Main Slrcel Block Plans ure being di-.uvn fur u clniri'h Iniilding which Hie congregation o( iho C'huidi ol Christ plans in I-ITCI on the south side ul Ihe mil bloi:k on West Main street. One of ibe SO fool lots, which ml Joins tin 1 Sam Joseph properly on the east, was given to tlie eoiiiire- gatlon by Mr. and Mrs. J. W. lliuler and aniilhn was purchased frum Mr. Under. Tlw Imlllllns;, which Is to ':iist about Jli.fXKJ. will be of frame construction, ulxmt :j(l by 70 fed, unit will be erected so Hint a serin I room iiiid Xilchcn limy be lulcleil later. The HrM structure will have nn auditorium which will seal :<GO people, lour rooms and Iw :h'esslug rimtns. This congregation, which has been ortjunfzeil for 15 years, 1ms not had a resident pustoi 1 In recent years bill U Is planned lo oii- tnln u imlor when llic building is completed. .Services are now being held at Ihe court house. It Is iilumieil to start, work when the time for filing a building permit protest expires. Pleasant Study Room Helpful To Scholars Monotony of Design igh ImUviiluully Him! email lioiiHi'slnivoilelliilleoliiiriit, wlirn tvicnly.rli'M uf tin-in are (ilni'eit ill n «lii|<le row, IIH tliey weri> nliove, I'arli Iiiiusi) loses much uf it« atlrurllvenvKii. 'I'liln i.i ofli'ii velliTteil niulriially in flu 1 urliv u |inis|i{ciiic oinu ; r is wUliiig tci |iuy. A Illllii H.iHiKlil :uul llic esiiemlltiiro of a xnmll amuiiut of muni-) 1 >vill enuMu a liuililer to vary flu 1 design of Ills limi.wii, Fence Building Calls For Care In Wood Choice Demand For Architectural Services Shows Increase Increasing use is being made of Ihe services of architects In designing homes which are to be offered as security for mortgage loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration, FHA officials said today. This greater reliance on professional architectural services Is reflected in the plans and specifications submitted in recent n !y place the garage and service Credit Plan of the federal Hous- yarcl, which in turn places the .liv- ing Administration offers an oppor- ing side. Tills unity of the grounds with Ihe interior of Ihe house is the Ifotuidation of good planning, Mr. (Matt believes. |f Ashing Advisable At Edge of Shingles Where the edges of wood shingles labnl or overlap at the hip Joints ol la roof, small strips of copper or lother corrosive-resistant flashing Inre advisable. They should be bent land nailed in place to cover the Ijoint between the shingles. Remu uouner Newt want Ada timity for owners of obsolete houses to obtain funds for modernization wink of this nature. Remove Porelies Porches may be removed from old houses to make them more up to date in appearance, or they may be utilized in enlarging the living room or other rooms. Such changes in structures may be financed under the Property Iniprovemcn Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. nonfhs with mortgage-insurance applications to FHA's 67 state and district insuring ofHcc.s, Frederick M. Babcock, Director of the Underwriting Divl.sitin, said. "One objective of the National Housing Act—namely, to encourage improvement, in housing tandards ami conditions—Is thus being approached through the increased _i]se by home, builders of he services of competent archi- ects." Mr. Babcock said. Another commendable feature is that siich plans, in Ihe vast majority of cases, may be -more specdijy processed. ' . Better Plans 'Many of the plans submitted today to our state and district nsnring offices contrast sharply m. quality, .with those offered ; in the period immediately after the original Nalional Housing Act was ;>ut into operation by FHA in 1934. It was not unusual then for our case reviewers to be confronted with the problem of 'scrutinizing residential-structure plans of the crudest sort. Now, for the most plete. Shingles Natural wood or stained shingles may be employed lo add to Ihe attractiveness of a small frame home DON'T KEEP PUTTING IT OFF We. have a number of beautiful bonio.s now midei 1 cor,- Klruction. We invite, you lo visit them ami seu how you, too, can realize your dreams of owning your own home, l.el its help you. TITLE 2 FHA LOANS . COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 7 'i 'The newer plans indicate very clearly a' deep-seated Interest In home design on the part of the prosiiectlvc builders. Our continual efforts to explain our minimum construction requirements and nro]>ert.y standards, llirough conferences with building groups throughput, the counlry, have done much, we believe, to raise the .standm'd of the plnus .siibmUte( in recent months. Prospective home builders are realising, too that designing a home is a job for n socialist. Our cose records show thut increasing numbers arc turning to the competent architect for this specialized service. part, the plans are com- New Materials For Modernizing Bath Many of the new materials 01 the •market for. modernizing bath rooms may be adapted to the out mocled bathroom of 10 years ago A wide variety of tile and com position is available, all water proof, which makes ideal side wall and flooring and may be obtalnei a number of colors. Fixture have been improved and simplifiec and '-.bathtub , designs . hnve bcei changed and improved. An old bathroom may be com pletely transformed by a rearrangement of fixtures and addition of new wall and floor material. Projects of this type may be financed- under the Property Improvement Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Good mniks In school often depend on the conditions .surrounding a child's home-study sessions. A child Is easily distracted, nnd if there are usual or intereslhiK .sounds lo be nheani, .study Is bomu! to suffer. A radio giving tbo new: eubrls that father likes, or even tuned low for nn all-slur tobacco ponsor's olferlng, will lure .voimg ilnils from concentration neces- ary to master his evening's les- ons. Whistling radialor.s, kitchen nols- 's, nnd adult conversations, sub- lued though they may be. urn dls- tractiiiB. The solution Is a study •com for Ihe child. Attic space can iH.'ide over for this purixxsp and .lie nccesMU'y money lo finance the A ti'nro need mil lie oifonslve lo he eye nor eo.slly lo Ihe purse. Wide variety In woiul.s for both licorallve and iillllty fences Is offered and Iho designs nre. miiny \iul different. l r umls for building or rcpu!rln(! fences may be obtained from agencies advancing [mills under the Property Improvement Credit Pluu of Ihe FedtTii! Housing Ailmlnls- luillon nl 11 reasonable cluiive. Hie kind ol • wood useu is uiu:n dclermlni'd by custom, kinds (ind availability ,of locally grown woods, nnd inlie. The properly owner should bo direful to select woods that are durable when placed In llii! soil. Also since hnirlwood is usually most dunible II should for chrtsen for posUs. When woods containing a lavgi iiercentagc' of sapw'ood an; used hey .should be given n preservallvc treatment to Insure a reiuionabl* lifetime of service. (he switch (in (lie llr-ldr of l!n i ntnuiei 1 most used. Hi'loeallng unlmnillly loi'iiled xsvlli'lii's and reivlrhiit cixn be fl- amiic.ed ul. reasonable cost wllh funds Imrrowril under lliu Properly improvement Plun of tin- I-Vderui Ilounhii; Admliilslrnllon. Dining Alcove* Are Improved By Paneling i| -II elnoln slirdlu cmfsvyp tab/. Nol so many years ago those 111- lle rooms ji«t olf Ihe ll.vljig room were called "nooks" nml deserved no bolter. They were mere slep- cbUilri'ii dre.weil HJ> In Jmnd-me- ilinvn iiiincllni! or napnr anil were .shut oil' from view whenever possible, They con be made Into altrnc- llve rooms In their ov/n right by a Hltle cnre/iil |)lnntili)i; nnd nt slight expense. One of the most efferttvo ways lo do Hits' Is to panel Hie al- nm>. In plii<>, cypress, or clieslimt, Tlie' panels may either be raised or miiili' of perpendicular Iwanls with iK'iKli-d joints or molding, II thl.s, on Itn'cstiiiatlon, nhDiild cull fur a itrealtr outlay than want- i'd, ii sliniile (ilywoixl wall may bo Mib.slluilcd. Ksteml Ihe panelinrs from Ihfi door to the celling or run It [hrcfi- i|imrliTfi of the way up. A 'chair rail about 'Mi Inches from ibe floor may divide Uin watt, nnd the panel- Ing may dlller above and below If (le.slreil. S'tKli liniirovemenb may be financed u'»h (und.s oblnlned fioni private, lending niicncles o|»nilUig under the Property Improvement Cretlll. Pluu of the Federal Homing Adinltilslriilkiti. Nr.w Walls Wall vepahS are no longer the expensive Hems they once were, nor they now as formerly entail rlp- ntj mil and (curing down plaster. t'L'lnin uuiMn'luls are mi the nuir- t loihiy tlu\t can be placed with spalch directly uvei 1 such defeclx enicks or discoloration*. conversion obtained from private lending agencies under the provisions of the Properly Improvement Credit Plan of the Federal llous- h)(; !! 'Ailii)inlslratlon. nark. Kitchen dark kitchen not. only la dlffl- thought Locale Light Switch Near Main Doorway Rooms where there is move lhai one entrance should have Huh .wllches nl each entrance or nl- Hi doorway mast usfd after dark, conunon error In arrangement, livinx-i'ooin lighting Is to have, lh switch on the wall nearest the ha loading from the front,. door. I was ylven to this tociillo cult to cook in and wash dishes In, I H would be seen lhat the light froi but it also has a depressing effect on (he housewife wlio Jins to spend many hours in it daily. An extra window makes llic room more cheerful and Increases ventilation. Odors that otherwise would penetrate throughout the house can lie eliminated in this way. Funds for carrying .otil Ihls Improvement, may be obtained under the Properly Improvement Credit Plan of Ihe Federal Housing Administration. ! the (mil or from Ihe vestibule fin nl.slied sufficient Illumination t cunlile llic. switch to be locale near Ihe entrance to the slecpln (liwrlors. So sllunlod il would to of more service and of convenience. The swllrli In a kflrhpn shmil be placed us near the dining ex as possible, m practically all case where there -arc one or more dooi leading Into a room It Is besl to pi | BEAUTIFY YOUR YARD New Plants, Flowers and Shrubs planted in your yard or garden will not only prove a source of personal joy and satisfaction, bul will help in this cily-wide program of beautificalion being sponsored by the Blylheville Garden Club. "Help Iteautifu Blythevillc" BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Coorteoui, Personal Attention to Every Customer Phone 81) 113 So. Broadway Bernard Allen, Manarer Helping Hand to Home Ownership Let Us Help You With These 3 Important Steps A 1. Select a Siie Wi' have nn lots lo sell bill we arc familiar willi our town, widi tuxes, improvement districts and residential values. YVc may he able lo render valuable assistance in seleeliii"' a home sile. 2. Select the Plan Use our free plan service. Actual photoKraplis, lloor plans and other valuable information thai will help you. 3. Secure a Loan The new 1'IIA 90'/;> Loan makes il easier llian ever for you to own your home. 'We will help you with all Ihe details. DON'T DELAY Call 100 Today We have three special representatives trained in making KHA loans with us all this week. They will be glad to gn in detail with you without obliRalinn. ESTIMATES FREE. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. .-VIUC PHONE IOO Wo Do Th<= Ros Attractive Scheme For Dining Room An iiltrncllve scheme for a illn- Ing room will) maple furniture Is light blue walls and cellthHS, with woodwork and corn Wile ctir- liilus benrlii;! nil nninge Had yellow design, ' i Care of 1'lnnr.s Varnished floors longer nnd ok belter H frequently swept wllh broom uncnscd In a soil, clolh uud ien wiped wllli eold water. They lid be dried lit once, This miild be a weekly process. KIIA DMX Nol.Unil' The Federal Housing ' Admlnls- trntlou lends no inoiioy. It Insures loans mndc by private flnanolal In- slllulloiis operating'tindor pvovl- sfons of the National Housing Act. Read Courier News Want Ada. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. "TflB PROGRESSIVR STOftE" J. \V. .Shouse Phone 35 Wilson Henry SHIRWIN-WHUAMS PAINTS

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